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Matt and Haley get to know each other over the weekend while Mom is in Hawaii.
I hope you enjoy this tale of an older man teaching a young girl how to kiss.

Please let me know what you think.


Watching Haley impale herself on my dick was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. It was incredible to see how much her tight cunt lips stretched out to accept my cock. I just watched her smooth hairless cunt lips wrapped around my cock as she pushed herself up and down. My cock was enjoying the tightest pussy it had ever felt in my 45 years alive. When she leaned forward, landing her hands on my chest for balance, I looked down to where we were now connected as one. While she moved her hips up and down, I wondered how my cock was able to fit in her cute little pussy. Laying on my back and enjoying our union, I thought back to how this all got started.

The day before, Thursday, Cheryl came knocking on my door, frantically trying to explain her dilemma. She was excited and speaking a thousand words a minute, I could not understand a word she said. I asked that she take a deep breath and slow down. She took a deep breath and explained that she was due to fly out that evening on a flight to Hawaii where she would be the maid of honor at a friend's wedding. However, her sister had flaked out at the last minute and she did not have a sitter for her daughter, Haley. In my opinion, Haley was old enough to stay home and did not need a sitter. She would be starting high school next year and summer break was just 2 weeks away.

Nonetheless, she asked if I knew of anyone that was available. With no plans for the weekend, I told her Haley was free to either stay here with me or I would check in on her periodically. Cheryl explained she did not feel comfortable leaving her alone and took me up on having her stay with me.

Cheryl is a divorced single mom that owns a condo a few doors down from mine. We became fast friends when her and her ex first moved in and have always helped each other in times of need. Cheryl is a very attractive women with a gorgeous face, nice tits and a tight ass. Wanting to stay on good terms with my neighbor, I never asked her out after her divorce, although she is someone I could definitely see myself fucking all night. I would describe her daughter Haley as her little mini-me. A young lady with a gorgeous face, budding breasts and a little bubble butt that I'm sure gives the boys at school plenty of masturbation motivation at night.

About an hour after Cheryl had left, I heard them walking back up to my door. Before they could knock, I yelled out for them to come in through my screen door. Cheryl was carrying Haley's suitcase, asking where to put it. I told her that I had fixed up the love seat in my home office for her. Haley was a pixie little girl at 5' tall and weighing no more than a hundreds pounds. While Cheryl went to drop off the luggage, I asked Haley if she was excited about staying here with me for the weekend. She got a big smile on her face and nodded her head, asking me what did I have planned for her. Cheryl came back to the living room and I did not get a chance to answer Haley.

Cheryl gave Haley a hug and a kiss, reminding her to behave and to do exactly as she was told. She turned to give me a big hug, telling me over and over that I was a lifesaver and that she owed me big time. Nasty thoughts went through my head as how she could repay me as I felt her tits pressed up against my chest. It was something that would require that she get on her knees. I told her to enjoy herself, ensuring her Haley was in good hands. At that very moment, she received a notice that her ride was waiting for her out in the parking lot. She shouted goodbye as she ran out the door back to her place to retrieve her own luggage before catching her ride.

Around 6pm, Haley and I ran out for some burgers for dinner. It was a school night, so when we got back home, she told me she would be changing into her pajamas and that maybe after we could watch some TV before bedtime. I agreed and made my way to my room to put on a t-shirt and some gym shorts as pajamas. When she came out, I felt my dick twitch. She was the sexiest little thing I had seen a long time. She came out wearing tight boy-shorts that accentuated her bubble butt and a tight top that teased me by showing her belly button as she walked towards me. She walked over barefooted with her brunette hair made up in a cute pony tail. My weakness has always been barefooted women showing off their cute feet and long smooth legs. Her hazel eyes with her brunette hair have always grabbed my attention, same as her mother.

We watched TV for awhile before I found myself nodding my head and falling asleep. I looked over and saw she was already asleep. She had fallen asleep on her side, with her little titties pushing out her shirt and her legs pulled up toward her chest, which pushed out her bubble butt nicely. There was no harm in looking I thought to myself as I put a blanket on her and left for my bedroom. My dick was hard and I was unable to fall asleep with thoughts of a cute little girl asleep in the living room with a nice little ass. I ended up jacking off to thoughts of her before falling asleep.

