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Wife is taken by several men in an after party event.
We were (maybe I was) first exposed to, for the sake of a name, 'Kinky Sex'. At that time, Lisa and I were only days from our sixth wedding anniversary. At the time Lisa was 32 and still very capable of turning heads, I was thirty six. When I met this incredible girl she had admitted that she’d been 'a bit of a sport' before going out with me, not downright promiscuous, but enjoyed sex and had been with numerous men. In fact some of her tales aroused me. She was a blue eyed blonde with a nice figure that our two children had helped fill out a bit, so she now had a pair of 36c’s and on a 5ft 5” figure that looked perfect to me.

Okay, so yes I sorta had the feeling that during our marriage she had been laid more than a few times by various other men, and again that actually turned me on and in time that turned out to be truer than I could have imagined. She’d been very discrete, but I’d spotted a few signs in the more recent months. Then a few weeks before this incident; in bed, after sex; I had jokingly suggested that I’d like to watch her with another guy; she’d looked at me seriously for 5 seconds or so, then she said ‘You actually mean that don’t you?. By which point I had a hard on which she could clearly see. ‘Have you anyone in mind’ she asked. I didn’t and shook my head. She smiled and said ‘okay, how about that being your next birthday present? My mouth was dry; she just agreed to do that so easily! We had sex again and we were both quite rampant, in the days that followed, we both pretended she’d go through with this ordeal for me as a treat. But our sex life had moved up a notch.

She had teased me, asking if I would find a guy or should she? Another time she rebuked me when I said it ought to be someone she’d fancy to make love with and she said ‘No, she makes love with me; she’d have sex with him’. Another time she asked if I was going to sit in a chair and watch them openly or stay hidden. I said I would like it to be in the open, I could tell she was turned on by that and by that time it had evolved that she would find the guy. Other things evolved as well, which turned us both on in airing the idea,

‘Do you want me to allow him to take me bareback?’ (yes)

‘Shall I swallow?’ (yes and facial maybe)

‘Anal sex? (yes)

‘Will you lick me out after he’s gone?’ (yes) - She nearly swooned when I said that.

I told her ‘I’d like you to be a total slut with him and do everything we’ve ever done, plus I want you to do at least one thing that you’ve never done with me. She looked at me as if I was going to suggest an act. ‘Oh No’ I said ‘I’m not going to suggest it, but want to see you do something to him that is really slutty, maybe enough to make me cum off without using my hand’ She gave me a huge grin ‘Oh that’s naughty’. It was because we’d done some things from time to time – Bondage, CP, golden showers and a few others. A few times I’d rimmed her arsehole and fingered it too and hoped she’d reciprocate, but no and I would love to see her take into her mouth a cock that have been ploughing her rectum. These things crossed my mind and she still seemed quite happy. To be fair she’d never bulked at anything in our early days together, but then children and lack time had diminished our sex play, only recently improving. Then this last ‘idea’ had brought us back to almost daily sex.

At the time I was still a junior partner in a solicitor’s office and my Boss had just made a rather good case in court for a Greek client, although I had done all the hard work; he was a Restaurant owner with two places both in Soho, London. The result was better than either, He or I had anticipated, so he was very elated. Lisa had travelled up on this morning of the final day, knowing that we'd be finished in time for an afternoon of shopping in the West End. (Groan!)

As we left the court, I introduced Theo to Lisa, and the four of us popped into a pub for a quick celebratory drink. As I ordered the round, my Boss, Theo and Lisa, went to find a table. Theo was in his early 40's, a big man, roughhewn face, with loads of character. It was only when they were about to sit down, that I remembered 'our dare'. In the euphoria of winning our case and winning so well, I'd completely forgotten, that the previous evening, when discussing the shopping requirement for the next afternoon, I'd dared Lisa to spend all day knickerless and in a short skirt as well.

I looked across at them as they sat down and my mouth went dry. I did not know whether my wife had gone along with my dare or not. She was wearing a skirt that whilst not an ultra-mini, certainly was in the mini league and well above her knees. She had sat facing him with a small low oval table between them.

Lisa must have felt my eyes probing her, for she looked up, with a grin she slowly crossed her legs, Theo had his back to me, but if my wife was knickerless that day, he would have defi¬nitely seen at that point. As it was she was now showing anyone, in that pub that now cared to look, a couple of inches of bare thigh, above her dark stocking top. So that's how we were that day in London in the pub, al¬though at the bar my only thoughts were whether Lisa had dared to leave home 'without her panties/knickers on'.

