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The continuing doggy adventures of Claire, her friends and her family. And Duke, of course.
Doggy Styles 11 - The Dog Trainer (Bestiality, Incest, Teen Female, Young)

Summary – Claire successfully trains another dog and teaches Duke a new trick.

Previous Chapter Summary - Claire had an incident at the park and then spent some time with her new friends Brenda and Stephanie at the kennels.

Note - This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity involving animals or sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can ruin your life. Don't ruin your, or other people's lives!


Claire Davis sat in Mrs. Hill’s office, located just outside the kennel doors and only short walk from her grooming station. Claire could hear the occasional bark and playful whine coming from the kennels and it made her teenage pussy tingle.

“You’ve done very well here, Claire,” Mrs. Hill said. “You really have a way with animals. They seem to sense your love for them. And I’m really pleased with how you handle the male dogs. Even the aggressive ones. I was actually thinking about getting rid of King until you tamed him.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Hill,” Claire said. “I’m glad I could help. King is actually very sweet.” She continued, basking in Mrs. Hill’s praise. “It’s all about being nice to them and knowing what they want. And most guys; men or dogs, want the same thing. Food and pussy.”

Mrs. Hill was used to Claire’s unfiltered talking. She hoped it wouldn’t cause her embarrassment someday. “Well, there more to a dog’s life than that, Claire.” Mrs. Hill smiled. “There’s walks in the park, scratches behind the ears, meeting your friends—”

“And sniffing butts.” Claire giggled.

“Yes, and sniffing butts,” Mrs. Hill gave a resigned smile and thought, ‘Oh, how youth is wasted on the young.’

“Is Candice still coming to pick up her dog tomorrow?” Mrs. Hill asked, changing the subject.

“Yeah,” Claire said. “Candy’s getting impatient and Prince is as ready as he is going to be. I’ve been training him every night, and I’m exhausted. He’s very, uh…, what’s the word again? Eager. Yes, he’s very eager. Eager for the beaver.” She giggled again.

“Well, he’s young,” Mrs. Hill said. “But young and eager can still be very nice.” Mrs. Hill winked at Claire and the two shared a knowing grin.

“Have you settled on a price for your training yet?” Mrs. Hill said. “You need to get paid for all of your hard work.”

“Not really…,” Claire began. “She’s a good friend of my mom’s and she’s already paying a lot for the dog.”

“Well, I’ve been breeding my special dogs for a while now and I can’t give them away, you know.”

“I know,” Claire said. She had many opportunities to examine Mrs. Hill’s ‘special’ breeding stock. The kennel owner had bred them for very specific traits; large dogs with long, pink, tongues and long, thick, cocks, designed to fill a woman and perhaps poke her cervix as they mated. She also bred some slightly smaller dogs; still with long tongues but designed with thick, shorter, cocks, to ensure they lock tightly with their lovers while leaving some room to spare, so they can continue to fuck their masters after tying, and prolonging their enjoyment.

“I just don’t know how much to charge her,” Claire whined. “Maybe a hundred? Or what about two hundred dollars? That almost seems like too much to ask.”

Mrs. Hill scoffed audibly. “Claire, how much time have you already spent working with Prince? And how much money does Candice’s husband make? A lot! A fully trained sexual companion dog is worth much, much, more than a couple hundred bucks. If you want to help a charity case that’s up to you, but you know she can afford it and is willing to pay you very well. Don’t sell yourself short.”

“Well, like I said, I’ve been training him every night,” Claire said. “That took away a lot of my free time, and I got quite a few scratches, too.”

“And, does he know that trick you told me about? Going slow or fast on command?” Mrs. Hill.

“Yes, he’s pretty good…, but like I said, he’s still a bit too eager, but Candy promised she would keep up with his training—”

“Claire,” Mrs. Hill interrupted. “Considering the time you’ve put in and the tricks you’ve taught Price, he is worth a lot more. Just so you know, I can get five, ten, or even twenty thousand easily for a dog like that, depending on the dog and the client, of course.”

“Whaaa?” Claire’s eyes widened in surprise. Her mouth fell open.

“There are a lot of rich, lonely, women in the world, Claire. Horny women who are looking for a loyal companion and a fierce protector.” Mrs. Hill looked at Claire closely. “And an affectionate lover,” she added.

“I guess so,” Claire said. “I know I really love my Duke. He’s way better than any boyfriend.”

“I’m sure he is,” Mrs. Hill said. “Hey, would you mind sharing with me,” Mrs. Hill asked sweetly, “how you train them so well? I’ve never seen dogs so well behaved in such a short time.”

“Right now?” asked Claire.

Mrs. Hill nodded. “Yes, if it’s OK.”

“Sure, I will!” Claire stood up and fumbled with her belt. “I’ll go get—”

“I meant behavioral training, Claire,” Mrs. Hill quickly added. “Well, for now, anyway.” She smiled.

“Oh!” Claire pulled her pants back up and sat down again. “Well, to get them to behave on a leash, I let them smell my panties when they are good, and take them away when they are bad, and make sure they know why they can’t sniff ‘em anymore.”

“I see.”

“You have to get them really wet and smelly first,” Claire explained. “Dogs really seem to like my pussy.”

“Yes. I can only imagine.”

“I do the same thing with other commands,” she explained. “For sex things, I use those trigger words, like you taught me.”


“I use ‘bitch’ words. “Like Sniff-the-Bitch, Lick-the-Bitch, Bitch-Hand-Job, Bitch-Blow-Job. You know?”

“I think you may have mentioned it before, but I may have forgotten,” Mrs. Hill said. “And for intercourse?” she prompted.

“Oh, my favorite!” Claire said. “I use Fuck-the-Bitch, and Fuck-the-Bitch-Fast or Fuck-the-Bitch-Slow.” Claire prattled on, “I promised Candy I’d try to teach Prince Fuck-the-Bitch’s-Ass, but I have to wait until she can help me train. He’s too big for my little butt-hole.” She giggled again.

