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This is a work of fiction loosely based on the novel "The Running Man" by Stephen King, and the 1987 movie of the same name. I do not claim rights to either, nor do I make any money from this fiction. Warning: wanton violence
Tanner made his way out of the arena, to Annihilator Studios where all the recording and broadcasting of the Game is done. As he was making his way there, throngs of horny fans clustered around him.

The youthful stud has truly shocked and overawed the audience. He had to go through a tunnel of sorts leading up the studio, where a big screen showing live video from the hunting grounds was located. The show host readied to interview the successful young killer.

One fan with big breasts jumped up, hugging him. He gave her a searing kiss, causing the blonde to moan into the kiss, arching intensely into the young stud as he smacked her on the ass, causing a big reaction from everyone around him. The host, who could see this on the screen, shouts out: "Wow! What a ladies man this young Annihilator is!"

Tanner made his way to the broadcast room and sat down across from the show host, Carl. “That Game was so fuckin’ hot.”

"Yes, but this one is special. No one has had sex with so many victims, and no one has evoked so many reactions and controversies like you have. This has been our most watched episode, ever.", The host says, quite excited. He was wearing a red and blue suit with a bowtie. The trousers have a big stain, while his light-brown hair shines from applied gel.

“Well, I love turning viewers on. It worked on you.” Tanner said and pointed to Carl’s obvious cumstain. “Though I do have to say, that I am unhappy with one of the government’s choices for ‘convicts’.”

Carl at first blushed at the comment about the cum stain in his trousers. What came next left him thinking. "Erm... I think the Executive Board members are supposed to come over, and they are the ones that decide on entrants. I think."

“Well good I would like to speak to them about this. What part of my performance got you off?”

Slightly concerned by the first part of Tanner's sentence, Carl replied to the second part, biting his lip. "Well, it was your deadly skill, often mixed with, well...sex. It was just too much to handle." Soon, two older men in business suits came in through a separate entrance. It seemed like beyond the entrance, stood someone else. "And here come the Executive Board members!"

“Well then let’s see if I can help you out again Carl!” Tanner turned to the Executive members. “Hi fellas are you fine with us having a little chat on camera about contestants?”

The two men were not at all amused by the casualness of the stud. Entirely seriously, one of them said: "No. This is a serious matter! Cameras off!", he pointed at the cameraman, who seemed scared, as something dark was going to happen, or be said.

“Ah so, that’s how it’s going to be, huh?” Tanner sighed as the cameraman was about to obey the order. The teenage stud leaped out of his chair at the first executive, a left haymaker easily connecting with the man’s jaw, sending him flying into a chair, while a right middle kick hit the left hip of the other man, breaking it.

The devastating strikes were so quick that not all cameras were turned off in time. Thus, the nation could see, at least from a few angles, the devastating attack that left one of the board members knocked out, and another one crippled. As Carl screamed in panic after the swift attack, the other one groaned in agony, barely able to move. Quickly, a guard in full armor, wielding a powerful assault rifle ran inside. He was the security policy of the two men, but he was a bit late.

Tanner picked up the unconscious Executive member, using him as a human shield against the guard. He easily closed the distance before throwing the executive member at the guard, knocking them both down.

The unconscious man had no awareness of the position he was in. The risk materialized when the panicked guard fired a burst at the oncoming Annihilator. The crowd outside had run in, and saw a bleeding Executive Board member on top of a squirming guard. Everything was in chaos.

“It didn’t have to be this way. I wanted to talk. But oh well I guess now I get to break bones and get off on it.” He spoke to everyone in the studio. Tanner pulled the squirming guard’s helmet off revealing a relatively attractive young man. “He’s hot, I’m gonna enjoy breaking him.” Tanner trapped the man’s right arm in a triangle choke and applied pressure as he turned to Carl. “Now Carl, do you want to experience what Jenna did? Is that why you came? Imagining yourself under me?”

The guard desperately tried to get the stud to release him, as he tried to do a low blow with his right fist, as shouts of "holy sh*t!" exploded through the studio. Meanwhile, Carl slowly nodded at the question, while some of the other camera and sound crew members looked towards the stud, unsure if anyone would survive.

Tanner weathered the blow easily as wild inaccurate blows often lacked the power necessary. He jerked up in the guards head, moaning as he heard the SNAP of a sexy neck breaking. “Well then get your clothes off and let me give you a sexy death. I will give all of you enjoyable deaths if you prefer but obviously no one is leaving this room alive.”

The loud snap of the guard's neck utterly mortified some of the crew, as they looked around, checking to see if escape was possible, while Tanner went to the whining, crippled board member, mounting his back despite panicked pleas and promises of monetary gain in exchange for life. He pulled up on the older man’s neck and head, making sure to cause smaller fractures of the cervical spine. After a few moans of pleasure, the youth pulled back hard on his victim’s neck, causing several loud pops, as the victim expired. “Fuck yeah! Gotta kill more….”, he said, amazed at his newest kill.

Carl, was resigned to his fate, and took his suit off, already starting in the middle of Tanner talking. He was shivering heavily, as the whole building soon reverberated from an alarm sound.

“What is that alarm?“ Tanner asked Carl as he laid the sexy host down and revealed his large cock. He was already leaking precum so he lived himself with that before pushing into the host’s quivering ass.

"Uhhh...I think it might mean someone is sending reinforcements...", Carl spoke, groaning heavily as he felt the stud penetrate him. As the audience reacted to this new sexual act with enthusiasm, possible danger awaited everyone.

“Well, it means this will have to be a quickie.” Tanner gestured for the camera man and his female assistant to come over. His cock slowly started thrusting in and out of Carl’s tight ass.

