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A progression of things as my sex life develops
Croydon (May 2012)

Before I relate to the incident below, I must confess to a fantasy I've had on and off since I was about 17 as you will see the connection as I reveal all. A boyfriend I had at that time, showed me a quiet a few blue videos, But one particular video stuck in my mind. An elegant and very attractive woman in her 30’s in a Mercedes sports car; almost knocks over a tramp crossing the road, she takes him home, she feeds him and then she offers herself in exchange for him not informing the Police – so they have sex. And it was rough sex, it was also plain she loved it all. I masturbated about that video, quite often, then in over the years, my fantasy changed, so finally by the time I was about 18 that woman became me.

The dirtier and smellier his cock and balls were, the wetter I became at the idea of sucking him, I vividly recall one evening I was on my own in my parent’s house, I was so randy I hadn't been laid for days, I was masturbating on this theme, when it suddenly clicked in my mind, why I don't know, I had at that time never even done this on any male, but it flashed across my mind that after sucking his cock and balls, my mouth and tongue moved into his arse crack. I came like a stream train at the thought of pushing my tongue into his dirty shitty arsehole. Afterwards I felt quite sick at myself, but that idea continued to invade my masturbation thoughts half a dozen times a year from then on, it always had the ability to get me wet very quickly; but yet even when presented with chances, I never did it in real life, till I was nearly 30.

The company where I had worked since for just over 2 years was suddenly shut down just before Christmas 2010. You will recall that I was sexually active with a number of men there, most my immediate Boss Tim. Another one was Ken also a director and the boyfriend of Jodie. The four of us had often gone out together and played together. When the Company shut down; Ken struggled to find any real position and in mid-2011 decided he’d go back to Australia and Jodie was to joining him once he got settled back home; but at that moment she had a very well paid job and I knew she was reluctant to go, as she had a very good life style in the UK. Jodie was also one of the other women my husband had introduced to Ben, whom she had visited many times on her own or with Ken initially or my own husband. I had often wondered how far Ben had pushed her, but then again the same thoughts also applied to my sister and the other 3 wives.

So eventually in the spring of 2012 Jodie sold up their house they had shared; into to this nice apartment block, and I think that maybe she was deciding whether to stay in England or go to Australia. This was my first chance to see her for many weeks and we were going shopping to buy some nice things to liven it up a bit. She had phoned me the day before. It was at that time that we agreed where we were to go and she suggested what we'd wear, or rather what we wouldn't. I should explain that in addition to my husband, Jodie fully introduced me to fun of exhibitionist games and I still in awe of her nerve and daring. Jodie was 2 years younger than me and a complete tart and slut by her own admission, she estimated she had sex with over 300 men and was absolutely nonchalant about it all as if describing how many meals she’d eaten, some excellent; some tasty; some a bit indifferent, but none the less nutritious..

It was Jodie who suggested that we wear our raincoats, over nothing other than high-heeled boots, with stockings and suspenders. I was in the right mood and we hadn’t done anything like that for ages, so I agreed. She had told me I must drive across to her place 'ready', but then we'd move off by public transport. We'd done this sort of thing shopping locally, but she was saying she wanted to go to Knightsbridge, it was daring and exciting. Previously we’d both purchased together, these mid-thigh length gabardine cream raincoats, to enhance matters, we had sewn all buttonholes up spe¬cifically for these exhibitionistic games and we'd tie the belt in a knot. Since the last time we played, I hadn't altered mine at all, because David still liked to take me places such as cinemas and pubs, dressed that way.

She had explained all about the underground car park under¬neath the apartments and the visitors parking area, but when I drove in all the places had been taken. However the Caretaker/manager had seen me drive in and had come to find out what I was doing there. I rolled down my window as he approached and I told him who I was visiting and that I'd be wanting to leave my car there for about 5 hours (Jodie & I were to walk to the station from there). He suggested that if I wanted to leave the car, he would park it for me, but he'd have to put in into a Residents parking slot, so he best have the keys, in case he had to move it again. This seemed totally reasonable, and so I got out of the car; In the 30-minute drive over and the talking with him I had totally forgotten my 'undressed state'. He politely o¬pened my door, for me and as I swung my legs out of the car, my coat fell open, either side of my thighs and in doing so I flashed him everything from my navel down.

