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I woke up the next morning, I could hear activity outside of the room... so i knew others were awake. I hate waking up in someone's house before others are awake, so it was nice to hear. I climbed out of bed, still naked from Bruce fucking me earlier... as I stretched naked in the room before putting on my t-shirt and shorts from the night before, and walking out hoping to find coffee ready.

I walked into the kitchen and saw Craig and Connor sitting down eating breakfast, and thankfully could smell coffee. "Good morning, guys. Is your mom awake?" I said as I went to pour a cup. The boys were quiet, almost as if in deep thought, before Craig finally said "yeah... she made breakfast.. and now she's taking a shower". Emily's infamous long showers, I thought to myself, as I noticed both the boys were staring at my chest... obviously noticing I wasn't wearing a bra. I was flattered, but surprised they were as interested since they had already saw me naked yesterday due to their peepholes.

I poured some creamer in my coffee and was mixing it when I asked "do you guys have any plans today?". Connor responded "just hanging out... nothing special". I went to take a sip of my coffee, but it was still to hot, and a bit spilled on my shirt. When I looked down at where the coffee hit, I was suddenly made aware of why they were staring so hard... my shirt was a lot thinner than I realized, and my tits were very easy to see. Normally this would be something I'd plan and do on purpose, but I had no idea when I put it on. I knew I had a see threw shirt with me, but I didn't realize that was the shirt I put on last night... I just threw on a shirt after the shower to go see Emily and Bruce. "Oh my God... I'm so sorry guys, I didn't realize how sheer this shirt is. I hope I didn't make you guys uncomfortable". Connor was the first to speak up and said "we don't mind... we've seen boobs before". I replied "your mom would probably mind though. I'm practically topless in front of you guys... you can clearly see everything!... I should probably change real quick"

Craig, still staring at my tits, said "It's OK... go ahead and finish your coffee, you can change after... it doesn't matter now anyway". I chuckled a bit and said "I guess that's true, but your mom is probably going to kill me... I'm basically standing her showing my tits off". Connor chuckled and said "we don't mind". Craig chuckled as well and added "mom's in the shower, we won't say anything". "Promise?" I asked "if she heard about this, I'd be so embarrassed... I'm already embarrassed knowing you guys can see my boobs... but I guess at this point it doesn't matter, huh?" I took a drink from my coffee, acting like I didn't notice they were still openly staring at my chest. I added "Besides, I'm going to jump in the shower after this, and then I'll get dressed for the day". Once I said that I noticed the boys smiling, I'm sure thinking about peeping again.

Craig spoke up "you know, taking a bath is much better for you than showering... it's better for your skin and gets you cleaner". I knew what he was doing... he wanted me to bathe so he could peep between my legs on the tub. I'm standing here where he can see my dark nipples, and he's just thinking about seeing more. Connor spoke up to say "baths are so much better, that's for sure"... if it wasn't obvious before, it definitely was now... they just wanted to talk me into a bath. I finished off my coffee and said "I guess I'll take a bath then" which made them both smile. I reminded them "please don't say anything about this" as I pointed to my nipples. "I don't want to upset anyone". They both agreed to not say anything, as I walked to my room to find an outfit for the day, grab my shower gear, and then went into the bathroom.

Once inside I saw myself in the mirror, and I could see my chest clear as day through the shirt... I can't believe I was walking around like that in front of them... but then again, I knew they would be seeing a lot more of me soon. I started the water for the bath, and began hearing shuffling sounds coming from the other side of the wall... there's my audience, I thought to myself. I went ahead and took off the shirt... that wasn't covering up anything anyway. I removed my shorts and stood there naked while admiring my body in the mirror and trying to act like I couldn't see an eye through the wall looking at me. "She's naked... I can't wait to see her pussy in the bathtub!" "I can't believe she wore that shirt! I couldn't stop looking at her nipples" "they look even better now without the shirt... she has a nice ass on her too... I'd love to see her bent over". I thought about bending over, but I knew they wouldn't get the view they wanted from their limited view.

I turned off the water and took a step in... it was a little hotter than I expected, so I lowered down slowly as I heard them sliding over to watch. I don't know if they added a hole, or I just didn't see it before, but I realized that there was one on each side of the tub... and I could see their eyes looking up trying to see my pussy as I lowered down. I had my legs still together as I slowly lowered my ass into the water and let my body adjust to the heat. "Finally we can both see her... are you sure she can't see us" "yeah... it's to dark in here to see anything even if she looked... besides, she's not going to notice the holes" "it looked like she looked at me" "don't worry about it... she might look in our direction, but she can't see us... we'd know if she saw us".

