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Sister has small tits. I show her how sexy they are..
It was a Sunday morning. My parents had gone off to church, as they did every weekend. I was enjoying some alone time, making my own offering on the altar of the porn gods, when I heard a timid knock at the door.

Shit, I'd forgotten Kim was still home. She usually went to church with my parents, but she had just returned from a Christian summer camp yesterday, where she had been working as a counselor for the last 4 weeks. She'd been really upset when she got home.

"Um," I hesitated, trying to think of an excuse to stop her coming in, but came up short. "Hold on..." I began, but the door had already clicked and was swinging open. I had grown complacent during her absence. Luckily the muscle memory from my recent teenage years kicked in. Quick as lightning, my hands did a rapid tuck, flip and alt-tab. In the instant it took Kim to poke her head into my room I was already staring blandly at a stupid time-sink game I ran permanently in the background for just such an occasion.

"What Kim?" I demanded, now mindlessly exploding rows of gems for no apparent reward or reason. Why do people play these things when there is perfectly good porn available?

"I'm bored," she sighed, "What are you playing?"

"A game. Don't you have something better to do today?"

"Can I play?" Before I could say no, Kim bounced up to me and, without any warning, leaped into my lap.

"Hey!" I yelped, hyper-conscious of the painful erection I was still sporting. That, and the very graphic video which was still running just beneath the thin skin of this pointless game.

"I know this one. I have it on my phone. I'm really good. Here, let me show you," she placed her hand over mine and began guiding it to click on different colored gems. She giggled, "Wow, you are really bad at this. You've been on this level for like an hour."

She began to animatedly give me notes on improving my gameplay. Like I gave a shit. All I could concentrate on was how her butt was rubbing up against my shaft as she squirmed during her battle with the pixels on my screen. It was definitely not helping my situation.

Kim had always been particularly innocent growing up, and her lack of awareness of my discomfort was rubbing me up the wrong way, literally. Or perhaps it was the right way. Either way, the situation was made a lot worse by the fact that we were both still in our pajamas.

At eighteen, Kim was still what, before this day, I might have called underdeveloped. From where I sat she had about as many curves on her as an arrow and a chest as flat as mine. The net result of this was that she never felt the pressure girls her age usually did to conceal or play down their womanly attributes. She dressed and behaved in the way she had since she was a kid. It would have been endearing if it wasn't so annoying.

I was becoming increasingly aware that the only thing between my cock and her were two very flimsy layers of material. She had not even registered the hard shaft bumping against her as she jiggled.

Her top was even worse. It was a whisp-thin tank-top with no bra or padding. Her nipples stood out like buttons through the barely existent fabric. Hunched over my desk as she was, it hung off her chest and, if I craned my head around just a little more, I would've been able to see...

"Get off, Kim!" I ordered suddenly, trying to slide her off my lap. Her ass was starting to feel incredibly good on my cock, and had I really just been about to sneak a peek down my sister's top?

"Just hold on," she narrowed her eyes at the screen, "Just one more..."

"Off!" I shoved her off my lap with excessive force. My rolling chair slid backward from beneath her and she landed hard on her flat ass.

Pissed, she spun her head from where she had been dumped and began spitting, "Alright, I was only playing. What's your prob-" then she came face to face with my problem: the bulging problem I was scrabbling in vain to cover up.

I deeply regretted shoving her off in that moment. Her already big, blue eyes widened to take up what seemed to be most of her face.

"Is that your..." she asked, apparently more curious than mortified.

I was feeling quite the reverse.

"Just get out, Kim!" I yelled.

"I'm sorry," she cringed back from my outburst, "I didn't know, okay. Was that from... you know?" She looked away self-consciously, color rising to her lightly freckled cheeks.

"No, Jesus. You're my sister," I gabbled, "And you're... you're..."

"What?" The color in her cheeks deepened and the expression on her face turned dark, "Too boyish? Too flat-chested?" She gestured towards her breasts or rather, the lack thereof. Her nipples were pointing back at me accusingly through her tank top.

Mentally I backpedaled. I was in a no-win situation here and I needed to find the way out with the fewest repercussions. "No, I, uh..."

Before I could finish whatever half-formed excuse my brain was desperately trying to concoct, I was shocked into silence. Kim was crying.

At least, her liquid eyes were on the verge of spilling over. What had I done? Was she offended? Was she going to tell mom?

"I wouldn't expect you to get it," her voice quavered.

Where the hell was this coming from?

"Get what, Kim? I was just relaxing in my room when you burst in here. What is it you wanted?" Her tears made me feel bad and feeling bad made me angrier at her for making me feel bad.

She pulled herself up, and replied, in a wounded tone, "Maybe I was just looking for someone to be kind to me. After the shitty camp I had, just one person. It was my mistake to think that person might be my own brother."

I sighed tiredly and before I could think it through said, "Kim, sometimes bad shit happens. You don't have to go around making it other people's problem."

I regretted the words as soon as they left my mouth. With the change in her expression, you would've thought I'd slapped her.

"Do you know what they called me at camp?" She shot back angrily. When I didn't reply she deflated, sniffed, and said, "Bee Stings."

Her look of defeat hit me like a gut punch. I was a terrible brother. "I'm sorry, Kim. Those counselors can be real assholes. They're a tight-knit bunch. I know, I've been there." I didn't mention that when I had been a camp counselor, before I became a god-forsaken heathen, I'd been part of the group that made up the names for the others.

"No, not the counselors. The kids. They all called me names. I tried to rise above it. Turn the other cheek and all that. But it wore on me. Four weeks I had to put up with their snotty jibes. And even then, I nearly made it." Clearly, this had been weighing on her. As she talked the story came out faster and faster, like she was exorcising herself of the ordeal. "You know, on the last night when they have camp awards?"

I nodded. I remembered. They always have a big ceremony and hand out dumb awards like, "cleanest bunk" and "best outdoorsman." We also used to make up a bunch of ones that we thought were hilarious at the time but now, looking back, were probably a form of sexual harassment, or at least some form of bullying.

"They called me up. Said they had a special award for me. They said all the kids at the camp had voted and decided I deserved it." I didn't ask her to continue, but she did anyway, "I went up. I thought maybe I was going to get some appreciation for all the shit they put me through. A "good sport" award or something. Do you know what they gave me?" She choked out the words. I shook my head, not meeting her tear-stung eyes, "A tube of calamine lotion and a certificate for the worst case of Bee Stings they had ever seen."

