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Our whirlwind relationship continues to build
After spending the weekend together and having some amazing sex, I had to go back to work on Monday and Sierra went home. Monday came and went without any word from her, I felt a little lonely that night thinking that we were going to go another week without talking. Surprisingly, Sierra showed up at my job on Tuesday afternoon dressed to the nines. Her hair and nails were done, make up was spot on, and she was wearing this beautiful green flowered dress that accentuated her dark ebony skin and curves. I was shocked and completely memorized when she came in and prayed that no one would question if she was a trans or not.

Sierra surprised me even more when she came in and gave me a kiss in front of all my co-workers and asked me for my apartment keys. I looked questionably at her and gave them to her. She just kissed me and said "trust me baby." Just that fast she gave me one more kiss and shook her thick ass all the way out the door. I kinda just stood there in amazement, when I heard my coworkers whispering. When I turned around one of the black guys looked at me and said, "you're a lucky mother fucker, she sexy as fuck, and that ass!" In my head I was chuckling knowing that he had no idea she was a trans and had a 9 inch fat cock to. I just looked back at him and grinned. All afternoon, my heart was racing not knowing what to expect when I got home.

Before I left work I called her and told her I was going to the gym and would be home by 630. She just told me to hurry up for my surprise. I did the best I could to get my workout in and get out of the gym in a reasonable amount of time.

When I got home I could smell the food outside the door of my apartment. The funny part is that I had to knock on my own door to get in. When she answered the door she was still wearing the green dress from earlier and had an old fashion apron on over it. It was really cute, but the smell of food overtook me. I leaned down to kiss her and she put her hand in my face and giggled that I stunk and was sweaty, lol. So I walked into the kitchen to see what she was cooking and she grabbed my arm and pulled me out and told me to shower. All I could tell is that it was some kind of beef meal.

I jumped in the shower and made sure I was still clean shaven and ready for the evening ahead. I put some shorts and a shirt on with no underwear and went back out to the living room where she greeted me with a deep passionate kiss. I sat in the dining room chair and she straddled me and kissed me some more. Her cock wasn't tied up any more and it was rubbing my leg, making me excited. She stopped kissing me and asked if I liked my surprise today. I told her that I loved it and that no one expected anything about her. She smiled and kissed me again, but I did tell her she needed to be careful doing that because no one knew that I was bi. She gave me a peck on the lips and said everything will be ok and she got up and went back into the kitchen.

A moment later she brought me a Jack on the rocks and told me that dinner would be ready in a moment. It was really sureal what was happening. It felt really comfortable and it felt good to have this kind of relationship again. A few moments later she brought me a bowl of ox tail stew with potatoes and carrots over a bed of rice. I was shocked and it was amazing. We sat and talked for a while and had a few more drinks. After dinner we moved out to the patio which overlooked the intercoastal and cuddled up on the my lounging chair and had a few more drinks. We talked and kissed and lightly fondled each other for over an hour, before she said she needed a shower. I sat there and finished my Jack Daniels. Twenty minutes later she returned wearing a sexy nighty that was dark red in color and hid nothing. She smelt amazing and her skin just looked radiant.

About this time the sun was just starting to touch the horizon and the skies turned orange and blue and some black. I took my shirt off and pulled Sierra down on top of me and cupped her ass cheeks in my hands as her cock slid between my legs and we kissed deeply and passionately. If anyone could see from the opposite side there would be no hiding her huge cock. Her nighty didn't cover much. Her firm c-cup breats pressed against my chest and her cock laying on mine as we kissed passionately. While we kissed she reached down between us and unzipped my shorts and slid them off me. Now both of us were bare to the world for anyone to see, but it was kind of exciting knowing anyone could see if they decided to. I spread my legs just a little and let her cock slide downward over my balls and into the crack of my ass, while my cock lay between us. We just stayed there grinding on each other while we kissed and I played with her breasts. Both of our cocks were leaking precum and sliding freely between us. As we continued to grind on each other, she whispered in my ear and told me to lay the lounger down all the way and to lay on my back. I did what I was told and she kneeled in front of me and started stroking my cock before she took it in her mouth. To see her bent down with her thick ass sticking straight up in the air and her head bobbing up and down was incredibly sexy. She sucked and licked from front to back with expert skills and brought me to the edge multiple times.