It was nice to know I didn't have to awkwardly look every direction other than forward to avoid them knowing I knew they were watching, as I massaged my tits with soap and slowly let my legs part under the water. I could see them staring down at the water, just ready for my cunt to be revealed... and as much fun as I was having teasing them, I knew I shouldn't take to long to get ready so that Emily wouldn't be waiting on me... so I slowly slid my crotch up and toward them as I lowered my hair into the water. I wish I could hear them, but with my ears under water all I could do was let them enjoy the close up view of my pussy with my legs spread. I felt like I could feel them staring at my exposed cunt, but I was probably just getting horny knowing they were looking. Part of me felt like I was going to far... before yesterday I would have never expected to be showing myself to Emily's sons... but here I was allowing them a clear view of my most intimate areas.

I slid back up, and immediately heard the boys talking excitedly. "Did you see her pussy lips?" "Fuck yeah, I'd love to lick them" "I'd do a lot more than lick!" I lathered my hair with shampoo as they took me all in visually. "She's going to slide down again in a minute... I wish we could take a picture!" "A video would be awesome!" "Look how hard her nipples are!". I slid back down to rinse my hair, and of course raised my pussy back up out of the water again. As I rubbed the shampoo out of my hair, all I could think about was their eyes locked on my pussy lips. I had no interest or intent of fucking them... but knowing they wanted to fuck me, and went out of their way to see me naked... and I'm sure we're jacking off while thinking about me... it all just turned me on and made me want to show them more.

I slid back up, and they weren't saying a word... but I could hear them breathing heavily, and I could see their eyes were locked back onto my tits. "I would do anything to fuck her" "I could see her pussy hole... this is awesome". I lathered my hair with conditioner, and then ran the bar of soap over my body. My clit was starting to throb again from being so horny, but I knew I needed to end things soon, and hopefully fuck Bruce's friend Scott today. I slid back down to lower my head under water one last time to rinse out the conditioner, and purposely brought my pussy closer to the holes while doing so. Once i was finished rinsing out the conditioner, I looked down to see their eyes locked into my cunt... so I rubbed my upper thighs with soap, letting them enjoy their last view.

Of course I had to make sure my pussy was clean for Scott, so I used my right hand to rub the soap around my pussy, and then to bring some water up to rinse it clean. I couldn't help but look at their eyes again while I slid my fingers up and down my slit, letting it open up a little before sliding back up and starting the drain. "I can't believe how close her pussy was to my face" "I could look at her pussy all day". I stood up and started drying myself off, trying to cool down after getting so worked up... I actually contemplated masturbating for them, but I felt that was crossing a line (as if I hadn't done that already). Besides, I didn't want to keep Emily waiting. I blow dried my hair as quickly as I could, all while standing there nude... where they were once again having to take turns to spy on me. I couldn't hear them over the blow dryer, but I'd see an eye at the hole, then it would move to be replaced by another eye, and repeat. It was nice having guys appreciating my body so much, and it was flattering knowing they found me so attractive... and honestly it was an ego boost and a turn on... but it was time for the show to end, as I got dressed and went to see Emily.

Emily was drinking a cup of coffee when I walked in, and she was looking great! Sexy dress, showing lots of cleavage, and you could tell she spent some time on her make up. "Hey hottie" I said "you look fucking stunning!". She look a little embarrassed and said "thank you!... and thanks for last night, I've been horny all morning thinking about it!" I gave her a smile and said "I'm looking forward to next time so he can Fuck both of us... he does have a nice cock". Emily smiled back and said "he does, I look forward to seeing you get fucked by him... he's been sending me messages letting me know how much fun he had". I was glad to hear everyone was good. I knew Emily would be, I had no doubt about that... the two of us have had enough sexual adventures together to know she wouldn't be threatened by me.

"I have an idea" I said as I pulled out my phone, and put on the camera... "let's flash our boobs for a pic and send it to him". Emily had a happy look on her face as she said "fuck yeah". I set the phone up on the counter and got it ready for it to work on a timer. Emily looked to make sure the boys were in their room, and then said "all clear, ready?". I pulled my top up, letting my tits out, and Emily followed in suit as I started the timer. We took a few pictures and then checked them out to see which was the best one to send. I have to admit, we looked hot on those pics! I decided to send all 3 to Emily so she could decide which one to send Bruce. As she was doing that, I messaged Scott and asked when he'd be available for company. He was quick to reply, and said "I'm free anytime until 5. What did you have in mind?".

I decided to just cut to the chase, so I texted back "I'll only be in town this week, and I'm looking for someone I can occasional hook up with while here. I don't mean to be crass, or overly blunt, but when I asked Bruce and Emily who might be interested they suggested you. So as long as we hit it off (which I'm sure we will) I'm wanting to get fucked today. If that is to much for you, or makes you feel uncomfortable, just let me know now so that we don't waste each other's time". I thought I might scare him away by being so forward, but I honestly didn't want to waste time barking up the wrong tree. Scott replied back "I appreciate your honesty, and I think we're on the same page ;)". That's all I needed to hear, as I let Emily know I was ready whenever she was.