"Fuck," I winced.

"I cried. I cried in front of the entire camp. Kids. Counselors. Everyone. And they just laughed, Mark. They all just fucking laughed."

I cringed in my chair. I could not ever remember Kim cussing like this before. I reached out a tentative hand but stopped just short of touching her. "It's okay, Kim. They're a bunch of idiots. I'm sure they didn't mean it."

"They did, and they were right. Most of the 12-year-olds there had bigger boobs than me."

"I'm sorry, Kim," I could not think of more to say. Hearing my sister talk about her boobs, watching her fighting her tears, my fucking erection which was still not going down, it was all making me very uncomfortable.

She dashed away the tears with one hand and appeared to regain some of her composure. "Is it true? I am so unattractive, Mark?"


"It's okay, you know, about earlier," Her eyes darted down to where my hand still covered my still mostly-erect dick, "I don't mind, really. I've listened to the other girls. I know it happens to boys. Was it really just from me sitting there?"

"Kim..." My face burned, red hot. I had absolutely no idea how to get myself out of this hole.

"You can tell me, it's okay. If I'm a hundred percent honest, I'd take it as a compliment." The wide-eyed expression bordering on excitement was heartbreaking to see.

"Kim," I looked down and shook my head. I could either destroy my fragile sister or lie and tell her she'd given me wood. My no-win situation just got a little more unwinnable.

Something seemed to click for her then. Maybe my eyes had unconsciously darted to my monitor. Regardless, her face paled and she said, "Oh," then, glancing down at my computer, "Oh!"

"Kim," I tried to get up, but the damn chair kept sliding out from under me and she was already right there. A mouse click later and we were both staring at a screen crammed to bursting with bare flesh. Worst of all was that the scene I had been enjoying depicted two women of particularly generous proportions attending diligently to each other while, at the same time, they serviced a man of equally generous physical attributes.

Kim's face fell. She pushed off my desk and began robotically heading for the door.

"Kim!" I shouted after her, but she was already gone. I heard the door to her room slam. I swore under my breath. My eyes went back to the scene on the screen. For a moment I tilted my head as my male brain considered finishing off what I'd started, now that I finally had a moment to myself. Cursing myself for being such a caring brother, I angrily closed my browser down and stood up from my chair.

"Kim?" I called loudly while tapping softly at her door.

"Go away." I could hear the tears in her voice.

I swore again. I really did not want to get involved in this but having a crying sister to explain to my parents when they go home would have been a lot worse. Especially if Kim gave them all the gory details. It would be a lot harder to get out of church in the future if that happened. So, I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Kim was on her bed, hunched over, crying into her hands.

"Leave me," she sobbed pathetically.

"I'm sorry, Kim," I sighed, "I don't know what I did wrong, but I am sorry." I really hoped that would be enough and I would be able to leave. It was not and I could not.

"Of course you don't know. You're just like every other guy. You're only interested in nice asses and big boobs."

"That's not true (maybe it was a bit true). Wait... why am I defending myself to you? I didn't do anything wrong here."

But Kim had momentum now. She kept on talking as if I had said nothing, "The same thing that happens wherever I go. I become invisible. No boy wants to even talk to a girl who still looks like she hasn't hit puberty."

"Kim, isn't this a conversation you should be having with mom?" I shifted uncomfortably. I desperately wanted to leave.

"I've tried, but she doesn't get it. She has boobs. She tells me that guys will notice me for my personality. But that's just bullshit."

"Um," I was surprised, I was not used to this sweary, emotional Kim who wanted to have adult conversations with me.

"It is bullshit. But, I'm not ugly, am I?" Her voice pleaded with me.

"Kim, I'm your brother. I honestly can't judge."

"Just look at me. What's wrong with me?"

I glanced at her and sighed, "Nothing, Kim."

"You're not just lying to make me go away? You'd tell me if I was repulsive, right?"

"Yes, Kim. I'm your brother. I would tell you if you were repulsive. Hell, I probably have told you exactly that once or twice when we were growing up."

"You did," She folded her arms across her meager chest.

"To be fair, you were a pimply, brace-face back then."

"You used to have a mullet." Her eyes narrowed, but at least her tears had stopped.

"It was ironic," I massaged my closed eyes. "Look, the point is you're not repulsive now. I don't know what problem the other campers had, but it has nothing to do with you. Okay?"

"Then look at me."

"I did."

"No, I mean actually look at me this time and tell me what makes me so forgettable." She stood up from the bed and held her arms out at her sides.

Reluctantly I raised my head and gave her another quick glance. "Nothing, you're fine, Kim."

"Look at me," she insisted.

"I am," I moaned back at her like a whiny child.

"Pretend I'm not your sister. Are you doing that?"

"Yes," I spoke through gritted teeth.

"Now, am I attractive? Do you think guys will find me pretty?"

Knowing now she would not let up, I conceded to look at her properly this time. I even did as she said and tried not to see her as my sister.

"Oh," I said, a little surprised.

"What?" She suddenly looked self-conscious, her hand reached across her middle to hold her other arm. She looked so vulnerable like that.

"Nothing," I shook my head, feeling a little heat in my cheeks. I can admit that for a moment, just a moment mind you, I saw how pretty my little sister was. Sure, she was skinny, with hardly any definition to her body, but if you took a moment to take it all in, she was beautiful. Her face was perfectly symmetrical, with wide blue eyes which, until today, always seemed to twinkle with a joke that only she understood. Her breasts were ripening little buds and her waist was so slender I could probably have encircled it with both my hands. Even her ass, which I had first thought flat, had a seductive little curve to it. "Shit," I thought, "Kim is fucking hot."

"Tell me," she ordered. She brought her hands up to cup the air in front of her barely existent breasts. "It's my bee sting boobs, isn't it? No guy wants a girl with such a flat chest."

"No," I blushed harder, "Those are, um, cute." Shit, what was I saying? She was infecting my brain. I'd have to watch what came out of my mouth.

"Really?" Her voice went up a couple of octaves.

"To some guys, sure. Not to me. You're my sister. But I don't think guys would have a problem with them. To be honest, most guys are only really interested in a nice face" I looked down at the floor, "And you have one." Silently I told myself to shut up.

"A face?"

"A nice face. I mean, you're my sister," I made sure to stress this point yet again, "But I can tell that you have the kind of face guys might find attractive."

"You're just saying that," her voice sank again.

