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I use supernatural powers to possess and control a husband, wife, and daughter in their home to get sick and extreme vengeance. READ DISCLAIMERS

This story gets VERY disgusting and brutal. I use extreme taboo themes and consider my stories "horror".

These niche things appear in THIS chapter. If any are not your thing, just back out now. You’ve been warned!

Rape/Abuse/Violence toward women



Young girl


Gross smelling/tasting

Armpit licking

Sweat licking

Eating creampie

Fingering dirty asshole

Forced deflowering




Extreme bodily fluids



This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any of the things I write about. All characters are considered 18+, even if a story implies otherwise.

I'm not concerned with story, I don’t write very skillfully, and I write almost 100% smut. I start most stories with a supernatural, unrealistic scenario, just a quick excuse to dive into the question of "What dark shit could I do if I had the power to _?" I write in first person, as an evil, perverted, petty man, pushing my writing way past what I would ever do in real life, trying to creep myself out as I write.

Let me know if you'd like more!


Chapter 5 - A Broken Ornament

Still dripping milk, I push Ella aside to lay next to us on the bed. She coughs and sobs pathetically, on the verge of puking. I switch my attention to Grace, “Ok ladies, let’s get you tied up better.”

I currently possess the body of Kadir, just finished exploring his daughter Ella, his wife Grace. I kneel on the massive master bed with them crumpled beneath me. This family took everything from me. Now their beautiful home is mine for tonight. This beautiful mother and daughter, a Christmas gift to me.

I kiss Grace on the cheek as I move her from her current position. She reluctantly follows my lead the whole way, not daring to misbehave. With her more in the center of the bed, I attach her wrist cuffs to the posts above the bed, her arms up in a similar “Y” position to before, but higher up. Then I take her ankle cuffs and do the same, hanging her up high. It’s a struggle but all the equipment I bought makes it manageable. Adjustable straps and buckles all attaching from wrist or ankle to the horizontal beams at the top of the four-poster-bed posts. I attach more straps for extra support, at knees and elbows, and underneath her lower back.

She is now fully suspended above the bed, completely horizontal, faceup, each limb stretched spread-eagle equally toward all 4 corners of the bed posts above. Sort of missionary position in the air, pussy about waist-high if I stand on the bed, mouth-high if I kneel.

Her head and hair dangle limply, she whimpers, eyes shut tight crying as quietly as she can. Her thick asscheeks sag slightly from gravity, such an erotic sight. Her breasts, still somewhat hugged by her ripped open white tank top, nevertheless sag slightly outward.

Such a bitchy, prudish wife. She would never do anything like this willingly. But that doesn’t matter. She’s flesh for me to use.

I feel around, relishing her helplessness. Her smooth thighs, slick with a bit of sweat. Her belly, her tits, her asscheeks underneath, all so vulnerable and exposed. I flick her right in the middle of her pussy lips, and she lets out a muffled yelp, her whole body squirming a bit. But she seems very secure, and nothing cutting off circulation.

I turn to Ella again. She lays toward the edge of the bed, curled up in fetal position, trying to cover her naked chest, looking up at me, whimpering softly. She still wears her light pink pajama pants with snowflakes all over, for now.

I grab her up with ease, though she squirms and squeals a bit. Tossing her over my shoulder, I smack her ass hard several times, “Hey! No more misbehaving! You stop that!” She settles down, and I lift her up on top of her mother, into 69 position, facedown, belly to belly. Her head in between her mom’s legs, trying to turn her face away from the pussy right below her. I take Ella’s wrists and wrap them around and under Grace’s waist, binding them together behind her mother’s back, making her hug her mommy tightly. I let Ella’s legs dangle freely on either side of Grace’s chest, thighs underneath her mother’s armpits, her pajama-covered ass pointing right at Grace’s dangling head.

