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After secretly watching her nephew masturbate, Cassie is overwhelmed by a sudden spike in her sex drive. In the end, she decides to give Bryan a birthday present he will never forget…
The entire ride to school was silent except for the radio. That was fine with me; I was still debating how I was going to deal with him jacking off into my shoe. I could tell by the guilty look on his face that he knew I’d caught him, but it seemed like he was hoping to get off scott-free (or at least, minus the embarrassment). I guess I can probably spare him the humiliation of calling him out in public, but he’s the one who still has to explain jizzing in my shoe.

Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to it?


It wasn't until I pulled up in the circle drive to drop him off that I finally spoke to him.

“So, what do you want to do for your birthday dinner?”

Bryan shook his head. “I’m not sure.”

“Well, I know you love my enchiladas. How about I get stuff for that when I go grocery shopping today?”

“As always,” he said with a smile.

“That would be pretty cool,” he agreed.

“Done deal,” I agreed. “You have Drama rehearsal tonight?”

“Yeah, I do. It’ll probably be 5:30 before I’m home.”

“Great,” I said as I grabbed his head and pulled him towards me, planting a big kiss on his forehead. “See you tonight!” I told him as he got out of the car..


I’m usually in the office alone on Fridays; normally, I’m up to my eyeballs in work, but today was slow so I browsed some erotic fiction sites and spent most of the morning edging my kitty through my jeans with a pocket vibe. The entire time, my mind kept drifting back to Bryan with his nose in my shoe; at least twice, I nearly squirted in my jeans at the thought of drinking his spunk again.

Yes, I needed him! God forgive me, I wanted to run to school and pull him out of class and into a bathroom and just… God, just make him absolutely rail me! How long had it been since I’ve been with a man? Over a decade, at least! Before Bryan, for sure! Before my surgery…? I couldn’t remember! But my mind was finally made up; I was going to try and seduce my nephew!

I put my toy away and started thinking about how to go about it…


It was just after 5:30 when Bryan announced his arrival home. “I’m home, Aunt Cass!” he shouted from the living room.

“Kitchen!” I called out to him. “Dinner’s almost ready! Got homework?”

“Did it at rehearsal,” Bryan answered.

“Good boy! Then go get cleaned up; enchiladas will be done in ten minutes!”

A few minutes later, I heard Bryan coming back down the hall. I quickly bent over to look into the oven just as I heard him round the corner into the kitchen.

“Hey, Aunt Cass-” Bryan suddenly stopped mid-sentence. Though I couldn't see his face, I knew exactly why.

Let me take a moment to describe myself. I have what you would call a “pear-shaped figure.” Basically, it means that my hips are wider than my waist and chest, though I certainly wasn't smuggling raisins, as the expression goes.

And dressing this eye-catching figure was a curve-hugging turquoise top and a pair of stretchy capri jeans that cut off a few inches above the ankle. And needless to say, they were stretched. The jeans were so tight I could feel the seam riding up my ass crack and giving me cameltoe, which is exactly what I wanted it to do. After this morning, I definitely wasn't done teasing him just yet.

“Welcome home,” I said as I stood up slowly. “How was school?”

“Uh, it went alright,” Bryan stammered.

“Just alright?” I scoffed jokingly. “I’m getting some wine; would you like some?”

“What kind?”

“Franzia,” I said as I opened the fridge and poured two glasses; I’d already downed half of mine before I handed Bryan his. I was three glasses in so far, and each one was building up my resolve more and more (and making me even hornier). My thighs were getting pretty slick; if I wasn’t careful, I was going to jump on him right here at the table.

Bryan sipped the glass while I pulled out the enchiladas and plated them. We progressed through dinner and Bryan told me more about his day at school; I recall him telling a story about rehearsals, but my lady parts were burning so badly I couldn’t concentrate on it.

When he finished his story and his dinner, I spoke up. “Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I do have something I want to talk about before I go grab your birthday present.”

Bryan looked up nervously. “Uh, what is it?”

“Well, we’re gonna have a small chat about this morning. You might want another glass of wine. For your nerves.”

Bryan looked up with some of the guiltiest eyes I’d ever seen him wear. “About the shoe?”

“You betcha,” I replied in a goofy Sarah Palin impression.

Bryan turned incredibly pale and guilty while I reached down and pulled the shoe off my foot and plopped it on the table. “What the hell?” I asked him, shaking my head.

“Uhm... what?” was his cute, embarrassed reply. It was funny, but I kept my “serious face” just so I could see him squirm for a bit.

“I heard you this morning. No, I saw you whacking off into my shoe and sniffing my underwear. Why?”