As I took our drinks over to where Lisa and Theo sat, there was nothing to suggest that she was anything other than a re¬spectable suburban mother. I was well aware that my thoughts and her deliberate leg cross had swollen my penis, which was now pushing at my trouser front, a bulge that Lisa's eyes told me she'd seen. As I took my seat, next to Theo, my wife gave me a big smile and very deliberately 'flashed' herself at me, by again crossing her legs slowly. My mouth went dry and my tongue stuck, she was knickerless.

She had just shown me, not just a flash of pubic hair, but a parted thigh shot showing her labia lips in full glory. But there was no doubt in my mind Theo had seen her lack of underwear. She and Theo were chatting informally about family etc. My only though was 'oh God! If my Boss sees her bare pussy, I'll be ruined'. Our drinks were formal and short, but before he left Theo, who knew we were close on our wedding anniver¬sary, said he'd be in touch. She told me that she had eye contact with him each time she crossed her legs and his eyes hadn’t strayed, once.

His 'in touch' arrived two days later, it was a letter enclosing two tickets to one of the top West End shows, with an invitation to come over to his restaurant after the show. The date of the show was the day before our wedding anniversary, but Lisa had told him in passing conversation that we were going to have a party that evening anyway.

We accepted Theo's generous gesture and after a great show went along to the restaurant. I must admit having seen the place in daylight empty, I was totally taken aback by the ambience atmosphere as we entered. A table on a small raised platform, possibly previous used as a stage, overlooking the main dining and dancing floor was reserved for us and lavish attention paid to us. The other Patrons must have thought we were 'show bus stars or something'. The place was full and buzzing, I knew that it held 120 people.

Lisa was looking radiant that evening, totally ravishing, she had her long blonde hair tied up in a jewelled clasp with matched and set of the matching ear rings. Her dress was unbe¬lievably sexy number; it was black with silver decor, a backless, cocktail dress. The back was cut almost to the crack of her arse cheeks and the front was dangerously close to allowing her breasts to fall out, either side of two small triangles of near transparent black lacy material, which clung to her lovely orbs and all held together by a thin strap running up behind her neck. She wore black stockings and patent leather with silver buckles, spiky high heeled shoes.

Theo arrived from his other place as we finished our meal, which was superb, we had been plied with wine, and after all, we were celebrating and somebody else was picking up the tab, so we were tipsy but the end of the meal. Theo introduced us to his two younger brothers who worked there, Philip, who appeared to be about 25 or 26 and Sharmi, who seemed to be a mere mid teenager. After the meal they took it in turns to take Lisa around the dance floor, the dances were fairly energetic and at first I thought that was okay, because it meant they were not going to be groping my wife in a smoocher, but after one dance Philip lead her back to the table, her left nipple had started to escape from its confine and nearly half of her areola was on show, the pink texture highlighted by the black of her dress and the milky whiteness of her breast. I wasn't hard in sexual arousal, but swollen in the first stirring of sexual desires. Lisa didn’t seem to realise although all the other males did, I felt my cock stirring. I made no effort to let her know.

Minutes later Theo came along, his dance with Lisa let everyone know that under her short dress, not only was she wear¬ing stockings, she had a tiny pair of scarlet panties on. During that dance her left breast escaped entirely, she registered mock alarm, with a laugh, but because Theo held her hands, there was nothing she could do about her exposure for about 30 to 40 long seconds. My cock was now nearly fully erect. Although the dance area was dimmed, lots of people must have seen her and I got the impression that she wasn't too concerned, anyway. In fact she might have enjoyed it happening.

As they left the dance floor, they seemed to be sharing a joke, and I saw Theo cup one of Lisa's breasts, his thumb slip¬ping underneath her dress, very obviously rubbing her nipple. She made no effort to stop him and they kissed. Not a long French kiss, but more than a respectable young wife should do with a near stranger; their lips were together for some 10 to 12 sec¬onds. As they parted, I saw that Lisa's face was flushed and her lips were parted, he had no doubt thrust his tongue deep inside her mouth.

She didn't return directly to our table, instead going to the ladies. When she did re-join me, she kissed me, fully a long French kiss and I was aware of her putting something in my jacket pocket. It was now well gone midnight and most of the customers had gone. Lisa and I took to the dance floor, for the second time that evening. She came up close to me and felt my erection, straining my trousers.

She smirked at me, "I thought so, you get a kick out of my showing off, don't you”, I grinned at her. When we finished Philip cut in for the next. As I walked back to our table, I remembered my pocket, I put my hand in, half expecting what I found, My wife's scarlet knickers. The dances were less vigorous now, but there were a few twirls to raise her hemline, infuriat¬ingly for me, because of the raised level, I got brief glimpses of her stocking tops, but I couldn't see if she was twirling high enough to show her bare pussy.