"I'm not," I replied a little quicker than I intended. "Christ, I wish I wasn't," I added in my head.


"Nice?" She added helpfully.


"And my tits?"

"Jesus! Kim?!" I threw up my arms in exasperation.

"Just be honest."

"They're also very nice," I jerked my head as I spoke, not once looking in her direction.

"You're not even looking at them."

"I've looked," I began, then realized my error. "I mean, I've..." Shit. I had nothing. I really needed to shut the fuck up.

"Will you look at them?"

"No way."

"Just give me an objective opinion."

I mouthed another curse word then, flicked my eyes in the direction of her chest before flicking them away again. "They're fine," I mumbled.

"No, I mean look at them." She emphasized the word "Look." It took me a while to understand until I saw her fingers nervously playing with the hem of her tank top out of the corner of my eye.

"Nope. No way!" I jumped up, "I can't do that! I don't believe in hell, but all the same, I have no intention of taking the risk, thank you very much."

"Come on," she stamped a dainty foot, "Thanks to you I already feel a million times better than when I woke up this morning. Can't you just give me a quick objective opinion? It won't cost you anything."

If only she knew.

"Besides," her expression turned sly as she added, "From what I saw earlier, you're somewhat of an expert on boobs."

"Well, I don't like to brag..." I thought then told my brain to shut the fuck up and insisted out loud, "I'm not looking at my sister's boobs!"

"Just a peek?" She queried, her hands tugging up her shirt to expose the tight muscles of her flat belly.

"Forget it, Kim," I insisted, but found my eyes remained fixed on her. I willed them to look away but they did not budge. Stupid eyes.

"Pretty please? They hardly count as boobs anyway, so it's technically not breaking any rules," The tank top was raised to reveal the pale white skin that was just the barest mound, barely discernible from the rest of her chest.

Frozen, I felt my mouth run dry. In the mixture of rising panic and elation, the words I needed failed to form. Slowly her top crept up, revealing more and more, until I found myself staring at her bare chest.

"I am definitely going to hell," I whispered.

Still, I could not tear my gaze away. Her areolae were silver-dollar-sized domes of pink perfection. You could hardly see her nipples, they were so delightfully cushioned by the marshmallowy richness of the surrounding flesh.

"I..." I tried to speak, but still, nothing came out.

"Not much to look at, I know," she looked down grimly at herself.

"No," I finally croaked out. Then, seeing her expression and sensing she had taken this the wrong way, I hurriedly explained: "I mean, yes! I mean they are seriously not that bad." She winced and my words came tumbling out before I could properly consider them, "Wait, it's like you said, I've seen a lot of boobs, in pictures mostly, but that still counts. And yours are really pretty." I couldn't tell her that she had probably just ruined big breasts for me. These little nubbins of delight were so perky and delectable they made me salivate. They made something else occur as well.

I heard Kim giggle. I tracked the path of her vision. My mind had been reeling and hadn't noticed what was happening until now. Suddenly I felt it and looked down. "Fuck!" I tried to cover it up but did a terrible job. My pajama shorts offered nothing in the way of concealment either. "It's nothing," I made to leave.

"Wait," I could hear the smile in Kim's voice.

"What?" I paused impatiently at the door.

"Is that for me?"

"No!" I sounded scandalized.

"It is for me. From these," she nodded down to her sweet bosom, "Not from the porn site!"

"Jesus." I punched the door jamb, "It's nothing. Just a biological reaction. Just ignore it."

"I'm complimented, really."


"I mean it. If I can get this reaction from my own brother there might be hope for me yet, right?"

"I guess," my face was hot. I desperately wanted to escape. I took another step without looking back

"Will you feel them?" There was a new tone of cheeky confidence in her voice. I think I preferred it when she was crying.

"I can't. That would be so wrong," My mouth said, but my stupid legs had stopped walking of their own accord.

"You've touched my arm before though?" She wheedled.

"Yes, but..."

"And my leg? My stomach?"

"Not deliberately. Certainly not since we were little."

"Your hands touched my butt earlier. When you shoved me."

"And I said I was sorry. But it's not the same."

"What difference does it make? It's just some of your skin touching some of my skin. It doesn't matter where those parts are, does it?" She took a step closer to me.

"I think it does."

She stepped closer again. I failed entirely to move. She was only an arm's length away.

"It's nothing, Mark. Think of yourself as a doctor giving an opinion. They’re small, but will you just tell me if they feel good? Will you tell me if you think I should get them, you know," she mouthed the next word, "enlarged."

"No Kim," my voice whined with reluctance. But it was feigned reluctance. I was worried about what might happen if I let this go any further. I was starting to have strange thoughts about Kim. They were dark thoughts, and I was scared to let them float to the surface of my mind for fear of what it would do to my relationship with my sister, with my family.

But Kim seemed to be growing in confidence, probably because, as I stood half-turned in the doorway, my erection was still painfully in evidence. She'd snuck so close to me. I could feel the heat coming off her bare flesh. I watched in a hypnotic stupor, unable to look away. Unwillingly, I took in more infatuating details, like her slightly protruding navel. An unbidden thought of what it would feel like to prod that little button with my tongue flashed across my thoughts. I dismissed it, but it was immediately replaced with the observation that her weeks at camp had left her with the crisply defined tan lines of her one-piece swimsuit. Most of her skin had a healthy bronze tint. But, where her swimsuit had covered her, she was still a virginal, unspoiled white.

I was a rabbit facing down a stalking predator, hoping stillness would be my camouflage. I knew it had failed when her hand closed on mine. Her hand was cool with a bird-bone lightness and fragility. With surprising strength that hand guided mine up towards her chest. I say it was strong because surely I must have resisted? Yet she did not seem to put in any effort to raise my hand and place it in such a way as to encircle her hillock of flesh.

The first thing I felt was the shock of her body heat, contrasted with her cool hand. Next, I was surprised by the luxurious softness of her breast. Barely rising above her ribcage, I'd expected perhaps to feel the hardness of bone beneath. But this was all pillowly, springy flesh of pliable goodness. I felt my hand tighten involuntarily into a cup shape to cover the petal softness of her skin.

"Well?" She demanded, pushing out her chest a little, as if that might improve my ability to form an opinion. It certainly did, it helped me confirm just how perfect her little titties were.

