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Silvia continues to be remiss about giving her all to Kane. This time, 'all' mean anal.
Kane heard me pick up the car keys. He trotted to the front door. "Are we going to see the alpha bitch?" His eyes hoped. Whenever I went shopping, he decided how long he could trust me to be away. I don't think he worried that I would abandon him. I think he just guessed how long he could wait before needing to mount me.

"Sorry, Kane." I frowned, which he understood. We had begun to develop a mutual language. Instead of freeing me from doubt, it made me fall deeper under his control. Ours was mostly a one-way form of communication.

He growled briefly and nipped. The keys dropped to the carpet. I stood grimacing, rubbing my hand. He didn't understand that we needed groceries. He simply wouldn't let me go right then.

I took off my longcoat and went to the office. He followed and plopped down in the doorway. I had stopped spreading paper on my office chair. Now it had a washable cover that could absorb fluids seeping from my bare sex. Kane hadn't pooped on it now that he was using the toilet. He was quite content in that regard.

Unfortunately, when I needed to go, I had to stop work, head outside, don my elbow and knee pads, shit in the corner that Connied had designated, clean it up, and then return home. Kane met me at the door before I could remove the pads. The chew toy rope dangled from his mouth.

I bit hard into the loose end, and we proceeded to tug against each other. Truth be told, I was stronger, not by much, but he fought for every inch of ground, jerking his head, trying to dislodge the rope from my teeth. That was his occasional victory.

My jaws were alway sore afterwards, but that didn't stop him from signaling. "Suck me, Bitch." He may have lost the battle, but he reminded me who had won the war.

Normally, he would lay down and offer his jutting penis, but after tug-of-war, he simply stood and expected me to crawl under him.

I sucked his randy prick into my mouth and began fellating. My hands lifted to hug his lower torso and to hold myself up while I pleasured him. Again, I didn't dislike the taste and slickness of his dick, I only cringed from thinking about what would discharge into my sucking mouth.

I had become accustomed to the thin, sickly taste, but it never settled well in my stomach. That didn't stop me from giving my lips' best to the dick that I nearly worshiped.

Kane gave me a strength I had never known before. Previously, I had handled my clients with kid gloves and lots of forgiveness, even to the point of self-effacing. Now I handled them more like how Kane handled me, and their respect for me grew, even if they were calling me a bitch from their sides of the computer screens.

That insult felt like an honor when I was hanging below my gorgeous stud dog, sucking his jutting cock like a whore. "Mmmmm." I groaned, thinking about being called a bitch.

Kane began keening, which is different than a whine. He was enjoying his bitch's mouth, not suffering at all. His hind legs trembled but remained strong. I sucked him for all the joy I could draw from his slick, stiffening prong.

The base of his prick expanded rapidly, and I had to be quick to prevent it from locking my jaws apart. Then I was sucking only the tip and licking it fervently.

Incredibly hot cum launched from the end hole, spraying fiercely into my mouth. I gulped and gulped it down, my stomach slightly twisting. I tried to focus on its heat, which could be compared to steeping tea. It felt much better, boiling up my cunt than down my gullet, but I could somewhat enjoy its heat there, just not its taste.

Kane barked a couple times, too excited to remain resolute. I blushed, knowing I was pleasing the alpha. I didn't stop sucking him until every drop had entered my queasy stomach. Even then, I remained, lips latched around his now fully hard prick.

He didn't wait for his knot to relax. Three short minutes after spending his load into his low bitch's throat, he pulled away, satisfied two ways, from the joy of an orgasm and from having reminded the victor at tug-of-war of her place beneath him. He padded into the bedroom for a luxurious snooze.

I managed to finish up the day's work and then slip out to go shopping. Kane must have heard the keys rattling, but he didn't trouble himself to approve in person. He could be confident of his authority.

Returning from the store, I carried two large bags into the house, feeling anxious. Connie's car was parked in the driveway, blocking me out.

"I'm terribly disappointed in you, Silvee." Were the first words out of her mouth, before I could welcome her. She sat on the couch. Kane lay next to her with his head on her lap.

"What do you mean? I'm doing everything you asked!" I set down the groceries and bowed slightly.

