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Scott found that he was actually aroused when he saw his boss fucking his wife when they thought he was running an errand. For a while he didn't tell them he knew, and just snuck around to watch them have sex when they thought they were alone. When he finally told Amy he knew about it, he said it was OK with him because it meant he had a good chance at a promotion at work...and besides, it made him incredibly hard, leading to great sex with Amy.
PART 1 SYNOPSIS: Scott’s boss, Derek, needed a place to stay while his house was being renovated and his family was away. Figuring it would help get him promoted, Scott told Derek could stay with him and his wife, Amy, until the work on his house was completed. Amy wasn’t crazy about it at first, but seemed to get on well with Derek once she met him. While they thought Scott was running an errand, Derek ended up fucking Amy in the pool, which Scott saw. Scott realized that watching his wife fuck his boss made him hard. After jerking off while watching them in the pool and thinking his promotion was now a sure thing, Scott didn’t let Amy and Derek know he had seen them.


The next morning Scott woke up a little later than usual, and saw that Amy was already up, since the space beside him in bed was empty. He didn’t hear anyone in the kitchen, but thought he could hear soft voices out on the patio. Suspecting what he might find, he slipped out of bed and quietly moved into the living room, just to the side of the sliding glass patio doors. He slowly pushed a small part of the drapes to the side and saw that he was right…again.

Derek was laying on the same chaise lounge he had been in last night, with his hands clasped behind his head, as he and Amy casually laughed and chatted with each other over a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, Amy was sitting in the chaise lounge next to him, like last night, and Scott noticed that she had pulled one leg of Derek’s swim trunks up so that she could nonchalantly fondle and stroke the shaft of his cock as they talked.

Scott noticed that he was getting hard again from watching his wife playing with his boss’ prick, so he snuck back into the master bathroom and quickly jerked off before making a noisy entrance from the bedroom into the living room. He went into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, and glanced out the window over the sink to see what Derek and Amy would do, now that they knew he was up. He watched as Amy quickly tucked Derek’s dick back into his bathing suit, then pulled the leg of his trunks down his leg to cover his cock. When Scott stepped out onto the patio to join them, they were both laying on the chaise lounges chatting and sipping coffee.

Since it was Saturday, Scott and Derek didn’t have to go to the office, but Derek needed to check out the work being done on his house and invited Amy and Scott to join him. They both agreed, thinking it would be interesting to see the renovations in progress.

As they headed out the front door, Amy saw Derek’s Porsche 911 and said, “Wow, that’s a gorgeous car! It looks like it’d be fun to drive.”

Derek said, “It’s a blast….it gives off the most amazing vibes when you sit in it. How about if you ride with me so you can see what it feels like? Scott can follow behind in his car, since it only seats two.”

Amy looked over at Scott with a hopeful look on her face, saying, “What do you think, honey….it sounds pretty amazing?”

Scott smiled and said, “Sure. I’ve ridden in Porsche’s before….they ARE amazing. I think you’ll really like it.” Then he looked over at Derek and said, “You guys go ahead and I’ll follow, since I’m not sure where your house is.”

Derek said, “No problem. It’s about 20 minutes due west, pretty much all highway, so just stay behind me and I’ll lead you there.”

With that, Amy and Derek jumped into the Porsche, Scott climbed into his Lexus, and they pulled out of the driveway heading toward Derek’s house.

Scott could see that Amy and Derek were having a lively conversation as they drove along the side streets approaching the highway. Almost as soon as they were on the highway, heading west, Scott noticed that he couldn’t see Amy’s head through the back window of the Porsche anymore. He strained to look a little closer and noticed that Derek was driving with his left hand, while his right hand seemed to be moving up and down in front of him. Suddenly, Scott realized what he was seeing…..Amy was leaning over Derek’s lap and giving him a blowjob, with Derek’s hand resting on the back of her bobbing head.

Scott again noticed that he was getting hard as he watched his wife blowing his boss through the back window of his car, but he tried to ignore it, given the circumstances. About 2 miles away from Derek’s house, Scott watched through the Porsche’s back window as Amy’s head finally popped back up. She wiped off her mouth, then pulled out her compact and touched up her make-up, just as they were pulling into Derek’s subdivision.

They all got out of their cars and Amy exclaimed how much she enjoyed riding in the Porsche with Derek. Scott smiled to himself as she went on and on about how exciting it had been. Then Derek gave them a tour of the house and all the renovations underway. Scott thought it was actually pretty interesting, but he couldn’t stop thinking about watching his wife suck and fuck his boss’ cock since he came to stay with them the day before.

After Derek checked things out and gave them the tour, they headed back to Scott’s house….Amy riding with Derek again, and Scott following behind. As soon as they were on the highway, Scott noticed that Amy’s head disappeared again and didn’t pop back up until they were a couple of miles from home.

Dinner was pretty normal that evening, followed by swimming and wine out by the pool. Amy wore another skimpy two-piece bikini, and she and Derek horsed around in the pool together while Scott sat in the chaise lounge sipping his wine, and liking his chances for the upcoming promotion.

When they all went to bed, Scott again was all over Amy, hammering her with his raging hard-on like a teenager. She was laying on her back with her legs spread wide, and Scott was pounding his prick in and out of her pussy with gusto, while squeezing and slapping her big tits as they bounced up and down beneath him. Scott could tell she enjoyed it – she climaxed twice – but she seemed distracted, and he thought he knew why.

Afterwards, Scott was lying on his back with Amy’s head resting on his chest as she gently stroked and toyed with his flaccid cock.

