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Ephus still trying to return
Ephus - A demigod possessing the power to repower the gods

Quinn Markov - human wife of Ephus


Norse Deities


Freya - a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and seiðr.

Loki - a mischievous god who can shape-shift and can take up animalistic forms.

Thor - a hammer-wielding god associated with lightning, thunder, storms, sacred groves and trees, strength, the protection of mankind, hallowing, and fertility. Son of Odin



Göndul - War Valkyrie

Greek Deities


Athena - Daughter of Zeus and Metis, goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

Egyptian Deities


Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love

Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites

Thoth - God of knowledge

Sekhmet - Goddess of fire, war, and dance


Ephus, was almost out of the area when he felt an all too familiar presence. Ephus rapidly lowered his power, should have figured that, that asshole was here. That's all I need he thought, running into Ares, barely survived last time.

With a shake of his head, Ephus, almost started to run. Finally, a few minutes later, he could feel the influence of Ares fade to almost nothing. Slowing, Ephus went a kilometer and a half more then sat to catch his breath.

Hope I lowered my power before that ass, felt me, don't really want to run into Ares right now. He sat a moment, reached into his pocket. Remira? Are you alright, where are the others? Ephus thought.

I am sorry, in our haste to depart so quickly, I expended more power than I thought I would. I sent the goddess and the Valkyrie to the destination. I had to stop one of you here, in order to safely deliver the other two. I have seen and felt your emotions, your thoughts, you are far more noble than almost any I have met. Said the Remira's thoughts.

A smile came to Ephus face, plus a slight blush to his face. I thank you Remira. I only thought to do what was right, he thought.

You have a better sense of that than any living essence that I have met. I find it incredibly refreshing and amazing. Returned the Remira.

Again, I thank you Remira, I just hope that I can repower you enough. It was unfortunate that we had to leave like we did. Ephus thought.

I am sure that it couldn't be helped, I know some of your story. I knew when I met you, that you were not of the time we met in. From the way you looked at Zeus. I could see that you had met at a later time. As I said you are the first godling/human I have ever met that reacts such as you do. Remira replied.

Again, Ephus was slightly blushing, I really don't know what to say. I just hope that I can repower you, you seem to have nearly depleted all your energy. Ephus thought.

Yes, it is as you have said through, I have been recharging all this time. At the moment I could remove us a few years forward. This god I can feel seems to be worrying you, a moment,

Ephus, looked at the Remira as it then he started to glow though not as intensely as before. A moment later Ephus could see that he was standing next to what he termed a dirt road, what!? Stranger still was the ancient looking vehicle that went past him a moment later.

Ephus, could only do a double take, what the hell? A very early auto, wooden wheels with rubber on the end of them. Crap, that looked more like handle bars on a bike for the steering wheel. Still shaking his head Ephus looked at it again thinking, that was a Cleveland Runabout. Scratching his head, didn't they make them in 1900?

He then reached in his pocket feeling just how weak the Remira was. I thank you Remira, though I would have handled it, somehow. Your energy is almost non- existent.

As I said you have shown me that humanity has hope after all. You have sacrificed a good deal for me. How could I not do the same for you? Remira replied.

I truly am speechless now; I feel it was an honor to help you. For now, we need to hide away 'til such time as you are fully recharged. You obviously used more energy than you let on.

So, you are more powerful than you let on. Be still your secret is safe with me.


"Oh my god," they heard Quinn say, "he's somewhere in the civil war." They all turned to look at Quinn as her eyes were a deadly glowing red color. There was also the fact that her skin was glowing far brighter than it had before.

Bast got as close as she could as she started to whisper, "Quinn, sister wife, you have to calm. Think of the baby, this amount of power that you are displaying can't be good for the baby,"

Quinn released a soft gasp as her eyes were suddenly normal. The glow that her skin had, had disappeared as quickly also.

"Thank you, Bast, I still can't seem to control it at all. I just hope that Ephus can help me to learn." Quinn said.

"I was glad to help sister wife, we just need to keep you calm until such time he's back." Bast said.

"At the moment that's going to be a hard trial on all of us. You as much as any other know that the human mind is not a calm thing." Thoth calmly said. "I am afraid that the only one that can truly keep her calm is Ephus."

Bast turned to stare heatedly at Thoth. "For the god of knowledge, you can be a complete ass brother."

"WHAT!? I am only stating a fact. Thoth said matter-of-factly.

