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This is a work of fiction and as such, the places and characters are made up. Any resemblance to actual people is a coincidence and unintentional. All characters are considered to be at least of legal age. The story is correctly tagged and labeled and if you find the story or material objectionable, that is your problem and not the authors. You have been warned. Please vote and comment if you like, constructive criticism is welcomed.
Chapter 2

Cynthia sat in the back cab of the limo, next to the man that had dragged her there and into the backward facing seat, quietly terrified at the events of the evening so far, certain that things could only get worse for her from here. She did not have long to wait for the man in charge to join them, sitting across from her and appraising her with his steel grey eyes. “Gronn, go up front please, I have things under control here.” said the man quietly and her captor simply nodded then moved up to the front passenger seat. The limo pulled away from the front of her house immediately afterwards.

Lord Krinn stepped up to his limo as he could faintly hear screams of pain and pleasure coming from inside the house from Marla, fortunately nothing loud enough to raise the suspicion of the neighbors as he opened the car door and slid into the forward facing seat, carefully appraising his newest property. How fortunate he was that Silas had not been able to pay the 2000 gold marks that had been set as the price for the job. The price had not been a detriment to Silas’ need for completion of the contract, he thought he would have been able to recoup the costs by elimination of his rival, but Lord Krinn had made sure to slip one of his men into the role of leadership of the business that had recently suffered a power vacuum from the death of Lord Zarr. “Gronn, go up front please, I have things under control here.” He said softly and Gronn moved to the front, the car pulling away immediately afterwards.

He studied her for a long time as the limo whisked quietly through the city heading who knew where, his attention making her increasingly uncomfortable. She realized he was not looking at her like another person, but as a piece of property that he owned, something to be protected and defended from anyone’s touch but his own if necessary and she was sure this man had what it would take to make that happen. She was unused to this kind of appraisal, she knew she was pretty, she had felt men’s eyes on her before but not like this…never like this and it made her feel…humiliated and a little scared but it also made her a little aroused as well. Father and mother had never let her date and because of some unknown reason, boys at school had avoided her like the plague…probably because of her father’s influence here in town but that had not kept them from staring longingly at her face and body. The one boy that had tried to have a relationship with her, Thomas, broke things off abruptly after nothing more than a few kissing sessions and stayed far away from her. She never found out why either and it frustrated her to no end.

He watched her like a predatory cat that had tracked its prey all night and finally cornered it before pouncing on it. He saw that it visibly bothered her as she got more agitated and finally, he decided it was time to break the silence between them as he spoke, “My name is Lord Krinn, little one. I am a business associate of your father whom I have known for many, many years. The reason you are here is because he defaulted on a payment to me and my clan for a contract he needed completed and since he did not have the money to pay, I chose you as a substitute. From this point on, you WILL address me as either ‘Sir’ or ‘Master.’ Failure to do so will result in punishment. It is important that you understand this from the beginning as I will not repeat myself. Do you understand?” As he spoke, he watched her eyes grow wider and wider in astonishment until he had finished and he waited for her to respond to his question.

Gradually, it dawned on her that he was waiting for her to answer and concentrating extremely hard, she called back to mind what he had said and asked then stammered back, “Yeah…er…Yes…Yes Sir, I understand.”

“Very good little one, then we shan't bring this up again. You will know automatically from now on if I must whip you what the cause of it is. This also applies to if I instruct you to do something and you refuse or fail to accomplish it, you shall also be punished, by whipping.” He said as her eyes grew even wider at the words ‘by whipping.’

“Sir, you would really whip me for punishment?” she squeaked meekly as her stomach did flip flops but annoyingly her sex got warm and damp like the times her father would put her over his knee to spank her for her infractions like when she was caught kissing Thomas before he broke it off with her.

Lord Krinn chuckled softly as he could smell her arousal from the other side of the car, “Of course little one. How else will you learn to be a good sex slave if I do not whip you?’

