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Lisa was a High School senior experiencing her first office job and first forbidden relationship.
It’s said that the truth will set you free. I hope that’s at least somewhat accurate because I’ve carried this story with me for far too long. My tale is mostly true, with some edits to dates and names to ensure privacy, and with dialog reconstructed from memory. Even after all these decades, some would still remember what happened that year, especially those events which occurred after the conclusion of the story you are about to read.

It was nineteen seventy-three, and I’d just landed my first real job as a computer programmer with a small company on the East Coast. I’d skipped college, much to my parent’s dismay, and headed off to backpack through Europe and Asia. My grandmother’s estate had established a trust fund for me, which I was able to access once I turned eighteen. And a small piece of that nest egg sustained me for my four years of exploring the world. Now, at age twenty-two, I was ready to get serious and chase my piece of the American dream.

These were heady days for anyone with any computer knowledge. Small computers were at the forefront of development, but colleges and universities were not yet up to speed cranking out large numbers of computer science degrees. This provided opportunities for guys like me who lacked education beyond a diploma. My new company was very progressive and happy to let me improve my programming and design skills in-house.

My new position was very straightforward. Convert the owner’s ideas into reality via computer code so that he could get rich selling to other small businesses. It was a decent gig and I enjoyed working in a small company where everyone pretty much knew each other. Though it was nearly a decade before the explosion of Silicon Valley’s employee incentives, this company was ahead of the curve as far as perks. The owner bought us all lunch on Fridays and always kept a fridge stocked with snacks and drinks. We had a room with pinball machines, Foosball, and a pool table, and we were working on convincing him to buy us one of those newfangled Pong video game machines. He even granted his employees stock options based on performance. As I said, a nice place to work.

But from the viewpoint of the twenty-first century, my first job was in an era of stone knives and bear skins. No desktop computers, no Internet, no cell phones, hell not even email. Back then, if you wanted to send a document to someone, the only option besides the post office was the FAX machine! But of course at the time we were ignorant of what we didn’t have, and yet somehow we still managed to make it all work. And oh yeah, it was also the era of disco…

So, why am I relating all this ancient history? Partly to set the atmosphere for when events occurred, but also to show that this was an era when employees were not self-sustaining entities. Today, any employee can send emails, create documents, research everything online, etc. But back in the seventies, offices needed clerical staff to type letters, run the photocopier, fax documents, and generally do a lot of the mundane administrative work necessary to keep a company running. These people were the backbone of the office.

It was for this reason the owner decided to expand his clerical staff to help support his expensive programmers. He managed to hire two secretaries, yes, back then we still called these wonderful women secretaries, and a receptionist to answer the phone. He also put out a request to the local high schools for an office intern. You know, someone to make coffee, keep the fridge stocked, run errands, etc. On the surface, it seemed like a crap job, but he was flooded with applications for the summer gig.

It took him about two weeks to hire what turned out to be the perfect candidate. Her name was Lisa and while she had zero office experience, she more than made up for it in enthusiasm and curiosity. She was eager to learn, openly friendly, and made a point on day one to introduce herself to everyone. Unfortunately, she had one big disadvantage; she was drop-dead beautiful.

Lisa was, that girl. The untouchable one we all knew in high school. She was about five foot five with shoulder-length blonde hair and the most amazing cobalt blue eyes. She was a cheerleader, of course, and had the kind of figure you don’t see as much anymore. She was very curvy, with nicely rounded hips and ass, and her firm breasts looked to easily be C-cups. This was the girl found in every high school that every hormonal teenage boy lusted after. And probably the reason her ultra-religious parents sent her to a private, all-girls school.

So why was being beautiful a disadvantage? I believe it was a combination of jealousy from the other women in the office who were much older, and an idiotic belief that pretty girls couldn’t also be smart. So most of the office treated her like a handmaiden, only useful for the simplest, most mundane tasks. For weeks it was, ‘you made the coffee too strong, Lisa’, or ‘go pick up my lunch order, Lisa’, and ‘the dishes need washing in the kitchen, Lisa’. Hearing this every day just pissed me off.

I imagine a bit of my sympathy was due to our ages. Until she arrived, I’d been the baby of the office, with everyone else at least five years older than me. Now she was the youngest, though only a few years separated us. So in a way, we were contemporaries. I made a point of sitting with her during our lunch breaks where I found her to be funny, intelligent, and even a bit nerdy. She had an intense interest in computers and was very current with the latest technology. And I was perfectly content to talk this cute blonde’s ear off at every opportunity.

She eventually became comfortable enough with me to speak about her oppressive home life. She was an only child living in a strict, conservative household. She had to attend church every Sunday, plus two mid-week services. Normal dating was strictly prohibited, and she shyly admitted she’d never even held a boy’s hand before. She said the only reason she was allowed to apply for the intern job was that her school counselor begged her parents to let her get some exposure to the business world. Lisa’s parents didn’t believe in girls going to college, so the counselor rightly argued that their daughter needed some work experience. And since she’d be starting her senior year in the fall, time was running out to get any office exposure before graduation.

Hearing all this, I made it my mission to assist her whenever I could. We used lunch and after-work hours to review the kind of programming work I was doing. She was an eager learner and had a real aptitude for logic and reasoning. Within weeks we’d reached the point where I could review flow diagrams with her, and she could help me figure out ways to streamline the logic. It was a very exciting time, and probably when I began developing real feelings for her.

But feelings or not, I had to put that nonsense aside. First, she was a bit too young, second, I was in no hurry to tie myself down, and third, shit like this never happened to me. I had no idea if she felt the same way, and there was no way I was going to ruin our friendship by hitting on her. So I put a lid on my feelings and planned just to keep her at arm's length. But as the old saying predicts, man plans and God laughs. Though in my case I believe it was Satan himself who was laughing.

My first step in fucking up my ‘arm’s length’ plan was the motorcycle. I had a sporty bike that I rode to work when the weather allowed. One day at lunch, Lisa asked me what it was like to ride.

“Isn’t riding a motorcycle scary?” she asked. “I mean, you’re all exposed with nothing to protect you.”

“It can be scary at times,” I agreed, “but mostly it’s just exhilarating. It’s very hard to describe to someone who’s never ridden. I find that people either love it or hate it. There seems to be very little middle ground.”

“Well, if I wanted to try it, how difficult would it be?

“Not difficult at all. I always carry a spare helmet, so we could take a quick spin around the block now if you’d like.”

I could see she looked both curious and frightened at the idea. For someone so cloistered, this had to be a pretty big step.

“Okay, let’s try it!” she said more excitedly than I felt the simple activity deserved.

I grabbed my spare helmet and we headed out to the parking lot. The bike was large, a 1,000cc canyon rocket, and she had a hard time getting on the elevated rear seat. Being gallant, I helped her lift her leg over the bike, being mindful of the skirt she was wearing. Even though it was a modest length, it rode up quite high as she lifted her leg and I got my first glimpse of her underwear. I tried to do the right thing and look away, after all, she deserved her modesty. But my muscles seemed frozen, and my brain just had to take a peek. Not surprisingly, her panties were plain white, but I did see a sweet indentation where the fabric pressed into her pussy. It made me think of the old tagline for a certain motorcycle brand, ‘excitement between your legs.’ Lord, truer words were never written.

I got on and fired up the bike. I checked all the controls and gauges and felt we were good to go.

Over the engine noise, I hollered, “Hold on to my hips for stability. When I lean left or right into a turn, you can lean with me. You weigh so little, it won’t impact handling very much.”

I heard her yell back, “Remind me to kiss you when we get back for telling me I’m not fat. My dad is always nagging me about my weight, even though the doctor says I’m fine.”

Fuck your father for saying that, I thought.

“Okay, hold on, here we go.”

I started very slowly and cruised around the parking lot, letting her get a feel for the ride. I made a few swooping turns, so she could sense how the balance shifted. Then we headed out to the main road for the real ride. Traffic was light, so we were able to ride smoothly without a lot of stopping and starting. On one stretch I managed to hit a speed of sixty miles per hour and I heard her whoop with joy. She must have been a little scared because she was holding on to me with a death grip and I could feel her breasts pressed into my back.

After a ten-minute tour, I returned to the office and helped her off the bike. Again I fought the urge and lost, as another glimpse of her panties caused my cock to twitch. Following our ride, she seemed even more beautiful, with her face flushed with excitement and her blonde hair messy from the helmet. But what really caught my attention were her prominent nipples poking through her blouse. The ride must have pleasantly excited her, and her body responded in kind. Unfortunately for me, my cock was making a bulge in my pants, and I saw her glance at my crotch before looking away. For some reason, I felt embarrassed that she saw my arousal.

Returning to the office, we ate a quick lunch and went back to work. That’s when I realized the ride may have been a mistake. Immediately, gossip began circulating that Lisa and I had gone on a date and that there must be something more going on. It had not gone unnoticed that we spent almost every lunch hour together and that I had been giving her ‘after-hours’ attention. Trying to explain that we were discussing computer stuff was met with skepticism and snickers. Lisa was fine with the gossip because she knew it wasn’t true, but I had to worry about this kind of nonsense getting to the boss.

But I also had to deal with my churning emotions from our ride. The warmth of her arms wrapped around me, the feel of her breasts through the thin fabric of my shirt, and the ungodly sexiness of her panty-clad pubic mound were making me hornier than I’d felt in a long time. Also, her physical attributes combined with the fact that she was smart and so damned eager to please were all messing with my head. I needed some quick relief, which in retrospect, only compounded my mistake that day.

Checking around, I saw that both of the bathrooms were occupied. So I found an empty office at the very back of the building and settled in for a quick jerk off session. By this point, my cock was painfully trapped in my jeans, so I loosened my belt and unzipped my fly. With some effort, I was able to extract my stiff shaft without breaking it and let it stand tall. The cool air felt good against my hot skin, and I was tingling with anticipation.

My cockhead was already wet from pre-cum, so I used my hand to spread the lubricant over my penis. I closed my eyes and pictured Lisa as I began slowly stroking, savoring the feel of my hand on my shaft. I was so worked up that I knew this was going to be a quick orgasm. My mind kept focusing on the feel of her breasts and the groove of her panties pressed into her cleft, and I felt my balls tighten.

