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When Sarah had told her friends and family that she was planning on taking a solo trip out into the wilderness in order to focus on training for cross country and to “clear her head”, they all told the university sophomore girl that she was crazy. Most didn’t believe she was going to go through with it. Most were shocked when she told them that she would be unavailable for a week in the middle of Summer.

Sarah didn’t tell anyone that she had booked a remote cabin in Monongahela National Forest. Sarah had just gotten out of a long relationship and as a sophomore runner on the West Virginia University’s cross-country team, she only wanted to focus on getting faster. She was the second fastest runner on the team. She wanted to be the fastest.

The nineteen-year-old's training plan was simple. From her cabin in the middle of the forest, she would run to the different surrounding peaks, or knobs. She had ordered prep meals from a local service to be delivered the day she arrived at the cabin.

Three days into her solo training trip, Wednesday, Sarah was feeling better. She was feeling focused and determined to push her limits. She had successfully made her way to Bald Knob as well as Ward and Snyder, making good time with each peak. She planned on making her way to Crouch knob after her rest day.

Unfortunately, what Sarah had not realized three days into her trip was that the trail system she ran from her cabin out north towards the peaks in the north, took her into private property. The property was about 200 acres and the trail that Sarah had been running crossed into it for about 3 miles. The property was owned by Bob Thorton, a down on his luck middle aged red neck.

More unfortunate for Sarah was that at the end of a sharp curve of the trail, about 10 meters into the tree line, Bob and his friends, Tom and John, had set up a trail camera, the Spypoint Force-4K. The long-range motion sensing Spypoint Force-4K captured Sarah running towards the camera, down the 400-meter straightaway on the trail before the turn in crystal clear and smooth 4K at 60 frames per second video resolution. It also filmed her running away from the camera as she ran past the trailcam on her return run to her cabin.

It was surreal to the three men when they watched the playback of their Spypoint Force-4K the first time they had been alerted its motion detection sensors had gone off. They had been hoping to see a big buck, a bobcat, or even a big turkey, but what they saw interested them much more. They watched in awe as the beautiful, petite girl of Mediterranean descent ran towards the camera. They gawked and lusted hard at the sight of the girl in her tight red sports bra and tight black compression shorts that barely covered her tight round ass.

The following day, Tuesday, they set up a hunting blind along the trail and waited for her to pass by and watched in real time with powerful binoculars and rangefinders when she did, this time dressed in a more modest running tank-top and blue leggings. Their lust for the runner girl grew even more. After they watched her run by once more on her run home from where she ran off too, the three men discussed how hot and sexy she was, how pretty her face was, how they liked how she put her dark brown shoulder-length hair in a ponytail, how her tan skin was the perfect light caramel tone, how perfect her petite lithe body was as it ran. They commented amongst each other how even though she was a runner she didn’t have flat ass but a perfectly tight round one, and how perfect her perky B-cup tits were. By the time set that Tuesday evening, the three men had resolved to make the runner theirs. They rationalized that they were going to punish the girl for consistently trespassing through their property.

The men spent the early morning Wednesday laying down more sensors and cameras as well as multiple traps for the runner. Luckily for Sarah, Wednesday was her planned rest day. The men were disappointed when the girl did not come running into their trap, but they were undeterred. It was unlucky for Sarah that Bob, Tom, and John were very patient and were a special kind of redneck. The misogynistic, resentful, and perverted kind. If Sarah hadn’t come running down the trapped trail by the end of the day Thursday, Tom was fully intent on tracking the girl back to where she was staying.

Early Thursday morning, Sarah had chosen to wear an orange sports bra paired with black leggings that went down to her ankles. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to why she chose that out other than it was the next outfit up in her suitcase, though for the men, the bright orange sports bra allowed them to spot their unsuspecting victim coming from almost a mile away. The men were thrilled when they saw her coming from their hunting blind.

“What the fuck!” Sarah shouted as she triggered the trap. It was a simple weight-triggered net trap that was anchored by a large tree and covered by a layer of dirt and leaves. The net snapped close and lifted quickly into the air, forcing Sarah to almost ball-up as she was carried upward in the net. “Oww! Hey! Somebody help me!” Sarah shouts. The net was so tight that the girl could barely move in it.

Sarah had not suspected a thing upon running down the 400 meter straight away that she had run four times before. She had felt like someone had been watching her, but she had associated that feeling with the paranoia that comes with running in a forest.