By his very audible gasp I didn't need to know anymore, He’d seen me; (he'd have had to be blind not to have done so). I totally froze for about 3 or 4 seconds with one leg in and one leg out of the car, I felt myself blush beetroot red from my roots, grabbed my handbag and gave him a smile and the best wink I could muster and said something stupid like

‘Warm weather we're having'.

I always get the best buzz from unexpected flashes and this was no exception, as I walked away I could feel his eyes on me. ‘He's over 60’, I said to myself; you've probably almost given him a heart attack. When I got to Jodie's flat, I found she wasn't feeling too well and we decided to postpone the shopping trip till the next week. I took off my raincoat and she gave me a towel robe to put on; so we had a coffee and a chat.

I told her about the flash I'd just done, Jodie laughed, apparently the man's name was Alf, she reckoned he was in his late 60's; although he told her he was only just 63. But he'd been most helpful when she moved in over the previous weekend, even though she had the help of Bernard and George (2 very hunky men from her office as she put it) who had both stayed over the whole weekend helping her and who had both together sampled her sexual delights during the night, for the first time.

She reckoned Alf was going to be a bit of a problem as she put it, if she didn't handle him right. He had pinched her bum, very nicely on at least three occasions over the past few days. The block of flats was most occupied by singles or young couples and two of the wives had separately warned Jodie about him. So I said something about if she got really desperate for sex, she now had somebody on hand, Jodie said she'd never get that hard up.

That got us talking about those heady days of sexual fun, I was becoming really fruity, If Jodie hadn't been so full of cold I could have quite easily climbed into bed with her for an hour or so. So when, about an hour later, it was time for me to leave, as I gave her the towel robe back, and stood naked apart from my knee high boots and stockings in her hall¬way; she must have noticed my semi aroused state, and dared me to go home - like that, without my coat. It would mean leaving her flat, going along the corridor, down the stairs or lift four flights to the car park, getting in driving home, getting into my house, all in broad daylight, clad in only my black high heeled boots, black stockings and red suspender belt.

This was far riskier, being on my own and in daylight, her apartment block was easy I thought to myself, nearly everyone would be at work, but diving home naked was a risk, for a minute or so in my mind that was the highest risk factor. Jodie said it was worth 8 points. I had forgotten she had so many points more than me she could have made me do it anyway. 8 points was a lot, I'd never got 8 points in one swoop before after all, we'd given her 8 points for playing a strip game with 6 of us, which she was guaranteed to lose in a fairly crowded pub, over about half an hour she lost one item after another till she was naked bar her high heels while the rest of us were fully clothed. I must admit that she attracted a lot of attention. I didn’t know about anybody else but I was hugely aroused by her doing that.

I assessed the situation, Jodie had cupped one of my breasts and was turning me on even more, we both knew if I was hot enough - I’d do it. The corridor wasn't too bad, the lift was risky, stairs would be better, finding my car very high risk, then I remembered -- He had my keys, I told Jodie. Damn, I was almost ready to do it.

There were solutions:

A. she went and got them from Alf for me. This was possibly the easiest, but I pointed out it was likely he would then linger around the car park near my car hoping for another flash, knowing I was leaving. Jodie agreed that was highly probable and offered another point extra.

B. So then she offered me 12 points to go out like I was and collect the keys from the guy anyway, after all, he was only one old man - as she put it. By now she was pinching and pulling on both my nipples, sending waves of arousal through me. And 12 points was a lot, I don’t recall anybody ever getting 12 points in one session.

Then I remembered that I had to do some shopping and my car needed fuel on the way home or I’d break down. So In the end I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and chicken out on her dare. As I left she said to me as she handed me my coat “don’t put it on till you are inside the lift” feeling very fruity I decided that was easy. She was watching me my coat folded over my arm, as I walked down the corridor and around the corner to the lift.

I dared myself, the lift was arriving I was facing the doors; my blood was pounding with excitement. If the lift was empty, it was, I stepped inside and was about to press for the ground, Jodie’s word were still ringing in my ears and I was still really aroused. I could get home and go shopping later; I probably did have enough petrol to get home, but that in itself would be exciting.