“I’m sure you could teach them anything you put your mind too.” Mrs. Hill said.

“Thanks!” Claire beamed. “I think so too. Dogs are so smart. And sexy!”

“Claire,” Mrs. Hill began. “I have a proposition for you. What would you think if I gave you a few of my special dogs to train, like you’ve been training Prince? And, when they’re ready, I’ll sell them and split the money with you, minus my breeding fees, of course. I can do all of the protection training for now, until I can teach you how to do it yourself. And maybe you can teach me some of your ‘special’ training techniques. Teach this old dog some new tricks, so to speak. What do you say?”

“Wow! That would be so cool!” Claire said. “Thanks, Mrs. Hill!”

“So, how many dogs do you think you can train at one time?” Mrs. Hill asked.

“Well,” Claire began, “Just training Prince took most of my afternoons. And, after doing all the dog walking in the mornings, the grooming and cleaning, I—"

“Claire.” Mrs. Hill stopped her. “I’ll find another groomer. I want you training my dogs full-time. Eight hours a day. Plus a half-day on Saturdays until school starts, if you’re willing.”

“You’ll let me play with your dogs all day long? Any pay me too?” To Claire, it was too good to be true. Having sex with a bunch of Mrs. Hill’s special dogs, and getting paid for it?

“Whoo-hoo!” she exclaimed, jumping out of her chair and making spontaneous humping motions. Then she thought about some more. “If I was training them all day, and if I spent at least an hour or two on each dog, that would be…,” Claire screwed up her brows to think. “…plus Saturdays…”

“Let’s start you off with just three or four, and see how you do, OK?” Mrs. Hill said. “I’m thinking you could also help with some of the kennel work, and maybe help me with the obedience training classes on Saturdays.” Mrs. Hill added. “And, I think you deserve a raise.”

“A raise! And I get to train a bunch of your special dogs? I should be paying you! I can’t wait until I tell my mom!”

Mrs. Hill smiled at Claire’s eagerness. “We can talk more tomorrow, it’s getting late. You run on home, and I’ll lock up tonight,” Mrs. Hill said sweetly.

Claire gathered up her things and before leaving and impulsively turned around and gave Mrs. Hill a hug. “Thanks, Mrs. Hill. Thanks for everything!”

“No, thank you, Claire.” Mrs. Hill said, patting Claire awkwardly on her back while feeling the teen’s bra-less breasts rubbing up against her own. She admired Claire’s young ass as she closed the door behind her.

Mrs. Hill began humming happily to herself as she tidied up her office. Opening a desk drawer, she pulled out a small bottle and slipped it in her pocket. Still humming, she locked her office and then opened the door to the kennels.

“Oh, Prince?” Mrs. Hill sang. “Grandma Daisy wants you to show her all of those ‘Bitch-Tricks’ Claire’s been teaching you.”

Chuckling to herself and rubbing her pussy through her tight pants, Mrs. Hill let the heavy door behind her. It closed with a loud slam, echoing throughout the kennels. The dogs began to bark.


Claire walked up the steps towards her house. Her firm, teenage breasts jiggled slightly as she bounced up the stairs. Braless, her nipples poked against her tight blouse and the warm breeze swirled around her short skirt and tickled her wet, naked, pussy. Her panties were in her purse. They were too soaked with dog cum to wear comfortably.

Opening the door, she heard the unmistakable sounds of female lovemaking.

“Mmm, yeah Candy,” Darlene Davis moaned. “Just like that.”

Claire stepped into the living room to find her mother spread naked and wide on the couch. She was grinding her pussy against her friend Candice’s face while holding her head tightly against her pussy. Claire’s dog Duke was busy slurping at Candice’s pussy from behind.

Claire stopped and stared at Candice. She was naked, but wearing a set of cat-ears and a furry, cat-tail butt-plug.

“Hi, Claire,” Candice said, her voice muffled by a face full of warm, wet, pussy. She wiggled her ass, making her ‘tail’ wag.

“Uh… Hi, Candy. Nice outfit.” Claire said. “Getting a little kinky, are we?”

“We have to keep it fresh,” her mom said. “And besides, Candice likes being my pet, don’t you pet?”

“Mmm, mmph!” Candice agreed. “Mee-owww!”

“Hey, mom. Where’s dad?” Claire asked. She squatted down to greet her dog, Duke. The handsome German Shepard came to meet her. He licked her hand. When they kissed, she smelled the pussy-juice on Duke’s snout.

“Awww!” Candice whined, “Duke was about to make me cum.”

“Don’t stop licking me, pet,” Darlene said to her submissive friend. Darlene was definitely the dominant one in the relationship and Candice enjoyed being submissive and dominated.

“Your dad was called in to work again. Won’t be back until tomorrow night. Something about a failed compressor, or a what-cha-ma-call-it.

“Mmmm, just keep doing that, Candy-Cat,” Darlene said.

Claire was now used to seeing her mom and Candice having sex whenever her dad was away, which was often. Sometimes she could hear them at night from her bedroom, but more often she found them in the living room when she came home from school or work. Her dog Duke was always involved now, unless Claire had asked them to save some of his doggy-dick for herself.

“Sometimes I wish your father would leave us alone more often,” Darlene mused. “I love him, of course, but I need a lot more sex than he does. Candy says I’m hyper-sexual.”

“I am too,” Claire said, walking closer to her mother on the couch. She wanted to see better. “I always want to fuck, suck, or get my kitty licked.”

“Slutty-mother’s make slutty-daughters, mom always said,” Darlene quipped.

“Grandma?” Claire asked.

Darlene smiled and nodded.

“Three generations of sluts,” Darlene quipped. “Probably more.”

“Why don’t you just tell dad you need more sex?” Claire asked.