I started stroking faster, fully intending to shoot my load into the wad of paper towels I’d brought. Faster and faster, my fist moved as my orgasm danced ahead of me, just slightly out of reach. Then my mind recalled that she wanted to kiss me for the comment about her weight, and the thought of her soft lips put me over the edge. The orgasm hit so hard I never had time to grab the towels.

I felt the first spurt shoot with so much force that it hurt. I squeezed my cock tighter, and the second spurt of semen was just as strong as the first. I opened my eyes to see that both shots had hit the wall and were sliding down in thick trails. I continued to stroke, and the next few spurts landed on my jeans and the floor. Soon, as the orgasm passed, I was reduced to just dribbling cum where it oozed down my shaft and over my fingers. I felt tired and extremely satisfied.

I turned to grab the towels to clean up and froze. There at the open doorway stood Lisa looking at my still erect cock and the mess it had made. With eyes wide open, she held her hand to her mouth, staring in disbelief. Her face was beet red and I had no idea how long she’d been standing there. I’d been so wrapped up in my masturbatory fantasy that I’d never even heard the door open.

Before I could utter a word, she jerked herself backward and shut the door. “Oh fuck,” was all I could think to say.

I cleaned myself and the wall and returned to my desk. I looked around but didn’t see Lisa anywhere. I knew I had to speak with her, though I had no idea what to say. By the time I’d finished my work, I heard she had already left, so whatever words I planned to use would have to wait for the next day. Unfortunately, the next day would lead to the culmination of my motorcycle mistake.

I arrived early on Tuesday and when I finally caught up to Lisa she looked like she’d had a rough night. She was making coffee when I sidled up next to her.

“Hi, can we talk? I asked.

She startled at the sound of my voice, jumping, almost sloshing hot coffee on her hand.

“Not right now,” she replied. “I have typing to do and I’m not in the mood. My dad read me the riot act last night and I’m still upset. Maybe we can meet later for lunch?”

“Yeah, sure. I'll see you at noon.”

The morning dragged on, but soon I was able to grab my lunch sack and head out to the picnic area our office provided. No sign of Lisa yet, so I sat watching as other employees filled the remaining tables. The office buzz about Lisa and me was still humming, but I hoped that soon newer, juicier topics would take its place.

“Hi, Bill,” I heard a soft voice say.

I turned and saw that while I was people-watching, Lisa had come up from behind. She sat down and emptied her lunch sack of its apple and yogurt container.

“Hi Lisa, glad you could get away. I wanted to apologize for what happened yesterday. I should have been more careful and never let you see what I was doing.”

She didn’t answer at first. Instead, she concentrated on stirring her yogurt, making sure the fruit was well mixed. Finally, she looked up and surprised me with a big smile. Then without breaking eye contact, she stuck out her tongue and made a long slow lick of her yogurt spoon. My brain hiccupped and for a moment, I forgot what we were talking about.

“Yes, it was interesting, but we can talk about that in a bit? First, I want to talk about what happened when I told my dad I rode on your motorcycle.”

“Something happened? I mean, riding a bike for a short distance is no big deal, right?”

She frowned and dug out another spoonful of yogurt before holding it in the air and gesturing. “I didn’t think it was a big deal, which is why I told him about it. I thought it was pretty cool. But he was less than amused.”

“Why, what did he say?”

“He went on and on about how motorcycles are the devil’s playthings and that I risk going to hell if I give in to such temptations. He said that because you ride, you are a heathen and that I need to stay away from you. And now I’m grounded for a week.”

“A week, that’s harsh. You’re almost eighteen, how does that even work?”

“Believe me, it could have been a lot worse. He only gave me one week because we’d never spoken about motorcycles before. So he went easy on me. Grounding means that other than coming to work, I can’t leave the house or have friends visit. And I have to confess my sin to our priest.”

“Wow, I’m a heathen. I don’t know how to feel about that. But regardless, I’m sorry I asked you to ride and got you in trouble.”

“No big deal. The list of heathens is long, and you’re just one of many. The good news is that while I’m at work, I can just ignore him.”

She had finished her yogurt and started in on her apple. My sandwich was history and I was enjoying a banana. We only had a few minutes of our lunch period left.

“So,” I began, “about what you saw yesterday…”

She grinned and said, “What I saw yesterday, was my first real penis. Other than the pictures from health class and magazines, I don’t have anything to compare it against, but it appeared to be a very nice penis. I imagine your girlfriends are all happy with it?”

I cringed. The last thing I wanted to add to this conversation was my past love life. I’d just blown my load in front of this high school prom queen, and all she could say was I had a nice cock? Though in retrospect, what’s wrong with hearing I had a nice cock?

“Thanks, I think, for saying my penis is nice. That, coming from someone as beautiful as you, means a lot. But what about the other thing? The part where I ejaculated?”

Lisa smiled and then giggled. “That part was crazy! I mean, in school they tell you about the boy ejaculating, but they never tell you that it shoots out like a firehose. It was impressive. Is it always like that?”

I wasn’t sure what to say. Did I really want to engage in a detailed dialog with a teenager about the different ways my cock shoots semen? Plus, my cock was stirring again, being so close to her as she munched her apple and talked about spurting penises.

Finally, I decided that telling her the truth was best. “The amount of ejaculation and the intensity varies based on a bunch of different things. But what you saw yesterday was at the high end of my range. I was overexcited, and my orgasm was much more intense than usual.

“So, why were you overexcited, especially at the office?”

I could see that she was not going to let me off the hook. It almost appeared as if she were toying with me. As I stared at her formulating a response, she stuck out her tongue and caught a juice drip hanging from her apple. Again my cock lurched.

“I’m not entirely sure,” I lied. “Maybe it was the motorcycle ride with you. I don’t often have passengers.”

“Or maybe it was because you looked up my dress twice and saw my panties?” she asked, smiling.

“Uh, er, well, maybe that had something to do with it,” I admitted. “You’re achingly beautiful, and I apologize for violating your trust.”

“What makes you think I didn’t want you to see?” she asked coyly. “I mean, I’m a cheerleader, I certainly didn’t need help stepping over something high.” With that, she giggled again and stood up. “Ready to go back inside?”

She wanted me to look up her skirt? She wanted me to see her underwear? My cock expanded again.

“Uh, I think I'll sit for another minute or two and then go inside,” I replied.

As she walked past me, she glanced down at the lump in my pants and smirked.

“Well, be careful out here, you don’t want to shoot any birds off their perches!”

She disappeared inside the building and I was left with the few remaining stragglers. What the fuck just happened, I wondered. Why was she coming on to me and so laid back about seeing me jerk off? Whatever was going on, I needed to step carefully in the future.

Thankfully, the rest of the day was uneventful. I was focused on finishing a new piece of code, and the boss had Lisa reorganizing a storage closet. Around five o’clock, she stopped by my desk on her way home.

“Hey there,” she said. “Working late tonight?”

“Hi Lisa, yep, I’m determined to finish this task before I leave. Wish me luck.”

“Well, good luck. And if you get bored and start thinking about me, use these to protect the walls”

I saw her toss a package on my desk. The label read ‘Super-Absorbent Towels - Guaranteed to soak up the messiest spills!’

“Very funny,” I replied. “Everyone thinks they’re a comic.”

She leaned close to me and whispered, “Well, let’s just say, I don’t mind if you think about me.” And with that, she walked away.


I managed to get through the next few weeks without getting Lisa in any further trouble or spilling any more of my bodily fluids. The whole office was busy on various projects, trying to wrap things up before the upcoming long holiday break. Since July 4th fell on a Wednesday that year, the owner gave everyone Monday and Tuesday off to reward us for our labors.

We had made it to Friday and by midafternoon, most of the office was empty as folks left to get a start on their extended break. I was still hanging around, using the large conference room to diagram some new ideas on the large chalkboards. By five o’clock I appeared to be the only one left and figured it was time to head out. I took a few minutes to copy everything from the boards to a legal pad for safekeeping. It was never a good idea to leave stuff on a chalkboard expecting it to still be there the next day.

I was halfway through erasing the largest board when I heard a voice.

“You almost finished with your eraser?”

I turned and saw Lisa in the doorway holding a large bucket overflowing with dirty chalk erasers. The office was filled with chalkboards, and once a week, Lisa had the mundane duty to take the erasers outside and bang them against the wall to knock the chalk dust loose. I guess the eraser I was using was the last for her to gather.

“Hey, I didn't know you were still here,” I said. “I figured you were halfway to the beach by now.”

“No beach or bikinis for me. Going to the shore is another one of those activities my parents forbid. All those half-naked heathens walking around in public. No, I had a bunch of filing to do and some typing, and I’m just now getting to the erasers. Once these are clean, I can head out.”

“Okay, give me a minute to clean the rest of the boards.”

She sat in one of the chairs and watched me erase. I was moving fast and chalk dust was flying everywhere. My eraser was in dire need of cleaning for sure.

“Not sure if you noticed, but you have chalk dust all over your jeans,” she said, laughing.

I looked down and saw white, dusty smears on my pant legs and shoes.

“Crap, now I need something to clean my pants. I hate chalk. Maybe a wet towel ?”

She laughed again and said, “Probably not. Only a washing machine will help, I think. Your jeans are already a lost cause.”

I turned back to the board to finish erasing and felt something hard hit me on the ass. I twisted and looked down and saw a large white smudge on my ass cheek and a dirty eraser laying on the floor.

“What the heck, Lisa,” I grumped. “Wasn’t I dirty enough already?

She looked at me with wide-eyed innocence and said, “I have no idea what you mean. I’m just sitting here.”

Grumbling, I turned back to the board and just as I raised my eraser I felt another impact, this time right between the shoulder blades. I whirled around and saw another eraser on the floor. Looking up at Lisa, she had her eyes closed like she was napping, but she had the tiniest of smirks still on her lips.

Well, two can play at this game, I thought, and lobbed the eraser I was holding, hitting her on the shoulder. There was a puff of white dust, coating her blouse and a patch of her hair.

“Hey!” she yelled and jumped out of her seat. “I was just sitting here minding my own business. Now you’ve started a war!”

