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Ashley's restrained body endures the worm's enormous member.
At least three days have passed since the worm had taken over Ashley's body and holes. She could not tell precisely how much time had passed due to the low levels of light in the cave. Her estimate was based on how often she slept. Although she was most likely mistaken with her estimate since she has been overly tired due to the excessive fucking she was receiving. The worm seemed to possess astronomical stamina and could use her for hours without need for rest.

Ashley spent her waking hours in complete bliss. Even when the creature, whom she was beginning to think of as her mate, seemed to be resting, she found that she could spur it on by clenching her vagina a couple times. Her body was still fully restrained in a doggie position. There were a few exceptions, such as her feet, which she found she was able to wiggle them freely.

With not much else to do, she began clenching her pussy, hoping to turn the worm on again. Sadly, the worm did not seem to pay attention. She kept at it and decided this was a good exercise anyways. Maybe she could fix her ruined hole by exercising it.

Out of boredom, she traced the tube in her mouth with her tongue, feeling the spongy texture. On the first day it was inserted into her, Ashley tried biting down on it to find out if it would pull out and discovered how bad of an idea that was. The worm had ceased fucking her and convulsed violently in her throat. Worst of all, it did not pull out. With tears streaming down her face, she decided never to do that again.

Ashley wondered how long it would take for someone to go looking for her. Did she even want anyone to find her? Aside from the boredom, this was a pretty great place to be. She was safe, warm, fed, and cared for. What else could she want? People go their whole lives searching for what she had right here. She decided it was better if whoever was coming would take their time. Or better yet, not find her at all.

Without a warning, the worm's member pulsated vigorously causing goosebumps to break out all over her body. She felt overcome with warm feelings and thought she knew what was coming. Mixed in with the usual feelings was excitement. Ashley waited for the member to begin screwing her eagerly. Her nipples were hard and needed rubbing. Through the edge of her eyesight, she could see they were glistening. It seemed they needed more than to be rubbed. Her nipples needed sucking to help quite the ache caused by lactation. She smiled picturing how pleasant that would feel.

At the other end of her body, her vagina endured the erratic spasms caused by the worm's massive member. Her entrance began expanding furthur, beyond what she thought was possible for her previously tight hole. For the first time since she was abducted, she felt pain break through the warmth. She began to fear she would split, but just as she did so, the pain passed. The bulge progressed deeper into her until it reached her cervix.

Ashley felt something solid deposited into her core. The opening to her womb seemed to have dilated enough allowing it easily through. The thing inside her was about the size of a golf ball. Was that creature impregnating her? She felt happiness at the thought of becomming a mother.

As Ashley was contemplating her motherhood, she felt another bulge slide through her, and another egg deposited. She realized that she does not know anything about the worm's reproduction process. What if the babies eat their way out once they hatch? Warmth flooded through calming her nerves down. She closed her eyes and relished the feeling of impregnation. Her mind reeling from the idea that she was going to be a mother.

Ashely spent the next couple hours in a daze. A mindless smile spread her lips as she was pumped full of eggs. Her womb had grown to a grotesque size, its weight feeling pleasant. She had lost count of the number of orgasms that coursed through her. Her body had lost all inhibitions, as her fluids leaked onto the ground below. She came again, then released a stream of her pee with no restraint. All she could feel was complete bliss.

Ashley became slightly aware that she could feel the ground below her. The worm creature had let her down to lay down on the ground, seemingly done with its mating. She curled and hugged her pregnant belly. She felt faintly sore, the prick of pain waking her up from her stupor. Her open pussy was tender from all the fucking and impregnation. Using her hand, she covered her opening and tried to squeeze her vagina to stop the eggs from slipping back out.

She felt the tube in her mouth slide out, and noticed the worm propel itself towards the cave's exit. She didn't care. Ashley had everything she wanted. She slipped into a deep, contented sleep.

-- -- --

The girl has been asleep for a couple days. During that time, the worm had replinished its energy by gathering food and returned to guard the babies. It alternated between feeding the girl using its long tube and checking her womb by placing its member inside and checking on the eggs inside.

The worm's anticipation was reaching extreme highs as it waited patiently for the eggs to hatch. It covered the girl in order to provide warmth to the babies and maintain an optimal temperature and environment for the babies' growth.

