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Going to our class reunion and meeting old friends and one special close friend and the fun night we had.
Class reunion

Well, it’s our class reunion again! ugh 30 years past way to fast! But we get to see some old friends we haven’t seen in years! and a few we see a lot more but sometimes not for few months at a time. One is our good friend from out of state that is coming up this weekend also. We are looking forward to him coming up to catch up and have some fun with! It’s been a bit since we got to hang out and all.

Well, we all have been working a lot! So, time off and away is well deserved! You know and some time away from home is always a plus!

Well, this friend is a good one and we go see him from time to time and he comes up this way sometimes like 2 times a year or so. We go hang out eat dinner or stay over his place or we just get hotels, and we hang out chit chat play game etc. We just have some fun times together! (Sometimes we even have even more fun! Wink wink lol) Well what I mean is my wife and him hook up now and then for some really good fun! but bad timing on the last few trips with all of us as we were just way to tired or just a little to buzzed to have any real good and fun time ya know! So, looking forward to maybe doing some catching up! But Life happens sometimes lol but it’s Still fun no matter what we get to do!

but mostly it’s just them two having extra fun and that’s just fine with me! Because I love to watch, or I really love to hear them go at it! it’s such a turn on for me! Why? I really dono why but it is so exciting listing or watching if I can be awesome and even better! and that just turns me on even more than joining in! watching her get pleased or hearing her or both getting off is just so awesome!

But anyway, this time we got a hotel in our hometown with a big bed this time instead of 2 beds. Usually, 2 beds one for them to have fun and one form me if he stays longer or overnight. Most everything was booked up so took what we could get! The room did have a living room with a pull-out couch and bathroom in middle with like little kitchen area (I mean LITTLE lol) but it did also have a hot tub room also! Ya a room just for the hot tub and tv in there never had room like that before. That was kind of cool! But it was a nice big room over all anyway before adding the tub room!

Anyway, we told him he could just stay with us this weekend and he was like ok cool sweet!

Well, we don’t let everyone know what we do so we kind of keep it low key what we do and what we can get away with. It’s Easy when out of town no one knows you. but this time old hometown still lots of people we know and know us, and we are and meeting a lot of old classmates and friends so little more challenging. To hide it. But does make you think if they do the same stuff or even wilder or what you know. lol

well, we got there early this time and we got the room before he got into town. He had a lot longer to drive than us.

So, we decided to shower up and get some rest. and just wait for him and for a long night at the game and a downtown street party. And who knows what else.?

After her shower I told my wife to put on something sexy to greet him in! She had the look of MMMM what to wear?? What to wear?? Look! and I went took my shower and came out to her choice and she did very well VERY WELL indeed! I came out to her wearing a big shirt.

Yap that’s it!

SO Yaa baby that’s awesome! just a long shirt! No paints! no panties! or bra! just a shirt!! Soo SWEET! she is so sexy! With her cute naughty smile her long brown hair almost to the middle of her back. She’s tall 5’9” so this shirt barely covers her is low cut but not too bad to be out in public shirt if wanted but did show her nice big boobs and awesome cleavage. and best part it just barely covers her sweet round ass! I so love that! But who don’t right? And her ass is soo sweet and round mmMM mm! love to watch it all day!

I SOOO wanted to make love to her right then and there!! but dam it I also wanted to keep her clean for her lover! But I could not help it! i mean DAMM it she is so sexy and what she was wearing was NOT helping at all!! And So, I pushed her up to the wall and started kissing her deep then down to her neck and held her arms up above her head as a sign to not move! and as I reached down her body with my other hand and felling her soft curves! I was Rubbing her sides her back and her hips and then I noticed when I raised her arms up it pulled up her shirt just about halfway up her pussy as it is now peeking out under the shirt I slid my hand over her belly and down to feel her hot pussy it was so hot to the touch and she was already so wet. OMG so wet! I just kept on moving down to her sexy smooth legs. I could feel her thinking I was about to dive a finger in her pussy as she was moving into me. but nope! I keep moving! I could feel her hot pussy lips now on my wrist as I slowly moved my hand up her legs and pushing hard with arm rubbing her clit on the way up! and that is when I noticed she shaved for us! It was all gone! Feels so soft and smooth and wet I love it when she shaves it all! (I so so so do love it when she does that. That is such treat for us!) and I then slid my palm over her mound and started to finger her she was pretty horny, and I started slowing by rubbing the outside her lips and going over it and missing her clit on purpose. and then barely running my finger between her lips as I kissed her hard and deep. I could feel her push into my hand as to say COME ON FUCKING STICK IT IN ME NOW! I noticed it was not going to take long to get her off! I got her there supper fast! So I backed off and let go of her. and she gave me an OO NO don’t you dare stop now look! and that just made me even more horny! Looking into those fuck me now eyes! I wanted to fuck the shit out of her right there on the wall! I wanted her so bad to stick my dick in and fuck the shit out of her and cum all up into her and let it come back out running down her legs, but I know I would not stop if I started!