Changing my mind I walked out the lift and the 30 yards or so round the corridor back to Jodie's flat, I hung my coat on her door handle. If my nerve held, I would phone her from home in an hour.

I walked back to the lift feeling light headed. The lift had gone! That meant somebody was using it. The lights showed it was in the basement car park, I was on the third floor of a 6 floor apartment block. I decided to bold it out, the lights started moving, It went past me and stopped on the 5th floor, phew!! The lift started back down, I had pressed the down button, as the lift slowed and stopped at my level I distinctly heard female voices inside it, I fled for my coat.

So much for the brave!

I repeated my first stance to the lift and once moving downwards slipped my coat on and belted it up and arrived in the car park without seeing another soul. I was looking for Alf and saw him immediately, and asked him the whereabouts of my car and its keys. He shuffled off to get them from a small cupboard of an office, which was obviously where he sat during the day. There wasn't the slightest doubt in my mind and I was sure that Jodie realised this as well, that he would have seen me walk naked across the car park, even if I hadn't given him the keys.

I saw my car, parked nearby and walked over to it. I was still annoyed at myself for losing my nerve before, I knew in my heart that if the dare had been on Jodie from me, SHE would have done without question and hesitation. He's already had a bit of a flash from me I thought to myself, without pausing I slipped the belt undone and rolled it into a ball and put it into a pocket of the coat, which now hung with the edges just about overlapping. But my heart started racing, I was now committed, if he turned and walked away, when his back was towards me, I was going to slip out of the coat, jump in and drive off quick. But if as more likely in view of my earlier flash, he stood by as I got in, I'd get in, but make no attempt to hold my coat closed and he'd see breasts and fanny this time. I was feeling quite wet again.

My musing was interrupted by his Alf's return, He unlocked my car and handed me the keys, his eyes were glinting at me. He said something about what a nice day it was; I agreed with him that it was warm.

'Bit warm for a heavy raincoat like' that he said.

'Yes, I suppose, so' I said laughing

'Mind you that's a nice bit of cloth' he said his hand reaching out and taking hold of the lapel, rubbing the cloth between thumb and forefinger. His action parted my coat all the way down by a couple of inches; I made no attempt to stop him, my heart was hammering and my knees felt weak and I was defiantly wet. If he hadn't guessed before, he certainly knew now that I was naked under my coat.

His other hand took hold of the other lapel, now my coat was fully parted, both my breasts revealed to his gaze.

'Nice, very nice' He said, I wasn't too sure whether he meant my coat or my nude body. I was still feeling bold, I enjoyed his eyes feasting on my body, my nipples were rock hard and my pussy was so wet it felt like tears trickling down. With a shrug off my shoulders I slipped my coat down my arms, off my body, and I caught it in one hand and threw it onto the open seat of my car with that arm.

'Perhaps it is too warm for that' I said.

Honestly, that's all I ever intended to do flash myself at him that way, then get in my car and drive off. But, this was the first time I'd ever totally exposed myself to a total stranger, without a friend being around, not as a dare or forfeit.

His fingers that a second or so before had been feeling the fabric of my coat, now alighted onto my hard nipples; he squeezed both nipples with his craggy fingers and took the weight of my breasts onto the palms of his hands feeling the fullness and firmness of my two, 36's. I was enjoying the sexual power. But, I was slightly put off that he was taking it so calmly, after all; it couldn't be an everyday occurrence for him to have an attrac¬tive woman standing naked like that in front of him. I desper¬ately wanted to shock him a bit.

The notion of sinking to my knees and extracting his penis for a blow job, crossed my mind, but that's what David would have ordered me to do, in that situation. In all those previous situations similar to this with one of you around, I have been sexually excited doing that, but nothing as excited as I was this day, doing on my own. I realise that my sexual burning was the culmination of events over the past couple of hours, but nothing short of a GOOD FUCK, was going to satisfy my yearning.

Almost as that thought crossed my mind, one of his hand moved forcefully onto my pussy and he trust two fingers into my wet cavern. I was so wet, I couldn't help my thighs opening to him, welcoming him in, anymore than I could help my exclamation of 'OH yes!' as soon as I gasped it I regretted it, I had now lost control, I was like a schoolgirl on her first fumbling.

