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In the future where virtual reality chairs exist, physically impossible sexual acts become possible.
Jacqui walked into her house, shutting the door behind her. She hung her keys up and put her jacket on the chair. She still couldn't figure out why her boss insisted that she come into the office in person when she had a virtual chair, but she supposed that he was just old-school like that.

Jacqui smiles as she looked at her virtual chair. She had a new mod she'd found that she wanted to try as well as one she'd written herself. She could feel the anticipation in her body just thinking about it.

She sit in her virtual chair and got herself comfortable. She pressed a button on the arm and the headset lowered onto her head. She relaxed as she felt the slight tingle of the electrodes beginning to stimulate her brain and the real world faded into a virtual one.

She looked around at the log cabin setting that she had chosen as her home location, feeling the warmth of the nearby fireplace. She turned her left hand palm up and swiped along it with her other hand to bring up the apps menu. She scrolled through and chose "V-Sex". The log cabin faded to back and the app's logo appeared in front of her. There was busty naked woman on one side with one arm behind her head and the other putting two fingers into her vagina; her face frozen apparently mid-orgasm. On the other side a naked man stood; one hand up in front of him, the other on his penis with semen spurting out in freeze frame. Jacqui sighed, these developers are so vanilla, she thought.

The app loaded and the surroundings appeared as a rather lavish bedroom: a red velvet blanket, ornate fireplace in the corner, several golden statues of naked men and women of various endowments in various states of erotic pleasure. She walked over the the bedside table and picked up the menu book. She opened it and it displayed her options. She pressed "Clear Settings" and then pressed "Mods". She scrolled through finding the mods she installed this morning before she left and activated them: "Mutli-boob", "Megaclit", "Infi-cock" and the new one she'd written herself, "Through-Vag". She went to the settings for each mod. Under "Multi-boob" she set the count to "7", the top slider to "C" and the bottom slider to "Flat". Under "Mega-clit", she set the slider to "3 inch" and made sure "Cum" was turned off; after all, she still wanted it to function like a clit, not a cock. Infi-cock had no presets. She hadn't added settings for her own mod yet; maybe in a future, published version. She chose the location as "pure white floating" and pressed "begin".

The bedroom scene faded out to white as her body drifted into the air. Jacqui looked down at her customised body. On her chest were two breasts that were slightly larger than average but not massive but much more firm an perky than her real breasts under those where another smaller pair of breasts and another under those and another. She looked to her left and activated the camera and manipulated it to get a better look at her virtual body. There were 7 pairs of breasts along her torso. The top pair were the biggest and where real breasts would be and the bottom pair were just nipples either side of her belly button with all of the others of various sizes in between getting larger as they went up and smaller as they went down. She smiled, needs some tweaking; maybe some different nipple choices, she pondered. She moved the camera down to her crotch. Extending out from the front of her vulva was a big, pink rod of a clit. She gasped at it when she saw it. It was like a small cock only without that mushroom part and coloured like her pussy rather than her skin tone.

She pushed a few buttons to start the fun. 14 disembodied lips appeared above her nipples, wrapped themselves around her nipples and began sucking rhythmically, each at a slightly different tempo. Her muscles tightened at the sensation, feeling every suck radiating from it's origin into her body. She pressed the next button and behind each pair of lips, a tongue faded in as started licked her nipples. Some of the tongues circled their chosen nipple, others flicked up and down or left and right. Immense pleasure radiated from each nipple seeping through her body until it all released and her body convulsed with a strong orgasm. She turned off the lips and tongue. She hadn't expected to orgasm so long before the main event.

She reactivated the lips and tongues on a lower setting and hit a third button a pair of lips with matching tongue faded in above her enlarged clit the lips started moving up and down along her clit as the tongue lapped circles around it. She convulsed with each movement and each lap. She pressed another button and milk began spraying from all of her nipples though the lips and into the air. Another massive orgasm pulsed through her body sending waves of pleasure throughout.

She pressed another button and watched the camera as a penis appeared between her legs, fading into nothing at the far end. The pressed a button and the cock slowly entered her pussy. She gasped as the head pushed past her outer lips. The cock kept thrusting, going a little deeper with each thrust. Here where my mod comes int, she thought. The cock pushed deeper and deeper. She could now feel it pushing the walls of her modified vagina behind where her intestines would normally be. No matter how far the cock pushed, there was still more or it. It continued up her elongated vagina the pleasure now all the way from her vulva to her diaphagm. The combination of lips and tongues on her numberous breasts and the fellation of he clip along with the enormous cock working its way through her body was almost to much, but she held out. The cock continued its journey. She opened her mouth and thrust after thrust, the cock began to emerge from her mouth. The total pleasure was too much her body convulsed like never before and cum sprayed into the air from the cock protruding from her mouth. The sperm landed all over her spasming body as she screamed out even though that should not have been physically possible.

After several minutes the orgasm subsided and she turned off the system. She looked at her real body, sweat soaking through her clothes. She marvelled at how well her new mods had functioned and relaxed. It would be a little while before she recovered enough to move again. She smilled. I wonder what else I can come up with.
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