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chapter two of helping out (the party) i prefer to context in my stories and i am still practicing my writing
It was long and painful time waiting for Adison to have his party, I was hard twenty-four seven and I was not the only one. Poor Adison was the same way. I could feel his enormous cock every time we hugged and as we slept. I wanted to taste his cum. I was really wanting to have him fuck me over and over. I was now comfortable in girly clothes and his dad no longer made jokes at my expense. He was gone and would not be back for a couple of months. It was only one day to go until his birthday party, and I was a little nervous because I did not know who would be there and what they would think of me dressed as I was. I laid there in bed staring at the ceiling and Adison was up and gone since we could not cum until his party was over, and we got busy. I crawled out of bed and took my shower and cleaned myself good, he showed me a video on cleaning my hole out really well. I had it down pat and the feeling of being filled with the water was amazing I quickly dried off and pulled on my sexy little kitty panties and a skirt he bought for me that showed my lower butt cheeks and when I bent over my panties showed as well. He was always touching my butt and I loved it. I headed downstairs and there was my baby, he was talking to his mom. He seen me and rushed to me and kissed me deeply, squeezing my ass with both hands. I could feel his cock pressed against me and I wanted to taste it in my mouth so bad. He took my hand, and we went outside and he took me the bench in the garden and we sat down. He gazed into my eyes and smiled. I laughed and said what? I love you so much, he replied. I love you too and I kissed him and reached for his cock that I so badly wanted. He pushed my hand away and said soon.

I woke up all excited and ready to go. I sat straight up and Adison was standing there. He said morning baby, I love you and I put your outfit in the closet I want you to wear to the party today. I said good morning baby, Happy Birthday, and I am really ready for your party to be over so we can have our fun. He said me too baby. Get up and get ready I will be downstairs. He kissed me and left the room. I jumped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom. I quickly jumped in the shower and cleaned my hole out several times. I would not be eating today. Well not until after the party. I could taste the cum already. I went to the closet after drying off and a garment bag hung there with my name on it. I unzipped it and wow, my baby has excellent taste. I pulled on my black thongs, then slinked my black mini dress on and at the bottom of the closet was a pair of dress flats. I finished dressing and stopped to look in the mirror and was amazed at how good I looked. I went downstairs and the place was quiet. I walked into the kitchen and there was my mom icing the cake. She stopped and looked at me and said you are gorgeous are you ready for the big day. I said yes, I am when does it start. She said it will be soon. Mrs Tate will be back soon. She had to run and pick something up. I went looking for Adison and found him in the living room. As soon as he seen me, he rushed to me and kissed me harder than he ever had. The door opened and Mrs Tate entered with a bag. She asked if we were ready for the party, and we said yes. She giggled and said no worries I will end it quickly and you two can have fun. Let’s head to the banquet hall. We entered and surprisingly there were not as many people as I expected. It was my mom and day, Mrs Tare, their driver, a few older people I did not know and us. As we walked in they began to sing happy birthday. We all joined in. Adison was red faced from the event. My mom went into the kitchen and brought the cake and placed it on the table. His mom lit candles on the cake and told him to make a wish. He looked at me and said my wish came true. He then blew out the candles. I was so happy and excited. Mrs Tate said present time. Adison sat in large chair middle of the room as I stood behind him. My mom handed him a small bag, he thanked her and pulled small bottles and said thank you Mrs Adora. She said you’re welcome I only noticed lube written on one of the bottles. He got some cash presents from other guest. His mom handed him a bag she had been holding onto since she arrived. He reached in and pulled out an envelope. He opened it and lept to his feet and ran and hugged his mom. I want you two to have a very memorable week. I love you both and want happiness for you. I was really wanting to know what it was. Adison got up thanked everyone and said let’s eat some cake. He made me eat a piece too. It was really good but not what I wanted. He pulled me to the side a little later and showed me the envelope and said I think you will enjoy this too. It was two key cards to a very high-end hotel. His dad called about that time and asked if he had been in the garage yet. He immediately went to the garage and scream thank you daddy. His father got him a