so, I did the next best thing! I dropped to my knees! I pushed her leg up to rest on a chair next to us that was in front of the desk and as I quickly dropped to my knees, and I dove my tong fast and deep and hard into her she gasped as I went in deep and buckled her legs some. I licked up over her clit! Thought she was going to get off then as she let out a loud moan and gasp! With a O MY GOD! her hot wet pussy tasted so good! I started licking and sucking on her clit more and more with deep tonging in and out of her. I then started sucking her lips in out of my mouth. and I was going as deep as I could with my tong! again didn’t take her long to cum all over on my face and she came so hard I had to hold her up as her legs buckled from the pleasure. Thought she was going to fall to the floor! But she was holding my head tight into her pussy and she was now humping my face getting every bit of pleasure she could get!

Ok so I didn’t want to stop by any means! And knew I could get her off again really quick, but I also didn’t want to wear her out already (but ooo I really wanted to trust me!) so I stopped sucking on her and let her catch her breath as I kissed my way back up over sweet soft belly and over her tits taking time to suck them in and gently bite the nipples then up to her neck and I was still holding her up still so she could find her legs again as she was still pulsing from the hard orgasm lol.

so, she was like WOW thank u! I said ya no prob! Lol and I helped her to the bed and so we got under the covers, rested and watched tv for a bit till he got up to the room.

Well about an hour later we got a knock at the door! Finely we said! We knew it was him as he said he was about here, and we told him what room # were we in and so on? Anyway She jumped up like a high school teenager lol and bounced to the door and her shirt bouncing up to show her sweet ass jiggle on the way to the door to meet him! Such a nice sight! again, Man that was so nice to watch her go! Lol when she opened the door she said “hey there! you finely made it!” “Let me take this for you!” she then took his bag from him. Brought it inside. she turned around to set it by the couch. The hotel room had a living room area like I said and that’s where they were at, and I was in the bedroom area with bathroom in the middle of our room area. Now as I was in the bedroom still, I could not see them. but there was a mirror! in front of the bathroom over a vanity and I could see part of the room they were in through it! and I could see her but not him as she bent over and set his bag down, I seen him then I heard a SLAP and a whoa! from him! As her shirt raised up over her ass when bending over. She is so naughty! Lol and I so know she did it on purpose! So he could show off what she was wearing! well not wearing really! she stood up with a HEY NOW! and put her arms around his neck as he shut the door now, I could see them both. As she gave him a good long, I missed you kiss and hug as he wrapped his arms around her back! he was felling her up and down as they kissed. Then his hand slid down to get big hand full of that sweet ass! She then kissed him little deeper as he did this, so he then grabbed both her ass cheeks in his hands and gave them a good squeeze and tug kind of picking her up some as they kissed! she pulled back and said, “Well now why don’t you Cum in!” I then heard him say “O? OK then?! right NOW, awesome?!?” With a laugh and she said lol NO goofy but whispered “but later you can with a kiss!” he said all righty then! She told him that he can put your stuff there for now and we got just about an hour before dinner and the football game. So come on in as she walked off to the bedroom part holding his hand pulling him behind her! and we said our hellos as she got in bed in the middle, and he sat down on the side by her. we small talk about the long 6-hour drive and so on and so on. As he took his boots off. She said Well go take a shower so you can clean up after a 6-hour drive and get ready for tonight. He said OK and grabbed his stuff and went and took a shower.

I told her to go help wash him! she was naa! just had a shower don’t want another one right now. But maybe later if yall get me all dirty with a wink wink and a kiss on my cheek!