Emily showed me the reply from Bruce that said "who took that picture of you guys?". Emily had replied back "it was in a timer, no one took it, lol". Bruce replied back "oh, lol. I was tripping for a minute. You guys are so hot! Any more pics". Emily said "maybe later. I'm going to take Diana to meet Scott right now". Bruce texted "at first I thought he was over there and took that picture. He is a successful photographer after all, lol". Emily replied "would you like him to take pictures of us for you?". There were no more replies after that, but the phone rang as I handed her the phone back. Emily answered it on speaker and said "hey honey", and I heard Bruce's voice answer back "hey sexy... so I was thinking about the photo idea... and opening our relationship... and maybe Scott taking photos would be a step in the right direction". Emily responded "it does sound fun, right?" Bruce added "but let's not do that today... I'm not sure I'm ready". Emily answered "I understand, and I don't want to rush you, but if I'm going to take them with Diana... we're limited on time. I have to work the next few mornings". Bruce was quiet for a minute and finally said "let me talk to Scott and I'll see if we can work something out". Emily told Bruce "I don't want to rush you, so just whenever you're ready... at least we know Scott won't go around telling everybody... and it's just pictures". Bruce said "True, although I'd rather be there... I'll call him now and then I need to get back to work. Love you!" Emily replied back enthusiastically "I love you too baby!".

I looked at Emily and said "do you think Bruce will be up for it?". Emily said "I doubt it... but it would be hot. I've had the hots for Scott for awhile". I smiled and said "hence why you look so sexy today". Emily gave me a embarrassed smile and said "maybe". She suggested we go, so I let her know I was ready when she was. She walked into Craig's room to let them know we were going, and off we went. Once we were in the car she told me "they were watching porn when I walked in" and chuckled. I said "boys are going to be curious" as we pulled out of the drive way. As we headed towards Scott's house, I felt that familiar warming in my pussy.. the warming that comes with being slutty... and I knew going to a guys house that I've never met, and fully expecting to let him use my body was slutty... and I like feeling like a slut.

I asked Emily "have you never thought about sneaking off and fucking Scott?". She smiled as she drove and said "of course I thought about it... I've thought about it with a lot of guys... but I always worried about Bruce finding out and hurting him... I do love him... I just miss getting fucked by other guys!". I completely understood that, I couldn't imagine just being with one person for the rest of my life... it's just not in my nature, and I knew it wasn't in Emily's either. I asked her "so... you haven't been with anyone other than Bruce since you've been married?"... Emily hesitated slightly and said "I've never talked about this to anyone, but you're the one person I trust to keep it a secret...". "You little slut", I said with a joking tone. Emily laughed and said "it wasn't a lot... just random guys here and there. I make sure it's no one that knows us, I give a fake name, and I always just do it once per guy... no repeats, no contact... one and done". I had to admit, it was a good strategy. At least she thought it through. She added "I'm tired of feeling bad and sneaking around, so I'm hoping this works out and we can have a more open relationship".

"I hope it works out for you, and you get all the dick you can handle" I said with a smile. Emily laughed and said "Thanks, I appreciate it"... I know I said it as a joke but honestly, I hope she gets all the cock she wants. "Emily, do you remember the blindfold trick?". Emily started laughing and said "I forgot about that!... How many times did we do that?". I said "one time I let you fuck my boyfriend while he was blindfolded and he thought it was me... another time some guy was trying to guilt trip you into fucking him, but you didn't want to... so you blindfolded him and I fucked him while he thought it was you". Emily said "that's right! That guy was super fucking annoying! Thanks again for that". I giggled and said "I didn't mind, it was fun... so... what do you think about doing it to Scott?".

Emily smiled and said "really?... do you think it would work?". I smiled and said "it never failed before... you could get to fuck Scott today, and you and I would be the only ones to know". Emily smiled at me and said "that's tempting... but it's probably not a good idea... if he happen to find out then I risk him telling Bruce". I said "I understand, I'm not going to pressure you... but if you change your mind, I'm on board". Emily said "I'll keep that in mind" she said with a smirk... "and we're almost there, his house is just around the corner"... I was taken back by how nice of a house Scott had. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was very obvious that Scott was much more successful than I realized. We both did a last minute check up on our make up and hair, and then made our way to the door.

