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I wanted to experience my submissive side
I parked in a quiet street a minutes walk away from my destination. I pressed the stored number on my mobile. The phone rang several times before I heard the womans voice on the other end. “Yes”. I felt a tightness in my throat as I replied “ It,s me, I am parked around the corner…you ready?”. “Yes, just walk down the pathway and the door is on the side of the house, I will be waiting”. I could hear that my voice betrayed my nervousness and expectation as I said “ You will be dressed as I asked?”. “Yes” came the reply. I swallowed and said “ And you know what I want you to do as soon as I enter?”. She again said yes. I said “I can hardly wait to get fucked up good and proper by you, I am on my way”. I hung up and climbed out of the car and started towards my appointment.

I felt butterflies in my stomach as I walked and also felt the sensation of my cock receiving more blood and growing slightly in my pants. I shivered due to the winters icy wind as I turned onto the pathway. As I did so I casually looked around and was relieved to see no one was about, and continued down the path to the appointment that I had been fantasising about for the previous few weeks. To be in a situation where it was not me who had to make the decision, or be relied on, or take the lead, that in my everyday business and personal life I seemed to have to do. Rather I will within a matter of seconds be surrendering myself completely to someone else,s control. And a someone who I have never before met.

I reached the door and looked around once more before I raised my hand to knock. As I made the motion, the door opened inwardly and I gave a nervous smile and stepped from the icy wind into the warmth of the dark hallway and heard her voice from behind the door”Hiya, you okay Babe?.” “ Hi” I said “fine thanks” as I stepped in and turned as Mistress Melanie closed the door and began locking it.

I looked at Mistress Melanie for the first time. I had seen photos of her on her profile page where she offered her services of course, but pictures and real life are never the same. She was about 5 feet 4 inch tall compared to my 6 feet 2. And her curled hair looked auburn in the dim light. Her skin was pale in contrast to the black stockings and garter belt covering her not slim, yet not chunky legs. And her black thong showed off her shapely bum. Her profile said she was 32 but I guessed probably at least a good 6 years older. She turned to me “ Is this how you wanted me Babe” gesturing to her attire, which consisted just the thong . stockings and garter belt.” Oh yes, that’s just great” I approvingly replied taking in her toplessness and seeing the way her tits sagged slightly and admiring her dark proud nipples. Overall you would call her the pretty next door type.

I reached out my hand with the cash that we had agreed to on the phone when we discussed what I wanted and gave it to her. She did not even bother counting it, just put it in the draw of the small dresser against her and took out of the same draw something metallic. She lifted it, silver butterfly nipple clamps “These are what you wanted”. I answered still hearing the nervous anticipation in my voice “Yes Mistress” . I had requested to have nipple clamps used on me when I arrived because I had fantasised off having my nipples worked on and abused. She looked me up and down “Well strip”. I had anticipated that we would naturally go up to a bedroom before getting down to business and said “here”. “yes here…now” she replied.

I started undressing in the hallway of this house that I had never been in before and was soon standing there bollock naked before her. I heard someone walking along the path outside, the voice was female and it sounded like she was talking to her dog. Knowing a female stranger was so close yet unknowing that I was naked feet away from her started to get the blood into my cock and I felt it growing.

Mistress Melanie put the butterfly clamp on my left nipple and my body stiffened slightly at the pain it caused to it. Then she put the other on my right nipple and I again stiffened at the pain. The chain joining the two clamps dangled between them and as I heard the woman outside saying “oh what a good boy” to her pet, Mistress took hold of the chain and pulled it towards herself and downwards. I exhaled a grunt at the sudden pain of the tug on my sensitive entrapped nipples and ended on my knees before her, my face in line with her stomach and I took in the triangle of material of her thong which covered her cunt. Before I could move my head towards the black material she started raising the chain using just her index finger to cause tension once more on my nipples, but that caused enough pain for me to comply and I started to get to my feet but due to an old knee injury I had to place my hands on my Mistresses hips for support as I did so. As I came to my feet Mistress slapped me across the face with her free hand. The sound echoed in the hallway and I thought what if the stranger outside was still there and heard it?. “I did not give you permission to touch me did I” Mistress said in a soft voice. “No Mistress, sorry” I answered.

She took a pair of handcuffs from the draw and ordered me to turn around and place my hands behind my back, and she cuffed my wrists so I was helpless for my Mistress as I had requested, for I had wanted to experience the feeling of helplessness during the booking.