Well, he got out of shower. Walked out in his undys grab a shirt and put it on. I was laying on one side of the bed watching tv just about to take a nap I was passing out anyway. wife was in the middle of the bed about the same. We were all tired it was a long day She patted to him to come lay down by her so he did wearing only his shirt and undys she rolled over as he laid on his back she snuggled up to him putting a leg over his legs and her head on his shoulder and a few little kisses . I then heard them kissing more deeply so I sneaked a look over my shoulder (I was on my side back to them) and first thing I saw was that sweet ass hanging out of the shirt and covers. Man did I say I so love her ass well I do! lol anyway They were kissing deep and slow just rubbing on each other’s belly and her back then they stopped and just laid there. so I laid back down they were resting now mostly with a kiss now and then and little rubbing here and there but we all dozed off for a bit

Well so I thought!

Well, I guess I did doze off pretty hard! When I woke up it was about 56 min later and ya go figure 4 min before the dam alarm went off ugh! I hate that don’t you! but I looked over there they were still laying there all nice and quiet with her back to me she was covered up and I noticed her arm was moving some. I adjusted the way I was laying from laying on my side to kind of my back some more. As I did, I then seen she had his dick out and was slowly jacking him off. I snickered with a “hey now!” “Well, this suck! but it’s about time to get up! but I see that yall are already up!” lol so hurry up and get off lol!! and she reached back and slapped my hip playfully. And then bent down and sucked him in! I was like DAMM I was kidding (well not really but I was) and I think it took him and me by surprise as I’ve seen her blow him before just no right next to me. And that aggressive! After a few deep sucks she popped his dick out with a sucking pop and she said OK then so GET OFF ok!! Lol and she started sucked him faster and faster and jacking him off at the same time! I was thinking he was about to blow I know I would of by now but then my dam alarm went off! She then sit up and leaned down to kiss him and said “ya well I tried !” he was like nooo please don’t stop! But she said that sucks, but we got to get up and get going. He said “ugh and an ARE YOU sure? I was so close!! “?? lol she was like “yap get up you can cum later!!! we got’s to go now! She said so get your asses up and get ready! she then got up to get out of bed crawling over him but making sure she grinded her pussy over his hard dick on the way over him! With a few kisses on the way He tried to hold her still as she grinded his dick in between her pussy lips but she keeps on going and got up! she went got some more cloths and pulled out some panties and started to put them on. we both out loud at the same time NOOO! lol then we got the yall shut the fuck up look lol! Ya knows you bater do it!

I said, “well you don’t have to!” she was like “oo ya I do, and I AM! So, too bad so sad not going to happen! “Lol

Well, we all got up and dressed and left the room. I held her hand as we walked down the hallway and we waited on elevator. I see her reached back and grabbed his dick through his paints with her other hand. It’s a kind of a turn on for me as she did it like trying not to get caught. well, it was a turn on for us all really.

She’s not one to do much in public stuff. but we are working on it! Slowly ! lol So I was h! y! You know small steps right lol.

Once in the elevator she turned to him and kissed him while grabbing his dick and rubbing his dick through his pants, So I grabbed her ass. And rubbed it! And then had to break up quick as we got to the lobby. And doors opened fast.

Well in the van (we have a minivan and dark tented windows I love it.) but he got in back and we got in front, but dinner was just down the road a few blocks so didn’t take long to get there. We went in and ate, and she keep teasing him throughout dinner. when no one could see a touch here or touch there and the dirty talk and the OMG innuendos were bad tonight. but we had a lot of fun. It really turns me on seeing them play. Just acting like kids again, I guess. But the whole time in public my wife is on my arm kissing me etc. Being my wife to all to see but under cover they tease each other!

Well after dinner we got back in the van to go to the game. This time they got in the back together. I started driving but not in no hurry. Well this time though they started making out right away kissing and fondling each other. So, I just took my sweet time driving around and watching from the mirror and what I could see as I looked around. it was just freaking awesome. next thing I know I look back and she’s bent over giving him a blow job in the back of the van! I didn’t even her them move or a zipper nothing they were just kissing and boom dick in her mouth! as she was on her knees on the floor and the look on his face says she was doing pretty dam good job! he had his hand on her head holding her hair up and helping her keep a good pace! But again, he didn’t make it before we got to the game! It was starting so couldn’t wait longer I tried to take my time but not long enough, I guess! it sucked for all I guess lol i would love to see him or her get off in the van driving around. One of my goals I want to see. But that’s another story.