She dumped the entire bucket of dirty erasers on the table and picked one up in each hand. She moved quickly around the table, closing the distance between us. Before I could even react she pelted me with another eraser, hitting my hip, and then as she reached where I was standing she used the other eraser and patted it all over my chest like she was trying to clean it. A cloud of chalk dust filled the air and my nose, causing me to sneeze.

I ran to the table and grabbed several erasers, and then tried to get some distance between us. But goddamn, she was fast. Before I made it two feet, she blocked me and began pounding me on the back with a dirty eraser. I could hear her giggling nonstop, and I had to admit that anyone watching this would have considered it stupidly silly. I turned to face her and used my eraser to pepper her chest with chalk dust. Her lovely purple blouse was now blotted with white patches, and I just had to laugh at her appearance.

It’s hard to describe the mayhem that ensued, but it’s safe to say that we continued pounding each other with chalk for at least another few minutes. I was caught up in the silliness, and it was then I made my second mistake with her. As she leaned forward to pick up another eraser from the table, I noticed that the waistband at the back of her jeans had gapped open, providing me with a direct view of the top of her panty-clad ass. Without even thinking, I slipped my hand inside the gap and ran my palm over the smooth fabric of her underwear. I could feel the firmness of her ass cheeks and the warmth of her skin before coming to my senses and pulling my hand back out.

The entire event only lasted a few seconds, but the feeling of her was now indelibly burned into my brain. I held my breath waiting for her to yell at me or something, but she never even seemed to notice. Instead, she turned and continued hitting me with chalk dust. I started to back up, wanting the game to end. My actions frightened me, and my sinuses were bitching about the dust. I backed up one more step and banged right into the wall. With chairs on either side of me, I was trapped.

“Uncle,” I yelled. “You win, I give up.”

She walked right up to me, almost touching my body, and said, “That was fun. We should end every week like this. But we aren’t finished quite yet.”

Before I could say anything, I saw her move an eraser downward. Suddenly, I felt her pounding on my cock as she dusted the entire crotch of my jeans with chalk. My cock started to respond to the stimulation, weird as it was. But then she switched to making circular motions with the eraser, and my cock sprang to life. We were both breathing hard from the exertion, and I could see her face was flushed with excitement. She looked so damn sexy that combined with the rubbing, my cock was at full attention.

“Lisa,” I began.

“Shush now,” she replied. “Don’t tell me to stop. That bulge in your pants tells me you’re enjoying this. I’m enjoying this too.”

“Yes, it feels wonderful, but you need to stop. I’m too old for you!”

“Well, mister old man, who just had his hand down my pants squeezing my ass? Was that you or someone else?”

“Ah, well, I guess it was me?” I squeaked out.

“And besides,” she continued, “I’m no kid. We’re only a few years apart, so don’t go acting all grownup on me.”

She stepped back, opening up a small space between us. She looked down at the white-dusted lump in my pants and smiled.

“Looks like he wants to hang around for a while. Maybe you should take him out and give him some room.”

“I…I don’t think that would be such a good idea,” I stammered. “Things might go too far.”

Maybe this will help,” she whispered, and took my hand, placing it over her breast. She kept her hand over mine and urged me to squeeze her boob. I know, I could have easily broken free of her grip, but most of my brain was simply enjoying the warm, supple softness of her breast. Almost immediately I could feel her nipple harden, pressing against my bare palm. I was quickly losing the battle.

“Now,” she whispered, “doesn’t this feel nice? It sure feels nice to me.”

Her voice dripped with eroticism, and I felt my cock stiffen even more. I needed to do something to get some relief. But her breast felt so good, all I could think of was kissing it.

Sensing my need, she removed my hand from her breast, stepped back, and said, “Now, sit down in a chair, and take out your cock. I want to see it. I only got a peek that first time.”

I was lost. I stumbled backward and yanked my jeans and boxers down to my knees. I flopped into the chair with my cock pointing straight up like a flagpole. The freedom and the cool air felt wonderful, and the sight of her looking at my naked cock was sexy as hell.

“Well?” I said in a strained voice.

She pulled up another chair and sat knee to knee with me. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, tossing it on the table.

“Not that my blouse isn’t already filthy from chalk,” she said, “but I can’t risk getting any other stains that would be harder to explain come wash day.”

I sat mesmerized looking at her plain white bra adorned with just the tiniest bit of lace trim. It had no padding and I could easily see the outline of her nipples and areolas through the thin fabric. Her breasts were round and filled the cups completely, begging to be touched. Her nipples were still very erect, and her bosom rose and fell with her breathing.

“Your penis looks much bigger than the first time. But you don’t have your hand wrapped around it now, so that may be why. I’m surprised to see how purple the head is and how stiff it looks. Is it painful?”

“No, not painful,” I groaned. “It’s just begging for some kind of release. That part is uncomfortable.”

She reached out and wrapped her hand around my steel shaft. The surprise and warmth were too much.

“Oh my god, Lisa. That feels so fucking good.”

“Yeah, it feels good in my hand too. All hard and smooth and so warm. Would you like me to stroke you like you were doing the other day?”

“Yes, please,” was all I could manage to say.

She stroked upward, stopping at my glans before moving back down to the base. A few more strokes and a large bubble of liquid oozed out of my pee-hole and ran down over her fingers. She halted her movement, simply holding me in her hand, and looked at my discharge.

“Did you cum already? What is that clear stuff?”

“That’s pre-cum. It’s a lubricant to make it easier to slide into a vagina. Your vagina also makes lube when you get excited.”

“Oh yeah, I remember learning about this. The teacher warned us that even this stuff can get me pregnant if I’m not careful. But I love the way it feels, all warm and slippery.”

She continued a leisurely stroke, wiping the wetness all over my shaft. It felt spectacular and I knew that I’d be able to cum if she kept it up. But the surprises weren’t over yet.

“Am I doing it right? Will this give you an orgasm?”

“Yes, you are doing it perfectly and yes, I will be able to cum very soon. But as you saw before, it’ll be messy.”

“Hmm, maybe we can do something about that,” she cooed.

Without warning, she leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock, licking up some pre-cum. I saw her taste the slippery substance and then open her lips and engulf my glans in her warmth. The sensation of her tongue swirling around my cockhead kicked my orgasm closer to the surface.

“Oh, god, that feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

I saw her smile around my cock and watched as she slipped a few more inches into her mouth. It was unbelievably wet and warm, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. She slid her lips up and down my shaft while her hand continued to stroke me. I could feel my balls tightening and I had to warn her.

“Lisa, baby,” I struggled to say. “I’m about to cum, so you may want to take me out of your mouth.”

She didn’t respond, but I felt her grip tighten, and her hand started stroking faster. Within seconds, my orgasm ignited, and the first jet of semen barreled out of my cock and hit her in the back of her throat. She tried to hold on, but as the second and third spurts erupted, she pulled me out of her mouth and began coughing. She managed to maintain her stroke as my cock spurted all over us.

She was still hacking and coughing, but it seems the worst had passed. My cock was still rigid, but it had run out of ammunition and no longer was spurting.

“You can stop now, baby,” I managed to say. “You did a fantastic job and it felt unbelievably good. I never would have believed this was your first time doing this.”

“The taste wasn’t bad at all,” she said. “Kind of salty, but only a little bitter. I’ve heard the taste can vary, so I guess I got lucky!.”

She sat back in the chair and assessed the damage. Her hand was coated in semen and a few drips had landed on her jeans. A bigger glob hung from her hair, and to me, she looked like the sexiest woman on earth. My thighs were also splattered, so I grabbed some napkins from the table and cleaned both of us the best I could.

“Yes, it was my first time doing this, but I’ve heard all about it from my girlfriends. So I had a good idea of what to expect. Plus, some of my girlfriend’s dads have dirty magazines that show women doing all kinds of sex stuff. They’re very educational.” She stood up and pushed some chairs out of the way. “Most of my girlfriends have even had sex already, and here I am, a high school senior, and I’ve only gone on dates with chaperones.”

“Wow, your parents are even stricter than I imagined. How do you deal with all the pent-up sexual frustration? I mean, forgive me for sounding crude, but don’t you get horny?”

“Sure, I get horny. I’m incredibly horny right now. Between feeling your hand on my ass and giving you oral sex, I’m about to scream!”

“Are you willing to let me help you with your ‘problem’? I’d love to give you the same pleasure you gave me.”

I could see she was hesitant. Given her restricted dating, the thought of a man touching her had to be scary.

“Let me ask you,” I said. “Do you masturbate? Have you ever had an orgasm?”

Her face reddened at hearing the question. I worried that I had overstepped and ruined the moment.

“That seems very personal,” she began. “But then when you’ve just had a man’s penis in your mouth, I guess personal goes out the window.” She lifted herself and sat on the conference table before resuming. “Yes, I masturbate. I have a hairbrush with a perfectly sized handle. And I’ve gotten very good with my fingers. Plus, if we’re being all open here, my girlfriend and I have even given each other oral sex. I really enjoyed that one time, but now she has a boyfriend and isn’t interested anymore.”

I was amazed at her candor. Perhaps I could convince her to let me return the favor and at the same time give myself even more enjoyment.

“I appreciate you trusting me with such personal information,” I said. “So, I ask again, would you like me to help give you an orgasm?”

She shifted uncomfortably, but I could see her eyes shining with possibilities. “Okay, I think we could have some fun. But I’m telling you right now, your penis is not going anywhere near my vagina! Not only am I a virgin, but I’m also not on any birth control. So anything we do would have to be penis free.”

I laughed and said, “I had no plans of using my penis on you. I was thinking more like fingers and mouth if that would be okay.”

“Okay, I guess I need to take my jeans off?

“Let me help,” I said. “It will add to the experience.”

Since she was sitting on top of the table, I stood in front of her and removed her sneakers and socks. She had lovely bare feet with a touch of pale pink polish on each toe. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down. She lifted her butt, which allowed me to completely remove her pants. Now she was wearing only underwear, and as plain as they were, they still looked fucking amazing. Like her bra, her panties were pure white and of a modest cut. I could see that the small triangle of fabric between her legs was darkened with moisture.

Again she lifted her butt and I slid her panties over her hips and down her legs. I removed them and, without thinking, held the crotch to my nose and inhaled, savoring her musky scent.

“That’s a little weird!” she exclaimed. “Is a girl’s smelly underwear a turn-on for boys?