I walk around the bed, admiring the work of art I created. Hovering, suspended above the bed. Mother faceup, spread wide, dangling from all four limbs. Daughter laying facedown on top of her, hugging her tightly. Dusky almond skin of little daughter on top of pale white mother. Faces toward crotches. Both both ladies gagged crudely, forcing their mouths wide. A tangle of flesh, with a bit of torn up cloth here and there.

I notice how Ella is a bit shorter than her mom. So they don’t line up perfectly. Her ass is more on Grace’s chest than right above her face. So I go grab some leather straps and wrap them around Ella's midsection. Making a sort of belt, or harness. I grab it and lift. Ella’s light body is fairly easy to move around with this handle. I pull her over her mother’s face, lift Grace’s head roughly by the hair, shoving her face into her daughter’s crotch to test out the position. She mumbles a muffled complaint, shaking her head. I let go and her head drops. “Oh shut up. She’s just your daughter.”

Satisfied, I leave Ella in this position, her ass hanging above her mom’s dangling head. I grab the girl’s sweet asscheeks. Her pink pajama bottoms, so soft. The material is thin and delicate, her flesh beneath easily felt. I knead and massage her little cheeks, then I bury my face into her crack. Grinding back and forth, inhaling her scent. That nice mango smell, but mixed with a bit of a musk, amazing. My dick swells.

I kneel down under Grace’s head, propping her dangling head up on my shoulder, forcing her face really close to her daughters crotch above her. I turn, my head right next to Grace’s. I smell her classy blonde and brown hair, kiss her on the cheek, then turn to face Ella’s ass inches from us.

I grab a fistful of her cute pajama pants, the waistband right above the ass. And I pull up, giving her a wedgie, watching the thin material recede up into her asscrack, making it tight against her skin, defining the exact shape of her small but plump asscheeks, her little panty-lines easily seen. I raise my shoulder to push Grace’s nose right up against it. She has her eyes shut tight, trying to ignore what’s happening. Her gagged mouth means she’s breathing through her nose, smelling her daughter.

Keeping our faces right up to her ass, I grab the pants with both pants, right in the center, and I pull sharply. A loud tearing sound. I pull apart again. A small hole in the seam of her crotch. Again, slowly revealing more and more. With my face an inch away, I immediately catch a pleasant whiff of her scent. The unmistakable musk of pussy, but faint, fresh. I rip some more, revealing her panties. I dig my face into the shadowy hole of her ripped pants, inhaling and rubbing around. I rip the material hard, satisfyingly tearing it wide open, halfway down both her thighs.

Simple, pale green and white cotton panties. Cute little snowmen faces all over in a pattern. Full-coverage, not meant to be sexy. But my dick rages. I push both Grace’s and my face into it, rubbing us around on the soft material.

Then I reach up and grab right in the center, right where Ella’s little asshole hides underneath. And I pull hard. RIIIIP, the thin panties give way so easily. A perfect present to rip open. I tear the fabric completely end to end, only the small elastic bands still intact around her waist and each thigh.

And there inches from my face is this sweet girl’s pussy and ass, naked and exposed against her will. Bent over for her parents to enjoy together. Her cheeks are perfectly smooth, pale but slightly darker than Grace’s creamy skin. I grab her butt with both hands. Immaculate little handfuls, toned but so soft and squishy. The skin of her crotch is much darker, naturally a nice dusky color. Not a hair in sight, she keeps herself so perfectly smooth and clean. Her asshole stares me right in the eye, inches away, this cute little puckered dark brown button. I pull her asscheeks apart a bit with my hands, inspecting further down. Her pussy is so small, so innocent. Looks like it’s never been used, kept so pristine. A darkness to the skin, hairless and smooth. And only a hint of some lips poking out from her slit. She almost has a complete “innie”.

I dive in face first, tasting and inhaling her pussy. The skin around her slit is puffy and soft. I nibble and kiss and lick. God it’s so delicious. I dig my tongue into her crease, tasting those little lips poking out slightly. A bit salty. I dig deeper. A little more sour, maybe the slight taste of piss. My cock throbs. My tongue has trouble going inside. She’s so tight, and her pussy clearly clenches tighter, not allowing me access, not turned on. I lap and lick along her lips and up to her taint. A bit sweaty and sour.

