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This short story was inspired by another story I read years ago. Can't seem to find the original to give the author credit. Regardless, hope you enjoy, feedback is welcomed, and if you want more please say so.
After years of minimal contact my mother and aunt started talking regularly again. My aunt Elizabeth had recently finished up with a nasty divorce from my uncle. Although my mother and aunt hadn't talked for a long time,i t didn't take much for them to pick up right where they left off. Things were going so well in fact that my mother decided to celebrate New Year's at my aunt's. My aunt lived in another city, roughly six hours away from us. Although my mom and aunt were close during their younger years. As they got older and had families they grew apart. Not in a negative way, just in the sense that they were both busy trying to balance raising a family and being career women. I don’t know my aunt very well, only that she was a nurse. What little I know about my aunt I know even less about my cousins. The only image I can conjure up of my aunt and her family is of a picture from a trip to the zoo I remember going on when I was a child. My aunt, kind of chubby with long curly brown hair and a big smile. My cousins spitting images of their mother only much younger. Just an ordinary family. When exactly my mother and aunt stopped talking I can't recall, I doubt it was immediate. But when I came home from school the day before my Christmas break, my mother was on the phone. I figured it was my father since he had just went overseas to Thailand for work. I went to my room after waving hello to her and didn't come out until almost 4 hours later. To my surprise she was still on the phone. After mouthing "who is it" to my mom while pointing at the phone since my dad wasn't talkative. Trust me, if he was working on mars he'd find a way to describe his trip in 5 words before saying goodbye.

"It's your aunt dear. She might come over for Christmas. Sorry I didn't make dinner, make yourself something." She then quickly went back to talking. Fast forward to now and I'm driving us to my aunt's 6 hours away. The fact that my mom let me drive after only receiving my license recently surprised me. But that surprise was nothing compared to the one that waited for us at my aunt's house.

On the way to my aunt's my mom told me about their relationship. Cute little stories from their childhood, dumb promises they made, and the excitement of having her back in our lives. She also slipped in that she volunteered me to help my aunt move from her current residence back to our city once she finds a place. A prospect I wasn't looking forward to, but my mom wouldn't let me complain my way out of that. We pulled up to the big house the GPS had told me to go to around 8 pm. "WOW..." was the only response my mom said. Which is exactly my expression when I saw the lady who finally answered the door after what seemed like an eternity of ringing the bell. She was HOT. Holy shit she was the hottest woman I had ever seen in person. If you like bimbos that is, and my teenage hormones definitely LOVED bimbos. Her massive perfectly round and obviously fake tits was the first thing that greeted me. Tightly fitted in a white blouse that had the first few buttons undone to give an excellent view of those jugs. My breath was instantly stolen from me, as was any notion that I was in for a boring night. With a view like that I couldn't ask for a better way to ring in the new year. Or so I thought. "Liz?" My mother said bringing me back to reality. This was her? The chubby housewife from the photo with the big smile? "Hey swweeetie!" The clearly drunk voice coming from the set of tits said to me. I started to look back up toward the direction of the voice as the lady rushed forward with her arms out ready to embrace me. "Look how you've grown...sssooo handsome." Aunt Elizabeth said while wrapping her arms around my neck. I bent down to receive her heavenly embrace. She kissed me on the cheeks, which is when I noticed how full her lips were. Not cartoonishly so, but definitely bigger than I remember. As she pulled back I took the opportunity to get a full glimpse of her. She definitely wasn't what I remembered. Instead of a curly brown haired homely looking housewife I expected, standing before me was a seductive vixen. With perfectly toned long legs that reached surprisingly natural round hips that carried an ass that would rival JLO's, snuggly fitted in a little black miniskirt. Her lean abdomen that was clearly well maintained eclipsed by the massive tits that somehow didn't seem awkward on her fit frame. Topped off with straight blonde hair styled similarly to a bob, thick lips that looked like pillows for cock and makeup that screamed I want to be young forever; on a face that seemed to have had some minor work but hadn't hit the expressionless doll stage yet. It was hard for me not to get hard. "Hey sssiss! AHHHHH!" Liz said while jumping up and down with her tits putting on a show that would rival the olympic gymnastics with all the bouncing they were doing. She and my mom hugged for a while, both distracted I felt comfortable enough to ogle my aunt. Knowing who she was especially in relation to my mom did not stop me in the slightest from thinking of all the nasty shit I would do to her if given the chance; and what I would do to get that chance. "Come the other guests are here already" Liz said while pulling my mom forward. I didn't know more people would be here. But the prospect of meeting more bimbos since they usually hung out together got me excited. However my excitement would be crushed immediately as none of the patrons were anywhere near as hot as my aunt. Hell most looked like what I expected my aunt to look like. Seeing all these passed their prime women giggling and acting like school girls when my aunt returned kind of made me cringe. "Hey sweetie, i'm sorry your cousins aren't here. They're with their father. But the other men are outside messing with the grill if you want to go with them." My aunt informed me. I looked at my mom who seemed a bit uncomfortable, but I decided going outside instead of being my mom's get out of jail free card sounded like the better plan. Besides I was definitely gonna get caught eyeballing my aunt by one of the ladies if I stayed.

