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Sexy 19-year-old Nia pays daddy a visit and maybe help comfort his needs, after her mom cruelly divorces him for no good reason.
Daughter Comforts Her Divorced Daddy

Would you say that a sweetheart romance is one of the sweetest, purest form of love?

I used to.

Brenda and I dated since high-school. I went through uni with her, and when she decided she wanted to be a nurse, I took a shitty job, and I funded her through that.

We made it, though. And I never felt more certain about anything in my life. We married, put a mortgage down on a house and started a family. I thought we’d build a life together forever.

How wrong I was.

Brenda wanted a divorce. She felt too stifled to be with me, that she was too young to settle (despite being in her forties).

What the actual fuck?

It devastated me. I didn’t kick up a fuss. Why hold on to someone when they didn’t want you? So we divorced, Brenda and my beautiful daughter, Nia, stayed put while I moved in some shit hole apartment.

I was glad that Nia and I had a great relationship. When the shit hit the proverbial fan, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. But despite being nineteen, Nia had a steady head on her shoulders. Don't get me wrong, I'm not naïve enough to think this shit didn't affect her, but I'll damned if I don't give as much support as I could for her.

Nia was perfect. She was smart, loving, and kind. Truly, the apple of my eye.

I was surprised that when everything came to crashing down; she was sad for me, and mad as hell at her mother. Of course, she didn't take sides at first, but then she found out Brenda left me for another guy. She started a nursing job and fell head over heels for a doctor there.

Anyway, the first few weeks after we broke up, Nia insisted on visiting me. I moved into a shitty one bedroom bedsit in the city.

She brought me food and other things. Just generally fussing over me. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that maybe she felt guilty for what her mother did, but I wasn't the type of asshole who'd poison her mother against her. Nia was always so kind-hearted and caring.

We got into a routine of her coming over, and we would just chill out watching Netflix. We’d snuggle up with snacks and whatnot, and I try not to pay attention to her breasts pressed against me. Nia was very touchy-feely and affectionate, so it wasn’t weird or anything.

What was weird was how it made me feel.

Christ, it must be because I was on the dry for far too long, but her warmth and feminine scent made my cock ache with painful need. I was glad that we had a blanket, too, so it was easier to hide my erection. The moment she left, I would jerk off straight after, having all these naughty fantasies of my daughter play out in my head.

I knew it was wrong and immoral, but I couldn't get those delicious thoughts out of my head.

The thing was, Nia looked absolutely amazing. As much as it pained me as a father, I knew she was quite popular. She had maybe a few boyfriends, but ultimately, nothing serious. She was too pragmatic to have anything serious when she planned to go to university.

Fuck, there was that, too. It mattered to me to make sure I can help pay her way through uni.

And then, one day, it happened.

One Friday came around like usual. I got home from work, took a shower and settled in front of the TV with a few beers. The lads wanted me to hit the town, but I wasn’t ready yet. I didn’t mind a few drinks with friends, but the boys seemed to think the best way to get over my divorce was to get laid.

I wasn’t ready for a fling. What I was ready for was a take-out, and settling down to some of my favourite movies. Maybe a wank before bed if was feeling horny.

Life was simple and drama-free.

Then someone was rapping on the door at eleven. I sighed, paused the film and braced myself. I did try to ignore it, at first. Sometimes, the odd piss head mistook my apartment for somebody else’s, but whoever it was, was persistent.

I put on my stern face and opened the door, but left the safety chain on. I almost cursed, but instead of an asshole, it was Nia.

“What are you doing here? Date night is next Monday,” I grinned.

“Can I come in?”

I unlatched the safety chain and opened the door for her. I caught the musk of the perfume she was wearing as she walked past me. It was proper going out stuff, rich with a hint of sandalwood.

As she went to the kitchen to fill up a glass of water, I couldn’t help but check out what she was wearing. Short black dress that accentuated her generously sized breasts and the skirt short enough for easy access. She had make-up on, too. Not the stuff she usually wore.