She moved infront of me and again took hold of the chain that joined the butterfly clamps to my nipples which were now getting noticeably more painful as they did their job of depriving blood from the sensitive nerve endings. She started moving towards the door at one end of the hall. I followed being led by the chain and admiring the sight of her round arse cheeks split by the rear string of the thong and imagined my head buried between them which caused my cock to stand out before me.

She opened the door and pulled me into the room. As I entered two things hit me almost simultaneously. First, directly opposite me was a large casement window some 8 feet long and 5 feet tall looking out to the garden which separated us from the street by some twenty feet or so away and thankfully had the white net curtains drawn closed, but the material meant you could see out easily….and I hoped also it meant people could not easily see in. And secondly there was someone else in the room on the sofa.

Seeing this I tried to get back to the hall, but Mistress Melanie had as soon as we entered closed the door and I heard the key turn and the door lock. “ Surprise slave” Mistress said in a mocking tone. “

I quickly turned facing the door to hide my frontal nudity from the person seated and so displayed my back view and hairy arse to them.

“ Hi Mister Turner” . I froze as the seated person mentioned my name. How could that be…I never told Mistress Melanie my name during our previous phone conversation when I booked today, in fact I used a alias for secrecy.

Mistress Melanie supplied the answer immediately. “Oh this is a friend of mine, she was helping me get ready for our appointment together, and was just going to leave before you arrived. But when we saw you coming down the street she recognised you, and seeing as your request was to get fucked up good and proper and totally humiliated, well what better way for that than knowing your daughters school friend is watching you as it happens.

My daughters school friend? Sally had left school two years ago and was now eighteen. I turned my head to the sofa. The young slim blonde girl lounging on it had a yellow crop top blouse with obviously small tits but the outline of one of her nipples could be seen, and faded blue ripped jeans covered thin slim legs. I recognised her…her name was Lisa, and I had picked my daughter and her up from disco,s on a couple of occasions back then, And I think she had been round to the house too….god she knows my wife!. I also remembered we had concerns back then about her being a bad influence on Sally. And now she is on the sofa of her prostitute friend.

“Lisa” I said confirming what they could see in my facial expression of recognition. Lisa smiled and Mistress Melanie reached round and took hold of the chain to manoeuvre me round so I faced my daughters friend fully exposed. Lisa was looking at my pubic area and being aware of this eighteen year old friend of my daughter seeing my now half hard cock and balls made my manhood stir more.

“Oh, look at this” Mistress Melanie said pointing at my growing erection and ensuring Lisa had a clear view of what I looked like with a hard on. “hows your nipples slave” she added. “Their sore” I replied. She jerked the chain and I grunted with the pain. I knew why and rephrased it “ Their sore….Mistress”. “Good” Mistress smiled “ I will let you out of them, would you like that slave?”

“Yes Mistress I would like that please” I was starting to be controlled by the Mistress and in front of an audience of one. Mistress reached up and removed the Butterfly clamps from my now aching nipples. With the removal of the constricting clamps blood started to pump back into my nipples and it caused more pain to the sensitive nerve endings there. My neck and chest muscles tensed in reaction to the pain.

“Oh does that hurt slave” Mistress asked and started rubbing her fingers over my now blood filled erect nipples then she clasped them between her thumbs and index fingers and using her nails started pinching and twisting them. The pain was unbelievable. I screeched and went up onto my toes as she tortured me. My hands cuffed behind me meant I could not ward off the torment and her grip meant I could not escape. “Look into my eyes slave” . I opened my eyes and looked at my tormentress. She was smiling at my squirming and the power she had over me was reflected in the glint of her eyes.

“You want to lick your Mistresses arse hole slave?” She asked while continuing with the nipple torment. “Yes Yes I want to lick your arse hole Mistress” I urgently replied sounding almost breathless due to her torturing my nipples, which made it impossible to take normal breaths, and hoping the answer was what she wanted to hear. She released her grip on my nipples and I blinked several times in relief and to clear the tears from my eyes. My breathing started to normalise and I felt my cock was now semi hard. I saw Lisa again paying particular attention to how my manhood reacted.

“On your knees slave and lick my arse hole for all your worth” Mistress Melanie ordered. I went to my knees and as soon as she turned her buttocks to me I buried my face between her pale arse cheeks. I moved my tongue along her arse crack feeling the material of her thong string as I did so. I felt her move her hips backwards into my face as I located her sphincter and slid my tongue around the thong string and worked on her arse hole and automatically tried to enter her arse with my tongue. I heard a moan coming from Mistress as I explored the hole. I continued, feeling my nose rubbing against the cheek clefts and started to rhythmically move my body as I worked on licking out her arse.