I needed to go to the toilet and on emerging Theo waved me over to where he sat, at a dance floor side table now vacated by its previous occupants. Now at this height, I could clearly see my wife's antics. I saw her finish that dance with Philip, then dance with Theo, Yes she was showing herself, but just very brief, teasing glimpses of her nude pussy. Her third knickerless dance was with me, I deliberately twirled her harder and for longer and her dress rose accordingly higher. Lisa grinned at me, but made no attempt to stop her hem rising up high as her waist. There couldn't be any doubt amongst those seated that the beautiful blonde woman on the dance floor wasn’t wearing any panties and for those luckier ones, with tables on the edge, there was also no doubt that this woman shaved her labia region. There could be little doubt on Philip's or Theo's mind that, I was whole heatedly in favour of my wife's exhibitionistic display.

When Theo suggested we all go upstairs, leaving Sharmi to close down and lock up, He joined us about a half hour later. Like meek lambs to the slaughter we went. We were both well pissed by then anyway or at least I thought that was the reason.

Upstairs was a palatial suite. We were greeted by Tanya, Philip’s wife who must have been in her very early30’s. She was a striking attractive woman, with a full figure, reminiscent of 'Sophia Loran'. It was Tanya who took me in hand, whilst Philip and Theo lavished attention on my wife.

They were dancing and mucking about; she had given them both kisses. I was wondering how Tanya felt about her husband and my wife like that. She must have been feeling the same question for me. She led me off to the kitchen,

"You've not seen your wife like this before" it was a state¬ment more than a questions, I shrugged my head,

"And you" I asked.

"I've seen it all before, always the smart attractive ladies are their pray, sometimes they will leave the boyfriend or husband in a drunken stupor downstairs while they have his woman, together." She paused. "But, you two are different, Theo I know likes you both, he told me your wife wasn't wearing knickers when she met you introduced her in the pub. Do you know, she showed herself to him, not accidentally, but very deliberately? Whilst you were getting the drinks,

He also saw you openly eye up a very attractive girl and facially flirt with her." I barely remembered,

"Tonight they gave you both the power", I looked quizzical "It is an aphrodisiac, like Spanish Fly’ works on men and women, usually they give it to only the woman" She saw the alarm in my face, “Do not worry, it is really harmless, I’ve taken it myself many times, they take it as well, it makes one really randy and sexy. For men they become erect and stay erect, even if they shoot, for several hours" she stroked the bulge in my pants, which had arisen during Lisa's display downstairs, I was still rampant. It does make one lose all inhibitions, and I mean all’

Tanya started to unzipped my trousers,

"For your wife, she will reach great height of sexual ecsta¬sy, I know, She will have many orgasms, each one greater than the last, The drug will bring out the whore in her, she will be totally uninhibited by her actions, Look...”

I looked out the open kitchen door, in time to see Lisa’s dress slide down her body and land in a pile at her feet and step out of it. Both men had removed their shirts; she was now between them clad only in her suspender belt, stockings and those sexy spiky high heels.

Tanya had freed my cock from my trousers and I felt her cool mouth close over my hot throbbing penis, it felt wonderful.

I watched both men kiss my wife, with long lingering French kisses, each man kneading one of her full firm breasts, teasing the walnut hard nipple; whilst her hands undid their trousers, till each stood only in his underpants.

Tanya had my trousers off now and my shirt followed, she had licked my cock up to full erection, and then stood back, she unzipped her own dress, it slid off, she was naked, bar her black high heels. Her breasts were magnificent, a pair of full firm 36” topped off with huge nipples. she was quite lovely.

Naked we returned to the lounge. Theo and Philip grinned at us as we made our entrance, Lisa was pre occupied. As I sat down on the sofa with Tanya, from a few feet away, I watched my wife, hook her thumbs into Theo's underpants and slide them down his legs, she bent her legs as she did so, as the pants reached his knees his cock sprang free, smacking against her breast, it was a hell of a cock, big thick and veiny. By the time the pants reached his ankles, she was eyeball to throbbing monster. My mouth went totally dry when she engulfed that penis, taking as much as she could into her mouth. Her suck and lick was short, about 30 seconds, her lips left him reluctantly.

Lisa repeated her performance on Philip, his manhood was a near match in size to his brother and Lisa greeted it with much enthusiasm. In the space of moments, my lovely wife had taken into her sweet mouth two cocks, belonging to near total strang¬ers. It was this sight that greeted Sharmi, when he walked into the lounge. Philip with reluctance pulled his cock from Lisa’s mouth and when she looked at him for explanation, he nodded in Sharmi’s direction.