SUV for his birthday, and it was a very nice one. His mom said here are the keys, I’ve already packed everything and you two are ready to go and enjoy your special time together. Adison put his arm around me and said thanks everyone he then rushed me in the SUV and we were heading out. We pulled into the hotel, and someone came out and removed our luggage and parked the car. We entered and someone was there to take us to our room. We had the entire top floor to ourselves. Adison tipped the guy and said we do not want to be disturbed. Yes sir, no problem. I hope you have a great time and if you need anything just call. He left and we were alone, and Adison immediately took me in his arms. He was tearing my clothes off as we kissed. I was down to my little thong and stepped back and just stared at me. He took my hand and led me to the bed. He kissed me deeply as he laid me on the bed and moved down and removed my panties and went straight to my hole and lapped away at it with his tongue, I was moaning loudly, and I felt his finger enter me and begin to thrust in and out. He suddenly jumped to his feet and went for the luggage and pulled out a small black bag. He removed a black harness and proceeded to tie me up, he ties my hands to the headboard, he lifted my legs one by one and tied then to the top of the headboard. I was completely subdued and my little wide open for his enjoyment. He pulled out the bottles my mom had bought him. He removed his clothes, and his magnificent cock was at full mast. He got back in position and went back to fingering and licking my hole. I was begging for him to fuck me, I pleaded with him just put your big cock inside me. He paused and moved up to kiss me. I could feel his cock head rubbing on my ass. Oh, Adison you have to fuck me now, I can’t wait any longer. He kissed my forehead and looked into my eyes and said forgive me for what I am about to do to you. It will become enjoyable after several times I promise. With that he rose and lined up his cock as he lubed my hole and his then his cock. I felt his cock head brush up and down my hole. He said I love you baby and drove his cock deep into my ass. I screamed in pain but could not resist the way I was tied up. He pounded me hard and fast. I was about to pass out from the pain when he stopped and pulled out. He gazed into my tear-filled eyes and then just plowed right back in. I yelped again. He pulled out again and plunged right back in deep as he could go. He repeated this for over and over. He lunged once more all the way in and then started pumping his cock in and out like a mad man, he fucked me like that for the longest time. I felt his cock twitching and he started moaning and I could fill his cum shooting deep inside me. He stayed inside and leaned down to kiss me. I could feel his cock going soft inside of me. He continued to kiss me, and he moved down to my nipples as he fell out of my ass. He worked his way down to my cock and licked at it. My little cock was aching. It was then I felt his cock rubbing my hole again and felt it slide in. He held it inside of me and could feel it getting bigger and harder. He once again began pumping into my hole. The pain was still there but not as bad as before. My whimpers ware turning into moans and coos. I was really starting to enjoy his manhood filling me. I took several loads up my ass that night and I was sore from all the poundings I took. I woke up still restrained. He was standing looking at me and said I love you kitty, how you feel. I’m feeling great just hungry. He said yeah I figured so, I have room service on the way. He kissed me deeply and put on his boxers and a robe. I heard a knock at the door and he went and opened it up. I was still tied up exposed and I could feel cum leaking from my hole. The bellhop come in and pushed a cart to the bed and looked hard me there tied up and leaking cum from my ass. He just stood there until Adison handed hm a tip he just asked if we needed anything else. Adison said we are fine, thank you sir and he left the room. Adison dropped his robe and removed his boxers and got behind me and shoved his cock back into me with a single thrust and began fucking me hard again. I had new feeling in my body now. These strokes deep in my body was feeling extra good. I did not care about being sore anymore, I started moaning very loudly which made Adison pick up the pace and drive it in harder and harder. I felt his cock twitching and all the sudden my cock went crazy I could feel it jerking and hemorrhaging and as I felt his cock shoot inside me I screamed in ecstasy as I shot load after load of cum all over my face. He finished emptying his cum in me and kissed my cum covered face lapping up my cum and then kissing me deeply and passionately, I could taste the cum and it made me want more. He got up and untied me and he helped me up and I could barely walk. He took me to the bathroom, and we took a shower together and he cleaned me up and washed his cock. We kissed and played with each other. We exited the shower and dried off and went to the bed and sat down and