"Good," I groaned slightly, "They feel really good. Just.." I couldn't help myself then, without volition I found my thumb and forefinger closing on her nipple and giving her tender pink flesh the barest pinch. I did not know human skin could be so soft. My fingers pressed into the shallow flesh and she gave a small gasp as I found myself giving her nub the gentlest of tugs.

I was horrified by my body's betrayal but, to be fair, hers was equally traitorous. I felt her nipple stiffen between my fingers and saw her teeth bite down on her bottom lip.

"They're really not that bad?" She prompted.

I nodded slowly, my eyes transfixed in disbelief at where my fingers were now rolling my sister's pert bud between them. The problem I was having with dry mouth now seemed to be cured and, if anything, I was having trouble trying to slow down my salivary glands as I mumbled, "Promise me you'll never try to make these bigger."

She gave a shy giggle, twisting at the waist, clearly enjoying the effect her body was having on mine.

"They're okay then?" her expression was endearingly sincere. I suddenly became incredibly aware of just how close we were to each other. I could smell the scent of her hair. Worse than that, over a minute must have passed and I was still blatantly groping my sister's breast. "Would a guy get turned on by them?"

"I'm sure a guy would," I stressed the words 'a guy.'

"A guy? What about you?"

Shit, she saw through my cunning misdirect. "Kim, you're my little... Oh my!" I was taken completely by surprise as I felt a hand come to rest on my crotch. Her hand. My cock was rock hard and there was no doubt she could feel every inch of it through the fabric of my pajamas. Even in my state of shock I still did not let go of her breast.

"This is just from little old me?"

"Um," I hesitated over the right answer to give here. I knew it was too late to blame it on the porn now. Added to that was the fog of confusing thoughts towards my sister which now clouded my mind.

Before I could think of an adequate excuse, any excuse, she wrong-footed me again, asking, "Can I see it?"


"Can I see your...you know?" Her eyes dipped down and then lingered on where her hand was gripping me. "I've never seen a real one. I thought, maybe... since we're sharing and all," Her glance moved to where, for the life of me I cannot explain why, I was still groping her chest. And I do mean, groping. Finding no resistance, and freed from the control of my stupefied brain, my hand had begun to massage slow circles into my sister's breast tissue.

"Kim?" My thoughts were slowed (I blame the volumes of blood being diverted away from my brain). I was still uncertain what was actually happening and I was in two minds about whether I wanted it to stop.

"Just a peek?" She pushed out her bottom lip in a pretty pout and I found, though my mind screamed, "No!" my body was entirely failing to respond. That was how, before I knew it, her slim little hand was tugging the cords loose on my pajama pants. Again, not a muscle in my body responded. All it did manage was an involuntary nervous giggle as her hand slipped down and cupped my manhood.

Yup, her hands were still cold.

There I was with my sister, who I'd always assumed was probably destined to be a virgin married to Jesus, with her fingers wrapped around my junk and it was the greatest thing I'd ever felt. She pulled it out into the open and gave it a lengthy appraisal. I could not look at her face, terrified at what would happen if we made eye contact.

"It's pretty big," She cooed. I risked a glance down. Yup, that was very definitely my bare cock in the hand of my little sister. I had not hallucinated that. "Are they all that big?"

"Dunno," I grunted, "The only other ones I've seen have been in porn, and I have a feeling those guys skew the average somewhat."

Skew the average somewhat?! My mind was definitely having a meltdown.

"It's, er, what's the word you used... Oh yeah, 'nice," She giggled.

"Cool. Cool. Cool... cool," I sounded anything but, "So, was it what you expected?"

"I guess. I was expecting it to be... I don't know, really. I've heard they were gross looking, but yours is..."

"Nice?" I offered this time.

"You should be a poet." She was still holding my dick. My sister was still holding my dick! I was not sure things could get more awkward and then she asked, "Do you touch it while you are watching porn?"

"Kim," I tried to sound exasperated. I know I should have stopped her, but it felt so good to have her hold me like that. I found myself willing her to stroke me, just a little. Purely for educational purposes.

"Do you do it like this?" My wish was granted and she started stroking my cock. I cried out, my knees almost buckling, and she said, "Sorry. Was I doing it wrong?"

"This is wrong. So wrong. I mean, not that," I motioned to her hand, "But this," unhelpfully, I motioned to her hand again, only with more emphasis. "Look," I laughed nervously, "Maybe we should just stop right here, go our separate ways and pretend this never happened?"

"I'll let go when you let go," She smiled up at me. I looked to see what she meant.

"Shit. Sorry!" I found that, while I had been understandably preoccupied, my second hand had joined the first. I hated my hands. My hands were devious assholes who were going to get me into deep, deep shit. Each one was now massaging one of her little mounds.

"Why? I'm not sorry. That feels really good."

"Oh, God."

"Just relax, I'm only curious. I can't talk to anyone about this stuff and it's not like we're hurting anyone. Just tell me what boys like. I might not have the right kind of body to please a man, but maybe there are other things I can learn. Will you show me?"

"I can't," I began, but trailed off into a groan as she squeezed down on my shaft.

"Was that better?"

"Stop, Kim, you really shouldn't."

"It was like this, wasn't it?" She squeezed and stroked me again and I had to stop talking to stifle another moan. I moved to cover her hand with mine but all I managed to do was tighten her grip and slow down the next attempt she made to stroke my cock. This just made it all the more pleasurable. "Oh, like that" She nodded, watching my expression change, even the attentive student.

“Oooh," I broke off again as she began to stroke my length slowly but firmly.

"Okay, so that's it. See, I'm learning so much already."

My automaton thumb, meanwhile, found her nipple again and was rubbing it in rough circles. "That feels wonderful," She sighed as she worked my cock, "I like to play with them. They're so sensitive. But it feels, like, a million times better when you do it. Mmm."

Perhaps because I was already primed from my porn session, or else it was the wrongness of having my own sister give me a handjob, either way, I was on a hair-trigger. Realizing this, I tried to halt Kim's hand with my own and opened my mouth to stop her, but all that came out was another pained groan. Then is happened. A hot, wet load of sticky cum shot gunned out of my cock and splattered my sister's flat stomach. She squealed appreciatively but it was so unexpected neither of us had time to react. I could only stoop over her petite form from the cramps of pleasure and spray salvo after salvo of my seed all over her belly and booty shorts. She just stood there in a mute state of shock as I coated her lower half in a thick, white glaze.

"Whoa," Kim laughed.


"Does it always spew that much?"

"I'm sorry."

"It's so warm."