She was out to impress, and a strange pang of jealousy twinged inside me, along with the stirrings of arousal. My daughter was drop dead gorgeous.

I shook away my thoughts, locked the door, and joined her on my sofa.

“Are you okay? If you’re going out to town, this isn’t the best venue,” I joked.

She grabbed a piece of tissue and dabbed her face, then chest. I tried my damndest to not look down. “Was out with Becky and Jenna and some other girls. It was Becky’s 20th and I couldn’t say no. Had a few drinks, shooed away a few guys who were being way too persistent, and danced until my legs started to ache. Tip, don’t dance with anything bigger than two-inch heels.”

“I’ll have to return my stilettos first thing. But why are you here?”

“Is this a bad time, daddy? Am intruding? Is there someone else here? I’ll leave if I am.”

“No, of course not. You’re welcome here anytime. But it’s a Friday night and there are better places to be.”

“As fun as it was going out with the girls,” she said, stealing a chip from my plate of food. “I’m much happier being with my favourite man in this world. I don't find much fun being pestered with unwanted attention by other men.”

I swallowed. I like to think I’m a halfway decent bloke, but seeing Nia’s luscious legs and gorgeous body, I’d be tempted to hit on her, too." Do you want a lift home? I haven’t had too many, so I’m good to drive."

“Well... I was hoping you would let me stay the night.” She sighed, took a drink of her water, and sighed again. “I might have drunk-dialled mum. I was thinking about you and thinking about how silly she was being. I didn’t know what I was doing, really. And now we had a falling out, and I’m not ready to go home yet. Not tonight, anyway.”

I looked into her eyes. The green took on a deeper shade of emerald for some reason."You can crash on my bed tonight. I got the sofa."

She reached out and held my hand. It felt silky soft and slightly cold from her coming in from the outside. “I won’t put you out like that, dad. It’s your bed. It’s big enough for the both of us, isn’t it?”

“Y-yeah, it is. But...”

Her laughter was full of mirth. “No need to be shy now, daddy. Unless you don’t want to share a bed with a silly little girl like me.”

“Of course not, honey. If anything, you’re one of the most beautiful women I have ever known.”

“I didn't peg you for a charmer, too," she smiled.


I didn’t know how things ended up this way.

I was in my bed. Nia told me to carry on enjoying my Friday night and not to mind her, but I didn’t want to disturb her when I came in. So when she was ready to retire, I joined her.

My heart pounded hard against my ribcage. Nia was ‘freshening up’ in the bathroom while I waited nervously in bed.

God, I hadn’t felt this way since I was a teenager. The feeling wasn’t unlike the first time I asked if I could kiss my ex-wife behind the bike shed.

I heard the toilet flush down the hall and a moment later, Nia walked in wearing nothing but an oversized tee and her underwear.

She got in and turned away from me. “Thank you for letting me stay. Night, daddy,” she said over her shoulder.

“Night, sweetheart. Rest up.”

I had the duvet tucked right up to my neck. To be honest, I didn’t know what I should do. Nia was so close to me. The heat of her body was warming up the sheets. And, God, her smell. She smelled faintly of perfume, and maybe a touch of her own natural scent after dancing all night. But it didn’t offend me at all. Rather, it stirred up the desires inside me.

I bit my lip, and to not let my thoughts wander to dangerous territory. But she was right there. I squeezed my thighs together, praying that I wouldn’t get a boner. It’s been so long and yeah, I kinda missed sharing my bed with someone. Especially with a woman as beautiful as Nia.

Fuck. It was going to be a long night.

I think maybe twenty minutes had passed, with me focusing on my breathing and hoping I’d fall asleep soon, before Nia stirred.

“Daddy, are you awake?”

“Yeah. You okay?”

“Yes. Can I ask you a favour?”