“Yeah, sure,” Darlene answered. “Just tell him I’m having sex with my best friend and his dog, whenever he is out of town.”

“Duke’s my dog,” Claire corrected.

“Hey Doug! Claire, Candy and I are fucking Duke. Wanna watch?” She snorted. “I don’t think so. Why don’t you tell him, Claire?” Darlene teased.

“Sure! Maybe he’d like a three-way with you and Candy,” Claire mused.

“And Duke,” Candice added.

“A four-way,” Darlene said.

“And what about me?” Claire asked. “I’d want to join in, too.”

“A five-way?” Darlene thought. Two cocks and three pussies. “Mmm, that’d be hot!”

“Three cocks and three pussies, once I get Prince,” Candice mused. “Hey, Dar? You think Doug would bang his own daughter?” Candice asked.

“He’s a man with a cock,” Darelene said. “I’ve seen the way he looks at you, Claire. You too, Candice. He’d fuck the both of you if I let him.”

“Would you let him?” Candice asked.

“If I could have sex with you guys and Duke whenever I wanted? Cock for breakfast, pussy for and dog-dick for dinner? That’s a stupid question.”

“Does dad have a nice dick?” Claire said, wondering aloud. She had thought about having sex with her father when she was younger, but now…

“Time to change the subject,” Darlene said quickly. “Keep licking me, Candy. I never said for you to stop.”

Claire looked at her mother and then at Candice. Candice was nodding in the affirmative. She smiled and held her palms about eight inches apart. “This big!” she mouthed silently, before burying her face in Darlene’s pussy again.

“Hey, mom! Did you get my message?” Claire asked. She was now petting Duke who was very interested in the sexual odors emanating from Claire’s pussy. “OK, you can Sniff-the-Bitch, Duke.” Duke began sniffing her cunt, his head under her skirt, smelling the intoxicating aroma of pussy and dog-sperm. Claire plopped down on the couch next to her mother and spread her legs. Her mother with Candy licking her pussy, and her with Duke.

“Lick-the-Bitch, Duke,” Claire said with a satisfied sigh. Duke began lapping at her twat, working his tongue all around, then deep inside, licking up the sexual remnants of her long day at work.

“Oh, is my pussy sore today,” Claire said. “Mmmm,mmm. Thank you, Duke. You always make my tired pussy feel better.”

Her mother leaned over and kissed her daughter. They worked their lips against each other and her mother slipped a little tongue inside of her daughter’s mouth. “Mmmm, doggy-dick breath,” she said. “You did have a busy day at work.”

The two chatted about Claire’s day as Candy continued to lick Darlene’s cunt and Duke feasted on Claire’s.

“I trained four of Mrs. Hill’s young breeding-stock dogs today. I fucked and sucked all of them, then finished with Prince. My twat is tired!”

Candice’s ears perked up at the mention of her new dog. She moaned and began to lick with more enthusiasm.

“Is that why you are home early?” her mother asked.

“Yeah, Mrs. Hill thought I needed a break. She doesn’t want me over-doing it. I told her once Candy took Prince; I should be good.”

“How is Prince?” Candice asked, risking a spanking. “I can’t wait to pick him up.” Then, a look of concern crossed her face. “You didn’t close up early, did you? You said I could get him this afternoon.”

“Yep, we did close early,” Claire said. She watched Candy’s face turn from concern to disappointment. Claire laughed.

“Claire, that’s not funny,” her mother chided. “Candy was really looking forward to picking up Prince today.”

“I’m sorry, but just look at her face!” Claire said. “And I thought I was a dog-slut!”

Candice’s face was wet from licking her friend and her lower lip was pushed out as she pouted.

Claire leaned over and cupped her mother’s large breast and then whispered in her ear. Darlene laughed out loud.

“You guys! This is not funny at all! I was hoping have sex with Price tonight! I had it all planned! I bought food and toys and put fresh sheets on the bed and--”

“Should I tell her?” Darlene asked.

“Go ahead.” Claire replied.

“You silly cunt,” Darlene said. “Prince is waiting for you outside in the van.”

Candy jumped up squealing like a little girl. She bounced up and down, making her large breasts flop and her tail sway back and forth. “Is he really here?” she asked. “You’re not joking this time?”

Candice ran to the door and opened it, ready to retrieve her new furry-lover.

“Hey slut!” Darlene yelled. “Are you going outside naked?”

“Ooops!” Candice exclaimed. “Shit!” She looked at her clothes scattered around the room. Her shoulders slumped at the delay.

“I’ll get him,” Claire said. She was the only one still dressed, after all. She stood up and smoothed her wrinkled skirt. “Back in a sec,” she said.

Prince was one of Mrs. Hill’s ‘special’ breeding stock dogs. Breed for sex and protection; not for their pedigree. He was a collective mix of Doberman Pincher, Rottweiler, Shepard, and Labrador Retriever, among others. Mrs. Hill had been carefully ***********ing and breeding her dogs for many years now, and Prince was one of her best. He was strong and handsome and his thick heavy cock, and large cum-filled balls hung ponderously under his belly.

Prince was impatiently waiting in Clair’s work van. “Are you ready to meet your forever-momma, Prince?” Claire asked. The dog’s long, pink, tongue was hanging out and he slurped at Claire’s face. “You are one lucky boy, Prince. Your new momma is a total dog-slut, and I’m sure you’ll be fucking my own momma half the time too.”

Claire opened the door and the dog jumped out. She and squatted down to talk to Prince and give her pupil some final instructions.

“I’ll miss you fucking and sucking you every day, and I’ll miss that fat cock of yours, but your training is over now. I’m sure we’ll fuck each other again soon.”

Claire ruffled the hair on his cheeks and leaned in close. “You be good to your new momma and fuck her just like I taught you.” She gave Prince a hug and a kiss. Prince sloppily licked her face.