Scott came outside as we walked up, and once again, I was impressed by how much hotter he was in person than he was online. He was tall, well dressed, and appeared to be in great shape... I could see why Emily had the hots for him. Emily gave him a hug and said "It's great to see you!... this is my friend Diana, I think you guys would enjoy each other's company" Scott extended his hand and said "It's nice to meet you in person... you're even more beautiful than I expected... but then again, you have beautiful company so I should expect no less". He had a bit of an accent that I couldn't place, but it made him seem even sexier... and he obviously knew how to flirt. "Come inside, can I get you guys anything to drink?" Emily laughed and said "It's a little early for alcohol, Scott" to which Scott replied "nonsense it's never to early to have a drink with good friends". I said "how about shots?" And Scott smiled and said "that's the spirit I like your style. I'll go get us set up... did Bruce tell you he called me?"

Emily sheepishly said "he told me he was going to talk to you... what did he say?" Scott poured the shots and handed one to Emily and said "he told me that you two beautiful ladies were interested in taking some erotic photos today... is that correct?". I looked at Emily with a big smile, and Emily looked shocked as she said "... yeah, that's correct... I didn't think Bruce would actually be OK with me posing nude in front of you... so I'm a little surprised!... but yeah, we talked about Diana and I taking nude pics together, and suggested you take them, but I figured he wouldn't be ready for that yet... I'm glad he is though". Scott handed me a shot as well, and I let him know we were really looking forward to the photo shoot. Scott winked at me and said "I'm looking forward to it too". Emily said "I'm a little nervous, but I'm more excited than anything... I can't believe I'm going to be naked in front of you, but it sounds fun... and the drinks will help the nerves". Scott said "I'm a little bit nervous too, so let's take this shot... to beautiful women". We all took the shot and he started pouring another immediately after.

I asked "where are we taking the photos at?" and Scott replied "I have a studio upstairs, but I can take the pictures anywhere you guys like if there's somewhere in particular you want to shoot". Emily spoke up and said "you're the professional, so we'll let you take the lead"... Scott said "well, let's take the drinks up stairs and start slowly in the studio... are you ready ladies?". Emily smiled at me and then took the shot, so I followed suit. Scott extended his hands to pull us up, which we each excepted, and he led us up the stairs, and into his studio. I was really impressed with his set up! He started turning on various lights around the room, and suggested a white background to start with.

Scott turned on some music and turned to us saying "go ahead and get undressed, but leave your bra and panties on for the first photos". I looked at Emily who looked at me nervously and said "let's do one more shot, and then we'll undress". Scott without saying a word, started pouring more shots and handed them to us. We took them quickly, and he started pouring another... he asked "one more, or are you good for now?". I winked at Scott and said "I'll take another... Emily?". Emily said "sure... I'm going to get drunk, but I'll just have to sober up before leaving". Scott said "when you're ready just step into the set and I'll take pictures of you lovely ladies undressing each other down to your bra and panties". Emily looked at me and asked "are you ready?"... I gave her a wink and said "I'm ready, let's do it".

We stepped on to the set with a white background, and Scott said "Diana, go ahead and pull Emily's dress off"... I started pulling her arms out of her dress and then let it fall to the ground... as she bit her lip while looking at me, and Scott started clicking the camera while walking around us. Emily was standing in just her bra and panties and Scott said "beautiful Emily, you look stunning... now Emily undress Diana". Diana removed my top and then started kissing me as she undid my pants. Scott was moving in for close ups as Emily pulled my pants down to the ground... so now we were both down to our bra and panties and doing different poses together as Scott continued to take our pictures. I asked "are you ready for us to remove our bras?"... Scott said "I'm ready when you guys are... undress at your own pace, and I'll keep taking photos".

Emily said "when we remove our bras, you have to remove your shirt... deal?". Scott asked "would that make you feel more comfortable?". Emily said "I won't feel so exposed if you're undressed as well... I think it's fair, right?". Scott said "if it'll make you feel more comfortable, I'll take it off now."... I spoke up and said "Scott, why don't you let Emily take your shirt off of you... like we did each other". Scott looked at Emily and said "is that what you want?"... she merely nodded as a response as he walked up and allowed her to unbutton his shirt. She looked up to him while she undid each button and said "we've known each other for many years now... so this is a little weird undressing in front of you... but it's also really turning me on". She undid the last button and pulled down his shirt, and he was in shockingly good shape. She looked at his chest as she ran her hands over him. He said "honestly, I've always found you incredibly sexy, so this is turning me on as well... I hope that's OK". Emily smiled and said "I'd be disappointed if you weren't turned on... I'm still shocked that Bruce was OK with this, but I really glad that he is... I'm looking forward to showing you and the camera everything".

I said "Bruce, why don't you remove her bra for her... would you like that Emily?". She looked into his eyes and said "I would like that very much... do you mind Scott?". He looked down at her chest and said "I'd be happy to" as he reached around her to undo her clasp. She continued to look into his eyes and said "tell me you want to see my tits". Scott looked back into her eyes so that they were now locked into each other as Scott said "I do... I want to see your tits". He released the clasp, and Emily took a step back and dropped the bra from her body. Scott took in the view of he nipples that I'm sure he had thought about many times in the past, and then he lifted his camera and started taking pictures of her.