If she asks for a drink, maybe I can go cool off. Rinse my face or something. “What is it?”

“Would it be inappropriate to ask you to cuddle me? It’s been such a long time, and I kinda miss it.”

I swallowed, a lump forming in my throat. “Yeah, sure. I, uhh, I don’t mind.”

Slowly, sidled over to her side of the bed. I felt stiff and rigid, but not in a good way. I didn’t know where to put my arms. I most certainly couldn’t press my crotch up against her ass. After some thought, I settled for being ramrod straight, trying to avoid pressing up against her ass and resting my arms on her shoulder blades. Try as I might, I wasn’t comfortable closing the inch wide gap between our bodies.

“Come here,” Nia said, reaching over and grabbing my hand. Before I could protest, she pulled my hand until my forearm was wrapped around her, resting under the weight of her breasts.

Then she wiggled her ass back, nestling against my crotch. “Much better.”

I sucked in a breath. I couldn’t decide if she was breathing deeply on purpose or not, but each inhale and exhale would cause her hips to move...

...which would ever so subtly grind against my rapidly hardening cock.

My chest tightened and my face was buried deep into her hair. Fuck, her scent was intoxicating.

My arm tightened around her, and I could feel the heft of her breasts pressing down against my forearm.

It’s been so fucking long since I been this close to someone... My cock pulsed to life with a vengeance, pressing deep into the valley of her ass.

“... sorry.” I muttered into the back of Nia’s head.

My heart was beating so hard, I was sure she could feel it hammering against her back. Desire and shame coursed through my blood in equal measure. I knew she would get up and leave. It was wrong pressing against her like this. I ruined our relationship. The most important person in my life and I messed it up.

But still, I couldn’t help but relish the moment. Savour it like the pathetic man I am before I lose her warmth forever.

But her rejection never came.

“It’s fine,” she whispered, her breath deep and husky. “This isn’t the first time I’ve been spooned. I knew you might have a reaction. Even if it’s a silly little girl like me.”

“No,” I rasped. Nia was in her prime and she looked fucking amazing. If anything, she carried a graceful beauty about her. No, right now it was a something else entirely. Something that stirred the lust deep in me. Something wholly sexual. “I’m feeling this way, because it’s you, Nia. You’re having this effect on me.”

I felt her chuckle. “Daddy, you’re lonelier than I realised. You need to find a girlfriend if I'm winding you up.”

I couldn’t control myself. I squeezed her tighter, pulling her harder against me, so she could feel how hard my cock was for her. It pressed against the entrance of her pussy, separated by a few layers of fabric. Nia let out a whimper.

“It’s wrong for me to say this, but a part of me sees you as a woman, Nia. But I couldn’t take advantage of you like that. You're my precious daughter. But you’re here right now, and I’m struggling to contain myself.”

Her hand brushed over mine, caressing the back of my hand with her fingertips, leaving a trail of electricity along its path.

“I need to go,” I swallowed. “Before I'm tempted to do something that I shouldn’t.”

I swallowed down a lump in my throat. My vision was going blurry with lust. But I couldn’t do that to Nia. She’s been so supportive of me all this time. I couldn’t repay her by taking advantage of her.

I moved to leave, to resign myself to the sofa, but her hand clasped my wrist.


She guided my hand downward until it rested over her mons.

I cupped her panty covered mound, feeling the burning heat against my fingers. “Fuck,” I hissed.

I brushed my finger back and forth against the fabric. Hot excitement soaked through.

Nia groaned, pushing back, grinding her ass against my rock hard cock.

I swallowed. She was soaking wet. I desperately wanted to pull her panties aside and lap up her nectar. But instead, I forced myself to slow down, to savour the moment. Her body flexed against me as my finger danced over her clit, before I stopped at the top of her panties, teasing the elastic with my fingertips.

“Daddy...” she rasped. "Maybe I want you to take advantage of me."