I finally had to push her off me or I was going to blow and we still had a long way to go that night. I pulled her back to me and kissed her again. Then I told her to put her hands on the rail and spread her legs. this put her in a very clear view of anyone walking by or anyone from another aparment. I open her nighty and let her beautiful breasts out and pinched her nipples making her moan. My cock was sliding between her cheeks and rubbing her tight hole as we both stood there in plain view on the balcony. She pushed her ass back into me a couple times begging for my cock. I sat back down on the lounger and grabbed her cheeks and spread them wide open. I bit her ass cheek on the way in and she let out a little squeal and then a long moan the second my tongue hit her hole. She reached around behind her and grabbed my head pulling my face deeper into her. All I could hear from her was " Yes baby, just like that baby, deeper baby!" and a lot of moaning. While I ate her hole I stroked that huge cock. Every few minutes I would pulled that big cock back and lick it from balls to crown and suck on it the best I could. Then I would make my way back to her balls and hole.

After 10 minutes or so, she grabbed my ear and tried to pull me up and was begging for me to fuck her. I stood up and her ass immediately arched back to me. I reached around and cupped her breast and pinched her nipples as I kissed her back and neck. She kept begging me to put my cock in her, I took my left hand off her breast and put it on her shoulder pulling back making her back arch even more and I told her if she wanted it to put it in. She reached back and grabbed my shaft and guided my head to her tight hole and pushed her ass back. Just as my cock started to enter her I pushed as hard as I could and buried my cock, balls deep into her. She let out a very loud moan and a "Yes Baby!" Her hole was so hot and juicy and tight it felt incredible. I pistoned in and out of her at a moderate pace with her bent over the rail of my balcony.

It didn't take long after the edging she gave me. I began to pick up the intensity and our bodies impacting each other could be heard by anyone coming by. She reached around and grabbed my hip and told me to cum inside of her. I grabbed both of her arms at the elbows and pulled her back to me, making a deep arch in her back and pushing my cock as far as it would go inside of her and fucked as hard as I could before I pushed all the way in and unleashing a massive load into her. Both of us were incoherent of our surroundings and making animalistic sounds as I finished. My orgasm was so intense I became light headed and almost fell on her. I let go of her arms and reached for the rail in front of her and collapsed on her. We stayed this way for a few moments until I regained my composure. She had pulled my cock out of her and spun around holding me, both of us stood there shaking and holding each other. her hands roamed all over my back and chest as we caught our breath. I was amazed with this woman. She whispered " let's go in baby" and we went back in and I turned some music on and we got in the bed.

As we laid there, her cock was as a rock and begged for release. Completely exhausted I rolled onto my stomach and pulled her on top of me, inviting her to mount me and take me. My cock had began to stir again and I layed it backwards between my legs. She straddled me and dropped some lube into my crack and rubbed it into my hole. My back responded and arched allowing open access to my ass. She placed the firm but spongy head of her cock against my hole and pushed. I moaned and told her to go deeper. She slid her cock all the way in with one slow and sensual push. I was moaning uncontrallably as she slid slowly in and out of me. She was being gentle, she then layed down on my back and I could feel her breasts on my back and she kept this slow and deep pace up for a while. She made love to me, it wasn't fucking anymore. After about 10 minutes I could feel her cock starting to get a little harder and her breath a little more shallow. She reached her arms around me and held me tight as she pushed into me deeply and filled me with her cum. She just layed there with her cock inside me for a few more minutes as she held me. After a few minutes she pulled her cock out of me and slid down onto the bed where we both passed out.

I woke up at 4am in a panic thinking I overslept for work. When I looked at the clock I took a deep breath and set the alarm for 630. I looked over and she hadn't budged. I pushed her hair back over her ear and kissed her cheek and layed back down. At 630 when the alarm went off, I was alone in the bed. Sierra wasn't in the bathroom either, I put my head back down and was upset thinking she snuck out and went home. I rubbed my eyes and looked around again when I saw her clothes still on the floor and my tshirt drawer slightly open. I grinned and got up to use the bathroom before I went out to living room. there she was in my tshirt making breakfast and lunch for me like a real girlfriend would. At that moment I knew there was more than lust going on, I was getting strong feelings for her and her for me.

After breakfast she joined me in the shower and we washed each other and I got ready for work. I told her to stay as long as she liked and if she went home to drop my keys off to me. Before I left that Wednesday morning I kissed her and told her we needed to talk when I got home from the gym. She gave me this inquisitve look and I reassured her that everything was ok that I just wanted to have a talk at dinner.

Too Be continued....
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