He grinned, knowingly from ear to ear.

I was aware of the cold steel of my car as I lay back against it whilst he finger fucked me, there was sensation, oh it was lovely, but no relief.

'What do you want, ? Say it, tell me' He said,

'Fuck me' I said meekly,

‘Pardon, I didn't hear, your please’,

'Oh God, please fuck me you bastard'; louder, my humiliation complete now.

For a moment, I thought he'd do it there and then, but no he changed his mind, and led me by hand, like a lamb across the concrete car lot, past the lift, along a stretch where any pass¬ing pedestrian or motorist would have clearly seen me from no more than 10 yards away, I was aware of the clip of my steel high heels on the hard ground and concrete slabs, my breasts bouncing freely on my chest, nipples out on storks, up the steps to the ground floor, across the big open foyer with its lush deep pile carpet and into his flat.

I was committed to the idea of sex with him, Christ I would have had sex with anyone by that stage, I was so desperate. I was trying in my mind to justify him and me having sex, after all he was definitely over 60 and looked it. Alf was not good looking, he wasn't tall, his body was not well looked after, in fact he was a slob. That apart I'd never had sex with a guy much over 40 before and if any one of you had 'dared' me into this situation, I'd had backed away.

Inside his flat my thoughts were confirmed, a smell of unwashed clothes and socks pervaded the atmosphere, with a lin¬gering smell of urine. I was heralded into the bedroom where a single unmade bed greeted me, dirty clothes were strewn all around the room. I sat down on the bed, the once white sheets were now dingy and yellow stains were obviously dried spunk marks, no doubt achieved by looking thru the pile of hard core porno magazine littering the floor and bedside cupboard.

Alf was undressing himself, slowly in no hurry, he seemed to know, I was still his for the taking, no hint of apology for the dirt or state of the place.

'You're married aren't you' he said stating the obvious from my rings on my left hand. I nodded my head.

'I bet you're often a naughty girl, aren't you?' He was correct, but he made me sound cheap. I still hadn't quite found my voice again. The initial shock of his room had started to cool my ardour, but now I warmed again, yes I was playing the slut, me a respectable (don't laugh) wife. I was a thousand light years away from the sort of man, I'd consider having an affair with, but I was going to be so dirty and filthy with Alf, I just knew it. My masturbation fantasy (confessed in my opening lines) was suddenly popping into my mind and I knew I’d do it all with him, absolutely everything in my masturbatory fantasy.

'You must have been feeling naughty to day coming out like that, eh'?

In my faltering voice, coming back, I explained about Jodie, my friend upstairs, her idea etc., Then I realised that I'd dropped a real 'faux pas', He'd be after Jodie like a rabbit now and he'd tell her about me, that wasn't too bright, Jules.

I picked up one of the scattered porno magazines to change the subject. I opened it to see an attractive woman of about my age and build, with three young boys, I mean young, these were so young they hardly had any pubic hairs, a Man in his 40's was showing the boys what to do; finally they were joined by a sweet looking blonde girl of about 16/17. It was called family fun, or something; they were fucking; sucking anal the lot.

'I've got dirtier ones if you like that sort of thing'

'Oh I like it dirty, but I prefer actions to just looking'

'How, dirty do you like it?'

I smiled at him 'Oh very dirty, when I'm in the mood'

'I think you're too posh, to be dirty, really dirty, but show me how dirty you can be’, He looked around.

'See that tissue, on the side', I did,

'Pick it up' he com¬manded me.

It was an ordinary piece of rolled up tissue paper, but damp and sticky and by the smell I knew what it was. He grinned, knowing I knew what it was

'I did that earlier, after I'd seen you flash your cunt at me, do something exciting and dirty with it'.

I opened the ball of damp paper, it was his spunk rolled up inside it, but it had soaked fully into the paper. There really was only one thing I could do (could you think of something else?). I stuffed the spunky wad into my mouth, I chewed it for a few moments, the taste was quite exciting, finally I swallowed it down.

