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Stepmom just can't get enough

I stood in the doorway of the shower looking at my two Nathans on our bed with both of them sporting erections and chatting away nonchalantly.

I had a lot to think about but my reverie was interrupted by a whimper from my baby girls room so I hurried past them and out the door.

With Becky changed and busily suckling on one breast I walked to the kitchen finding them both in there but still naked, I offered my other, now leaking, nipple to my husband Nathan who suckled for 20 seconds or so to take the pressure off then turned to finish cooking breakfast while I sat next to his son Nate at the table.

Nate had a sour look on his face … and a hardon “don’t look like that, you can have the next one” I said referring to Nathan taking the pressure off my full breasts.

Nathan served up our breakfasts and I took the opportunity to make an announcement.

“Last night was a once off and before we decide if it is to continue we will discuss it tonight over dinner but I insist on complete honesty from all three of us and also consider what ‘your word’ means, Nathan will explain it to you Nate … now I am off to do some errands for the day so we will speak tonight”

Nathan just nodded but Nate looked crestfallen and stood to walk over to me with his hardon in his hand “no, you can take care of that yourself” I said before he could even begin and walked off.

I must have changed what I was going to say a million times during the day and over coffee the girls asked what was wrong, I couldn’t really tell them the truth so simply said living with a teenager is going to take some getting used to.

When I arrived home in the car Nate ran up happily to help with the groceries announcing proudly “Dad told me what ‘giving my word’ means and I realise now that its not something I do for other people but something I do for myself for other people”

“well I’m glad you understand how important it is to never give your word willy nilly without thinking about all the future consequences” I said happily

“yep, if I don’t know for certain I can keep my word then I won’t give it” he said with surprising certainty.

Not much was said until dinner was served and I announced we could now talk about it then Nate of course looked at me and rushed to say his piece.

“I loved last night and cant wait to do it again and again but dad has warned me not to overdo it or you might put a stop to it”

“well” I said, “That’s not all of it, there is the fact that I could be pregnant and we wont know who is the father until he or she is born but for now its best if Nate wears a condom until I find out for sure that I am pregnant. It doesn’t matter to me who is the father but it will be a lot simpler if Nathan fathers my children, be that as it may it is my child and will be treated exactly the same as Becky by both of you!”

They both nodded and Nathan had his say “I never thought I would say this especially since catching Nate’s mum cheating on me but seeing Nate pull his spurting cock from you and seeing the cum dripping out of you turned me on like you wouldn’t believe. Knowing you had my sons cock inside you and sharing my wife with him seemed to make up for the life I didn’t get to share with him somehow and this morning I still get that big thrill sharing you with him and can’t wait to do it again. If the baby is his or mine means nothing to me as I want to share everything in my life with him”

“yeh, the new baby will still be like a brother or sister to me no matter what” blurted Nate.

“ok, my turn again” I said “it seems like the prospective baby is not that big an issue with either of you but the sex is what really concerns both of you so we need to lay a few ground rules. You must both give me your word that you will never mention Nate having sex with me or that Nate is the father of the child if it turns out he is. You have to ask before having sex with me, no sticking it in me while I am asleep unless I give you permission to do so beforehand. We all sleep nude. I sleep in the middle. No one get annoyed if I have sex with one of you and not the other. No one gets annoyed if I don’t want to have sex with either of you. One of you has to give me an orgasm unless I say its fine not to, no wam bam thank you maam. No getting annoyed if I ask the other one to suckle me. Oh yeh, and no cumming in my clean panties.”

Nathan laughed then said seriously “I give you my word never to speak about Nate having sex with Olivia and will consider any new child born from last night to be fathered by me.”

Nate looked sheepish and repeated “I give you my word never to speak about me having sex with Olivia and will consider any new child born from last night to be fathered by dad.”

I looked at Nate and said “Nate I want you to give me your word that you will not put your cock in my vagina tonight”

Without pause Nate said “I give my word that I will not put my penis in mums vagina tonight” … “wait, what?”

Nathan then laughed and said, “buddy you gave your word so no going back”

Nate thought for a bit then asked “does tonight ended at midnight or at sunrise and can I have permission to put it in if you are still asleep then?”

