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Jim gets more cock then he wants
Tyrone a 16 year old boy that stopped to say hi as he dragged his bike up the stairs to go to work. After saying hi back I when to finish my laundry and thought about if Ty might be gay or at lest Bi. Ty sleeps in a storage room that go's with his family's apartment as we are in a large apartment complex. Mine is one of two that is in the sub level along with the storage rooms and the laundry.

About me I'm off work because I was in an auto accident so I'm home all the time and see a lot of what goes on around here. Being bi sexual, well any way I get turned on by porn that shows hard cocks plus I have traded blow jobs a few times but I could never kiss another dude. It's just that hard cock looks so sexy to me and when they squirt cum that turns me on.

On this night I heard Ty coming down the stairs with his bike and he was with a girl, I had to see what was going on so being sneaky like I am I watched as they when't in his room. Well I'll be damned if that wasn't the manager of McDonald's where he works and she has to be in her late twenty's and vary pretty. I eased up to the door and head her say, wow what a nice cock then the bed started to squeak. the next word she said was, that was fast, then it sounded like she was getting dressed.

I approached her as she came out and said if he was too fast for you my apartment is right there if you would like to finish what he started. She just walked on by by she did give me a smile and looked at my open door.

I stepped in my room and then she was standing there and said if you don't mind deity pussy. I just picked her up and kissed her on the mouth. carrying her to the bed room we undressed for what was probably to be the best fuck she has ever had.

I started by kissing her feet then sucking her toe's and kissing all the way up her leg's to her pussy. At her pussy I licked and sucked her clit. I could taste Ty's cum and I just kept working her clit over until she came, As she laid there in her afterglow of her orgasume I put my cock in her and rolled her on top of me and gave her a back rub. When she was ready again we fucked and was her cunt ever slippery with all of Ty's sperm in her after we both came I ate her wet sperm filled pussy until she had another climax.

As she was dressing I asked if she comes back I hope it is to see me and if she wants Ty too,she just smiled and said maybe. Then she added I cant believe you made me climax, I hardly ever have one, by the way what is your name mine is Ann?

So I told her I'm Jim and twenty years old, come back any time clean or dirty I think your the most beautiful girl in the world. then she said Ty told me that he fucked boys in there too are you one of them? All I could say was not yet but now I know that maybe.

The next morning I saw Ty and asked him if he had a good time last night with that pretty little blond girl? he informed me he had but she left too soon and wouldn't suck his cock. So the only thing I could say to that was if you like blow jobs I can help you with that, as I was hoping to find out just how big he really was.

The next thing we where in my apartment with him setting in a chair and his pant around his ankles and me sucking his cock hard. When I pulled off to look it over it was all of eight and a half inches long and 1 and 1/4

thick just right for ass fucking. I went back to sucking it and he shot a massive load of sperm in my mouth. With him so close I was sure this was going to happen more that once a day, and it did two more times be for he left for his job at McDonald's. I was excited that I could suck that big black cock three or four times a day and maybe get fucked in the ass also.

At 10:30 that same night there was a knock on my door and it was Ann and she wanted some more of what I gave her the night be for. She told me this was one of her nights off and that her husband goes to bed early and works the day shirt and wont miss her.

WE fucked for the next hour and a halve with me licking and sucking her feet and moving up to her pussy that was clean this rime she climaxed twice be for I put my cock in her sweet cunt and fucking until we both had two climaxes. As we laid in each other's arm there was a knock on the door that turned out to be TY and he wasn't alone he had another boy with hem.

Ty and Ben joined us with Ty going right after Ann and me getting Ben ready to go next, Ty lasted longer this time I like to think I had some thing to do with that from the three blow jobs I gave him. Then Ben climbed on with his 6 inch cock and as he fucked Ann I sucked Ty's wet sperm covered cock only this time it was my sperm in her. As I got that beautiful black cock cleaned Ben was coming so I rolled him off Ann and gave his black cock a quick suck. Ann didn't climax with ether of the boys but they left there sperm in her cunt that left it up to me to eat her sperm filled cunt until she climaxed. After that Ann left and the boys each got one last blow job for the night and Ty and Ben both said see you tomorrow as they left.

It was ten AM when Ty came knocking on my door we sucked each others cock but not to a climax. Then TY wanted me to do a enema. I got some cooking oil and lubed that beautiful big black cock and I could fell the head rubbing on my ass as he pushed it hurt but I knew once it was in it would feel so good. Then of all times there was a knock on the door as TY opened the door it was Ben and a friend

Now back to my ass Ty's big cock as it was pushing in Ben put his nice black cock in my mouth and his friend was trying to suck my cock. Ty cock was pounding my ass Ben cock was fucking my mouth and my cock was being sucked by some one I didn't know and it was only 10 AM.

How many more friends each one brings and there is still Ann. I better buy plenty of lube as it turned out there is seven guys that want to fuck and get sucked by this white boy and Ann is enjoying her gang bang also.
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