My fingers went under her panties and back the way I came, brushing through the wiry tuft of hair and down over her slit. Bare, uncovered.

“Oh, ohh..!” Nia cried out. She clasped a hand over her mouth, trying to stifle her cries of pleasure as my fingers found her inflamed entrance.

“God, you’re so wet, Nia. You’re so wet for me. Did you come here with the intention of seducing me like this?” I whispered into her ear.

“No... Yes, maybe. God, I’m a terrible woman, aren’t I?”

“How long have you felt this way?” I asked, slowly delving my fingers into her soaking wet cunt. I let out a breath as the inner walls of her pussy clenched around my invading digits. She was so tight, so warm, that my cock pulsed with need, eager to be inside her.

“I can’t say...”

I pumped my fingers in and out of her. There was so much nectar, my fingers were making obscene squelching noises with each pump. “Tell me, please.”

"For a while now, daddy... You’ve been so sweet and dependable... I found myself wanting you. I know it’s shameful for a daughter to lust after her daddy.”

“You're not shameful,” I corrected her. “Don't ever think I'll ever be ashamed of my sweet babygirl.”

“But still... It feels wrong. Taboo.”

I pressed my painfully erect cock against her, reminding her how much I wanted her to. She pushed her ass back, trying to feel as much of my girth as possible. I withdrew my fingers, soaked to the brim and closed over her hard little nub.

“Daddy! A-ah..! N-no...” she whimpered. Her breathing came fast and desperate. Teasing her, turning her body into molten gold, was quickly becoming my favourite thing. With every swipe of my finger over her clit, Nia would spasm a little, and the sexiest little moans escaped her lips. My other hand craned over her, snaking under her tee.

“Fuck,” I breathed, as I cupped one of her breasts. It was more than and handful and her nipple was hard like a gum drop, grinding against the palm of my hand.

“D-daddy...” she moaned against the dual assault she was receiving. She was close.

I craned my neck and took her ear into my mouth, sucking and teasing her with my tongue.

“Cum... I’m going to cum if you keep playing with me like that.”

“That’s kind of the point,” I chuckled. “Cum for me, Nia. I want to feel you cum.”

I redoubled my efforts, one hand rolling her rock hard nipple between my fingers, pulling and tugging almost to the point of pain. My other hand teased her clit with long, circular strokes. My wrist ached, but I didn’t dare to stop, determined to make her cum for me with just my fingers alone. Her breathing grew ragged and desperate as I pushed her towards the crescendo of her pleasure.

“Oh, fuck..! Daddy! Fuck, fuck!!!”

Her nails dug painfully into my thighs as she scrabbled for purchase, writhing and shuddering against me as she climaxed. I held her in my arms until she came down.

“Oh my gosh... That was... I haven't felt anything like that,” she gasped.

I laughed into her hair, inhaling that beautiful scent of hers. “Glad to be of service.”

She adjusted herself and felt my cock, still painfully hard, brush up against her. “Oh... Daddy...”

“It’s fine,” I grimaced, trying not to think about how I was going to explode if I didn’t get some relief soon.

“Can... Can I see?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

Light spilled into the window from the street lamp outside, casting everything in a neon orange glow.

Nia peeled back the duvet, exposing ourselves to the cool night air.

“Oh, my.”

My dick tented against my boxers. Nia couldn’t keep her eyes off my crotch. With shaky hands, she grabbed the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down. My dick sprung out, free from its confines.

Even in the semi-darkness, I could see the glint in Nia’s eyes. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around my shaft.

“Fuck,” I groaned. Her touch felt so fucking smooth, like being gripped by velvet. My hips flexed, trying to work my cock in and out of her hand.

“Am I doing this right? It’s been a while,” she asked, dragging her hand up and down my shaft. Precum leaked from my tip, and ran down my shaft and over her hand, but she didn’t seem to mind.