Well, we got to the game, and we kicked ass! it was a good one! and we left to go hang out at a bar with some old class mates and catch up on old times and all and what life has delt us jobs, wife’s, husband and some many of them lol and some with kids some with many of them also. lol etc.

Well about midnight most were heading out, so we were like. ya think we are going to go also. and said our goodbyes and got back in the van to leave. She started to get up front again I said “baby go ahead get in back have some more fun! No one can see us here!” She smiled looked around to check and jumped in as to not get caught lol.

Before we were even out of the parking lot, they were locking lips again! and just some good heavy kissing for a bit I was like come on now and get busy! lol but they were having fun! so, all good, I guess. Well about 4 or 5 min later I’m just driving around I could hear them moving around and she was now sitting on the seat and seen she had her paints down to her ancles and legs apart and he was kissing her and had a finger in her and she was already moaning! He was muffling her moans with some deep kisses! I was watching all I could! and same time thinking DAMM this city needs more fucking streetlights! only when I went by one, I could see them good then it would go away. It was like a slow-motion strobe light lol. I then seen she had his dick out also and was rubbing it. as it was getting harder with each stroke! also, and then just a few lights from soft to boom he was all kinds of hard. but I don’t blame him! Well, he’s really good at getting her off and didn’t take him long! she did get off a few times! Back-to-back Now with her still catching her breath said to me “get to the hotel! so, we can really have some fun!” I was thinking in my head fuck that shit! THIS IS FUN! well at least it was for me lol and well her to as she was still having hard time talking and him touching her making her gasp and jump. I was wanting him to fuck her in the Van right now but again she always worried someone will see her! but I was like dam it but ok no problem! we were only a few blocks away anyway now, so they wrapped up got dressed and just lightly kissed till we got back. We all pile out of the van and just went up to the room and behaved ourselves as others were in elevator and in the hallways. As far as I could see or knew They behaved.

We got to the room and opened the door, and we all went in and more less made our self-ready for bed I got in my shorts and a shirt, and he got in well about the same and she came out of the bathroom in that shirt and nothing else on-again o man it was so nice! we all did our bathroom breaks and stuff, and I was the last one to go in and I was in there for a bit this time. I brushed teeth and used bathroom etc. just took my time for them to have a few min alone and then came out and I can see they were doing something ? I don’t know what? but he was on his back in bed hard as hell as I could see him before he covered up like hiding something and she had a grin on her face like a school kid getting caught lol, so I wonder what they were doing???

We made me and them a few drink and I went to lay down in bed With them as we only had the one bed this time. I said I’m tired and I really truly was and was really going to go to sleep. I told them do what yall want and watch what yall want gave them the tv remote. and they said you know I think we are to it’s been long day. and they turned off the tv and got under the covers. My wife knows I love her ass, so she laid facing him and put that sweet thing touching my back! As I laid there about to go to sleep on my side and was looking away from them to, but she keeps a leg over him and her head on his shoulder and not sure, but shit think they went to sleep before I even did! lol but I dono.

Well, I sure slept hard I tell ya! but got woke up to my wife tapping me on the back but not like wake up wake up get up tap. but a hey you may want to wake up for this wink wink kind of deal. I could tell she was facing me now as her head was right up on my back / shoulders area as we were now spooning and the way she was touching me. I heard her whisper he’s playing with my ass! I grinned and nodded a yes! to let her know I knew and approved! I then felt her leg go up and over me to let him have more access to her pussy I guess I dono lol, but I could now hear him now fingering her and the wet sounds of his fingers going in and out of her playing with her lips and deep in and all. and the slight muffled moans she was letting out. I knew it felt good to her as Her arm and hand was on my chest and I could tell her grab and scratch my chest and could feel her starting to hump his fingers going in and out of her as her felling were getting stronger. And stronger He must been spooning with her as well as she spooned with me I could feel him rubbing her tits as she pulled back some from me he keep touching my back a little now and then as he played with them then I know he loves her tits they are supper soft and big love to burry my face in them you know kind of tits Then I could fell them moving some and se adjusted more and then a few seconds they laid still then I could tell he was now fucking her from behind. as I could feel the motion of back and forth and her pushing on me as he was thrusting in and out of her. but that didn’t last long. she rolled over and pushed him on his back, and she put her sweet ass back on me and I could hear slurping sounds and the movements of her ass on me I knew she was making his day again and giving him another blowjob again he loves BJ from her. But I do to! But he really really does!