we fed each other breakfast. I laid down and felt his arm being placed around me. We drifted off to sleep, I dreamed of the night before and it was a wet dream when I opened my eyes he was sitting at the foot of the bed. I smiled at him and he said I was getting worried about you, it’s already turning dark baby. I stretched and he grinned and said I see you had a good dream. He came closer and lifted me from the bed and pulled me into his chest and kissed me wildly. I told him I wanted to suck his cock and taste his cum. He said he wanted to fuck me more. He wanted to fill my guts with cum. I stood on my own feet and dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He moaned and then suddenly pushed me away. I was hoping you would be a good little slut for me. You’re an excellent little sissy. Stand up and bend over. I did as instruct and he entered me quickly and began pumping his cock into my hole with wild abandon. He was moaning and I was crying out fuck me harder. He pulled out after a bit and shoved me to floor and spun my face to him. He shoved his cock in my face and cummed all over my face. I hungrily lapped at my lips and tried to get as much as possible. He pulled me to my feet, and said you are beautiful with cum all over your face. He turned me around and said look at all that dripping from you boy pussy. He ordered me to stand there. He stepped to the suitcase and pulled out a another schoolgirl uniform. And gently put it on me as not to disturb the cum all over me. The lower hem of my skirt was high it just did reach my crack. He put my kitty ears on and then asked you still want to eat cum don’t you. I pleaded yes please I need all I can get. He picked up the room phone and called room service. I heard him say great be right down. He then reached into the suitcase and pulled out a set of stockings, he the asked me to lift my legs and gently rolled them up my legs and thighs. They were black lace but you it made my cum stains stand out more. He smiled and said I need you to carry this cart from breakfast back down to front desk. There the bell hop will be waiting for you, he and you will bring the new cart up stairs together. I was not wanting to do this. I hesitated and he noticed. He said you want to get cum to quench your hunger don’t you. I want you to do me a favor and you will be take care of. I slowly pushed the cart to the door, and he opened it and said hurry back sweetie. He smacked my ass as I walked by him going out the door. I approached the elevator and pressed the button. The doors opened and I pushed my cart in and took a long ride to the lobby. The door opened and I pushed to cart out and to my good luck, no one was there but the hostess. I pushed it to the counter, and she asked how can I help y… she froze when she looked up and seen me. She started again, is everything ok? I murmured no maam I was supposed to pick up our new cart of food. The bell hop came around the corner and said I will take care of her. He pushed the new cart forward and said I will follow you cutie pie. I blushed and turned and my skirt kinda fluttered up and the bell boy chuckled. He said after you, I headed to the elevator and pressed the button as the door opened a couple stepped out and stared at me and started whispering to each other and giggled. I was so embarrassed as I stepped on the elevator. The bell boy said his don’t worry about them they are just jealous of that sexy body. I could feel myself blush. He pushed the button and door closed. He never said anything else but I could tell he was staring at my back side. As the door opened at the top he said I hope I can convince him to let me play. I sort of rushed out once he got the cart out and Adison was standing in the door completely nude. He smiled and said baby, it’s completely up to you but I want you to suck his cock while I fuck you. I had never thought of anything like this. I grinned and said would it please you baby. He smiled bigger and said well I planned to share you once I get to college, going to be a lot of cocks for you to service and like to take care of my friends. I stepped in the room and said yes baby I will suck anyone for you and can fuck my ass. He took the bell boys hand pulled him in and closed the door. He motioned me forward with his finger and I obeyed. I dropped to my knees and unzipped his fly and lowed his pants. He was not wearing underwear and his huge and I mean huge cock was tied to his leg, it reached almost to his knees. He reached down and pulled his cock out of it’s tiedown. It was the biggest thing I had ever seen. I took it in my hand and started stroking it, and it was growing harder and harder, it actually got bigger. I placed my mouth on his cock head and tried to open as wide as I could and finally got it past my lips. He moaned and grabbed my head and slowly pushed me down on his big cock. He moaned loudly as it pushed against the back of my throat. I gagged a little, but he kept pushing until he had half of it in. he then started pumping my face. I felt Adison push into my ass and begin his pumping. He was fucking