It felt good. More than good. But even if it wasn’t good, it would still be amazing. Never in a hundred years would I ever imagine that I’d actually have my daughter’s sweet hand on my dick.

“Keep going,” I said, my tone thick with need.

Nia pumped away. Slowly at first, until she got more comfortable with the act. I watched in a half lust-drunk stupor as my crown disappeared and reappeared in her hand. Her grip became more sure, tighter as she milked me from base to tip.

“Fuck, I don’t think I’m going to last very long,” I whined. Between being horny for so long and getting so hard from touching Nia, my cock was ready to explode.

She kept pumping, and I fell into a rhythm of her hand, drawing my need to cum out.

“I’m getting close.”

My dick throbbed in her grip and felt my balls tighten.


Her grip tightened even more. So much so, liquid pleasure turned into a sharp, biting pain that went straight to my balls.

“Nia, what are you doing?” I gasped.

“God, I’m sorry, daddy. Let me be selfish, just this once.”

She let go of my dick, rolled on me and was suddenly straddling me. She pulled her panties aside and sat on my dick.

Tight, wet heat surrounded me as she impaled herself on my cock.

“Ohhhh, fuck,” I cried out.

She started rocked up and down immediately. The tight inner walls of her tight pussy milked my dick in a way that her hand couldn’t match.

“C-condom,” I blurted out, my sense of reasoning rapidly fading.

“Daddy, you made me cum so hard. But please me be a selfish, shameful girl, just for tonight. I wanted your cock for such a long time.”

Like a woman possessed, she grabbed the hem of her tee and pulled it off her. I sucked in a breath as I watched her tits bounce, washed in the orange glow of the streetlight. My hands shot out, grabbing her huge tits, kneading them.

Her hands closed over mine.

“That’s it, touch me, daddy. I want you to touch me anywhere you like. I’m yours,” she purred.

“Fucking hell, you’re amazing.”

Nia smiled, her expression full of joy. Then she pulled herself up. All the way up until just my tip was in her, and then she drove back down, all the way down to the base.

“Fuck,” I choked. “You’re going to make me cum, if you keep doing that.”

“That’s kind of the point.”

My balls tightened. This was too much. It was too fucking much. I didn’t have the strength in my legs to push her off."

“I’m going to cum inside you if you don’t get off,” I warned.

Nia leaned in and pressed her lips against mine. “Cum in me. I want to feel your cum inside me,” she begged. " Fill your daughter up with your cum."


My fingers dug into her hips as I drove myself upward, trying to meet her downward thrusts. Nia groaned as I hit just the right spot.

My hands caressed her thighs, her waist, and her tits. She was perfect.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” I said as I grimaced against the pressure welling up in my balls.

“Cum! Fill me up, daddy. Give it to me, give me all that delicious cum.”

I cried out, and drove every fiber of my being upward, deep into her cunt. My cock swelled and hot, molten cum spewed upwards, deep inside my daughter’s waiting pussy.

“Yes... That’s it,” she groaned listlessly. She rocked her hips as I climaxed and teased her clit with her fingers. “I’m cumming, too..!”

Nia fell forward, her breasts mashed against my sweat-shone chest as she shuddered. Despite the world around me turning white from the explosion of pleasure ripping through me, I clasped my hands around her back and held her close to me.

Spent, she collapsed on top of me, gasping and panting. “Oh... My... God...”

“Damn,” I chuckled.

I sucked in a breath as my cock slipped out of her pussy. She pulled her panties back in place, seemingly happy to keep my cum inside her. For some reason, that made my spent dick stir a little.

“Are you okay?” I asked her weakly.

“Yes. But I hope you won’t regret this in the morning. It was nice for me, though.”

I smiled and pulled her in for a kiss. “I’m not going to lie. It’s all a bit mad right now. But I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will most definitely not regret this. Not one bit.”

She simply nodded and smiled. Then she curled into me, snuggled nice and secure, until sleep came for us.

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