they went at it for a bit like this I reached behind me and started rubbing her ass and then found the sweet spot she was sooo wet it was not even funny! so I slowly fingered her no way he knew I was awake as they keep talking quit and shhhh and so on like don’t wake him lol but I was 2 fingers deep in her and he was full dick deep in her mouth!

well, I didn’t want to get caught and I think I about got her off again I could tell because, so she moved to stop me! I giggled to myself and just went back to laying there like I was asleep! And enjoyed guessing the sounds and what was going on. she was really blowing him good I could tell from the movement and sounds. And I then felt her move again and could tell she was climbed on top of him kissing him then sliding his dick in and a slight gasp from them both from the pleasure of his dick going into her I was guessing from the sounds and the movements. I could now hear him going in and out of her pussy now and felling them moving slowly I was sooo turned on wanted to jack off so bad myself or just roll over and stick my finger in her ass or get up and put my dick in her ass. But can’t do that yet as that’s a big step and we have not talked about doing ass fucking with him yet. so, I just laid there enjoying the sweet sounds and movement of her riding his dick! And them kissing.

I heard him say let’s go to the other room I want to fuck the shit out of you right now baby! I heard her kiss him deep and then felt her getting off of him them getting up slowly as to not wake me lol they stood up and started kissing and hugging I could see reflection from the window but not very well but could tell enough as to what they were doing. she had her arms over his shoulders around his head and he had her by the waist and one hand on her ass as they kissed for a few min. Then they walk to the other room as she had hold of his dick and was pulling him like a pull toy! When they were out of this room, I rolled over to see them just walking out of sight. I was like dammit I was loving that and didn’t want it to stop and then sad cause I also can’t see now! then I saw something! And it was awesome! THAT mirror again in front of the bathroom and the angles were perfect I could 100% see them!! YES!! so, I got comfy and laid there and if they noticed the mirror, they would see me also, but it would look like I was just sleeping! but I was watching everything! WISH I HAD SOME POPCORN! Like watching a movie! but an awesome porn MOVIE!

Well in the other room there was that couch and a coffee table they moved it out of the way. They stood there kissing and hands all over the place he took her shirt off and now she was totally necked and so was he I seen I guess took his shorts off in bed earlier never knew that. But he then turned her around flipped her long hair to one side kissed back of her neck rubbing her huge tits as he rubbed his dick on her butt. then the other hand went to her belly then lower and could see her spread her legs for him as he started to finger her! she was grinding her ass into him with his dick between her butt cheeks! Then he pushed her over on to the couch she got on her knees on it and laid her head on the back of the couch and he lined up and guessing shoved it right in one fast shot! as I heard her gasp and a moan of a O MY GOD! O MY GOD! He then started pumping away on her. hand full of hair and one on her him pulling her back in to him and I could hear the slapping of her ass on him with each thrust and the wet sounds of his dick sliding in and out of her supper wet pussy! I could hear it clear as day and in the other room! he was rubbing her ass now with one hand then a slap and back to rubbing it and then could see him like looking down at her ass hole or to watch his dick sliding in and out of her pussy I dono but could tell he was looking at something! I know if me I’d done had a thumb in the butt giving her and me some pleasure! But he was fucking her like crazy! way better than me I can’t handle seeing her or fucking her this way I I know id blow it in 5 or 10 min in that position! ok ok ok 2 or 3 min! ugh lol but he’s been pounding away on her for over a good 20 min now! Slow and fast stopping to grind it in deep and back to fast again and pretty dam sure she got off a few times as I could hear her gasp and breathing hard! and moaning muffled into the couch and out loud! they speed up and then slow down. And then a slap and a hard thrust . and another deep gasp!

Well, they stopped finely. she stood back up and she kissed him hard and pushed him down on the couch her turn I guess as she started blowing him again!

