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Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
Wow! I still cannot fully comprehend what I’ve witnessed in the shower. But I don’t have a choice but to accept it. I know what I saw. There is no doubt. My stepdaughter Nadine and her mother Katia are close. Closer than I thought! Actually, I had suspected it for some time. At least now I’ve got clarity. A whirlwind of emotions is hitting me. Worry – Nadine is just 18! What are the implications of her being involved with her mother? It’s not normal to say the least! Relief. Yes, strangely I’m feeling relieved. I’m not the only adult who’s transgressing in this family. Katia is too! She’s allowing her daughter to give her sexual pleasure. Oh my goodness! It’s still so hard to wrap my head around it! It really changes a lot. My image of Katia has shifted – immensely! She’s clearly getting a sexual rush out of being close to Nadine. And what if she knew about Nadine and me? Would she forgive me? Because after all, if even she as a mother can’t keep her hands off her daughter, who is Katia to blame me? I’m not even biologically related to Nadine. Does this mean…? Oh my goodness… Does this mean I have Katia’s blessing? To be involved with her daughter… and with Katia at the same time? Is that what Katia wants? Is that what turns Katia on and explains her renewed sexual drive? Does Katia want me to forgive her for her transgressions with her daughter in exchange for Katia’s forgiveness of my transgressions?

I have delegated the task of keeping in touch with the aircon service to Katia. I have that feeling the aircon won’t be repaired any time soon. I’m now sure that Katia is enjoying the current sleeping arrangement with Nadine and me. I don’t feel like talking with the girls about this whole situation. I don’t want to ruin this sexual tension. I know, I’m selfish. I’m filled with anticipation. What unexplored spheres of pleasure are Katia and Nadine going to take me to next? It’s past dinner time. Katia and Nadine are sitting with me on the couch streaming a TV series. The series has deteriorated. Nadine is playing with her phone and Katia doesn’t seem to be following the series either. “This show is getting lame” Nadine remarks disinterestedly. “Yeah it has gone downhill” I’m adding. Katia is still staring into the void. “What if I heat up the sauna? I haven’t used it in forever. We could get a sweat and then hop in the cool pool? What do you think? Better than watching this…” Katia suddenly suggests. I’m looking at her. Her eyes seem shiny. I’m looking at Nadine. Her eyes appear awake now too. She’s alternately looking at me and Katia. I’m trying to hide my excitement: “Hmm… I guess. We better make use of it before it collects too much dust.” Katia turns to Nadine: “You in?” “Hmm… this show is so boring. And my muscles are still sore from the dance party I went to with Mike and Angela. I guess relaxing in the sauna won’t hurt.” “Done.”

I’m the first to arrive at the sauna. My heart is pounding. Are the girls going to play any games with me tonight? I can’t wait to find out. I’m wrapping my white towel around my nude crotch and sit down on the wooden bench in one corner. Katia is the next to arrive. Her white towel is wrapped around her breasts and covering up her crotch as well. Nadine arrives shortly after, same outfit. Both of them sit down on the long bench across me. I’m getting a good view of both of them. I have fond memories of this sauna. Katia and I had good times in here when our relationship was in its honeymoon period. Nadine has never used this sauna before. “Phew, it’s crazy hot in here!” Nadine huffs. “You’ll get used to it” Katia replies. We’re sitting for a while. Nadine is stretching her arms behind her back. Her towel slips down a little, revealing more of her breasts. More of her cleavage shows, but her nipples are still well covered. I’m glad I’m sitting on this side of the bench. I’m just looking forward naturally and both girls are right there in my field of view. I don’t come across like I’m staring – at least it’s not that obvious.

Nadine is lifting a leg off the ground and puts her heel on the bench, just a bit in front of her butt. The towel slips up her legs and I’m seeing a good part of her exposed legs from the side. My heart is pounding faster at this beautiful sight. She wraps both her hands around the knee and pulls her upper thigh as close to her body as she can. The better part of her legs is now exposed. Her upper thigh, the inner upper thigh of her other leg and a good portion of her butt cheek. I’m feeling a short twitch in my dick. But her crotch is still covered. What a tease! “Mmmhhh this is so good! I’m so sore from dancing all night” Nadine moans. Katia is turning her head and looks at Nadine: “It’s so much easier to stretch in the heat, isn’t it?” “Yeah I didn’t expect it but it does make a difference.” Nadine is now lifting her second leg and pulling both her legs to her upper body. The towel is lifting. Her whole leg is exposed. I’m seeing it from the side, even her full butt cheek is showing from the side. Oh my god, if I could only get a peek from the front! I could probably see her beautiful pussy lips lined up between her thighs. Maybe I’d even get a peek of her asshole. Just thinking about this makes my dick swell.