I stood back and took it all in... I knew she wanted to fuck him, and I was sure he wanted to fuck her too... and I was really aroused thinking about what might happen, just how far would things go. Scott looked towards me and said "why don't you join her in the pictures again... are you comfortable removing your bra?" I giggled and said "I'm yours to use as you wish" and gave him a playful wink. He smiled back to me and helped me remove my bra. Emily, still topless in panties walked over to pour herself another shot. I knew I was already feeling the effects of the shots, and I had a higher tolerance than Emily... so I was a little concerned, but I knew she was a big girl and could handle herself. Scott looked into my eyes as he massaged my breasts and then started taking pictures of me. I kept a serious face when he came up close and I said "you know you're going to fuck me today, right?"... he came up closer and put his free hand on my lower back as he gave me a slow passionate kiss.

Emily walked back up and came up behind, as she reached around to rub my breasts while kissing my neck. Scott pulled away and lifted up his camera as I put my right hand down my panties and slowly rubbed myself. Scott took some photos and then suggested we switch spots, and helped position where we should stand. I was holding Emily's breasts when Scott grabbed my hands and then repositioned them a little lower to show more of her breasts, and I noticed he gave a slight rub to her nipples as he removed his hands. Emily didn't say anything, she just playfully bit her lip... which is basically her signal that she is horny... so I knew she noticed it too. Scott lifted his camera and started moving around taking pictures when he suggested "Emily, put her hands down your panties like Diana did".

I started kissing her neck, the same way she was with me in our prior positions, and I whispered in her ear "he wants to see you play with your pussy". She moaned as she slid her hand into her panties and started rubbing... but it wasn't a little playful rub, she clearly was horny and the way she was rubbing her pussy clearly showed it. The alcohol was obviously showing its effects as well, as she started to lower down to sit, so I squatted with her as she continued to masterbate under her panties. Scott wasn't missing a thing as he got closer and closer, taking pictures until he was holding the camera between her spread legs to get close ups of her barely covered cunt... watching intently as she rubbed herself. Scott stood up and said "I'll be right back" as he walked away.

I kissed Emily and asked her "are you going to let him fuck you?". Emily moaned and answered "I shouldn't... but I want to... but I can't... not unless Bruce says it's OK". I giggled and said "well, you can watch him fuck me then". Emily smiled as Scott walked back into the room with some odd shaped cushions and placed them behind us and said "It's so you have something to lean against and sit on". I moved to lay down next to Emily as he scooted a long cushion behind us so that we were propped up from the stomach up, which let our bottom half still spread open. I noticed that Scott had what appeared to be a good size erection as he moved around taking more pictures... I looked at Emily and said "I think it's only fair that Scott removes his pants before we remove our panties". Emily looked at Scott and then down to his crotch and said "Scott, I'm not going to lie... I really want to see your cock... and I'd love to watch you fuck Diana... if that's OK".

Scott didn't say a word, he just unfastened his pants and slowly started to take them off. He was wearing tight black briefs that showed the outline to an impressive sized cock, which looked to be barely contained. Emily was fixated on it as she slid her hand down her panties again and started to rub... and I decided to follow suit. Scott walked around us taking pics, and I think just overall enjoying the view. Emily, while still rubbing herself said "I probably shouldn't be doing this in front of you... I think the alcohol just hit me... please don't mention it to Bruce". Scott said "don't worry, I wouldn't want to upset him" as he moved in close between her legs and continued to take pictures. Emily looked down at him and asked "are you ready for us to remove our panties?"... Scott said "yes please, I'm ready". Emily said "will you take them off me?". I started rubbing myself harder while watching everything unfold as Scott put down his camera, reached out to her waist with both hands, and grabbed the top of her panties as Emily closed her legs and lifted her ass to allow him to pull them down.

As soon as the panties were taken off, Emily opened her legs wide again and asked Scott "do you think I have a pretty pussy". Scott was clearly in awe as he couldn't stop staring at her cunt, as he replied "you are fucking stunning... I'm jealous of Bruce, he's an incredibly lucky man". He wasn't lying, she always had such a beautiful pussy, with her landing strip down her lips... I moved between her legs so that I could lick her pussy, and Scott jumped up to take pictures again. He even got in close to capture my tongue exploring Emily's open pussy, and I noticed the head of his dick was peeking out the top of his briefs.

I reached over and rubbed his cock through his briefs while he was on his knees next to us. I looked Scott in the eyes and said "we should let Emily get a look at your cock... she did say she wanted to see it" as I pulled the front of his briefs down causing his erect cock to fall forward and stick straight out. I looked at Emily, and she was in a daze, biting her lip while looking at him exposed in front of her. I grabbed his erection and said "wow Scott... you have an impressive cock!"... and before he said a word I leaned over and took him in my mouth... I didn't want to make him cum, as I was sure he was already overly excited, so I didn't do it for long... just enough to give him a taste.

