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This was a game devised by a couple of friends of ours from an incident at a party they’d had, not a sex party or anything like that it was a birthday party for Allison. Allison and Ricky were into swapping in a low key way as they were essentially friends of my sister. My brother in law had told me that a game had been devised as a result of an incident that Allison had which she also confirmed and it was her and her husband who planned the game.
Blindfold game

This was a game devised by a couple of friends of ours from an incident at a party they’d had, not a sex party or anything like that it was a birthday party for Allison. Allison and Ricky were into swapping in a low key way as they were essentially friends of my sister. My brother in law had told me that a game had been devised as a result of an incident that Allison had which she also confirmed and it was her and her husband who planned the game.

Allison said at the time of this incident she was 28, and by that time she'd never had a lover outside of their marriage; other than the 3 (at that time) husbands in their swapper's circle, and all their swaps were done tame as I call it, that is each man goes with the wife of his for the night back to his own house.

There was one chap, who Allison had met at the squash club, l be¬lieve, that she really fancied like mad and wanted to fuck with and with Ricky's permis¬sion, she had invited him to the party and to stay for the night, the intention being to have a threesome.

Her lover, who was barely 19, wasn't up for a threesome, so at about midnight, Allison took her young stud up to bed for a quickie. When they finished, they both fell asleep, sometime later Allison was awaken by the feeling of or sound of somebody coming into the bedroom, the lights were off and the room was in complete dark¬ness, The intruder came over to her side of the bed.

Lying on her back, naked and not covered by any bedclothes, the man started to fondle her breasts. She believed it was Ricky, she started to say something, but the man hushed her, still thinking it was him she relaxed to the fondling, first of her breasts and then the hands moved to her wet cunt and fingered her, arousing her, he plunged his fingers deep and pulled them out and gave them to her to lick, which she did, tasting the juices of her own cunt mingled with those of her new lover's spunk, returning his fingers to her cunt the next time he licked them, which really aroused Allison, as she was yearning for Ricky to eat her cunt after she'd been fucked (but hadn't dared to ask him). This fingering lasted about ten minutes, by which time Allison says she was well aroused.

Allison still believing it was Ricky reached out, undid his trousers and pulled them and his underpants down as He fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples. His penis was rock hard and she immediately took it into her mouth and started sucking. It was only as she took hold of his penis and guided it to her lips, that she immediately realised it wasn't in fact her own husband at all, but she says she got quite a surge thinking that here she was sucking off somebody she couldn't see and didn't know or did she know.?

She gave his penis the full works, swinging her legs off the bed so that she was sitting in front of him, she licked her way around his cock, over his balls, taking them one at a time fully into her mouth and feeling the testicles move with her mouth, all of which had him groaning with pleasure and frightening Allison that he might wake her new lover up. However He wasn't able to take much of that treatment and he pumped his spunk into her mouth, giving her a very full mouth of thick gooey sperm which she gobbled down, not letting his cock free of her mouth till his penis was limp, once more. Moreover, as his sperm splattered onto her tongue, Allison was climaxing as well, even though he was not touching her sexually, in fact he was gently holding her head.

The stranger pulled up his pants and trousers and then quickly left, without a further word. Because of her naked and dishevelled state it was some minutes before Alli¬son left the bedroom and appeared downstairs, there were still a number of people left around, but she was unable to identify the man.

Finding Ricky she told him that she'd just sucked off a man who was in this room and she didn't know who it was. She wasn't upset, in fact quite the opposite. She obviously got a buzz from it, especially as out of the 15 or 16 guys in the house at the time, she had sex with 3 of them and knew where they were. They had eliminated the men down to five, who could have done it.

So the game was devised from there, I think my sister has some part in the planning and I’d known about the game since Paul told me probably about 2007. I had admitted that the concept turned me on. So it wasn’t till David and I started playing with my sister and Paul and so on, that it was agreed that David would initiate me in it.

We first played it in mid-2010 and have played it from time to time, but as our sons got older, we had to become more careful about the sexy games we played at home. Essentially, I prepared myself and dressed usually in high heeled shoes, stockings with Basque or waspie, in both cases my breasts are bare as is my pussy, David then blindfolds my eyes quite securely and left me lying on the bed, initially he’d leave me with my wrists and ankles tied to the 4 corners of the bed so I was in spread eagled basic bondage; As we progressed the game over time, my attire became more fetish orientated, (5” High heels on boots or fetish shoes; PVC ½ cups bras and suspenders) with things like nipple clamps being put on nipples and labia lips, the bondage has become more acute, and a small variety of paddles and whips left around to be used on me as my lover feels fit.