The trap had been set to trigger to the weight of a small doe, so it was guaranteed to trigger with the petite runner girl. “Auugh! HEEEELP!!!” Sarah shouted while trying to maneuver her hands together so that she could try to send an SOS with.

As planned, the men didn’t respond to the girls cries for help. Instead, they enjoyed watching her struggle from afar, knowing that no one was coming. There wasn’t a human soul other than the four of them in a 50-mile radius.

“Got it!” Sarah exclaimed victoriously as she successfully got her left arm to move to her right, so that she could manipulate the GPS watch on her left wrist to send out an SOS signal. “No...” She muttered in defeat as she watched the watch display that it had no connectivity to any satellite and the SOS signal failed. Her horror grew as she went through the different menus of the watch to find that she had no connectivity to anything whatsoever. As noted, these three men were the special kind of redneck. The anti-government kind with the know-how on creating a multi-signal jamming device. Tom had prepared the device when he saw her wearing a smartwatch in the first trailcam recording.

After about an hour of watching and when the girl’s struggling in the net finally died down, the men finally decided to walk out from the hunting blind to introduce themselves to the runner girl they admired so much.

“Oh my god! People! Thank god! Please get me down from here” Sarah cried out, hearing the men talking to each other as they came out of the tree lines. When she finally saw the men, the three middle-aged, bigger, men, she felt a chill run down her spine.

‘Oh no...T-this can’t be happening...’ Sarah thought to herself as she helplessly spun around in the net.

“P-please... I’m sorry if I ruined your trap for some animal, but please let me out...” Sarah said, her voice starting to tremble as the men got closer and closer to her. They mostly ignored the poor girl caught like an animal, instead they joked with one another.

“Well, well, well boys, what kind of creature do you think we caught ourselves today?” Bob asked his two friends, pretending somewhat to be surprised that their trap had caught a young woman.

“Hah! Well Bob, it looks like we got ourselves a pretty little thing.” Tom said.

‘Oh god... I hate it... Someone please... Anyone save me...’ Sarah lamented in her head about her predicament. She knew she was utterly helpless, caught in the net, slowly spinning around, her head now at the same level as the men’s crotch.

“You’re right on that Tom, she is pretty. A pretty little trespasser.” John added to the conversation. His voice was colder than the other two men, as if he was actually upset that the girl had been trespassing in his friend's yard.

“Please... I’m sorry that I trespassed on your property. I didn’t know. I swear!” Sarah attempted to plead with the men, as she spun helpless in the net for the men to feast upon with their eyes, her legging covered ass sticking up.

“Bullshit you didn’t know. We got signs posted all over the place.” John shot back. The aggression in his voice shot a pang of fear into the girl. She remembered seeing overgrown private property signs, but she had assumed that they were defunct or at the very least, unenforced.

“Excuse my friend here,” Bob interjected, “But he is right...Little sluts always think you can get away with breaking the rules without any consequence. This here is my property, and I put up enough signs to properly mark it... And we’ve seen you run through it at least four times now... And by law, that’s trespassing.”

‘Gross...’ Sarah shivered at the thought of the three men just watching her as she ran.

“Then take me to a police station and we’ll sort this out. I’ll pay whatever fee I owe. I promise!” Sarah said, almost as if she demanded.

“Don’t have to bother with that girly when we got the sheriff right here.” Bob said before grabbing Sarah’s ass and spinning her so that she was face to crotch with Tom’s crotch. Sarah’s heart sank when she saw the badge on his belt, along with the handgun holstered to the right of it.

“Bob’s right miss. I’m here the county sheriff, and I have the right to declare punishments relative to property related crime.” Tom lied about the extent of his authority, but he wasn’t lying about being the county sheriff. It wasn’t hard being a corrupt county sheriff to a county of about two hundred people.

‘There’s no way...’ Sarah thought to herself, feeling her heart sinking as fear creeped over her.

“Let’s hear your plea now.” Tom said, even pulling a notebook out of his back pocket. Bob gave a chuckle at the performance.

“Please, sir... I was just following a trail... I run cross country and track for university...I rented a cabin so I could train...” Sarah tried to explain her situation, but the fear and anxiety about what was happening made her just kind of stutter about.

“WVU?” Tom asked, interrupting the girl.

