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Is anyone safe?
Dave 3

Theresa stripped down in her master bathroom while pouring a hot bath she looked at herself in the mirror turning this way in that. She noticed that her stretch marks from the pregnancy had faded considerably. honestly if you didn't know exactly where to look, you would see nothing there at all.

The solid gold ring that was through her clit Hood twinkled in the light. The sexy MILF had no body hair whatsoever.

She had it all laser removed more than a decade ago, shaving was such a chore. Easing her body into the piping hot water, she added a bit of scented oil oil to the water. Bemused, she wondered to herself "Why does everything we have smell like roses?" When had this become a default?

When the water had cooled down she pulled the plug and turned the shower head on, standing up rinsing off. She dried with a warm fluffy towel and put on a short robe with a loose belt.

John the truck driver arrived home just before 10:00. His wife Sylvia met him with her usual enthusiastic kiss, this time it left them both a little more breathless than usual.

Turning back to the kitchen she turned off the stove and asked him. "So anything unusual happened today?"

Without thinking he said "As a matter of fact yes, waitress at the restaurant told me she gets off at 11:00. She also said I should bring you if you want to come."

With her back to John he could not see the joy that lit up her face. She knew that he cheated on her from time to time. She was plump but always a shy partner in bed but deep down wished she wasn't. She couldn't really get mad at him but, was thrilled that he had finally invited her to come along.

Determined to break out of her life long hesitancy She said "I'll go get my shoes and that box of condoms we bought yesterday."

Sylvia quickly left the room John stood in the doorway. He was already growing hard, and then he wondered why he was smelling roses.

For her part Jane, the waitress, had been kissing the back of every one of the 64 tickets she had written since John left.

"Wow!" she thought to herself "This lipstick really transfers a lot, seems to last forever." looking at the Rosy lipprint on the 64th ticket.

Every recipient of the ticket followed that unnatural urge to put their mouth to the print. almost all of them were unaccompanied men or women.

A few were families or groups of friends. A couple who were passing through town with their teenage son, kissed the paper. The son casually noticed that the print disappeared afterwards.

By 11 pm just when John and Sylvia are picking up Jane 30 of the people who got tickets have kissed thier significant other and are already in the throws of passion. Any grievance forgotten and caution thrown to the wind.

The boy kissed his mom goodnight at their motel. While she and his dad are making passionate love he sneaks out and runs into the latina lady who cleans the rooms.

Juanita feels an attraction for this boy he is thin and pale. She has always had trouble keeping away from young boys, it's why she fled her country and wound up with this menial job.

"You lost?" She says in broken English with a smile showing her very white teeth.

"Only in your eyes." says the goth boy blue eyes under short black hair stare into her liquid brown.

"So romantic, are you a guest here?"

"Yes my parents are busy,'' he says quietly stepping closer to the curvaceous 40 year old. "Would it be ok if I kissed you?" He asked.

glancing up and down the empty hall she nods as the boy leans up. She is about 4 inches taller, he closes his eyes. His lips look so soft and are slightly parted.

Putting her hand on his chin she kisses him softly. The neat tip of his tongue parts her lips and she feels the lust crash over her. Juanita begins to suck on his tongue and pulls him closer.

The boy wraps his arms around her waist and slides his hands down to grab her large ass and massage it's massive cheeks. Breathlessly she breaks their kiss and checks the hall again finding it still empty. The maid pulls him into the room she just cleaned and locks the door.

Pulling him toward the bed she knows she is falling into bad habits again and it makes her wet. She strips off her top taking the bra with it, exposing her massive tits to the boy at face level. Her areolas so dark they are almost black. The nipples as large as a man's thumb.

Holding one up she said "Do you like them? The boy could only nod would you like to suck on them?

"Oh yes please." He begged

Stepping forward Juanita put her left nipple into his open mouth, he latched on like a baby. She could feel her her pulse in her large clit. Juanita brought his hand up to her other nipple and showed him how to roll and punch the nipple.

While he was occupied she unbuttoned his shirt and pants she pushed his shirt off without breaking him away from sucking her nipple. The boys pants fell and he stepped out of them and his shoes at the same time.