The next morning she had a quick breakfast before we left for school. Before I dropped her off, we made plans on where and what time I would pick her up.

When we got home that afternoon after picking her up from school, we lounged around for a bit before making plans for dinner. It was a Friday night and I wanted to make it special for her. She had changed out of her school uniform and was now wearing a short skirt and tight blouse that nicely showed off her A cups and smooth legs. It was hard not to stare at this goddess that was staying with me for the next two nights. We ended up at an old Italian restaurant and got seated at a booth, with the waiter commenting on how beautiful my daughter was. Neither she nor I bothered to correct him. After ordering, I learned that Haley wasn't exactly shy, I had just never taken the time to get to know her.

Our conversation started off with school and her friends. She shared with me the gossip on which one of her friends had kissed a boy and who was rumored to have gone all the way. I couldn't help myself and asked her what 'all the way' meant. This was one of the few times I saw her turn red. Having trouble looking up at me, she said that it was when the boy puts his thingy in the girl. I asked her if she had ever kissed a boy. She right away answered that she had only kissed a boy one time on a dare after school, but she had never gone all the way.

We wrapped up dinner and after paying the check, I told her she would be able to repay me by washing the dishes all weekend long. She gave me a pout and then quickly smiled. My god, she was so cute and her smile was something else. We were downtown and decided to walk around before heading back home. We ended up an ice cream shop and Haley's demeanor changed, I suppose she was feeling even more comfortable with me. She sat next to me and it almost felt like a date with us sharing our ice creams and joking around with each other. She had ordered butter pecan and I ordered pistachio for myself. After an hour, we made our way back to the car and headed home.

When we got home, we agreed to watch a movie. I changed into a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt and waited for her on the couch as I channel surfed. Once again she came out in what were already my favorite pajamas for her, the tight boy-shorts that showed of her bubble butt and the tight white t-shirt that showed off her budding boobies. It was obvious that she was not wearing anything underneath with obvious hard little nipples pressed against her shirt.

She sat down next to me on the couch and asked what were we watching. I handed her the remote and told her to choose something while I got us some popcorn and drinks. As I suspected, but did not mind, she had chosen some teen drama. After a while, there came a point where a couple was kissing. Haley pressed pause and shared a story with me about a girl at school that had kissed a boy but thought he was a lousy kisser, same as the guy Haley had kissed. She pressed Play after making her comment. I simply summed it up to her being a typical teenage girl that liked talking a lot. Dinner had proven that to be true. After another kissing scene came up with a different couple, she again paused the movie. She asked me what make a person a good kisser. I was shocked that she would ask me such a question.

I hesitated for a few minutes, not really sure on how to answer that question, other than to tell her that either you are or your not. She stared back at me for the longest time. She had a pensive look, but wouldn't say anything for the longest time. She finally broke the silence and asked me a question that would change everything.

“If I promise never to tell anybody, can I ask you a question?”


“It's kinda embarrassing?”

“We'll I won't know how to help you if you don't say it?”

“Are you a good kisser?” Although a personal question, I had an idea on what she was going through. Instead of pushing her away, I told her that the women I had dated in the past had all told me that I was a great kisser. I was hoping this would end her questioning.

“I really want to know what it's like to kiss someone who knows what they're doing...um, um …..will you kiss me?”

“I..I...I don't think that's a good idea. Your mom would kill me.” After telling her that, she got off the sofa and jumped onto my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck. Her mouth was so close to mine that it started breaking my will. Her sprouting breasts were pushing out against her blouse and her little nipples were in a state of excitement. She hugged me tight and begged me, promising never to tell anyone and telling me she really wanted to be kissed the right way.