Once in position and within 5 to 10 minutes I would hear him bring into our bedroom another man. In about 75% of the cases I know David has to leave the guy to get on with me. The special part of all this was I never knew who the guy was (yes, I sometimes guessed); I was to have never had sex with him before (except in repeats of this game); the man was told to be as silent as he could and David’s ***********ion of him was based the following:-

• Husband of any couple we knew. or

• Any man whom I’d know the surname or Christian name. or

• Any man who works or ever worked in the same company as me. or

• Any man who works or ever worked at the same company as David. or

• Any man who was a member of the Gym we both belonged to. or

Later on David also included any teacher at either of our son’s schools, any members of his rugby or golf club.

David made sure that each guy knew full well exactly what he could do to me and that if he overstepped the limits he’d never be invited back again, although I think most of them were doing stuff to me that was pretty new to them, almost at the start he told them I’d suck and swallow, and take it in the arse and as well as the pussy, by the end of that year he’d tell ***********ed ones that I’d do watersports and stuff like that.

People have said to me you must have a clue about the guy, well yes in about a third of the cases, I think I could name the guy, based upon size and smell and taste, but in fact very few was I 100% sure. Of course the really exciting thing is, that as the time has passed and initially we played this game a couple of times a month consistently throughout 20010/2012. In 2012, David started occasionally inviting 2 men at a time and I’ve taken 3 guys in one session.

David has admitted to me that when we started this he ‘bent’ the initial rules; so in 2010 the first four guys weren’t ‘new’ to me, they were all mates of his; the ‘rumour mill’ about my antics had started back in 2010 and he then found no difficulty in broaching the subject over a beer. So his starter pool of guys was his own work colleagues and his own social friends. By the end of 2012 I have had frequent sex with the same number of men on his list; he says there have been 15 men on the current list.

So imagine when I’m talking to any man who is remotely known to me -- do I detect a gleam in his eyes? Does he know what kind of sex slut I really am? Can you imagine the feelings I have when we go to a party or large dinner party and he says to me there will be a couple of your lovers here tonight! Out of maybe a dozen! That’s enough to have me dripping all evening long and every look I get from any guys makes me wetter.

Moving on

We’d had an open house for drinks one afternoon/evening between Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012; Neighbours, friends etc. all people we both knew really well. We had invited over 30 couples and a few that were single at the time, so maybe about 50+ people actually came, I don’t recall, but from about 2pm till midnight, they came and went. Some of the guests were men who’d been my lovers in the past 3 years with their own respective partner.

Even though this wasn’t to be an ‘adult party’, David had ‘dared me’ to wear one of my more outrageous outfits, a sexy mini-dress, with no underwear, high heels and hold up stockings. By this time in the ‘blindfold game’ David had told me I’d had sex with 9 different men (I thought it was 4, as we’d done it about 25 or so times by then), and that he was inviting each of them over with their own partner.

I’d only had the opportunity to see Peter’s wife, Angie the one time we were in the dress shop and I hadn’t taken any notice of her at the time. She was far more attractive than I imagined, like Peter in her late 30’s. David was utterly taken by her, especially as her outfit was probably sexier than mine. I knew that from Peter’s point of view that a lot of my attraction for him was I was a sexy attractive wife who would play with other men; that he knew I slept with some other guys as well as him proved an added attraction. He often lamented that he would like his wife to adopt the same role as me. I had suggested in the latter part of 2010 that he suggest to her to do that. Events were to change that, because Angie suspected that something was going on between me and Peter, and at our party she came onto David in a big way. This resulted in David and her commencing an affair about 2 weeks later. But that’s another story.

Obviously I was keen to work out which of the men coming that day were my ‘mystery lovers’. It left me in a state of bewilderment and huge sexual excitement. I had a sort of plan. Being Christmas, I had a chance to get each guy under the mistletoe for a kiss and depending on his effects I thought I’d be able to access his relationship with me. I didn’t invite a French kiss, but the merest hint with my lips just parted. My mistletoe ambush was in the hallway, so we weren’t in general view, but not secluded.

