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I made this for a fan ao hope you. Like. If interested I'll write a story for you just get ahold of me
This was a request from someone. They had given me ideas for a story so here I am writing it. Here we go.

It has been such a long few months for me. I have been working all winter and spring long that I don't remember the last time I took some time for myself. It was almost summer time. Means school would be out. I don't have kids of my own but my neighbors have some kids. While they are nice and good kids. Some days they can get alittle loud for my comfort. So with summer coming up I knew they would be outside alot being kids. I don't want to be that mean grumpy neighbor so I had to take time for self to recharge and relax and get away.

I had decided to go on a vacation just myself. I looked up camping grounds and checked out reviews and found one that seemed so perfect. I used to go camping with my family when was younger and my dad always took time to teach me some things. So I was no stranger to the camping life style. I packed up my stuff. Tents, blankets, cooler, etc I was ready. I got in the vehicle and made the drive.

Some good time had gone by and I finally made it to the campground. I went to the office and said who I was and paid for my reservation and they gave me a map of the campus and I got back in my car and drove around looking for the perfect spot to camp.

I had finally found the perfect spot. A good distance away from the rest of the camp ground. It took me a small bit to get it all settled but finally did. After having it set up I was getting really hot and had decided to go and get have a dip. I put on my swim shorts and followed the trail down by lake where swimming was allowed. I could see 2 bodies in the water from a distance but couldn't make out of male of female.

Hearing the 2 talking came to conclusion they was 2 women. Watching them for a private distance from them so not to scare them or worry them. I stopped and sat down and watched them some. I got a nice good look at them.

One was a slender darker skin female. Only seeing the top half of her body her breasts was on the smaller side. Possibly on the B or C size cup. Her hair was long and black and curly. She had it up in a bun on her head. Almost fro like with all her hair. She looked very attractive.

The other was just the opposite. Shoulder length bright red hair. Could been little longer but my distance could only see that much. Her breasts was way bigger then her friend. Easily doubled in size. Seeing them both talk and then playfully splash around with each other was starting to turn me on. I had to come up with something to get close to them. I then gave a quick look around and saw a rope. I then knew this was one of those Tarzan swing and drop in water. I stood up and while holding the room I did my Tarzan swing and then let go.

Falling straight down into water and then swam some towards them and came up for air slowly. I shake my head some and looked at the ladies. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't know anyone else was down here."

The red headed lady spoke up. "No its fine. We was just relaxing in the lake.." I give her a quick look over and her friend and then looked back the one that spoke. "So don't mind me hanging out with you both?" The black hair replied. "No not at all. My name is Shameika. You can call me Sham for short if like." The red headed spoke. "I'm Ariel."

They both smiled at me and I smiled back. "I'm Scott." Then it went silent for a bit as thr ladies looked back each other. I pushed back and floated on my back. I hadn't paid attention but once I got relaxed on my back I could hear the ladies make small talk ignored it as I was just relaxed.

Soon one of the ladies had gotten out of the water. Other spoke up. "So what bring you here?" Not recognizing the voice I opened my eyes and looked at the woman and say its was Ariel. "Just needed time to self working so much at work." She nodded her head "Yea get that. We just wanted a girls weekend so we decided to come here." I replied back. "Thats cool."

Then a small I could feel the water change and then heard her get closer. "I don't mean to be straight forward but are you a single guy? Do you have a significant other?" I just simply replied. "Nope all alone." She then commented "Well not alone now. Plus I asked cause you seemed excited right now." I opened my eyes and realized my dick had been hard for quite some time as was sticking straight up. Before I moved she spoke.

"Don't have to worry. I've seen hard ons before but nothing like that. Mind if I see it? I'll show you my tits in return." I gave it some thought. "I'll show you my dick but you have to show first." She didn't hesitate at all. She reached down and pulled her top off like it was nothing. Her bare breasts now exposed and infront of me. It made my dick flick andi I saw her bite her lip. I could tell she was getting turned on. "Since me moving would make me fall....."