"Oh, God. I'm so fucking sorry."

"And sticky."

"Oh shit. What have I done?"

"That was not at all what I was expecting."

"Christ. What have I done? Fuck. Mom is going to have an aneurysm. Shit! Dad is going to cut my dick off."

"Oh relax, they won't find out. We were just experimenting, remember? That was fun." She grinned widely and a pink flush bloomed on her cheeks.

"Christ, Kim. Look at what I did to you."

She looked down at her body and tutted softly, saying, "You certainly did make a mess. These will have to go in the wash for a start." At that, she hooked her thumbs into her shorts and asked, "You don't mind, do you?"


"I guess it's only fair, since I've seen yours," She giggled again and then tugged down her sleep shorts.

Yup, Kim was now completely naked. I just openly goggled at my sister's pussy. She'd still been my kid sister in my mind up until this point but the sight of that tidy thatch of pubic hair above her puffed-up pussy lips made me completely recalibrate that view.

"Such a messy boy," she muttered, using her shorts to dab up the smears of my semen still on her stomach and thighs. Realizing I was staring at her, she paused and gave me a curious look, asking, "What?"

"Shit, Kim. I just came on you. This is a pretty big deal."

"Only if you make that way. I can't help but think of it as a compliment. A very sticky compliment, but I appreciate the vote of confidence." She gave me a sly look and then asked, "Seeing we''ve already gone this far, would you look at my ass?"

"Your ass?" I was flabbergasted. I was still feeling ashamed, trying to cover up my waning cock and now Kim was asking me to check out her ass?

"Is it too flat?" She turned as she asked and presented her slender bottom to me.

"Um," I couldn't stop myself looking now. I was in far too deep. In clothes, her butt seemed to lack definition but naked it was fantastic. What it lost in sheer mass it made up for in toned pertness. It was the ass of an athlete, muscular and so tight I'm surprised she didn't bounce back up every time she sat down.

"It's good," I managed, "I don't see any problems."

"It is?" She sounded relieved. "But what does he think?" She pointed to my covered crotch.

"Oh, uh, I'm sure he would like it. He just can't get excited again. Not so soon after what... you know."

"Oh," she actually sounded a little offended.

"But it is a very decent butt. A plus. I mean, I'm sure other guys would think so. It's cute," I finished lamely.

"Okay," she brightened. Growing bashful again she said l, "Can I ask you another personal question?"

"Why not," I rolled my eyes skyward.

"Did it feel really good when I touched it?"


"Because when I touch myself," her cheeks reddened and she indicated down to her crotch, "It feels so nice. All tingly. Is it like that for guys too?"

"I guess. In the beginning, at least." Then it kind of grows." It is surprising the candor you feel when you've just ejaculated all over your little sister.


"Gets stronger. Until it, kind of, explodes."

"Explodes?!" Her blue eyes widened.

"Yeah, I mean, you got the full show there. Live. From the splash zone."

Fortunately, she ignored my Shamu reference and mused, "Oh, I guess it's different for girls."

"Not really," I said without thinking. "Just not quite so messy."

"What do you mean?"

"Have you never had an orgasm? Like the kind of explosion, I said?"

She shook her head sadly.


There was an uncomfortable silence during which I made some subtle movements toward the door. I was almost out when she blurted out, "Will you teach me?"

"Teach you?"

"About orgasms. I know about them; I just don't think I've ever had one. How do you know?

"You just know, trust me."

"I do, trust you, that is. That's why I'm asking."

I was digging myself in deep here.

She continued, "It's just, it kind of felt like you knew what you were doing when you were playing with my nipples."

"I wasn't playing with them. I was helping you... helping you..." I stopped talking because Kim had climbed up onto her bed and was busy spreading her legs. The fucking sexiest set of legs I'd ever seen that came together at the prettiest little pussy on planet Earth. Maybe Satan was real? He certainly knew how to fuck with a sinner like me.

"See," she began, touching a finger to the top of her slit, just above where the dark pink lips were parted to reveal a tiny hole, shiny with moisture, "When I touch myself here it feels amazing. I could play with it all day."

She drew a slow circle around the small fleshy button while I stared on, unable even to blink. It was the most darling pussy I had ever seen. So delicate and ripe, the voices in my head were calling for me to taste it.

"Mmm," her mouth formed a thin-lipped smile of indulgence as she stroked the sensitive spot.

"I can't... Kim."

"He seems to like it," She grinned, her eyes only open a slit.

"I.. What? God damn it," I looked down to see my cock was back up to attention, "How is that even possible? Fuck you, you traitor."

"Here, you try," her voice had grown husky.

"Wha-" I hadn't realized my body had been creeping closer to the bed, no doubt led by my dick which appeared to be leading me in some sort of sick, perverted version of water-dowsing. It brought me so close that Kim had taken my hand in hers before I realized. "I-" I knew I had no power to resist now, so I folded with pathetic self-discipline and limply let her draw my fingers down to join hers in a slippery tangle.

"This is the spot," she cooed, rubbing my digits through slick flesh, "Can you feel that little bump? Rub that for me." I strongly felt that she was overplaying her innocence of her own body by this point. Did I care? I did not.

The feel of her, the soft squelch of her liquid lust, it was all too much for my overloaded brain. I found myself complying meekly and, as her face eased into an expression of comfortable pleasure, I found myself working harder to please her.

How I'd ended up here after waking up on a very ordinary Sunday morning, I still had no idea. But my conscience was definitely losing the battle. The devil himself could have been waiting in the doorway for me, pitchfork in hand, and I would no longer have cared. Never in my life had I seen anything so sexy as my sister, legs splayed on the bed, her free hand pulling at a hardened nipple, and my very own fingers stroking through her molten sex.

"It feels so different when you do it. It feels better. So much better," her head lolled back on her bed as she spoke.

Propriety out the window, I figured I could not make things much worse by going even further. My hand making slurpy circles in her syrupy nook, I crawled up onto the bed with her. Those little tits. They had cast a spell on me. They were so perfect they were practically begging me for it. Tentatively I leaned down and placed a kiss on her areola. It was softer than any lip. Her back arched at the touch and she gave a little snort that let me know I had found the right spot.

I realized then that her hand had left mine and I was teasing her clit all by myself. But by then I had encircled the entirety of her nipple with my mouth and was running my tongue over it in a most un-brotherly way. It was safe to say that I was committed to the incest pact we had unwittingly drawn up together.

