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Brother and sister continue their fun while in quarantine. His girlfriend unknowingly puts on a show for them both as an unexpected voyeur interrupts them but can’t help and watch.
I woke up with mixed emotions. First, my boxers were very stiff and crusty. The night before my sister Christa had stripped naked and dry humped me until I cam inside my boxers. Second, would it feel weird to be around each other? Now that I wasn’t as horned up and thinking clearly, did we cross a line? I got up, changed into new boxers and shorts and headed out for breakfast.

Waiting at the kitchen table was Christa fully showered and clothed. The turned around and said, morning sleeping head before turning back around. My mom Megan put down a plate of pancakes at the table for me. I sat down and reminded myself, act normal, don’t be weird. I responded to Christa, morning and thanked my mom for breakfast. I ate my food and then retreated to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day.

The first half of the day I had virtual classes, Christa was in her room doing the same. Today I didn’t know whether to expect her to drop in or not after our adventure we had last night. That didn’t last long as she barged into my room again. She flopped onto my bed as usual. She said, I had a blast last night, did you? I told her absolutely I did. She asked if I spoke with my girlfriend recently. That’s when the guilt set in, did I just cheat on my girlfriend. Again Christa could read my face and said, it’s not cheating. How did she know what I was thinking!. I responded to her, well yeah it kind of is. She then said, well ok yes it’s cheating, but remember, it’s not happening and doesn’t exist. That felt wrong, but also great knowing that this was such a secret. She then said, well did you talk with her today? I replied that I hadn’t. She then proposed something. Why don’t you get her to perform for you tonight and let me sit in and watch, it would be so hot to see her live and also that she wouldn’t know that your sister is watching her. I asked how I would do that, completely glossing over the odd request it is for a sister to want to see your girlfriend pleasure herself. She said, just cam with her on your laptop and mirror the screen to the computer screen or something. I said I’d try and would let her know.

When Christa left I sent a text to my girlfriend Clare that I wanted to see her strip live!. I didn’t get anything back so figured she was busy at home or with school. An hour later I finally got a text back saying, sounds hot, let’s do it around 11pm. I let Christa know that we were on for tonight. I started working out the details on how I could mirror my tablet to something. Eventually I got it working to mirror it to the TV I had in my room. The rest of the day was not eventful which was good as I couldn’t stop picturing my girlfriend basically pleasuring herself for my sister. I started to think if it was going to be weird with her in the room, did she want to hump me again? Too many thoughts in my head. I told myself to chill out and just let it happen.

Just before 11pm rolled around Christa came tip toeing into my room. She said, mom and dad went to bed an hour ago so we should be fine. I nodded and told her that she should be calling me soon. I turned the TV on and started the mirror from my tablet. I was sitting against my headboard on the bed with the tablet on my abdomen and Christa was sitting at the end of the bed facing the TV. My tablet started to ring showing that Clare was calling, I started to have butterflies in my stomach.

I answered the tablet and noticed that Christa had a huge smile on her face. I said hi to my girlfriend and she said she was so excited to play live for me. She turned on some music and stood up. Starting to strip she danced around to the music. She had on some lingerie that I had seen before but she was still stunning. She was also a junior in school and had a great looking body. She was around 5ft 9in tall, light brown hair, medium sized body with larger C cup boobs. Her boobs weren’t as perky as my sisters but had a nice sway when she was on all fours.

I kept watching the screen of what Clare was doing but also looking up to see what Christa was doing at the end of my bed. So far Christa was just staring at the TV taking it in. By this time Clare was naked laying on her back on her bed. She was pinching her left tit with her finger while she slowly rubber her clit with her right hand. She had her eyes closed. That’s when I felt movement on the bed. Christa was sitting with her back now against the wall, she was slowly rubbing her pussy through her shorts while still watching the screen. She then reached out with her left hand and touched my cock through my boxers. I think she was at first seeing how hard I was, then changed into a stroking motion. This took me by surprise. I never thought that she would try to touch me while I was live on camera with my girlfriend, I bet that added excitement to it for her.

I looked back down at the screen and my girlfriend was now pushing a vibrator into her pussy. Christa stood up on the bed then removed her t-shirt, bra, shorts and panties. Even though I had now seen her naked just yesterday, I enjoyed watching her remove every item from her body. She sat back down and resumed rubbing herself and me at the same time while continuing to watch Clare. Then I felt the waist band of my boxers lifting off my waist. I felt Christa’s hand reach in and grab a hold of my hard cock. It felt amazing and thought to myself, my sister had her hand wrapped around my cock, she’s stroking me while we both watch my girlfriend live now on camera. After stroking me for about a minute she put me back inside my boxers. She then crawled up over my waist and lowered herself back down on me facing away from me towards the TV. My girlfriend was on all fours on her bed with her ass facing the camera as she fucked her pussy with her vibrator. Christa started to slowly hump her bare pussy against my cock in my boxers for the seconds day in a row.

I took the moment to lift the tablet up slightly while Clare wasn’t looking at the camera so that I could see an up close view of my sisters ass and her pussy grinding against me. It looked amazing. Her pussy lips were slightly parting as she pushed forward and backwards over my cock. She was extremely wet. My cock was sandwiched between my stomach and Christa’s pussy pointing the direction of my chin. Christa continued to work it back and forward. I had a hard time focusing and didn’t know what to watch, my girlfriend’s tits swaying back and forward as she fucked herself on the camera or at my sisters pussy grinding against me. That’s when I noticed the boxers I had chosen to wear tonight. They had an open flap in them for the fly. I’m not going to lie if I said it was by mistake or chance. Every other thrust I could see my cock through the opening as the boxers shifted.