I giggled and said it was ok to put it in after sunrise as long as he did it gently and slowly as I had quite enjoyed waking up with it in me that very morning.

With our baby and sex life sorted I realised that I didn’t consider my boys as two separate people but two parts to the same person and was actually in love with them both equally, not something that I thought would happen so quickly.

I looked forward to pleasuring them hoping that I would not get sick of trying to keep up with them both.

Becky made her hunger known so Nate picked her up and brought her to me, I shrugged and since it was warm stripped my clothes right off holding the panties I had worn that day in my hand. Nathan was washing up but Nate seeing me strip soon handed Becky to me and dropped his clothes to the ground eyeing my breasts expectantly.

I sat down in the armchair and put Becky to the breast then before I had even started to leak indicated to Nate who stepped between my legs and started to suckle.

A few second later I felt Nate’s erection pushing into my nether lips and waited to see what he would do.

After 20 seconds or so he groaned and stepped away like a good boy so I grabbed his hard cock and hung the panties on it then smiled at him.

Nate grinned and walked to the bedroom with his flagpole proudly flying a lacy pink flag.

Nathan looked at Nate and just grinned and shook his head then stripped off and picked up all our clothes and put them in the laundry.

Nathan returned and stood between my legs with his erection forming then bent and suckled me finding my moist centre too inviting to resist.

He teased and prodded me for a little while until Nate came back then took great delight in slowly entering me as Nate looked on forming another erection. “teasing bastard” I laughed.

Becky finished so I grinned and handed her to Nathan who quickly lost his erection “bitch” he laughed as he burped Becky and prepared to change her.

Nate walked in front of me then kneeled down to view me better while stroking his hardon.

I scooted forward a bit more and grabbed his hair pulling him to me and said “remember the first time you cleaned me up … do that again please”

Nate didn’t hesitate and dived right in with fingers and mouth and even though it took a lot longer than the first time his enthusiasm never wavered.

Nathan had come back in and was now watching with lustful eyes and a stiff dick as his son brought me off to a nice little orgasm.

As I came down I slid off the chair onto the floor and pleaded to Nate “fuck me now”, Nate moved up and was pushing his tip between my lips when he stopped suddenly saying “shit, I nearly forgot that I can’t”

I had forgotten so I looked at Nathan and said “you do it then”

Nate got up and Nathan took his place sliding in easily to full depth before picking up the pace.

Nate moved up beside me and licked my nipple a bit before I pleaded “Nate, in my mouth”

The realisation hit him that this was ok and that it would be his first blowjob.

He moved closer and I took him in my mouth realising quickly that I could go all the way down to his sparse pubes without gagging due to him being a lot smaller than Nathan.

I felt bad about making him give his word and came up with a brilliant idea.

“Nate, I want you to straddle my chest and fuck my mouth just like you did my pussy” I said hoarsely.

“oh fuck yeh” croaked Nathan suddenly speeding up.

Nate quickly laid down over my face forcing Nathan to move his body to one side so he didn’t have his sons bum in his face then Nate slid in to my mouth testing how to do it, I pulled him down to me with ease and urged him on.

I was feeling like a rag doll as they had no rhythm but just acted out of pure pleasure with Nate doing his usual and pushing in as far as he could go then holding still while he pumped 4 or 5 spurts into my mouth while groaning loudly.

I pushed him off and opened my mouth to show Nathan who immediately fired off 4 or 5 big spurts inside me as he watched me swallow Nate’s load.

Without thinking I then kissed Nathan as he continued to stroke his softening cock slowly inside me.

He haltingly kissed me back then thought stuff it and let my tongue in and kissed me passionately.

I realised I had not kissed Nate so pulled him to me and kissed him as well letting my tongue swirl around in his mouth, he soon got the idea and kissed me back properly.

Nate was telling Nathan how good it was and was soon asking if he could do it again. “its awesome” he cried, “nearly as good as pussy” he beamed.

Thinking I would put him off I said “ok you can fuck my mouth while you lick my pussy”

He didn’t even hesitate and laid over me sucking my pussy and running his tongue up and down my slit.

Nathan sat there in amazement his dick already starting to rise again.