He was naked now, I was impressed with the size of his cock, he was swollen and large, not the largest cock, I'd taken, but quite an amazing weapon for his build and age. A full 9" of manhood meat, covered with an impressive foreskin, that was still over the head, even though he was virtually fully erect. I was 'into' foreskins at that time and his looked real sexy. This was going to be a better session than I imagined.

'Not so bad, how about something else, something dirty'

I thought about that for a moment, all my baser sluttish instincts were being aroused now, I was as fired up again as I had been in the car park when he fingered me.

Laying back on the bed, I drew my legs up and slowly insert¬ed two fingers into my cunt, god I'd never, never felt myself so wet, it was like hot jelly down there. I made a bit of an exhibi¬tion of myself for him, rubbing all that juice over my fanny, just wetting everything there. I then slid both my wet fingers into my rectum, they went in easy and I was very full at that time.

I now wanted to impress Alf, I wanted to excite him, see that I could be a slut. So I did what I've only ever done half a dozen times (at that time) and for two other men in my whole life; One being Ben my neighbour, the other John my Dom.

Alf was standing beside me now, his hand on my knee, watch¬ing my movements, I pulled my fingers out, when I saw my fingers my nerve almost failed. They were both well coated in my shit, not smeared like before with Ben and John. But my arousal prevailed and I placed those soiled digits to my lips and as sexily as I could manage, pretending that were covered in honey rather than shit, I drew then into my mouth. Instead of feeling at all nauseous, I got a sexual charge from doing that act; I licked my fingers totally clean. Alf was still grinning.

'Nice, very nice, Oh lady are we going to have some fun to day' so saying his cock which had been dancing in front of my eyes brushed my cheek, I took hold of it.

'Suck me' I didn't really need telling that was on my mind anyway. His unwashed smell filled my nostrils, but it was an aphrodisiac to me by then, with my fingers around the base I ran my lips around that marvellous droopy foreskin, his cock stank of sperm and urine, I shivered with delight and pushed his foreskin back. His cock head was disgustingly filthy with yellow and white flecks of spunk and cock cheese gather there, unwashed for days, my mouth closed over the head devouring the sticky cream, the rancid taste of the stale prick cheese assaulted my taste buds and inflamed my lust deeper.

I heard him groan in delight at my actions, and I slid his penis as fully into my mouth as I could manage, deep to my ton¬sils. My tongue and lips worked eagerly on his penis delighting in the tastes that flowed back across my sensitive taste buds and then down my throat. I licked and sucked all over the length and base of his cock, giving a good licking to his equally smelly and dirty testicle sack. I had a flash back to my play at Gus’s only 5 days previously and to the party Katie took me too with the Hobos’, this was on par.

I returned to sucking his gorgeous length and was lost in my own fantasy, when I felt the first dribble...PISS.. warm hot salty urine. 'YES, Oh yes Alf, give me your pee' I would have cried had my mouth not been so full. Now I'm not at all adverse to a drink of piss when in the mood, and I was in the mood; in that I was already willing to drink every drop of his pee down my throat.

A second spurt filled my mouth, he pulled away and I let the warm nectar slide down to my stomach.

'You've drunk pee before?' he asked, holding his delicious cock inches from my lips. He told me later, that I looked like a child who'd just had her favourite lollipop taken from her. I don't care if I was drooling.

'Yes' I said, 'Come on, let it flow, I'll drink it all down' I was almost pleading with him by then. But it felt deliciously sluttish and naughty to be actually pleading with him to piss into my mouth.

He let rip his urine stream, right into my open mouth. It took me by surprise for half a second, but I gulped it down, It was really hot and salty and he pissed for a long time, he must have been holding it since breakfast. But I was proud that hardly a drop escaped my lips. I'd seen you and some of the other women drink a whole bladder load, without losing a drop, and I'd tried it myself, unsuccessfully a couple of times, but that day it was so easy.

I should have realised that as he finished he'd 'cum', his cock moved to my lips and two thick spurts landed on my tongue, a trickle of spunk followed, it wasn't what I wanted, I need a good shagging now, but I did have a mini climax, you know the sort I mean.