Kim writhed on the bed as I toyed with her. My cock was even more engorged than before and I don't think she had any more doubts about just how fucking sexy I found her.

I was lapping with increasing vigor when she gave a grunt of surprise, before breathily saying, "That's really good. Really really really good. Keep doing that. More of that. Whatever you're doing, do a lot more of it, and don't stop!"

I didn't. I closed my eyes, put my head down, and obeyed wholeheartedly and with a song in my heart. My hand was a sloppy blur while my tongue lashed at her raw nipple. Her breathing had turned to soft squeaks, getting higher and closer together until finally, they stopped.

Everything stopped. Time stopped.

I opened one eye, my lips still locked tight around her breast, and saw her mouth was wide open in a rictus smile, but no sound came out of it. Her whole body was so stiff that I probably could have picked her up by any point on it and carried her like a board.

Yup, I had definitely found the right spot.

Her body crumbled in a cascade of shudders which shook her from her head down to her toes. I could feel the wall of muscle beneath my fingers stiffen then relax in rapid succession as her body climaxed hard around my fingers. I kept my movements slow and soft, teasing out a long, wracking orgasm that, if it felt as good as it looked, should be in a record book somewhere.

As her body finally released the tension, I'd been winding into her she finally managed little gasps that were as much to do with getting air back into her lungs as they were out of lingering pleasure. Her tiny nipples were hard as beads under my tongue. She dug fingers into my hair and crushed my head to her chest. There was hardly any padding, stretched out flat as she was. I could feel her rib bones against my cheeks. Yet that just made me even harder for her. These tiny little tits with their radio-telescope-level sensitivity were the sexiest thing I had ever experienced.

Flopping back on the bed Kim sighed, "That was... that was..." she made the sound of an explosion and used her hands to illustrate a rolling mushroom cloud. I grinned, prouder of myself than I'd ever been. Kim lay still, legs spread wide. Her lower body now a sticky mess of our combined juices.

"Wow," She grinned at me in that way that reminded me of the kid sister she had been so recently. That smile faded though when she saw my expression. A great deal had changed while she had been away on her short journey of self-discovery. What she saw in me now was a pure, unquenchable lust. Possibly some love too? This was all very new to me. She had far surpassed her original goal to simply be noticed. I was infatuated, burning with desire for her.

Her long lashes parted and her hooded eyes met mine. Something flashed between us. A message was passed. An understanding. It was like we reached out across the great void of the universe that separates all human minds and for the first time I knew beyond certainty we were sharing the same thought. The same desperate desire.

"Hellfire, here I come!" My mind cheered as I crawled like a ravenous lion up the bed. The languidness in Kim's body evaporated and her head rose off the pillow as I reached her. We stared deep into each other's eyes, our faces almost touching. Our breathing mixed, hot and thick with need.

We hovered on the precipice long enough to be reassured that each of us was as committed to this as the other. Then, together, we plunged into the unknown. My lips melted into hers. Warm, wet tongues slid over each other. Arousal prickled every inch of our skins. Where our bodies brushed together fires kindled. Kim moaned into my open mouth.

My sister and I were naked in all the ways that counted and open mouth kissing on her bed. I could feel my cock tracing sticky whorls in the residue of cum I had basted on her flat tummy. I threw a leg over Kim and dug roughly for the hem of her crop top, where it was rolled up to under her armpits. I broke our kiss just long enough to whip it up and over her head. Then I dove back into our kiss before either of us could take a moment to consider what was happening. We really were naked now and my hands groped at the barely existent mounds on her chest. I thumbed her hard nipples and she groaned loudly. Her little tits were the most sensitized and highly responsive I had ever encountered. "God, I love these little titties," I growled through my teeth as she kissed along my jawline.

Her hands found my cock which was aching with rigidity. One small, soft hand cupped my balls while the other stroked my shaft. I flamed with an urgent need for her like I had never felt before. I was drowning in the feel of her body, her scent, her everything.

"Kim. Oh, God. Kim." I mumbled, barely coherent, into her ear.

"I want you. I need you, big brother." Those last words almost tipped me over the edge right then. It made what we were doing that much more thrilling. She pulled my head down and in a hoarse whisper stated, "I want you to be my first."

My eyes shot open. I stopped my animal pawing of her petite body and gaped at her. She was looking at me through her heavy-lidded eyes again, a smile turning up those sexy lips of hers. I had no words but she read my expression and said, "Yeah. I want it to be with someone I love. You're the first one to ever appreciate me, not just for my looks but for who I am. I'm so horny for you, Mark. Please be my first."

"Kim, I..." I began to protest. I would be lying if I said that this was not on my mind when I climbed up onto the bed but now, faced with the reality of piercing my virgin sister, I balked. Kissing, mutual masturbation, heavy petting, all of these were dangerous enough. I'd been fully prepared for sex, but had not paused to think that she might still be a virgin. Of course, she was a virgin though, she wasn't mature enough to...

I looked down the length of her body, writhing with need for me. No, she was definitely mature enough. She was all woman, no matter what those idiots on camp said. But being her first, her only? That was a lot of pressure to put on a brother.

Kim had wriggled her body up the bed while I continued to gawp like an idiot, caught between conflicting desires. The desire to ravish her beautiful body and once more feel all the pleasure I could give her, and the desire to keep her my innocent unspoiled little sister. The latter was surely my duty as an older brother. The former was all I wanted in the entire universe right then.

Fortunately, Kim broke the deadlock for me. She grabbed my cock hard in a tight fist and dragged it impatiently to her hot, wet slit. "Fuck," I swore, feeling my defenses crumbling as the heat of her kissed my tip.

"Don't think about it, Mark. Just take me. I need you inside me so bad. Come on." Her inexpert hand fumbled my dick near her too-tight entrance. My mind was still working over all the implications of this problem, but my body was already leaning in towards its target.

I was fighting against it, but knew I was losing when I let my legs make the clumsy reshuffle with hers to position my body between her spread thighs. And by spread, I mean wide. I was discovering all the wonders that came with Kim's compact physique. Racing to the top of an already extensive list now was the flexibility of a gymnast. Her small mound stood out proudly with her knees splayed out so far they actually rested on the bedspread.

I probably should have fought it harder. A better man might have resisted, but Kim had wrapped herself around my mind and heart. With her legs, she had also wrapped herself around my body and was drawing me in, inch by inch.

