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Freeuse 1: Cafe

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Copyright 2022, Coyote Howard.
Chelsea was white and in her mid-20s, and had grey-blue eyes. Sandy blonde hair just flowing down. Size 3, with C cups and in a yellow sundress, with tiny white daisies all over. Cute white sandals. Small gold dangle earrings and a nose stud in the right side with a pink gem.

She was with a group of friends at a streetside cafe, one of those kinds where every table only has two stools, so she stood, hand casually on the table around her drink.

They were chatting about how much groceries were when a man came up behind her, drawing his cock out of his athletic shorts.

Her friends noticed him, and Chelsea noticed their expressions change and felt his presence behind her.

She looked rearward in time to feel his hand on her back, pushing her torso forward, while her dress was lifted.

"Oh, hey," she said, making eye contact with the man's deep green eyes as she leaned on her hands, her hair slightly cascading into her view.

He was older, probably early 40s. Nice, shorter hair with some grey, several inches taller than her, and he was sweaty like he had just gone for a run, his tanned white skin still glistening in the late morning light.

"Hey, watch the waters Chelsea," Erica, a deep auburn brunette said.

Chelsea was preoccupied.

"Hi miss, sorry, but you looked fantastic, and I haven't fucked yet today."

"It's oka-uh! Uh, uh, oh, shit. Fuck! Oh, ga-wd!"

The lack of panties made it easy for his cock to find her entrance, and as he'd spit on his hand then rubbed his cockhead, the first two inches of his seven slid in on the first thrust, cutting off her response, but he'd proceeded to use what depth he had to fuck those two inches in a little deeper each time.

"Uh, uh, fuck yeah, god damn you feel every bit as good as you look," he said, tucking the back of her dress up into her bra strap to prevent it from falling onto his cock.

His hands then came to her hips as she rotated them, giving him even easier access to her cunt.

Chelsea looked up at her brunette friend Samantha, or Sam for short, who smiled as the man picked up his pace, on about the 30th thrust and ramming it all in, sending her boobs rocking in her bra and dress.

"Oh, oh, uh! God it's thick," Chelsea said, reveling in the feeling of the deep penetration.

"Do you wanna cum or just be quick?" he asked from behind her, slowly and gently moving in and out several inches, letting her pussy truly lube up.

"Well don't be a complete dick," her other friend Paula, the other blonde of the group, said.

She came over to Chelsea's side and reached down with her left hand and found her clit, beginning to rub it in small circles.

"Mmmhh!" Chelsea said, bucking her hips back on the rod inside her, her mouth dropping open after her sound as her eyes shot open, but unfocused.

"Kay, no worries," he said, moving his hips and beginning to give her long, powerful humps, her ass cheeks rippling and her tits again moving as much as their confines would let them.

She was up on her tip toes, and she felt her orgasm building quickly. She was getting taken, and he was going to pump her full, and her friend was helping her to get off.

Her entire existence had gone from planning a grocery trip for the week to getting shafted and brought off in a matter of minutes.

"Squeeze down on that cock Chel," Erica chimed in, taking a sip of water and trying to help. "I keep telling you it'll get you and him off faster."

Chelsea's wanton eyes found hers as her vision rocked back and forth, her body being violated and used, and she did as her friend said.

Sparks flew in her vision as her breath caught, her eyes squeezing shut before snapping open and rolling back for a good long moment as the pleasure hit her like a hammer, her knees coming together as she pushed her spasming pussy back on the invader.

"Ooooohhhhggggaaaawwwwwddddd" she exclaimed, her stud now really giving it to her, sending her hair flying as her vaginal walls spasmed, Paula still rubbing her clit, but slowing down.

"Jesus, give it to her, guy," Samantha said, having taken out her phone and was recording Chelsea's lunch fucking.

"Ohhh fuck! Oh fuck! Here it comes! Uh fuck! Here, it, comes, slut," he exclaimed through gritted teeth, his pounding reaching a cresendo before his face changed, his whole body going into every fuck into her slick slit as his cum fired into her, her able to do nothing but take it.

Paula had allowed her to stop, as this WAS lunch afterall, and multiples were rude in public. Chelsea had explained that she had plans for the day afterall.

Her face was reddened with exasperation and she was panting heavily, as both her and her stud enjoyed the after-joy of sex.

"Feel better?" Chelsea said, looking back at the man that had just blown a load into her.

"Oh man, yeah," he said, stepping back and causing her to gasp slightly as his shrinking penis slipped out of her.

"Here Chelsea," Erica said, holding out a napkin.

Chelsea said thanks, took it and put it to her crotch, catching the semen as it dripped out, and stood upright.

The man tucked his dick back into his shorts, then pulled her dress from her back and let it fall.

"Thanks, that's sweet," she said with a smirk, and he returned it.

"You're welcome, thank you miss," and he walked off, allowing the girls to go back to their conversation.
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