“Yes... I’m a sophomore...” Sarah answered, mostly out of fear. Though she did feel increasingly humiliated as she spoke almost into the apparent sheriff's crotch and watched as his cock got harder and harder through the slacks he was wearing.

“Hmm, interesting...” Tom said while thinking what a jackpot he and his friends had just scored. A sexy little coed from the uppity West Virginia University, fresh to be broken in. “What’s your name miss?” Tom asked, while writing his own names for the girl in his notebook. Names like ‘Fucktoy’, ‘Cum-Slut’, or ‘Rapebait’.


“Just Sarah?”

“Sarah Smith...” She lied, though she felt as if she had already said enough.

“So... Sarah ‘Smith’, you rented a cabin out in Monongahela National Forest so you could train, and you happen to trespass on Mr. Thorton’s property at least four times...” Tom recapped what she had told him, “I’m sorry Miss, but that is a crime...Four of them... So, it is to my regret that you are hereby sentenced to be Mr. Thorton’s personal fucktoy for however long he sees fit.” Tom gave his sentence.

Bob and even John erupted into laughter at how serious Tom had appeared in his little performance.

“You c-can't be serious!” Sarah protested and began to struggle in the net binding her together, “You’re all creeps and you better let me go!” she demanded.

“Or what?” Bob asked, “We’re about to smash your little watch and you didn’t have a phone on you. No identification either... Not the brightest student, are you?”

Sarah could feel despair overwhelm her from that question and comment from Bob because she didn’t have a coherent or realistic answer.

Bob spun the girl back around, so she faced his crotch.

“Ohmygod...” She said to herself as Bob’s rock hard 10-inch cock came into her view. “P-please put that away...” She begged

‘T-this can’t be happening...’ Sarah thought to herself

“Now, be a good girl and do as the sheriff told you. Be a good little fucktoy and maybe I'll keep your sentence short.” Bob said as he stepped up closer to the girl with his right hand holding his cock while reaching out with his left to grope her tit.

“Nyah! No... Y-you can’t do this! You can’t! You won’t get away with this!” Sarah started to protest, she was going to protest more but instead she yelped in pain, “OW! OUCH! OH-OW!”

John had delivered three swift and painful spanks to Sarah’s ass. Despite being covered in the spandex of her leggings still, each spank still stung hard. John’s hand rested on her ass, squeezing it firmly.

“Augh! Noo! T-this can’t be happening! P-please! Please! Don’t do this!” Sarah continued to protest and beg.

“Shhh...shhh..shhh” Bob hushed the girl, moving his left hand from groping her tit over to hush her mouth. It worked for the most part, the girl’s protesting turned to hushed whimpers. “Listen here you little slut.” Bob began to explain, his voice low and gruff with a little anger, “No one made you run on that trail. No one made you ignore my signs. You broke the law, and it so happened here, these are the consequences. So, we can make this nice and easy, or we can make this rough and hard...”

“Ha, the slut probably would like that.” Tom chimed in. John snickered but Bob mostly ignored him. Bob was focused on the girl’s whose face was level with and forced to stare at his fat cock in his hand.

“What do ya say, Sarah? You lick my cock all nice right now, and we’ll see what we can do...”

The girl whimpered.

‘It’s the only way... I have to make this bastard happy, or he’ll hurt me or worse...’ Sarah thought to herself, rationalizing her decision to actually stick her tongue out to lick the fat middle-aged man’s cock.

“Honey, you got three seconds to stick your little tongue out before I let John here make your ass redder than the side of his barn.” Bob threatened and then moved his cock closer to the girl's mouth.

Sarah could feel tears form in her eyes as she stared at the gross fat 10-inch cock that was only about two inches away from her face. The cock appeared girthier than anything she had ever sucked, and the worst part about it, it smelled.

“One.” Bob counted. That was all he needed to count to.

“Aah...” Sarah began to stick her tongue out, closing her eyes in shame and humiliation. “Aaaa-aah..” She whimpered when her tongue finally touched the tip of Bob’s cock. She could feel it throb just from the feeling of her soft tongue licking the tip of his cock.

“Oh fuck...” Bob grunted, he was not ready for how good her tongue was going to feel, having not felt the touch of a woman for some time. Bob then moved his cock across her tongue so that it slid down his shaft, eventually smushing her face against his thick, unkempt pubes.