Of course there were other guys there I’d had sex with over the past 3 years and excluding them, I kissed maybe a dozen or so other guys to find the truth. Our hallway has the front door the lounge and dining room and a small study room off it, most people were in the lounge and some in the dining room (where the nibbles were) I think some guys were gentlemen and gave me a short to longish kiss, but made no attempt at pushing tongue into my mouth; another couple gave me a long French kiss with no real touching of me other than holding me close, about 4 or 5 did several long kisses and as it progressed slide their hand around my body cupping a boob or bum cheek or both and giving a squeeze. It is only human nature to prefer some partners for sex than others and sometimes that is physical and sometimes it is who they are. There were several men in the ones above that I’d go to bed with easily, but not all, However the remaining guys I’d say were except in 2 cases, guys I really fancied anyway, therefore my ‘signals might have been more obvious to them than others.

There was 6 guys got their tongues right down my throat for several minutes and had a good feel and fondle, especially when they saw no resistance and made it plain they’d like more and some had longer than others. All these 6 plus a half of the others, I stepped into the study room with.

• All 6 had run their hands up my short dress to my naked pussy and fingered me as we kissed.

• 2 pulled my dress to my waist, 3 pulled it right up over my breasts.

• The of the 2 that pulled my dress to the waist, both licked me for a few moments

• All 3 who pulled my dress completely up kissed and sucking on my breasts, 2 of them also licked me.

• I extracted the cock of each of the 6 guys and fellated him to completion (and swallowed) although 3 wanted to fuck me there and then. – I knew I’d make too much noise.

By the end I felt sure that of the 6 that some were guys who were mystery lovers, but I knew that if he called me in the near future, he wasn’t a ‘mystery lover’ just a chancer, because those that called me would be breaking the rules of David’s game.

One lover, I hadn’t counted on was a son of one of our neighbours and not included in my calculations or numbers above. I hadn’t really noticed Tony till I saw him at about 10pm and knew his parents had gone already home about 7ish as they lived close enough to walk back home. At 10pm there were still about a dozen people around and no one was in a hurry to go and we didn’t mind.

I’d gone to the kitchen just after 10pm to get something to drink and he followed me in about 20 seconds later, like me, he’d had a few alcoholic drinks and he asked where the coats were, I told him in one of the bedrooms he asked if I’d go with him. I felt that was strange, until he explained that if anyone lost something, he’d be blamed – being a teenager and all. So I went up the stairs to look in the bedrooms. As I went upstairs I was well aware that he was looking up my really short dress at my naked pussy, I brazenly slowed down so he could see better and felt a huge jolt of sexual arousal hit me. I had been playing all afternoon, without any relief and I was hot and horny by then.

We found his jacket in our bedroom, and he said I was really pretty, and he’d like a Christmas kiss before he went home. His kiss turned into a real five minute snog, which proceeded much like the ones I outlined above, till I stepped away from him after about 5 minutes and let my dress fall off me completely. I pulled him into our en-suite bathroom for some sucking and a full fuck. We both could have gone on, but as I pointed out I had Guests downstairs and we’d already been gone 45 minutes. We parted reluctantly; he soon became my most frequent lover by a long way. My husband had guessed what was up, but not with whom. When David found out it was Tony, he found that very hot. Also by about the fifth time we went to bed, Tony had become a very good lover. David told me much later that Tony’s dad had been a mystery lover.

One of my 6 men became a lover for me, at a New Year’s party two days later; he was the husband of a good friend of mine and we slipped away to a bed room where this time he did fuck me. I felt as guilty as hell afterwards, till he asked me if I’d be interested in joining him and his wife (my friend of about 10 years) in bed. I said yes, a week later we got together. It was fun and it was she who suggested that the next one be David, her and me. I asked her to first have a night with David whilst I was with her guy. She agreed and she became the first of several wives, who I procured for my husband over the years.