Bast, rolled her eyes about to speak, when Serket spoke up. "I now understand why our number has decreased." Here she turned to Bast, "all this time no children, five years Ephus has ten. Really Thoth, you'd think that all the male gods could see that Ephus, is doing something VERY right."

The slight growl that came from Serket's throat, had Thoth backing up. "Hmmmm, perhaps this does deserve further study."

Both Freya and Göndul, were on the couch trying to not laugh too loud. "Here I thought it was only in our realm, turns out they are like that everywhere." Freya said.

"No," Bast said, looking at Thoth, "Our husband is far different than any male we have ever met."

Freya, took a breath, releasing a sigh, "I have to agree with you there Bast. He is unlike any I have ever met. I also noticed that he doesn't try to use his power if at all possible."

Bast, turned toward Freya nodding, "I think it has something to do with his humanity. As you said he won't use it if possible, though if he has no other choice, he will with all he has. One has only to ask Ares, when we see him again."

Bast, was turned back to Thoth ready to admonish him again when she saw he was concentrating. "So," he was almost whispering, "he has gotten the stone active again, still I can see nothing. I will have to pick brother's brain when he returns."

"What has happened?" A lip shivering Quinn asked, he eyes slightly glowing.

"It appears that he managed to activate the Remira with less than half power. It also appears that where he was, Ares was there, they left in quite a rush." Thoth said.

"Ares!? Did that asshole detect him?" Quinn asked.

Thoth shook his head, "no, it seems Ares was too caught up in the conflict."

"So, where is he now? Quinn asked.

"Closer though still a good hundred years back. It has helped that I can now feel him more though, I still can't talk to him." Thoth said. "This should not be since he is of this time. Perhaps it has something to do with what and who he is, I still cannot detect anything about him. As you know I can feel almost all, gods and goddesses included."

"Come on Thoth," Bast said with a smirk, "I know you can tell where he is. Even with the difficulty you are having, I know you can at least feel him."

Thoth looked at his sister incredulously, "I am so glad that you can see into the past so easily. That and being able to see a godling, that is almost completely hidden from me. I am a lot of things sister, I am not all knowing, not since brother has appeared." Thoth said a bit testily.

Bast, looked at Thoth's glowing eyes, a slight smile appearing on her lips. "Perhaps you might be able to see more now?"

Thoth was about to reply when his eyes opened wide. Brother can you hear me?

In the year 1900, Ephu,s jerked to a stop, Thoth? How in the hell is this possible?

Thoth looked at Bast, it appears that I needed to get angry to break through. Your wife, my sister was able to accomplish this.

Ouch. I know a barb from her can hurt quite a bit. Ephus thoughts replied.

I heard that husband! You had best return soon all the children and I miss you. All of your wives miss you, I was afraid something like this would happen, came Bast's thoughts.

I know my Bast inform all of them that I am fine, I should be able to return in a few days. Also, ask Freya to keep you informed as to what is going on in her realm. Thank yo,u brother Thoth. Ephus, thoughts said then all was silent.


In the realm of Asgard, Loki, was storming about almost like a mad man. Nearby, several stone giants and dark elves had backed as far away as they could.

Loki, saw that all had backed away from him giving him a momentary pause. "I cannot believe that a mere godling defeated me. Not only that, he took the only remaining Remira left. Now there is almost no way to get to that thing."

"There is no way? you are all powerful Lord Loki, surely..." the largest stone giant started.

Loki, turned to glare at the giant, who was driven back into the nearest wall. The stone giant was then driven through it into a pool of water.

Though many wanted to, none moved as the stone giant started to scream. Loki motioned as the soaked stone giant appeared before him. Loki looked down on the shivering, shaking giant with a sneer and disdain.

"I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself!" A wild eyed, crazed looking Loki shouted. "You seem to forget who managed to snatch the realm, to free both of you." Here Loki cast his venomous glance at the dark elves. This made them back to the wall not a one daring to speak a word.

"I," Loki started then heard a voice in his head. WHAT!? Loki's thoughts shouted out.

Lord Loki, came the thoughts of one of the Valkyries still at Freya’s domicile. We are still trying to break through, whatever this is we have never encountered it before. It has also seemed to change, the type of energy that it is.

Loki stopped short, obviously that halvgud Ephus, was providing a type of energy that they hadn't seen yet. Looking around the room an idea started to form.