Bryan fidgeted nervously in the chair, as if I was Bad Cop giving him the third degree about a murder, and he was the prime suspect. “I was... uh...”

“Don't 'uh' me,” I shook my head at him. “Just be honest with me, Baby-Bee!” Bryan rankled at the use of the nickname I gave him when he was a baby, but it got the point across that I required his undivided attention.

“Yes,” he finally said with a nod after an awkward silence.

“You didn’t answer my question,” I taunted him.

“I…” Bryan looked like he was about to choke on the words. “I like the way they smell,” he confessed finally. “I like how you smell. It… it turns me on.”

An answer I kinda figured out on my own, but Bryan looked somewhat relieved to get that off his chest. “So you take my clothes and jack off to them?”

He nodded ashamedly.

“How long?”

“I’m not sure,” he said. “A while, maybe a year or so.”

I smiled a little. “Do you think about me while jacking off?” I asked bluntly.

Bryan choked on his wine, and I started laughing.

“Look, I'm not mad that you pinched one off in my shoe. I'm not mad about the fact that you were thinking of me while you were doing it. In a fucked up kind of way, it's flattering. But I am a bit upset that you didn't clean it up.”

Bryan nodded, not looking me directly in the eye. I took my finger and lifted his face up by his chin so he could look at me directly. “Sorry,” he finally said. “I normally do clean it up, but I just forgot.”

“I get it,” I assured him. “I really do; you know it and I know it because we’ve talked about it before, but I was a horny teenager once, as well. I know how out-of-whack hormones can get, and sometimes we need an outlet for our frustrations.”

Bryan sank back into his chair, face flushed red with embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Aunt Cass,” he mumbled in apology.

“Apology accepted,” I said to him. I stood up from the table and gave Bryan a long hug. “Now, go shower off; you smell like sweat. Come see me in my room when you’re done; I’ll have your birthday present there.”

Bryan disappeared into the hallway without a word and I quickly cleaned up dinner; dishes would have to wait, as I had another, much higher priority.


I was lying on my bed in my pink bathrobe, working on my sixth glass of wine (and very much feeling it; my body was practically on fire with lust) when Bryan came in. He was wearing loose-fitting shorts and a t-shirt, and his hair was still wet from his shower. I sat up and polished off the glass, the gestured for him to sit on the bed with me, which he did obediently.

“Before I give you your present, we still need to finish discussing this morning and what we’re going to do about it,” I said as sternly as I could with six glasses of wine in my stomach. I felt my heart skip, and I steeled my nerves to start the conversation that had been on my tongue and clit all day. “Cone of silence: what I’m about to say stays between you and me. Nobody else ever hears about this, ever. Pinky swear?”

“Yeah, like I’m going to tell my class-mates that I jack off to my aunt’s panties,” he laughed, but he wrapped his pinky around mine and we shook.

“I’m glad you’re not going to tell them,” I said, “because then what happens next might be even more awkward.”

Bryan suddenly looked confused, and I took a deep breath as I started to explain.

“Bryan, I want to thank you for being honest earlier; that means a lot, and I’ve decided that I’m not going to punish you. For now. In fact, if you’re open to it, and I have a feeling you might, I have something of a proposition to make.”

“Sure?” He cautiously asked, the gears in his head clearly turning but couldn’t quite figure it out. I continued.

“You’re a sexually-frustrated teenage boy, your hormones are through the roof and you need an outlet. Normally, you’d just jack off and that’d be it; hence, the stealing my underwear and shoes. Like I told you before, I actually found it kinda flattering. But you know that kind of relationship would be forbidden, right?”

“Yeah,” Bryan nodded.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about a few things, and I kind of realized that we’re both a bit… frustrated. And that there might be a solution that is… mutually beneficial, if you catch my drift.”

Bryan immediately started putting pieces together. “Aunt Cass, that’s-”

“Illegal, I know. But it’s only illegal if anybody finds out. And I’m certainly not going to tell anyone.” I laughed loudly, drunkenly, and Bryan seemed to relax a bit. “You know I can’t get pregnant, either. So, no consequences for a weak pull-out game, either.”

“But… you’re sure it’s a good idea?” Bryan asked, still clearly hesitant.

I sat up, a sudden epiphany popping into my head; I put my hand on his and asked, “Bryan, are you a virgin?”

He nodded sheepishly.

Now it made sense, his hesitation.

“You’ve never been with a girl before?” I asked him.

He shook his head no..