So it was that she carefully guided the tip of my painfully stiffened erection into the top of the funnel which now formed the center of all my desires. She gasped as my dick came to rest in the soft folds surrounding her drum-tight entrance. At her insistence, I slowly let my weight descend on her. Her cunt was like a clenched fist. My dick compressed and then bent as it strained to thread the needle of her virginity.

Small pale hands scrabbled at my shoulders before curling into claws and sinking painfully into my flesh. But her legs kept my body pushing into hers. The resistance grew and grew until I felt one of our bodies would surely break. Then, suddenly, something gave and she cried out as, in a moment of sharp pain, I pierced her precious vagina. It was like finding an aperture into heaven. That small part of me (but not that small) that passed through was in a new realm of purest, ethereal bliss.

Sadly, it was not the same for her. As I punched through her virginity I felt her body clench around me. The pressure on my cock was almost unbearable, but so good. Her beautiful face, no longer placid, had twisted into an expression of pain. "I can stop," I groaned into her ear, not sure I actually could.

Sudden fear of the agony I was causing her made me want to retreat but her body clamped down on me. "No," eventually managed to get out. She made a fist of her hand and punched my shoulder a few times. "No," she hissed again, "Keep going, I'll be fine."

"I don't want to hurt you, Kim. We can stop. We don't have to do this." My hard-wired horror at the social norms we were transgressing here returned with full force. Had I really just broken my sister's hymen? When I did reach the lowest level of hell they would probably hand me a shovel and tell me to keep digging.

"Just..." she bared her teeth, grabbed my ass with her hands and shoved me into her right up to the hilt. Her head rolled back and her mouth opened in a silent scream. She made even this seem sexy as hell.

Her sheath was so tight it felt like I was caught in a trap. A very warm, incredibly pleasant trap. I swore softly. I had never felt anything even close to the pleasure I was getting having my little sister wrapped around me. Her arms pulled me tight to her chest. I could feel her nipples, hard as pebbles, crushed between us. Gradually the rising tide of doubt and fear subsided. Kim was okay, I hadn't hurt her, not permanently, and this felt too good to deny.

"My God, Kim," I gasped, trying, and failing to put what I was feeling into words, "This feels. You feel. Fuck..."

"Just hold still a moment," she breathed, "Just let me... I just need a moment."

"Take as long as you need. If you want to stop, just say it. Okay?" It felt so good to be inside her that I could have stayed like that all day. The entirety of my cock was encased in her. The head of it had to be mashing up against the neck of her vagina, forcing it to stretch and accommodate my length.

She nodded, teeth gritted. We cuddled like that for a while on her bed until gradually I felt her muscles start to relax. When I raised my head to ask if she was feeling better she startled me by kissing my open mouth. My remaining doubts fled as her hands dug into my hair and she was suddenly sucking on my tongue hungrily. She grew more animated as her body acclimatized to my length and girth. Nevertheless, I ceded all control to her. The kiss became our universe. There was no need for us to move. Our hands explored each other's forms while our tongues wrangled for territory. Gradually, of their own accord, our bodies began to press and grind, desperate to find ways to increase the contact area between our skins. This led, almost imperceptibly to me slowly stirring inside her.

Her passage was tight and would have clung to me but for her oily arousal. It felt like a soapy fist was trying, but was never quite able, to get a grip on my cock. It was a very pleasant sensation and I was quite happy to let it go on for as long as she needed. I waited patiently until she began to rock her pelvis gently against mine. Only then did I risk easing myself out of her an inch or two. Her body sucked at me, apparently reluctant to let me go, but her narrow hips now had the leverage to thrust against me. The strokes on my shaft were short and glacial in pace, but all the more arousing for it. At least I didn't shame myself by blowing my load twice in quick succession. Besides, moving slowly like this gave me time to stare into her eyes, to recognize how beautiful she truly was.

Unexpectedly, laughter bubbled out of me. I couldn't help it.

"What?" Kim asked, stopping the rolling motion of her hips, her face rapidly draining of color, as if anticipating an insult. Those campers really had done a number on her self-confidence.

"Nothing," I said, still chuckling, "I think I just got it though. Why they were so mean to you."

"What?" Her breath was warm and scented like fruit. I could feel the vibrations of her voice on my skin.

"I see it now. I didn't before because you're... you know," I glanced down to where my cock was still embedded in her slit and said in a whisper, "My sister." It was her turn to giggle and I continued, "They're jealous, Kim."


"You are gorgeous. Like the drop-dead kind. I didn't notice it before, because you're my bratty younger sibling..."

"Hey!" She playfully slapped my shoulder.

"And you don't see it because, well, you're an idiot."

"You're really not helping yourself here."

"But you are, Kim. To doubt yourself. Have you seen you? I have. All of you, and you are without equal. They want to bring you down because you make them feel insecure about themselves."


I cut her off, "Why do you think they made fun of your chest?" She held my gaze but did not answer, so I did it for her, "Because there is literally nothing else they could find wrong with you."

"Really?" she perked up.

My head bobbed emphatically, warming to my explanation, "You are off the charts, Kim. Jesus, your face, your athletic body, your tight little ass..."

"Just my tits then?" she gave a rueful head shake.

"No, they got that wrong too. I love your tits." She gave a dismissive scoff. I felt I might lose her then so I took her by the chin, looked her right in the eyes so she could see how earnest I was being, and repeated, "I fucking love them." I placed my hand around one and pinched it until I had the hardened nipple between my fingers. Her back automatically arched at my touch. "They're so responsive and they look perfect on you."

She was writhing under the attention, but I suspected she still wasn't convinced. "Seriously, Kim. These are the most beautiful tits in the world. Other tits look like distended udders in comparison. Just think, when all the other girls have grown up and their tits are bouncing off their knees yours will still be perky perfection." I craned my neck and kissed her right on the tip of the nipple I was pinching. She cooed softly. I used my tongue to toggle it up and down like a switch. Her discomfort seemed to recede the more I played with those blessed little titties of hers so I focused all my attention on them. I let my dick occupy her tiny pussy and devoted myself to worshipping her cruelly neglected bosom. Apparently, it was the right thing to do because it awoke the lust-freak hidden within her. She writhed in my arms, wantonly rubbing her nipples across my face. Offering them up to be sucked with a force I felt sure had to border on painful.

Her petite body fit so perfectly in my arms. While I suckled on her perfect tiny mounds the rhythm of her hips gradually began to increase and I met them with thrusts of my own. Most of her discomfort having passed, Kim seemed to be finding the pleasure in the friction between our two bodies again.

