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This is the third in my god series. This time we are dealing with the Norse gods
Ephus - A demigod possessing the power to repower the gods

Quinn Markov - human wife of Ephus


Norse Deities


Odin - War god, main god of the Norse gods

Freya - a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and seiðr.



Göndul - War Valkyrie

Egyptian Deities


Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love

Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites

Thoth - God of knowledge


Ephus pulled again powering up to half, still Gungnir didn't move, shit Ephus thought, he could feel the full effect of the Remira stone. Even at full power, would it be able to hold for a long time?

I am sorry that you are having to hold as long as you are, I am going to full power, Ephus thoughts said to the Remira.

I have plenty of power Godling, the Remira's thoughts responded.

Ephus nodded as he went to his full power, this caused both Freya and Göndul to back up slightly. By the power of Odin, this godling was far, far, stronger than they both had thought he was.

This time when he grasped Gungnir, the weapon easily slipped from the arms of the statue. Ephus, smiled as he appeared next to Freya and Göndul.

Ephus touched both the females thinking of Epaphus house. The smile quickly disappeared when nothing happened.

Taking ahold of both females Ephus started running as fast as he could, they had barely closed the door when Ephus felt time start to move at a normal rate.

A worried Freya looked at Ephus, "I thought we were going back as soon as we had it."

"I attempted to, it appears that the Gungnir, had other ideas. I thought I had matched the energy of Odin, apparently I didn't. I am going to need a little time, to figure this out. In the mean time, I am sure that Zeus, will be on the war path searching for this. I am also, going to have to power the Remira stone more. Shit! Should have known something was going to go wrong." Ephus cursed.

Ephus worked the problem of the energy all the first day finally getting it to where it should be. He'd also started to power the Remira stone again, afraid they had used far too much of it's energy.

Then there was the fact that Zeus was looking everywhere trying to detect where the weapon was. It was apparent that he could still feel its energy, though not where it was.

"Here I thought, I had thought of every contingency, I obviously hadn't for this one." Ephus said with a grim look on his face. "It's only a matter of time before Zeus comes here. I need to mask the weapon better or we will be found out."

Both Freya and Göndul now had a look of concern on their faces. "I hope that you have some sort of plan, Lord Ephus. You are the only one that can transport us back to our time. Time travel is one thing that any of the gods have, there are after all rules. This is one that no one really wished to break."

Ephus nodded as his mind started to go over everything that had happened so far. Then there were the new abilities that his ancestor, Epaphus, had taught him. Then again, he hadn't really practiced them that much, being the need hadn't arisen.

Ephus was looking at Odin's weapon they had at the back of the building, when a thought hit him. With a shake of his head, he thought could it be that simple?

Ephus concentrated, then opened his thoughts, Gungnir, may I talk to you?

Shocked thoughts came back to Ephus, I know not who you are, you feel like my partner Odin, though I can see that you are not.

Ephus nodded his head, I am called Ephus, your partner was attacked, put in chains. Control of over half of Asgard has been wrested from him. He threw you to earth to protect you and Asgard, in the process you were transported many years in the past. I was attempting to return you to him.

Again, Ephus felt shock from the weapon's thoughts. Yes, I can see, I see that you rescued him at great peril to your existence. I thank you for rescuing my partner, Ah! Hello Remira, it has been a long time since we last met.

For the next few moments, Ephus was quiet as the weapon and the stone had a private discussion.

Ephus was in thought again when he heard Gungnir. Sir Ephus, I will do all in my power to aid you in your quest to restore Odin.

Ephus nodded then shifted his thoughts, Remira? I am sending more power to you. Even though you said you didn't, I can feel that you used over half your power.

This time Remira's thoughts were shocked, you are rare Sir Ephus, I have never told I could be felt. I hope that I may be able to work with you again, something I will gladly do.

Both Freya and Göndul had once more, a look of concern on their faces. "Lord Ephus? Are you well? You have been quiet for so long."

"Sorry Freya, Göndul, I was discussing the situation with the Remira stone and Odin's Gungnir." Ephus explained. Both female's mouths dropped open, "I was trying to figure out why his partner refused to help. I am afraid though that we are going to be here a while longer. Remira used over half it's power, it needs to recharge before I even think of us moving forward."