Scott said, “I should probably tell you that I know about you and Derek.”

Amy lifted her head and looked at him, her eyebrows raised in worry and surprise, “You do? But how?”

“I circled back when I was supposed to go to the store and watched you guys in the pool from the kitchen window.”

Amy said, “Shit…I had no idea.”

Scott continued, “Then I saw you playing with his cock the next morning by the pool before I got up, and watched you give him a blowjob in the Porsche when he showed us the renovations on his house.”

Amy looked contrite, like she wasn’t sure what to say, then muttered, “Sorry, honey…..I didn’t know you saw all that. I really wasn’t expecting much when you brought him home to stay with us, but he seems like a pretty nice guy….and to be honest, once I saw the size of his cock, I just couldn’t keep my hands off it.”

Scott sat up and looked Amy in the eyes and said, “I know, hon….and don’t worry about it. I wanted you to be nice to him so I’d have a leg up on that promotion I told you about, and I’d say it’s worked out pretty well so far. I think I’m a shoe-in for the job.”

With a surprised look on her face Amy said, “Really? You don’t mind that I’m fucking your boss?”

Scott smiled and said, “No. In fact, I should probably tell you that I get hard every time I see you two messing around…even wrestling in the pool…and then I can’t wait to jack off or fuck your brains out.”

Amy laughed and with a wry smile said, “Aaahhh. Now it all makes sense. You’ve been like a crazed sex fiend these past two days. I admit, I really enjoyed it, but now I know where all the extra energy was coming from.”

Scott reached over and massaged both of her dangling boobs, gently pinched the nipples of each, and said, “I know you really want to get your hands on Derek’s big cock again, so go ahead….I’m sure he won’t mind at all.”

Amy looked even more surprised, and said, “Really?”

Scott said, “Sure. I’m sure he’s not asleep yet. Just come back afterwards and let me fuck the shit out of you while you tell me all about it.”

Amy jumped up, gave Scott a big kiss on the lips, then leaned over – still naked – and kissed the tip of his prick, before throwing on a night shirt and hurrying out of the room. Scott heard the creak of the door to the spare bedroom, then heard it close once Amy was inside. Scott couldn’t hear their voices at first, but he could definitely make out the squeak of the bed as the two of them got started. Shortly after that he heard the unmistakable sound of Amy having an orgasm, although the squeaking bed continued long after that.

Scott felt himself getting hard as he listened to the sounds of his wife fucking his boss, and he gently stroked himself as he listened to the mixture of bed squeaks, groans and orgasms. He finally fell asleep and didn’t wake up until he felt movement beside him in the bed. His eyes were still bleary from sleep, but he could see Amy on the bed next to him – naked – stroking and sucking his cock to wake him up.

In between sucking on his dick, Amy told Scott about her time with Derek. “It was amazing, hon….he stays hard forever, and he’s fucking huge. I thought I would pass out from cumming so much.”

Scott got hard immediately as Amy told her story, thrusting his hips into her fist and mouth as she stroked and sucked him to full erection. In no time at all, Scott caught his breath, then rocked his hips into her face, shoving his rigid pole deep into her throat before erupting with a massive load of cum. Scott kept sliding his dick in and out of her mouth while he emptied his nutsack down her throat, as Amy greedily swallowed his the entire load.

With a groan, Scott flopped back onto the bed, and said, “Holy shit, Amy….that was amazing.”

Wiping cum off her chin, Amy said, “I know. I thought you’d never stop cumming.”

She flopped down next to him, leaned over and gave him a kiss on the lips and patted his flaccid cock, then said, “I really need to get some sleep, hon. There are only a couple of hours before morning.”

Scott added, “Yeah. Me, too. I’m not sure I can handle many more nights like this one.”

They both slipped off to sleep, with Scott pressed up against her back – just like the previous night – with one hand cupping one of her boobs from behind, and his flaccid prick tucked up against her lower back.

The rest of the time Derek stayed with them was a blur. Between fucking by the pool or bent over the kitchen counter, and bouncing between the master bedroom and the guest room at night, Amy had cock in her mouth or sliding in and out of her pussy almost constantly. She was in heaven. She came so much she thought she would pass out.

Derek and Scott never fucked her at the same time, but once Amy explained to Derek that Scott knew about them, they didn’t feel the need to hide anything anymore. Amy wore little around the house and seemed to always have someone’s hands on her tits or fingers in her pussy when they weren’t actually fucking on the patio or in one of the bedrooms.

The renovations on Derek’s house were done after about three weeks, and his wife and kids returned from North Carolina. Derek reluctantly packed up to move back into his own home, and Amy and Scott walked him out to his car.

Derek threw his bags into the trunk of his Porsche and said, “I had a fantastic time, you guys. Thanks again for letting me stay so long. I have to admit, this was not what I expected when Scott invited me to stay until my house was finished.”

Amy leaned in and gave Derek a big hug, then kissed him on the lips while she reached between them and gently squeezed his cock. “We enjoyed having you stay with us, Derek… wish it could have been even longer.”

Derek kissed her back, then turned to Scott and shook his hand, saying, “Congratulations on the promotion, Scott. It’s more work, with more direct reports, but you’ll be making almost double your current salary, so it should all be worth it.”

Derek looked over at Amy, then back at Scott and said, “It requires a lot more travel, too, but I’ll see if I can help Amy keep from missing you too much when you’re out of town.”

Scott snickered and said, “Yeah, I’m sure you will.”


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this was short, but erotic, even with no seduction.

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