'You are a real kinky, dirty one, aren't you?' he seemed to emphasis the 'dirty',

'What else do you do Mrs.', 'what other dirty and kinky things' his cock had gone semi limp, not fully down. I had plenty of time on my hands, and I knew I could stir him into full erec¬tion again and get my good shagging.

I lay back on the bed, whilst he fondled my breasts and slowly slid one or two fingers into my juice hole, keeping me on the boil, so over the next quarter of an hour or maybe more, I found myself telling him about some of our naughty parties, The strip games, the exhibitionism; the swapping parties; the water sports.

He asked if I went along with those games because it excited me or because my husband/lover wanted me to play. I said that these days I enjoyed them, although at first I'd been reluctant to try some of the things David wanted. He asked me if I'd do something that my lover wanted even if I felt uneasy about it. I said truthfully that I had at times gone along with some things.

He asked if I'd ever tried the S & M scene, bondage that sort of stuff. I desperately wanted to please him and let on that perhaps I had tried it. I was cautious in that I didn't want to admit to something that he'd then ask me to do and I couldn't do it. I found myself sorely tempted to tell him that had been done to me, knowing that there was a chance he'd ask to do it.

He asked me if I'd done anything with dogs. I was on safer grounds here, I knew pets were NOT allowed in this place, but had he'd produced a hound; I'd have fucked it I was that aroused. But I told him I hadn't, but I did tell him about a friend of ours at a special party - Patsy and her two Alsatians. His dick did become hard again at that. Naturally, he wanted to know exactly what she did, so I told him. I also told him about that challenge from Patsy to the other three of us wives at that second party, Anita, Jodie and me. I didn't tell him that it was Jodie, my friend upstairs who lost and who then with Patsy's second dog, mirrored her every action, a suck of its dong, a fuck, another suck this time to completion.

Naturally he wanted to know, everything about it all, how attractive was Patsy and the other woman (Jodie)? what did our husbands think? So I explained that none of us was with our own husbands. . Mostly he wanted to know if it had been me, would I have gone along with all of that? I told him that we'd all seen Patsy in action with her dogs before and so we all knew EXACTLY what we'd have to do and that we'd all agreed that we would do it before the challenge started. I did confess to being extremely sexually aroused as we three played out our elimination challenge and that watching Jodie going through it was mind blowing.

If we'd played such a game again? So I explained that we'd played that challenge about every 3 or 4 months and yes I had ‘lost’ twice in the last year, lastly about 5 weeks earlier. Unfortu¬nately in my revelations to him I started using our names and must have mentioned Jodie's twice before I realised by his facial expression that he now knew exactly who the woman with the dog was.

As this second 'faux pas' sunk in, he was telling me that he had a friend with a dog that sometimes serviced his wife, only she was an old hag. Would I like to come back in a week or so and play with his mate's dog whilst they looked on, or should he approach my friend Jodie upstairs?, Naturally she'd want to know who had dropped her in it. His massive cock had now resumed its fullness and I had licked across the knob end as little dribbles appeared.

'I'll come and do it' I said it, surprising myself, 'Pro¬viding you don't tell her'

'How do I know you'll turn up' he asked.

'Phone him now, get him over here and I'd do it all, every¬thing, when they turn up'. I meant every word, not just to protect Jodie, but from my own arousal, I was getting high on confessing these things to him.

'No that's not possible, he's at work right now and I have something else planned for you right now'

My heart skipped, 'What do you have in mind'. Erotic visions of being tied up an whipped crossed my mind.

'What's the dirtiest, filthiest thing you have ever done' He asked. At the same time and for the first time he pushed two fingers into my anal hole, he kept his thumb rubbing on my clit.

I thought for a moment, after all I had told him most of my innermost secrets. I shook my head 'I don't know, I think I've told you most things'

'Okay, so what do you understand by the term, champagne and chocolates, I'm sure your party friends know, I'm sure that some of them have experienced it, even if you haven't'?

For two or three seconds I stupidly thought about literally champagne wine and Dairy Milk chocolate and what we could do with them, not that I could see him having any, then it dawned on me, I must admit my mouth went agape as it struck me. He saw the realisation in me, and grinned. I was taken aback, rather than shocked, after all I had never been propositioned in that way before, I had almost so nearly done it with my Master John 4 weeks earlier, if only he’d pushed me a bit more; my friend Jodie upstairs without too much probing on my part had admitted she’d did it -often.