Lisa on her knees turned and called the young boy over. Quickly she stripped him of his clothes, and his underpants revealed his manhood, I was at last relieved at seeing a penis, well about the same size. Again Lisa immedi¬ately sucked upon it, taking him fully into her mouth.

As we watched them, I asked Tanya, how old Sharmi was. With a huge grin, she told me that he would be 19 in a month. That gave me a bit of a thrill; my wife was going to have sex with a teenager, Wow! In fact not only was he half her age, he was born the same year she lost her virginity. Now, more so than the other two I wanted to see my elegant wife moaning in pleasure as this young lad fucked her.

My wish was to be delayed for a while, because Theo got Phillip to sit in an armchair, with his legs over the arms and he positioned Lisa in front of Phillip on her knees and so kneeling behind her he entered my wife's pussy as her mouth went back to work on Phillip's cock. Although he was well hung he seemed to glide into Lisa’s pussy with no effort.

As that monster cock entered her pussy, I felt my own grow some, he really stretched her apart, I was amazed, surely he must be the biggest cock my wife had ever experienced in her, yet he drove up so easily. She told me later than she was so wet by then, she didn't believe it was Theo's monster cock, she thought it was Sharmi’s. But that cock was to provide the sexual impetus of what she'd do next, with a steady slow stroking of its rampant length in and out of her yearning pussy.

My eyes returned to what her lips were doing, Lisa had lovingly taken all she could into her mouth and she run her mouth along the sides of his cock, she told me she could taste that he’d been up another woman recently and her tongue licked over him. She left his penis glowing in her saliva, when she dipped her mouth onto his balls.

She licked over his hairy sacks, till the black hairs were matted with her saliva. Next, with her tongue wrapped around one of them she drew a whole testicle into her mouth, where she sucked upon it in a manner similar to sucking upon his penis, this was repeated for both his hairy sacks. By now my mouth was dry again.

When she took hold of his legs and pushed them higher in the chair, I knew she was going to do it to him, for his arse was now in front of her face. She indicated for him to hold his legs and I watched my wife take hold of his bum cheeks and pull them apart, exposing his dark brown and red puckered anal hole, covered in a few black hairs. From where I sat I could see that he was none too clean, small particles of dried shit clung to his hairs and the hole itself was showing some brown smears. Now she had telegraphed her intention to everyone present. For a moment time stood still, I could feel my heart beat increasing. I saw my wife hesitating now, it was obvious to me that having looked at his anal ring and seen how dirty it was ,she didn't really want to do it. But I wanted her to do it more than anything else.

In my fantasies of her with other men, I had always 'shot off' as she took deep into her mouth the big cocks, spurting spunk across her tongue. Now I wanted her to tongue this man's anal hole, not because I wanted her to give him a thrill, but because of her now obvious repulsion of tasting his oily shit juice.

Her hesitation was barely 3 or 4 seconds, but it seemed like a lifetime, then she bent her head forward and I watched amazed as her tongue came out and ran along the length of his bum crease, as it passed over his anal hole, I saw her tongue pick up the oily shit that had accumulated around it.

Now Lisa licked all over his bum area, till his skin was filmed in spittle and the hairs around his bum hole were matted, but clean, Then, Pulling his arse cheeks wide apart, she placed her mouth right over his anal hole. The look on his face told all.

My wife was probing his foul anus with her dainty tongue, she now knew his rectum was full and her tongue was deep up inside him, tast¬ing his sour acrid arse juice. Lisa seemed glued to his arse and any revulsion she may have had evaporated in sexual lust. She was trusting hard and when it emerged, between thrusts, I was gratified to see the tip of her tongue was now brown.

My pleasure was mirrored in Phillip’s face, his eyes were alight with pure pleasure, His penis had been wobbling around unattended, but totally straining his skin in rampant erection. Till suddenly he grabbed Lisa's head and pulling her off his bum hole, thrust his cock at her mouth, just as his spunk exploded, I saw the first globule land on her lips, then he was inside, and from her head and his thrusts, I could see he was filling her mouth with his sperm, which she was swallowing down. Her head bobbing up and down, drawing her red lips, now smeared in shit and sperm, along his weapon, till he was totally spent into her mouth, only then did Lisa's tongue sneak out and lick the traces off her lips, releasing his now totally limp manhood.

This was better than my dreams and fantasies of the last six months. Lisa was performing without inhibition in front of me. I had never imagined her being 'dirty' with the phantom lovers, it was always a clean, clinical fuck or blow job, now seeing her in action, I loved seeing her being dirty, filthy and sluttish.