‘Disgusting...’ Sarah thought to herself in disgust. She wanted to puke.

“Aargh..” She whined, holding back the urge to puke as Bob continued to force her to lick his cock, from the tip down his base. She knew the perverted man enjoyed the way she gagged every time he shoved her face into his pubes.

“Yeah, lick it up like a fat lollipop you little slut!” Bob groaned as he continued to run his cock all along Sarah’s tongue. Bob could barely hold back from cumming then and there, his cock throbbed hard every time her soft tongue travelled from the tip of his cock to down his shaft.

“Aagh!” Sarah gagged as she got a little of the redneck’s pubes into her mouth. The two of his friends laughed at the sight of the petite runner girl caught in in a net, forced to lick their friend’s cock.

“Fuck...” Bob muttered, unable to hold back the urge to cum any longer, “You hungry for a snack my little track star?” he teased, holding the tip of his cock inside the girl’s reluctantly opened mouth.

“Naaa-paahhhseee” She attempted to beg and plead for the man not to cum in her mouth, but with the tip of his cock in her mouth and her inability to bite his cock due to fear, she knew it was futile.

‘Ohgod...this is digusting...’ Sarah thought to herself as she could taste the man’s potent pre-cum begin to leak from his cock in her mouth.

“Here I cum bitch!” Bob groaned as he moved both hands to the back of the girl’s head and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth as it throbbed hard, quickly filling the poor girl’s throat and mouth.

“Aaahgrh-aargh-aahh!” Sarah coughed and gagged from the intense potent thick cum that filled her throat and mouth, she could feel it dripping out of her mouth from around the cock that continued to pulsate and fill her mouth even more.

“Well shucks, you’re wasting all my good seed bitch!” Bob said angrily, shoving his cock deeper down the girl’s throat.

Sarah gagged even harder, her body writhing in the net she was caught in.

“Good. Choke on it bitch. Maybe this will make ya think twice before trespassing dressed like a little slut!” Bob said with the authority of someone who actually believed he was morally right in forcing the girl to eat his thick cum and suck his cock.

“Aaargh-!” Sarah choked as Bob forced his thick meaty cock deep down her throat until nose pressed against his pubes, forcing the poor girl to drain his cock of all the cum he had saved up since planning to rape her. The poor girl continued to choke and gag until the sadistic landowner slowly pulled his cock out then proceeded to slap the girl’s face with his cum and saliva covered cock.

“Mmmm... You love it, don’t cha? My fat cock all over your face...” Bob teased. His friends watched in awe as their friend cock slapped the beautiful girl, Tom was eager to stuff all her tight little holes while John was eager to make her scream...

“Aaaaah...aaahh...aahhh.. Ow..oh...s-stop...p-please...n-no more...” Sarah pitifully begged, helpless to stop the man from slapping and rubbing his cock all over her face. The man’s cum was still dripping out of her mouth and down from her face.

“You haven’t thanked me yet.” Bob stated coldly, resting the tip of his cock against the girl's soft lips.

“W-what?” she asked nervously.

“For the snack I just gave you.” Bob answered

“Oh... uh... T-thank you...” Sarah answered sheepishly, wanting nothing more than to be home.

“See, Sarah, and that’s why I can’t let you go yet...” Bob said. Sarah felt her heart sink.

“W-what?! W-why! I did w-what you asked!” Sarah replied with a mix of fear and anger in her voice.

“And I said that we’ll see...” Bob began while his friends moved to lower the net down, “And I meant that we’ll see if I think you’ve been a good enough little fucktoy.”

Sarah didn’t say anything back as she felt her stomach turn. She had realized that the only man near her at the moment was Bob since Tom and John had walked away to undo the trap’s anchor off from the tree.

‘This is it..’ Sarah thought to herself as she felt herself being lowered from the ground. She could see the net giving slack and started to unfurl open as her ass touched the ground. ‘Just a little closer...’

The rednecks had a good idea what the girl was about to do. They were counting on it. Hoping for her to do it. All so they had an excuse to really punish her.

‘Now!’ Sarah felt a jolt of energy fueled by fear and desperation rush through her body as the net unfurled completely.

“W-what the fuck!” Bob managed to say, stunned at the sight of the girl bursting away in a full sprint.

“Shit she’s fast!” Tom commented,

“Well fuck,” John added.