Hours went by. I didn't really socialize with the various husbands, mostly stayed to myself while sneaking a beer and staring at the nearby lake. My phone had finally died when I decided to go inside and find a charger. It was nearing 11:00 and everyone was outside already. I made my way inside while waving my hand and showing my phone to my mom, hopefully indicating my intention. She was surrounded by the other housewives, so she just nodded nervously at me. I found what I was looking for in the kitchen and decided to stay with my phone while it charged. As it got closer to 11:30 the guest had begun to pop fireworks at a more steady pace, almost like a buffer for what was to take place at 12. I never cared about fireworks, and being reminded how much of a loser I was by being by myself even on this holiday didn't really deter me from just not giving a fuck about the celebration. I just stayed hooked to my phone as if the charger was bringing life to both of us. 11:40, the acoustic crowd noise rang through the house as the backdoor open and closed while the faint sound of someone stumbling inside made way after. "I... I'll...get more..." my aunt said while stumbling passed the counter I was housing and crash landed on the couch. Her placement gave me a clear view of her ass as her skirt road up revealing her thong. I instantly took a photo with my phone and decided to quickly leave the area in order to not look suspect. As I made my way toward the party the fireworks increased and so did the nasty thoughts I had from before. The brief walk to the door had my mind racing at the opportunity that had fallen on my lap, well couch but whatever. As I got to the glass door seeing all the distracted guest my mind was waging a war with reason against my cock and curiosity. Reason was losing and it seemed to be losing it's voice the harder my cock got. I walked away from the door and decided I could get a quick feel and nothing more before I got caught. My aunt was up again, and was lean walking towards the bathroom that was adjacent to the living room. I should have walked away then and there, but my cock ached for relief. "Aunt Elizabeth...are you ok? Do you need help?" I said as She crashed against the restroom door. "Sssttupid ddooor won't....." she slurred while trying to push the door instead of turning the handle. I walked over and decided that's where I would take my chance. I quickly opened the door and she wobbled in, crash landing on the toilet.