Tanya was now climbing onto my erection, holding her cunt lips apart, I easily entered Philip's nubile wife and our lips locked in a passionate kiss. She might have been as aroused at Lisa's display as me. Her nipples were like little pebbles as I cupped her full breasts and tweaked each one hard, causing her to moan hard. I pulled and squeezed it hard, she moaned in total delight.

When we broke our kiss, I was still able to watch Lisa's actions over Tanya's shoulder. Philip and Theo had manoeuvred her into the middle of the floor, right in front of me, I could touch her head if I had wanted. She was still on her knees, bum thrust in the air, In manoeuvring Theo had managed to keep his cock fully embedded in her cunt. Now Sharmi lay on his back in front of her, his legs apart, cock upright inches from her face. Lisa's mouth had just closed over Sharmi's penis, when I saw her whole body stiffen,

"AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!..... Ohhhhhhhhhhs, My GGggggooooddd" was what escaped from her lips, She looked around in disbelief, I could see why she had cried out and I was stag¬gered. Theo had entered her anal hole with that monster cock, slick with her vaginal juices the first inches had plunged in, causing her body to snap and her cry. Her anal hole was stretched wildly open. He was slowly pushing his way in,

"Ooooohhhh" Lisa was catching her breath, her eyes like mine glued to the monster opening her up, She reached round and pulled Theo's head to hers and kissed him. Their kiss was long and by the time they broke, he was totally embedded in her arse the best part of at least 10" of his 12" cock was right up inside her.

"Ooooohhhhh Jesus Christ, fuck that to me" she cried in abandon as they broke, "Ooooooohh stir up my shit" I couldn't believe the words pouring out of my wife's mouth, like a common slag.

Theo started his fuck per her wishes, slowly pulling over till all that was in her rectum was his penis head, then slowly ramming it home to the hilt again. If there was any pain from the monster cock ploughing her shit channel, then it didn't show or was smothered by the pleasure she was getting from it.

Theo was in to pistoning in cock into Lisa's rectum, when she eventually dropped her mouth back around Sharmi's cock. I wanted to see her repeat her performance on Sharmi's anus and I'm sure Tanya did as well. She had moved down to his balls and was tongue licking them and as she did so I watched her wet a finger and insert it into his anal hole, wriggling it into the hilt. She still sucked upon his swollen testicles, as she agitat¬ed her finger, then Tanya and I watched in amazement as she withdrew it, covered in little flecks of his excrement and took the soiled digit into her mouth, washing and cleaning it of its (un)savoury secretions, before sliding it back into him again, the process witnessed only by Tanya and myself, as Lisa was screened from the others by bits of body, although Philip may have guessed.

It was an erotic sight and Tanya though so too, because she pulled my hand to her lips and took my index finger into her mouth and then guided it to her bum region. There was no doubt about her invitation, I slid my finger deep into her tight rec¬tum, immediately feeling my finger make contact with some soft shit lying there. With little effort, I could feel my own penis through the thin membrane walls. I made a note to swap finger and cock in a few minutes. When I pulled my finger free that first time, I looked closely at the brown shit smears marks and small flecks of her excrement on my digit. Nowhere near as soiled as the finger Lisa had just cleaned on her second exit.

Making sure that Tanya saw, I took it into my mouth, her anal taste was quite pleasant and certainly stimulating. I felt her body shake as I did so. Initiated now, I returned my finger to her rectum, but on removing it the second time, Tanya grabbed my hand and it was she who cleaned it in her mouth. We repeated this process, each time, my finger emerged, more soiled that the time before. Looking over at the others, Philip was now enjoying my wife's tongue probing into his rectum.

An exchange of words and positions, Lisa had protested that she was getting too dry in her arse and becoming sore. So I watched as the monster cock was pulled from her anal hole. I briefly saw my wife's anal sphincter was red raw and hadn't closed up. But my eyes caught sight of the monster cock.

Boy was it covered, up insides my wife's rectum, it must have done some real shit squashing. It was heavily smeared along its sides, But the head of his penis must have been embedded in a big soft turd, because the foul shit was plastered all over the head, like a dollop of mixture of peanut butter and chocolate spread.

Theo had an idea about cleaning his cock and He was moving Lisa into a position to present it to her mouth, which she soon realised. Philip had moved round to her rear and had entered her arse or her cunt, I wasn't paying attention, I don't think any¬body was, all eyes were on Lisa, or rather Lisa's lush mouth, scant inches from Theo's shit covered cock.