Sarah was fast. She ran for her university’s division 1 cross country team in the fall as well as track in the spring. She was much faster than her unfit, much older, redneck kidnappers.

Unfortunately, Sarah was not faster than a side-by-side.

The side-by-side the men had used to get around the property was parked by the blind they had been using to get around the property. Sarah had made it about 400 meters away from the men before she engine of the side-by-side moving towards her.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Sarah cursed when she looked behind over her shoulder, seeing the men gaining quickly on her. She was hoping that she would make it to where the trail begins to narrow and lose the men on the side-by-side.

“Come on boys, we got ourselves a little slut to wrangle!” John said, uncharacteristically enthusiastic as they got closer. The grumpy redneck was getting excited at the prospect to use his skills in lassoing. He had grown up handling cattle and horses, a real redneck cowboy. “Just a little closer…” he muttered to himself as the gap between the men and the girl closed.

“Noo! G-get away!” Sarah screamed, determined to get away from her captors.

“Gotcha bitch!” John exclaimed as he threw the lasso.

“No! Augh!” Sarah let out as she felt the rope of the lasso tighten around her arms and pull her backwards causing her to fall on her ass. Tom, who had been driving, brought the side-by-side to a sudden stop as John pulled on the lasso.

“Shiiiit, you’re pretty good at that John.” Bob commented, stepping out from the side-by-side.

“Noo..Noo…. stay away!” the poor girl yelled as she struggled on the ground in the lasso, still recoiling from falling on her ass. The men just chuckled at the sight of the girl while they walked up to her.

‘Someone please save me…’ Sarah despaired, exhausted from the all-out sprint she had just done to get away from the redneck men. The rough rope of the lasso was biting into her soft skin. Tears streamed down her face while she whimpered helplessly defeated.

“You going to behave now bitch?” Bob asked.

Sarah didn’t reply. She didn’t want to give the gross men the satisfaction of her obedience anymore. Instead, she just ignored the man while she gazed down at the ground, not wanting to see the perverted smiles on the men’s faces.

“Ah-oww…” Sarah whined as Bob impatiently pulled her ponytail hard, forcing her head back so that she was forced to look up at him. Sarah wasn’t a fighter, most people that knew her didn’t think she had an aggressive streak in her body. Maybe it was the threat of being kidnapped and raped, but at that moment, she had a fire in her.

If only the hateful glare of a desperate nineteen-year-old girl could kill.

“Good. You do have some fight in you.” John commented. The way he said it caused a small shudder of fear run through the girl.

“Ha, let’s see how much fight she’s got left after I fuck her silly.” Bob said while staring the girl in the eyes, licking his lips.

“You won’t get away with this… My friends… My family… They’re looking for me!” Sarah shot back, “They’re coming!”

“Not before my friends and I here fuck you ten times over!” Bob replied, letting go of the girl’s ponytail then motioned his two friends to move in on the girl. Before she could do anything, the two other men were all over her.

“No! A-augh! G-get off of me!” Sarah protested but it was useless. She was exhausted and bound tightly by John’s lasso still. “S-stop!” She whined as the men easily manhandle her, flipping her over so that she was on her knees, face down in the dirt with her ass up. Tom held her face down in the dirt while John positioned himself behind. “Auuugh! S-stop!” She protested as John used another length of rope to tie the girl’s wrists behind her back, tightly cinching it.

“Geeze, you really are going to be fun..” Tom said, feeling his cock throb as he easily held the girl down so his friend could finish tying her up, his eyes focused on the girl’s tight round ass, the leggings she wore seemingly made her ass pop even more.

“You’ll get your chance Tom,” Bob said to his friend, “But we agreed. My property. My little fucktoy.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want to be your fucktoy. How about whore? Wanna be this here sheriff’s little fucktoy.” Tom proposed. Sarah still didn’t believe that he was actually law enforcement. She knew cops could be bad, but not this bad...

“Fuck off Tom,” Bob grumbled as he tapped on John’s shoulder to switch places. “John, why don’t you go on and take Tom’s spot over there.”

“Woah woah, come on Bob, I was just joking…” Tom complained, “Plus, she’s got a hole for each of us” He added with a smirk

“Nooo…” Sarah whimpered, writhing helplessly in her binds and against the two men holding her down.