“Oh yeah, it is one of the sexiest scents in the world for guys. Just smelling you is making me hard again.”

I looked down at her golden triangle of pubic hair. It was well trimmed, with nicely shaped edges. I sat on the chair, positioned myself between her legs, and started kissing her tummy. I trailed kisses up and down her thighs and all over her abdomen, teasing her.

“That tickles, but feels nice too,” she whispered.

Using my fingers, I gently spread her labia and saw the glistening juices within. I wiped my fingers through her crease, making them slippery, and then ran them back and forth through her warmth. I leaned in closer and found the small hood of her clitoris. Using one fingertip, I gently nudged her little button into the open. Just touching this area sent shocks rippling through her body.

“Ooh, ooh, that feels fantastic,” she cooed. “Much better than when I touch myself.”

Not wanting to move too fast, I slid my finger down and touched the entry to her vagina. This spot was oozing juices and felt incredibly warm. I inserted just the tip of my finger and pushed inside her, feeling only a little resistance. Her vaginal sleeve gripped my finger and welcomed me into her secret place. By now, my cock was fully erect and wishing it could trade places with my finger.

It was time. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and licked her entire wet cleft, making sure to tickle her clit with my tongue.

“Oh, God, forgive me,” she moaned. “ I know this is sinful, but why did you make it feel so good?”

I began licking her pussy while I used my finger to tickle the little nub of her clit. Every few passes, I plunged my tongue into the tightness of her vagina, enjoying the taste of her nectar. Her juices were flowing freely and I attempted to lap up every drop. I could feel her body pressing upward to increase the pressure on my tongue, and I knew she must be getting close.

My tongue licked her faster and faster as I started making small circles over her clit with my finger. Suddenly, her entire body stiffened, and her hips jerked upward, mashing her pussy tight against my mouth. Her muscles were spasming as the orgasm rocked her from head to toe.

“Oh, oh, oh, ooooooohhhhhhhh” she yelled as her body thrashed with pleasure.

As fast as it hit, I felt her orgasm leave her. Her body collapsed back to the table and her muscles relaxed. I slowed my fingers and tongue as I eased her back to Earth. A warm trickle of juices flowed out of her, coating my hand and puddling on the table.

“Stop, please stop,” she called out. “I’m too sensitive now.”

I sat up and looked at my glistening fingers before licking them clean. These juices were fresh and tasted like ambrosia. As she sat in her post-orgasmic bliss, I had time to ponder what I was doing. Why was I engaged in sex games with a high school senior? What kind of asshole messes around with someone so inexperienced? Part of my brain tried to rationalize my actions as simply harmless sex play. But the rest of my brain knew that was a lie.

“That was pretty cool to watch,” I said. “You have a strong sex drive and your orgasms are erotic as hell. My cock is still hard from watching you cum.”

“That felt so nice,” she said in a dreamy voice.” Definitely a top-ten orgasm. Maybe top-five. Your tongue felt especially nice. I’m sorry to hear you’re hard again, but I’m too worn out to help.”

“That’s okay,” I said, smiling. “But would it be okay if I masturbated while looking at your gorgeous body?”

“Sure, as long as I don’t have to move. I’ll just sit here while you do your thing.”

Pulling my pants down, I sat in the chair only a foot from her bare pussy. I started stroking, imagining I could slip just the head inside her tight sleeve. I watched as juices continued to trickle out of her, adding to the mess on the table. My orgasm was building quickly from the intense stimulation of eating her pussy. I reached out and slowly rubbed my finger through her folds, feeling the wet heat. I was just about to slide a digit into her vagina when my orgasm exploded.

My plan, loosely conceived as it was, was to point my cock upwards so that the semen would land on my legs. That was my plan anyway. Instead, the orgasm was so intense that I had trouble moving at all, and the first jet shot forward and landed right on her naked pussy. My brain failed to recognize the risk as spurts two and three also hit their mark. By the fourth spurt, I was able to point my dick away and get back on plan. But by then it was far too late.

Still, my brain did not recognize the danger as I watched three separate globs of jizz slide down through her pubic hair towards the opening of her vagina. I could see that her labia protruded enough to probably deflect the flow, but that wasn’t a certainty. I started to warn her of the accident, but she’d already felt the impact and resulting ooze.

Unfortunately, her first reaction was not the best. She panicked and used her fingers to try and wipe her pussy free of the dangerous baby juice. But she moved so fast that she ended up pushing most of the ooze into her labial folds, right where her vagina was waiting. Realizing her mistake, she grabbed napkins and began wiping furiously at her crotch. I imagined that for every bit absorbed, an equal amount of semen was being pushed even further inside her.

Finally coming to my senses, I yelled, “Come with me.” And grabbed her hand and dragged her, wearing only her bra, to the company’s locker room.

We moved to the back of the blue-tiled facility, where I helped her into the shower and used the handheld spray attachment to flood her pussy with warm water. With her fingers, she separated the folds of her labia while I continued to spray. After a few minutes, I figured we’d done the best we could, so I grabbed a towel from someone’s locker and dried her. Finally, we went back to the conference room where she got dressed. Not a word had been spoken the entire time.

As she finished buttoning her blouse, I said, “Lisa, that was so, so stupid of me. I lost all control and fucked up big time. I’ll do anything to help. Do you know if this is your fertile time?”

I could see she was pissed and had every right to be. I had done the unthinkable, in a long line of unthinkable actions.

Finally, she said, “I’m angry and I’m scared. That was reckless and could screw up both our lives.” She paused, taking a few deep breaths. “Now the good news, I think, is that my period ended just four days ago. Assuming my health teacher didn’t lie to us, I shouldn't be fertile. So maybe we got lucky. But that can never, ever happen again!”

“Of course, you’re right,” I said. “I can’t believe I let things get so crazy.”

She looked at me and I saw her demeanor soften as she said, “Well, it wasn’t all your fault. I’m the one who started everything today. Since we met, I’ve been dreaming of doing stuff with you, but for the longest time, you didn’t get the message. And I don’t have any experience with sex, and today I wasn’t as careful as I needed to be.”

“Honestly,” I replied, “the first time we met I was genuinely interested in you too.” I reached out, taking her hand in mine. “But with our age difference and your strict upbringing, I just assumed you were untouchable to me and everyone else in the office. Even if we were to admit our feelings, it’s not like your parents would approve of us dating.”

“No, they would not approve. Partly because you’re a few years older, but mainly because you aren’t of our faith. One of the benefits of my job is I have access to employee records. Your religion was the first thing I checked. And basically what I found, is that you don’t follow any faith.”

I stepped closer to her and took her in my arms and said, “Yeah, I guess your father was right about me being a heathen. My parents never went to church and never exposed me to any organized religion. I always wondered if I was missing something, but hearing about how strict yours is, just makes me sad.”

Our faces were inches apart and I desperately wanted to kiss her. Her voice became softer.

“I think in my family’s case, the strictness is less the religion and more just my parent’s way of seeing the world. And when it comes to romance, once I graduate, I can start having unchaperoned dates. And then I’m expected to be married no later than twenty-five so that I have lots of time to pop out grandbabies. It all sounds exhausting and no fun at all.”

“No fun at all,” I agreed, and leaned in and kissed her hard.

Despite all we had just done, this was our first kiss. Her lips were sensuously soft, and as the kiss deepened, we pressed our bodies closer together. I could feel the suppleness of her breasts on my chest as my hands slid down and massaged the cheeks of her amazing ass. I pushed my tongue through her lips and enjoyed the taste of her. She timidly responded with her tongue and soon enough, we were in sync. As our tongues danced, I squeezed her ass as she moaned into my mouth.

I felt my cock start to stiffen and I came to my senses. Breaking the kiss, I pulled back and tried to untangle from her embrace. It took a few seconds for me to force some space between us.

“Wha, why did you stop?” she gasped. “I was enjoying kissing you.”

“Yes, I was enjoying it too, but we have to stop teasing each other. We just agreed that this can’t work, and I like you too much to lead you on and break your heart.”

I saw her eyes fill with tears as she stepped back from me, turned, and headed for the door. “Too late.” was all I heard as she disappeared into the corridor and left the building. Her parting words were like a punch to the gut. I now fully understood that my mistakes had taken us too far down a path with no exit. Feeling like shit, I gathered all the erasers and headed outside to clean them.


After the holiday, the office returned to normal, except for Lisa and me. She kept herself busy, but avoided me as much as she could. When we did speak, it was only about business stuff, and our lunches together were now ancient history. I felt terrible, but had no idea how to repair the damage. I wanted her desperately, but what was the point? Any kind of relationship with her was doomed the moment her parents found out.

It had been about two weeks since our sex play in the conference room and it was still too soon to know if she was pregnant. Back then, home pregnancy tests didn’t exist. So the only way to know for sure was to wait to see if she missed her period and then go to a doctor for a test to confirm. And to add to the stress, summer was waning and Lisa had about six weeks left before school started, and her internship would end.

Feeling like I needed to do something to move the needle, I stopped by a florist on the way into the office and blew an obscene amount of money on flowers for her. I got into work early so that the gift was on her desk waiting for her. Because the snoops in the office would witness the gesture, I added a card that read: ‘Lisa, for the best intern an office could hope for. Thank you for all your tireless efforts in helping keep us organized. And a special thanks for keeping those dirty erasers clean. Love, your office family.’

I was in a meeting when she found the flowers, so I was robbed of seeing her initial reaction. I knew that to anyone else in the office, this just looked like a gift from the boss to a departing employee. And since the boss was out of town, it would be easy for the illusion to hold. But I knew that Lisa would see right through it and understand the real intent. She finally caught up to me right before lunch.

“Hi there,” she began. “Long time no see. I guess you heard about the flowers I got?”

Yeah, I heard you got a fancy arrangement from the company for all your hard work.”

“That’s very funny,” she replied. “Yes, they are beautiful, and I can say with assurance that something hard was involved.”

Her comment caught me mid-sip of my coffee and as I laughed, I snorted liquid out of my nose.

She swung her hip, bumping me on my side, and said, “Gotta be careful with those spurting liquids. I don’t know how much more this poor office can take!”

And with those simple words, I knew we were okay again.

“Join me for lunch?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think that would be nice. See you at noon?”