I then looked up to him, gave him a few jerks, and said "how would you like to pose us next?". Scott smiled and said "I think now would be a good time to change sets... which set would you guys like to do next?" I helped Emily stand up as we looked around the room... there were a lot of small sets all around this big room... ocean sets, bar sets, wilderness set, a couch... one that even looked like a store... but then i saw the one I figured Emily would pick. Emily smiled real big as she stumbled her way naked to the set that looked like a bedroom, and climbed on the bed. Scott looked at me and said "I think she made her pick". I looked down at his cock, lightly grabbed it, and said "I expect to get fucked on that bed"... Scott leaned in and kissed me and said "I expect to fuck you on that bed" with a cocky smirk.

We walked over to the bed, as Emily rolled around and said "I can't believe we're naked... this is so much fun though". Scott started turning the lights on around the set, as I joined Emily on the bed and started kissing her again. She started kissing me back passionately as she put her hands down my panties and fingered me. I whispered to her "you're enjoying showing Scott your pussy, aren't you"... which caused her to moan loudly. Scott walked up with the camera, and I suggested some more solo shots of Emily. Emily gave me a sly smirk as I told Scott "just move her how ever you want her to pose". Scott sat down on the bed next to her and said "let's do one were your laying on your side". Emily extended her legs behind him while laying on her side and asked "like this?". Scott got up and lifted one leg up so that her knee was sticking straight up, and then bent the other knee to point down while laying on the bed. He said "like this... so we can see your pretty little pussy", and then he slid his hands down from her knee to her upper thigh, and pushed a little to further spread her legs. I think he was just testing to see if she would say anything, or stop him... but she remained quite as he walked around the bed and moved her arm that wasn't supporting her, and moved it down under her breasts. His dick was waving not far Emily's face, and her eyes were locked on it as he lifted each breast up and on top of her arm. She still didn't say anything, as he briefly felt her nipple before getting his camera.

Hey walked around her taking pictures, and then spent some time up close to her pussy... Emily noticed and started rubbing herself again. Scott put the camera down and climbed up on his knees onto the bed. I want sure what was about to happen, but I was really excited to find out. Scott said "let's pose you like this" as he grabbed her hips and scooted her lower body toward him... and turned her over so that she was laying on her stomach... and pulled her up into a doggystyle position... but he didn't pull her up by the waist... he put one hand on her lower back, and the other between her legs and lifted her up while clearly rubbing her slit. He then walked around and told her "put your hands over your breasts like this" as he slid his hands under and cupped her breast.

It was obvious to me he was just seeing how far he could go before she stopped him, but she never did. He picked up his camera and took pictures up close of her gaping pussy from behind, complete with her exposed anus. He put down the camera and put a hand on each side of her ass, close to her upper thigh, and spread so he could further open up her cunt... he didn't do it for pictures, he just wanted to see more inside her, as Emily reached down and started rubbing her clit in front of his face. When she started sliding her fingers into her pussy, Scott started rubbing his cock while watching... and it all just made me want to get fucked that much more. I got up on the bed and started licking her pussy from behind, as Scott got up and stood behind me. I felt him pull my panties down and then rub my pussy with his cock... and I knew what was next.

Slowly I felt him entering inside of me until he was all the way in. I reached back to rub my clit, as Emily flipped over to watch. Scott was entering me slowly and then pushing hard just as it bottomed out, and it was an incredible feeling. Emily smiled at me and said "you're so lucky... i wish I could fuck him" as she spread her legs wide so that Scott could look at her cunt while he fucked me. I didn't want to end things just yet, and I knew if he blew his load it would be over... I stopped him and crawled up on the bed laying next to Emily and opened my legs, showing my pussy just like she was... Scott picked up his camera and started taking pics of both of us. I kissed Emily and whispered "are you going to let him fuck you?"... she looked at me with glassy eyes and said "do you think Bruce would be OK with it?"... I told her "I can ask for you, if you'd like"... she looked down to see Scott rubbing up her leg while rubbing his cock, looked back at me and said "yes, please".

I got up to get my phone and asked her for his number... and Scott asked what was happening, as I noticed he was rubbing her pussy. Emily reached down and grabbed his dick and stroked it as she said "she's going to ask Bruce if it's OK for you to fuck me... I really want you right now". Scott asked "do you think he will be OK with that?"... Emily replied "maybe... he was OK with you taking nude pics of me". Scott looked nervous as he stood up and said "So I need to tell you guys something... when Bruce called earlier, he said that you wanted erotic pictures, and when I asked what he had in mind... he said maybe just underwear, but no further for now". Emily looked shocked and said "what? He wasn't ok with me being nude?". Scott looked embarrassed and said "I never planned any of this to happen... you guys said you were expecting nude pics, and I didn't want to blow my one chance to see you naked".