“Ha, you’re not wrong but I do think John here has earned some nice sloppy toppy from our cute little runner here.” Bob explained.

“Won’t say no to that.” John said, giving the girl a swift smack on the ass before standing up and moving over to Tom while Bob took his spot.

“Aughh! No-stop-Aughh” Sarah groaned as she feels John’s rough hand take the place of Tom’s hand against her cheek, holding her face down.

“Hush slut, the dirt’s good skincare!” John teased, “Yeah...Keep you nice and pretty...”

Sarah was helpless to do anything as John rubbed her face into the dirt, she could only cry. The rope was too tight and she was too weak. Bob and John easily pinned her down with her face in the ground, on her knees, with her ass sticking up where Bob rested his hands.

“Mmm... You know, I’ve been noticing the stuff you girls to run and workout now has been getting more and more...uh...risque...” Bob said while groping and caressing the girls tight, round ass through her leggings.

“Yeah, almost like yall are asking for it...” John added, “wanting someone to see you and chase you, pin you down, and fuck you like the ripe little whore you are.” he hissed into her ear causing the poor girl to shudder.

“No! S-stop! That’s not true!” Sarah protested as well as she could with her face in the dirt.

“I think it is true! You little arrogant little sluts wearing whatever you want, going where you want!” Bob replied, giving the girl a few good spanks on the ass.

“Aiye-ow! Oww!” Sarah yelped as Bob spanked her again and again until her ass cheeks stung.

“And look at you! Telling us to stop, yet your wet little slit is all wet!” Bob accused looking at her crotch, her cameltoe, through the leggings seeing how her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as he spanked her.

“No! Y-you're wrong!” Sarah replied. Much to her own shame and humiliation, Sarah could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as the men continued to molest her and use her. She hated it but she could feel something primal and wanton growing inside of her. “Aaaah-no! S-stop! Stop!” She whined as Bob took two fingers and pressed it hard against her pussy through the fabric of her leggings.

“Ha! Look at that! You really are a slut!” Bob exclaimed, rubbing his fingers against her pussy and clit harder and harder, feeling the girl squirm as she fought her own inhibitions while her pussy got wetter and wetter, soaking the crotch of her leggings. “Your pussy is begging for my cock!”

“No-aahh!” the girl let a moan escape her while attempting to protest what Bob said. She didn’t realize that Bob had worked his cock out from his slacks and briefs. “Ah! W-what are you doing!?!” She asked as the man quickly ripped the fabric of her leggings around her crotch exposing her pristine, bare, and slick nineteen-year-old pussy to old Bob and his two friends. Sarah couldn’t believe this was happening.

“God damn...” Tom commented wide-eyed at the girl’s pussy.

“No...no! No! No! No... P-please-aah-fuck-oh!” Sarah pleaded, feeling the tip of Bob’s thick cock press against her pussy lips, the old man’s hands wrapped around her petite waist as he slowly pushed in. “Noononoononoooo....” Sarah whimpered, crying as she felt the man’s cock fill her tight pussy. It hurt.

But it also felt good, and Sarah hated that a part of her was starting to enjoy the feeling of the older man’s cock inside of her.

‘I can’t be liking this…It’s impossible…W-why am I so wet!?!’ Sarah thought to herself in shame, helplessly writhing against the ground, pinned down, powerless to stop the redneck from pushing more and more of his cock inside of her.

“Never had a real man’s cock huh?” Bob asked, feeling the girl’s tight teenage pussy grip his cock as he pushed his cock deep inside of the girl until his pubes rubbed against her ass. “Good thing you’re a little slut! Pussy already nice and wet for me!”

“Aughh…n-noo…y-you’re wrong…” Sarah objected despite feeling how wet her pussy was. She was a little thankful to how wet she had gotten, knowing how much more it probably would have hurt from Bob’s thick cock.

“Ha! Still putting up a little bit of a fight huh?” Bob said, slowly pulling his cock out until only his tip was in.

“Ah-oooh! Fuck!” Sarah let out a sharp moan as Bob slammed his cock back deep into the petite runner girl. “Oooohh! F-f-uck! Oohh!” She grunted as Bob began to pump his cock inside of her at a steady rhythm. There wasn’t anymore pain, just pleasure with each deep thrust inside of her.

‘Oh god… I really am a slut…’ Sarah thought to herself, feeling even lower.