At noon, we met in our usual spot, which was the most secluded of the picnic tables. It was a warm, muggy day and the landscaped surroundings were in full bloom. Our table was in the shade of a large oak tree, and as we sat I could hear the murmur of conversations and the buzzing of bees as they toiled among the flowers.

“I missed you,” I began. “These past weeks have been very lonely.”

She looked at me with a trace of sadness. “Yeah, I missed you too. I’m sorry I’ve been so distant. I have all these thoughts banging around in my head and I can’t sort things out.”

“Look, we have only two options as I see it. Like binary code, we have two possible paths. Either we run out the clock doing nothing and you leave at the beginning of September with us never knowing what could have been. Or we make the most of the time we have now and at least have memories to sustain us after you leave.” I placed my hand on top of hers and continued, “I vote that we use every second of our time now to nurture our affection. We can’t predict what might happen after that. We can only live within the moment.”

I could see the wheels turning in her brain. Finally, she said,” What you’re saying is intriguing, but it’s not like we could date or anything. No one in public could see us, at the risk of my parents finding out. So what could we even do?”

“Well, other than the two nights you have church services, you could tell your parents you’re staying late for more computer training. You’ve learned so much that you could easily prove to them that you know your stuff.” Building up my enthusiasm, I took both of her hands in mine. “Then maybe once per week we both leave work early and I drive us to the next town where we could see a movie or have a romantic dinner. Then I could drive you back home and drop you off at your usual bus stop.”

I could see she thought this idea had some merit. She was smiling and nodding her head as I spoke. Squeezing both my hands, she said, “Since I have three free nights, maybe we could have two dates per week?”

“That would be even better, and it would only be for these remaining weeks, so hopefully your parents wouldn’t get suspicious.”

We discussed it through the rest of our lunch break and settled on a schedule we thought would work. That night, she let her parents know that with so little time left, she wanted to cram in as much free computer training as she could. Luckily, they agreed and we began our secret romance.

The first week was wonderful. One evening we caught the summer blockbuster movie, and on the next date, we had a nice candlelit dinner at a small, intimate restaurant. After each date, we took some time to park in a secluded area and smooch and fondle each other. Since it was summer, it was too sunny to do anything riskier than rubbing boobs and crotches through our clothes. After every date, I had to jerk off and relieve my stress once I returned home. I imagined Lisa was just as frustrated.

During our second week of dating, Lisa relayed the wonderful news that she had gotten her period and our pregnancy scare was over. That same week, our company announced that the following Monday was a special office holiday and that everyone would get the day off with pay. As soon as I heard this, I went looking for Lisa.

“I have an idea about next week’s day off,” I began. If you don’t tell your parents about it, they’ll assume you’re working and we could have the entire day together. I’d pick you up at the bus stop and we could head over to the big amusement park. It’s only about an hour’s drive. Then, if you’re willing, I could get us a hotel room where we could finally have some privacy.”

It was a lot for her to process all at once. Lying to her parents, getting a hotel room, and keeping secrets, were scary for her. But I would not push. This was an open offer that she could easily refuse.

“Oh, wow,” she replied, that’s a lot. I mean, it all sounds like fun, but it’s not without risk.”

I watched as she considered the possible risks and rewards. I imagined her strict upbringing was at war with the natural rebelliousness of a teenager. But she also knew our time was short and that this might be the only opportunity to take our relationship farther.

“Okay,” she finally said. “Let’s do it!”

We managed to get through the week without any stress, and both of us looked forward to Monday. The weather was forecasted to be great, and the park was not expected to be crowded. I splurged and made a reservation at a luxury hotel for our date and paid extra for a noon check-in time. If we were to pull this off, I’d need to have her home by eight o’clock to mimic a normal workday and the extra hours of training. So I wanted to be able to use the hotel room as long as possible.

Monday rolled around and as planned, I picked her up near her bus stop. She was wearing her usual office attire but after climbing into my car she pulled some casual clothes out of her bag and through a series of moves that would’ve impressed a gymnast, she managed to change her outfit completely. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road as various parts of her body were exposed. Once dressed, she wore a creamy white halter top without a bra and short denim cutoffs. She’d swapped her dress shoes for sandals, and for a moment, I thought of skipping the amusement park entirely.

“That outfit looks great!” I said in amazement. “I didn’t think your parents would let you wear stuff that sexy.”

“Oh, they don’t,” she said. “If they saw me in this, I'd be grounded for a year. No, I borrowed this outfit from one of my girlfriends. She knows about today and is sworn to secrecy.”

We hit the park and managed to find a decent parking spot. Being a workday, the park wouldn’t get busy until later. As we walked to the entrance, I couldn’t help but admire the bounce and sway of her unrestrained breasts. Just in the short distance we covered, I could see her nipples responding to the friction of the fabric rubbing against them. I made a mental note to make sure we tried at least one of the wet rides.

We spent the next several hours hitting every major attraction. The log flume was as wet as I expected, and I was delighted to see how transparent her halter became once it was soaked. Her nipples and areolas were on full display and from what I could see, she was not embarrassed in the least. She was beautiful and self-confident enough to enjoy her assets. As we walked around holding hands, I felt honored to be with her.

Having exhausted the main attractions, we took a break and had a quick lunch in the park. It was cool in the shade and we both had fun people-watching. Checking the time, I realized it was a little later than I expected, so I felt we needed to get moving.

“It’s a little after noon,” I said. “The park is great fun and if you’d prefer to spend the rest of the day here then I’m fine with that. But if you’d like some snuggle time, we can head over to the hotel. It’s attached to the park and only a five-minute drive.”

This was a big moment and I held my breath waiting to see what she’d say. I truly had no specific goal in mind for the rest of the day. I mainly wanted to be alone with her and maybe elevate our petting to the next level. There’s only so much we could manage parked in my car, and the hotel would be a significant upgrade in privacy.

“Today has been great so far,” she began. “I’ve never been to an amusement park before, or gone dancing, or done anything most people get to do. So if this was all we did, it would still be the most wonderful day. But with my time at work ending, and realizing I’ll soon never see you again, I think I want to go to the hotel to spend a few hours without the world intruding. Can we go now?”

“Yeah, I would like that,” I replied. “Every moment is precious, and I want to spend as much as I can with you.”

Her face lit up with the most brilliant smile and she kissed me on the lips. It was at that moment I realized I’d fallen for her, even though our situation was impossible. As we walked back to my car, my brain churned trying to find a solution. But no brilliant answer sprung forth, and I had to accept the dismal reality that some things were just not possible.

We quickly reached the hotel and walked up to the front desk. This was a four-star hotel and the superb experience began the moment you entered the lobby. From the thick carpeting and fine furniture to the huge crystal chandeliers and the soft classical music playing in the background, you were enveloped in luxury. I had rarely stayed in such a facility, and I imagined this was entirely new to Lisa.

‘Hello sir, madam, welcome to the Park Towers,” said the smartly dressed woman behind the plush counter. “How may we be of service today?”

“Hi, we have a reservation for one night under the name Sanders,” I replied.

She efficiently ran my name through her system and said, “Ah yes, here it is. A party of two for one night in our grand suite. Is this correct?”

“Yes, correct,” I replied.

I saw Lisa’s eyes widen at the mention of a grand suite. I saw her mouth silently form the word ‘what?’ expressing her surprise and disbelief.

“And I see you have only the one bag sir?” the clerk asked pointing at the leather duffle I was carrying.

“Yes, just the one bag. My wife and I travel light and since we’re only visiting the amusement park this trip, we’re keeping things casual. And I won’t need assistance from a bellhop this visit, thank you.”

I saw the clerk’s eyebrow raise at the word ‘wife’ and I imagined she wasn’t buying a word of what I was selling. But ever the professional, she simply handed me the room key and a few brochures.

“I hope you and your, ah, wife have a pleasant stay with us. If there is anything the hotel can do to enhance your experience, please don’t hesitate to let us know.”

She gestured to the next guest in line, and I realized we’d been dismissed. I took Lisa’s hand and we walked to the bank of glass elevators.

“I almost cracked up when you called me your wife,” Lisa giggled. “And you booked us a suite? How romantic.”

“If this is to be our only time together, it needs to be special. And I always want things for you to be special. As for calling you my wife, I know that was silly, but I wanted to have a little fun with the clerk.”

We reached the fortieth floor and walked down the plushly carpeted hallway to our room. Huge vases of fresh flowers were set every twenty feet, filling the air with a wonderful scent. Next to our doorway was a gold plaque inscribed ‘Grand Suite B’. I opened the heavy door and we stepped into the large space.

The suite was easily three times the size of a standard room. The sleeping quarters had a king-sized bed with an enclosed bath and a separate dressing area. The floor of the main room was sunken, and all the furniture faced the 30-foot wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. The room overlooked the water park and beyond that, the huge Ferris wheel. It was impressive.

Lisa ran to the windows and stood gazing at the spectacular view. I walked up behind her and placed my hands around her waist and kissed her neck.

“The view from here is spectacular,” she squealed. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this high up before. The park looks entirely different from here.”

“Yeah, this is pretty sweet,” I replied. “I’ve never stayed here before, but I’ve been told it’s worth the expense.”

I left her at the window while I walked to the phone and ordered a bottle of expensive champagne to be sent up. I also ordered a bowl of strawberries and some fudge sauce for dipping. I wanted to go all out and make this an afternoon she would never forget.

Kicking off my sneakers, I walked back to the window, where she was still enjoying the view. She turned to face me and wrapped me in her arms. Leaning in, I kissed her hard, savoring the soft warmth of her lips. She kissed me back as our tongues performed a mad dance, savoring each other’s taste. I sucked on her tongue as she moaned softly into my mouth. Sliding my hands down her back, I was delighted by the feel of her naked skin. Moving lower, I didn’t stop until I was cupping her firm ass cheeks. I squeezed gently, loving the feel of her well-toned ass through the thin denim shorts.

Her breasts were pressed to my chest, and I realized they were the one part of her body that I hadn’t yet seen naked. Hopefully, that would change today. She hugged me back, squeezing me hard, like she was desperately trying to hold on to this moment forever. I guess we were both a bit desperate at the thought of our affair ending. A knock at the door interrupted our embrace.