Breathing heavily from my lust, I pull back for a break, and shove Grace’s face in. She wrinkles her nose, eyes shut tight, but I drive her nose into her daughters pussy. “Oh don’t be like that. You know you like it.” I lick Grace’s face, then get my face in there too, licking at pussy, then nose, then inner thigh, then cheekbone.

I lean our heads back and quickly take Grace’s shirt-gag off from around her mouth and head. Then I reach in and pull out the disgusting wet wad of dirty panties balled up inside her mouth. Now all that remains is the ring gag holding her mouth open in a surprised “O” expression. I quickly shove her face back into Ella’s pussy. “Lick!” I smack Ella’s asscheeks hard. Grace makes noises of complaint, “Ah Ah”, unable to form words with that ring in. I smack again and again, Ella squealing and writhing in pain.

Grace has no choice and puts her open mouth closer, slowly reaching out her tongue. I shove her head in hard to hurry her up, driving her straight in. “Mmmmmmph” she complains with her mouth all over her daughter. “Lick!” I slowly start to hear gentle lapping sounds.

I force ass down hard with both hands, force Grace’s head up with my shoulder, driving her nose straight into Ella’s asshole as she continues to lick at the pussy. I gently bite the soft asscheek in front of me, then join Grace in licking her daughter. The smell of spit mixing with musky pussy. I lick at Grace’s tongue, then dig into the little folds of Ella’s pussy.

Noticing I’m close to Grace’s armpit too, I lean down and inhale deeply, just for the hell of it, just to make her even more humiliated. I move back to Grace’s face, licking up and down her cheek. Then I turn to Ella’s pussy and spit right where Grace is licking her folds. I force her to lick up my spit, to clean off her daughter.

I get up and move around to the other side of the girls. Ella is quietly crying and sniffling, just laying her head on her mother’s belly, enduring like a champ. I lift her up by the strap around her waist, shifting her head closer to Grace’s pussy. Grace’s head now out of reach of Ella’s pussy, she lets her head fall back limp, her pretty head and hair hanging down loosely.

I grab little Ella by her silky black hair and shove her face straight into her mom’s pussy, pushing and grinding it around. I lift her head back up and get eye level with her. “Now you need to do what I say, ok baby? Or I’ll have to hurt you and your mommy.” She slowly nods, her face in such a lewd, shocked expression with that ring gag holding her mouth open.

“Lick your mommy’s leg, right here.” Grace’s inner thigh looks so sexy, pale soft skin, damp with a sheen of sweat. I push Ella’s head, still holding her by the hair. She sniffles and sobs, but obeys. Her little tongue slowly coming out and touching her mother’s creamy thigh. I go in too, licking at the little tongue, together licking at the sweaty skin. I kiss Ella’s cheek, coaxing her on. Watching her reluctantly lap at salty leg.

“Good girl, now that wasn’t so bad, right? Ok now down here.” The mom’s cunt. So sexy, her pussy lips folding out like a flower. A bit beaten up and used and soaked with sweat and juices. Her smell is getting stronger the more I use her. That musky feminine scent. It makes my head foggy with lust.

I shove Ella’s head down. “Lick!” She lets out a muffled yelp. I hear Grace sobbing on the other end. Finally Ella starts lapping at her mom’s folds. Such a pinched expression on her face. She gags a couple times, but continues. I stick a finger in the pussy without warning, Grace shrieking in pain for a moment. I dig around, still forcing Ella’s head onto it. Then I pull my finger out and shove if in the girl’s mouth, swirling the cunt juices around her tongue and stretched lips.

After the finger left her pussy, I see a slight dribble of white seeping out of Grace’s nasty cunt. “Oh look Ella, mommy still had some of my cum in there. Lick it up, baby.” I shove her face in, she gags hard but holds herself together. “Clean your mommy, that’s it. That’s called a creampie. It tastes good doesn’t it?”