Emily said "oh my God, you can't tell Bruce about this! He'll be so upset!" to which Scott was quick to respond "I'm not telling him, he'd kill me! I don't want to lose him as a friend either... so we all promise not to say anything?" I spoke up and said "I promise to never utter a word about it to anyone not in this room". Emily said "I know Diana won't say anything... Scott, you have to swear not to tell ANYONE about this... ever... ok?" Scott promised "not a soul" as Emily asked "what about the pictures?" Scott said he would only develop the ones in our underwear, and the digital card would be locked in a safe. Emily asked "you're not going to delete them?" And Scott responded "wouldn't you like to see the pictures before they are gone? Once they are in the vault, no one else can see them... I'm the only person who could ever open it".

Scott then followed with "I'm sorry... I let things go to far and betrayed your trust... and I hope you'll forgive me eventually... I've always found you so sexy, and I just wasn't thinking straight". Emily gave a small smile and said "I've always been attracted to you too... and honestly I would have been happy to fuck you if I thought it wouldn't change anything... but I don't want to make things awkward when you visit, or have you expecting to be able to fuck me again which would just lead to eventually getting caught... I love Bruce, and I don't want anything to ruin that... but if be lying if I said I'm not tempted when I see your cock right now hard like that... or see the way you look at my body... who knows maybe Bruce will eventually come around to an open relationship, and you can Fuck me in front of him". Scott asked "so you're not mad?"... Emily hesitated a bit and then said "It's hard to be mad when I'm still a little drunk and so fucking horny... this day has been one of the most erotic moments I've had in years, but as long as it stays between us... and doesn't happen again unless Bruce is on board... and you promise it doesn't change anything between us! No extra texting, winking, flirting, ect... you have to act as if this never happened... understand?"

Bruce nodded and said "I understand" and then walked up and started kissing her. She slightly hesitated before kissing him back and they laid down on the bed. She rolled him onto his back as I walked over and laid down next to him, and she started stroking his dick while saying "this is probably a one time thing... so I hope you enjoy it" before she went down and started sucking his dick. Emily had always been the best cock sucker I've ever known, I was honestly a little jealous of how much guys raved about it... and I had no doubt she would be going all out for Scott. I started rubbing his chest and kissing his ear as he watched his friend's wife suck on his cock, and his moans made it obvious how good it felt.

Emily then moved over between my legs and started eating me out, but stuck her ass up on the air... letting Scott know she was ready. Scott stood up, and I could already hear Emily moaning in anticipating of what was about to come. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit, and Emily said "I'm ready... fuck me, please". Scott pushed his cock in with ease and started fucking her at a fast pace. Emily looked up at me with her eyes half way rolled back, and said "he's fucking me... Scott is fucking me... oh my God!" as he continued to rail on her from behind. I could hear how wet she was based on the splashing sounds, and I knew she was close to cumming. I asked her "are you about to cum on Scott's hard cock" and she looked up at me with a face that almost looked like she was in pain and said "I don't want to cum just yet... but it feels so good". Emily looked back at Scott and said "wait, wait, wait... I don't want to cum yet!... fuck Diana for awhile, I need a minute".

Scott smiled at me and crawled between my legs and started licking inside my pussy, while I grinded against his face. Emily laid next to me and rubbed her pussy while Scott explored my cunt with his tongue. Emily said "I can't believe we're doing this... I can't believe I'm letting you fuck me". Scott moved over to Emily and started eating her out, pulling her down on his face as she grinded against it and said "do you like eating my pussy Scott?... have you thought about my pussy before". Scott looked up and said "I thought about it all the time", as he spread her lips open and started to lick inside of her. I told Scott "I want you to fuck me hard... like it's your only chance to fuck me". Scott didn't disappoint as he got on top of me, pulled my legs apart, and started plowing inside of me. Emily started kissing me and then whispered "he's such a great fuck, isn't he?" as I just nodded in agreement and looked down to see my tits bouncing. "You're going to get fucked by Bruce to when he gets back" Emily whisperedin my ear... I didn't have the heart to tell her that he fucked me early this morning already, but I could feel my pussy start to throb, and then begun to make splashing sounds... and I knew I was close to cumming all around his cock.

I shouted out "don't stop, I'm about to cum" as he pointed my knees to my chest and fucked me possibly faster than I've ever been fucked before, and I had an intense orgasm that left me moaning and shaking as he pulled out and stroked his cock in Emily's face, who didn't hesitate to suck my pussy juice off his dick. I was still recovering and catching my breath from my orgasm as I watched Scott start to fuck Emily's mouth. He had a hold of her head with both hands as he pulled her face down on his cock, and she kept looking up at him while he continued to pound her mouth. I thought it was hot, so I secretly recorded them on my phone... I knew no one else would see it.