“He seems to be enjoying that” I heard young Lisa say, and knew she was watching as my cock was getting harder again. She was seeing a middle age man probably about the same age has her own father, naked with a hard on trying to tongue fuck her friends arse and worse still was the knowledge that Lisa knew my daughter and wife.

Mistress allowed me several more seconds of tongueing her arse hole before moving it away and turning, and with her stiletto shoe flicked my now hard cock to make it bob. “ Do you know this Lisa” she said and kicked my exposed hanging balls.

I grunted with pain and doubled up on the floor at her feet. I heard her laugh as she continued “ If you have control of a mans balls he is at your mercy no matter how mighty he thinks he is….is that not so slave?”. She prodded me with the tip of her shoe. “Yes Mistress” I answered with the ache still in my balls.

“While your down there, start worshipping my feet”. I crawled the few inches to her nearest stiletto covered foot and started kissing and licking the black leather shoe and the pale skinned foot of my Mistress. My tongue glided over the top edge of the shoe and I felt the base of her toes peeking from the leather and I kissed and licked them.

“Your doing very well Slave,… now I want you to worship the feet of your daughters friend”. Lisa who was still curled up on the sofa watching my humiliation nodded and started removing her trainers and placed her bare feet on the floor and wiggled her toes at me. I hesitated and felt the prompt from Mistresses toe and started to crawl over to Lisa.

My degradation heightened at the thought of my daughters friend watching me as I crawled naked and bound towards her feet. I started kissing and licking the eighteen year olds feet. I lay prone as I sucked and used my tongue on her toes as though French kissing them and felt the carpet beneath me rubbing against my hardening manhood. After several minutes of worshipping Mistress summoned me to my feet.

I stood to her command, with a hard on in front of Lisa. “Times nearly up Slave, better finish you off, stay exactly like that and do not move” ordered Mistress.

I stood as commanded and Mistress moved behind me and placed her left arm through my bare legs and cupped my ball sac in her hand. With the other she gripped my cock…and started wanking me.

I stood as Mistress worked on my cock which had been constantly hard and semi hard during the meeting. She wanked me in front of the eighteen year old friend of my daughter.

Mistress told Lisa “ Stick your hand in your knickers and put a finger in your cunt then let him sniff your fingers”.

As she said this Mistress slowed her wanking of me probably knowing I was close to cumming as I watched the eighteen year olds hand go down her front and finger herself for a couple of seconds.

Lisa took her hand out of her knickers and stood up and moved her fingers to my nose. Mistress took over with commands

“Smell her fingers slave” I smelled Lisa,s sex”

Mistress started wanking me harder and faster,

“ You like the smell of your daughters friends cunt slave?. You want to taste her eighteen year old cunt?. Taste her fingers slave. Taste her cunt juice. Lick them”

I licked eighteen year old Lisa,s fingers and tasted the scent of her cunt. I felt the squeeging on my balls getting firmer and the wanking getting faster and I knew I was no longer in control of my sexual thoughts and feelings.

“We want to see you cum slave. I want Lisa to see the spunk you used to make your daughter. Show her slave…show her your spunk that you’ve got in your balls…….lets see you CUM”

I could do nothing, My body and mind only wanted to feel the pure sexual pleasure of ejaculation. Cum shot out of the tip of my cock as I orgasmed and some hit Lisa,s top. It was so powerful, and my cock pulsated trying to get more and more of my sperm out into the world from my balls.

I stood exhausted, and looked at Lisa and felt the humiliation of this eighteen year old seeing me being sexually abused by a woman and also knowing what I am like sexually aroused and how I look like when I orgasm.

“Time to unlock you Babe” The Mistress said reverting to the pleasant way she spoke when she had greeted me. She undid the handcuffs.

“Go upstairs and get cleaned up Babe” she said, and I naked, went upstairs to the bathroom.

I came down a couple of minutes later with a towel round my waist and entered the lounge.

“She,s gone Babe” Mistress Melanie said to me, “worked well didn,t it?”

“Yes” I replied, “ Though I could of done with fucking her” .

“Next time Babe, patience is the game”

“Was it as easy as we thought it would be Mel?” I asked.

Mel smiled “ Yes, I told her a pervert wanted to be dominated and used, and she was turned on at the idea. And when as planned she saw you walking down the road and knew she knew you through your daughter it was easier. As you guessed, she has a kinky side that can be exploited”.

I kissed Mel full on the lips “ When shall we bring her deeper into our net of depravation do you think?”

“She is coming round tomorrow, and I will gauge things…probably we will be fucking her silly by next week…and she will think she had instigated everything” Mel explained.

“Good” I replied, and slipped my hand into Mels thong.


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