-- -- --

Ashley woke up sometime during the night. The creature seemed to be sleeping, or atleast it did not appear to be moving. Her stomach rumbled and she realized for the first time in a while she needed to release her bowls. There was no room for anything other than her wonderful babies.

She got up carefully, unbalanced due to the weight and her lack of exercise. With one hand covering her belly and the other holding her pussy shut, she trudged towards the side of the cave and squated.

Ashley dug a hole and began to releave herself, then cleaned herself as best as she could. Before getting up, she glanced at her body, noting the changes for the first time. Her tits had grown considerably. No doubt, lactating and full of milk. Her stomach was enormous. She could not see the ground beneath her and wondered how her body could stretch to such extent. She smiled thinking about how many babies she would have and decided to check on them.

Ashley began to insert her hand into her gaping orfice. "Holy shit!"

It slid in easily. Her insides were thoughroughly covered in slimy goo. It was a mixture of the worm's fluids, as well as, a product of the eggs inside her. She could not reach into her womb, unfortunately, her wrist wouldnt not bend enough, but she had found something else of interest. Her knuckles had brushed againest her g-spot causing electricity to course through her.

Ashley's hormones drove her onward. She plunged her arm into her gaping hole noisily. Her mouth open wide in ecstasy and saliva dripped down the sides. She continued fucking herself as hard as she could. Her other hand squeezed her tit and sprayed her milk into the air and onto herself. She felt wild, completely uninhibited with no fear and nothing to worry about. Her orgasm was intense. Her eyes rolled into her skull, as she enjoyed the feeling. She smiled as she felt warmth from her mate crawl across her feet. It seems the worm was attracted to her by the noises and came to check on their babies.

The worm covered her as she slipped into a deep sleep.


Ashley awoke feeling uneasy. She was alone again but that was okay. What didn't feel right was her womb. It ached as though it were her time of the month but it couldnt be. She was pregnant. Then it must be her babies hatching. She smiled and spread her legs open. She positioned her body similar to how she had seen women who were in labour in movies. She massaged her huge belly hoping to comfort herself and her babies.

She could feel all the shifting inside her and wondered if they knew which way to get out. Using her fingers, she pulled her opening wide and began pushing. It didnt take long for the first one to slip out of her womb. Ashley felt it linger in her vagina and pulled herself open further. She decided squatting is probably a more appropriate position. As soon as she squatted, her baby began sliding down until it fell into her hand.

It was incredibly soft, and fit entirely in the palm of her hand. The baby worm was curled up and writhing slightly. She laid it to the side, fearing that it would get squished under its siblings and turned her attention to the next ones. Her thoughts were filled with utmost joy at her successful birth.

Ashley continued holding her pussy open and pushing. The births became easier as more of her worms came out. It took a couple of hours of pushing to get them all out, leaving her exhausted and thirsty. She wondered if any others could have gotten lost inside her or havent hatched yet but didnt worry too much about it. They would come out when they were ready. Her belly had shrunk back to an almost normal size leaving slightly visible stretch marks. Her tits were still huge. Ashley realized she could drink her own milk and tilted her breast upwards. She placed her mouth on her nipple and began sucking. She must have been full as her milk seemed to be overflowing. The feeling of relief overcame her, as she sucked on her tits, tingleing sensations pushed her to suck harder. She became aroused and started to finger her gaping pussy.

Ashley momentarily wondered if she was depraved before realizing she did not care. Her body was demanding relief and she was going to provide it with what it needed. She inserted her fist into her gaping hole as her fingers did not satisfy her enough and roughly pounded herself. Her orgasm came closer slowly. She decided to take one of her babies and placed it on her tit. Ashley wanted to feel her motherhood as she came. Her juices flowed out of her as her body was racked by orgasms.

Ashley sprawled on the ground, exhausted from her experiences on the ground. She wondered what would happen to her next and hoped the worm would get back soon to continue with her breeding her.


2022-07-01 19:48:40
plz more chapters fast


2022-06-08 20:09:16
This was fantastic. Couldn't find part 1 if there was one, but still really enjoyed this! Hope you keep writing!

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