I can’t hold back anymore. I stand up and grab my cock. I grab Ella by the hair, lift her slightly out of the way, and before she even realizes what’s happening, I thrust straight into her mother’s pussy an inch under her face. Grace convulses, her whole body jerking in shocked pain as I suddenly plunged into her. Not enough lubrication, not enough arousal. It almost hurts my cock. But I drive in deep, hugging one of Grace’s thighs with one arm, holding Ella's head with the other hand. The intense feeling almost makes me cum right there. I stop with the first thrust, just taking it all in, letting her abused pussy mold to my cock.

I pull back a bit, nothing seems damaged. I guess her motherly cunt has seen worse abuse from childbirth. Gripping Ella’s hair tight, I force her face onto my cock and Grace’s pussy as I slide slowly in and out. I caress the little girl’s back, reach all the way forward and grab a handful of her little asscheek, just enjoying everything within reach. I reach underneath and jiggle Grace’s asscheeks, hanging down loosely. Then back to Ella’s head to make sure she’s pushed down onto her parents’ genitals as I slide in and out.

“Lick your daddy’s cock, baby.” I hear a bit of sobbing, but a moment later she complies and I feel a little tongue gently tickling my shaft each time it slowly emerges from within the pussy. She laps at the juices we’re making, Grace’s pussy being forced to get slick, my precum coating my cock. That little tongue, lapping like a kitten, barely touching, so gentle.

I pull out suddenly, grab Ella’s head with both hands, my rock solid cock aiming itself forward. And I slowly drive into her little mouth. Forced open by the ring gag, she has no choice. She squirms and squeals, and Grace shifts around nervously too, unable to see exactly what’s happening to her poor baby. I keep pushing forward, feeling that soft wet tongue, the hard roof of her mouth. Then the back of her throat and she gags immediately. I barely touch it, but she almost pukes. I sigh and then plunge back into her mother’s cunt for a few strong pumps, really coating my cock in her juices. Fluids from mother and daughter churning within her.

“I guess that was the first time a cock has gone in there, huh? She really doesn't know how to do it, babe.” At that, Grace understands what happened and starts yelling and thrashing around, furious. Forgetting her place. Blinded by the rage that her husband just face-fucked her daughter.

I quickly move around the girls back toward Grace’s face. “You don’t like that? I shouldn’t stick this in your baby girl like that? Fine, then show her how to do it!”

I grab her thrashing face, her bloodshot blue eyes staring daggers at me. And I plunge straight in without mercy, straight to the back of her throat. She convulses and gags. I pull back out. She coughs and spits from her gag ring, close to puking. “Wow you both suck at this.” Grace still coughing I thrust back in and violate her throat with 3 full pumps as far as I can go. As if trying to pierce all the way through to her stomach. She gags violently and spits up a whole mouthful of mucus, overflowing out onto her face and hair. Her anger forgotten.

I walk back to the other side. Grace still catching her breath and coughing, I plunge into her pussy again. Hump viciously, as fast as I can. Then, holding Ella’s hair, I push my cock into her mouth again, mixing fluids from all these different holes. She gags immediately again, so I pull out, not wanting to get puked on.

I walk back to Grace’s head and lift Ella up by her waist-handle again, moving her ass over her mom’s face. I casually slap my slime-coated cock on Grace’s forehead as she still tries to recover from her face-fucking. She coughs and tries to catch her breath, her face constantly recoiling away, trying to escape from my cock as I play around and slap her with it. I reach up with my other hand and play around with Ella’s asscheeks. God they’re so perky and flawless. I squish and pull at them.

Then I stick my thumb over her little asshole, feeling around, still slapping Grace with my cock below. The little brown hole is wrinkled and tiny. But pliable, soft. It clenches at my touch, but relaxes immediately again. I rub in circles. Her little pussy twitches. I rub her asshole more, swirling gently. Her pussy reacts. Her “innie” opens up ever so slightly. I rub more. She’s getting a bit wet.