Her eyes flew wide in terror as he told her his intentions to make her his sex slave, but she was not sure if it was the thought of this man using her however, he wanted to please his perverted desires or if it was because of the heat and dampness it caused between her thighs and the longing feeling in her heart and loins at his admission. He chuckled again before he whispered loud enough for her to hear, “Good thing your 18th birthday is only a few days away, I will start your training the day after.” He then turned his head and stared out the window at the passing night.

Chapter 3

The limo glided easily through the streets of the city, finally pulling into the drive of a property several miles from her home, in a much more upscale neighborhood than her own and waited for the massive gates to open for them. Presently, the heavy gate slid open on noiseless wheels and the limo continued up the long drive to the mansion at the top of the small hill on the property.

Cynthia took several minutes to examine her captor out of the corner of her eye as she pretended to watch the scenery out the window next to her. He was very tall, 6 foot 2 or 3 inches and extremely broad of shoulder. His face was ruggedly handsome with touches of grey in both his elegantly styled hair and his goatee. His mustache and goatee were impeccably trimmed and not a hair was out of place on either his head or his face and his mahogany brown eyes seemed to sparkle with an inner light as he from time to time examined her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. From the cut of his impeccable suit, he was extremely well muscled, and he moved very gracefully as if he had years of training of some sort.

Coming to a stop in the front of the house, the door of the limo opened closest to the front door of the house and Lord Krinn reached his hand out for hers. She delicately placed her hand in his and he pulled her quickly to him, causing her to gasp audibly as he forced his lips onto hers, his tongue driving between her lips powerfully and deep into her mouth, making her head spin, then as quickly as the kiss happened it was over as he pulled away and stepped out of the car, pulling her along by her hand behind him. He walked quickly towards the front door of the mansion climbing the short flight of stairs then strode through the opening doorway. Walking quickly behind him, she still found it difficult to keep up, almost feeling as if she was being dragged to whatever doom awaited her. The foyer of the house was completely empty, save for a few more of Lord Krinn’s men and a large metal disk in the middle of the floor but the disk was his goal as he dragged her to the center of is and all his men took their places on the disk as well.

Raising the hand that held hers tight made the sleeve of his suit pull back slightly, revealing a strange, very wide, black metal bracelet on his thick wrist with a silver button in the middle of it and bringing up his other hand, he pushed the silver button. The air in the room shimmered briefly and she realized they were no longer in the mansion, instead they were standing on another large metal disk surrounded by a beautiful garden enclosed by a large, stone wall. Ahead of her down a wide path through the garden was a huge fortress made entirely of stone as well. Her eyes grew wide as she realized it was no longer night, the sun of this place high in the sky and the air around her very warm, almost tropical. The smells and sounds of the garden invaded her senses and knocked her for a loop, she had never seen any place so beautiful in her 17 years and she doubted she ever would in the future.

Still holding her hand, Lord Krinn turned and walked down a path towards a staircase against the wall, dragging her along with him. He quickly climbed the stairs to the top, the wall crenelated at the top like castles you would see in Europe from the middle ages. Towers dotted the wall at regular intervals just like European castles as well. Once at the top of the wall, he stopped so she could look all around the interior of the walls. The fortress was huge, like a small city, the garden only being a small portion of the entire place. She saw several dozen buildings around the open space and hundreds of people moving around as they went about their duties or assigned tasks. Quickly he tugged her to the wall so she could look out over the landscape and was surprised by the view she was presented with. The landscape beyond the wall was stark and very bleak, flat sand and dunes stretched for countless miles all the way to the edge of the horizon.

“Behold, the Endless Death. This desert has no beginning and no end…escape from this fortress would result only in throwing away your precious life and the denizens of this desert would happily feast on your flesh.” Said Lord Krinn as he pointed to the base of the wall. Stepping closer to the wall and looking over, the sight below made her skin crawl, there were hundreds of the every where at the base of the wall, skittering around on their eight legs, pinchers snapping at each other as barbed tails struck at one another in endless conflict. The scorpions that she saw were giant, most, the size of large dogs or bigger…a few the size of horses. “There are even larger ones in the deep desert. I saw one the size of an elephant once and it was battling with another the same size if not larger. This is not a place you want to try to escape from Cynthia.”