I followed and shut the door behind us. She began to urinate while still wearing her skirt and thong. Even from where I was I could see her skirt getting soaked in piss. I should have walked out, but my reason had all but vanished at this point. "Elizabeth, can you hear me?" I called. Her head was leaning against the wall, she passed out again. I quickly grabbed her tits and started kissing her neck and the side of her face. I was in a hurry so I just pulled her bra down after opening her blouse more. Her tits were even better than I thought they would be. They were massive perfect spheres, clearly fake yet felt as real as I imagined they would. Of course a loser like me has never touched one up to this point. But these are better then I could have ever asked for for a first time. I was sucking on her nipples so hard that she shifted and groaned. I almost shit myself in fear. I froze solid with her right nipple in my mouth. Once I felt comfortable enough to continue I decided to take off her top completely. I took photos and video of my aunt's massive tits while groping her. My confidence was at an all time high, and I decided to press my luck further. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out from the fly. Just incase I needed to make a quick retreat. I started rubbing her tits with my dick awkwardly swaying, dry humping, and poking her tits randomly. I was filming the whole time and was incredibly nervous. I had no idea what I was doing and I was just running on shitty unfamiliar instincts. Oddly enough she started slightly shifting and gasping. Eventually my mind caught up to speed and I started rubbing my cock on her lips. To my shock she seemed to be responding to this. She slowly started kissing and almost licking my cock. Her head went back and she was looking at me in a daze. "Where am I?" Elizabeth said. I guess my phone covered my face enough that she didn't immediately recognize me, when she looked down she was face to face with my hard cock. Instinctively she swallowed my dick without hesitation. I could tell this was halfhearted, and she was going off basic motor functions. This wasn't by any stretch the best she could do, hell this wasn't even average for her. But I had never had a blowjob before. The fact that her warm wet mouth was engulfing my virgin cock, and her lush dick sucking lips lovingly embraced me. I couldn't hold out beyond 2 minutes. I naturally started thrusting as I felt the excitement and tingle in my balls as I was about to bust. I shoved her head as far as it could go on my dick. Her nose was driven into my pelvis as I came deep in her throat. The sounds of her gags, her slight resistance, and the sensation of cumming in a girl's mouth for the first time made my knees weak. I had never moaned while cumming before, but a loud groan came out of my mouth as I pumped load after load in her. I shouted, but the fireworks covered my cries. I slowly pulled back to allow her to catch her breath, I didn't want to hurt her after all. But I didn't remove myself from her mouth. Again to my pleasant surprise she didn't disappoint, she continued to poorly suck on my sensitive dick paying extra attention to my head. "OH FUCK YEAH BITCH" I exclaimed in lustful bliss. My knees were weak, and the sensitive sensation was too much at points to handle. I eventually pulled out completely.

I stopped my video and began to clean her up. She somehow pass out again, even after having been throat fucked by me. I decided to get a few pics of her pussy before I left. I pulled up her piss soaked skirt, and moved aside her thong to be greeted by a beautiful bald pussy. Even after having two kids it didn't look loose at all. I snapped a few pics and tried to fight the urge to do more. I wanted to taste her, but the idea of tasting her piss turned me off. However I decided to finger her. Maybe it was the piss, or maybe she was just horny. But she was extremely moist, and I didn't need to lubricate my index or middle finger at all. I expected the warmth, but how soft it was caught me off guard. My fingers slowly penetrated her pussy, my cock had never completely went soft after my blowjob. But now it was at full erection again. I was about to stop and walk out when my aunt let out a deep moan of pleasure. She mumbled what sounded like "fuck me", but it was too low to make out. However I wasn't about to wake her up and ask. I had gone this far, and as far as I was concerned she told me to. I awkwardly squatted over her as she sat on the toilet. I aimed my cock at the entrance of her pussy. A moan left her mouth and she shifted slightly as I accidentally plunged into her pussy completely. I had intended on slowly pressing my way in, but the awkward angle essentially forced me to slip in faster than I planned. I was taken aback as her pussy conformed and convulsed around my cock. I almost didn't want to move, but instinct took over and the animalistic nature of the act of fucking took over my pelvis as it began to move in and out of my aunt. Being my first time, and the way we where positioned I couldn't get a good rhythm. I hadn't grabbed my phone to record, and in the back of my mind I wanted to. But the warm velvet walls of her pussy, and the tight grip massaging my cock distracted me from even giving the idea of recording this a second thought. Plus my hands were busy exploring every inch of my lovers body as I thrusted into her. Her tits shaking with every push I almost came right there. But I stopped myself. Moans and ecstacy were escaping her lips every other thrust before she eventually looks at me. Almost as if I know she's staring at me, I look right back at her. Our eyes lock, she gives me a confused yet aroused expression. She then proceeded to wrap her arms around my waist and helped me keep rhythm. Our bodies conforming into this union of lust and ecstacy, my mouth and tongue tasting any part of her my hands have left bare while they explored her existence. Tasting her ear, and working my way down to her neck and eventually her breast.