Nadine is getting off the bench now and bends forward, fingers to her toes. Her towel slips up again. Katia is turning her head towards her daughter. Damn! Katia’s view is so much better. Can she see Nadine’s ass and pussy? Again I’m just seeing her side, her leg. “Mom, can you help me and push down on my back?” “Sure honey. Will you turn to the wall? Then there’s more space for me?” I’m about to get excited as Nadine turns her butt towards me but last-minute Katia is blocking the view. What is this? All teasing and no pleasing? I’m frustrated but at the same time I’m enjoying the sexual tension. Katia is pushing down on Nadine’s back and leaning forward herself. Her towel moves up as well revealing just the very bottom of her butt cheeks. If the light was better I could see her pussy! I’m starting to lose it! What a tease! “Thanks mom!” Katia sits back. Nadine is still standing and is now grabbing one of her ankles and pulls it as far back as she can. She’s turning just enough that again I can’t see her crotch – but Katia probably can! Now the other leg! Oh my god! My whole body is tingling from sexual desire.

Nadine picks up a small bottle I haven’t noticed before and shows it to Katia: “Mom, can I ask you a favour? Would you massage me with this muscle rub? It would help so much with my sore muscles.” Katia turns around to me: “Would you mind Frank?” A wave of adrenaline is washing through my body. I’m trying to act casual: “Sure, that’s fine, go ahead.” “Thanks mom!” “You owe me!” Katia replies with a smirk. “Lie on your belly.” As Nadine is about to lie down Katia casually removes her daughter’s towel and places it on the wooden bench. “The bench is too hot, you can’t lie on it directly honey.” “Ok mom” Both act as if this was the most natural thing in the world. I’m almost getting a heart attack. Still, after all that happened between Nadine, Katia and me, this is too much excitement for me. Nadine lies down on her belly, fully nude, her head facing away from me. And this time I’m sitting in prime seats for the show! Nadine’s legs are slightly parted. I’m getting a perfect view of her hairless young pussy and asshole. I can never get enough of this petite perfection! Katia stands next to her and starts applying the muscle rub. It mixes with Nadine’s sweat and her skin gets an oily shine. Katia starts massaging Nadine’s shoulders and back. She looks like she’s done this before. “Mmmh this is so good mom!” “Glad you like it honey.” Nadine’s gorgeous body looks even more perfect with this oily sheen. Katia keeps massaging Nadine’s shoulder and back.

“Also my legs please. They have suffered the most from dancing.” “Sure honey.” Katia moves lower and starts with her daughter’s feet. “Oh yes! Right there! I didn’t even know my feet were so sore!” Katia moves up Nadine’s legs. Lower leg. My heart rate accelerates. Now Nadine’s thighs. Katia casually lifts one of Nadine’s legs and puts it back a bit further apart. My view of Nadine’s pussy and ass is now heavenly. My dick is hard and throbbing against my towel. Katia keeps massaging the thigh but stays away from Nadine’s crotch area. Some time passes. Suddenly I’m noticing that Nadine is rocking her hips slightly. A bit to one side, a bit to the other. She pushes her hips down, then up a little. Oh my god! Is she rubbing her clit against the towel? “Mom, a bit higher please.” Katia moves her hands further up Nadine’s thigh. They’re almost touching Nadine’s pussy now. “There?” “Almost, a bit higher mom.” Katia moves her hands further up Nadine’s thigh. The hand on Nadine’s inner thigh is now gently brushing against Nadine’s outer pussy lips. “Here honey?” “Almost, mom. Just a bit higher and don’t forget my butt please. I’m so sore there from dancing!” “Sure honey.”

