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The sport of fishing is simple: find a bait that attracts the type of fish you are aiming for, place it where the target will see it and move it around, so it becomes the obsession of your prize. Let your target get close enough to strike and then reel it in.
With spring now behind me and summer in full swing, I had finally caught up on all of my work and had some time to spare. I figured it was past time to open up the fishing boat and take it for a test ride.

I picked a lake near my home that had a lot of open space as well as a lot of secluded coves concealed by canyon walls: which I had found in the past were great for bass fishing.

With my cooler stocked and fishing poles and tackle loaded, I headed out across the lake. I drove for about twenty minutes just loosening up the engine and then headed for one of the coves a way back from the main lake which I had a lot of luck fishing in the past.

As I pulled into the cove and slowed down, I saw a flat-topped pontoon boat anchored in the middle of the inlet. There was plenty of room for me to navigate close to the shore and fish, so I continued on. I drifted closer and my eyes about popped out of my head. Lying on the deck of the pontoon boat was a young man in his, I’d say early to mid-twenties, sunbathing.

He was tall and thin I could tell he took care of himself by just looking at his hair. The short flat top blond hair on his head was perfect with every stand in place even though he was unprotected on deck with a slight summer breeze blowing.

His chest hair looked amazing! It was thick and curly but obviously had been trimmed to just the prefect length where there was no doubt it was there, bleaching out in the sun, yet short enough to let the sun’s rays caress and tan his flesh beneath.

Travelling down his stomach his blond fir trail continued until it was deposited into a magnificently groomed, manscaped groin. It was obvious he worked out because from where he was lying, and I was standing, I could see a well-defined washboard six pack. The sun must have been working overtime and was doing its job well. The dark tanned skin of this young man was the perfect complement to his sun-bleached blond hair. Beads of sweat glistened on the muscular curves of his skin making him look like a Greek God basking in the shadow of Mount Olympus.

After I was sure I had had enough gazing at the beautiful sight before me, I hollered over to him and said “Oh I’m sorry, didn’t see you there. I’ll move on.”

The young man propped himself up on his elbows, smiled as if to say he knew just how long I had been leering at his physique, nonchalantly scratched his heavy looking sack and purposefully gave his flaccid rod a pull so it would stretch out slightly and lay comfortably on his nicely trimmed bush aimed directly toward his naval.

His cock was a specimen to behold even in its current, mostly limp state. His shaft was thick and darkly tanned as the rest of him. At one end its uncut tip was veiled in a foreskin which stretched tightly over an arrow shaped head with nicely formed ridges where his helmet attached to his shaft.

The other end of his rod was just as noteworthy, being a nicely formed sack covered in the same well-trimmed blond hair. His nuts were full and shaped like over-sized Brazil nuts hidden beneath a scrotum hanging loosely in the warmth of the sun.

He laughed. “No need to move on, I’m not worried about it. I would kind of enjoy the company.” As he spoke, he (for the second time) reached down and adjusted his magnificent cock taking the tip of his foreskin between his finger and thumb and twirled it back and forth. It was becoming a little more than semi hard and already as it thickened it was seven to seven and a half inches long.

He rolled to his side to have a better look in my direction and his one eyed serpent slowly glided off his stomach, hanging like an anaconda on the hunt in a jungle forest, taunting me to come close enough for it to strike, and I had no doubt in after thought that he did not roll on his side to be able to see me better, but to allow me to see his growing semen cannon without any obstruction.

He raised his finger and thumb from his cock to his lips and licked them without thinking. “You fishing with worms?” He asked. “I got a big one you can try out if you want.” By now my boat had floated over toward his and we were side by side. His cock was continuing to grow and now was rock hard.

It must have been easily nine inches and thick as an over-sized cucumber left too long in the garden to ripen. The young man smiled and flexed his cock muscle allowing it to rise and fall slightly, luring me, inviting me to take it into my mouth and savor its flavor. Yes, there was no doubt that he was the one now fishing, and I was the fish he was luring in to catch.

This young god was driving me crazy as he reached down and grabbed a bottle of baby oil, he had sitting next to him and oiled his chest and arms. Then slowly, as he looked into my eyes, he slid his hand down and oiled his lower stomach and stroked his cock, covering it with the baby oil causing it to glisten in the sun. I tied my boat to his and started to climb aboard when he said with a gleeful chuckle, “Oh no, no clothes allowed on this boat. It’s naked or nothing.”

I looked around and there were no other boats in sight, so I figured what the heck. I kicked off my deck shoes, pulled my t-shirt over my head and dropped my shorts exposing my now pulsing seven inch and rather thick cut tool.

“Man, you got game!” he said. “The name’s Chris, Come on over.”

I said, “Hi I’m Rick” as I climbed onto the pontoon boat and approached the young man. Although I was not as washboard and cut as the skipper of this pleasure barge, I had no reason to hide either. My stomach was flat and covered with dark brown hair. I worked out in the gym and so there wasn’t an ounce of fat on me. I prided myself at the size of my balls and as of recent I hadn’t had a good cum and so they were swollen full and ready to play.

He reached up and took my throbbing cock in his hand. His hands had been warmed in the sun and were stilled covered in baby oil. This felt marvelous as he gently slid his slick hand up and down my shaft, thumbing my head slit then cupping my raging balls. Chris pulled me closer as he propped himself higher and wasted no time licking the tip of my cock.

He grinned boyishly and then tongued my shaft from the base to the tip. He paid great attention to my nut sack pulling my swollen balls into his mouth, like a vacuum cleaner would suck up a couple of marbles with a “POP POP”. With my junk in his mouth, he slowly and meaningfully rolled back onto his back causing me to step over him or trip.