“Who could that be?” she asked, confusion in her eyes. “No one knows we’re here.”

“You’ll see,” I said, smiling.

I crossed the large room to the door and opened it. A uniformed attendant wheeled in a silver cart holding an ice bucket chilling a bottle of champagne. There were also two covered plates and two champagne flutes along with cloth napkins, wet wipes, and other sundry items. A fresh, dewy rose stood tall in a crystal bud vase. It was a nice presentation.

“Would you like me to open the bottle, sir?” the attendant asked.

I replied, “Yes, please.” And watched as he skillfully popped the cork and put the bottle back on ice. He then quickly lifted and replaced the lids on each dish, showing me their contents. All looked perfect.

I tipped him and waited until he left our room. Lisa walked over to see what had been delivered. She lifted one lid and saw a dozen, large, fresh strawberries along with some chocolates arrayed on a crystal plate. Lifting the other lid revealed a small silver bowl filled with fudge sauce. Underneath the bowl was a small alcohol burner keeping the sauce warm. Finally, she reached for the bottle, turning it in the ice to read the label.

Her eyes widened and she said, “Champagne? Really? You went all out for me, thank you. And the strawberries and chocolates look scrumptious. Do you do this for all your girlfriends?”

I blushed and said, “Well, there haven’t been that many girlfriends. And no, I’ve never done this for anyone before. But you’re so special, I tried to do everything I could think of.”

“I’ve never had alcohol before, though I imagine that doesn’t surprise you. I’ve never even seen my parents drink. Can we try it now?”

I lifted the bottle and filled the two glasses. I handed her one and took the other, raising it high.

“A toast,” I began. “To you and me and the most wonderful summer two people ever had.”

She smiled as we clinked glasses. She took a cautious slip and giggled as the bubbles tickled her nose. She took a second sip and I could see her savoring the foreign taste in her mouth.

“This is wonderful!” she exclaimed. “A little sweet and it goes down easily. And the bubbles on my nose are just plain fun.”

I watched as she took several more sips, emptying the glass.

“Whoa, slow down there,” I cautioned. “That stuff will sneak up on you, and we can’t have you getting drunk before I take you home.”

“Well, to be honest, I’m trying to work up my courage. I know we wanted a hotel room to have some privacy and maybe fool around a bit, but I’ve made a decision and I’m scared you won’t think I’m being rational.”

I wasn’t sure where she was going with this. Was she considering telling her parents about us? If that were the case, I’d be on board with it, since it might mean we still had a chance for a relationship.

“Lisa, love, you can ask me anything. I care deeply for you and would never reject anything you said. What’s on your mind?”

She took in a deep breath and said, “Oh my, this is harder to say than I expected.” She paused again, eyeing the champagne glass. “Could I have a splash more of that?”

I poured her an inch of liquid and watched as she downed it in two quick swallows. Suddenly, a loud belch escaped from her lips and she quickly covered her mouth with both hands in embarrassment.

Laughing hard at the sudden sound, I said, “That had to be the sexiest burp I’ve ever heard!”

I saw her face flush red and then she was laughing too. It was just what we needed to break the tension.

“My, that was rude, but I do feel better.”

I stepped closer to her and took her in my arms and said, “So, what did you want to ask me?”

I felt her take another deep breath before speaking, “Our time together has been wonderful and I wish it would never end. But we both know that can’t be. You and I have done things I never thought would have happened until I was married. And before my life goes back to what it was, I wanted to ask if you would be my first. If you could make love to me and give me memories I can cherish forever. Would you?”

I was stunned. Sure, I had always hoped in the back of my mind that we would have sex at some point, but with our time growing shorter, it seemed a remote pipe dream. Even with the hotel room I never expected to go beyond anything we hadn’t already done that night in the conference room. And frankly, some mutual oral sex would have been just fine. But now…

“Lisa,” I began, “I don’t know what to say. I’m honored that you’d trust me with something as important as taking your virginity.” I paused, looking deep into her eyes. “And of course, making love to you would be an unbelievable experience, but have you really considered this? There’s no going back from your first time.”

I saw she had started to cry. Her emotions must have been maxed out and now that she’d asked her big question, everything was spilling over. I took her face in my hands and kissed her. I hoped I’d said the right words because I didn’t want to injure her feelings in any way.

“Yes, I’ve thought a lot about this,” she replied. “No one’s ever made me feel the way you do, and no one has ever treated me with so much kindness. From my first day in the office, when it seemed like everyone else hated me, you reached out and gave me a lifeline. And it only got better as time went on.”

I kissed her soft lips again and said, “It took no effort on my part. I quickly realized that not only were you beautiful, but that you were also damn smart and a real delight to be around. So whatever I did was mostly selfishness on my part to keep you in my life.”

She hugged me tight, burying her face in my shoulder. I heard her muffled voice ask, “Does that mean you accept my request?”

The thought of having sex with her was already waking up my cock. I pressed my bulge against her body and asked, “Does this give you an idea of my answer?”

I felt her hand slide between us as she grasped my cock through my shorts and squeezed. Now it was my turn to moan. I slid my hand down and squeezed her breast, feeling its soft warmth.

“May I undress you?” I whispered. “Please?”

She took my hand and led me to the bed. Without saying a word, she stood in front of me and cocked an eyebrow as if to say, ‘what are you waiting for?’

I reached behind her and untied the lower knot of her halter top. This allowed me to slide my hands under the shirt and cup both breasts. I squeezed each supple, warm globe, feeling her nipples harden against my palms.

“Well, now,” she cooed. “That feels wonderful.”

I reached behind her neck and untied the remaining string and stepped back, watching the shirt fall to the ground. She was naked from the waist up, and her breasts were on full display to me for the first time. I leaned down, taking her entire areola in my mouth, and sucked like I was trying to drink. My tongue slid over the hard rubbery tip of her nipple and I heard her gasp.

“Jesus,” she whispered, “That feels so fucking good!”

I smiled around her nipple as she used a word I didn’t even think was in her vocabulary. I moved to her other nipple, giving it equal attention. I felt her grab my head as she pressed me tighter against her chest. After a few more nipple licks, I broke free to continue undressing her.

I unsnapped her shorts and yanked the zipper down. My need was such that I was having a difficult time being gentle. Grabbing her waistband, I slipped her shorts to the floor, where she kicked them aside. Now she was completely nude except for her plain white, modest-cut panties. I could see that the vee of fabric between her thighs was quite damp from her excitement. Reaching down, I cupped her warm pussy in my palm and squeezed gently.

“Mmm, mmm, that feels so good,” she said with an ache in her voice.

I pushed the fabric into her wet groove and slid my finger up and down, feeling the juices seep through the cloth. I was frantic to fuck her, but also wanted to revel in some glorious foreplay. Sliding my fingers under the elastic waist of her panties, I quickly slid them down where they too were kicked to the side. I couldn’t stand it, I had to look.

Stepping back, I dropped to my knees and looked at her pussy. Her blonde pubic hair was saturated with juices, allowing me to see the pinkness inside her labia. Spreading her lips with my fingers, I buried my tongue into the warm, wet crevice and licked her from bottom to top. As my tongue grazed her clit, she cried out from the intense pleasure. Up and down my tongue glided until she cried out again.

“Oh! Too much, knees getting weak.”

I stood up, lifted her into my arms, and threw her on the bed. I took ten seconds to strip off my clothes and position my head between her legs. I buried my face into her pussy, filling my nostrils with her tangy, sweet scent. Her juices flowed freely as I licked and lapped up every trace of her honey. I plunged my tongue deep into her vagina while massaging her clit with my fingers. This was the magic combination as her orgasm hit quickly and her body began convulsing. She’d grabbed the back of my head, forcing my tongue deeper inside her as the walls of her vagina spasmed. Sweet nectar flooded my mouth as her orgasm washed over her. Slowly, very slowly, her body relaxed as her climax faded.

“Oh my God,” she repeated over and over.

I saw her chest heaving as she drew in big gulps of air. I moved back and sat between her legs, just so I could enjoy the view of this beautiful woman in post-orgasmic bliss. Her nipples were stiff arrows pointing toward the ceiling, and she had the biggest smile on her face. I suspected she’d just had a great experience.

“You know,” I began, “as great as that was, sex can be a hundred times better. So save some energy for round two.”

She pulled herself to a sitting position and looked at me. I saw her glance down at my crotch, seeing my hard cock pointing upwards. My pubic hair was saturated from my pre-cum, and my cockhead continued to dribble as I sat looking at her.

“Looks like you need some relief,” she said, pointing at my erection. Can I help with that?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” I said as I moved to the edge of the bed and sat down. “Why don’t you kneel on the floor over here and you can say hello?”

Within seconds, she was between my legs and holding my rigid shaft in her hand. She stroked me a few times, smearing the pre-cum all over my cock. This made masturbating me much easier, and the more she stroked, the more pre-cum oozed over her hand. My cock tingled with pleasure.

“It’s like a leaky faucet,” she said and giggled. “It just won’t stop dripping.”

She leaned forward and licked my pee-hole and then swirled her tongue all over my glans. The sensation was so good, my cock pumped out another blob of pre-cum. Then she opened her mouth and sucked in my entire cockhead, enveloping it in her wet, warm mouth.

“Goddamned, Lisa, that feels like heaven,” I croaked out.

In response, she sucked in more of my cock and swirled her tongue all around my shaft. I could see her throat bobbing as she swallowed the mixture of her saliva and my juices. Her hand never stopped stroking, and my libido was on fire. I knew I would not last long.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I managed to say between groans. “You don’t have to swallow it if you don’t want to.”

With her mouth full, it was difficult for her to smile, but I could see she was trying to. She gripped my cock more tightly and sped up her stroke as she continued to maul my cock with her tongue. I managed to get one word out before my orgasm hit.

“I'm” I yelled and then exploded.

Days of anticipation and several hours today of watching her boobs bounce unbridled in her halter top pushed my orgasm to be nuclear. My cock was deep in her mouth when the first jet of semen erupted, and I saw her eyes widen at the shock. Spurts two, three, and four followed in rapid succession as she continued to stroke and suck. My climax peaked quickly and then began to taper until my cock was only trickling semen into her mouth. I don’t know how she did it, but this time she didn’t cough or choke or pull me out.

