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A new day and time to take my little slut deeper into her new life as my submissive toy
Saturday and position 7 of 10

I awoke Saturday morning to find Victoria curled up in my arms laying with her head on my chest. Even though she was supposed to sleep between my legs with her mouth on my cock. I did find this very sensual to have her tight little petite teen body on top of mine. As she wakes up I kiss her gently and tell her it's time to get cleaned up. In the shower she starts by cleaning my cock, then soaping the rest of my body and gently caressing and kissing me all over. As I dry off I leave the door open to watch her soap up her sexy 18-year-old body. What an incredible fucktoy. I make us both breakfast as she comes out still naked and asks what we are doing for the day. First I say I need to teach you position SEVEN. After breakfast I say THREE!

Victoria is now on her knees, her hands behind her back and my cock in her mouth in the middle of the kitchen. I pull her by the D rings on her collar and bury my cock in her throat. Damn this girl never chokes as her tongue is licking my shaved balls while my cock is in her throat. Before I explode again in her mouth I pull my cock out and exclaim wow you can really take a cock in your throat! She smiles and says yes I have no gag reflex! I love the feeling but don't keep it in my throat too long or I'll just pass out!

ONE she stands arms by her sides as I clip the leash to her collar and take her to the bedroom.


Seven is 69 position with you on top I tell her smiling. She crawls on top of me, spreads her legs over my face and lowers her mouth back onto my cock. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her pussy tight down onto my face licking and sucking her sweet juices and running my tongue across her clit. She moans and pulls her mouth off of my cock. I grab her head with one hand and push her head back down onto my cock. Do not pull your mouth off of my cock. No matter what I do I tell her. Now holding her on top of me with one hand around her waist. The thumb from my other hand finds her sweet little ass and I find she is still wearing the butt plug as I expected. I keep sucking and licking her clit and pussy as I pull the butt plug from her ass. She is moaning loudly now and her head is coming back up off my cock so I reach back down and push her head down tight shoving my cock into her throat. This time she does cough for a second and I release her head. I bury my now free thumb in her ass as her legs are shaking uncontrollably. She is ready to cum. I hear her muffled voice as she is slurping on my cock Master can I please cum? No is my reply as I grab her long dark hair and pull her mouth off of my cock. At the same time I use my thumb in her ass to pull her up off of my face.

Would you like to watch a movie I asked? With a very puzzled look she says if that is what my Master wants! I take her by the hand and lead her to the living room drool dripping from her chin her cunt juices running down her legs and take her to my leather chair. I then say SIX facing away. She wiggles her sweet little ass in front of me as she begins to lower herself onto my cock aiming for her pussy. I take her hand and my cock and align it to her puckered little asshole. She works my cock deep in her ass and then leans back on my chest in my chair. I put on a movie and after a few minutes I pull a glass dildo out of the pocket of my chair. With my cock deep in her ass, I slip the glass ribbed dildo in her soaking wet pussy with one hand and start rubbing her clit with my other hand. Her hips keep moving but my cock in her ass keeps her impaled and in one place as I assault her pussy with the dildo. Gasping Victoria pleads please Master can I cum? Yes my love and she explodes on the dildo and almost squeezes my cock in half with her tight little ass. This milk's my cock to the point I can no longer hold out and I flood her ass with my cum. I keep working the dildo in and out of her sweet pussy alternating rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples with my other hand. She cums harder and harder each time until she is near to passing out. I pull the dildo out and shove two fingers deep inside her pussy curling them upwards to rub her g-spot. My other hand is now back rubbing her clit. I finger fuck her hard and fast her whole body shuddering and shaking rubbing her g-spot as I bite her ear. This being too much. She squirts and sprays my hand her legs and my chair. I'm so sorry she says you made me pee! My sweet precious fucktoy that is not pee. I brought my soaked hand to her mouth and let her taste it. You see it is sweet and not salty like pee. I then took her hand and slipped it into her soaked pussy then brought her hand up to my mouth. She tasted so amazing that I had to do it again. Her ass is still squeezing the base of my cock buried deep inside. I took her hand in mine and slipped two of her fingers and two of mine inside her steamy cunt. I took her other hand and rubbed her clit as we finger fucked her together. I took my hands away as she continued and pinched and twisted both of her nipples. This time she exploded even harder sending creamy juices everywhere. I too exploded filling her ass once again with my cum. I pulled her hand out of her pussy and licked her fingers as her entire body continue to shudder and shake from wave after wave of orgasms. Exhausted we fell asleep this way as the movie continued to play.

We woke up several hours later. It was now mid-afternoon on Saturday. I could have never dreamed that she would be so amazing. Let's get cleaned up I want to take you out to eat. I told her. She was in pure bliss and she worked her ass off of my now limp cock that was still deep in her ass. As she stood cum ran out of her ass. Her own juices ran out of her pussy and the smile and look on her face told me she would be my fucktoy in every way.
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