Then in 2013 we moved house a couple of miles away. One of the advantages of the new house was the garage we inherited with it was an office–upstairs with a workshop – downstairs, that the previous owner had developed and used in the large double garage for his craft hobby. David had the idea of making it into a ‘playroom’ for our adult games especially as it was detached from the house by a gap, had its own electric and water supply; he had installed pulleys and a hoist to enable me to be safely hung by my breasts or ankles (upside down) or wrists or both. Both my sister and I had taken sexual play and BDSM session in the previous workshop area and it was fairly sound proofed from the house, but not quite so from standing outside the garage doors. The drive way was wide enough for 4 cars two by two. Anybody walking passed would need exceptional hearing.

Both our boys were still at the same schools as before, but those schools were nearer to the house so now they could walk home, This also meant that if either wished he could walk home when school was over, without the other who maybe in a different ‘games’ or ‘extras’ after classes ended.

Then came that day; Ben had come over for some fun late morning towards the end of June. I’d greeted Ben earlier in red and black satin Basque, which has support for my breasts but leaves them fully exposed, the Basque has suspenders, which held black seamed stockings, and on my feet were two-tone red & black 5” high heeled court shoes. After a couple of hours or so of sexual and domination play, he started to put me into bondage. I’ve already told you about him doing this in our previous house and this was to be his first in this house. Previously he’d bound me in revealing positions hoping that I’d get caught like that by one or both of our sons. I’d found the experience very arousing and exciting, so this day I made no protest as he started.

It was probably my own fault, I had told my sister and Tania that in our old house he had tied me up naked and exposed and I’d found it exciting and that I had delayed trying to free myself and a couple of times while tied to my own bed, I had waited till I heard a key in the door before I tried to free myself. Both women had expressed their own desire to be put in that position by Ben. I didn’t know if either of them had asked him, but it was when he finished his handiwork, when he said ‘I dare you to wait till you hear that key in the door, before you try to get free.’ I had definitely used those exact same words to them.

This particular day was going to be the first time he’d leave me in bondage in this house and the first time in almost 3½ months we’d done this. During that time there had been some developments at home.

• My sister told me that during the last year, she had become aware that when she or I played the blindfold game at my home; once secured on the bed, in light bondage and blindfolded, my husband had taken to leaving the bedroom door wide open for the many minutes after he left and before the evening’s guest arrived. When she said it, I knew it was true as he had recently left me for what must have been well over 20 minutes before I heard a door bell ring. She said that her husband Paul was had been doing the same thing to us at their house but for longer. We both knew that this left plenty of time for each set of boys to creep up to the bedroom and look in on Mummy or their auntie in mild bondage and on display.

• Having seduced my sister-in-law’s elder son Charlie in May, Karen had confided in me she was planning to seduce him herself as soon as he returned from boarding school in late July, and that would be quickly followed by her other son in Mid-August. That whole thing fired me up, especially when she admitted she ought to have started earlier with them.

• My affair with Charlie went beyond straight sex as I had taken him with me to Ben’s for some light S & M sex play which evolved in my excitement to more of a medium level. Charlie told me about what my sons had seen and witnessed of me doing, especially going across to Ben but other things as well, but confirming what my sister had told me above. I had been contemplating asking him NOT to say anything about what went down at Ben’s in particular, but also that we’d had sex like rabbits in the week he stayed with us. In the end I decided he could tell them if he wanted.

• Charlie had confessed to me when I took him back to school after that half term that he’d told my boys that he and I had fucked and that I was cool with them knowing they peeped at me etc. He asked me if I was okay with them knowing all of what we’d done at Ben’s, at the moment he asked I was rather aroused and said yes its fine. I also told him that his mother was also quite capable to undergoing what I had taken at Ben’s, which lit him up, but after the party at Easter he suspected she would be.

• Charlie had told me that after the Easter party when his mother had shown off to him, his brother and both my boys, they had gone upstairs all into one room, where they had discussed what had happened and had felt that it would be my turn next, well aware that what Karen had done was a dare, my dare would be similar, they had all sat round playing with their hard ons, waiting for me to show. I told him, but I had expected to be told to go upstairs and make sure each as in bed, but my dare had been to seduce him, Had any of us adults known, me especially they were sat there waiting for me to walk in, I would have gone up. He assured me if I had gone in, I would have spent the night getting shagged rotten. I admitted to him that had become a masturbatory fantasy of mine after that event,

I had already made my mind up I was going to let that happen with my own boys. I was going to be found tie up and naked by whoever got home first, maybe both. As I made my resolution I felt myself get wetter. In the last 6 months I had come so close on several occasions to one or both of them catching me.