As much as I wanted it, I decided I’d shift to the left slightly which should pinch the opening closed. Christa unfortunately did not know what I was doing and re-adjusted herself. In doing so she had pushed my boxers the other way and slightly down completely exposing about 3 inches of my 8 inch cock through the opening. Unable to warn her before her next thrust I watched as she slid backwards over the top of my cock. For the first time my bare cock was pressing against my sister clit and pussy. Christa knew immediately what had happened and froze in place. We both could tell that I was just resting against and not going in. I assumed she would get off and fix the situation, instead, Clare took both of our attention away. Hearing her scream on the tablet, I looked back to it and Christa’s head jerked up to the TV. We both watched as she slid a second vibrator into her ass. She was now fucking her pussy with one vibrator and her ass with a second one. She also at some time clipped a close pin to each nipple.

I knew Christa really enjoyed seeing this. Instead of getting up, she slid backwards back over my cock. I wasn’t going to complain, this felt ten times better then through my boxers. Her pussy was so wet and warm. When she pushed backwards her pussy lips would wrap around the outside of my shaft, covering it with her wetness. While this was happening we both watched as my girlfriend collapsed onto the bed with an amazing orgasm. She laid there breathing heavily while both vibrators stuck out of her holes. She bent back around and said, I hopped you enjoyed the show, I’m spent. I told her I did and she hung-up the call. I put my tablet down and was now able to fully focus on what my sister was doing to me. I was afraid she was going to stop and adjust now that the call was done but she didn’t. She didn’t miss a stroke as she kept slowly rocking back and forth. I placed my hands on her legs just below her ass. From there I was able to help control her thrust back and forth. She followed my lead and started to slide farther further and backwards getting nice long thrusts. This also allowed the tip of my cock to tickle her clit as she pushed backwards.

Christa started to breath heavier and I knew she was getting worked up. She started to push down harder on her forward thrust to get more pressure against her clit. At the same time she was pushing the stroke farther out and I could feel her going back too far. I don’t know if she could tell how or where I was positioned against her pussy but she was getting dangerously close to the tip going inside. As if she could read my thoughts, she pushed farther back then she had before and paused as she pushed down and in. She was intentionally trying to get the tip in but wasn’t able to get the angel right. She leaned forward onto her elbows raising herself off of me completely and turned her head around to me whispering, put just the tip in, I want to feel it inside me a little, just not the whole thing.

I pushed my boxers down and slipped my cock back out of the hole in them. I then held it pointing directly to her pussy. I put my left hand on the small of her back and guided her down. When she was just about to touch her pussy to my cock I stopped her so that I could rub my cock back and forth against her opening. She let out a slight moan still trying to muffle it. She then began to lower onto my tip. She continued to lower until she had about 1 inch inside her. She stopped there and rocked slightly back and forth to make a small movement of my tip into her pussy. It felt great but I could tell she was enjoying this more than I could. The motion was too slight for me to enjoy completely. Don’t get me wrong, I was still enjoying having my sister use the tip of my dick as a sex toy inside her pussy. To help her more I slid my hand up my shaft to touch her pussy. I reached my pointer out to her clit and rubbed it back and forth.

Christa had now laid her head on the bed and her chest while she kept her pussy hovering just an inch onto my cock. She was enjoying that and my rubbing. She was moving back and forth still creating thrusting movements. I started to notice that she was sliding down further with each thrust. If she knew or didn’t I didn’t care. I watched over the next 20-30 thrusts as she got further and further until she finally gave in and bottomed herself out onto my cock. She now knew and didn’t lift off. She pushed harder down to get every bit of me into her. She wiggled around in a circle. That’s when she turned back around and whispered to me, I knew I’d get your cock inside me tonight. Wow, planned again. She had planned this out to make this happen, that turned me on even more knowing how sneaky she was being.

She then started full thrusts onto my cock sliding up and down the entire length. She buried her face into the bed again and took my cock into her over and over again. I put my hands on her ass and helped push her forward and pull her back. I was fucking my sisters pussy when I saw my bedroom door slowly open up. I panicked and froze not knowing what to say or do. Christa did not freeze, she continued fucking my cock with her head still buried into the mattress, completely unaware that someone was now watching us. The door had opened wide enough now that I saw my dad John’s face with a look of bewilderment.

He stood frozen as he watched on, I laid frozen not sure of what to do or say. His eyes were first glued to the sight of his daughters pussy being impaled by his sons cock but then switched his view to her perky B tits hanging down and then being smashed into the bed. Christa was approaching an orgasm and rose up to get a better thrusting position. That’s when she locked eyes with her Dad but she was already on her way to an amazing orgasm and couldn’t stop herself. She stared into her dads eyes as her pussy started to convulse around my cock as her orgasm came over her. John watched as she thrusted several more times then collapsing onto the bed.


2022-06-19 08:23:22
Wow absolute sexy perfection,I also love my brothers too.very hot story.Is dad next though,my dad was.

Douglas WiseReport 

2022-06-06 23:07:00
so very hot


2022-06-05 10:37:01
Damn that was good!

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