Both of the females could only turn toward each other their mouths still agape. "You...you were talking to Gungnir? I thought that only Odin could speak with it." Freya said quietly her voice holding a bit of shock.

"Actually, it is a she," Ephus said. "She thought that I was attempting to take her. Basically, stealing her from Odin."

"How did you know that you could speak to it," Freya shook her head, "to her?"

"Well.." Ephus started, "you could say that I encountered something like her a few years ago."

Göndul, shook her head, "there is obviously, far more to you Lord Ephus, than either of us thought."

Ephus nodded his head, thinking it was better to remain silent in this case.

With a wave his hand, Ephus could feel the Remira's power starting to climb. Though, at the moment he could feel that the stone's power was barely half full. Damn it he thought, it was going to be a few hours before it was ready. Ephus started to wonder if, he could hide Remira, Gungnir, both females and keep his disguise long enough.

A moment later he heard a knock at the door. Reaching out Ephus could feel Zeus, issuing a slight groan, Ephus started to hide and changed what he needed to.

Ephus took a deep breath as he reached for the door. Zeus turned to look at him. "Son are you well? You appear to be paler than usual. You should come away with me to Olympus, just a few years there would have you right."

"I think you know how I feel about that, is there something wrong? I mean, two visits in one week, been a very long time since that happened." Ephus said.

Zeus nodded, "something was stolen from my temple, something that I can feel though, cannot locate. You hear all from the human world, have you detected anything?"

Ephus was silent as he pretended to think, though in truth was concentrating even harder. Ephus push outward for a moment then said. "No, nothing I have heard nor felt. Was it perhaps another god? You sister betrayed you once after all.

"No, she has made a solemn pledge to me, to never rebel again. I had to make a few promises also. I don't think it is her, my brother Poseidon perhaps." Zeus said after thinking a moment.

"I will look harder, perhaps I have missed something, especially if a god is involved." Ephus replied. "Though not knowing what was taken, might make it harder." Ephus held up a hand, "I don't want to know, as I said I will look harder. I hope to be on my way soon, if I find anything I will call you."

"I thank you son, please consider coming to Olympus. I know it would do the both of us a great deal of good." Zeus said to the smirking visage of Ephus appearing as Epaphus. Zeus shook his head then vanished.

Ephus quickly closed the door then collapsed on the floor in front of the door. Both Freya and Göndul rushed to him as he was panting rapidly. "Is this where you say, I think i did it again?" Göndul said with a wide smile.

"You," pant, pant, "are not," pant, pant, "funny." Ephus said as his head started to swim.

"Rest Lord Ephus, hopefully you have deterred him from checking on here again." Göndul said.

Ephus nodded as he slowly made his way to a bed. "Freya? I am afraid that the Lord Ephus has extended too far. Do you think we can get out of here?" Göndul asked.

"I have seen him do things, I have never seen another god or otherwise do. I put much of my trust in him, as you should." Freya said to a slowly nodding Göndul.


"As I have found with brother? We have to trust that he has a plan." A slightly nervous Thoth said.

Those words were still echoing through Quinn, Bast and Serket's minds. Their worry had increased more and more since Thoth said them.

Bast nudged Serket who turned to stare wide eyed at Quinn. They could both see that Quinn's worry was starting to manifest itself. Quinn's eyes and skin were both staring to glow, with the power that they both could feel starting to build.

Bast moved as close to Quinn as she could. "Quinn? Are you well sister wife?"

The glow started to decrease to a dull color. "Why do you ask? Quinn asked.

"Look at yourself, your control isn't as strong as we thought. Getting this upset has you power building." Bast explained.

Quinn looked at her arms and legs with a gasp, "I don't know how you control it all the time."

"You are going to have to practice, it didn't take long for us as we were born with it. Yours, has just started to develop. I was hoping that all we worked on, would have helped. Then again, you haven't destroyed anything so, you obviously have some control." Bast stated.

A sigh escaped Quinn's lips, "I just hope that I have enough control when Ephus returns. I am so afraid that he will be disappointed with me."

Bast looked at her with a surprised look. "Quinn, he loves you more than any of us. If he didn't, then I would have fought far harder than I did, to be his head wife. You are the only one that could accept as that."

Quinn looked at Bast with a wide-eyed surprised look. "So, in matters concerning him, I am the only one you concede decisions to?"