This day Ben told me he was going to tie me up in our lounge, I made no protest and we both knew that once I heard a key in the door, there was no way I would not be found and caught. He put me in one of the soft armchairs, with my hips rights over the edge in a very slouching position, my legs were pulled back over each arm of the chair with rope just above each knee then tied around the chair back; with each ankle was tied to a stout rear leg of the chair, pulling my legs and thighs wide apart especially my pussy: holding me very open and exposed. My wrists were in cuffs and my arms were fully stretched out tied around the back of the chair; with a pile of pillows behind my back.

Prior to securing me into the sofa, he had bound my breasts with small rope in a figure of eight, (but not too tight¬ly), and then he had inserted the pin pads into the quarter bra cups of the Basque, squeezing them so that the pins penetrated the lower area of my breasts. For the upper slopes he inserted a dozen, large multi coloured map pins with 15mm pins into each orb. Once secured over the chair, he attached small but very painful plastic crocodile clamps to my swollen nipples. As soon as he did that he tied the end of each to the same cord holding my knees apart pulling at them, but I soon realised that when I moved those clamps would tighten on my nips and maybe break the skin. He applied similar crocodile clamps on each labia; with a cord on each upper clamp going to my wrists and the lower one to my ankles, but it also restricted movement as any slight movement pulled on my already fully searched labia and the teeth bit it - hard. My large butt plug with the fox’s tail was pushed fully home

One of his last acts was to dab a blob of tabasco sauce onto my engorged nipples and clit, followed by dribbling more along my labia and into my open pussy; which left me with a combined burning and throbbing sensation, the heat is both a turn-on and a pain, because of lack of any relief.

Finally a latex mask (as usually used by my husband in the blindfold game) covered the top half my head including obviously eyes and he'd inserted my own ‘O’ ring ball gag (a ring large enough for most cocks to slide inside) tied around my head. As well as blindfolding me the latex also diminished my hearing. I was thinking to myself that this was the first time Ben used the mask on me. It was about this point that I felt we were going well beyond what I had envisaged, but I was still well aroused and reasoned that whoever found me would soon after see more when he accompanied me to Ben’s house just like Darren had with Tania.

Already in earlier play he had twice pissed into my mouth, with me having to drink every drop, then when I needed a pee, he had me do so into a glass jug and then I had to drink it almost straight away, early on he'd also given me two full glasses of orange juice to drink as well. After that he refused to allow me to relieve myself, till he started to put me in bondage, and again I had to drink it all down. Now he inserted a catheter into my urine hole and the other end of it he fastened to the ‘O’ ring so a steady flow of piss was passing over my tongue and down my throat to start all over again. The flow was slow enough to cope with easily, but the taste was already strong at the outset, close to that first pee of the morning, now it would get stronger and there was already so much liquid in me that the circulation was near non-stop.

Next from each of the 4 labia clamps he hung some lead weights; he put a battery powered vibrator into my pussy to keep me in a state of arousal. My bum and breasts were still red from the tawsing he given me earlier; this was in addition to the welt marks still very visible from the strokes of a school birch cane again showing on my breasts and bum. I was still wet from all that and well aware of his and my own sexual juices trickling out of my pussy down my inner thighs. I was thinking the last part was a step too far.

I had a rough idea of the time when he started his elaborate bondage of me as I’d heard the clock go 2pm as he started. I was trying to figure out to get free. Ben had previously tied me up in comprising positions in my previous house maybe 15 times and I’d manage to free myself every time. But this time I was spread-eagled with no way to reach any of the ties, moving too much was going to ripe my nipples.

Since I heard him leave, I Initially - for maybe 20 minutes, I wasn’t particularly worried, I’d always managed to free myself before, I was still very aroused and was thinking - okay - so one of the boy’s comes home and finds me like this. Then I reflected on my actual state, there would be a lot of explaining to do, half of me was a bit fearful of that - the other half was getting aroused.

Then I realised that I was in the lounge I the front of the house, if anybody was to come to the front by they could not fail to see me sitting there facing full on and open to a large front window; the pathway comes right down in front of the bay window, so before reaching or even going away from the front door, it would only be human nature to peer in, then maybe even if they looked in as they walked along the pavement in front of the house, how far away was it, not far –that fired me up again!