"Lay on bed, handsome boy." she told him.

eagerly the teen went to the bed shucking His boxers and Socks. As he lay back on the bed the curvy woman turned away from him and undid her belt.

Pear shaped with a narrow waist, she bent over and forced her slacks down over ample ass.

He had a clear view of her hairy bush as she peeled the tights pants off she wore no panties.

Still bent over she spread her legs and ran her hands between her legs and sank 2 fingers into her wet cunt.

"You like?" she asked again

"Oh yes." the boy said, his voice horse with passion. Standing now and gloriously naked she stalked over to the naked youngster.

"Now I teach you to eat pussy ok?" His eyes grew big and he nodded with vigor.

Standing on the bed she planted her feet on other side of his head and lowered her pussy toward his face. One hand on the wall for ballence the other holding her thick lips apart, "See my button?"referring to her engorged clit.

"Yes." he whispered, his face close to the first pussy that was not on the internet.

"Suck on it like you did my nipple little lover." he latched his mouth.

"Yes!" she said, " perfect." she settled down all the way pinning his arms and setting her ass on he chest.

Moving her now free hand to his hair to hold his head tight she started fucking his face. This is what she loved, dominating young boys being in charge. Older men were always so pushy.

Billy could not believe this, it was like some online story but he was the star. Remembering everything he had read about eating pussy he gave it his all.

Juanita knew just how to ballence him on the edge of lust and panic. Cutting of his air while enjoying his attention and letting him grab a desperate breath when the panic would hit him. With her left hand she reached back to stroke his iron hard cock.

"Yes! I am going to cum!' she said "open your mouth my love, swallow it all!"

Doing as he was told bill opened his mouth wide as she scrubbed her clit on his upper lips. Hot salty musky liquid jetted into his mouth. It was the best thing he had ever tasted: darkness was at the edge of his vision from lack of air, she slid back and he gasped and choked at little.

"You did so good little one, do you want me to fuck you yes?"

"Oh yes, please God yes." the boy agreed.

Keeping her hot wet pussy in contact with his skin, she slid down taking her knees off his arms and replacing them with her hands. "You are mine right now yes?" His eyes wide he nodded his agreement.

"First time yes?" Another nod, "oh you will love me forever."she slid back a bit more and felt his hot hard pulsing dick touch her.

Juanita flexed her back and slid back taking him in one swift movement, "Oh my! you are big for such a young one." she gasped.

Her massive tits sliding up and down his narrow chest, their nipples touching from time to time. she slammed her pussy up and down on his cock. She knew he would not last long but it was ok.

sure enough less than 3 minutes passed and the boy began to shutter and pump his cum into her grasping pussy. She wondered in the back of her mind "Is this my fertile time? Ahh I hope so they can't deport me if I'm pregnant."

She slowed but did not stop knowing he was going to be sensitive.

"Oh baby you did so good." showering him with kisses, she could feel his dick softened only a little as his breathing came under control.

Turning the tables she sucked on his nipple and felt him get harder than before. The young had such stamina. Their mixed juices started pooling between them the sloppy sounds a turn-on for them both.

The maid begin pounding him again, this time chasing her own orgasm. Her large tits slapping him on the chest, and the bed begining to bounce and move on the floor.

Billy was helpless putty in her hands, held in place by the larger person his whole being centered on the pleasure of his cock being hammered. She came hard grinding down on his cock, bending it almost painfully, her fingers digging into his arms hard enough to leave bruises.

The pain tipped him over the edge as she squirted even more than he had swallowed. Juanita collapsed on top of billy her tits covering his face he was in such a glow he did not notice the lack of air, going easy into the dark drifting away he was at peace.

Then Juanita was giving him mouth to mouth and reality came back. The transition caused him to ejaculate again even though he was not hard.

"There you are little one." she said she scooped up the new cum from his belly and pushed it into her sloppy cunt. "You should go back to you room I clean here."

Numbly he nodded the clock said it was already 2 am how long had she been riding him? She kissed him again at the door. "I love you little one you go take shower smell like whore house." she said with a chuckle.

Bill was sore from head to toe his balls felt swollen but his dick was still half hard. He could still hear the bed in his parents room squeak, wow dad is a fucking machine he thought as he got in the shower.
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