“Ewww! Dog slobber!” Claire teased, feigning disgust. She wiped her face and entered the house with Prince walking obediently beside her.

Claire let Duke and Prince sniff each other before removing Prince’s leash. Prince had already noticed the heavy smell of sex in the room and his pink cock-head began to emerge from its protective sheath.

Candice called Prince over. Her butt-plug-tail was now discarded. After all, she needed both of her holes ready for her new lover. She sat on the floor and petted her new best-friend.

“Oh, how handsome you are, Prince,” Candy gushed as she petted up and down his body. She rubbed his sides and kissed his fac, before letting her hands slide down to his hairy sheath. She let her hand engulf his cock-sleeve a moment before reaching further to cup his huge, heavy balls.

“Oh, what a big boy you are!” Candice said, again stroking his cock and feeling it grow longer and thicker in her hand.

“Let me get a good look at your handsome doggy-dick, Prince. Claire wouldn’t let me touch it but that one time. The selfish little twat.”

“I didn’t want you to ruin his training, Candy,” Claire said. “And, you better keep up with it. I don’t want him ending up like Sultan.”

Sultan was Mrs. Tori Norris’s Great Dane. Claire had trained him too, but Tori was such a dog-slut, she ignored Sultan’s training and allowed him to do whatever he wanted sexually. He was the Alpha-dog and she was his cock-sleeve, fucking her and waving his slimy cock in her face whenever he wanted sex. “If she wants Sultan to shove his nose into everyone’s crotch and humping all of her visitors, that’s her business,” Claire had decided.

“Oh, I’ll keep him trained just like you taught me, Claire,” Candy said. Then, she addressed her dog, “Prince! Sniff-the-Bitch!”

Candy laid back on the floor, bent her knees and spread her legs. Prince grew excited. He knew all of the bitch words. His thick, heavy, cock swayed back and forth as he vigorously wagged his tail.

Prince only had time to press his cold-wet nose in to Candice’s wet cunt and snort her essence a single time before she said, “Lick-the-Bitch, Prince!” The words were barely out of her mouth when Prince started slurping at her soggy cunt. She had been so excited; she couldn’t wait any longer.

“Oh, yeah, that’s the way baby, lick your horny, slutty, mommy-bitch!” Candice began to grind her hips.

Darlene and Claire watched Candice and Prince getting to know each other. Claire sat on the couch with her mother and began to idly rub her pussy, just as her mother was doing. They both stared at Candice and Prince. Before long, Candice was giving another command and sucking Prince’s fat dog cock.

“Oh, what a cock, Prince!” Candice moaned. She was still lying on her back with Prince standing over her. She admired his turgid shaft knowing she would eventually memorize every bump and vein. She licked her lips as she stared as Prince’s huge, hairy balls.

“His balls are so big!” Candice marveled at their size and weight. She hefted them in her overflowing hand.

“Yeah, like I said before, Mrs. Hill breeds her special dogs for their cock and ball size,” Claire said. “Just wait until he cums. He’s like a firehose.”

“Ohhhhh,” Candice sighed. She imagined her mouth, pussy, and ass overflowing with warm, fresh, dog-cum.

“I’m ready now, Prince,” Candice said, rolling over and getting on her hands and knees. “Come on, my precious lover. It’s time to “Fuck-the-Bitch!”

Candice slapped her ass and swayed her hips. She had felt the tingles in her pussy and knew she was close to coming from his magnificent tongue. Darlene had edged Candice all afternoon and now, she wanted her first orgasm with her new lover to be special; she wanted to cream all over Prince’s thick cock.

Prince stalked around Candice, investigating his prey. He smelled her sweat. He sniffed her hair. He inhaled her sexual excretions. He recognized this human. He knew her scent from Claire’s clothing, and knew this bitch was part of his pack; his pack of breeding females.

Impatient, Candice was about to prompt him again, when she felt him jump onto her back. His paws surrounded her thin waist.

“Ahhhh…,” she moaned, anticipating his cock. Prince began humping at her ass, poking her soft flesh with his hard, pointed, dick.

Candy moved her ass, adjusting her position to help him penetrate her. Up. Then down. To the left. A little higher… There! She felt the tip against her wetness. “Right there, Prince!” she said, trying to guide him. She pushed backwards, trying to find the elusive shaft. She felt it once again, and a little deeper. She drove her ass backwards, not wanting it to get away this time. An inch of dog-dick entered her. Then two. “Fuck-the-Bi--, she began, then she grunted.

Nnnnhhhggghh!” His cock penetrated her fully, spreading her soft, wet, vaginal walls with its warm, hard, thickness.

Prince yelped with joy, basking in his success. He gripped her tighter, trying to own her body. He wasn’t worried she would try to get away - he recognized she was in heat - but he eyed Duke warily. Would his potential rival wait his turn or try to interrupt his breeding? Prince drove his cock deeper, needing to quickly tie with his bitch. His knot began to swell. It slipped in and out of Candice’s pussy, the bulbous protrusions on either side swelling and hardening.

“Oh, my GAAAWD!” Candice exclaimed. “He splitting me apart! So fucking thick!”

Claire smiled. She knew exactly what Candice was now experiencing. The first few times with Prince still fresh in her mind. Just wait until the knot fully expands, she thought. Candy was in for a treat.

Candice began to moan loudly. She began to pant almost as hard as Prince. She put her head down and arched her ass, luxuriating in sexual pounding from her new lover.

Darlene watched her friend trying to get comfortable on the rough carpet. “Here, Candy-Cat,” she said, and tossed her a throw-pillow from couch. Candice tried to thank her but could only nod in her direction. Dalene wasn’t sure if the was nodding at her, or if it was just her head being jostled by Prince’s hard, steady, fucking.

“This is hot,” Darlene said, to no one particular. Then, she thought about her future, with Candy, Duke, and now Prince. And, who know? Maybe Claire would want to start bringing her work home with her sometimes? She rubbed her pussy.