Theo tried to guide Lisa's head to his cock, but she shook off his hands, shaking her lovely head, making it plain that this was too much. I almost cried out myself, never in my life had I wanted something as badly as now I now wanted to see her sucking that penis.

Lisa became aware that everybody had stopped and were watching her, She looked at Theo first, then slyly around at each face watching her, leaving me till last. Her clear blue eyes were sparkling with excitement and she looked right into my eyes, I didn't do or say anything, but she knew I wanted her to do it. Looking at me, she shook her head, I nodded. She blushed crimson, the pink flush spreading across her face.

Slowly, hesitantly she turned back to Theo and lowered her head down to his shitty cock, till her red lips were a scant inch away, she stopped, hesitated then her lips parted and her mouth opened and she took that foul thing into her mouth. There was an audible sight all round.

Her mouth closed over the head, tongue licking that dollop right off and back into her mouth. I could tell from her eyes flickering that the nauseous taste was assaulting her tongue's taste buds. I expected to see her gag at any second, but she didn't. Instead I saw her body shake, It took me a second or so to realise, Lisa had just orgasm, she had actually gotten off on doing that vile act. Now she tried to take more of that tool into her small mouth, strained as her dainty lips were around such a monster.

This game was all too much for Theo and he started bucking his hips, and his spunk started spewing forth into her mouth. Now she almost gagged an chocked, not from the vile taste of his shit, but because his motion had pushed more cock into her mouth, right to the back of her throat. His spunk was actually splashing into her throat.

Lisa had nearly six full inches of his twelve crammed into her mouth, her lips were strained around its girth, her red lipstick now smeared in smears of brown shit, but all the time she kept going, till Theo stopped bucking and calmed down, and as he lost his erection, so Lisa was able to cram more and more into her mouth, sucking him clean of the shit smears and his spunk globules. Till at last she had the whole thing in her mouth, soft and pliable, although the tip was right in the back of her throat.

Under any normal circumstances I would have 'cum' off by now into Tanya's warm cunt, even though we had stopped thrusting to watch Lisa's performance, this magnificently perverted act should have been enough to make me shoot, instead I had dribbled and the induced drug had kept my erection not only full. but my cock seemed to have grown in size because of the erotic sights.

But now I wanted to fuck this young nymph and I started to really thrust into her womb. She called something in Greek to her husband, who pulled himself out of my wife and called to Sharmi to take his place. In fact Philip had been fucking Lisa's pussy, his cock erect, was gleaming with her cunt juices. Tanya bent over and took her husband's cock into her mouth as I fucked her. Letting him go after two or so minutes of sucking and licking. She said something else to him and he disappeared from view behind her backside. I felt him pull my finger from her arse and bringing it up, it was my turn. I got the impression that Philip was now tonguing his wife's arsehole. I took the very soiled, near brown finger into my mouth.

As soon as my finger was clean again, Tanya pulled me into her for a fierce kiss, our tongues fighting like crazy in each other’s mouth. Then I got the weirdest sensation, I had been conscious of Philip tonguing his wife's arse, now I felt him remove my cock from her pussy. He must have licked his wife’s cunt a few times and then he shook me, he took my cock into his mouth. The sensation was no different than that of a woman’s mouth on my cock, but knowing it was a man sucking me was weird, especially as I was locked in a clincher with his nubile wife.

His sucking of my cock was brief, some 20 seconds or so, but he guided me back into his wife, not her pussy, but her arsehole. I entered easily, probably due to all the juices there and his saliva on my cock. Immediately I could feel the rich deposits of shit lying in her bowels, just as Theo had felt with Lisa. Visions of getting Tanya to suck my cock clean of her own shit, just as Lisa had done floated in my mind, almost causing me to shoot off. Or better still getting Lisa to taste Tanya's shit on my cock.

That thought made me look to my wife. She was still orally stimulating Theo, who was now seated as Sharmi had been in a chair with Lisa kneeling between his thighs. Sharmi was fucking her cunt or arsehole, in long slow strokes. But as for Theo, it was obvious that she had already tongued his balls and arsehole, as the hairs lay matted on his testicles. His cock was still deep in her mouth and she was quietly sucking upon the sleeping mon-ster. What only He and Lisa knew was at that precise moment he was halfway through emptying his bladder into her throat. When his cock was fully limp, he'd let a trickle go to test her reac¬tion. Her reaction was totally favourable to this act, so he’d trickled his yellow piss into her, slowly so that she got to drink every drop.

Lisa sensing my look across, and wishing me to see her actions, lifted her mouth away from his peeing cock for the remainder of his piss, lasting another 30 seconds or so, holding his thick penis she still guided the urine spray into her eager mouth. But besides me, everybody else had now seen her act.