so hard, and it felt so good, I forgot I was being face fucked at the same time. Jim thrust his cock further in and kept going. I was in heaven. I felt a twitch in my cock and I shot again all over the rug. I could feel Adison’s cock twitching in my ass and then it emptied out inside me. Jim was panting and pushed me off his cock and said now feast. I took the head in my mouth and sucked hard and he shot load after load into my mouth. It was so much it was dribbling down my chin, I drank what seemed like gallons of cum. I finished cleaning his cock and sat back and licked the cum from my lips. Jim said she is very talented isn’t she. Adison smiled and said she is the best there has ever been. Jim then said Well I want to try that pussy out good sir. Adison said I’m not sure about that. Come on has she had a prostate orgasm yet? He replied yes, she has had a couple so far. Jim looked at me and said did you like cumming while getting fucked. I said yes it was great. He looked at Adison and I heard Adison say well I plan on using her to her fullest exstent I guess it will just be practice. He instructed my take my clothes all off. I did and he told me to face away and sit on his cock as he got the bed. I climbed up and proudly slid my ass down on his cock. Jim approached and Adison grabbed my legs at the knees and pulled them up and we leaned back flat on the bed. Adison called out to Jim go ahead and put it in her. You better be gently too. I finally had realized what was going on as I felt his massive cock head push against my hole. I screamed out in pain as he tried to push his giant cock head into my already stretched hole. I started flailing around and crying no, no, please stop. Adison yelled stop now you are hurting her. Jim just laughed and said this little slut needs to learn her place. Sissy ass faggot only good for one thing. I was thrown off Adison and he erupted and slugged Jim in the face. He kept hitting and hitting him. I screamed out no Adison you will get in trouble. Jim was falling back trying to hold Adison off and fell while trying. I grabbed Adison and pulled him to me he calmed down as I hugged him close. He yelled get out now you bastard. You will be fired so find you another fucking job. I had never seen Adison this angry. He was mad at his father but nothing like this. Jim grabbed his clothes and left. I could feel the rage brewing inside Adison as I held him. I thought how can I help him. I knew what to do so I got in front of him and kissed him and said would you like to spank me. He looked at me eyes full of rage and just grabbed me and lifted me and took a seat and slung me over his knee. He swiftly started spanking my ass. I was instantly sobbing because he was very pissed off. I did not know how long I could take this. He stopped and held me down starring at my ass, this is not helping much today baby. He reached into the bag and pulled out his belt. He asked me to stand. I did and he took my hand and held it above my head and kissed me and said forgive me. He swung the belt, and I could hear it cutting through the air, the impact was excruciating when it landed. I flailed around he continued as I dance and cried. I was screaming as he used the belt with expertise never missing my ass. I started to flail wildly as I screamed and sobbed, he caught my thighs and upper legs which was way worse. I swung around once and caught the belt twice very quickly on cock and balls. My legs went limp, he dropped me to floor and placed his foot on my back and continued my ass. My cheeks ached and stung, my balls and cock were a new pain that made me sick to my stomach. He suddenly stopped and sat down on the bed. I laid there sobbing and crying. He sat and watched me. He called out to me and he had tears in his voice, I looked up and he was bawling as much as I was. He held his hand out and I took it. He pulled me to him and placed his arms around my waste. His touch on my buttocks causes me to flinch. He did not stop he pulled me tight against him as he sat there crying. He asked me if I hated him. I said no I love you and will do anything for you baby. He hugged me even tighter. I love you; you are way more than I deserve. I kissed the top of his head and help my head against his. He grabbed my ass and lifted me off the floor spun around and threw me on the bed. I whelped from the pain. He grabbed my ankles and pulled them to his shoulders and swiftly thrust his cock in my ass and fucked me hard, my buttocks were still stinging and aching, but I seen his face and did not care. He was enjoying my hole. He fucked me for several minutes and pulled out and jumped onto the bed and shoved his cock in my face. I eagerly lunged and started sucking him and he came quickly. I could taste his fresh cum and my juices as well as the past loads, he fucked out of my little pussy. He took a deep breath and pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. He said I was saving this, but I want it now. He stood up and went to the suitcase and pulled out A garment bag and said its time to get a shower and put on some nice clothes.