“I’m ready too, Duke,” Darlene said. “Unless you want him, Claire.”

Duke looked up, hearing his name. Claire scratched his head as he back-up from Claire’s tasty twat.

“No, my pussy is too tender, but Duke made it feel much better.”

“Let mommy take care of your tired, little, pussy, Clarissa-Jean,” Darlene said, “I’ll kiss it and make it all better while Duke takes care of me.”

Darlene stood up and teased Duke. “You ready to fuck, Duke? Are you ready to Fuck-the-Bitch?”

“Woof!” Duke replied, jumping up and down on his hind legs. He was almost as tall as Darlene, and his large, pink, cock was exposed when he stood. “Woof, woof!” He wagged his tail so furiously, his dog-dick swayed wildly back and forth.

Darlene got on all fours in front of her daughter’s glistening pussy. Claire scooted forward, placing her pussy just off the edge of the couch. She grabbed a pillow and placed it behind her head. He mother gave her cunt a long, wet, lick.

“Mmmmm-mmm, tasty, Darlene said. “Now, come on Duke,” Darlene added, wiggling her ass. “It’s time to Fuck-the-Bitch!”

As Duke positioned himself behind her, he first sniffed her pussy and then lapped at it, tasting her fragrant juices. He glanced up at Claire, knowing he was sniffing and licking the bitch without being told. Claire smiled at him, seeing the guilt in his eyes. “Silly ol’ dog,” she said. “It’s OK, but momma said Fuck-the-Bitch, so get busy and fuck her already!”

Duke hopped on Darlene’s back and held her tight. Darlene swayed back and forth a little, enjoying the moment; her daughter’s fresh, teenage pussy in front of her, and her daughter’s large, horny, dog behind her. “Life couldn’t get much better than this,” she thought. She began to slowly lick all around her daughter’s pussy, tasting her and gently teasing her. Duke repeatedly poked her, dotting her ass with pre-cum.

Claire met Duke’s eyes over her mother’s naked back. His opened mouth flashed his white teeth and pink tongue. He looked like he was smiling at her, and Claire smiled back. “Silly ol’ dog,” she said. She watched him searching for her mother’s pussy with his dick. His eyes looked serious for a moment until he found her warm honey-hole. Claire watched his expression change from concern to joy. He curled his ass, pushed his cock into her, and pulled her close. Then, Duke began to mate with his bitch.

Claire watched the scene before her. She looked down at her mother’s head, nestled between her soft legs. Darlene knew how to lick pussy, that’s for sure. Claire gently ground her pussy around and around, moving her sensitive clit in and out of reach of her mother’s sucking lips and flicking tongue.

She admired her mother’s naked shoulders and watched her body move back and forth as Duke coupled with her. Her dog’s tongue was now hanging out and his brows were furrowed as he focused on the pleasures emanating from his swelling shaft.

A long glance at Candice and Prince sent a wave of juices flooding into her pussy. Candice’s body was rocking back and forth as Price fucked her hard and steady. Candice’s eyes were rolled back into her head and she panted and licked her lips with sexual ecstasy.

“Oh, yes, Prince!” Candice exclaimed. “Fuck me. Fuck your momma. Fuck your mommy-bitch!”

Encouraged, Prince began to hammer Candice’s pussy. His knot swelled and began to plow into her with each stroke. It grew and grew, until the firm lump of dog-flesh stretched her cunt exquisitely. Prince dug his rear legs into the carpet and pushed forward, driving his dog-cock into his bitch. His knot grew even more, and when he finally drove deep, the two lovers were locked in place, their genitals joined. Prince began to pump out his potent seed.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! YES, OH YES!” Candice screamed. “Fill me up, Prince! Give me your delicious doggy-cum! Oh god, oh god, oh god! His knot! It’s getting bigger! His fucking knot! It’s…, big! So…, fucking…, big!”

Candice glanced over at Darlene and Claire. She watched Duke’s ass and curled tail as he fucked her best friend. She saw Darlene’s face buried in her daughter Claire’s teenage pussy. She moaned.

“He’s still fucking me, Dar! Oh god Claire! He’s driving that big thing… He keeps driving that thing… His knot… In my pus…, my pus…, my pussy! Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming Dar! I’m coming Prince. I’m cumming with you, darling! I’m comm-mmm-mmm-innng!”

Candice’s body shook. Prince unloaded his bloated ball-sack into her hot, sucking, cunt. She felt each heavy squirt and reveled in the way his knot fucked her; forward and back, forward and back. It stretched and tugged on her pussy walls as it retracted, but it was not able to escape her slimy pussy. Princes’s cum filled her uterus; his warm puddle of goo growing inside of her with each additional spurt.

Her orgasm racked her body and she fell forward onto the floor, her ass up in the air. Prince dominated his bitch and ejaculated his potent load. He eventually slowed his thrusts. His long tongue hanging out from his satisfied face. His panting face couldn’t hide his smile as Candice quivered beneath him.

Darlene had heard Candice’s groans and guttural exclamations. Her friend had always been very vocal during sex. It helped fuel Darlene’s own orgasms, and today was no exception. With every sound Candice made, it heightened the sensations of Duke’s driving shaft. His thick dog-cock filled her, pounded her, and sent her over the edge.

She came quietly, luxuriating in all the sexual sounds, the sweet smell and taste of her daughter’s pussy, and the tingles emanating from her pussy and clit.

Duke had knotted with her mere moments ago and was now filling her cunt his warm ejaculate. Her soft moans were muffled by Claire’s wet, pussy as she came all over Duke’s fat cock.

Claire smiled as she again surveyed the scene before her. Her own small orgasm washed over her tired body. She was surprised she could still cum after her long day at work. She must have had two or three large orgasms during work today, but her body was young, horny, and full of rampant teenage hormones. She was even looking forward to another round of sex with Duke tonight – if both of them were still able. Oh well, cuddling was nice too.