Emily pulled back and said "I'm ready Scott... fuck me right now... the way you've always wanted to... the way I've always wanted you too". Scott picked her up and impaled her down on his cock, and Emily screamed "YES! Pound my married pussy, Scott!... this is your one chance to use me... is my pussy as good as you hoped it would be?... it's it exciting to secretly fuck your friends wife?". Scott never responded, he just laid her down and pulled a leg up while looking down on her body as he continued to fuck her.

Emily stared into his eyes while he continued to thrust into her hard, and said "oh my God, Scott... you're deeper inside me than Bruce has ever been... Bruce could never fuck me this good... do you like knowing you're fucking me better than my husband ever has?". Scott was breathing heavy as he grabbed her other leg and pulled it up, almost pinning her knees to her ears, and started slamming into her. Emily gasped out "holy shit!.. you're touching places inside my pussy that Bruce has never touched... use me like the slut I am... I'm your slut Scott... right now I belong to no one but you..". Despite that I had just had an intense orgasm, hearing Emily was starting to turn me on again.

Emily started moaning loudly, and I could hear the familiar splashing sounds the precede her orgasm. "I want you to cum inside me Scott... I want to feel your cum shooting deep inside me... I'm going to cum.. I want you to cum with me... cum in your friends wife". Scott started grunting hard while looking down at her tits bouncing and said "I'm about to cum, Emily...I can't stop now". Emily started moaning loudly while her face tensed up, and her pussy was making really loud splashing sounds as she screamed "I'm cumming... I can feel you cumming inside me!". Scott started making grunting sounds as he shot multiple heavy streams inside Emily's wet cunt.

They laid there for a minute, catching their breath, as I jokingly asked "are you guys OK?... that was really hot to watch!" Emily laughed and said "I'm fucking fantastic!". Scott smiled and leaned over to Emily and gave her a tender kiss before saying "thank you guys... this has been the best sexual experience I've ever had... I don't think I've ever cum so hard before... I hope you're on birth control". Emily and I both laughed, and Emily assured him "yes, I'm on birth control... no need to worry". I laid down on the other side of Scott as he looked back and forth between us and said "I guess this can't happen again, can it?". Emily laid on her side, smiled at him and said "unfortunately not... not unless Bruce agrees to an open relationship like I'd like".

Scott rubbed our upper thighs as he said "I sincerely hope he agrees to it as well". I asked him "so when will the pictures be ready?... I'm sure Bruce is anxious to see them". Scott said "I can send you some tonight, but I'll have some developed that I can bring you tomorrow night". Emily chuckled and said "I can't believe this all just happened... and Bruce just wanted some under wear pics, yet here I am freshly fucked by his buddy while his cum runs out of my pussy". We all laughed as she stood up and said she was going to take a quick shower.

I rolled over to my side to better look at Scott and said "Thanks for this... this really means a lot to Emily... so don't fuck it up by saying anything... ok?" Scott said "I promise... I just hate that it's over now". I assured him "I'm going to do everything I can to get Bruce on board... so I wouldn't say it's over yet... I'm going to fuck him when he gets back from work, and we'll see where it goes from there". Scott smiled and said "I'd love to fuck you again also" to which I replied "anytime... Bruce knows I was going to fuck you, so feel free to brag about it, I don't mind". I grabbed his flaccid cock and said "you really are a great fuck, Scott... I'd love to feel you cum inside me next time... maybe tomorrow night when you bring the pictures over". I could feel his cock starting to come back to life in my hand as I was talking, and he started to kiss me. I was taken off guard, but in a good way, and started kissing him back as he rolled onto his back lifting me on top of him as we continued to kiss... it didn't take long before I felt his erection stabbing toward my pussy... "back to life already?... maybe you should fuck Emily some more before we leave". Scott pushed himself up inside of me, and I sat up to ride him and started rubbing my clit. Scott said "I would... but Emily said it was a one time thing." As he stared at my tits as a slowly rode him. I giggled "I'm pretty sure that today is the one time... if you want to fuck her more before we leave, I'm pretty sure she'd be happy to". Scott smiled at me as I continued to ride him. "But... before that, I need you to help me cum... one more time...


2022-01-16 13:29:44
You’ve posted this as a diary so maybe much of it is true… Either way you are touching on the essence of white hot erotic sex that is always available to loving couples if they can get beyond silly restrictive cultural dogmas. We did as a couple many years ago and then helped probably hundreds of couples do the same through our clubs. Almost without exception it was highly beneficial to the marriages and in fact, probably saved many of them from breaking up over sex or just living their lives out in sexual boredom. Thanks for posting. Keep going.

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