“You can stop now,” I moaned. “My cock is too sensitive.”

She stopped stroking me, but kept her lips wrapped around my stiff shaft. I could see her cheeks moving, but I had no idea what she was doing. A small drool of semen dripped from the corner of her mouth, which was not surprising given the size of the load I’d just delivered. Then she slid me very slowly out of her mouth. It took me a second to realize her cheeks were filled with my spunk and she was trying not to spill.

“Lisa, no need to be careful,” I said. “Just open your mouth and let my semen spill out. It’ll be easier for you.”

She ignored me and continued carefully to slide my cock out. Just as she reached the glans, she pulled off me and clamped her lips shut. She got up and looked at me with puffed cheeks, appearing every bit like the cat who swallowed the canary. I assumed she was just going to spit it out, so I held up my cupped hands for her to use. Instead, she looked right into my eyes and made a tremendous swallowing motion. Then she opened her mouth wide and showed me it was empty. All I could see was a faint white coating on her tongue.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, that was incredibly sexy. I’ve never seen a girl try that before with me. What made you do it?”

She wiped her lips with the back of her hand and said, “When I told my girlfriend what I had planned for today, she suggested not swallowing your cum until you were finished ejaculating. She said by holding the semen in my cheeks, it would keep me from choking. And it worked! She also told me I could then just spit out the goo or swallow it, depending on how it tasted.”

“I guess my jizz didn’t taste too terrible? I asked.

“Taste for yourself,” she said as she grabbed me and kissed me.

As she thrust her sweet tongue into my mouth, I could taste some bitter saltiness. But it wasn’t bad at all. I sucked eagerly on her tongue and pulled her onto the bed with me. I could not get enough of touching every part of her as my hands roamed over her tight ass and superbly toned back. Cheerleading did a wonderful job on her physique and I wanted to embed every bit of it in my memory.

Eventually, we untangled our bodies as we both needed a pee break. The suite featured two bathrooms, so we both went our separate ways. We met back at the bed, where I poured another glass of chilled champagne for each of us. This time she sipped slowly, savoring the exquisite flavor. As I sipped, I drank in the sensuous view before me. Her body was a work of art, all toned and curvaceous in just the right places. Her breasts swayed as she moved, and I almost felt hypnotized watching them. I was dreaming of the moment a few minutes from now when I would be able to enter her for the first time. Already my cock was beginning to stiffen from the anticipation. Suddenly, a thought flashed through my brain, hitting me like a sledgehammer.

“Oh, no!” I said with real sadness in my voice. “I just realized something.”

“What?” she asked with alarm. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, Lisa,” I began, “when I planned for our day together, I never even considered the possibility of having sex. I truly believed we would just play around a little and enjoy some alone time. So I’m not prepared.”

“Okay, I can understand that,” she replied. “But what’s there to prepare for? I mean I’m here, you’re here, we’re both naked, what more do we need?”

“A condom?, I said. “How can we make love without a condom? We just got over one scare and don't need another.”

I expected to see her face fall with the realization that we were not going to do this. But instead she just smiled, which made no sense to me. Then I had an idea.

“I know,” I said excitedly. “I bet the hotel gift shop sells outrageously priced condoms. We can’t be the first couple in hotel history to face this dilemma. I can call down there and ask.”

“No need,” she cooed. “We don’t need condoms. Let me ask you, do you have any diseases, any STDs?”

“Well, no,” I admitted. “In fact, it’s been over a year since I’ve been with a girl. So no worries there. But a disease is not what I’m worried about.”

“And I’ve never been with any guy except you, so we know I’m clean, right? So that leaves pregnancy, right?”

“Well, yeah, but that’s not a little thing.”

“No, but we’re fine because I’m completely safe. If you recall, I got my period early last week and it ended just the other day. I’m about as infertile as a girl can be.” She reached over and took my hand in hers. “Plus, I really don’t want to use a condom. My girlfriend says sex feels so much better when it’s bare skin to bare skin. And that’s what I want for my first time.”

“Wow, okay,” I said with some hesitation. “But nothing is guaranteed, so there’s still some risk. Though even with a condom, there’s a risk. But if you’re confident, then I’m okay too.”

Her response was to grab my hand and drag me into bed. As we kissed, I continued exploring her body with my hands. The incredible firmness of her ass and the sensuous curves of her waist. The tantalizingly soft pillows of her breasts and best of all, the wet heat of her pussy. Once my hand found her center, I couldn’t break away. I was delirious, feeling the chubby lips of her labia through the softness of her pubic hair and the rubbery little bump of her clitoris. But it all was overshadowed by the achingly tight entrance to her vagina. Just feeling it with my finger forced rivulets of pre-cum to ooze from my cock.

Lisa was equally busy kissing me and fondling my rock-hard shaft. She used the pre-cum to coat her hand, making it deliciously slippery as she stroked me. We were both breathing hard and it was making it difficult to kiss.

I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “I’m ready. I’m so fucking ready, I’m about to explode.”

She kissed me on the neck and whispered back, “I’m ready too. I’ve never wanted anything so badly in my life. Just tell me what to do.”

I said, “Move over to the middle of the bed and lie on your back with two pillows under your head. I want you to be able to see as I penetrate you. It will be sexy beyond belief.”

She moved into position and spread her legs wide. I got between her thighs and looked down, taking a moment to savor the view of this nude cheerleader completely open to me. I used my fingers to smooth down her damp pubic hair, making it easier for me to see the entry into her vagina. My cock was screaming at me, so I grabbed my shaft and wiped my cockhead up and down her warm, wet cleft. I watched as the petals of her labia oozed around my glans, coating it with her juices.

“Last chance,” I said. “Are you still okay with doing this?”

She gave me her biggest smile and said, “If you don’t stick your cock in me right now, I’m gonna use the champagne bottle!”

“Okay, then use your arm to prop yourself up a bit so you can see.”

Positioning my cockhead at her opening, I could feel heat radiating from her. I pushed inward and watched as her vagina slowly expanded around my fat glans. With just the head in, I paused to let her adjust.

“My, God,” she exclaimed, “that is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re inside me!”

“Well, just a little so far,” I replied. “Are you uncomfortable?”

“It feels a little weird, kind of like when I started using my hairbrush, but much more stuffed.”

Still holding my shaft, I pressed forward, slowly sliding another two inches into the tightest pussy I’d ever fucked. The grip around my cock was unbelievable. It was warm and snug and if I wasn’t careful, I would blow my load quickly.

“Oh, oh, that feels fantastic,” she purred. “Nothing I've ever done has felt as good as this. It’s a bit uncomfortable because you’re filling me completely, but it also feels better than anything I could have imagined. “

“I haven’t reached your hymen yet, but when I do, the next part will be painful. I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

Hearing my words, she quickly lifted her hips, forcing me to slip another few inches into her velvet sleeve. Now it was my turn to groan from the rippling caress of her vagina.

“Jesus Christ, that feels fucking fantastic,” I gasped. “You’re so tight and hot, it’s taking all my control not to cum. But I’m almost in all the way and nothing painful happened?”

“Oh, Bill,” she said softly. “I broke my hymen years ago. Between the hairbrush and all the splits we cheerleaders do, my cherry never had a chance.”

That was all I needed to hear. I thrust forward, burying my entire seven inches into her virgin pussy. Our pubic bones pressed tightly together, and I paused again to let her adjust to my cock.”

“That’s so fucking cool,” she exclaimed. We’re completely joined, and I can feel you so deep inside me. It hurts a little, but the pleasure is far greater.”

She laid back down and grabbed my arms as I held my position over her. I pulled back, withdrawing a few inches before pushing forward. She moaned again, louder this time. Using shallow strokes I worked slowly letting her body adjust to the intrusion. As I felt her relax, I began pulling out almost completely before pushing back in as far as I could go. Lisa’s eyes were squeezed shut, and her lips were parted as she gasped out continuous groans of delight.

Her snug sleeve was stimulating the underside of my glans, sending distress calls to my brain to hurry up and ejaculate. Though my orgasm was building fast, I was determined to let her cum first. I lowered my body until she was supporting much of my weight, and I began thrusting faster. In this position, my pubic bone was rubbing her hooded clit, and this new sensation elevated her enjoyment even more.

I felt her hands grab my shoulders as she pulled me closer. The hard points of her nipples were rubbing against my chest with each thrust. I was having the fuck of my life and wanted our time to last forever. As joined as we were, I needed more, so I lowered my head and kissed her as hard as I could. Our tongues swirled as we caressed each other’s mouths, savoring the intimacy. My cock was sliding easier now from all the fluids we were making and Lisa had started lifting her hips, meeting my thrusts, trying to drive my cock in even deeper.

As joined as we were, I didn’t think it was possible to get any closer. But her instincts kicked in and she wrapped her ankles around the back of my thighs and pulled hard. I swear that I felt the tip of my cock penetrate her very soul. Within seconds, her body began convulsing as her orgasm hit. Her velvet sleeve tightened around my cock and that was all I needed to explode into her.

As I climaxed, Lisa was almost screaming into my mouth as waves of intense pleasure rocked her body. My cock was jetting rope after rope of semen into the tightest space it had ever been. There was nowhere for my discharge to go, and I could feel it squirting back out and coating my balls. I continued to thrust as her body relaxed and her orgasm slowed. We were still kissing, and I pulled her into a tight embrace as the last of my semen dribbled out of my happy cock. Things were so wet that we made squishing noises with each thrust.

We broke our kiss and I lifted myself off her chest, using my arms to support me. Her eyes were still closed and she was panting, trying to catch her breath. My cock was still a steel spike buried completely inside her, but I knew that wouldn’t last. I, too, was breathing hard, and my butt muscles were still clenched from the immensity of my orgasm.

“Hi, baby, how are you feeling?” I asked softly. “Are you in any pain?”

She drew a few more breaths and replied, “I’m feeling wonderful. My orgasm was brighter and stronger than any other experience in my life. As for pain,” she paused to assess herself, “I’d say I have some discomfort and my back is a little achy from the pounding, but nothing more painful than what I feel after a long day of cheer workouts.”

I smiled and leaned in to kiss her again. “I’m relieved to hear that. This was a wonderful experience for me too. No girl has ever given me more pleasure than you just did. Thank you for the gift of being your first.”