Being a bit short I had to stretch to lick Nate’s knob so after a few minutes I pulled him up so I could get his cock in my mouth and he started to fuck in earnest, Nathan came over and pushed my knees back to my shoulders so Nate could reach my pussy and since I was in that position he pushed his knob up against my bumhole.

Some of the cum that had escaped Nate’s clean up was down around it so Nathan used his knob to scoop it all closer to my rosebud and started sliding the tip in a tiny bit.

I was worried he was going to try and stick it inside me but he was careful not to go too far in.

I was holding Nate to my clit so Nathan had room to push two fingers inside me to find my G spot while he held his knob firmly against my bum, Nate was being gentle to fuck my mouth and it all added up to a rousing orgasm for me.

The anal play was the icing on the cake and I forced my bum on to that stiff cock a couple of inches in my writhing bringing Nathan off as well and I felt him spurt a couple of times inside me.

Nate stopped licking me and looked at his fathers dick in my ass as he delivered another load of baby batter to my mouth.

Nathan let go of my legs and as they dropped back to the floor his still mostly hard dick slid further in on its coating of cum.

We had never been successful on the few times we had tried anal so since I was still feeling the orgasm I pushed down on it taking it all the way in with ease extending my orgasm even longer.

Nathan and I just relaxed and let his softening dick soak deep inside me but Nate lifted off me and scooted closer for a look, “Is that in her bum?” he exclaimed in surprise “I want to try that too!” “is it good?” “is it yucky?”

“we’ve done it hon” I said “maybe we could try a double plugger next time your hard because I’ve often wondered if it feels as good as everyone says and Nate’s should fit in a bit easier than that big thing of yours”

“Take me into the shower before you pull out just in case” I said

Nathan tried to lift me but it was too much so Nate came over and bent down so I could wrap my hands behind his neck and with Nathan helping they stood up.

As they straightened my head came up under Nate’s balls and I playfully sucked his limp cock into my mouth … big mistake, he was hard instantly and was already in my mouth.

Nathan was holding me up by the bum with my legs over his shoulders and as he watched Nate start to thrust into my mouth his dick in my bum started to harden again and he started to thrust in at the same time Nate did.

They had a good rhythm going in a few short seconds as I hung there between them.

The thought and feeling of being in my bum and watching Nate pump his cock into my mouth was too much for Nathan and he fired a load deep into my bowels grunting harshly as he did so.

That was unusual for Nathan to cum so quick and it was also unusual for Nate to take so long so I opened my mouth up as wide as I could and sucked in his tiny ball sack as well.

I gagged a tiny bit as he thrust in and held it while he spurted his load straight at my throat but they were both done and soon recovered enough to continue into the shower.

Nathan lay down and with Nate’s help I lifted up to squat over him and eased up slowly.

Expecting the worst I was pleasantly surprised to find only a slightly brown tinged sheen of cum on Nathans dick.

I turned the shower to the hairwash hose and waited a few seconds for it to warm up then hosed us off before we three had a proper shower together.

Nathan was grinning from ear to ear as he had finally gotten his bit of anal and I must admit that being so relaxed during my orgasm that it didn’t hurt at all, It didn’t really do much for me but was worth it to see my hubby happy.

When we retired to bed I handed Nate a condom to use in the morning then cuddled up to Nathan, Nate spooned in behind me and was soon sliding his hardon along my bumcrack slowly and deliciously, I vaguely registered the spurts as I drifted off to sleep.

“Oh mmm arrgghhh, damn it” said Nate breathlessly the next morning.

I was going to ignore it but curiosity forced me to turn over to see what was going on feeling the luke warm sperm in my bumcrack squish about.

I remember thinking that it was probably last nights load as I looked at Nate with a condom half on and full of cum.

I gave him a curious look and he sheepishly said “I woke up and was sliding along in your bumcrack for a bit until I nearly came then decided to put it inside you like you said I could but when I tried to force my dick into the condom I only got halfway in and came”

I couldn’t help but giggle “Grab another one out of the top drawer”

I opened the new packet up then rolled the used one down and off his half hard dick which immediately got hard again.