After everyone had rested and recovered. Claire stood up. “I’m going upstairs to shower,” she said. “Maybe take a nap.” She yawned.

“We’re not going anywhere for a while,” Darlene said. Her and Candice were both tied to their furry lovers. They waddled closer to each, the thick dog knots tugging at their pussies, and kissed.

“Mmmm, two cum-filled pussies today,” Candice murmured.

“That’ll be nice,” Darlene said softly. “A nice, long licking from my Candy-Cat.

“I get to be on the bottom!” Candice said. “I called it first!”

“Fucking lazy slut…” Darlene muttered. “Letting gravity do all your dirty work.”


Claire woke from her long nap to find the sun had set. “Oh well,” she thought, she needed the rest. Her pussy was feeling much better now, though her stomach felt empty. Time for a snack!

Duke’s ears perked up when he heard Claire stirring. He stretched his long forelegs out, arched his back and yawned. He padded after her closely, his cold nose occasionally touching her warm, naked, ass.

Claire opened the refrigerator. The soft light outlined her sexy curves and the cold air made her nipples harden. She bent and reached in, rummaging around for the leftover cake she hoped was still there. Her large breasts hung down and swayed in the cold air. She retrieved the cake and then poured herself a glass of milk. She ate over the kitchen sink, rinsed away the crumbs and finished her milk before washing her sticky hands. Seeing Duke watching her, she opened the dog-treat jar on the counter and gave him one.

“Sorry, only the one, Duke. I know mommy’s been spoiling you with food. We don’t want you getting fat. Though, with all the fucking you’re doing lately, you’re getting plenty of exercise!”

She squatted down and scratched both of his ears. She felt chilled, and Duke’s warm fur gave her an idea of how she could warm up.

“Come on, Duke,” she said, getting up. “Sniff-the-Bitch, if you want to,” she said softly, not wanting to wake up her mother.

She led Duke around the house, just like she did when she first starting teasing him. His cold nose pressed between her ass-cheek while he inhaled her fragrance. She pushed out her butt and let him have a long snort of her warming cunt. Then, she made him stop, only to lead him around the hallway, where she paused, and let him “Lick-the-Bitch” for a short while.

Claire checked on her mother, opening the door quietly. She saw her mother and Candice naked on the bed. Prince laid beside them. He watched Claire intently, his ears perked-up, well aware of her presence.

She smiled at them and softly closed the door. She led Duke back to her room, stopping occasionally to let him “Sniff” and “Lick-the-Bitch.” It was nice knowing her mother and Candice now had another source of dog-cock. While she had all doggy-dick she wanted at work, she missed her nightly sessions with Duke. He was often so worn out, all he could do was jump on her back, fuck her for a few strokes, and then jump off. Even her teasing wasn’t enough to enflame his desire sufficiently to give her a good, long, pounding before going to bed.

Claire closed her bedroom door and climbed on the bed, calling Duke up with her. The two wrestled and cuddled, with Claire occasionally stroking his protruding pink shaft and cupping his large ball-sack.

“I hope mommy saved me some of your dick like she promised,” Claire told him. She could tell she had by Dule’s enthusiasm and the way he played with her. His cock was ready for another long fuck.

“Mmmm-mmm,” Claire moaned. It was nice being with Duke again. She laid on the bed and spread her legs, letting Duke lick her juicy pussy for a while before reciprocating. She licked and sucked on Duke’s large cock, savoring his familiar taste.

“You still have the best tasting doggy-dick, Duke,” Claire told him, as she licked the squirting pre-cum from his cock. She then turned around and presented her ass to him.

“’Lick-the-Bitch’ for a while, Duke,” Claire moaned. She put her face into her pillow and rocked slowly back and forth. Her pussy was dripping.

“Now, ‘Lick-the-Bitch’s-Ass’, Duke,” Claire said in hushed tones. Obediently, Duke began to tongue and lap at Claire’s sensitive bung-hole. She spread her cheeks to give him better access.

This reminded her of their illicit love-making, late at night, when her mother and father were asleep. Duke and Claire would try to be quiet, with Claire biting her lip and moaning into her pillow, all the while pleading with Duke to not make any noise. The soft sounds of wet, steady, lapping, flesh slapping, and muffled moans and grunts barley escaped the closed confines of her teenage boudoir.

“Oh, yes, Duke,” Claire hissed, “Lick that ass. Lick your bitch’s ass!”

Duke’s long tongue prodded at her hole. Claire felt so relaxed as her dog attacked her tight shitter, loosing it up and allowing him to drive his tongue deeper.

“Fuck, I love it, Duke,” Claire said, encouraging him. “I love your hot tongue in my ass!”

Claire released one of her fleshy ass-cheeks and slid her hand towards her sensitive sphincter. Her fingers probed her hole. It was soft and wet. Duke’s tongue danced over her fingers as she pressed one into her ass.

“Mmmm-mmm, Duke. Keep doing that. Keep ‘Licking-the-Bitch’s-Ass!” Being a dedicated dog-trainer, Claire used the opportunity to enforce Duke’s education, having his switch between licking her pussy, then licking the ‘Bitch’s-Ass’ Again. Soon, he was effortlessly switching between the two on command.

Focusing on her loosening sphincter, Claire toyed with her hole by using Duke’s saliva as lubrication. She used her finger to insert and then open her ass. She tugged and pulled at it repeatedly before slipping in a second finger.

“Oh Duke…,” Claire moaned. “No wonder Candy loves getting her ass fucked.” She used a finger on her other hand to spread her hole wider. Duke’s tongue flickered inside. Once he realized the pathway to her dark treasures was opening wider, he licked with more intensity.

