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Hanna enjoys Santa’s lap.
“Ah, Santa, fuck this teen pussy with your middle aged cock. Ah, A perverted old man like you is raping me. I should hate it but it feels so good. Your cock, so thick and long. Deep inside me, fucking me raw. So big and fat, its invading my pussy.” She moans, riding his big fat cock. It was so deep inside her. Filling her. Pleasure shot from her pussy to her breasts, making her moan louder. There was wet, lewd sounds of his cock violating her pussy and her wet pussy sucking his cock in over and over again. His cock. She thought in a lustful haze. It was long and thick. Fat and veiny. And it was fucking her, forcing her little pussy to take its monstrous size. She didn’t how she kept meeting perverted men who craved pounding teen pussy. But she wasn’t complaining.

Just a few minutes ago, she was sitting on his lap, his fat cock pressed against her sopping wet pussy. Now, they were behind the Christmas tree just a few feet away from Christmas shoppers. Santa sat on a chair, with her straddling him. She moaned at the feeling of his thick cock inside her pussy, filling her up so good. So thick, and long. He was rough. Thrusting his monster cock inside her tight teen pussy over and over again. They both moaned at the pleasure of taboo sex. Him, a middle aged man raping a teen pussy with his big, fat cock. And her, a 17 year old moaning over a stranger’s cock.

“Harder Santa! Want your fat cock to violate this pussy!”

“Fuck, Your pussy’s so wet for me. You love being fucked like this? A middle aged cock pounding your little pussy? Bet you get off on getting raped. You’d spread that little pussy for any man. Let them sink their cock in. Thrust their adult male cock’s inside your wet little pussy.” Her pussy throbbed at his words and she couldn’t help tightening her pussy around his cock. Every word stimulated her perverse mind that craved to be dominated sexually. To be fucked rough by a man’s cock. Raw and deep. For a stranger’s cum to fill her.

“Fuck! So wet and tight. I’m right aren’t I? You want to be raped. Forced to take a man’s cock inside your little pussy. Gonna fuck you raw. Rape your pussy deep.” He growled, thrusting into her eager pussy with long, deep strokes, getting cries of pleasure from the teen. He groaned in response, loving how hot and tight she was around his cock. Most women couldn’t handle his cock. But this girl was taking it like champ. Her teen pussy loved how long and fat his cock was. How it thrust violently in and out of her pussy, thick almost transparent pussy juice connected them.

Her pussy throbbed at the word “rape”. There was something wrong with her. What girl got turned on at the thought of a middle aged man’s, big fat, veiny cock raping her teen pussy?

“Please…I want that. Santa, give me your cock. Rape this teen pussy with your fat adult cock.” She moaned out.

“Fuck, your pussy is so wet. Keep it down. If anyone hears us, it’s over.”

“Why? Cuz they’ll find out your a perverted old man that loves fucking teen girls? You love having a tight little pussy squeezing your cock?”

“Watch you mouth, little girl. Your the one rubbed your pussy on my cock as soon you were on my lap. Your the one who gets off on being raped. Isn’t that right”

Suddenly, he took his cock out. She protested but he shushed her.

He got up. She yelped surprised by his action. Locking her legs around his back, he felt him walked toward the tree.

“What are you doing?” She said nervously. He didn’t stop until they were right in front of the tree. So close she could see people clearly. She should have been more afraid but she was still so horny. She needed his cock inside her.

She slipped off of him. Lifting her leg up high, above heals like she practice in Ballet, she let him see her pussy. Pretty pink and wet. So wet, pussy juice was dripping sliding down her legs.

“Please, Santa put your cock inside. Impale me with your cock. Violate this perverted pussy. Need you fat cock deep inside me.” She moans out.

“You really don’t care that anyone can see you so do you.” He said, hold his cock to slide his cock along her wet folds, teasing her clit with the head. Hanna breath quickened. Santa was teasing her pussy with his cock where anyone could just squint and see. Her pussy throbbed.

“Ah, so good. Your cock is thick and heavy on my pussy.“

“Fuck you perfect. I’m keeping you. Gonna fuck this pussy deep.” He said, before thrusting his cock inside once more. He was deep at this angle and he took advantage of it. Holding her leg he started thrusting his 9 inch cock inside her teen pussy again. Lewd sounds of his cock pounding her pussy, the slap of his balls against her thigh and her high, whiny pants of pleasure.

“Like that?! Ah your cock is so deep inside me. Fucking me so good! Santa’s cock is the best.” She cried out. Winding her legs around his back, he supported her bottom so he could thrust his cock inside even deeper. Deep, long strokes that had her pussy feeling amazing.

“IM CUMMING! SANTA’S COCK IS SO THICK INSIDE ME, PLEASE SANTA VIOLATE THIS TEEN PUSSY! FILL ME UP WITH YOUR CUM!“ She exclaimed, clinging to him as he pounded into her little body.

“TEEN PUSSY IS THE TAKING MY COCK SO GOOD YOUR SUCH A COCKSLUT! BEST! GONNA RAPE THIS PUSSY EVERYDAY!” He growled, thrusting faster and faster until he came. Thick ropes of cum shot into her teen pussy, filling her. She moaned at the feeling.

“What the hell?“ A security guard appeared. He was big, well over six feet. A glance at his thick bulge told her everything she needed to know. Hanna smiled.

Crooking her finger at him, she said

“Watching me get fucked turned you on, didn’t it? You like fucking young girls?” She said. Santa settle back in seat, taking her with him. Letting his cock slip out, she turned to face the guard. Spreading her legs wide, she let him see the cum that was leaking from her pussy.

“Fuck.” He cursed, hand on his impressive bulge.

She smirked.
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