Katia starts a new massage routine. She’s pouring some muscle rub on Nadine’s ass. It runs down her butt crack, over her butt hole and down her pussy. Katia runs her hands in circular motions on one of Nadine’s butt cheeks sliding the fingers of one hand over Nadine’s asshole and pussy. After a few repeats she continues on Nadine’s upper thigh, moving both hands up and down. Every time she moves up, she gets so close to Nadine’s pussy that her fingers push against Nadine’s inner lips. She’s sliding her fingers under Nadine’s body between her legs! Is she reaching Nadine’s clit? Nadine keeps rocking her hips slightly in tune with her mom’s massage rhythm. I’m staring at this show, trying not to drool. My dick must be covered in precum. I’m in paradise.

As Nadine’s gentle rocking becomes faster and faster Katia says: “Turn around honey.” Nadine stops rocking: “Really? But it just felt so good.” “On your back please.” “Ok mom.” Nadine turns around with a sigh. Did Katia just interrupt Nadine as she was about to cum? Nadine lies on her back, legs spread. I’m melting. Her breasts are so stunning! Her tan! Her beauty is enhanced by the sheen of her sweat covering her whole body. The two bones of her hip and her shaved pussy in the middle! I must be pumping precum out of my dick. Katia gets to work immediately and massages the muscle rub into Nadine’s neck and shoulders. A smile appears on Nadine’s face: “Oh thanks mom, this feels so great!” “You’re welcome honey.” Katia continues on Nadine’s arms, her hands and moves on to her breasts. She massages the chest between Nadine’s breasts, the area above them, below them, her ribs, the side of her breasts. Nadine’s flat belly is lifting more frequently. She must be turned on by this and is breathing more heavily. Katia is slowly working her way towards Nadine’s breasts. Sliding her hands from one side to the other, over Nadine’s nipples. Squeezing one breast with both hands, the nipple in the middle. As she keeps massaging Nadine’s breasts, Nadine’s legs become restless. She’s squeezing them together, moving her thighs slightly up and down as if she’s trying to rub her clit this way. Katia moves on to Nadine’s feet. “Oh yes! So good mom!” Nadine moans. Katia works her way up Nadine’s legs, her thighs, her pussy and belly and applies the muscle rub all over Nadine’s body mixing it with her sweat. Nadine looks like an oiled-up petite goddess.

“Sorry honey, my arms are getting sore. I need to finish the massage.” “Really? But my muscles are still sore!” “Sorry darling!” Nadine is propping herself up on her elbows, lifting her upper body. She is looking at her mom who’s sitting down at the sauna bench. Now Nadine is looking at me. She’s pausing for a few moments. “What about you Frank? Would you mind to keep massaging me? Mom, is that ok with you please?” I’m looking at Katia and Nadine. My heart is pounding like crazy. Me massaging Nadine? Who is fully naked? In front of her mother? Oh my goodness! “I don’t mind. Do you Frank?” Katia asks overly casually. Katia’s head is leaned back against the wall. She’s sitting there looking extremely relaxed. Oh my god! There’s no doubt Katia wants me to get close to Nadine! I’m trying to compose myself: “I’m not very good at it but I can give it a go if you don’t mind being a guinea pig Nadine.” Nadine laughs briefly: “It can’t be that bad! I’ll let you know if it hurts!” “I really don’t know where to start though. Any tips Katia?” “Start with her back. Turn around Nadine!” “Ok mom.” Nadine turns her fully nude body around and lies on the towel, belly down, face turned away, towards the wall. She spreads her legs casually.