Before i could finish my sentence she interrupted " I'll be happy to pull your dick out." I grin at her.."Go for it Ariel." She thr reached her hand out of the water and placed them on the side of my shorts and undid the tie. She the pulled them up and down carefully letting my dick out. Watching her reaction to the size of my dick made it jump.

My dick was big but more on the girth size then it was length. Past relationship have told me that the length was a good size but the girth of it was above average. She then spoke. "I've never seen a cock so thick. Can I touch it?" I gave it a thought. "Yea go for it." She grinned and licked her lips as she moved a hand over and on top of my dick.

Her wet hand moved up and down my dick. Truth been told it has been awhile since some one had touch my dick. I wasn't a quick cummer but having her touch it as good and soft as she was I could have exploded but I didn't. She gave my dick a good feel over with one and spoke. "I can barely wrap my hand around your dick." She held onto my dick and gave it a pull. Her other hand rested on my ass. I then looked around and realized she was moving me over to the shallow end. She then moved around some. "Can you stand up?" She kept her hand on my dick as I moved and placed my feet down and stood up realizing the water is only thigh up so my dick stayed out of the water and was now right in front of her face. I knew what she might ask soon but she spoke.

"As much as I would love to take a taste I made a promise." I gave her a questionable look. "What you mean?" She gave my dick a few stroke with her one hand. "Well after we saw your dick sticking up we both wanted to see and feel it. So we did a little Rock paper scissors of who gets to see it first but no mouth." We both had a small laugh. "So you both liked seeing my hard on."

"Yes very much. We are best friends and have fooled around. And after we both saw that it turned us both on so i won the game so i got first dibs to check it out. And have to say it's very good look dick." I gave her a smile. "So then where did Sham go?"

"She went back to our site for a few and then be back. Since I won its my job to convince you to come with me or us if she back in time. To come to our site to take this to the next level." After she said that she placed her other hand on my dick and gave it some double handed stroking. "I am so for it but I have a counter. How about go to my site it's the farthest away and you 2 can scream as loud as you want."

Without hesitation she replied. "Sold. Got to wait for her though. So let's stop and chill and wait." We both smiled.."alright" we then gathered our stuff and fixed out clothing and waited for Sham to come back.

Ariel and I just chatted small talk and flirted some. I couldn't stop looking at her big tits just like she couldn't stop looking at my lap and dick area. "Here she comes." Shan finally came down the hill and rejoined us. "Hey you 2." I replied. "Hey you." We all three had a small giggle at that. Then we all stood up and Ariel spoke.

"Scott said we should go to his site. It's farther away and we could br loud." Sham licked her lips and nodded her head. "Lead the way then sir." She gave a slight bow and looked back up and stuck her tongue out me. My dick flicked some seeing that. Thoughts went throu my head.

I started walking with the girls following me. Giving my butt some shake for them to look at. I didn't have much of a butt, but the shorts did give me a good back side. I can hear the girls behind making talks. I can only think that it's about what is going to happen soon. It didn't take long when we got to my site and sure enough no other campers are around and it's just us 3 in the area.

"Here we are." They looked it over and smiled. Sham laid her towel down and then sat down. Ariel sat down in a lawn chair I had already set up from when I first arrived here. Ariel spoke. "Sham and you can start " I look at her as she spoke

I was a tad nervous of how to start this. I badly wanted this and could tell the women did to but getting the ball rolling was the slow process. Sham moved around and got on her knees. She reached behind her and undid her top exposing her nice breasts. They were a nice size possibly in the C cup range. Having seen Ariel tits just little while ago. Sham tits was easily smaller but still a good size. I steppes closer to her.

"Go ahead and bring out that dick of yours." I grinned at her request. I undid my shorts and too a couple steps back and then pushed my shorts down exposing my semi hard dick. Sham eyes got wide looking at it.

"Damn that's a thick cock." I laughed some. "I've been told that alot." Ariel spoke up. "I told you I could barefuky wrapped my fingers fully around it." Sham looked up at me "Do you mind?" She started to lift a hand up.