"I've a brilliant idea, I know that the halvgud Ephus, hasn't return yet. I want half the giants and dark elves to attack Freya's Domicile. Without Ephus here, that which is protecting that place should collapse soon." Loki said an evil smile on his face.

As for you Valkyries, I want you to leave, start searching for my brother Thor again. He is a minor hinderance that we need to, put away for good. Go now, Loki ordered.

All the Valkyries nodded as they immediately left to begin searching again.

Inside Odin and the freed Valkyries were astonished when the noise and shaking of the building stopped. That was until a few minutes later when it started again though this time without energy lasts.

Odin shook his head, he could feel the giants and the dark elves, that were beginning their physical attacks. He wasn't quite sure what Ephus had put up, he just hoped that it held, without his weapon he was almost powerless.


Ephus, was trying to hide out as he felt that he should repower Remira slower. The thing was he was eager to get back to his time though he also didn't want to hurt Remira.

I thank you for the consideration you have for me godling. Again, I have never met one such as you. I can take more energy than you are giving, I am after all a tool.

No, what I have felt from you, are not the thoughts and feelings of a tool. I can feel that you are alive, therefore you deserve to be treated as such. Returned Ephus's thoughts.

Ephus, could almost swear he felt an immense amount of gratitude coming from the Remira.

It was at that moment that a small male bumped into Ephus, then moved rapidly away almost seeming to vanish. Ephus eyes went wide when he realized that the Remira had been lifted!

He tried not to laugh as hard as he tried, this little thief was in for a VERY big surprise. Ephus started to follow the Remira as it seemed to go over, under then through a great many things, walls and doors.

Almost an hour later Ephus walked into a very poor hovel of a building. In the main room there more than just a few men, many of them over six feet tall, well over two hundred, fifty pounds.

"Hey!" Ephus heard, "who the hell are you? Well?" The voice said when Ephus didn't respond.

Remira, do you have the power to wipe their minds? Can they be destroyed without irreparably, damaging the time line.

"Hey! I'm speaking to you!" The obvious leader said.

Ephus nodded, "I heard you, I am just deciding if I have to destroy you or not."

"Ah hell we got us a comedian here." The leader said. "Max, kill 'em so we can get back to business."

There was a loud peel of uproarious laughter, then the biggest of the men charged Ephus, only to bounce away, into the wall.

The room was suddenly quiet, all of the other men drew knives and pistols. They then commenced to try to stab, then shoot Ephus. There were many gasps from those with the guns and against the wall. All the large caliber bullets, stopped a half foot from Ephus, dropping to the floor.

I have gone through the present time line. All that are here, were found deceased later today, the older boy was not. The Remira said to Ephus.

Damnit, I hate to destroy this much, I take it there is no other way? Ephus asked.

No, I am afraid not, know this though, if they do not cease today? They will cause the death of a great many people, many who are important to the time line. The Remira replied.

Ephus sighed as he finally looked at the boss. "I am sorry, I don't usually have to do this but," here Ephus pointed to all but four of the men in the room. "I am afraid, all of you are done."

Ephus then dropped his hand as all but the four he hadn't pointed to, fell to the floor dead. This of course had the four remaining firing every weapon they could get their hands on.

Ephus again sighed as he walked to the closest, backhanding the man to the wall. The resounding snap of the man's neck had Ephus grimacing.

The last three's eyes were wide as they all tried to beat a hasty retreat. Ephus pointed to them as they were exiting the room. Three thuds of bodies in the next room confirmed, they were gone.

"Now then," Ephus said as he bent to speak to the older boy that had bumped him. "How about you return what you took out of my pocket?"

The shaking badly youth started to say something, then snapped his mouth shut. Reaching into a pocket the almost teen, handed the stone with shaking hands to Ephus.

"Are ya' goin' ta kill me mister?" The almost teen said.

"No, no I'm not, here," Ephus said as he held the Remira to the male's forehead. Less than a moment later, the male had an almost blank look on his face.

Ephus nodded, put the Remira back in the pocket it had been in. Standing he watched as the young male stood then walked out.

I can feel your concern godling, he will have no memory of this. I think that we should depart though, before the one's that discover this arrive.

I agree with you, Ephus said as he made his way out. We need to get away from here, so we both can recharge. Though I can feel that it is going to be a few more days before we can attempt anything else.

They were almost out of the small city when Ephus, heard what sounded like sirens. They all seemed to be heading in the direction he'd just left.