Almost as I was thinking that ‘okay I’ll just stay still and just let one of my boys find me like this’, I heard the front doorbell ring. It was like an icy shock. Neither of them would ring the bell and it was far too early for them. Surely whoever it was could see me. Perhaps they would just walk away, having seen me or not.

I had bated breath, trying to relax, when I heard the noises. Someone had come in by the side door, into the kitchen and into the lounge. Someone was standing there looking me over. I could feel his presence close; he definitely felt the weights attached to my nipples and labia. He must have seen the canes, tawses, riding crop, and other such items as nipple clamps etc., I could feel his breath on my body, at one point I knew he was kneeling between my legs, looking right into my wide open cunt. Then he pulled the vibrator out of my pussy, but at the same time a second pair of hands was squeezing my pin encrusted breasts.

They put a finger to my lips to signal hush. I now felt that it was a couple of mates of Ben’s, he’d sent them over to play with me. The guy below was feeling into my pussy with his fingers, I was very wet. He removed the clamps holding my pussy wide apart; then I felt his cock enter me – bare. Almost at the same moment I felt a cock brushed passed my lips and push at my mouth, and was in.

My arousal was such that I was eagerly sucking and thrusting in moments to both cocks.

I don’t know whether it was my situation they each found a turn on, maybe neither had sex regularly, but both spurted quickly, with grunts. I hadn’t climaxed, near - but not so. I felt them both move away, they whispered something I couldn’t make out. There was several ‘corrs & 'wows' before it seemed they went back into the kitch¬en. I heard the fridge door, the pop of a beer or soda can. Still convinced they were friends of Ben, I stayed silent. I felt one of them next to me and then a semi erect cock at my lips, with the ‘O’ ring he had free access to my mouth and he pushed in, It was the cock that had fucked me, I knew my own taste, I started to suck, he said no, and then he pissed, quiet hard and fast, a hot stream it was difficult to swallow it down, I knew some spilled, I heard him laugh. By the time he finished he was rampant hard. I started to suck him, but he pulled out. No sooner than the second cock was in my mouth trying to piss as well, he didn’t really manage it as he was too aroused.

The next 20 minutes descended into a frenzy of fucking me in the arse and pussy and putting soled cocks to my mouth to clean. I didn’t mind that at all, but without sight of the time I was now starting to worry that one of the boys might be home any minute. In the course of this fun, my bonds to my hands and feet had been freed and I had responded to the sex as eagerly as the men. When they were exhausted - they had left, but had tried to replace Ben’s rope bondage but hadn’t really done a good job. I was free within 5 minutes and removed my leather mask. I looked around in horror at the chaos of the lounge, damp patches on the carpet and sofa. It was 3:45pm that was the usual time of arrival home of the boys. As I freed myself I remembered for the first time that day that I hadn’t been on the pill for 4 months now and they hadn’t ‘used’ anything as I had felt their cum in me and was now leaking.

In a frantic hurry I scooped up everything and took it upstairs and pulled some old clothes on to pretend I was in house cleaning mode, even though I was still wearing the pins bar with the pins in my boobs as well. Another trip to the lounge, garbed more stuff back upstairs. I then took one of the longest pees ever, before I went downstairs the second time I heard the boys enter the kitchen. I was too concerned everything was in order, when Simon and my eyes alighted upon a small parcel on the kitchen breakfast table, there was a card there. Simon said something like ‘cool, it’s my DVD’ and then looked at the card as I also tried to pick it up. It was an amazon delivery card for saying ‘sorry we missed you when we called’ - time on it was 2:25. Thinking quickly I said I was upstairs when he rang the doorbell, but managed to catch him before he got back to his van.

Inside I was thinking, ‘shit’ what has just happened. They weren’t friends of Ben or were they, what are the chances?

I’d been so sure that it been set up by Ben, but suddenly that was gone. When blindfolded the other senses click in further to help cover. I started thing, there were 8 men who’ve been with Ben and me in his sessions at his house over the past 3½ years, of those 6 had done scat play with me in the last 2 years on a regular basis, the other two weren’t into that. And these guys hadn’t gone anywhere near scat play. That left 2 guys, but those guys were the same age as Ben and not as nimble as the guys’ earlier to-day, neither did they feel as old as them.