“Oh my god…, oh my god…, oh my god!” Claire babbled. She held her ass open letting Duke drive his tongue deeper than ever. She luxuriated in his tongue-lashing. She knew if she dared to rub her pussy now, she would come immediately.

“Enough, Duke. Stop,” Claire said, clamping her ass cheeks together until he withdrew.

Claire felt her soft, spongy, ass-hole with her fingers. She pushed in two of them using Duke’s slippery dog-slobber. Her fingers entered easily. She tried a third digit. Just a little stretching, and then she was fucking her ass using fingers on both hands, alternating between them.

Claire made up her mind. She was ready. At least, she hoped she was ready. For some time now, she had been wanting to expand her training regimen, but she wasn’t ready. Now, she knew it was time. Her dogs were going to be the best trained furry companions ever!

“Duke!” she hissed, getting his attention. “Wanna fuck, Duke? Wanna ‘Fuck-the-Bitch’s-Ass?’”

Duke barked, knowing the ‘fuck’ word and the ‘bitch’ word. He knew the ‘ass’ word too, but he had never heard them all put together before.


“Shhhh! Quite boy!” Claire whispered. “Come on, get up. Get up on my back Duke. It’s time to learn a new trick.”

Claire slapped her naked ass. Duke recognized the invitation and hopped on his mistress, probing for her pussy with his wet, pointed, dick.

“Stop! Stay!” Claire commanded. She reached behind her and gripped his eager shaft. She slipped his tip along her pussy lips before slowly and deliberately sliding his cock higher, until it was pressing against her soft, fleshy, hole.

Duke’s cock squirted pre-cum in and around her hole. She smeared it with the tip of his cock before guiding it to her nether-entrance once again.

“My ass, Duke,” Claire said, sliding the tip of his hardening cock into her ass-hole. “Fuck my ass, Duke, get it? Fuck-the-Bitch’s-Ass!”

She let go, slightly pushing back against him. His cock slid in another inch.

Duke did ‘get it.’ He understood perfectly. He had fucked a human’s other hole before and liked it. Now, his master-bitch wanted him to fuck her other hole too. Fine with him. He didn’t care what hole he fucked. Duke readied himself and pushed his cock into Claire a little more to ready himself. Then, her gripped her around her waist. He took his time. He knew she wouldn’t try to get away. These human’s always let him successfully breed with them. He felt the tightness envelope his cock-head. Claire clenched and squeezed him, then relaxed.

Duke drove his long, hard, shaft into the teenager’s tight, little, ass-hole and began to fuck.

“Nnnnnggghhh!” Claire uttered, almost biting her tongue. She had thought she was ready, but now she wasn’t so sure. Duke’s cock plunged in deep and he was much thicker than her small fingers. “Ahhhhhhh! Oh, fuuu—uuu—uuuck, Duke!”

Her dog’s slick cock slid in and out of her tight ass. His cock grew thicker and he drove it in deeper.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Claire panted, as sweet pain enveloped her. Her ass was stretched and it tingled with every thrust. She considered asking Duke to slow down - to “Fuck-the-Bitch’s-Ass-SLOW!” but decided against it. She wanted it. She wanted experience it all; to feel his animalistic urges dominating and owning her once-virgin ass. She wanted to let him have his way with her. That was one of her favorite things about fucking dogs; they always fucked like it would be their last copulation ever.

“Oh god! Oh god! Fuck! Oh, fuck!” Claire tried not to shout. She pressed her head into the pillow and bit her lip. She felt so full!

Duke’s cock thickened even more and his knot swelled. He drove his thick shaft into her, using long, deep, strokes. The lump at the base of his cock stretched Claire’s hole wider and wider with every pump of his young, experienced, prostate. Soon the lump was causing her some discomfort; and just when his thrusts had started to feel good! It slid in and out of her, until her sphincter loosened just a little bit more.

Her ass was alive with sensations. Her body tried to adjust with each thrust, and she grew to love the expanding knot stretching her more and more. It grew bigger and bigger. Soon, she had to grit her teeth and grimace. Her bung-hole felt like it was being bruised and then she was afraid his knot would tear her open. She couldn’t take any more.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Claire grunted, until finally, Duke’s knot forced its way inside one final time and locked into place.

Claire expelled the air in her lungs and felt the fullness of a long, thick, dog-cock and its huge knot, filling her bowels.

“Whew!” Claire exclaimed. Now that the hard lump had stopped slamming in and out of her sphincter, she could enjoy the feeling of being ass-fucked once again. She was ready to start rubbing her pussy. She wanted to cum with Duke’s long, fat, cock wedged in her ass. It was an odd feeling. She felt stuffed and full. It felt good!

Duke continued to hump her, but his cock didn’t have much room to move. It was lodged deep inside of her, and there was no way her tight hole would let it escape for a long, long, time. It was enough though, his cock swelled and lurched. His knot grew and grew. After he was sure they were tied, he began spurting dog-cum into Claire’s pussy, making little humping motions and driving his thick cock as deep as he could..

“Oh my god!” Claire said aloud. She had forgotten how large his knot could grow. She mentally compared it to how small her bowels must be. It felt like a balloon expanding even wider inside of her. The pressure grew and grew. She felt dizzy. She loved it! Claire plunged her hand into her pussy and began to work her fingers into her dripping snatch. She rubbed her little nub in fast little circles. She began to cum. She was coming with her precious dog. With his cock in her ass and her fingers in her pussy. She could feel his cock through the thin membrane separating her cunt from her lower-intestines.

Her orgasm rocked her. Duke yelped as she squeezed his cock with her sphincter muscles. Claire grunted and moaned and came like never before. Her ass was on fire. Her pussy was exploding. Stars filled her vision.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Claire groaned.

“Nnnnn-nnnghhh!” she grunted.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuu-uuu-uuck!” she yelled.

She never heard the foot-steps running down the hall.

“Claire! Claire! Are you alright?” It was her father’s urgent voice. His little girl was in trouble!