I hopped up and went to the shower, he followed me, and I heard him start crying. I stopped and turned to him he put his arms around me and said I am so sorry I did that you. I have left marks on your beautiful skin. I looked a little confused and he turned me to the mirror, and I had red welts all over my thighs and my ass was glowing red. I once again started sobbing from seeing him cry and seeing myself in the mirror brought the pain back. I quickly put my arms around him and hugged him. I said I forgive you; I just want to make you happy my love. He hugged me tighter and held me. He said let’s get in the shower and clean up and get some rest, the surprise can wait till tomorrow night. We showered and one out he gently patted me dry and then led me to the bedroom and had me lay on the bed face down. He retrieved some bottles from the bathroom and started rubbing the contents into my skin. It hurt at first but soon I felt good. Just his touch was enough but the lotion he applied during that gentle massage was great. He finished and put the bottles away and crawled into bed and ask me to lay on his chest. I could feel his hear beating, and I could tell he was sobbing again as he looked at my marked body. I said I love you baby, he said I love you too, now get some rest.

I woke up and could feel him breathing underneath me. I just laid there a few minutes and I looked up to see if he was awake, he was still sleeping and he was so beautiful. His face was streamed with tears, he must have cried himself to sleep. I was so sad, but I got an idea and slid down and started sucking his cock. I heard him moan, he places his hand on my back and rubbed me. He pulled me to him and kissed me, and said I love you baby, and pushed me back down on his shaft. I happily sucked him until he shot a load in my mouth. I swallowed it all and he just moaned and then pulled me to him and kissed me. he then sat up laid me down and place his hand on my back and rubbed and said I am so glad it all disappeared, I smiled and said me too baby He pulled me around and out of bed as he stood up and kissed me deeply. We made out for several minutes. I asked if today was the surprise he promised. He smiled and said yes, it is, lets get dressed. He put on a magnificent suit, it was silver grey and looked custom fit to his body. He said baby I was thinking last night as I watched you sleep. I love you and want you forever, so I decided. I eagerly asked what is it baby. I am gay and I love you and making you into a girl is not the right thing to do, I interrupted him and said I like to wear them sometimes. He giggled and said I will have you wear them on occasion, but I love boys and not girls. I looked at him and he grabbed me and kissed me deeply and then leaned back and said I love you, your ass, your cock, and your soul. I need you in my life forever Tim. I told him I want you with me always Adison, I love you so much and I thought last night, and I think I have always loved you. He kissed me again and said let’s get you dressed. He handed me underwear with no ass in them. I put them on and they felt great, they lifted my ass and made it look even plumper. He then handed me an undershirt, he then had me turn around and he helped me put on a nice dress shirt. As I buttoned it he kissed my neck while holding my butt cheeks and squeezing them. I got my shirt buttoned he turned me around and adjusted it and said I thought it would fit you well. He pulled out pants like his and I pulled them on and the fit was great. He then held out the jacket and I slid into it and he helped with my belt and adjusted my fittings and I looked great when he took me to the mirror. I stood there and marveled how well I looked and what a cute couple we made. He said let’s go baby, I want to show you off. So out the door we went and straight to the elevator, he hit the button and when the doors opened, we walked in and he took me in his arms and we made out all the way to the lobby. He walked me out to the restaurant and pulled out my chair and I sat, and he joined me and took me hand. I looked and people were looking at us and smiling and loving our happiness. He ordered us drinks and food and when it arrived, he said this is part of your surprise, and pulled out a packet and took out a blue pill and took it and gave me one and I took it. We ate and laughed and he asked me to dance, we slow danced in each other’s arms when I felt my cock raging hard against my fly, and I definitely noticed his was rock hard. The song ended and he kissed me, and people cheered. He waved and we walked out towards the elevator. I made the first move this time and kissed him and started removing hiss belt. He was taking my clothes off faster than I could get his off. He had me down to my underwear in no time. I did not care if we got caught, I needed him now. He picked my clothes up from the floor as the door dinged and we were back at out room. He gestured me out and walked behind me. I could feel him staring at my ass as we walked. I was provocatively shaking it as I walked. He whistled and said I’m going to live in that ass tonight. I walked straight to the bed he took off his clothes and I was on all fours with my ass in air wiggling. He walked up and