‘Ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt’. I went upstairs to have a shower and was looking at the bundle of stuff I had scooped up in my hurry; in there was a piece of paper, which was still attached to one of the teeth of a clamp, it read “Fuck me – Please! All holes” . A day later in the sitting room I found a similar note that I’d missed “Toilet Mouth –Piss here” I hadn’t seen that but I guessed it had been on my head somewhere, probably taped to the leather mask on my forehead because the arrow was pointing down. I had just grabbed and pulled that mask off my head, the note had drifted down somewhere.

Later I had to phone Ben, it was nearly 5pm, he heard my voice and chuckled, ‘which one got you’ he was referring to my sons, he had no idea what had happened and I could hear his was disappointment when I said I was free before they got in. He said he thought I was well up for being caught out like that by them. I told him I was, but he’d taken things a few steps too far that morning and I couldn’t let either of them catch me like he left me. He just said okay, understood, ‘are you up for trying again, but next time, just naked bondage?’ - I felt my pussy leak, ‘yes’ was all I said. I knew Ben had no idea what had happened.

David wasn’t going to be home till gone 8pm, so I phoned my sister and told her in detail what had happened. I could tell by her voice that she got aroused as I talked; she kept saying ‘you have no idea who they were!’

As I told her about it I re-aroused myself. She was just as curious as Ben about why I had freed myself before the boys got home. I said I was leaking cum and pee and the place was a mess, I was a mess, she accepted that. I knew that my sister and the other wives who ‘knew Ben’ felt I was Ben’s favourite, but I was the one who made the first contact and I (at the old house) had a weekly session with Ben, whereas most of them were interested in one or two meetings a month to visit him. In the last year I had also slowed to 1 or maybe sometimes 2 visits a month visits. I knew he had “tie you in bondage and see if your kids catch you” with my sister, but only about three times with her and that was all this summer. He’d said he’d not had the opportunity to try it on any of our friends.

I was thinking about Ben’s activity when I worked out that by this time he was being visited by Tania and Darren once a week, my sister was doing almost the same frequency with Darren and both were doing visits on their own where scat and K9 were being done to both by Ben and friends of his, it had become almost part of the weekly ritual for four of us women to be doing that on each visit. Although I’d had sex with Darren at this point, I hadn’t had a session under Ben with him watching. My sister as well as Tania had more recently submitted to Ben on their own when accompanied by Becky (my sister’s daughter). I knew from both mothers that Becky and Darren were keen to see me submit to Ben, my sister had already primed me to be ready to undertake undertake scat and/or k9 play which usually involved at least one of Ben’s mates being there, in front of each or both of them during my submission.

Nude day Incident :-

We’d been in the new house for several weeks when this happened. In return for the sexual favours I’d been doing my Boss at work, I was allowed to work from home usually one day a week, sometimes two depending on schedules and client’s needs. I had recently told my Boss, that David now required me to do a ‘nude day’ once in a while, whilst explaining that the nude day wasn’t - it was actually high heels and stockings (or just high heels if it was a hot day); my Boss loved that concept even more. He asked all the questions about what about visitors; shopping; when the boys got home and so on. I told him I had permission to wear this thin near see-thru beach wrap in the morning till everyone had left, and from late afternoon till 9pm.

But it was very thin white cotton, quite loose and held together by a single tie; it ‘gapped’ if I wasn’t too careful and it was thin enough to be rated as almost see through. My Boss was interested (aroused) when I admitted each boy had caught me at times in just heels and stockings, mostly by accident. Outside of that I had to take my chances. He teased me by saying he’d bring a file over or send one with our young male office junior; or maybe a delivery motorcyclist. Every time I took a day from work he wanted to know if it was a nude day and would David make me forfeit the wrap! He was also starting to suggest that a ‘nude day at work’ should be explored, but that’s a whole new story.

It was my Boss who’d dared me to go wake up my sons of a morning in my ‘hot nude day’ attire but without the ‘wrap’ – I didn’t tell Dave, because he would have added stuff. The first time I’d done it had been early in the boy’s summer holidays, I knew from the past they were both sleepyhead like their father, so the chances of them being awake was minimal.