“Don’t get to comfy whore.” John commented, watching the girl’s face turn to one of reluctant pleasure as he fumbled with his own slacks to get his cock out.

“Oooh-ooh! Owwwww-oooh!” Sarah squealed a little, John picking her head up from the ground by her ponytail. John’s thick 8-inch slapped her face, “Ahhh-F-aaaagrmph!” Sarah moaned and then gagged when John pushed his cock past between her soft lips, into her mouth and throat. “Grrampgrh!” Sarah chocked and gagged with John pressing her face against his thick pubes while his friend fucked her hard from behind.

Sarah had never in a million years ever thought she would ever be in a predicament like this. All tied-up, pinned to the ground getting gang-banged by two rednecks. She had never in a million years thought she would like something like this. Anybody she had ever fucked before this moment had always been somewhat gentle. But there was no denying it, as Bob’s cock pumped inside of her and John’s cock throbbed in her mouth, her body was tense, pussy clenching the cock deep inside of her, Sarah had the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced in her life so far.

“Grrammmpgrh!” Sarah moaned hard while trying not to gag on John’s cock. She could taste the precum leaking from the man’s cock. John was trying very hard not to cum, but it was getting harder and harder not to.

“Oh fuck.. You came didn’t you little slut!” Bob accused, doing his best not to cum from the feeling of the girl’s cunt clenched around his cock as he tried to keep a steady rhythm inside her. “Who told you that you could cum!” He said right before spanking her tight ass over and over again until her ass was nice and red, then he grabbed her ponytail to pull hard as he fucked her harder and faster.

“Aaamph! Ammpgrh!” Sarah squealed as she was spanked, legs trembling.

“Fuck!” John exclaimed feeling his cock throb and pulsate hard, precum leaking out from the tip of his cock.

“Aaa-a-ammpgrh!” Sarah gagged hard when John pushed her head down onto his crotch so he is deep throating her, choking her on his cum. It was very salty and potent, and poor Sarah had no other choice but to swallow as much as she could so she could breathe. It seemed endless and even by the time John pulled his cock out from her mouth, he still shot a few strings of cum against her face, much to her chagrin.

“Blech-ah-nnoo!” Sarah spat out a mix of spittle and cum and then to her horror felt the cock in her pussy begin to throb and pulsate hard, “Ah-ow-ooh—noo! Noo!” She whined and protested, Bob pulling on her ponytail as he fucked her erratically. She felt her body tense once more and electric pleasure flow through her small frame, she couldn’t believe it, she was going to cum again.

“Oooh! Fuck! Here I cum slut!” Bob let out as his cock exploded a massive load deep inside the girl.

“Ooooooooh-f-fuckk…” Sarah moaned hard, feeling her pussy clench around the Bob’s cock as she’s fill with the old redneck’s warm cum. She had never felt so full of cum before.

“Get used to that feeling slut… Cause I don’t know if I’ll ever tire of this cunt…” Bob whispered into the girl’s ear then letting go of her ponytail, letting her head fall back down into the dirt.

“Noo…” She whimpered. She could feel her pussy lips throb while Bob pulled his cock out of her, feeling his cum drip down her legs along with her own juices, drenching what was left of her leggings around her thigh.

Bob and John stood back up and adjust their slacks back up. Tom who had been taking photos and videos of the whole ordeal was feeling a little left out. His cock rock hard at the sight of unlucky runner girl who was tied up, face down, ass up, shaking in exhaustion, cum covering her pretty face with more cum dripping out of her pussy.

“P-please…n-no more…” She begged, the pleasure having faded leaving her only with shame, fear, and a little anticipation.

“No rest yet girly.” Tom said. Bob and John just grinned, curious to what their friend was going to do to the girl after they had just fucked her hard. Tom walked over to the girl and began to flip her over.

“Augh...nooo…please…” Sarah whimpered while being flipped onto her back, her hands painfully pinned behind her now. “Ah!” She squealed as Tom pulled her sports bra up to reveal her perfect perky B-cup tits. She had a good feeling on what was about to happen. “P-please d-don’t…” She still begged, not wanting one of the last parts of her to be used and abused.

“Please don’t what?” Tom asked rhetorically, straddled overtop of the girl, supporting most of his weight with his own legs but putting enough down onto the girl.