I showed him the right way to place the condom on the head of his dick then smoothly rolled it on

“Ooohh” groaned Nate that feels good but I wanna put it in you so I lay back and told Nate to lick me to get me ready and he pushed my legs right back and cleaned me from stem to stern until all the old cum was gone and I was panting with need.

Nate plunged in and came before I did with a loud moan, I was about to tell him to keep going but heard Nathans voice say “my turn”

Nate pulled out and Nathan slid in bringing me off expertly then shortly after came with a huge sigh and rolled off, Nate still had the condom on so slid back in and continued.

Because I had started the cum train it was only 30 seconds or so of Nate’s frenzied pounding before we both came hard at the same time.

Nate moved down and cleaned me up making me cum on his fingers before he mounted me again and a few seconds later added another load to the condom.

“Whew” I moaned “enough enough!”

Nathan laughed and said “I don’t know how he does that, I was never like that when I was a kid”

We heard Becky whimper in the next room so Nathan stood up stretching, Nate jumped up full of beans and pulled the condom off and said “I want to know how to change her too dad” and grabbed both condoms and headed to the bathroom to bin them and wash up.

Nathan propped me up with another two pillows and said “just relax hon, we got this”

Several minutes later Nate came in carrying Becky and I thought that its not very often I see Nate’s little dick bobbing about so soft and giggled.

Nate just looked at me curiously totally at home being naked and handed Becky to me then slid in beside me and suckled for half a minute or so.

I felt Nate’s hardon against my thigh but he just laid there slowly humping against me absently until Nathan called “Breakfast” and jumped up and raced off to the kitchen following his stiff dick.

I plucked Becky from my nipple, stood up and swapped her to the other one and sauntered out to the kitchen to sit beside Nate.

He was eating his breakfast with gusto and when I looked down he still had a hardon so I reached over and slowly stroked it, he just looked at me and grinned but kept eating.

Nathan came over with my breakfast and noticed me wanking Nate so as his dick began to rise he sat beside me and started to spoon feed me saying “I see you have your hands full” and grinned.

Pretty soon Nathans dick was bobbing up and down and he hadn’t even touched it, just watching me masturbate Nate was turning him on so much.

Nate paused in eating and screwed up his face so I just had time to put my hand over the head of his cock before it erupted all through my fingers and down over his dick.

Nathan moaned watching this so I turned in my seat and swiftly stroked his cock with my cum slickened hand and within moments he too erupted in my hand.

Becky burped and pulled away so I handed her to Nathan and bent to clean up the mess around his dick with my mouth and next minute Nate slid his erection deep inside me and was slowly stroking in and out while I sucked the cum from Nathans crotch.

I was half expecting Nathan to get hard again but he just moaned in satisfaction as he watched Nate deep stroke me.

“tell me when your ready to cum because I want it in my mouth” I said to Nate and half a minute later croaked out “now” and I span around and held his cock head at my mouth as the cum surged up the length of his erection and on to my waiting tongue.

I made sure Nathan had a birds eye view of the strings of cum pulsing into my wide open mouth and then I took it all the way in until my face was smeared with the cum from previous that had slid down to entangle in his fine pubes and tight little balls.

Yep that worked and I got into my favourite doggy position and waited for Nathan to get the hint.

Nathan slid in, grabbed my hips and started that long deep pace that we both loved so much in this position while I licked and slurped all around Nate’s groin to get every bit of cum from before.

I had to stop for a second as I had a deep orgasm but Nathan kept up the same pace and now Nate was hard again so he stood up and pushed the chair back enough to be able to fuck my face at the same rate Nathan was keeping.

It wasn’t long before the feeling of both dicks entering me at the same time and seeming to meet in my middle got me off again and my muffled moans encourages them both to start speeding up.

I was hoping to feel them cum in me at the same time but Nate stopped and fired two spurts before Nathan stopped deep in me and did the same.

The feeling of them both hard deep inside me spurting made me quickly strum my fingers across my clit and as they finished I came a deep satisfying orgasm and collapsed up like a thrown blanket … so good!!

One by one we picked ourselves up and staggered off to the shower and I stepped out clean and invigorated.

Nate was first in the shower so first in the kitchen making some coffees and was as bright and cheerful as could be.