But her asshole itself clenches. It’s too tight. I bring my finger carefully to my nose. Bleh, and she needs a good cleaning too. But she liked it I think. Well her body did, against her will.

SLAP SLAP onto Grace’s face, my cock so hard, so wet and slimy from throats and pussy.

I reach out my fingers again, this time exploring the girl’s smooth pussy. Her lips almost completely inside her, but starting to peek out, glistening a bit from rubbing her asshole. I pry her puffy pussy open a bit, exposing her tiny lips more. Dark little folds of flesh, so pure and inexperienced. Wet with spit from all the licking Grace and I gave her. Wet with a bit of pussy juice now too. Slightly aroused, whether she likes it or not.

I slide my finger up and down her slick slit, through her folds, finding the little clit, the tiniest little nub. I rub around, while still slapping my soaked cock around on her mother’s recoiling face. Ella squirms and bucks her hips like she’s being tickled hard. She’s so sensitive. God she’s never done this has she? I lean down to get a taste. The slight saltiness is so erotic. I flick my tongue around rapidly, she squirms more, her voice squeaking over there.

Still rubbing her clit, her little pussy gets a bit wetter every minute, against her will. Her pussy hole opens up slightly, gaping gently open in arousal. I bury my face in, inhaling, licking. A sweet musk. Her fresh juices are a bit sour. I dig deeper to get more. She’s so incredibly tight. She must be a virgin. Of course she is, the innocent little girl thing isn’t an act. She seems younger than she is, in EVERY way, especially her sexual experience. I try to drive my tongue in deeper, but the opening is so small. I wonder if part of her hymen is still intact, if that’s what’s in the way. My cock throbs. I spread her open more to try to see. I can’t tell. Only one way to find out.

I spit into her pussy hole and rub it around a bit. Then I stand up and grab Grace’s head, quickly thrusting into her mouth again. I push deep until I’m partway in her throat. She shakes violently, trying to escape, unable to breathe, sputtering and coughing. I hold. She finally gags and convulses loudly. I pull out before she pukes, but she coats my cock in plenty of slimy spit and mucus. I let go of her head, letting it fall limply, and I return to Ella’s pussy.

Both my hands on the girl’s asscheeks, I spread her pussy as much as I can with my thumbs. My cock and her cunt are both coated with as much lubrication as possible, so I slowly press my tip forward into her. “Here we go, ladies. Time to make Ella into a woman.” Grace, still coughing and recovering, makes a noise, suddenly realizing what’s happening. She starts desperately thrashing about, squealing and pleading for me to stop. I press on.

My tip barely presses against her and it’s already a struggle. Granted, my cock is throbbing as fully erect as it gets, and Kadir is big. I can’t tell if there’s a hymen, it’s just unbelievably tight in there. I press more, and Ella starts shaking around and squealing just like her mom. I hold her steady by the ass and hips, and I press, but it’s too tight. Going slow like this wont work.

“Sometimes, you just have to rip off the band-aid quick.” And I thrust. Hard. Ella goes still for a moment as it happens, a sharp inhale of breath, her body seizing up in shock. I feel something give, a slight tearing, then I’m completely inside her. I pierce into her, stabbing my rock-solid cock into her virgin pussy. Her daddy is inside her vagina, taking her virginity as she’s strapped in 69 position on her mommy.

And then she screams. So loud I have to reach forward and clamp my hand around her mouth. Her body thrashes. Her dangling legs kick around on either side of her mother, spasming in pain. And my cock feels amazing, plunged into her tight warmth, forcing her walls to expand. It’s a bit painful, one of the tightest thing I’ve ever felt, like gripping my dick as hard as I can with my hand. I’m only about halfway into her, and she’s fully filled up. My tip pressed up against her cervix in there, I couldn’t go any further if I wanted to.

