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The horses are horny, Emma is thirsty. They find a mutual understanding.
Emma was on vacation in Arizona when the tour bus accidentally left without her. It was the last tour for several months, in a scarcely populated area. No cars were coming on this road. Emma walked along the road back to town when it became dark and cold.

Emma: I must find shelter, or I will freeze!

There was nothing around. It was an undeveloped part of land, so she decided to go searching off road.

Emma: Come on, I must find something!

Emma walked for several miles before she collapsed and passed out. When she awoke a herd of wild horses had gathered around her. Some had laid down next to her to keep her warm, saving her life.

Emma: Horses! So many of them!

There were 20. Mostly brown, some spotted, black or white. Emma pets the horse that slept with her, but the others are a little shy. Still, they don’t seem scared of her.

Emma: Do you know where some water is? I’m really thirsty.

Emma saw a horse pissing by a tree, part of her wanted to run over and start drinking. But she thought water must be nearby. She rode on top of one of the horses as they spent their time grazing, hoping they eventually find a river. The hours passed and the blazing sun overhead made her woozy. She would have to find a drink fast. Then she saw a young virile male, fully erect, cock brushing the grass.

Emma: Poor thing, it must hurt. I would hate if I had something that sensitive getting all cut up by the grass. I need to find you a healthy mare to take care of you!

In reality, the horse loved the grass tickling his cock, what was painful was the lack of stimulation!

Emma: The other horses don’t want you huh? Poor thing, I know you want to cum. Cum. That could…

Emma salivates with what little moisture she had left.

Emma: I could drink his cum. You don’t think he’ll mind, do you? This is an emergency, after all.

Emma stares at the horses’ cock, as long as her leg, as thick as her thigh. Balls like melons. Swaying when he walks.

Emma: No one is around, no one will care. Well, maybe his girlfriend. Wait, if she was here, she would take care of him, I guess it’s up to me. She’s probably whoring around with some other horse studs, leaving poor Mr. Horse here all pent up with no relief. Slut.

Emma dismounts her horse and walks towards the virile male.

Emma: Hey buddy. How are you doing?

The horse jumps back and nays. The other horses notice and pay attention.

Emma: It’s ok buddy, I just want to help.

She closes in to pet him on the head. Before long, she had his trust. She petted him on his nose, mane, behind the ears, all while keeping an eye on his cock. Then she decides to go for it.

Emma: You look so big and swollen here, so pent up, eager for release.

She was talking in a seductive voice, the animal understood. She pet the side of his belly, then moved south. She was rubbing the area around the base of his cock. Her hand got a little closer and touched it slightly, his cock jumps and becomes engorged with blood. Rock hard and ready for anything.

Emma: Hehe, looks like you need this more than I do.

The other horses stop what they’re doing and watch. The horse, “Buddy” shall we say, gives them the look, “Yooo look at this! This bitch is crazy, she’s gonna fuckin touch it!” The other horses had mixed reactions: “That’s disgusting, don’t do that.” “Dude, I envy you!” “Finally, someone’s gonna take care of him, that thing is an eyesore.” “Hurry up, I’m next!”

Emma: Is it ok if I touch you here? I need something from you.

Emma starts stroking the base of his cock and massaging his balls.

Emma: Right here. Right inside these balls. I need your milk. Your seed. Do you think you can give that to me?

Buddy’s cock formed a goblet of cum at the head of his penis. Emma fell to her knees, staring face to face with his giant engorged member. The tip of his cock glistening with moisture. Her hands gently stroking his cock.

Emma: You don’t mind if I have a taste, do you?

The wet glob of cum was starting to fall, it was now or never. She hurried her lips to the head of his cock and sucked down his precum and swallowed. His cock continued to leak trace amounts of precum, she swallowed that too. Then she collected it in her hands and lathered his cock and balls. You can imagine the euphoria that horse was experiencing.

Emma: Do you have any more? I’m really thirsty.

Emma didn’t wait for an answer, she started stroking his cock and sucked the head. More precum came out. She didn’t hesitate to swallow. From then on she lost herself. Giving in to the pleasure of sucking his cock. She got as much of his cock in her mouth as possible. Barely more than his head. But it was enough. His cock swelled and got stuck in her mouth. There was no backing out. Buddy was finally getting relief no matter what.