Just having her on my lap, I realized my dick was getting hard and I needed to do something before she felt it. At the last minute I had to try and distract her from feeling my growing cock, so I gave her a quick peck on the mouth, hoping that would get her off my lap, but knowing it wouldn't be enough. That quick peck only got me more excited, feeling her little lips on mine. It made me want to know what it would be like to really kiss her, to have my lips on her's as we softly kissed.

She pouted and gave me a sad look. I lost my will and gave in, asking her if she was serious about never telling anyone. She quickly crossed her heart and swore on her grandmother's grave. I told her that we would only do this for a minute and then we would never talk about it, reminding her that Cheryl had warned her about doing as she was told. She quickly agreed.

When her lips met mine, I lost all will. We started off by softly kissing with relaxed lips but closed mouths. Her little lips felt great and had me excited. The more we kissed the harder my cock got. We went from kissing innocently to parting our mouths and feeling her little tongue in my mouth. It was driving me crazy and I was loving it. Our tongues started dancing and she slowly went from sitting on my lap to throwing her legs around my waist to straddle me.

Ten minutes later I had my hands on her tight little ass, squeezing and holding her cheeks. Meanwhile, she held me in place by pulling me to her with her hands behind my head, with both of us breathing heavily and enjoying our kiss. My hands went from enjoying her ass to caressing her back with my hands under her shirt. We were making out with no end in sight. This little girl felt great in my arms and she turned out to be a great kisser. Without thinking, I pushed my hands up and her blouse came up as well. When her little titties were exposed, I panicked and quickly dropped my hands. Her shirt came down and I picked her up and sat her next to me. I never meant for it to go that far, but I couldn't help noticing her beautiful nipples.

“Wow! That was great! Thank you.”

“You're welcome. Now remember our deal, we never talk about this ever again.”

“Okay, I promise.......but, can I ask you something?”


“Did kissing me turn you on, 'cause I could feel your thingy and it got really hard.” She had a coquettish look on her face, knowing exactly what she had done. “In sex ed they explained that a guys thing will get hard when they are excited and aroused.” I was afraid to admit how much she had really turned me on.

“A little bit.”

“Uhm....uhm......Can I,,,,see it?” she begged with her sad puppy eyes.

She had completely gone over the line. She should not have asked me, it was totally inappropriate. This was where I had to be strong and put my foot down. I had to tell her that what she was asking was not going to happen, she would need to wait until she had a boyfriend. So why was I struggling with it and considering whether I should give her a quick peak.

Next thing I knew I was once again confirming, asking IF I did, would she really never, ever tell anyone,. Of course, she quickly agreed. I was excited and my cock was so hard it was actually hurting. I took a deep breathe and started undoing the string on my shorts.

Haley saw me starting to undo my shorts and she offered to remove her blouse to show me her titties since I was showing her my dick. I did not tell her it was unnecessary, but I also did not stop her when she started removing her blouse. My cock bounced up when my shorts and underwear landed on the floor. She stared at it for a moment and asked if it hurt. I told her just a little, but not really. She kept staring at it with great wonder in her eyes and I stared back at her titties, admiring their beauty.

Without asking, she reached out and touched it, trying to wrap her little hands around it, Her fingers only reached halfway around, making my cock looked fucking huge. She looked up at me with her gorgeous smile and asked if her hand felt good on my penis on my penis. I could not speak, I just nodded my head.

Standing in front of me, her lips went back to mine and her tongue was once again dancing with mine. I didn't even realize when we had started back up. Once again I was enjoying her little lips. I reached down and wrapped my hand around hers on my cock and started teaching her how to jack me off. I heard moaning and groaning and I wasn't sure who those sounds were coming from, me or her. As we kissed, I felt her bare titties pressed against me and I started planning out in my head how I was going to get them in my mouth. She reached down and grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up and over my head. I was completely naked on the couch and this hot, sexy little girl had me close to cumming. I was weak and chose to give in to lust. I picked her up and easily carried her off to bed.

We kissed the entire way to my bedroom. It was quite obvious that we were both just as aroused. I laid down on my back and brought her down with me. She reached down and went back to holding my cock. It was beautiful when she started masturbating me all on her own.