I smiled. "Go right ahead." Sham licked her lips as her hand then gripped my dick. She had smaller hands then Ariel so Sham fingers had eve more trouble wrapping around my dick. But she had the harder grip as she started to stroke and with in no time my dick was fully hard.

"Wow." She excitedly said as she then moved her hand up to my dick and used both her hands to stroke my cock. "That feels real good." Sham grinned. "Well if you like that then your love this." She then moved up more and leaned her head in and then dragged her tongue all around my dick. Once she has licked it all around she opened her mouth big and slide my cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth trying to take more and more of my cock.

She backed out. "Damn I can't take it all like I want to." I grinned at her. "Don't worry about. But you was right I did love when you was sucking my cock." She smiled. "And I'm not done yet." She eagerly went back to sucking my dick.

Sham had good suction to her mouth as I looked over at Ariel. She had gotten fully naked behind me and had her legs open and was rubbing her pussy. "Why don't you come over here and taste this cock also." Sham took my dick out of her mouth to speak. "Yea it's ok girl. I gotten my first taste. It's good you got to try it." Sham then went back sucking. I could tell Sham loved sucking she didn't want to stop.

I watch as Ariel made her way over and got on her knees beside Sham. Ariel placed a hand on my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze as Sham them moved her hand off my dick leaving just her mouth. Ariel then moved her hand up on my shaft and gripped my cock and gave it a few strokes as Sham bobbed her head on my dick same time.

After a small bit Sham pull my dick out of her mouth and looked at Ariel. "All yours now." Sham then stood up as Ariel then aimed my dick towards her and proceeded to put it in her mouth and start sucking on my cock. Once Sham had stood full up she pressed her body close to mine, lifted a hand up to my chin and turned my face to face her. She then leaned in and kissed me. I wrapped an arm around her to hold her as I kissed her hard back.

We kiss for a bit as Ariel work my dick with her mouth. She then moves some and I feel her mouth come off my cock. I break the kiss and look down. Ariel got more up on her knees and wrapped her big tits around my dick and began to make her tits go up and down fucking my cock with her tits. Before I could say anything Sham spoke. "Damn girl make me feel jealous I can't do that. But do love your big tits. Do you like Ariel big tits on cock." I let out a moan.."Yea i do. Looks and feels so good."

As Ariel keeps tit fucking my cock Sham moves and got behind Ariel and kneels down some behind her and wrapped her arms around her and she held onto Ariel tits. "Let me hold them and then...." Sham looks up at me. "Scott go ahead and you fuck her tits." With her saying that I didn't hesitate at all. I started to move my hips back and forth. Sliding my dick up and down between Ariel breasts..

Ariel started to moan which made me go little more at her tits. I reached down and grabbed Ariel head making her look up at me. "You arw good at fucking my tits Scott. Keep going little more." She let's out some more moans and then shortly a bigger moan as she then back up into Sham and my cock slide out of her tits. Sham smiled. "Someone orgasm." Ariel smiled. "Yes I did. Scott your cock felt so good between my tits hope it's good other places."

I grin to her words. "Well only one way to find out." I back away some and I then kneel down and roll over onto my back on the blanket. Both ladies look at each other and it's quiet for a bit. "How's this you both play rock paper scissors and winner rides my dick loser rides my tongue." Both ladies smiled and nodded their heads. They raised their hands up and started playing.

"One. Two. Three." Ariel spoke "I win rock beats scissors" Ariel moved around Sham and got between my legs and grabbed my cock. I watched as she took my dick into her mouth. She pushed her down farther from this angle she was able to position her self where more of my dick could down her throat easier.

"Fuck girl feels so good" just then Sham and pushed my head back and I was then face to face with her black sweet pussy. She placed a knee on either side of my head and then slowly lowered her self onto my face. "That's enough watching her. Taste that pussy." I grin and reply "gladly" I then wrap my arms around each of her legs and stuck my tongue out. I pulled her legs down hard pushing her pussy to smash against my tongue. Once they collided I moved my tongue fast all over her pussy and clit. The sudden vibration on her pussy was so fast and much to her she placed her hands on my chest for support and let out a good moan. Ariel seeing this wanted her pussy pleased too she got up some. Her hand never leaving my dick. She kept it pointing up as I soon felt tightness on my cock. And then heard Ariel moaning louder then Sham.