As if that wasn't enough for my senses, Philip now extracted my cock from his wife's sticky arse and I once more felt him start to fellate me. This time he was more in earnest, presumable spurred on by the taste of his wife's shit.

He had just spent about two minutes sucking me most delight¬fully, and was pushing my knob back into his wife's cunt, at the same time his mouth was working on her anal hole. When excitedly, she said something to him, again in Greek. He and the other two men laughed at a joke I suppose. But I could tell there was urgency in her voice.

I was fully in to the hilt in her vagina, when I felt the strangest sensation ever in my life, even to this day. I could feel his cock enter her through the thin membrane wall. I could¬n't understand a word she said to her husband, but it was plain enough that what he was doing wasn't what she wanted.

Tanya and I must have been at our climax, although it seemed I was constantly a second away from climaxing all the time. When Philip stood up and came around to the side of us, showing her the amount of shit accumulated on his cock. The acrid smell hit my nostrils at once, but that drug must have been working well or in fact in overtime, because of what I allowed her to do next and come to think of it what Lisa allowed them to do to her next.

I watched mesmerised as she pulled my head forward till the tip of her husband's cock was against my lips, with a groan of near despair, my mouth opened and I was taking it in. It's nau¬seating flavour assaulting my taste buds. I'd never taken another man's cock into my mouth, Lisa had made it plain that she would be more than willing indulge my fascination for a threesome, any time I wanted, provided it was with another man and I was pre¬pared to give him a 'blow job', we had talked it through, both getting aroused at the idea. Having regularly tasted Ian's and some other men's spunk inside her cunt, it was really only a matter of who we'd invite.

My act had brought a gasp from Lisa's lips as I looked over Tanya's shoulder, my mouth full with Philip's dirty cock; she had finished with Theo's cock and was watching us, mouth agape. Sharmi was still slowly fucking her, doggie style and Lisa was pulling and squeezing on her own boobs. My wife's features were still fully flushed in sexual excitement, her blue eyes sparkling in her lust.

With her watching my action intently, I slipped the head of his cock out of my mouth and slowly licked along the sides down to the even dirtier base of his cock. Tanya said something to her husband as I felt him slide one or two fingers into her arsehole; she shook her head as she spoke. He laughed and I felt his fin¬gers jerk around some more, making Tanya yelp and then he with¬drew his digits from her arsehole and brought them up to her lips, they were absolutely filthy with shit, she shook her head, but he forced them into her mouth.

I was still trying to keep my thrusting going, which was difficult with her weight on me and with what was going on. It was at this point that I was 100% certain that Tanya lost control of her bowel and I'm sure some shit emerged from her arsehole and slipped down that space between us, sliding over my thighs and testicles as it did so. Until about three months ago, (when some¬thing happened that prompted this letter deal), Lisa always played down what happened next. However, now she fully admits she did it.

For it was at this point that Philip indicated for Lisa to move forward. With Sharmi still in situ, she crawled on her knees the three or four feet to our chair. There was no hesitation when she bent forward, in her original story she only licked around and into Tanya's arsehole, as well as licking me, now she admits there were some lumps of shit lying on me and Tanya, which she licked up and swallowed, all three men saw exactly what she did and when she put her lips to Tanya's anal hole, Tanya deliberate¬ly past several more small pieces to her.

At the same time I was dimly aware of my cock spurting and spurting deep into her womb and Tanya's body shaking with her climax. and then Philip shot his load into my mouth, my sucking of his cock, passionate and fierce continued till after our body's had stopped shaking in climax, till his was limp and his cock clean of traces of his wife's shit, but the taste, like an aphrodisiac, lingered, I didn't mind it at all. I was surprised, that even though I was shattered by that almighty climax, my cock was still rock hard and my appetite was seemingly unappeased, was this due to the drug Tanya spoke about?.

The rest of the night became a blur from about then on, like all forms of drugs, I suppose from my days at college taking pot, there is a high then a rapid down. I really only came to in the cool light of dawn, 5 'o'clock in the morning has never been my favourite hour, but by then Lisa and I were in the back of a Mini cab driven by a guy of Asian origin on our way home (we had travelled into London by train). Lisa was totally out of it and my head felt like a sledge hammer had hit me at some point.

I awoke only because the driver was shaking me with one arm, asking directions. We were approaching our little Surrey village. As I told him, I was aware that we were both in a state of un¬dress. Whereas my clothes were around me, but not done up right, Lisa was sprawled on the cab's back seat, naked bar her now laddered stockings and raked suspender belt. Her dress and jacket piled on the floor. I didn't care. I felt like I was in a dream, I wasn’t in control, I was stupidfied.