I’m getting up. I’m feeling dizzy. Is the heat getting to me? Or the fact that I’m about to give a massage to my naked step-daughter while her mother is watching? Katia sits down where I was sitting. Now she’s the audience and I’m trying to put on a show. I’m starting on Nadine’s neck and her shoulders. She’s so beautiful. Her sweat and oil glistening on her body! “Mmmhh that’s nice, thanks Frank!” I can’t resist but to feel her whole body with my hands. I want to take it all in! I’m running my hands down her female curves. Her slim waist, her round butt cheeks. Amazing! Along her thighs, lower legs and feet. Back up her legs, butt and waist all the way to her shoulders. I’m not putting on much pressure. Less is more sensual. As I’m repeating this motion and I’m reaching her upper thighs close to where they meet her butt I hear Nadine say: “Yes, this is where I’m sore. I already told mom about it.” “I’ll do my best Nadine. Just let me know where the spot is.” My heart is pounding so fast! I’m imitating Katia’s motions. Circling her butt cheek with both hands. I slide my inner hand down her butt crack, over her asshole and along her pussy lips. Oh my goodness! She’s so wet! Then I’m moving both hands down her thigh, just a little, and up again, touching her pussy lips. “Yes, that feels good Frank.” I keep repeating that motion and try to casually run the fingers of my inner hand underneath the center of her body. Right onto her clit. “Yes, that’s the spot Frank. That’s where I’m sore.” I keep going. Nadine starts gently rocking her hips again. She seems to get turned on.

Suddenly Katia gets up, silently and stands next to me. She puts her arm around me and leans her head on to mine. She slowly starts nibbling on my ear. Oh my goodness! Will Nadine notice? Her head is turned against the wall. She probably won’t. I keep massaging Nadine sensually. Suddenly Katia is touching me. Massaging me. I doesn’t take long until I realize that she’s mirroring the massage strokes I’m making on Nadine. I’m massaging Nadine’s thigh, Katia is massaging my thigh. I’m brushing Nadine’s pussy lips, Katia is brushing my dick. I’m slipping my hand underneath Nadine’s body to touch her clit, Katia is stroking my tip. I’m losing my mind. I’m getting so hard. I’m feeling so much. Is it the heat of the sauna enhancing my sexual sensation? I’m feeling foggy, as if in a sexual frenzy. How much I’d love Katia to push a finger against my asshole! I’m running my finger over Nadine’s asshole, linger a bit, push it against it. Aaahhh! I’m feeling Katia’s finger against my asshole. This is insane! I’m getting so turned on, I’m starting to lose my inhibitions. I can’t resist anymore. I keep massaging Nadine’s upper thigh, pushing my fingers rhythmically against her pussy lips. Stroking her clit. Massaging her rim. Right in front of her mother! In return Katia is doing the same to me, stroking my dick. I’m so close to cumming. Katia is parting my towel at my crotch. My dick is out now! She keeps stroking it. Katia puts one of her legs on the bench. Oh my god is she really going to? Yes! She slips one hand under her towel. I know what that means! This is so hot!

I keep going faster and faster on Nadine. She’s rocking her hips, clenching her butt cheeks. I keep rubbing her clit, faster and faster. Suddenly she contracts her butt cheeks and I can see her asshole contract rhythmically as she’s trying to suppress a moan. She is cumming! At the same time Katia is stroking my dick so fast now, I’m about to blow my load as well. Everything is happening so fast! Katia puts her hand on my lower back and pushes me closer to Nadine. My dick is so close now to Nadine’s nude ass! If I come I’ll squirt all over her. “I’m gonna apply some more muscle rub” Is the last thing I manage to say before Katia makes me blow my load all over her daughter’s ass and pussy. “Sure Frank, don’t hold back!” Nadine replies. Does she know what’s going on? Overcome by sexual frenzy I’m spreading Nadine’s butt cheeks and pussy with my hands. Her ass hole is gaping now and so is her pussy. I’m pumping a load straight onto her asshole. A part of it drips inside her. Another splash! Right onto her wide-open pussy. My seed covers her pussy briefly before the thin film of cum breaks and it runs inside her. Another pump covering her asshole and pussy completely. How can I cum so much? My semen is dripping down Nadine’s pussy onto the towel. I try to keep massaging as good as I can so that Nadine won’t be too suspicious, spreading my cum all over her ass and pussy. I can’t believe what I’m doing! I’m noticing that Katia’s other arm is moving frantically under her towel. She’s starting to shiver now. I know what that means! Her whole body is twitching as she cums. I can’t believe how fast she came! Hell, I can’t believe what just happened! First I made my stepdaughter cum in front of her mom, then my girlfriend jerked me off, making me cum on her daughter’s naked ass and pussy while she’s bringing herself to climax! And all this while pretending this is just a normal family sauna session. I suddenly do not want this relationship to end anymore!

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

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I’ve been waiting so long for this to happen! Their has to be more coming..

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