“Sweetie, if you keep that up, I'm gonna cum really quick.”

“Is that when you shoot your sperm out?”

“Uh huh.” I was having trouble breathing and not even able to give a Yes.

She did not scare away. As we continued kissing, she wrapped her hand as much as she could around my dick and started jerking me off faster and faster. Holy fuck, the whole thing was too much for me and I just started shooting rope after rope of cum onto my chest and abdomen, with some of it landing on her, as well. She was surprised when my cum started shooting out, but she never pulled her hands away as she continued jacking me off. My cock eventually became sensitive and I gently pushed her hands away.

Still on top of me, she looked down at my cum and asked if it was true that some women eat the guys sperm. I told her that it was true. Some women did and other did not. I took a scoop from some of the cum that hand land on my chest and brought it to her mouth. Without saying a word, she opened her mouth and sucked the cum off my fingers. She looked so fucking sexy doing that, I even wondered if she had done this before. I took another scoop and once again she sucked my finger clean. She then lowered herself and licked up all the cum that had landed on my chest and tummy, like a cat slurps up milk from a bowl. I wanted to shove my cock down her throat just watching her do that.

We laid in bed, with me trying to regain my composure. She asked if she had made me feel good, which I told her she had done a real good job. She was learning really fast and was a bit of a flirt. She looked at me with innocent looking eyes and asked me a question that got me hard again.

“Matt, please take off my shorts?” She had seen my penis so she was now offering to show me her vagina. I really wanted to see it, more than anything in this world. In reality, I was eager to get my mouth on her virgin pussy, to drink up her sweet nectar.

I looked up at her as I grabbed her short's waistband and slowly pulled them down, noticing that she had not worn any underwear. Did she have all this planned out? We could talk about that later, right now there was a beautiful little girl naked as the day she was born in bed with me and I had her all to myself. Her boobies looked real good and her young pussy was just there for me to love. It was bald and perfect!

“Sweetheart, do you know what it means when a guys eats a girl's pussy?” I asked her, preparing her for what I was about to do. Not only did I want to return the favor of her making me cum, I really just wanted to taste her fresh virgin pussy.

She smiled and asked “Is that when a guy licks a girls vagina?”

“Yes, sweetie.....would you like to try it? Will you let me eat your pussy”

“Well, mommy did say I had to do whatever you told me to do.” She had the biggest grin, as if she already knew how great it was going to feel, yet she had no idea.

Little did she know that she was about to experience the most sexual intense feeling of her life. I was about to stick my tongue into her pussy and give her all the pleasures a girl can receive from someone eating her out. She was about to be blown away and she had her mother to thank for that..

Her virgin slit looked tightly shut as it glistened with her pussy juices. I told her to move up on the bed. The sexiest thing for me was that she automatically opened her legs for me. She already knew what I wanted. She was on her back with her legs wide open and my face was two inches from her pussy. I could smell her pheromones and she definitely had me horny.

I took out my tongue and brought it from the bottom of her slit up to the top and she gave out a loud “AAHHHH!” as she legs started shaking. I held her down by her hips and started eating her pussy, with my tongue slithering deep into her slit, seeking out her clit and sucking on her labia before trying desperately to fuck her as deep as possible with my tongue. Instinctively, her hands landed on my head. I laughed to myself when I felt her hands, laughing at the thought that when done right a woman will desperately try to keep you there. She was no exception, even if it was her first time.

The first time she came, I started sucking on her clit as hard as I thought I should without hurting her. My hands were on her thighs and I felt them tightening up with her breathing becoming louder and louder along with her moaning. When she started shaking and trying to move my head away, I knew she was there and I loved watching her tremble out of control. I only gave her a minute to rest before I went back to it. The second time around I wanted her to savor the experience even more.

I love it when they just lay there waiting, knowing exactly what is about to happen. I had already made her cum once and now that I was eating out her little pussy again, she knew where this would end and was anxiously awaiting the end. This time I chose to delay her reward. This time it was for me to drink up her juices and enjoy bringing her close to orgasm several times before allowing her to explode. Several time I had her pelvis shoved up against my face, with my tongue on her clit, before I would slowly bring her down. I reached up and felt her titties for the first time. Her little titties felt great with her stiff little nipples. I could not wait to get my mouth on them, but for now I would enjoy them between my fingers.