Bast nodded, "you are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. I am proud to have you as a sister wife."

Quinn, could only stare at Bast, then suddenly broke into tears. This of course had her eyes and skin starting to glow again.

Both Bast and Serket started toward Quinn to comfort her. Serket suddenly stopped staring at Quinn, "so how long?"

This of course caused Quinn to start to cry even harder. Bast, was looking back at Serket confusion on her face. "Sister? What is going on, what do you mean how long?"

Serket rolled her eyes then walked closer to Quinn. "Sister," she asked of Quinn, "may I examine you?"

Between the tears she shakily nodded her head.

"Now," Bast wore an even more confused look on her face. A look that grew 'til Serket started to pass her hands over Quinn's stomach. The look of confusion turned to elation a smile growling larger ny ther second on Bast's face. "I think I am starting to see part of the problem." Serket said a few moments later.

Quinn had quieted a moment then burst into tears again. "Sister wife, what is wrong? You should be overjoyed about this." Bast said her smile now reaching the rest of her.

Serket finally had finished with her examination, was now nodding to Bast and Quinn. "He doesn't know does he?" Serket said quietly. Quinn started to cry harder as she shook her head. "What? You really think that our husband would be displeased? If you remember he was extremely pleased when I and Bast told him we were expecting.:

"All of his wives are goddesses; I am a mere human." Quinn started.

"No, you are far more than a mere human. I do wish that Ephus was here, his presence seems to have a more calming effect on you. I also can see, what he did for you is helping more than anything we can do." Bast said as she was deeply in thought.

Quinn was nodding to this, then a sudden thought occurred to her. "Bast, when you and Serket left, you were worried about the twins. Has your father and the others, decided favorably for you and the twins?"

Bast and Serket's faces both grimaced. "No, they are acting like old women unable to decide anything." Serket said.

"I believe, that they are awaiting Ephus return, before they make any decision. Honestly, though it is wise as no one wants to incur Ephus wrath, they could allay my fears." Bast growled.

Quinn let out a sigh, much of her fears forgotten for the moment. "I guess that all we can do is hope, Ephus, returns soon."

Both Bast and Serket looked at each other, then Quinn. They were nodding their heads as they agreed with Quinn.


Ephus eyes snapped open, shit how long had he been out? Reaching out he could feel only an hour had passed. He then reached out to touch all that he’d done to keep them and the weapon hidden. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he saw that they were still as strong as when he laid down.

Further out, his senses could feel Zeus, plus more than ten other gods, that were searching the city. Damn it! Zeus was pulling out all the stops to find Odin's weapon. Here Ephus, hadn't another god could use it. Perhaps he thought, Zeu8s had felt the power, had been trying to access the power.

Yes, Ephus thought, that had to be it, he felt it could touch it, just not use it. He felt that the Remira stone was almost seventy five percent. Ephus felt that wasn't enough, if they went now, he was afraid that the stone would be drained and possibly expire.

You are a most unusual godling, the Remira's thought broke into his own. Never had we had any care for our welfare, we will do all we can to return all to their time.

Shocked a moment Ephus could only shake his head. I cannot, put another living being in peril to save myself.

We may not have any other choice. I can feel the leader of the Greek gods, starting to search only in this area. We are going to have to leave soon.

How? Ephus thoughts returned, as weak as you are it doesn't seem possible to transport all 4 of us.

Sir Ephus, the Remira continued, we were weaker than we are right now when you acquired us. Ah! it appears that ther time is rapidly approaching.

Ephus nodded as he waved a hand making a surprised Freya and Göndul, appear before him. Another wave had Gungnir appearing in his left hand.

"I am afraid that we don't have time to fully recharge the Remira. From what it and I have felt we have to go now." A worried Ephus told the females.

Both nodded as Ephus sighed in frustration. Alright Remira let's go, Ephus thought.

A shifting of the air started then pressure started to build. A crackling of energy and ozone began to flow around them, then there was an almost ripping sound as they vanished.

They were just out of sight, the room going almost instantly back to normal, when Zeus burst in. All four of his sons appeared behind him as he scanned the room and the building.

"Father? What was that?" Zeus son asked.

Zeus held up a hand, his eyes were going over each and every crevice, nook and cranny of the building. Zeus then took a deep breath his eyes flaring open. What was this strange smell, He swore he had smelt it before, though not where.