"OH fuck this is a thick cock girl." Ariel took her time moving up and down on my dick slowly taking more little by little moaning as she kept riding my riding" all while Ariel is trying to take all of my dick in her pussy..Sham is moving her hips around grinding down hard on my tongue. She opens her legs more making her pussy press down on my face even more. I couldn't hear Sham moan as I could only assume her mouth was on Ariel tits or possibly the 2 was making out.

Having both women on me was heaven. One on my dick other on my face rhe typical greatest 3 way fantasy position and its happening to me. I gripped Sham ass hard as I buried my face more into her pussy. I felt Sham hands on my chest grip my chest as I then heard her. "Yes yes keep going Scott right there." With that I went even harder and faster with my tongue. As Ariel had finally lowered her self fully on me putting all of my cock in her. Sham had screamed out. "Shit. I'm cumming. "

With that she pushed on my chest and lifted her hips up to give my mouth a break from her pussy. With that I was able to look down and watch as Ariel moved up and down riding my cock little faster moaning. "Fuck yea. Your cock feels so good. Stretch out my tight pussy on your cock"

Sham moved fully off me and I placed my hands on Ariel hips. She started to grind down on my cock. She was moaning so good. "Mmmm fuck yea." She started to move faster. "I'm so close." With that Sham got behind Ariel and wrapped her arms around Ariel placing her hand on Ariel big tits. Sham used her fingers to pinch Ariel nipples. That seemed to push Ariel to the edge as she then screamed out. "Shit I'm cumming."

With that I pulled her down hard as I started to move my hips to start fucking her back. Ariel let out another scream as she moaned out. "Fuck cumming again already." Aftet a bit Ariel pushed fully off my dick. My now pussy covered cock was aching to get cleaned. Sham quickly took my cock in her hand and then in her mouth. She did the best she could licking and tasting all over my dick. "Yea Sham clean that cock."

Ariel stepped over me and then knelt down behind side and was breathing heavy. "Damn Scott I've never cum so hard like that. Your cock is amazing." We then both watched as Sham kept working my cock. Sucking and licking all over. She then looked up and both of us and grinned. "Sorry your dick tasted so good with Ariels juices all over it." I grin at her. "Dont be sorry. It looked and felt great. How about you try to take this dick?" She perked up and agreed. But she got to and placed her feet on either side facing away from me. She then reached down and grabbed my dick. She lowered her body down and my cock slide right in her pussy. She didn't wait like Ariel. She went straight fully down taking all of my cock at once."

From our view we watched her ass move down my cock. Sham let out a moan but didn't stop till I was fully in her. Ariel reached out and gave Shams ass a smack. "You take all that cock at once girl now ride it." Sham leaned forward some and I felt her hands on my knees. Her hips started to move back and forth. I instantly placed my hands on Sham hips. Sham and I let's out some moans as I look over to Ariel and one hand is rubbing her nipple while the other is rubbing her pussy. "Looks so hot" she says.

Sham pussy was little more loose then Ariel. I could only assume that since she was black that she had many big black cocks to help stretch out her pussy over the years. Sham soon confirmed my assumption. As she started to bounce up and down on my cock she moans out. "Damn Scott is so good. I've had some big cocks before but I haven't had a thick cock like this for awhile." She then started to grind down hard. Rocking her hips hard she felt her orgasm growing.

Sham looked over at Ariel and grinned. "Make yourself girl while I fuck Scott cock and we can cum together." Ariel nods at Sham and starts to work double time on her pussy as Sham went harder on me. It take either that long before both women was moaning and screaming. Sham was first to admit. "Shit I'm cumming." I felt her pussy squeeze my cock tight. Almost as tight as Ariel pussy was. Sham dug her nails into me some as she kept moving up and down my cock and soon sat down fully on me letting all of my cock get fully deep in her. "Fuck that was so good.."