He pulled onto our driveway, I tried to pay him, but he said it had been taken care of, but if we were going to make a tea or coffee, he'd love a cup as he'd been on the go all night and it was a long drive back to London and nothing would be open yet. I hesitated because of my head and Lisa's state of display, but I reasoned he'd seen as much of her as he was going to ever see, I was about to say 'come on in', before I could agree, Lisa hearing his request invited him in. She didn't seem concerned at her state of dress. Once inside the house, she went to put the kettle on, I remember sitting down and her asking the driver to look in his car for an ear ring that was missing.

I didn't dose off, but the next thing I was aware of was a noise from the kitchen, I went to look for my coffee. Lisa was leaning over the kitchen sink, the driver was slowly sinking his cock into her pussy (from the rear and she was saying "Be careful I'm awfully sore", a few strokes and she had him pull out, saying "It'll have to be this" she guided him to her arsehole which he was just as eager to use.

I picked up the coffee, cups and kettle, neither of them took any notice of me. Whilst I made the three coffees, my wife was buggered by a complete stranger, a man easily old enough to be her father. She didn't rush him at all, letting him savour her skill, he came in a grunt and a gush.

5 Minutes later and we were sat round a table all three of us, as if they'd done no more than shake hands, but Lisa was basically still naked. I’m not sure the guy really knew what was going on, but he had a silly grin on his face and couldn’t keep his eyes off Lisa. I couldn’t see what was going on till I stood up and saw my wife was still fondling his cock with was sticking out of his trousers, without a word Lisa sank to her knees and her mouth enveloped his hard cock. Her bow job lasted a good ten minutes and she swallowed his seed. Lisa saw him out and even gave him a big long kiss at the front door.

It slowly sank in that I’d just seen my wife have sex with a total stranger, she had him fuck her arse and she sucked his cock ( arse to mouth) for him with me watching something I had yearned to see her do for a few years now, my cock was hard, but I was almost unaware.

Moments later, after the Driver had gone, we fell into bed, and didn't arise again till late afternoon; it was like a heavy hangover.. It was also our wedding anniversary day and we had a party to arrange that evening. We both told friends and family we were still a bit hungover from last night and they understood or they at least thought they did, they didn’t know half of it.

Well it certainly was a night to remember. We both felt that things got a little out of hand for comfort, Lisa, who was a little abashed in the cold light of day about how she let go, of course she had no idea about the ‘Power’ drops and I wasn’t going to tell. Lisa was too sore for three days to be even touched in her vaginal region, so we didn’t even have a fuck on our wedding anniversary and I had a recurring hard on for days recalling in my mind what she’d done that night.

So did Lisa keep her promised about performing with another guy whilst I watched, you bet she did, but that’s another story.

About 2 weeks after our fun time with Theo, I popped over to see him and he was very enthusiastic about Lisa and that night. He was very up front that he’d love another session with her (at least) he talked in a ‘we are men of the world’ style; I had asked him for some of the power drops. Without hesitation he gave me a small container the size of an eye drop flash with a dripper in it and he said to go easy with it never give more than three. I asked him how many had he slipped Lisa that evening, he said 2 drops with her wine very early on. He told me that he would very much like Lisa to himself for a whole night away in the near future, he said she was so sexy and beautiful and such ‘a good sport’; that the evening with us was one of the highlights of his year so far. I didn’t think for a moment she’d agree, the idea of him and her alone together gave me quite a hard on as I imagined they do everything from that night plus more.

I wasn’t too sure how to raise the subject with my wife about her going off for a night with Theo; obviously he was lusting after her sexually. It took me 2 days to get the courage to say something, so that night in bed I told her I had popped over to see Theo to settle his bill with our firm and tie up a few loose ends. Lisa perked up a bit at this and asked how he was; I said his usual self and he’d asked after her, this brought a full smile to her face as if she was now recalling the events of that night, taking a deep breath, I told her that ‘he had asked me if he could have a night away with you’

‘Oh, well I guess I could’ was not the response I expected. I felt my cock harden. ‘If you really want me to have sex fun with other men whilst you watch , which technically you did that night, I was thinking I might have to practice with a guy before we perform’

‘Well you certainly practiced with him that night’

‘Mmmm I sure did’ Lisa smiled with that glint and I saw her nipples were becoming swollen, matching my cock.

‘So you’d be up for that?’

‘Yes’ it was immediate and certain.

We didn’t make love that night, we had sex; both turned on by the idea of what she’d readily agreed to.
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