Zeus shook his head they all had felt immense energy coming from this building. An energy that not even Zeus could identify. A shake of his head had him thinking, ah Epaphus, what are you into now?

"Let's go, we have obviously missed whatever it was. This was Epaphus building, probably some experiment of his." Zeus said as they all turned then vanished.

Ephus could feel the years growing closer to his time. Everything seemed to be going smooth, then he swore he heard the Remira scream. He watched as Freya and Göndul kept going forward as he and Gungnir started to slow. Then the females were too far away to be seen. It was then that he and Gungnir suddenly dropped to the ground.

Ephus could see that he was in a small grove of trees. A moment later he heard the sound of? Cannons? What in the hell! Where in the wourd were they, better yet when were they?

A look a way off confirmed his worst fears. Wait, were those civil war uniforms? Great he thought, getting blown to hell by more modern weapons, just wonderful!

Freya and Göndul hadn't even noticed that Ephus had vanished, 'til they were shot out into a room. Three females watched as they were unceremoniously thrown into the wall, then through it.

Freya had tried to slow them finding that her power was only about three fourths strength. Luckily, Bast recognized Freya, slowing them.

Freya and Göndul stood brushing their selves off looking around. Freya saw Bast and two other females.

"I thank you Bast." Freya said then started to grow concern. "Where is Ephus? He was right behind us, no this isn't good, not good at all."

"What is going on?" Bast said coldly, her eyes starting to glow.

"We were all in Athens, we'd retrieved Gungnir. Ephus had sent Loki back in disgrace, taking the Remira stone." Freya said as both Bast and Serket hissed.

"He used the Remira? I thought he knew it was dangerous," Bast said.

Freya nodded, "he was talking to the stone, he'd recharged it, though Zeus and others were searching for us. He said we had to go, so he started it and we left, He was right behind us."

Göndul seemed deep in thought spoke, "Lady Freya? Did you hear a scream just before we came out? It sounded like a female though, it seemed to be in here." She pointed to her head.

Bast's eyes were getting wider and wider as Freya went on with her tale. "It almost sounds like the Remira wasn't able to complete the journey. I wouldn't put it past Ephus to send all that he could here, then come later, typical." Bast thought a moment then yelled, "Thoth!? Bother I need you!"

There was a whoosh of power then a tall Egyptian looking male appeared with an Ibis mask on. In his hands he had a scroll and pens.

One look had him doffing the mask, "sister what has happened? This must concern Ephus as I felt nothing."

"They," here Bast indicated Freya and Göndul. "They said that Ephus was behind then coming through time. They appeared he did not."

Thoth had already started to concentrate as he started to search for Ephus. Like the last time, Thoth started to get frustrated look on his face. A shake of his head had him starting again.

Thoth growled as after the second time he was still getting nothing. Changing his energy slightly a small smile started to cross his lips.

"Ah! I see him now; It appears as if he is only a hundred or so years before now. Um, the Remira thought it had enough energy, it almost did. It appears that there are two armies, one with blue uniforms the other with gray." Thoth said.

"Oh my god," they heard Quinn say, "he's somewhere in the civil war." They all turned to look at Quinn as her eyes were a deadly glowing red color. There was also the fact that her skin was glowing far brighter than it had before.

Bast got as close as she could as she started to whisper, "Quinn, sister wife, you have to calm. Think of the baby, this amount of power that you are displaying can't be good for the baby,"

Quinn released a soft gasp as her eyes were suddenly normal. The glow that her skin had, had disappeared as quickly also.

"Thank you, Bast, I still can't seem to control it at all. I just hope that Ephus can help me to learn." Quinn said.

"I was glad to help sister wife, we just need to keep you calm until such time he's back." Bast said.

Damn it! Ephus thought, I can never seem to catch a damn break. Even with the new abilities that Epaphus taught me, I still feel inadequate. A boom nearby brought Ephus out of his thoughts, best get away from here. Might not be good having to talk his way out of why he was there.

A wave of his hand had him almost invisible, though like the other abilities. he had to use them to strengthen them.

He was almost out of the area when he felt an all too familiar presence. Ephus rapidly lowered his power, should have figured that, that asshole was here. That's all I need he thought, running into Ares, barely survived last time.


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