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The continued story of my fun with my sister Em
After Em and I both showered, and started laundry to hide all evidence of the mornings activities, we flopped on the couch with the TV on. We were quiet except when one would catch the other making eye contact, then we would both giggle. A few times she touched my hand, or I would touch hers, as a silent gesture reassuring that things between us were good. For my part I thought about her pussy. How good it had smelled, how tight it was just trying to get my tongue in there, and how easily I’d made her cum with just some up and down movements. We sat there mostly quiet for maybe 2 hours. Neither wanting to speak first. Finally a condom commercial on TV made us both laugh and broke the ice.

“Have you ever tried one?” Em inquired. “a condom.”

“Never. Coach has a basket of them in his office. Tells us to take them if we need them, no questions asked. He says better safe than sorry. Why?”

“I don’t know. Just asking. I have lots of questions about all this stuff and I never know who to ask. That sex ed class said we could ask anything but then one girl raised her hand and asked about getting pregnant from a blowjob, and everyone laughed. After that no one asked a question.” Em didn’t seem shy about this, just straight forward curious. As she should be. Most of what I knew from sex came from the guys locker room banter, or my old man’s raunchy jokes.

“You can always ask me. No judgement. Promise.” I was serious. And the thought of teaching my sister was hot to be honest. We sat quiet, both absorbed in our own thoughts for awhile. I was getting hard thinking about showing Em all the things she could do with a penis. More specifically MY penis. I became aware of a tent rising in my shorts. I looked over at Em who had also noticed and was staring intently.

“Ok,” She started, “What makes THAT happen?” She pointed to my lump. “No one is naked, I didn’t leave any undies laying around, “She giggled, “and it’s not like we are even talking about sex stuff. So how does THAT happen?”

“Well. I guess just cause I was thinking about talking about sexy stuff, I got aroused. Honestly, sis, It doesn’t take much.” I shifted on my cushion to adjust my growing erection. My boxers were tight, restricting it from reaching full size. I was getting uncomfortable. “I might need to take care of it soon.”

“Jerk off? Again?” She asked.

I nodded. “Do you want to watch? I might go to my room and take care of it. Like I said before, I don’t mind.”

“Sure. But I’m only watching.”

“Deal”” I replied. I clicked off the TV and walked past Em, grabbing her hand as I went. “C’mon, I’ll show you what boys do when girls aren’t around.” She followed me upstairs and into my room. I locked the door even though mom wasn’t home. I knew we had to be careful. I pointed to the bed. “Sit” I ordered. My voice firmer than I expected. I was getting into this. My cock was pounding. My sister has me so turned on. I sat in my deck chair and fired up my computer. We had a second, smaller computer in our living room but it was old and slow. I had purchased this one to play games on but lately it was almost exclusively for porn. As it loaded I stood, and pulled my shorts and boxers down, then kicked them away with my foot. I heard Em inhale sharply. I was fully erect. My penis stood straight out away from my body. It danced up and down from my pulse racing. Em, who had been sitting back against the headboard watching slid forward on her elbows, then laid down on her stomach facing me, her head where my feet went on the bed. She put her fists under her chin to hold her head up and focused on my cock.

“It has veins?” She was laser focused on me.

“Yes it swells from blood flow entering the base, here.” I pointed to the base of my shaft, rolling the skin a little to show her the veins. “Below are my balls. That’s where the cum comes from. I can’t control that, as you’ve seen, and when I’m ready to cum everything tenses up and I shoot up from the balls,” I pulled my pulsing cock to the side and lifted my sack, “here, and out the head, as you’ve seen. If a boy does that inside of you, you will get pregnant. So don’t let them do that.” I sat in the chair and spun 90 degrees so she had a side view of my left hand on my cock, while my right worked the mouse. I went to my bookmarks and opened a good video I’d saved that showed a girl giving head to a guy on a toilet. I slowly began stroking. I was watching the dark haired beauty put the head in her mouth, over and over, while both her hands massaged the length of the guys cock. I looked back to my left and Em was moving her eyes from the computer screen, to my cock, then back and forth again and again.

“You’re doing it wrong,” Em suddenly stated matter-of-factly.

I started laughing. “Sis, with all due respect, I have a bit more experience here than you do.”

“Oh yeah genius? Where’s the lube then?” Her smile was from ear to ear. “I’m a quick learner.”

She was right. I usually used a squirt of lotion I kept above the bookshelf, that was above my computer. “It’s the bottle above me” I explained. “I’ll get it.”

“No, let me” she offered. Em stood and walked next to me. She had to stretch to reach it and her shirt came up, and I saw the bottoms of her pert boobs. “I can’t reach it.” She stopped stretching and her shirt returned to its normal position. I could clearly make out her nipple, pointing almost directly toward my face. I started to stand when her hand on my shoulder stopped me. “Hold on big bro, I’ll fix this.” With that my sexy sister, mere inches from my dick. Leaned slightly forward and directly over my erect member. Her mouth only 2 feet directly above, she parted her lips to let her drool drop down. I caught on and moved my hand to catch it and direct it to my shaft. Her first attempt landed on my bare left thigh. Her second just above my belly button, running quickly down to my thin pubes. “Geeze, this is harder than I thought.” Her tone playful.