Frozen in place at the horror of her situation, Cynthia could do nothing but stare as her stomach pitched as if she were going to be violently ill, instead, her eyes rolled back in her head and she fainted, the only thing keeping her from falling hard to the stone parapet, was Krinn’s grip on her hand and his quick reflexes, easily scooping her into his arms and carrying her back down to the garden.

He quickly walked towards the fortress, Gronn falling into step slightly behind him and they strode through the main entry to the building, the air inside noticeably cooler. Krinn walked with purpose down the hall then up a flight of stairs into the living quarters for himself and his officers, bypassing his room and walking into another room next to his. Inside was nothing but a bed, a wardrobe, and a door leading to a bathroom. Krinn carried Cynthia to the bed, and gently laid her upon the fur covers, then slowly and deliberately removed her clothing. He gently removed her shoes, handing them to Gronn whom he knew was still standing at his shoulder, the man was doggedly loyal and would fall on his own sword if Krinn but asked. He pulled her into a sitting position and tugged her shirt up, slowly revealing her flat belly, then eventually her bra covered breasts. He seemed to drink her in with his eyes as he revealed her inch by tantalizing inch. Once her shirt was off, he laid her back down then slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her tight jeans, then gently tugged them off from the bottom cuffs.

Her bra and matching thong were black, he absentmindedly noticed as he handed the jeans to Gronn as he stood up to critically inspect his prize. She was magnificent…Her mother was gorgeous, but she could not even compare to the beauty that was presented before him. He gently parted her legs, then slid his fingertips over the smooth, silky skin of her inner thighs, he could feel the taut muscles underneath and wondered if when he finally took her, if she would fight him or submit like she had undoubtedly been trained to do by her mother.

Again, he sat her up, then reaching behind her, he undid her bra, and pulled it off her, revealing her ample breasts. Checking the tag, he confirmed her size, 34C, his judgement still accurate when evaluating his slaves. Laying her back down, he slowly placed his hand on her throat, feeling her pulse beat regularly under his fingertips. Slowly he slid his hand down her chest to her left breast and massaged it slightly, checking its firmness and resilience. He traced his fingertips to her nipple and slowly rubbed in a circle over it to see how responsive it was and even in her comatose state, it rapidly grew and elongated. Pleased, he grasped it between his thumb and forefinger and pinched and tugged it, causing it to stretch and distend away from her chest until he released it and watched it snap back perfectly. He again moved his hand, this time to her right breast and performed the same tests. Pleased, he smiled softly as her breast and nipple performed perfectly just like its twin.

Again, he handed the item to Gronn then reached for the waistband of the thong and quickly stripped it off her, tossing it aside. He once again spread her thighs and began his appraisal of her. Her firm, flat mound was completely hairless, either waxed or lasered since he saw no evidence of stubble, and he placed his fingers on her outer labia, gently spreading her open. She was perfect, her inner lips a light pink color and her scent made his mouth water in anticipation. He could not believe how hard it was to resist placing his mouth on her and tasting her. Shaking his head slightly to clear his thoughts, he opened her wider and peered inside her and easily saw her intact hymen. His vision swam slightly as his desire overwhelmed him…had he ever had a slave that was as perfect as this? He could not ever remember one as beautiful or desirous or one that made him feel this off balanced and out of control.

Seizing control of himself with a hard shudder, he removed his fingers from her sex and turned abruptly, striding to the door issuing orders to Gronn as he walked, “I want two guards on the door at all times, and it is to be barred from the outside. The only person to tend to her is Alliya, and she is to be instructed in what she must know in the time permitted before her birthday. That means Alliya has exactly two weeks to prepare her for me. She is not to leave that room, she is not allowed clothes and burn that trash we took off her.” He finished speaking as he entered his own room next door and turned to make sure Gronn acknowledged his orders. Gronn bowed slightly then closed the doors as he walked out, seeing to his lords wishes.