"I drop by to see my favorite canine, and you are nowhere to be seen." She points to the back door. "His toys haven't been put away, and I think I smelled cum on the porch."

Had a drop or two spilled out of my mouth earlier, or was she just baiting me? I could never tell with her. "I'll clean it up right away." I moved towards the kitchen.

"Put the cold things away first. I can't have your incompetence ruining Kane's meals."

"No, Ma-am." I cringed a little. Freshly arrived, she needed to reduce me to a humble bug as quickly as possible. As soon as I stowed the perishables, she told me to grab a rag and get on all fours. "But my pads-" I said foolishly.

"If you prefer I punish you another way..."

"No- I mean..." I dropped to my hands and knees, wincing at the cold hard floor.

"You forgot the rag." Behind Connie's smirk, she was delighted that I was already a blundering bitch.

She made it look like a needless effort to get up from the sofa. She led me outside and pointed to where she smelled Kane's cum. I had to wipe the lacquered deck slats with my tongue. I feared my stomach would never settle again.

As I cleaned, Kane wandered out of the house and sniffed my ass. He then went to Connie for a good scratching and kisses. Connie reserved those for herself. She had told me, "If Kane licks your face, that's on him. You must never kiss him except to greet his tongue with yours."

Watching them enjoy exchanging saliva made me very jealous. Yet, I was eager to be the alpha's cum bucket. This is what I was being trained to do, and Connie knew every trick in the book to make me drool while she made out with Kane. My hopes lifted significantly when his red shaft extruded from his furry sheath. I licked my lips but only tasted dirt.

"Present, Bitch." Connie commanded.

I spun around on my 'fours' and aimed my rear at them. I lifted my skirt up to my waist and let them see how ready I was for a hard, dog fucking. My pussy was almost quivering, and my pubic hair waved invitingly in the outdoor breeze.

I trusted Connie to watch out for Scranton, although I hadn't seen hide nor hair of him or Flufflepuss for a week.

"Stay, Kane." Her next command confused me. Didn't she want me to service the alpha? "Don't you dare move a muscle, Silvee."

"No, Ma-am." I froze and waited. I heard her open her purse, a slight rustling within.

"Next time, you will do this yourself." She sounded bitter. A slight squirting sound - one, two, three - followed.

My hips bucked involuntarily when a cold mass of something thick and slick was crammed against my bung hole! "Connie!"

CRACK! A fierce blow struck my ass! "I said, keep still!"

I stilled my smarting behind. "What are you doing?"

"Hush!" She shouted. Another glob of cold goo struck my rear sphincter, only the finger that applied it, this time pushed it into my ass!


"I will belt you if you say another word or fidget!" CRACK! She walloped me again with her bare hand. Next time she would use a belt or Kane's chain. The chain would bite deep into my skin. Faint, link marks remained from the last time it was used to punish me.

I could only whine, slowly guessing what was to come. Connie was lubing up my ass for my ultimate dog shaming.

"I was hoping you would figure this out, you stupid cunt. You must give ALL of yourself to the alpha. That's how low you are in our pack."

I began to sniffle. The idea of getting dog fucked in the ass, by an animal I once trusted my life to but now only loved for his casual use of me, sent my heart into a doom spiral.

Connie ignored my noises and applied three more doses of heavy lube into my anus. "FROM NOW ON," She asserted, "You will douch and lube your dirty hole after every bowl movement, in case the alpha desires this tight pucker instead of your lazy cunt and incompetent sucking mouth!"

I was terribly afraid of Kane's vigor being applied to my anal cavity. I worried there wasn't enough lube in the world to protect its fragile lining from the rapid, fierce thrusts of a large, bone stiffened cock. Yet I was terrified by the chance of being whipped with Kane's chain if I refused hem. My whines turned into sobs, but I dared not speak.

"Mount your bitch, Kane." Connie politely suggested. The alpha's ninety pounds heaved onto my back. His rough paws surrounded my torso, scraping threads from my blouse. a meaty, pointed prick jabbed at my rear. He might have, from experience, sank his erection into my wet cunt. Except Connie grabbed his wobbling cock and aimed it to his new fuck hole. "I can't believe I have to do this, Silvee. Why couldn't you have become a full and proper bitch for him, without me? Oh, it's because you're a weak, simple-minded slut, without a care for your superior's needs."