“P-please don’t use my boobs…” Sarah asked sheepishly. Tom and his friends were a little surprised at the request. That the girl still had a little sense of dignity still.

“Oh? Don’t use your boobs?” Tom replied in a teasing manner, “Would you rather me do this then?” He asked before pinching her cute little nipples with both his hands.

“Aiyee-oww! Owww!” Sarah squealed, “Oww! Oww! S-stop! That hurts!” She whined, writhing in underneath the man as she suffered his onslaught of her poor nipples. “Okay! Okay! S-stop!” She yielded.

“Oh?” Tom grinned with her nipples still between his fingers, “Would you rather me ‘use your boobs’ then?” He taunted.

“Yes…I w-would rather you use my boobs…” She admitted.

“You mean, you’d rather I tit fuck you.”

“Yes…please stop pinching my poor nipples…and tit fuck me instead…” Sarah burned with humiliation. The men laughed at the sight and sound of the girl asking to be tit fucked.

“You might need to have tits for Tom here to tit fuck ya” John teased, causing the girl to pout. It was amusing to the men the their victim was still self-conscious about her tit size.

“Shut up John. I think Sarah here has nice tits.” Tom said as he pulled his cock out from his slacks and set his thick 9-inch cock down in between the girl’s soft round breasts. “I think your tits are perfect girly. Soft, round, and firm, not like John’s wife” Tom said to Sarah as he pushed her tits together as he pumped his cock between them.

“Ahh…ooh…” Sarah let out a soft moan. She had never been tit fucked before. Relative to getting facefucked or her pussy ravaged, it was kind of nice. “Ahh..” She gasped a little, feeling Tom place his fingers around her erect nipples.

“You like getting tit fucked don’t you?” Tom asked as he continued to thrust his cock between the girl’s perky soft tits. Sarah frowned and whimpered at first but she began to speak when Tom applied a little pressure between his fingers.

“Ahh..Y-yes… I do… I like getting tit fucked…” Sarah said sheepishly, tears streaming down her face.

“Say it again.” Tom ordered then spit a good bit onto his cock and in between her tits to use as lube. Sarah shuddered in disgust.

“Ahh..I l-like getting my t-tit’s fucked…” Sarah did as she was told. She knew she was helpless and she knew that the more she fought back, the more the cruel men were going to hurt her. She was beginning to understand that her best option was to make them happy, no matter how degrading or humiliating.

“Again!” Tom ordered, thrusting his cock harder and faster. Sarah could feel his cock begin to throb and pulsate, much like John’s cock did in her mouth and Bob’s in her pussy.

“I like getting my tits fucked!” She cried out, closing her eyes in anticipation of Tom’s cock spraying cum all over her face and tits. She did not have to wait long.

“Oh fuck! I’m about to explode!” Tom mumbled, the pumping of his cock becoming erratic, “Fuck! Hnngh!”

“Ah-mmm” Sarah squealed out loud and then quickly shut her mouth as she felt the first few shots of jizz land on her face, a string of cum landing over her eyes. “Mmmm!” She groaned, feeling more and more of Tom’s warm sticky cum coat her face and tits. She couldn’t believe that one man could cum this much…

Even Bob and John were somewhat surprised at how much their friend unloaded onto the girl. Both Bob and John had cum on the girl’s face, but Tom had made the poor girl look like her face and tits were covered by an icing machine if an icing machine could dispense sperm.

“Mmm…” Sarah whimpered, writhing on the ground helplessly underneath the weight of Tom who pumped his cock a few more times in between her tits for good measure, milking his cock with her tits before standing back up.

“Sorry girly, had a lot stored up…” Tom said, fixing his slacks back up around his waist.

“Blecgh-argh…” She spat out the cum that had gotten into her mouth and gagged when more got in cause she opened her mouth, “P-please…splech…please…y-you’ve had your fun… Please let me go…I p-promise I won’t tell anyone…”

The men didn’t reply to her. She could hear them whisper among each other and then, much to her chagrin, sounds of a phone camera shuttering as each man began taking more photos of the girl. She knew that the men had taken photos and videos of her before, but she felt as if the men were doing it now to further humiliate her.

“No…P-please…no more…” Sarah begged more, still unable to open her eyes from being covered in cum.

The men talked amongst each other, each one having their own deviant and sadistic thoughts on what to do with the girl. One thing was for certain, they weren’t going to let her go.


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