Now as I straddled him, he raised himself up and grabbed my ass cheeks. He released my tingling balls and forced his head lower between my legs, pulling me forward a step or two as he did. I couldn’t help but moan as his tongue slid down from my balls until it found my tight hole. Chris began working my hole in a way no one had ever done before. His tongue probed in and out of my sphincter like a mini cock desperately trying to gain entry.

Each time his tongue slowly traveled back into his mouth I was overwhelmed by the euphoric sensation of his teeth nibbling on my taint. With his tongue and teeth working my ass back and forth my legs were becoming weak. I almost collapsed with pleasure as he began sucking while he nibbled harder and forced his tongue deeper inside of me.

He came up for air, licking his wet lips and asked if I wanted something bigger in that tight ass of mine. I answered, “Yes but I want a chance to lubricate it with my mouth as I taste its manly flavor”. Chris laid back on his back and I turned around. I was still straddling him in a sixty-nine position now as I lowered myself to my knees and slid his rock-hard glory pole past my quivering lips. I was working his shaft farther and farther into my mouth with each stroke when he lifted his head and again began to eat my ass.

It caught me off guard and I instinctively jerked forward which shoved the whole length of his cock down my throat as he pleasured my sensitive sphincter. The end of his cock bent slightly as it made the curve from my mouth to my throat. It took all I had not too gag as he slid as far into me as he could, and I smelled the aroma of coconut oil as my nose became firmly planted against his glorious nut sack. I groaned again as Chris said, “OK on your knees.”

I rolled to the side and turned around. There was a towel on the deck, and I kneeled on it and lifted my soaking wet with saliva, ass in his direction. The young man spread my legs and knelt between them. He picked up the baby oil and coated his rigid pole and poured some down the crack of my ass. I could feel the head of his massive cock as it slid up and down my ass crack, testing my groove for just the right spot and angle, until it stopped at my back door. He took my hips in his strong hands and slowly pushed his rigid cock forward, while pulling my hips back slowly and firmly toward him.

His large arrow shaped head met resistance from my tight hole, which had never had anything larger than a couple of lubricated fingers in it to this point. I could tell he felt that this was not his problem, and he would have nothing of it. He pushed harder and with a pop; his head was inside. My host moaned as he leaned forward dug his fingernails into my hips and with one long slow push slid his full length inside of me.

I uncontrollably shouted, Holy Shit that hurts!” My words seemed to echo off the canyon walls of the lake cove and drift across the water in every direction. At first, I wondered if anyone had heard me but soon, I didn’t care. I grunted out loud at the sheer size of the organ inside me, slowly sliding in and out as my body adjusted to the mass. Soon my grunts became groans and then moans of delight.

The young man was in no hurry as he methodically slid his shaft all the way in and then pulled out all the way to the tip of his tool. Again and again, slowly and sensually he penetrated me balls deep and each time it was like the first: filling me with lust and uncontrollable pleasure. I began rocking back against his slow thrusts and from behind me I heard his laughter. “You like that do you? I knew you would. Now let me show you how good it can really feel; let’s go!”

He then picked up his speed and in a moments time he was slamming my ass with thrust after thrust. His supple ball sack slapped against my ass with each fevered stroke. His hands gripped my waist and held on tight, so he was in complete control. At first, he still strove to use the full length his blood gorged tool pulling almost all the way out before driving home once more. Then he began to speed up even faster and only pulled back halfway. He also dropped down lower and changed his angle so he could thrust from his hips more than his knees for added speed.

The result was his cock starting to glide across my prostate, pleasuring me from the inside out in a way I had never experienced before. I was gasping with lust and finding it hard to breathe as this sensation was taking away all of my control to remain still.

His fingers began to dig into my flesh, and I could feel his shaft tighten as he began to pant. I knew he was going to cum at any moment. He arched his back and changed his entry angel once more as he tensed for his imminent discharge. The new angle no longer glided across my prostate tickling it, it now crushed into my prostate with passion and lust! The feeling was sensational, and I couldn’t hold back. As I bucked back against him, I shouted “Oh man, don’t stop. I’m cumin, and cumin hard!”

I was rewarded with him giving one last huge thrust deep inside me as he began gyrating his hips. I could almost feel the arteries in his swollen cock pulsating with each frantic beat of his heart as he reached the climax of our sexual encounter.

We both exploded together. Rope after rope of my man seed sprayed out onto the towel beneath me, onto the deck of the boat and onto my chest and chin as my cock flexed and jerked uncontrollably shooting cannon load after cannon load of my semen in every direction! I had never cum like that before, and I could feel just as much spunk shooting inside from his engorged cock as he ground his hips to tightly against my ass that I thought his load might shoot out my mouth! He filled my insides up with his sweet man nectar and continued unloading until his cum squirted out the sides of my gaping ass hole and ran down my thighs.

My legs turned to jelly, and I fell forward onto my stomach with the young man in tow. We laid there for several minutes before I felt him flex his manhood once or twice more times as it began to relax and slide out of me. Just then we heard the sound of another boat motor and I saw someone coming into the cove.

My partner laughed as I rolled him off of me, slapped his ass and thanked him while I jumped into my boat and scrambled to get my clothes on.

My host pulled a pair of trunks on just as the other boat approached. An older gentleman called over and asked how the fishing was. Before I could say anything, the young man laughed again and said, “I’m sure if you’re using worms: just put it out there for the fish to see and let it lay there, wiggling it now and then, something with bite. He looked over at me and winked.

I didn’t listen to anything else. I started up my engine and drove out of the cove. Don’t know if I’ll ever see the young man again, but I know the cove and you can bet I have a new respect for fishing with worms and I have to say the bigger the worm, the better.
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