Once the door closed, Krinn slowly undressed, thinking of the perfection that was his new acquisition and found himself rapidly becoming aroused. As he took off his pants, his thick 8” cock sprang out and to full attention, pointing straight at the wall that his new toy was just on the other side of, as if saying, “She belongs to US! Go and TAKE her now!” but he slowly shook that off and walked into his bathroom. He reached out beside the door and tugged the pull cord hanging there and slowly walked into the recessed tub that was constantly full of fresh, hot water for his bath. He slowly submerged himself completely in the steaming water and when he finally broke the surface, he saw standing on the opposite side of the tub, a beautiful, olive skinned, naked slave.

“Ahh…Naya, come and bathe me.” He said to the woman before him and she delicately stepped into the tub, walking down the steps into the water, soap, and a sponge for scrubbing in her hands. She lathered up the sponge as she approached her Master and being the good, dutiful slave, she is, she waited for him to stand so she could begin scrubbing him. As he stood, his erection was exposed to her and thinking back, she realized this was the first time she ever encountered him in this state. Looking up to his face, her eyes sought out his and she saw the unmistakable flash of lust in his beautiful brown orbs as he stared at the wall behind her and the look of animalistic distress from his condition on his handsome face. Deciding quickly, she dropped the sponge and soap in the water and sank down into the water at his feet until she was kneeling before him and reached out to his straining cock with her small but strong hands and wrapped them around his shaft at the base then quickly but decisively slipped her lips over the mushroom head and pushed him deep into her mouth, stopping only once it reached the entrance to her throat. Drawing a deep breath through her nose, she pushed forward hard, making the thick head of his massive cock pop past the resistance of her tight throat, and swallowing several times, took him deep into her gullet, not stopping until her nose pressed hard against his crotch.

Opening her mouth wider, she snaked her long tongue out and lightly tickled his scrotum, running it lightly back and forth, making sure to fondle both of his testicles before sliding it back into her mouth and wrapping it around his shaft as far as she could. Swallowing several more times, she slowly started pulling back from him until she felt his strong fingers twine through her long, silken tresses and yank her forward, driving her back down onto him. Holding her head firmly in his hands, he let out a deep, guttural growl as he forcefully moved her back and forth on his cock, aggressively fucking his cock in and out of her throat. Swiftly, he pulled back completely until just the head of his cock was past her lips, her tongue wrapped tightly around him, tickling the sensitive glans then he slammed back into her deeply, his cock pulsing in time with his hammering heartbeat as her expertise rapidly drew him close to release. Roughly he used Naya’s mouth and throat for his needs as his breathing deepened and he hammered away at her tender throat, bulging, and stretching it painfully. Naya applied as much suction as she could the few times he pulled out to her lips but his frantic pace and the amount of time he was spending in her throat was depriving her of much needed oxygen and she was rapidly getting lightheaded and beginning to swoon. He pounded deep into her, harder and faster with each thrust and just as her eyes rolled back into her head and she lost consciousness, he roared passionately and slammed deep as his cock throbbed and his scalding hot cum gushed down her throat and into her belly. He withdrew from her mouth and seeing her condition, he tenderly scooped her into his arms and lifted her effortlessly from the water, cradling her against his chest like a child. Fortunately, upon the retreat of his cock from her throat, her body naturally gulped sweet air into her lungs, and she began breathing normally as he carried her out of the pool and to his bed. He laid her wet body down, then pulled back the covers from under her and laying next to her, covered them both. Once settled, he gently pulled her to him and pillowed her head on his chest, wrapping her tightly in his arms as he kissed the top of her head, whispering, “I’m sorry my sweet, little one.” then he drifted off to sleep.
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