By this point her moans and enthusiasm drove me to want to fuck her hard. But I couldn't seem to get going in the current position we were in. Reluctantly I got up and decided it's time to fuck her from behind. Her amazing ass was something I wanted to she jiggle while I fucked her. As I got off her, she looked at me puzzled, and pulled me back toward her in disappointment while telling me no. I grabbed her arms and pulled her off the toilet, I slid her skirt off and turned her around facing the mirror. She grunts and again tells me in a mumbled voice to fuck her. This Goddess finally completely naked in front of me. Bent over, telling me to fuck her. I see her reflection in the mirror, her tits hanging. Her face in drunk lush. Her ass slightly swaying at me begging to be penetrated. I remembered this time to grab my phone. I was going to enjoy this. The fireworks are going crazy now, no doubt we are in the new year already and I'm spending it fucking my drunk bimbo aunt's brains out. I record myself penetrating her slowly like I initially intended. But it doesn't take long before I'm pounding as hard as I can. My inability to catch rhythm while she was on the toilet is no problem now. The only issue I'm having is holding my phone while trying to fuck her hard. I eventually angle my phone on the counter facing us and grab her waist with my hands. The combination of my thrust and pulling her in have her moaning loudly and clearly. She's loving every second, and her pussy is throbbing around my cock. She let's out another loud moan before almost collapsing from pleasure. I made her cum, the first time I ever fucked a real woman and I made her cum. Before she falls completely, and before I slip out of her I quickly pull her up by her abdomen. I lift her back to her feet, and support most of her weight in my arms in a rough hug. I bend over and my hands massage her tits as her back perfectly aligns with my torso. I kiss the back of her neck and shoulders while periodically smelling her hair.

The passion was over coming me. I leaned her against the counter and again grabbed her hips for one last sprint to the finish line. The loud clap of my pelvis smacking her ass almost eclipsed the fireworks as I thrusted harder and faster. Each thrust causing a great ripple effect that waves around her round ass. Again her legs begin to shake, and her pussy seems to almost vibrate on my cock. Before long I slip out and let her fall to her knees. She's leaning against the sink counter as I pull her by the hair to face my cock. I shoot rope after rope of cum all across her face, the hardest and fastest it's ever shot out of me. She's breathing heavy and keeping her eyes closed as I continued to cum. After the last full shot is expelled from my cock, I shoved my dick in her mouth while she was breathing heavy. She initially resisted, but before long she was sucking my cock even better than the first time; almost as if she was sobering up after the pounding she took. She even massaged my balls with one of her hands. I eventually pulled out. Fireworks are still going off as we lean against opposite walls to catch our breath. I turned off my phone's recorder. As she sat on the floor I noticed her face begin to shift. Her face had a wide grin, the same wide grin I remembered from that zoo photo. For the first time I recognized my aunt. I took a photo of that happy cum covered face, a great memento for the night.

While I was cleaning the cum off her face the reality of what I've done starts to slowly creep up. It's impossible to clean her face without messing up her makeup. I do enough to not look like she just finished having sex. She seems to be coming to even more, yet doesn't seem to recognize me. I put most of her clothes back on but decided to keep the panties as a trophy, even if they are soaked in piss. I checked the area outside the restroom door before helping her to what I believed to be her bedroom upstairs. It seemed to take longer to do all of this than it did to fuck her. But I was in frantic mode as I tried to get rid of any evidence of what transpired. After I had felt comfortable with what I cleaned up. As if on que the backdoor opened and a few of the ladies began to walk in drunkenly calling for Elizabeth. "She went upstairs about 10 minutes ago" I told them. "Aww she must've passed out. She missed the fireworks." One of the fat housewives said. Not long after my mother came in. She over heard what Elizabeth's friend said and took that as an opportunity to leave. She mouthed "let's go" while pointing at the door. We said a quick goodbye and goodnight to the group as we made our exit. I was nervous that what I did would come to light. But at the same time I wouldn't have done it any differently. Having her panties along with a collage of photos and videos to remember was the icing on top. As we proceeded to drive away my mother immediately started gossiping about Aunt Elizabeth's friends. She did this for about 15 minutes before finally revealing how happy she was to have her sister back in her life, and how excited she was to have her move back to our city. She also quickly reminded me that I have to help her move back. With that reminder my cock shift a little at the idea of fucking my aunt again. Maybe this time she won't have to be drunk.


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wow this was so good! you should keep writing!

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