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Jessica (my lover who does only fans) is teaching Susan (my ex-Mormon co-worker) about sex. This chapter is mostly teasing/foreplay as it was starting to get a bit long.
Chapter Five: Starting Small

It was almost one am and I was moving into the quiet part of the shift. I had already mopped the floors and finished the other cleaning jobs that were part of my usual routine. I was casually leaning against the counter perusing through this weeks reading. (In addition to night shift I was also studying part time at a local university.) The sound of electronic doors caused me to look up and immediately forget everything I had just read about whatever cold war topic we would be discussing in the next tutorial.

I hadn't seen Susan out of uniform before, but wasn't too surprised by the sensible and conservative outfit. Her loose white skirt ended just above her shoes and her lime green polo shirt was just tight enough to outline her small breasts. Her red hair was tied back in one long braid and hung loosely in front of her left shoulder.

She seemed slightly nervous when she asked "is the back room ready?"

"Yes" I replied "but you're the first one here."

"Okay" she stood there nervously.

"How about I make you a cup of tea?" I asked to break the silence "you can relax in the back while I make it for you. And don't worry, she'll be here soon."

Susan nodded before moving towards the back of the store. I decided to make her a chai tea to help with her relaxation. As I walked in I could see her trying to look comfortable by leaning against some of the cushions Jessica had leant me. One was purple and heart shaped, while the other displayed a Slytherin house crest. Jessica had chosen that house because she was 'ambitious but also a bit naughty'.

"Do you think she meant it?" Susan asked between sips. "Do you think she would really use the big one?"

"No" I laughed "she was just teasing you about that."

Jessica had offered to help Susan through her first penetrative sex experience, but had also mentioned that she owned an eight inch dildo. I knew she also used smaller ones as well, usually for customers that enjoyed pegging. She'd threatened me with that a few times as well, jokingly of course. Not surprising that she enjoyed taking all eight and I would sometimes incorporate that into our foreplay.

"Is that her?" Susan asked. I hadn't even heard the doors that time, too busy thinking about filling my girlfriend's holes. Casual girlfriend? Sex buddy? Was there even a label? She'd asked me not to fall for her, but I think we both knew I could never make that promise.

"I'll go ch..." I started to say before I heard her voice.

"Oh night shift boy" she called out sweetly "I have a box fall of toys and no one to play with."

"Coming dear" I called back.

"Hopefully not yet" she replied quickly.

Tonight she was in work out clothes: bike shorts and a sports bra, both featuring a black and purple camo pattern. To complete the look was a white gym bag resting casually over one shoulder. No one would have suspected the naughty toys hidden within.

"Looks like we get sporty spice tonight" I joked.

"No, you don't" she responded cheekily "this is all for Susan."

Several minutes later Jessica was emptying her bag onto the table while Susan looked on in awe. I was permitted to observe tonight, but couldn't participate. If customers turned up I would have to serve them, but otherwise I was just here to help Susan feel at ease.

Her apartment was within walking distance and she would often visit on her nights off. We hadn't done anything sexual since the first night, so I think she just liked having someone to talk to when all her house mates were asleep. A few times Jessica had also come in and the two of them seemed to get on really well.

"How big are each of them?" Susan still hadn't moved from the couch.

Lined up on the table were three fake penises, ranging from largest to smallest. I wasn't surprised to see that her largest was purple, followed by blue and then green.

Starting with the largest Jessica named each of them "this is Eric, he's eight inches, but don't worry, we won't be using him tonight. Next is Sam, who is six inches. Most men you are likely to sleep with shouldn't be larger than that."

"Okay, could I hold it?"

"Him" Jessica corrected.

"Sorry, could I hold him?"

"Of course." Jessica picked Sam up from the table and handed him over to Susan. Tentatively she reached out and took him. Admiring the detail that had been put into the dark blue cock she then held it against her arm as a size comparison. "I think she likes him" Jessica directed her comment towards me.

"Yes" I replied, feeling a little jealous "I wouldn't mind someone looking at mine like that."

Susan's face went red and she quickly placed Sam back on the table.

"And finally" Jessica stated "we come to Fred, who is only four inches. Tonight I will be wearing Fred. I mostly brought the others to give you an idea of what you could aspire to. These are fun toys to use by yourself, but even more fun with a partner who knows how to use them."

"Yes, I think so" Susan shifted slightly in her seat. I couldn't help but wonder if she was already a little wet.

Meanwhile, Jessica was peeling off her athletic clothing and soon stood completely naked in front of us. I could feel myself getting hard and had to resist the urge to play with myself. Tonight was not about me at all, I was just supplying the venue. Jessica then reached into her bag and took out a black harness that she began attaching to her waist.

"This would be a good time for you to strip off" she looked up at Susan, then nodded towards me "I can ask him to leave if you prefer."

"Oh no" Susan replied quickly "he can stay, he's already seen half my body anyway."

After removing her shoes she stood up and began lowering her skirt. Beneath were a pair of white panties that showed small signs of moisture. She then removed her top, revealing no bra and a delightful pair of breasts with light pink areolae.

I could see Jessica watching for my reactions. While I managed to keep my hands behind my back, there was no hiding the erection that was struggling to break through the front of my trousers. She smirked at me when she saw that I had turned my attention to her, starting at her face and then moving down her thicc, dark curves.

A few minutes later she had strapped Fred into the harness was sitting on the couch, her legs spread and her artificial cock standing at attention. I'd never seen her look so confident and in control, and that was saying something.

"Susan dear" she instructed "there's a small bottle of lube in the bag." She didn't say any more, as Susan quickly rushed to obey the command. As she leaned over the bag I could see Jessica checking out her arse from behind. Was that for my benefit or was Jessica just as horny as I was?

"This one" Susan held up a small white bottle.

"Yes, now come over here and squeeze a small amount onto the end of Fred. Yes, that's a good girl" Jessica purred the affirmation "you're doing really well. That was the easy part. Now, I want you to climb on top of me and slowly lower yourself onto Fred. I want you to get him as far into your vagina as possible."

Susan nodded and slowly climbed on top of Jessica. Very carefully (shaking the whole time) she lowered her hips onto the small green dildo. I quietly sat down in one of the chairs so I could get a better view of her lower lips sliding onto and covering the fake penis that was now very much inside of her.

"You're a natural at this" Jessica moaned as she reached around and gently cupped Susan's bum. "Now, starting slowly, I want you to pretend you're riding a horse. That's it, move your hips back and forth. Remember, you're in control, you can go as fast or as slow as you like."

I'd watched a lot of porn in my life, but this was easily one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. Unfortunately it was at that moment I was interrupted by the sound of electronic doors. Leaving the two women to enjoy themselves I turned around and headed towards the counter.
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