dropped to his knees and spread my cheeks and drilled his tongue into my ass and I moaned out loudly. I reached back and started fingering my hole and pulling on my cock. He flipped me over and engulfed my cock and balls in his mouth and worked his tongue around and around my little head. I shot ribbons on cum into his mouth, he climbed up on the bed and kissed me releasing all my cum into my mouth and swirled it without tongues back and forth, I naturally spread my legs as his hand drifted down to my crotch. He pulled my underwear back over my cock and stretched further and began fingering my little hole. I knew I was about to get fucked. He quickly drifted down to my body and yanked my undies off and threw my legs over his shoulders and kissed me deeply. I was anxious to get his meat inside me. I grabbed and held my legs against my chest and my hole was wide open and twitching. He did not hesitate as he lined his rock-hard shaft up and plowed straight into my waiting boy pussy. He thrust his entire cock deep into me in one push. I moaned as his balls pushed against my ass, I knew he could go no further into me. He pounded me hard and fast with no mercy. I was screaming in ecstasy, and this drove him harder and faster. I felt his cock twitching and felt his super-hot cum flood into me. I was a little disappointed when he shot so quick. I soon realized he was not done with my hole. He kept pounding away, I could hear the cum squishing from his thrust and it turned me on even more. I knew I was gonna cum from this fuck. He pounded and pounded away and finally I felt it coming and I screamed fuck me harder baby and then I screamed in ecstasy again as I felt my own cum plopping all over my face. I lapped out trying to eat every drop he had fucked out of me. I was in a whole other reality when I realized he had cum as well and he never stopped pumping my ass. I was full of cum and covered in cum. He continued to fuck me and the cum inside me was really sloshing from his thrust. He fucked me for hours on end. I had completely lost count of the times we had both cummed. I was covered and full for real. The sun had just broken the dark and he fell off me and turned over and put his arms around me and pulled me close as possible and kissed me before he fell fast asleep and all I could do was bask in the glow as I drifted off quickly behind him. We woke late in the afternoon, and he was lying there holding me as I raised up, I could feel the dried cum that had stuck us together. I smiled and kissed him. He kissed me back and said let’s get a shower and go back to bed. I was beyond sore, but I was proud of this soreness, my cock was aching, and my ass was raw and swollen. I touched his and he winced in pain. His cock was bright red and swollen, not hard just swollen. I looked into his eyes with a look of sadness. He smiled and said baby it was worth it. The pills we took was Viagra and gives healthy people a hardon for all night marathon sex. We slowly got out of bed and we were both sore and slow to move. We went into the shower and washed each other, and I felt so good to be cleaned up and no longer sticky. When he washed my ass I winced several times but I took it all and would gladly let him fuck me again right now. His love is all I needed, and I would do anything he wanted of me. We got out and dried off and went straight to bed and we fell asleep quickly in each other’s arms. We slept until the following morning, and we got up and put on some clothes as we made out. I wanted to swallow his cum but I knew I was still super sore so I knew he would be too. He took my hand and we walked to the elevator and headed to get some food. We ate a big breakfast of fruits, cereal, omelets, and juice and milk. We watched each other eat and smiled all the way through breakfast. I was so in love with him. Once we finished eating, we went outside and walked to the beach and sat in the sand and talked and made out. After a while we went back to the room. He asked me to go downstairs and pick up a tray they had waiting for us. I leapt up and went straight down. I got there and the girl at the desk says, this is for you, sorry we don’t have a bell hop right now. I said it’s fine and took the cart and headed back upstairs. Once I got inside, I see Adison standing a tuxedo and after picking my jaw up off the floor. I was unable to speak, he was beyond gorgeous. He said come sit down baby, I need to ask you something. I sat down and feeling a little lightheaded. He pushed the cart closer to me. He took my hand and looked at me lovingly, he lifted the cover from the tray, it was lobster and a box. He kissed me again and whispered into my ear, I would like to ask you if you would do me the honor of attending prom with me. He then placed a corsage on my wrist. My eyes were wide and full of tears as I threw my arms around him and yelled yes, yes Adison, I am in love with you and want to spend my life with you. He smiled back and said I love you my dearest, you are the one I want in my life and I was hoping you would say yes because I have already ordered your tuxedo. We are going to turn heads and start a stir in a couple of months when we walk in hand in hand.
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