“I see. Well, in that case, here is your birthday present…” I said as I stood off the bed and opened up my robe; inside was a sheer turquoise bodysuit with a slit in the crotch. My pussy was freshly shaved and the breeze as I opened my robe sent a chill through my wet thighs. The cups were mesh and you could see my stiff nipples poking up through the material. On my legs, matching stockings and the black-and-teal flats Bryan had used this morning. “Me.”

Bryan’s face dropped, as though he couldn’t believe what I’d just said! Hell, I couldn’t even believe I’d said it! “But… are you sure?”

“I’m sure, Baby-Bee,” I grabbed his cheek and leaned forward to plant a long kiss on Bryan’s lips, which he enthusiastically returned in kind.

“Have you ever kissed a girl before?” I asked as I pulled away, a small string of spit still hanging between out lips.

Bryan shook his head, which caused the spit-string to break.

“Not bad for a first time,” I encouraged. I leaned in to kiss him again and started feeling around his crotch. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Bryan nodded eagerly.

“When I saw you masturbating this morning, with my panties over your face… after you came into my shoe and brought it back… want to know what I did?”

Bryan nodded his head. “What did you do?”

“I went into my room…” My hand slipped under the waistband of his shorts, groping for his member whether it was hard or not. “…and I found the shoe you used… your cum was still in it, just this white glob pooling in the heel…” Bryan’s cock suddenly twitched in my hand, and immediately started getting hard. “…and I drank it while I touched myself!”

“Really?” Bryan asked in disbelief.

“Mm-hmm,” I confirmed. “And I was thinking about you the whole time, too!” As my right hand stroked Bryan’s hard-on inside his shorts, my free hand traced around my pussy mound, teasing my slit but not yet probing for my clit or my hole. “You were in the shower, and I thought about going in there with you, getting naked, and just bending over in front of you…”

“Oh fuck!” Bryan moaned!

“Would you have liked that?” Bryan’s cock was rock hard now, and I slowly began stroking him with a few fingers, just enough to keep him hard. “I know I would have.”

“I would have,” Bryan quickly agreed.

“But would you really have known what to do? I mean, I thought you said that you were a virgin, right?” I teased him again.

“I’ve watched porn,” he quickly confessed. “I know what to do!”

“Ooh, so confident! Then prove it…” I rolled over and spread my legs wide; my thighs were glistening from my spreading wetness, and my clit was swollen and throbbing. “You claim to know what you’re doing, so eat me!” I ordered him.

“What?” Bryan looked confused, and I laughed.

“Eat me,” I encouraged him. “Here, I’ll give you a free sample…” I reached for my slit and drew my finger through it just enough to coat the tip, then brought my finger up to his face. I traced it around his lips, which he quickly licked up, then stuck the whole finger in his mouth. His tongue wrapped around my finger like it was a lollipop, and my clit twitched in excitement; I could already tell his tongue was talented.

“Want more?” When Bryan nodded, I placed a hand on his head and pushed it down to my crotch. “Don’t be nervous,” I assured him. “Breathe through your nose.”

Bryan nodded, and his mouth and nose disappeared into my snatch; his tongue probed around for a moment, the warm and wet organ creating sharp jolts of pleasure everywhere it touched.

“Oh God… just a little higher with your tongue… that’s it! Oh God, yes! Keep right there!” I moaned loudly as Bryan’s tongue found my clit and licked circles around it. I coached him continuously, telling him exactly where to lick, suck, bite, and for how long. One bite on my thigh made me scream, and nearly made me cum immediately! I squeezed my thighs together, locking his head in place as pleasure rocked my entire body. Meanwhile, I’d been massaging my own breasts with both hands, tweaking my nipples stiff. But it wasn’t enough…

“Come up and suck my nipples,” I commanded. Bryan obeyed, and got into position next to me. I leaned under the bed and grabbed my body wand; I turned it on and held it against my loins with my hand while Bryan grabbed my titty and placed the nipple in his mouth.

“Good boy,” I said to him, stroking his hair with my right hand and vibing myself with the other. ““You’re such a good boy, so obedient…”

A part of me wondered if Bryan might be a tad submissive; I’ve never considered myself much of a dom sexually, but this was turning into an interesting dynamic.

“You never answered my question,” I reminded him. “You never told me if you think about me when you masturbate.”

“I was this morning,” Bryan said with a mouthful of titty.

“What were you thinking? Tell me!”

“I was pretending that you were standing over me, shoving your pussy into my face and making me smell it while I jacked off,” he replied.

“Ooh, so naughty…” I shuddered excitedly, filing the idea away for later. “You know, this other nipple needs some love, too,” I suggested. “You’ve got a free hand, right?”