He laid there his head back and the look of enjoyment on his face as her head and hands were going up and down on his shaft! I’m guessing the floor was hard because after a few min she got up on the couch and started blowing him again as she had her knees by his side. from the side view I had I could I see him lean over and rub her ass and then down round that sweet ass and deep between her legs he went. he started to finger her soo glad she got on his left side like this as I can see him fingering her well barely little dark but good enough but can’t see her blowing him now as her hair and head was away from me but her ass shinning up in the air and a hand in it looked awesome! And could see her head going up and down on him. I keep telling her if she can when blowing him move her ass up to let him see it and or play with it! And she finely did it and sure enough he did!

Well, I could tell his fingers going in and out of her and now and then a slap on the ass and a sweet rub and he would go over her ass hole with his thumb now and then like he wanted to stick it in but scared to as we laid out the rules he can’t do that yet. But same time I was hoping she say ok go for it, but she didn’t lol she is just learning the pleasure of ass play and still scares her some, but it sure gets her off hard when we do it!

Then she stopped sit up and lick her lips and pulled her hair back and he pulled his finger out of her and she got up and straddle him again. and I could see her guiding his hard dick into her and then she sat down on him slowly teasing him as she only let the tip in and back out if he pushed up, she moves up and just keeping the tip in and had to put It back in a few times if it came all the way out. But she did start to let it slip in deeper and deeper and her tits were in his face now as he kissed them, she held his head with both hands! she gasped when she let him go all the way in her! And then she just started to ride him like he was her pleasure toy to please her! Guess it worked it was not even a min or 2 and she was moaning hard and slowing the rhythm slowed down and grinding her clit harder and harder into him. and he had her fit in his mouth and his hands on her hips helping her grind into him! and yap there she goes and a supper loud moan and few more after that and she stopped and was bent over really grinding her clit into him getting herself off supper hard and gasping for air as he now stated to push up now and then! She now had his head in her hands and kissing him deep and moaning between movements and breaths of pleasure!

And could see he was not done with her and started to fuck her now. Faster and faster as she hovered over his dick! And then they just stopped! she got off him and sit down on the couch and slid her ass right to the edge and he got on his knees, and I could see him guiding it in and then a fast push ramming it all the way in taking her breath away again! As he thrusted in hard and fast! and then like a rabbit fucking away I could really hear the slapping of the bodies and the wetness as he keeps up a good pace! you could tell he was going for the climax and to fill her with his cum! He fucked her for quite some time again and she started to get off again dam it man he is like me and hearing her get off is so hot it must of got him off also! as I could see his rrhythm wasstarting to get little off and then a supper hard push and a hold and then another! I knew he was Cuming deep as he could in my wife’s pussy and pushing out and back in as hard and deep as he could filling her up inside. She had her hands on his sides holding him in deep as he was filling her up with his cum, he was pumping away milking himself to get all his cum out of him and into her! She was loving the felling and it was still getting her off to boot!

Then they stopped and he just keep his dick in her and a small push now and then as they caught their breath. and then and she must have been pretty worked up as she would gasp and take deep breath each time he pulled out and thrusted back into her now cum filled pussy!

Well, they finely caught their breath and were now softly kissing some more and heard her say it’s about to come out, so I need to go clean up and he pulled it the rest of the way out with another gasp from her and a mmmm wow that felt good! As she sits up and they got up and took a few moments to kiss and hug some more and she then went to the bathroom. so, I closed my eyes and laid still but with the hardest hard on think I had in years. not easy to do by the way! Lay there and not jack off with a supper big hard on! Well, he quietly got back in to bed as to not wake me! And covered up. So he thought lol I was just lying there thinking of his cum dripping and running back out of her filled pussy just really turned me on.

M y wife came out of bathroom and crawled up in the middle of us and spooned up to me in front of me and I laid my hand over her belly and she took it and slid it down to her VERY hot creamy felling and was cummed filled pussy to let me know that he did cum in her I patted her pussy and squeezed her hand in big approval and with a huge grin on my face and then pushed my rock hard hardon in between her ass cheeks as a sign that I fucking I LOVED IT!.

and we all dozed back off for a few hours! Well, when we officially woke up well, I did at least notice him fingering her and her getting off hard again think the rooms down the hall heard her this time! Lol that is what woke me up really good hearing her Cuming and then we ….

well, ya know what that’s another story to cum later! Hope yall liked it.
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