Suddenly, the door flew open and Claire’s bedroom was flooded with light.

Her father stood at the opened door. He stared at his little princess. He met Duke’s eyes. He noticed his happy expression, exhausted body, and hanging tongue.

He looked at Claire. She was still orgasming. It was clear; the two of them, both dog and daughter, were willing participants.

“Oh, daddy!” Claire sobbed with embarrassment. “Don’t look at me!”

Her body convulsed as she continued to cum. She rubbed her pussy and ground her hips against Duke’s furry body, wringing out the last waves of her terrific orgasm. She looked up at her father and saw the lust in his eyes. The humiliation washed over her. She came again.

“Ngghhh! I’m cuming! I’m still cuming!” she cried. “Oh, daddy! I’m just a slut! I’m just a slut for dog-cock!” Her embarrassment triggered more electricity to tingle up and down her thighs, her pussy, and her stuffed-full-of-dog-cock ass.

Claire had always known she would get caught some day. Those thoughts had filled her mind whenever she played with Duke; stroking him, sucking him, and eventually fucking him in the privacy of her bedroom. She had imagined her father opening the door and finding her having sex with Duke. Seeing his shocked, horrified and eventually lust-filled expression. It always made her cum even harder.

Claire recalled the excitement and humiliation of almost being caught at the public park, and then the incident with the family at the park shelter. She wondered if she had been trying to get caught, or just thrilled at the thought of someone finding her stroking, sucking or fucking a dog?

As the tingles left her body, she flicked her hair back and locked eyes with her father. Neither looked away until her daddy reached down to adjust his swelling cock. Now, he was the one ashamed. His cock was swelling as he lusted after his slutty daughter. “Fucking a dog? She was fucking dogs?”

He looked at her firm, teenage, breasts hanging plump and full beneath her chest. He admired her soft shoulders, the curve of her back, and the roundness of her hips and ass.

His daughter looked at him and then looked at his thick cock imprisoned in his trousers. Her father was horny. She made him horny. She licked her lips.

“Come here,” Claire whispered. “Take it out.”

He looked at her. His cock lurched. She was so sexy. She was so slutty. She was so much like her mother.

“I want to see it, daddy.”

Doug Davis took a step forward. Then another. Both Duke and Claire watched him intently. He finally stood close to her bed.

Claire reached over and felt his thick cock through his pants. It was long and thick. “Oh, daddy…,” she sighed. “I want it. I want it in my mouth.”

Claire began to fumble with his zipper. Her father reached down to help. Their hands met and clasped together. He pulled down his zipper and grabbed his straining cock, struggling and tugging it out of its tight confines. He thrust his hard cock forward. The light shone off his taut cock-head. He pumped it proudly. His cock throbbed and bounced before Claire’s eyes. She opened her mouth and licked her lips.

Claire recalled her failed date with Tony. He had wanted her to suck his cock, but she felt it wasn’t proper to suck cock on a first date. She made him settle for a hand-job. She always regretted not taking his hard cock into her mouth; now, she had another chance.

She leaned forward; her open mouth making clear her intentions. Her father was too aroused to refuse. He moved another couple of steps forward, leaving his pants on the floor behind him. He felt her warm mouth engulf his shaft.

“Mmmm-mmm,” Claire moaned. She felt so naughty! A dog-cock stuffed in her ass, and her daddy’s cock in her mouth. She began to bob her head on his shaft. It was so different than a dog’s cock. Round instead of pointed. Dry instead of wet. Oozing pre-cum instead of squirting it. It was nice. Different, but nice.

Doug felt his little girl’s lips wrapped around his cock. He slowly thrust into her rocking his body back and forth. His daughter sucked him with more urgency and he felt his cock swell. She was good at sucking cock. He wondered if she learned this from boys at school, or from Duke and the dogs at Mrs. Hill’s Kennels. Just thinking about his little princess sucking and fucking dog-cock made his balls tingle.

“Duke’s cock is in my ass, daddy,” Claire told him, before taking his rock-hard throbbing cock back into her mouth.

“Unnnggghhhh!” Doug grunted. He began to spurt! Cum splashed on Claire’s tongue. He pulled his cock from his daughter’s hungry mouth, wanting to spray her slutty face. His thick cum blasted up from his shaft and landed across Claire’s cheek and nose. Pressing his cock against her face as he jerked, he painted her with more cum. It surged from his cock squirted up and over her right eye. He saw Claire’s opened, yearning mouth and placed his thick cock-head at its entrance. He dumped three loads directly into her mouth, with one stray strand erupting over her upper lip. He emptied himself inside her before rubbing his oozing cock all over her face.

“Fucking cock-sucking, dog-slut,” he uttered. His daughter was a slut. Just like his wife. He slapped his softening cock against her face. He was angry. He was ashamed. He was so fucking horny.

“Did you enjoy, that Doug?” his wife Darlene’s sharp voice emanated from over his shoulder.

He froze. He turned to find Darlene and Candice. They were both naked. Another dog was with them.

He watched his wife scratch the dog’s head. It licked her fingers before lapping at her bald pussy. His wife made no effort to stop the dog. Strange. Then, he noticed the dog’s pink cock jutting out from its sheath.

“I…, uh…, came home early,” Doug began.

“I see that,” Darlene smirked.

“I thought Claire was…, in trouble…, so I…,”

“So, you thought you’d have your daughter suck your cock and then call her a slut?” his wife queried.

Claire wiggled her stuffed ass and smiled as she watched her daddy squirm. She was positive things would be a lot better now. No more hiding and being secretive. She, her mother, and Candice, could now fuck and suck Duke and Prince whenever they wanted. She could probably even bring home some more dogs for her mother and Candice to help train. Claire licked her father’s cum from her lips, then had a thought.

“Hey mom? Guess what? Duke’s cock is up my butt! I taught him a new trick!”


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