I hold here for a minute, taking it all in, letting her get more used to it, letting her get her screaming out into my hand. I bend forward and kiss her back, hugging both my ladies around the midsection, breathing in the smell of sex and sweat in the air as I just let my cock throb inside her.

She goes quiet finally and I stand upright and look down. And see blood. A fair amount, leaking out around the base of my shaft sticking out of her. I slowly pull out of her and she whimpers in pain again. Grace still mumbles and writhes and complains, unable to comprehend what her husband has just done to their daughter.

I pull fully out of the pussy. My cock is coated in blood and slime. I grab the noisy head below me, hold her steady, and shove my filthy cock into her mouth. “Shut up and clean me off.” Her eyes couldn’t go any wider, she’s screaming and mumbling hysterically as I fill her mouth with blood and pussy juice from her daughter’s virgin cunt. She gags a few times, but I force her to lick me up and down. “Remember, ladies, your punishment can get a lot worse if you don’t quiet down.” Firm, angry tone. They both quiet down.

I pull out of Grace’s face and aim for Ella’s cunt again. Still seeping a bit of blood, I stab in mercilessly. She muffles herself into her mother’s belly. I plunge in and out, a fast pace, about half my cock fitting inside before bottoming out each time. Squelching sounds make it so much nastier. Little flecks of blood hit Grace on the chin and neck.

It’s so tight, my cock getting squeezed like she’s trying to strangle it, milking me. I slap down hard onto her little asscheeks, watching them bounce and shake. Ella makes weird guttural sounds with each thrust, the pain clearly immense. Her legs dangle on either side of her mom, twitching.

I pull out suddenly, racing around the girls. I lift up Ella’s head by her hair, watching her face. Her eyes are crossed and dazed, on the verge of consciousness. Drool drips out of her ring gag. I stare at her as I aim my blood soaked cock and drill into her mother’s pussy. Getting all that nasty blood and slime into another woman’s warm cunt is just unreal. So many fluids mixing around. I look down to see a bit of blood staining her pussy lips and I thrust viciously in and out. Her pussy is so much looser by comparison. So inviting and relaxed. I can pump so much harder.

Getting closer to cumming, I race around them again, thrusting back into Ella’s pussy a couple times, then out and into Grace’s mouth until she gags and spits. I’m close. I plunge into Ella’s deflowered hole one more time. Harder than ever. I push her limits, her insides straining from the punishment. At first she lets out a weird animalistic moan, probably not even aware she’s making it. Then she goes completely still and silent. I keep thrusting. Her pussy seems to relax a bit too, though still tight.

She passed out. My cock rages even harder as I ravage her unconscious pussy. And then I feel it. Warm and wet. Trickling and splashing out of her, onto my balls and legs. She’s pissing, losing all bodily function, fucked senseless.

The piss squirts out onto her mother’s face below. Grace turns her head away, but is getting drenched with the yellow liquid. Ella must have been holding it this whole time, she really unloads. I slam in and out of her helpless cunt. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT into her mess of a pussy. Piss shooting out everywhere from my violent thrusts slapping against the stream. My cock slick with piss as I fuck in and out.

And then I cum. I let out a low grunt. My head spinning in ecstasy. I spurt a couple shots inside Ella’s little pussy, then pull out to let the rest cake down onto Grace’s piss-soaked face and hair. A slow trickle of piss still leaks out of the girl, dripping down onto her mother. I stick a finger to her urethra to play around with the last dripping flow coming out, as my breathing slowly comes down. The smell is strong.

I step back from the girls to admire my work. Grace just whimpers and sobs limply hanging there faceup. All four limbs spread-eagle, in some sort of grotesque missionary position hovering above the bed. And Ella, completely unconscious on top of her, in 69 position, arms bound in a tight hug around Grace’s waist, head resting on her mom’s belly, legs danging on either side, ass right above Grace’s face. Piss and sweat and cum drip from the tangle of flesh hanging there.

I sit and relax a bit, letting them hang out.
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