The female came over, but it seemed the male cameraman did not want to be so close to this muscular killer, even as he dutifully recorded a live act of homosexuality. Carl felt himself hardening, and groaned at a particularly deep thrust. "W-what a way...to end the show...", he said.

“Not a bad way to retire huh? Strip for me.” He replied to the groaning man beneath him before looking to the curvy woman.

The dark-haired hostess quickly gets rid of the glitzy top, while pulling down the matching tights, while Carl seems sort of split. Both sad, and happy, as he knows the end is near. Loud steps began to be heard from the corridors outside the studio. A few desperate staff tries to get out, but, they end up getting shot to pieces, causing sheer panic.

“I’ll get back to fucking you two after I kill the guards.” Tanner said, then pulled out of the show host and put his pants back up. He retrieved the dead guard’s assault rifle. “Both of you take cover behind that heavy desk. Cameraman, keep rolling but stay out of the direct line of fire.” Tanner held the assault rifle like it was a toy, easily one handing its light weight.

With a quick peek, he saw the soldiers all facing away from him, dealing with screaming civilians first. Tanner saw his opportunity and ran out, the rolling camera stand covering his attack. He punched one soldier in the spine, the man’s spine shattering from the vicious blow, since the weak back armor couldn’t absorb the immense force of the impact. Tanner aimed and shot another guard through the head.

The others turn around to face the threat, but one gets shot. As some try and flee, three simply open fire at the young stud.

Tanner ducks back into cover as the three soldiers expend ammunition. He remained behind a small cabinet until he heard three clicks and came out of cover. He fired at one, nailing him with three rounds in the helmet, head and neck. He fired another burst into one man’s arm as he reloaded his rifle, before ducking back into cover again.

With barely a groan, one security force member falls down dead, while another one screams, before grabbing a grenade with his good arm, and tossing it towards the area where the Annihilator was firing from. The other one went behind a vending machine to reload...

Tanner swung his assault rifle like a bat, sliding the the grenade back towards the soldiers and ducked back behind the cabinet, curling up as he hoped his budding career wasn’t going to be cut drastically short.

The two guards had no chance. The grenade exploded in the hallway, collapsing the vending machine on top of the only guard who wasn't immediately killed. The heavily damaged hallway was now full of sprayed blood.

Tanner first checked himself for wounds, before getting back to the studio, emerging from a grayish could. He took a bottle of water on the desk, and poured it over his body to remove the layer of dust particles. This made his skin glisten, and the hostess moaned, realizing it was probably time to get laid, and killed.

Tanner smiled, and upon coming to the blonde, wasted no time in pushing her towards the big desk, while groping her breasts.

“Get a good shot of me fucking this hot babe.” he told the cameraman, before giving an order to Carl: “Suck on my nuts. Help me fill her up.”

As both males hurried to obey the orders given to them, Tanner kissed the blonde while inserting his dick into her pussy. He thrust hard from the get-go, enjoying her muffled moans. Being stimulated by Carl’s mouth and tongue made him groan loudly, breaking the kiss, before he latched on the blonde’s right nipple. He suckled, and from her body going stiff amid accompanying screams, knew she was having an orgasm. This made him thrust faster- knowing he was making other cum was stroking his ego.

The thrusts increased in pace, until a particularly hard climax from the blonde caused her pussy to clamp Tanner’s long weapon. He groaned, and knowing he was about to cum, finished her off in a twisted way.

Landing a combo of three hard punches to her face, he arched back, and while cumming into her, hooked his left arm around her neck amid her cries, pulling on it as if he was going to force her to sit up.

The resulting sharp crack of her neck caused Tanner to shout loudly.

Fuck yeah! Die, you sexy slut!”

Carl felt the Annihilator’s balls pulsate in his mouth with each spurt of the older teenager’s seed. He was hard from witnessing that neck lock. The audience that was outside the tunnel leading into the studio were amazed. Some were asking for Tanner to “do them, too”.

Tanner lay on top of the blonde’s corpse, but only for about ten seconds. He withdrew from her, and then faced Carl, seemingly ready to go again.

Wasting little time, he turned the show host around, penetrating him; much to the latter’s delight. The thrusts that came next were fast and deep, jarring Carl’s body. He did not resist when Tanner’s left arm snaked around his neck, or when the right arm completed the sleeper hold.

Tanner fully applied the submission hold just as he gave Carl a kiss on the lips. He waited until his newest victim began slumping, and then ended his life with a typical action movie neck snap, Carl’s mouth muffling the intense groan of pleasure the youthful killer let out.

Noting that the only other person left in the studio was the cameraman, Tanner went in front of the camera, and beckoned the man with one finger, as he spoke:

“Come here, and get on your knees. You’ll blow me on camera.”

The cameraman sighed, knowing there was no use resisting, and came over, kneeling before the naked muscular stud with an open mouth.

As a reward, he was petted while Tanner penetrated his mouth from a standing position. By crossing his legs at the calves behind the cameraman’s neck, the stud sentenced him to death, as well.

As he throatfucked the cameraman, Tanner tightened the hold, and spoke to the camera, the footage from which was being aired live, because some anti-government hackers had decided to make sure this scandalous event was shown to the public, so as to erode the image of stability created by the regime.

“I don’t need a boss. I don’t need a TV show. I am the show, and my muscles will annihilate…crack… anyone I want.”

As the partial neck break made the cameraman twitch, Tanner groaned, and came down his throat.

“Fuck yeah!! Want to get done like him? Then come get snapped.” Tanner ended his address to the public by timing the second twist of his legs to end the cameraman just as he uttered the final word.

He was going to break the society, break the power and influence of power structures that held power he viewed as mere illusion. His power, the one of muscles as the only real power. He couldn’t do it alone, and after leaving a heap of broken bones outside the "Escape from Death" studios, Tanner went to look for other buff dudes…
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