Ariel then screamed out. "Fuck fuck fuck. I'm cumming." Her hand was moving fast on her pussy as she was moving her hips and flinging her head back as she then calmed down and her body went limp as she just laid there breathing heavy. Ariel closed her eyes as Sham leaned down at me and kissed my lips and then moved to my ear and whispered. "You should climb on top of her and jam this big cock in her. I'll sit on her face so she get a double surprise." I grinned at her suggestion and nodded.

Sham then slowly moved up and off me. Ariel was laying out spread eagle and still softly breathing. When Sham was clear I sat up and carefully moved onto and in between Ariel legs. Trying not to touch her. Sham then stood over Ariel head she kenkt down one leg beanie Ariel head. I place a hand on Ariel side and my other hand on my still Sham pussy juices covered cock. I moved alittle closer and looked at Sham and mouthed at her. "One........Two......" and then we both went at it. Sham dropped her other leg to her knee and straddled Ariel face as I had thrusted my cock hard and deep in Ariel pussy. "Three..."

With that it quickly woke Ariel up and she moaned right into Sham pussy. Sham reached down and placed her hands on Ariel big tits. "Taste that pussy." Sham side as she moved her hips riding Ariel face. I started to move my hips back and forth slowly fucking Ariel pussy. "Taste her pussy while I fuck your pussy with this big cock." I then got on my knees and held onto Ariel hips and started to go harder and faster. Watching and feeling everything was so good and hot. Usually with one on one action I could last quite awhile but these two women was starting to be alot as my urge was starting to build. But I wasn't going to let it ruin this.

I slowly my pace and Sham noticed my change. "Fuck her pussy. Unless your about to cum.." with that Ariel spoke up under Sham pussy. "Don't cum in me. We want you to cum on our faces and tits. Till you get close please keep fucking me." Thst made it clear to me what to do. I held onto Ariel hips and went even harder and faster.

Sham was shocked at how quickly I changed. Ariel moaned loud at my new actions. Sham opened her legs to sit more on Ariel. "Hush up and attack that pussy...... mmmmm. Yea like that mmmm.. fuck love how you lick my pussy......" watching and hear Sham just kept me going. Soon I watched Ariel hold onto Sham legs as Sham spoke. "Think Ariel is cumming. Keep goiiinnnnggg fuck....... I'm cumming." With that them both cumming again pushed me over to the limit.

"Get off her and let her up." Sham quickly got up..I pulled out and held onto to my cock. I stood up as Ariel got up on her knees. Both ladies went chest to chest. Both their tits touching and both their mouths open. I started to stroke my cock and pumping my cock. "Mmmmm yes beg for my cum." Ariel spoke up "please cum for us. Cover us with your load." Sham then add. "Make us your cum sluts." With I then started to shot my load all over them. Ariel big tits took most of the load. I then turned to Sham and she leaned in and licked my cock and my hand as I was ati unloading. She took a couple drops on her tongue and face. I then turned to Ariel as she had her mouth open and she leaned in and place her mouth on the tip of my cock and gave a hard suck.

I.let go of my cock as Ariel then took over with just her mouth and sucked the last of my load. Sham took this as she leaned her head down and licked my cum off Ariel tits. "Mmmmm fuck drain that cock." Soon both ladies down and backed off. We all took a step back and breathed in what all just went down. "Damn that was amazing." I said. Both ladies nodded their heads in agreement. "How long you here Scott?" Sham asked. "I'll be here all week." Ariel then said. "Us also. We should make this a daily thing."

I smiled. "I down of you are." They both nodded and Sham spoke. "Maybe we could do some one on ones also with the other not around." Ariel replied."rock paper scissors who goes first." We all had a laugh at that. We then spend the next hour getting dressed. Exchanging numbers and telling each other this can only be a week fling since they had significant others at home. I agreed to it and we all gave each other a kiss good bye as they went to their camp site. I sat there watching them leave thinking how going to fuck them next time..
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