Her virgin pussy reminded me of a mix between a strawberry daiquiri and a margarita. It was heaven having my mouth on her pussy with my tongue slithering in and out of it. She had the freshest pussy I had ever had the pleasure of licking. After feasting on her pussy, I decided to finally rewarded her once more. My tongue sought out her clit and I latched on to it, sucking it into my mouth. She had no chance after that. Once again she was moaning as she grabbed my hair and pulled me into her pussy. She held on until her juices exploded into my mouth and she was shaking and trembling out of control, trying desperately to push me away.

She laid there breathing heavily as she tried telling me between breathes how great she felt. I wasn't sure if she had ever made herself cum when she was masturbating, but I knew it was the most intense orgasm she had ever felt, especially with how I attacked her little clit. This was the first time someone's tongue had attacked it, bringing her to tears as she came. She laid there next to me, resting for awhile. I thought she had fallen asleep. When I shook her, she suddenly she got up and straddled me once again and looked at me with her million dollar smile.

“Did you like that?” I asked with a smile on my face, knowing damn well she did.

“Oh my god, that was intense! You were driving me crazy, I felt like it was never going to stop!” she said as she grabbed my stiff cock and pressed it down against my abdomen as she sat on it and started rubbing her cunt against it. I'm sure my cock was glistening from the wetness leaking from her pussy. She bent down and we went back to kissing. Her lips were fabulous and I would never get tired of them. As we kissed, I couldn't keep from roaming my hands all her smooth body. I was caressing her back before my hands made their way down to her ass, oh that sweet little ass of hers. It felt as good as it looked in her little boy-shorts. Her legs also felt really nice, but my hands quickly made their way back to her little bubble butt to hold, squeeze and caress. She moaned loud, really loving it as my hands were all over her.

At one point I decided I really wanted her little titties in my mouth. I'm more of an ass man, one of the reasons I had noticed her butt, even before tonight. But right now I wanted to see what it would feel like to have her little boobies in my mouth. I grabbed her by the waist and pushed her up high enough to where my mouth could find what it's target. One of her tits was in my mouth and I was loving flicking her nipples with my tongue as I sucked on her budding breasts. There was something special about having her boobies in my mouth. I sucked on them and enjoyed feeling her squirm in my arms.

After awhile, I put her back down. We went back to kissing and she pressed her pussy back against my hard dick. She started off slow, but started going faster and faster, just rubbing her pussy down against my cock. It felt like she was trying to bring herself to another orgasm when she suddenly stopped and whispered so seductively the words that made it all very real.

“I wanna do it. I wanna go all the way with you.”

“Oh,...uh, uh, uh.....don't you want to wait for when you have a boyfriend?”

“For the rest of this special weekend, you are my boyfriend.” I asked her again if she was sure and she assured me that I had made her feel special and it was me she wanted to surrender her virginity to. Who was I to argue with her? We talked about it and decided that it was best for her to be on top. If at any time she wanted to stop, she could simply get off. She stood up and grabbed my cock to align it with her beautiful tight slit, before she started lowering herself, with me telling her to go slow.

I was watching everything as she slowly lowered herself. It was electrifying when the tip of my cock first made contact with her pussy. Her slit glistened, juices practically dripping out. As she began lowering herself, her labia started stretching out more and more, little by little. I held my breath as I saw my stiff cock entering her, stretching out her virgin cunt as she kept lowering herself. I kept waiting for her to pull up and complain that it hurt too much, but she never did.

Making eye contact with me, she kept going until something stopped her. We both knew what it was and she asked me what to do. Like a band aid, I told her she needed to do it quickly. It would hurt a lot less if she broke it in one swift move. She did. The look on her face was one of excruciating pain with watery eyes. Her nether lips were wrapped incredibly tight around my cock. It was amazing to see them stretch open enough to accommodate my girth. I asked if she was ok and she only nodded. Asking if she wanted to stop, she shook her head and just sat there not moving.