Emma (thinking): Do it. Give me your fat load. Fill my belly with your cum. Give me everything.

She pulls herself deeper when the back of her throat was hit with a hot blast of cum. Nowhere to go but straight down. The next few shots she caught on her tongue. Tasting the strong musky flavor. The most delicious and satisfying meal of her lifetime. Her throat undulating in sync with his pulses. There was so much cum. He has been saving up his entire life. Her hands feel his urethra, like gushing water through a pipe. She continues to stroke his cock, sucking down every single drop until he’s empty. Emma, not in a position to be wasteful, runs her thumbs up his urethra from base to tip, catching the remainder. Not a single drop is spilled.

Emma: Thank you buddy, you saved my life. I needed that.

His cock, after years of being erect, finally dies down. Buddy stood motionless, enjoying the euphoria, the relief, he was so happy. Emma looks over at the other horses. Every one of them was staring at her. The males all sported erections.

Emma: Guys please, I just ate. My belly is FULL of buddy’s cum. So tasty, isn’t that right my big stallion?

The horse neighs. Three of the horses walk towards her, bumping her with their noses. The pain of their sensitive pricks driving them wild. If only they too could find relief.

Emma: Guys, maybe we should focus on finding shelter, or some people or something.

One of the three horses, a brown one, rears its front hooves in the air, in an act of intimidation and frustration.

Emma: Does it really hurt that bad? Do you need to be taken care of?

Two more horses walk towards her, all sporting erections. This time Emma doesn’t waste any time, she starts blowing the brown horse before her. He trembled and stamped his feet as she remained latched on to him, sucking him like a vacuum. Before long her mouth was filled with his white creamy protein shake.

Emma (thinking): Mmm, yes, let it all out. You must be so pent up, I bet the lady horses are prudes. Here, let me take care of that for you. Don’t know when my next meal may arrive. How long do horses take to recover? Better not spill a drop! Mmm, it tastes so good, but my stomach is starting to hurt. I can’t spill any of it, not if I am to survive.

The brown male is finished and walks off, a spotted one takes his place.

Emma: I can’t! I’m so full! Look at my belly!

Emma unbuttons her shirt and rubs her belly, this only excites the horses further. He slathers her chest with his precum, rubbing his cock along her body.

Emma: There’s no way! I can’t possibly…

The horse smacks her cheek with his cock.

Emma: I mean, I want to help but…

Emma recalled how the horses saved her life and felt guilty. She looked at the crowd of horses, all erect, all raring to go. Eager for their turn.

Emma: Ok, ok, I’ll try.

Emma took her third horse cock of the day into her mouth. She had a dazed look in her eye. Like she was about to vomit. The horse went from 0 to 100 in seconds, and blasted into her mouth with thick, copious amounts of cum. His cock wedged deep into her throat, forcing his semen into her guts. Cum leaks into her lungs, making her choke. Cum having no choice but force its way down her digestive tract. Another horse bullies his way towards salvation. He deepthroats her and releases with pure selfishness. Emma rips her clothes off and feels the need to shit. But no poop, just an endless torrent of semen gushing out of her. There are still seven more horses to go. Their toy has a leak in it. Better plug it. Horses five and six spit roasts her and fill her in no time. She gets horse number seven to lay on its back and she penetrates her pussy. Her feet slip and his cock plunges to her womb. She starts to scream, but another cock runs down her throat, complemented with one in her ass. She screams as she cums hard on the lucky horse in her pussy, causing all of her muscles to contract and vibrate. The horses fire, packing her with semen once again. The last two horses top off her digestive tract and push the limits on what her stomach can handle. Despite her efforts, she was forced to vomit and release much of the semen piled up inside of her. She holds her hands over her mouth and ass and clench her legs together, but it didn't stop her spurting like a fountain. She finds herself soaked in semen. Leaking, and lying on the grass.

This satisfies the horses for the time being, but a new day is just around the corner. She had to take care of her family because they were her only supply of nutrition. They produced an abundance of cum, once she had her fill, the rest of the day was spent having fun. She survived six months on horse cum alone before the tour started back up again. By then she had gotten used to her family and felt sick when she thought about returning to society. She watched the bus in the distance and imagined riding towards it. It felt sad leaving her horse friends alone never to taste horse cum again. The decision was easy. She spent the rest of her days living with her horses drinking their cum and fucking their huge wild cocks.
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