“Maybe get closer?” I invited.

She took a half step back and bending at the waist slightly brought her head level to mine. She looked down, as if to place her mouth more centered over my vertical cock. She placed her hands on my legs, just above my knees, and then raised her head and looked me in the eyes. She smiled, but it wasn’t her sweet smile that I was used to, this was sultry, seductive, naughty. She leaned in and kissed me. We kissed softly, lips parting, tongues dancing together in each other’s mouths. I moved my hand to my shaft, and pushed the tip away from me and into Em’s soft mid section. The contact felt wonderful and brought Em back to reality for a second. She broke off the kiss but kept eye contact. “Let’s try this again.” She said. She looked down, closer to her target this time, and let some spit roll off her extended tongue. Drool hit my shaft but ran quickly down it, following a line to my balls. Slightly frustrated, but with a determined scowl on her face, Em looked back up to me. “Sorry. Gotta practice that I guess.”

“Well practice makes perfect.” I was drying for relief. My cock was throbbing. My sister being so close to me and the porn still running on my PC over my shoulder kept me rock hard as it waited for attention. “Seriously Em, let me get the lotion.”

“No,” She said as she inhaled deeply. Her eyes went back to my privates. “No, I’ll get it. I promise. I need learn at some point.” With that, she moved her hands away, stepped back, and dropped to her knees. Her Face even with my swollen head. She looked up at me again with her smile. “What?” she asked.

“Huh?” My mind was swimming and I was so engorged I wasn’t able to think straight.

“It’s just that I’ve never seen your eyes get THAT big before” she said with a laugh.

“And I’ve never had a beautiful woman’s face that close to my penis before.” I wasn’t lying. Both about her being beautiful and the proximity of someone to my bare cock.

Her eyes lit up brightly. “You really think I’m beautiful?”

“The most beautiful” I responded. The truest words I’d ever spoken.

“AND a woman, not some silly girl?” Her tome was much more serious.

“Yes Em, you are the most beautiful WOMAN in the world.”

With that she looked down again then back up to me. She took both hands and pulled her hair back behind her head. “Here goes nothing,” she said, her voice tailing off. As she said that she lowered her head to just above the purple helmet. I expected her to spit now she was so close she couldn’t miss, but instead she parted her sweet little lips and put the very tip into her mouth.

“Oh god!” I exclaimed, the sheer sensation nearly overwhelming me. “Oh Em that’s amazing. Please don’t stop.” She let her tongue investigate my helmet. She licked me, almost like an ice cream come. It was weird but since this was the first time anyone had even done that to me I didn’t mind. I also know I couldn’t last if that kept up. “I’m close Em. There are tissues above you on the desk. Get a lot.” She wrapped a small hand at the base as she steadied herself and reached up and got the box.

“Let me know when” she almost whispered. She removed the hand and I groaned. She looked at me. “Oh sorry, did you like my hand there?” Her other hand pulled a wad of tissue from the box.

“Yes. Put it back. And move it up and down too please. Slow and firm Em.”

She did as she was told. I could feel the pressure building as she did her first stroke. My balls got tighter to my body. “That’s it” I said slowly in encouragement “Keep going”. Her second stroke went from the base to the bottom of my head, and I made a little shake/shutter. My dick felt like it got harder as her hand slid back down. She stopped for a second and licked the tip a little so there was more lube. Her warm spit ran down my length.”Mmmmmmppphhhh” I moaned. She had me so close. Again she slowly moved her hand back up. When she reached the head she allowed her hand to go over the head, and make a little circle, almost tickling me. That did it. “Cumming!” I managed to warn her. Her hand moved back down my shaft and her other hand covered my piss hole with a half dozen tissues. My orgasm hit hard. I squeezed the arm rests on the chair and lifted my hips up, while flexing my stomach muscles. Every nerve in my body exploded. My load came out and I felt warm wet tissues on me sucking up my sticky mess. Em pumped here hand up and down again and a second and third wave came out of me. When I was done coming down from my explosion Em was all smiles.

“Stay right there, K?” I didn’t have the wind back in me yet to say anything so I just grunted. She trotted off to the bathroom and returned with a wet towel. She knelt back down, my manhood now a third of what it was just moments ago, and deflating quickly. She used the towel to clean me off. There were random globs of cum, and bits of tissue stuck here and there. She washed my dick and I shook uncontrollably. “Oh sensitive boy.” She giggled as she washed me down to the base, and then back up. “Balls look weird.” She offered “Can I wash them?” I just nodded not having energy to do much else. Her warm towel made its way down to my sack and then around, under, and back up. It felt amazing.

When Em was done cleaning me she stood and leaned close to me. She kissed me tenderly on the lips for a second or two and then headed toward the bathroom. I got up out of my chair and pulled my shorts up, then flopped on the bed while I listened to my lovely sister humming, as she washed my cum away.
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