After several minutes of neither one of us uttering a single word and her not moving, just allowing her no longer virgin teen pussy to get used to my cock deep in her, I laid there enjoying the vice-like grip her pussy had on me. It was the tightest my cock I had ever felt in my time on this Earth. A few minutes later she started lifting herself, quietly grunting as she lifted herself for an inch or two before lowering herself back down. She had a look of pain on her face. This went on for sever times, with her continuously raising herself a little before settling back down. She was raising her pussy to the tip of my cock head before dropping back down. A look of pleasure was starting to show on her face and I could not get enough of her tight cunt on my cock. Fuck she felt tight regardless of how wet she was!

As she continued fucking herself on my cock, her little titties looked very enticing. Regardless of how small they were, I had to have them in my mouth once more. I brought her down to me and started sucking on her titties. She started moaning, telling me how good I was making her feel. I switched from one titty to the other, giving them the loving they both deserved. When she went quiet and her little cunt started contracting on my cock, I knew she was getting close to cumming. I sucked hard on her titties and squeezed her firm little ass, moving her faster and harder on my cock.

“AAHHHHHH! AAHHHHHH! AAHHHHHH!” She screamed out with a shocked look as she came for the first time with a cock in her cunt. She was trembling and could not decide between kissing me or biting my chest. The feeling for her was beyond what she had ever felt. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” She just kept repeating over and over and over until her orgasm finally ran it's course. With my fat cock still her tight pussy, she stared at me for a minute before she started kissing me and telling me how much she loved me. She went on and on how happy she was that I had made love to her.

I was glad she had the intense orgasm, my goal had been to make her first time special. But now, it was my turn to cum. I flipped us over and brought her to the edge of the bed, looking down at her to admire her beautiful, sexy, naked body. She laid at the edge of the bed on her back and my cock still deep in her cunt, I grabbed my new sex toy by her hips and started fucking her. We started off slow at first, before I had my way with her.

I'd been in the same position with many women before, fucking them hard for all I was worth and even some with very tight cunts. But none of them came close to Haley's pussy. It was the smallest, tightest and wettest pussy I had ever enjoyed and at that moment it was mine to do as I pleased. I grabbed her by her hips and simply fucked her. Her legs were wailing all over the place and she just kept groaning and grunting as I pounded hard into her cunt. I grabbed and moved her all around like a fuck doll, pulling and pushing her on and off my cock.

She came at least twice as I fucked her. I loved the look on her face as her she kept her mouth opened as I pushed and pulled her hard on and off my cock over and over. It was the most intense feeling I'd ever had fucking anyone. I kept fucking her nonstop until I felt my nuts boiling. Even then, I did not stop. Not because I didn't want to, but because I couldn't. My cock belonged in her sweet little cunt. When I came, my cum shot hard into her cunt, filling up her pussy with cum for the first time. I was breaking her in for all those that came after me.

The blood stains on my sheets were from her virginity that she had given to me. That little girl's pussy was now mine. For the rest of the weekend she was my fuck doll to molest for my pleasure. I planned on having her do whatever I said. After all, those were mother's instructions.


2022-01-24 07:53:17
Thank you all for your comments. I am glad you liked it. I'm working on part two which tells us what happens the rest of the weekend before mom gets back.

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2022-01-16 12:10:57
I really LOVE first time stories....This was a hot read...
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But, yeah, every guy's dream fuck....An agreeable little minx who wants to play.


2022-01-15 16:26:25
This was simply amazing. One of the hottest things I've read in awhile.


2022-01-15 15:32:33
WOW that was great. Tell us about the rest of the weekend. Maybe latter you can fuck mom. The move in and get married. You can then fuck them both. Even a mother-daughter three-some!
Great story, very well written.


2022-01-15 11:21:38
You need to keep this story going . It reminds me of a girl name Kim who want me to be her first . The smallest and tightest pussy i ever had . . And we fucked for years .

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