I was looking for something to say 'So now, I've drunk your champagne you want me to' the words stuck in my throat.

'Sample my chocolate' he finished off for me.

'No, I couldn't' I said it automatically, instinctively. Yet something burned afresh in my libido and I knew that if I was ever going to do such a filthy act with anyone, this was the time and place. I almost retracted my words when he carried on.

'Of course, you could, a sexy girl like you, by your own admission you've tasted the shit from your own arse and the rectums of others on fingers and cocks, in differing amounts; you've tongued out a few arseholes, in your sexier moments, You admitted that the tastes turned you on and excited you, this is just the next step.'

'Come on give it a go, just let me drop a piece into your lovely mouth, Just a small lump say the size of your thumb, just try it, ehh.'

He made it sound so tempting and so sexy, My natural fear was saying no way!, my sexual side was saying give it a go, you can always stop if you don't like it.

“OKAY', I'll try to do it, come on quickly before I lose my nerve”.

Following his instructions, I lay flat, full length on the bed with a pillow supporting my head. I was shaking like a leaf with nervous anticipation now, so much so that I could hardly keep my legs still. Alf squatted over my head, his balls resting under my chin, his cock stabbing my breasts, his knees either side of my body, legs across my shoulders, he bent forward and started to lick me out, I groaned, it felt wonderful, my cunt was dribbling my love juices, I was almost ashamed at how wet I was. His licking helped me relax , suddenly I wanted to eat his shit, more than anything else at that moment, and I knew I was going to eat every piece he squeezed out.

In response, I now started to lick at his balls and licking my way up to his very dirty and hairy arse crack. That fabulous aroma and taste that had turned me on so well an hour ago, now fired me up again. I ran my tongue around and into his arsehole, it was dirty, dried shit hung on some of the wiry hairs around his hole, I licked and sucked them, feeling my body tremble. My tongue aggressively stabbed into his anus, penetrating him, tasting him, rather tasting a morsel of what was to come, I wanted it now. I was about to say 'come on' when I felt his hole start to expand.

Then it started to emerge, I drew back a bit. Slowly the brown turd emerged till about four inches protruded, there was virtually no smell which surprised me. It was a light brown with streaks of darker shit, I could see half digested food particles in it, a pea or bean. I ran my tongue across the tip, it was a harder texture than I had anticipated, no swarms of foul taste filled my mouth.

Opening my mouth I closed my lips around it, rather like a penis and started sucking, now the taste flowed into my mouth, it wasn't at all bad. Watching me or sensing what I was doing Alf let that lump fall off, and it was in my mouth. There I was a thumb sized lump of his shit right in my mouth. For a moment I didn't do anything, something inside me said 'oh! come on girl, go for it', I bit into it, then chewed that piece, his shit taste exploded around my mouth, it wasn't nauseous as I had feared, but by god it was foul, rank and disgusting and huge orgasm welled up inside me. It washed over my body in a huge shuddering tremble, that Alf recognised and made him laugh. I would have gasped at the intensity and utter pleasure of that orgasm, but my mouth was full,

'That's what you've been waiting for all your life' He said. It was only later and on reflection of these events, that I realised from about then onwards he had stopped licking at my swollen clit and fingering my cunt, but it didn't matter at all, the fact that I didn't notice that stimulation being taken from me, reflects the tremendous auto erotic stimulation that was now flooding my body. He watched, our eyes met as I eat his shit. I felt like a child eating her first ice cream and him a proud parent, watching, loving. I wondered how many other women had done just this for him, I couldn't possibly be the first, but I wanted to be the best.

By now a longer and larger lump had emerged and hung from his arsehole, I swallowed my initial lump, now in pieces and readily, no greedily, opened my mouth for this next turd. This was softer, and the taste fuller, slight nausea rose for the first time, but it was pushed back by the sexual lust firing inside me. I felt divinely wicked and wonderful, sexually as high as a kite, climaxes shuddered through my body, not due to the administra¬tions of his tongue on my clit and cunt, but because of the dis¬gustingly sexy act I was doing and 'ENJOYING'.