Nathan staggered out a couple of minutes later looked at me, grinned, and said “your getting as bad as him, I feel I’m missing out”

“Missing out?, you’ve had more sex in two days than the previous two months and also had our first deep throat and our first successful anal” I said with a smirk.

“I know, just kidding” smirked Nathan back “but you just can’t seem to get enough the same as Nate”.

“I know, weird right! Ever since he got here I’ve been constantly horny but as soon as I leave the house I’m back to normal, then I walk back in the house and as soon as one of you starts I’m instantly ready to go. Its like I’m on pause! I wonder if its his teenage pheromones affecting me or something?”

“Well whatever it is keep it up” said Nate grinning madly as he walked over with another hardon.

“go hoist a pink flag” I said slapping his erection away “I have to go out”

The both looked at me quizzically, “You know, pink panties, erection, hand, job done” I said.

Nathan laughed and Nate squirmed but headed to the wash basket and fished them out before darting off down the hall.

Later on having coffee with the girls they asked how were things going since I looked much happier today.

“all good now except I have way more washing to do” I quipped.

“I know, my panties are copping a flogging” said Bree

We all looked at her in surprise knowing she had a teen age son and she suddenly got all embarrassed “well don’t your boys do it as well” she said softly.

“I didn’t mean that but now that you mention it, yes he makes a hell of a mess and when I didn’t wear any for a few days he spunked in a clean pair and put them back” I laughed

Everyone giggled then Natalie said “you think thats bad, one afternoon after school Brad and three of his friends were up in his room when all went quiet and you know what that means so I, cough, went to grab the washing basket and as I walked slowly past the door was closed and there was a lot of whispering and quiet laughing and I heard them all chant ‘last one has to wear them’ then a few moans and finally a lot of laughs then another groan, then I heard a ‘oh yuk’ and another laugh. Well curiosity got me so I opened the door and walked in and you never guess what I saw!”

“What, What tell us” we all chanted

“well this is embarrassing as hell but when I walked in James the oldest one was standing up and had a, umm, rather large erection and it was still dribbling and bobbing up and down so he had just cum, then I noticed he had a pair of my black lace panties on his head, the pair I had worn the day before, and they were dripping cum. Then I noticed the other three boys sitting down in the circle were not wearing shorts or underwear and all of them had half a hardon with drips on the end and I realised with a shock that they had all masturbated into my panties and the last one to cum had to put them on his head. Worst of all was my brad was one of them!”

We all gasped and oohed and aahed and asked what did she do.

“I just stood there for a second, all of us were in shock then I turned and ran down to Brian and told him what happened and instructed him to go sort out his son and his friends. He was in there for an hour or so and when they left not a one of them looked at me but muttered sorry as they fled out the front door. Brad didn’t say anything except that single muttered sorry for a week and would not look at me until finally I sat on his bed one night and told him to tell me what and why it happened”

“Go on” we said

“Well you know Brad cannot lie to me so I told him to not leave anything out and to tell me the truth. Apparently James has an older sister who has a boyfriend and one afternoon James saw his sister take her panties off and rub then in her boyfriends face until he got a stiffie then she let him fuck her on the bed and when he was about to cum he pulled out and came in her panties, well James was curious to see what the smell was but later on when he picked them out of the wash they were all gooey and yuk so he grabbed a pair of his mums panties, sniffed them and got a stiffie so he wanked into them. The next morning he got his sisters overnight panties out when she had her shower and sniffed them to see what the difference was but even though they were almost the same he liked them better, he got another stiffie and wanked into them as well.

He took some to school a few days later and made them all sniff them to see if they got stiffies like he did so since then they have been going to each others places and wanking into each others mums of sisters panties almost daily, only lately have they played ‘the last one to cum wears them’ game.”

“What did Brian say?” asked Natalie

“well you know that Brad cannot lie to save himself so when Brian made him promise not to touch my panties Brad said he couldn’t help himself as he had tried to stop before so he couldn’t make that promise. Brian just told me not to look at my panties when I washed them as all boys do it”

“Its not just boys” admitted Fiona, “my Frank does it as well if I don’t let him do me for a few days”

The conversation sort of petered off into the normal baby talk but it made me think more about the topic.

I had a few questions for my boys!
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