“I felt you cum,” she replied. “I wasn’t sure I believed a girl could feel that, but I felt squirt after squirt of hot liquid hitting the very bottom of my vagina. Combined with my orgasm, it was unlike anything I’ve experienced.”

I shifted my weight and felt my cock slide partially out of her warmth. I quickly slid myself back in, not wanting the moment to end. But I could already feel my cock softening.

We continued kissing until her vagina pushed my flaccid cock out of her, and we both felt the flow of warm goo as it dribbled over her butt and my ball sack. I rolled off, pulling her with me until we were lying on our sides, face to face. I hugged her tightly and gazed into her striking blue eyes, trying to forever fix the moment into my memory. She smiled and we spent time just kissing and enjoying the closeness.

“I’m hungry,” she announced to the room. “How about we try those strawberries and finish the champagne?”

I got up and pulled the serving cart next to the bed. We each sat cross-legged, knee to knee, as I poured two more glasses of bubbly. The flame on the warmer had almost extinguished itself, but the fudge sauce was still liquid enough to use. I dipped a strawberry in and held it to her mouth so she could take a bite. I took one for myself and we spent a few minutes devouring every bit of fruit and most of the exquisite chocolates.

There was still plenty of fudge left, so I dipped my finger in and smeared a bit on each of her nipples. Leaning forward, I licked each nipple clean and enjoyed feeling them stiffen inside my mouth. I spread more fudge on her tummy and proceeded to lick around her belly button until she was clean. To complete my silliness, I spread some fudge on her lips and kissed her passionately, enjoying the sweet taste.

“Two can play at this game,” she giggled and proceeded to pour a blob of fudge into her palm.

Before I could react, she grabbed my flaccid cock, completely coating it in warm chocolate. She pushed on my shoulder, indicating I should lie down, and then proceeded to take my fudge-covered cock into her mouth and suck it clean. Within seconds, I was semi-hard again and even though the fudge had surely been cleaned off, she continued to suck and stroke my shaft. I let her orally pleasure me for a few minutes, but knew after back-to-back orgasms, I needed time to recharge.

I rubbed her shoulder and said, “Lisa, baby, this feels wonderful. But my poor cock needs some time to recover. You can stop now.”

She slowly, sensuously slid her lips off my cock and sat up, facing me.

“Darn,” she groused. “I was looking forward to something salty to go with the sweet. You old guys just can’t keep up. Guess I need to find me a younger stud.”

Though her words were meant to be playful, they also carried a bit of sad truth. Eventually, she would hook up with a guy her own age and someone who met her parent’s approval. And we both knew I wasn’t going to be that guy. But I refused to let anything dampen this moment.

“Yeah, yeah,” I replied. “Us old-timers can barely get it up most days. Good thing you’re as sexy as all fuck!”

She blushed at the compliment and took my hand in hers, saying, “I know today is the only day we’ll ever be able to do this stuff, and when I go back to school I’ll miss you terribly, but I’m so happy we had this chance to be together. Thank you for making me feel special.”

I needed to change the subject, so I said, “I’m feeling pretty grungy. How about taking a shower with me?”

She smiled at the idea and hopped out of bed. We headed for the bath and jumped into the warmth of the shower. The chamber was large and it was easy for us to move around. We took turns soaping each other up, just enjoying the feeling of each other’s bodies. Even after we both were clean, we continued to fondle each other and I was able to finger her to a mini-orgasm.

Lisa leaned against the shower wall, savoring her latest orgasm, and saw that my cock looked all stiff and lonely. She asked, “What can I do to help you with that?”

Without answering, I turned her around and motioned for her to spread her legs and lean against the shower wall. I stepped behind her, grabbed my shaft, and guided my tip against the tight opening of her vagina. Since she’d just climaxed, her pussy was well lubricated and still stretched a bit from our earlier sex. I was able to easily slip two inches into her before pausing.

I reached around and cupped her breasts in my hands and massaged her nipples. Hearing her groan, I pushed forward, sliding completely inside her, and immediately began a deep stroke. I was already on the edge of cumming from the earlier fudge blow job and our shower play, so I knew this was going to be quick. A dozen full, deep thrusts later, my orgasm hit, and I filled her pussy with yet another load of my seed.

As my cock slipped out, I turned her to face me and as the warm water cascaded over us, I pulled her tight against my body and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. My hands ran all over her back and magnificent ass as she ground her pussy into my cock. If I hadn’t been so spent, I surely would have become hard again. We enjoyed these final moments, and then it was time to get back to reality.

We quickly dried each other off and glancing at the time I realized it was getting late. As far as her parents were concerned, this was a regular workday and she was expected home soon. Lisa dressed in the office clothes she’d left the house in that morning, and I donned my shorts and tank top. As we exited the lobby, we made for an oddly mismatched pair, outfit-wise. The drive to her bus stop was uneventful, though we did smooch at almost every stoplight. Fortunately, I managed to steal one last kiss before she exited my car. When I arrived home and unpacked my bag, I found Lisa’s panties with a note which read: ‘Thank you for this most special day. I want you to have these to remember me after I’m gone. Love Lisa.’


The next day we both returned to the office and had to act like nothing was different. I wish I could say that we found a way to sleep together again or that some magic idea appeared to allow us to be a couple, but that only happens in the movies. We did spend our remaining time enjoying each other’s company during lunchtime and even managed a few evening dates to see another movie and hit a few restaurants. But ultimately, our time together did come to an end.

I was very pleased that on her last day the owner went all out a catered a big farewell lunch for her. He even managed to contact Lisa’s parents and they agreed to surprise her at the party. I got a chance to meet them and on the surface, they seemed like nice enough folks. The boss made a speech about how much they enjoyed having Lisa work for them and that his door was always open if she wanted a job in the future. I even was able to say a few words about how smart she was and how quickly she learned computer programming, and that we all would miss her.

After the party, Lisa was free to go and arranged for her parents to drive her home. She asked them to wait in the car while she finished up a few things. Then she dragged me back to the tiny office where our relationship began and spent five minutes kissing me with every fiber of her being. Since our day in the hotel, we’d said all the words there were to say, so our last moments together yielded no new ideas. It was simply two sad people saying goodbye.

“You know,” I began, I’ve never told you how beautiful your eyes are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a gorgeous color. The cobalt blue contrasts remarkably with your pale ivory skin and blonde hair. When I go to bed each night, your smile and your eyes are what I think about.”

I saw her blush as she hugged me tighter and whispered into my ear, “I know that for the longest time you thought I was a goody-two-shoes, completely repressed by my parents. But I do have a wilder side that my girlfriends and now you have seen. So let me leave you with this.”

She loosened our embrace and looked me directly in the eyes and said, “I loved feeling your rock-hard cock inside me. Fucking you was the most amazing experience, and if we could keep doing it, I would be in heaven. You make me feel so fucking sexy that my pussy gets wet just thinking about you. The memory of your hot cum shooting inside my cunt still fills my dreams when I sleep. Nothing I can do with my hands or my toys comes even close to what you gave me. Thank you for fucking my brains out and allowing me to become a woman.”

I was stunned at her language. Rarely had I heard her curse, let alone string together such a sexy confession. Just hearing the words spill from her lips made me hard. I hugged her again and buried my face in her neck.

“Lisa, hearing you speak that way makes me want to grab your hand and run away together. I’ve never said this to any woman, but I believe I could have fallen in love with you. I’m already most of the way there, but the impossibility of the situation seems insurmountable. With God as my witness, I’d like to make you a promise. I will wait for you. On the day after you graduate, I will be standing at your bus stop at ten o’clock in the morning. If you don’t show up, I’ll know that either you’ve met someone else or that your feelings for me have changed. No pressure, no stress, just one last opportunity for us.”

She pulled herself backward, looked at me, and asked, “And if I do show up at ten o’clock?”

“Then I’ll do whatever your parents require for us to be together. If that means joining your religion or jumping through some other hoops, I’ll do it.”

For the last time, she favored me with her brilliant smile. Kissing me, she replied, “What you offer makes me happier than you can imagine. It makes me feel like there’s hope for us. I promise you on the day after I graduate, I’ll be at that bus stop, regardless of the circumstance. Even if my feelings have changed, and I seriously doubt they will, I’ll still owe it to you to tell you my answer. Thank you for the wonderful summer. I’m pretty much in love with you too!”

She kissed me one last time and walked out of the conference room to the parking lot where her parents waited.


Thank you for reading the first story in my “Collection Blonde” series. Look for additional stories in this collection in the future. This true story of Lisa and Bill does have a second act, and perhaps the conclusion of their story will eventually be told.



2022-07-02 16:04:16
I agree with all the comments made by everyone. MY dick was seeping precum on every one of your sexual encounters. I will never forget the first time I "fell in love" with a girl in my junior year in HS. I would fantasize about making love to her even tho I had never had my dick inside a pussy. I had shot countless loads of cum in my buddy's ass and that always felt "out of this world". I know now that HE was in love with me and I had heard him whisper "I love you" on a couple of times when we had just finished fucking each other.


2022-07-02 16:04:15
I agree with all the comments made by everyone. MY dick was seeping precum on every one of your sexual encounters. I will never forget the first time I "fell in love" with a girl in my junior year in HS. I would fantasize about making love to her even tho I had never had my dick inside a pussy. I had shot countless loads of cum in my buddy's ass and that always felt "out of this world". I know now that HE was in love with me and I had heard him whisper "I love you" on a couple of times when we had just finished fucking each other.

Quiet WoodyReport 

2022-06-28 20:28:46
What a refreshing read, so different than what I expected to read on here. A great love story, with the sex being more secondary than what I felt was real thrust of the story. I am old, and I have always hoped and believed that love would span the ages. If I could rate your story, I would give it the highest rating for how it was written, how the direction of the story flowed, and the sex, while very expressive and titillating was in proportion to the love story.


2022-06-26 15:35:34
Thank you both so much for your kind comments. Given the caliper of your stories and the well-deserved high ratings, your feedback is incredibly appreciated!


2022-06-25 23:42:44
This is a well written love/sex story. I believe it deserves a higher rating. Please continue with the story. Very interested in seeing what happens next.

As of late, it seems like there are trolls on this website giving negative ratings to good stories.

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