The first time I did it I stood fully exposed in the doorway and just said ‘time to rise and shine’ - much like I have done in the past. I did Mike first, then Simon - I actually stood there for Simon a lot longer. Over the next weeks on my appointed nude day I did this three times each time getting bolder, saying it louder and stepping fully into each bedroom and lingering longer. After waking the boys I would pull on my dressing gown and head downstairs to start breakfast whilst Dave was shaving and showering. I’d have my breakfast then head up for my final dressing and make up.

The fourth time I did it, it wasn’t a declared ‘nude day’ but I had woken up really horny, it had been a hot night and was the day after I’d been tickled and exposed to Simon and his friends; I’d woken earlier than usual; once I was washed and with my make up on, feeling naughty I donned a pair of my highest heels and black stockings with a suspender belt (for a change), when I went into Mike’s he was lying on the top of his bed just his pyjama shorts on, I stepped right up to his bed and got a jolt when I saw he had a ‘stiffy’. I was already aroused from my own actions, knowing if I did indeed wake him there was no time to retreat and he see me.

My Boss’s words filled my head “waking up to see his mum in just high heels and stocking standing in his bedroom is every boys dream” I was standing there was for maybe a long minute and had an out of body experience, because I saw my hand reach down and touch his shoulder and my voice saying ‘wake up’ – He stirred but turned over a bit – I left with pounding heart. I moved to Simon’s room and went in, since the previous summer I knew my older son had taken to sleeping in the nude; he had a top sheet over his hips and legs but was asleep. I stood right beside his bed, his morning hard on was evident; I was maybe in a trance because I gently lifted the sheet off his body and dropped it off the bed. His penis looked lovely and perfect, a smaller version of his Dad’s but bigger than I expected now he was hard, so much so that his foreskin was almost cleared of the crown of his cock. In the back of my mind, I said ‘okay yes its time’ I left him and for the first time went downstairs as I was (no gown) and made breakfast.

When Dave came downstairs and saw me he grinned – ‘are you going to actually do the nude day, during the school holiday?’ His face told me it would be a great idea, as did the sudden bulged in his crutch.

‘No I dared myself to give them till you came down’

‘Give them till I leave’ he asked. I looked at the clock it was 8:10 he would leave in about 15 minutes, maybe stretch it out

‘Okay’ I said –maybe a bit too easily.

‘You’ll stay like that if one of them comes down’


Dave came up behind me and cupped a breast and ran a couple of fingers into my pussy, ‘Oh my you are wet and aroused’ he said needlessly. ‘Come on – I dare you to make this your proper first nude day, stay like this all day’

OMG!!! I was so close to accepting his dare.

Dave looked me in the eye; ‘Oh gosh, you are actually contemplating doing it’ He was absolutely correct. ‘Oh damn I’ll going to walking around with a hard-on all day’

‘I can’t’ - His face fell. ‘I’ve got Viv coming over this morning and both boys have friends coming around because they know I’m at home. Both Dave and I had limited the boys having friends around when we aren’t around and since Sunday’s exhibition I was expecting more eager eyes. (I wasn’t wrong – later Simon had five friends come by)

He was looking so disappointed. ‘Okay I’ll do breakfast like this with you once a week, staying like this till you leave.

A few minutes later he did leave. I know he had it in his mind that I was several steps closer to doing his proper ‘nude day at home’ and I knew he was right with or without friends of the boys coming over, especially after Sunday.

Even after he’d left for work, I lingered around the kitchen clearing up, Past experience said neither of them would come down till after 9am.

The next week David chose the day and it was a repeat of the previous week, I put my hand on the shoulder of each boy and gave a gentle shake as I said ‘wake up’. Down in the kitchen Dave was unaware of my foray into each bedroom.

‘So’ He said ‘if one of them comes down before I leave you will stay like that for the rest of the day’ that is what I had agreed last night as we had sex and he had me at high arousal. Just as he was about to leave we both heard the noise of the bathroom being used.

We looked at each other, ‘if you are still around, it might not go so well’ I said – he was off. But the noise had started my heart thumping a bit harder.

Like last week I did linger a bit longer, like with some of the times in the old house when Ben had me in bondage, it was an exciting bit of devilment. I had dared myself to stay till 9am, just as I was before going upstairs to dress. I watched the clock and listened to the noises being made.

The following week we went off on a family holiday for a week and my routine was broken and all too soon the boys were back at school.
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