I had been commanded to shut up. I sobbed with my mouth closed. The rubbery, tapered tip briefly alighted within the pucker of my greased asshole, and then Kane's rapid humping drove it's full length into my bowels.

The sudden, massive disruption of resting, internal tissues, jolted me mentally and physically. I howled from incredible discomfort and shame! That part of my body had never felt so filled, and immediately my anal muscles tried to expel the invading log - to no effect. Connie had lubed the way so well, my butt couldn't get a grip on the hammering shaft. It only hurt me worse! "NOOO!! STOP HIM! I CAN'T TAKE IT!"

A meat pylon was being driven in and out of my ass, jolting my agonized frame like I was a sawhorse.

"You must, Bitch. From now on, you will offer all options to Kane's desires. This is your final training, although I doubt you'll learn from just one lesson."

The backyard swooped and retreated, as if I was on a swing. Only I was the swing, and a horny husky was riding me hard. The cock pounding my anal cavity was going to rip me in two! My piercing wails and sobs couldn't half express my suffering! Kane's forelegs gripped tighter than ever before, to gain better purchase for thrusting into my tight pucker and resisting bowel muscles.

Connie ignored my bitch howls. She spoke to Kane in sweet tones and petted his jerking body. "This is new for you, fucking a tiny butthole, isn't it, Sweetie?"

Kane stared vapidly at the house, eyes glazed over while his hips rapid fucked the low bitch who used to think that she owned him. He acted as if he had finally put me in my place, and the alpha female was rewarding him with this strange but not unpleasant sensation. Beneath him, I wailed as I was pummeled into utter submission. His hips strove to higher speeds.

"CAN'T - STAND - IT!" My voice choked out.

"You will, Silvee, and you will from now on, whenever the alpha desires this kind of pleasure."

"How - will - I - know?" I could only speak from my sense of defeat. My ass was now Kane's to take, if the mood took him.

"You learned how to tell when he wants your mouth. Even a slut as stupid as you will figure it out." Connie then kissed Kane's grinning cheek. "You're gonna need help at first, aren't you Sweetie, to learn this isn't an accident or a one-time gift?"

My heart flip-flopped in the dirt, despair having forced it out of my shuddering body. I realized what Connie meant before she explained it to me.

"You will send a video of him in your ass, every day, Silvee, for at least a week. The next time I visit, I'll check to see if he has learned to differentiate between your two, equally disgusting holes."

"Nooo-o-o." I whined. Kane ignored the two females while pursuing his next orgasm and flushed seed. The horrid stuffing and re-stuffing of my ass took on a familiarity. It was starting to feel almost normal however uncomfortable. This was to be a part of my life forever more. As Kane raced to finish inside the tight place, I felt no pleasure within my abuse. I was simply being used like a lifeless sack of meat and blood.

My cunt, though, was leaking little drops of its juice. It wanted to be treated in the way that my unwilling anus was being used. I didn't dare to reach between my legs for the relief that might help me to survive this ass pounding. It was my punishment for not introducing him to alternative pleasures that a bitch was capable of offering. I simply hung my head and groaned on and on, my voice stuttering from the fervent strokes reaming my ass.

Kane soon tensed within me. I felt his cock harden as his knot began to expand inside. I worried then that we might be truly stuck as dog nature intended. His rapid thrusts slowed and abruptly halted when he lunged with all of his might to sink his solid cock deep into my shitter. Super hot cum gushed up my bowels. The sensation, although expected, surprised me in a most unexpected way. I came!

"AAAAAA!!!" I screamed from an intense spike of sudden ecstasy!

"Well, well!" Connie laughed at the sight of my face flushed to a hot pink! "The bitch seems to have found better motivation to give her all to the alpha."

Boiling cum surged through my anal passage, daring to invade and attempt impregnation of my stomach! That must have been the trigger for my surprise orgasm. His cum's incredible heat churned my pussy in the best way. It always pushed my climaxes to greater heights. Now it had triggered a massive eruption of pleasure, his hot cum and my utter surrender to Kane's never satisfied cock.