Immediately, Bryan’s hand groped for and found my other breast and began squeezing it; he pinched my nipple and traced around my areola, which sent more shivers through my body. I was starting to hear splashing sounds from my pussy, and I realized I was on the verge of squirting.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum… want to see your Auntie cum for you?” Bryan sat up and watched me as I began moving my vibrator around my pussy; soon, I was nearly gushing! “Put your face down there now! I want to squirt on your face, Baby-Bee!”

Bryan stuck his face just an inch away from the vibe and my cunt, his cheek resting on my thigh! The heat of his breath and his warm flesh against my own was the final nail in the coffin; my pussy began gushing, the vibrator causing it to splash on the sheets and Bryan’s face.

When I was finished, I looked at Bryan and said, “Your turn. On your back, now.”

Bryan fell back onto the bed, and I straddled his legs. His rock hard erection was pitching a tent in his shorts, and my pussy was twitching in anticipation. I couldn’t wait for him to get inside me! I reached for his waistband and slowly pulled it down; his stiffy sprang up to attention and I pulled his shorts off completely.

I grabbed his cock and began stroking it; as I did, I spoke to Bryan. “I’m going to get on top of you now,” I explained. “When you’re about to cum, let me know.”

“I will,” he said.

“And one more thing: whenever I tell you to do something, I want you to answer, ‘Yes, Aunt Cass.’ Can you do that for me, Baby-Bee?”

“Yes, Aunt Cass,” Bryan replied.

“Good boy.” With that, I scooted forward and stroked his cock against my pussy until they were both glistening with my wetness. Then, I placed the tip at the entrance to my hole, and fell down on his cock!

Oh God, I was stretched! It had been so long since I’d had a real cock in me, I’d almost forgotten whet it felt like! Bryan’s cock was a decent length, seven inches and quite thick! My walls were throbbing; I sat there a moment, not moving, just so I could accommodate Bryan’s cock.

“Everything okay, Aunt Cass?”

“Yes, everything is fine,” I assured him. “I’m going to start moving now.” I began rocking my hips back and forth, his cock sliding around and poking at the walls of my pussy. The tip was all the way at the back of my vagina, massaging a part of me I had no idea was this sensitive!

“Oh God, I love having your cock in me, Baby-Bee! You feel so good inside me, it feels so good, it’s amazing!” I was absolutely lost in the pleasure! A sudden and unexpected orgasm wracked my body, freezing me in place as my legs twitched and spasmed!

When I came down, Bryan was still hard inside me. “I haven’t cum yet,” he said slightly dejected.

“Don’t worry; we’re not going to stop until you’re done. ‘Mutually beneficial solution,’ remember?” I crawled off Bryan and got on my back, legs spread. “Now, stick your dick back inside me and don’t you dare pull it out until you’ve cum!”

“Yes, Aunt Cass,” Bryan obeyed, resting the tip of his cock on my slit. I grabbed it and rubbed him against my clit, the guided him down to my hole; he slowly pushed in, my pussy expanding to accommodate his girth.

“Just move your hips back and forth, slowly,” I instructed. He did as he was told, and I felt the head of his cock gently massage my inner walls! “Just… like… that…” I said with each thrust. I grabbed my vine and began teasing my clit with it.

“Oh, that feels good!” Bryan said.

“Vibrators work for men and women,” I told him. “Maybe we should order you a vibrating ring for your cock… that would be fun for us both…”

I instructed Bryan to speed up his strokes, which he did; I was moving closer to another orgasm, just moments away when Bryan spoke again.

“I’m about to cum… I’m gonna cum…”

“Good,” I said. “Just keep going until you cum; don’t you fucking dare pull out of me, okay!”

“Yes, Aunt Cass!” Bryan grunted, his strokes suddenly became faster and more desperate; my pussy was suddenly getting beaten like cake batter, and I wrapped my arms around Bryan!

“Come on, fuck me, Baby-Bee! Fuck your Auntie! Make Auntie cum again, she loves it when her nephew makes her cum like this, nephew is the only one makes Auntie cum like this! I want your cum, baby! Inside me!”

“Aunt Cass, I’m cumming!”

“Come on! Cum in me, Baby-Bee!”

“Aunt Cass-UNGHHH!!!” Bryan groaned loudly, like an animal, as his cock burst inside me, painting my inner walls with his warm spunk! He remained inside me, his stiff cock plugging me up while his cum drained down to the back of my vagina!

Bryan collapsed on top of me, his head resting on my tits. I rested my hand on his back, stroked his hair, and whispered into his ear, “Good boy, Baby-Bee. Such a good boy…”

Within minutes, we both fell asleep on the bed.
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