As more lumps of his shit emerged I swallowed down pieces till he had no more to give me, I rolled the remaining pieces around my mouth, till like melting ice cubes they dissolves on my tongue and slithered down my throat. I remember thrusting my tongue up inside his rectum trying to eat out more of his foul turds, but there was none left.

My body had been raked by climaxes, the like of which had rippled through me one after another like nothing I'd felt be¬fore, I was drenched in sweat. Alf had disappointingly 'cum' between my breasts. As I finished he turned around facing me, and holding his cock to my lips, knowingly I opened my mouth and he peed a stream of hot urine into my mouth. His piss washed the remaining parti¬cles of shit down my throat it was hot, salty and sexy.

His piss finished, his cock was miraculously hard again, this time he entered my cunt, bonking me with all the experiences of his years and with a cock that truly filled me. He took me high again, but not as near as high as I had been as I eat that first turd.

An hour later, he walked me to my cat, now wearing just my high heeled boots, I didn’t care. I got in after a long kiss and promise to meet again soon. My coat was still on the back seat, he reached in and took it, saying ‘you won’t need this again to-day’. I made no protest! I drove out of the car park, bathed and humming to myself. I had no idea of the time that has passed, but I must have left Jodie's four hours earlier. It was now mid-afternoon, I drove almost in a day dream, I’m sure people must have seen me topless, the roads were busy, but in a Range Rover you are a bit higher.

A part of me was ‘Oh my Gosh, what have I just done’ ‘Surely’ I thought ‘I ought to be nauseous and vomiting all over the place’ But I didn’t feel like that at all, not even close. My pussy and clit were still tingling from the excitement. I had a euphoric feeling, yes I was still horny, the sex had been okay, but taking my first scat meal had pushed me so high and I was still up there.

20 minutes into my journey my phone rang and was picked up on the car link, It was Jodie, I’d almost forgotten about her. I also remembered I’d dropped her inadvertently into my games confession to Alf. I wasn’t going to confess to her. Then she said she’d been out to a pharmacy to get something for her cold and as she waked back she’d seen me walk out across the car park with Alf. She’d seen us kiss and then I drove off naked in my car. I realised I had virtually done what Jodie had dared me to do. If I’d earned those points, I could have dared her something real nasty or crazy. I did wondered if she knew what had taken place how many points she’d give me.

My car did make it home on the fuel and I was still talking to her as I pulled onto my driveway. I had confessed all, well almost – I wasn’t going to confess ‘that’ to anyone. I could tell she was masturbating as I told all, because of the changes in her breathing and it kept me hot as well.

As I parked up she was still saying ‘I can’t believe you did that (with him)’ and you drove home all the way naked? - “Yes, still am, sat here on my driveway; How many points is that all worth”? ‘He took your coat as you left’ she asked. I confirmed it.

‘You must have been seen’ she stated ‘how hot!, send me a selfie, now from the car’ she demanded, I did so.

As I sent it I noticed the time on my phone 3:45. At first my muddled mind didn’t really comprehend the significance. Then it clicked my boys coming home from school; they were either already in the house or about to arrive. I’d been sat there already for over 5 or 6 minutes so they hadn’t arrived by my logic. Jodie was saying something in my ear again. She was asking me almost the same thing (are your boys home yet? – don’t know) and daring me to go into the house just as I was and stay in the downstairs rooms until 4pm, even if the boys arrive back. Her breathing was getting rapid again. Jodie knew all about my exhibitionistic dares from Ben; she (& others) was of the opinion I should have showed myself to both boys. But my opinion was that would end the fun, the chance; the dare. She just said then you move on.

Because my phone was connected to Jodie via my car; if I turned my engine off I’d lose my connection to her, I was also getting that feeling that I got when Ben had me strip to my stockings and heels and walk the hallway and stairs knowing my boys might chance upon me any time. I was 90% certain they weren’t already home, and each second I stayed in the car, was increasing the chance of being caught properly, once they turned into the driveway there was no escape for me. There was a blanket in the boot, but it would take as long to get to it as get into the house.


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Love your de***********ion of the shit eating keep these stories going please


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Love your de***********ion of the shit eating keep these stories going please

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