Out of habit, I ducked adequately, when the alpha threw his left leg over my hips and stood connected with me, ass to ass. His knot tightened just behind my abused sphincter. My need to poop out this expanding invader grew well beyond my orgasm's fading relief. "Oooo." I whined. "It's spitting me!"

"Knot got your ass?" Connie chuckled, but she was actually observing the event closely. "Anal knotting is a tricky affair, Slivia. You may have to stand here for up to half an hour. Sometimes, a well lubed ass can eject it, but if you strain too much, you'll injure yourself, possibly very badly. You have to relax your ass as best you can."

"I - can't. It's - too tight!" Kane's powerful strokes had used up most of the lube that Connie had applied. It was my only protection from tearing and infection.

"Breathe." Connie offered. "Slowly and deeply. Expel all thoughts. Focus everything on your breathing."

How the hell could I meditate with a huge, throbbing, canine dick knot in my ass! I grimaced, trying to control my panicked lungs.

Connie put her fingers to my hair and began combing my, just below the shoulders length, light brown tresses. "Shhhh." She spoke softly. Kane panted happily behind me, the last of his cum warming my shitter.

My ass was not at all happy. The urge to defecate was intense. I knew it was a false urge, instilled by the fat mass of erectile tissue blocking my anus from the inside. I tried to ignore the urge and think of better times, which lately had been lacking.

For over two months I had been continuously trained to take my former pet's cock into one of my bitch holes. I had no hope that I would be as happy, serving my new master as I had been loving and taking care of him. I doubted my love for him, as Kane showed me no love. I was his thing to use and let go. The happiest times that I could think of was playing fetch the ball and tug of war with a rope between our jaws. I felt appreciated at least, at those times.

Here I was, ass docked to canine ass, my orgasm fading. Except for that brief spike of joy, my only comfort was Connie's soothing fingers. I began crying honest tears of loneliness and helplessness. I pressed my head into Connie's petting palms.

"There, there." She cooed. "You did beautifully, Silvia."

"But I'm so sad." I whimpered.

"Few people are suited to this training. I only *********** the best." Her voice strengthened. "You will always be a powerful business consultant, but your personal life has long been in a sad state. You only had Kane for company. You pay me to be here, and while I admire and genuinely like you, I am not your friend. However, you are already closer to Kane than any friend, especially closer than he was before your training."

A different kind of knot formed in my stomach, fortunately unlike being sick from the cum nearly reaching it from an unexpected direction. The knot was small but held truth within its grip. My doubt vanished. I did love Kane. It's just that it was a type I had never before experienced. We were lovers. I couldn't actually claim that he loved me, but in our lovemaking, Kane gave his everything. To be fair, or at least as fair as possibly between woman and dog, I had to be equally giving.

I still had to care, feed, walk (when Connie allowed it again), provide, and play with Kane, which he could only do for himself among other dogs in the wild. He needed me to be more than his bitch, and he only forsook me in the presence of the alpha female. At all other times we were tightly bonded partners.

I imagined we were as close as husband and wife. No, we were tighter. I knew all of Kane's needs and expressions. I never had to guess the important stuff, and I knew exactly what to expect from him. Humans are inconsistent, fussy things, their personalities always in flux. Communication between Kane and myself, while limited, was absolute. No human marriage could be this close. Ass metaphorically knotted to ass.

I had found my happy place.

Connie stopped petting me when Kane's dick softened and plopped out. Rivulets of tainted cum seeped from my gaping butthole. Kane continued to stand behind me. I collapsed to the floor, my arms tired from holding up my body for half an hour.

She stood up and gave me my marching orders. "From now on, Silvee, you will douche your ass after every bowel movement, to be ready for the alpha's needs. For the next month, you must take him in your ass. Be sure to have a squeeze bottle full of lube beforehand. Use half a bottle at least, until you have a better sense of the amount you require for safe, canine anal sex."

"Y-yesss, Mm-ha-am." I hissed exhausted.

Kane walked over to the alpha female and nudged her with his head, asking for pets. Connie happily obliged. "You have a job too, Kane." She kissed his snout. "Make sure you take your bitch as often as you can. She will require constant reinforcement because she is so stupid."

The insult stung my cum warmed heart.
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