Ephus soon found a small glen, where he sat to try and rest. It was early the next morning when Ephus felt a hand on his shoulder. Jerking awake, he looked up into the eyes of a woman who looked the most like his human wife.

"Hello sir, I thought I'd wake you. The man who owns this land doesn't like people sleeping on it. I..." The woman was saying then stopped short. "I must get out of these clothes, you must take me."

Ah shit Ephus thought, as he watched the woman rapidly shed her clothes. She then turned her attention to Ephus as she started to rid him of his clothes. Looking at his organ she smiled as she took it into her mouth, applying suction she got the results she desired.

"Do not worry sir, I will bring you as much pleasure as I can." Ther woman said as she slid his member within her sex. "I am sorry sir, I have only had a man once, I am still new to this." She whispered as she slowly slid further down him.

Oh my god! Ephus thought, as the extremely tight sex of the woman gripped him like a vice. Hi thoughts went back to his human wife and each of the goddesses he'd been with.

He looked into the young woman's eyes, though they were glazed, they weren't as bad as the many he'd seen. It was also at that moment that he noticed that indeed his energy had been exceedingly low.

Less than a half hour later just after filling the woman, she sighed deeply, then got up to dress. Ephus did the same as he watched as the woman quickly exited her trance like state.

Ephus was leaning against a tree when the woman was fully back. "So as I was saying sir, the owner doesn't take to kindly to trespassers."

Ephus nodded as he and the woman stepped onto the road. "Well, thank you for the warning. I wish I was staying longer, though I am grateful you having met you."

Ephus, turned then started to walk away not once looking back, though he could feel the young woman's eyes staring at him as he drew further from sight.

Damn he thought, glad I can control just who I get with child. Might really upset the time line if I produced children in this time.

Ephus then skirted the next larger town as he kept doing. He was almost past it when he felt a more than familiar presence. He rapidly lowered his power again as he swore that it was Sekhmet. Even as it was descending, he felt another in the center of the large town. Shit! was that Athena!?

Damnit! He knew that as their power had started to lessen, they had tried to reclaim some in America. I thought that they had gone to the large cities not these large towns. It seemed that he was really going to have to be careful.

Ephus, started to walk as fast as he could, not good to meet a future wife. Especially since they were far weaker though not nearly as weak as they were when he met them.

Godling? A voice said inside his head.

I'm sorry Remira I didn't mean to ignore you. Ephus thought.

I am fine godling, I noticed that your energy has grown since we met that young female. This has led to me being able to recharge faster. I am over half charged; I have also felt the power of the two different realm goddesses. I can attempt to move us forward again. Remira thought.

Ephus, stopped suddenly in the middle of the road. I do not wish to tax you that badly Remira. I thought I had destroyed you when we did that last time. Ephus thought.

A feeling of being pleased seemed to wash over Ephus. As we have said before, the treatment you have shown us means far more to us than you realize. We have no desire for you nor us to have to engage any of the gods. We are afraid even though you have reduced your power they still might detect you. Came Remira's thoughts.

Ephus, thought about it a few moments, it would be great to be back with more of the modern advances. Alright, I don't want you to go too far. Thought Ephus.

Even as he watched this time Ephus, actually saw the shimmering around him. Then it was like he just walked through a door.

When they had left it had been light, now it was pitch dark. Off in the distance, Ephus, thought he could hear large explosions. A fw moments later he heard several heavy machines and vehicles.

Ephus, moved further back into the wooded area, then watched as several hundred Panzers, thirty to forty Mercedes troop carriers plus a few Daimler-Benz staff cars as they rolled by.

Then to make things even worse, Ephus, felt the presence of Ares again. Damnit, he thought figures that, that prick would be here. Shit! looks like I am in occupied German territory, with the biggest war monger there is.

I am so glad, I got rid of him in the coming years. Right now, I have to hope that the tricks that Epaphus taught me, work of this ass. Though come to think of it they worked well on a fully powered Zeus.

As the long line of military machines rolled by, Ephus watched closely, the swastika symbol blazing on each vehicle. Damnit! I'm in the middle of a second world war battle, or I'm about to be.

Ephus, was about to turn and go the direction the Germany army came from, then shook his head. Might as well jump out and yell shoot me shoot me. No, better to go with them, then go to the other side.

He looked at the rapidly shrinking vehicles that had just passed. Yeah, easier said than done, when I have to do it as a human.
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