The feeling of her slender form beneath me, the wringing tightness of her virgin pussy and those wide, trusting blue eyes staring up at me, it was all too much. I thought I knew what sex was. I thought I knew what love was. But, Kim was showing me that what I had was an ant's perspective on the universe. It was as if some God had reached down, pulled back the veil, and shown me the true depth and variety of the infinite. My poor mind was melting with the sheer magnitude of it.

We clung to each other like survivors, fearful that the pleasure and love we were feeling might come to an end. We rolled around in her bed, tossing the covers all over the place, trying to merge our bodies even more completely. When we kissed now it was with bruising desperation. I let my hands appreciate her body in a way that my eyes and brain had so grievously failed to do my entire life. I found all the hidden curves and sculpted lines and reveled in the knowledge that they belonged to me alone.

As we continued, her tension gradually dissipated, along with her crippling self-doubt. I lost all track of time until I found her on top of me. She was astride me now, her body feather-light, her hands on my shoulders and her tongue in my mouth. Then she shifted, throwing her hair back and moaning. She was riding cowgirl on my shaft, her hands pressing on my thighs to give her the leverage she needed to ascend it before settling back down to its base.

My unquestionable wonder at her physical form must have finally sunk into her consciousness because she now had the poise of a goddess, her body on full display as it devoured my cock over and over. I happily let her dictate the rhythm. It left my mind, and hands (we were friends once more) free to stroke up the pronounced muscles of her belly. I loved her little outie belly button and lazily toyed with it as I watched the crunch and grind of her abdominals. I caressed her tits, pinching and tugging at her nipples, making her body jerk and eliciting loud groans from her throat.

Her plump pussy was proudly on display, lips gasping around my prick. I rubbed a thumb through the slick folds. "Feels... so.. good," she mumbled between panting breaths. I could feel the hard nub of her pleasure center bobbing up to be satisfied.

"So good," I agreed. "Kim?"

She closed her eyes, her hips swiveling around the pivot point of my dick and answered dreamily, "Yeah?"

"I'm close." That was an understatement. My balls were simmering, verging on boiling over.

"Just," her face grimaced with pleasure, "Just a little more." One of her hands closed on mine, forcing it deeper into her dribbling crevice.

"Kim, it's your first time," I tried to explain. I was desperate to climax now. Any second I would detonate inside her. "I don't think... not on your first time..." my thoughts trailed off as she hunched over me and impaled her body on my cock in a series of increasingly desperate slaps of flesh on flesh. Her fingers were now also digging into her tender sex, mine seemed to be in the way as much as they were assisting her.

"Kim!" I cried out a warning. I had no chance of holding out against this onslaught.

"Com..." she breathed out. "C-c-c-coming."

I couldn't believe it. My gorgeous sister, in the process of losing her virginity, was actually climaxing on my dick. The surprise alone held back my own orgasm by a few precious seconds. As before, her body locked up in a series of intense muscular spasms. Watching from my perspective below was like watching the majesty of a meteor shower. I could see the pleasure ripple through her knotted belly muscles. Her elfin face, contorted by rapturous agony, had never looked more lovely. She held out against the waves of bliss that battered her small frame for as long as she could before finally crumpling around her strobing fingers. Her free fist punched down onto my chest to stop her complete collapse but I barely felt it. Her thighs clamped down on my hips and she made involuntary bucking motions as her dying muscle spasms clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed. Her fluttering passage continued to milk my tortured cock long after her peak.

"I can't hold it, Kim. I need to pull out," my voice was desperate.

"Don't," she gasped, teetering over to land with her forearms on my chest.

"I can't... I'll cum inside..."

"Cum," she ordered fiercely. Her face was inches from mine, her teeth bared. I stammered, unsure of how to proceed. The decision was taken away from me as she hissed, "I want to feel you explode inside me. Flood me with your hot cum, Mark. Do it. Please" Before I could argue with her, her lips locked onto mine. Her tongue forced its way aggressively into my mouth. Her hips swirled around faster and faster, spiraling her sheath around my cock, which was now beyond the point of bursting. I was trapped but she was so light it was not a trap I couldn't have escaped if I wanted to. In that moment it was the last thing I wanted.

The last of my defenses crumbling, my hips suddenly shot up, spiking my cock so deep into her that my tip had to be pressing into her cervix. My muscles spasmed and my urethra inflated like a firehose when the hydrant is turned on. Cum exploded out of me. I gushed inside my sister in a series of torrential blasts that filled her beyond capacity. Ringed muscles of her ludicrously tight pussy walls moved in a rhythmic peristalsis that wrung out all the fluid I had to give her. She was so overstuffed with my semen that, by the time the last waves of my climax passed, it was bubbling out through the non-existent spaces where bodies melded and was running down my shaft.

"Fuck," I groaned, partly because I had just experienced the most intense orgasm of my life and, partly, because I was just beginning to comprehend what I'd let happen. I had just cum inside my little sister. My little sister who had been, only a short time ago, a virgin. While I quietly panicked, Kim was feeling the opposite. Apparently sated, she curled up on my body, her head tucked under my chin, our bare, sweaty chests merged. In the transition my softening cock popped free from her entrance and even more thick cum glugged out of her, increasing my sense of guilt.

"Fuck," I said, softer this time. "Are you...?"

"I'm not taking the pill, if that's what you mean." There was no concern in her sleepy voice though. "Never had a need...Until now." She gave a kittenish yawn, "Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I'm safe."

"Pretty sure?" I hugged her to me. Mortified as I was with myself, I did not want to let her go.

"Sure as I can be."

That was almost, but not quite good enough for me. We would definitely revisit this later. Possibly with a visit to a pharmacist afterward. A pharmacist in another town. No, another state. Taking a calming breath I said, "We can never do that again."

"Awww," Her head turned up to me and she had that puppy dog pout on her face again that made my heart squeeze in my chest.

"I mean. We can't take a risk like that again. As for this..." I stroked her compact back muscles, "Shit. I don't know, Kim. I don't even know what we just did. What did we just do, Kim?"

"You were just comforting me about my insecurities."

"Oh. Did I?"

She gave me a wide grin and said, "More than you will ever know." Then she punctuated it with a peck on my lips. "And you were teaching me."

"Was I? It felt like you were the one doing the teaching, Kim. My god. You are incredible."

"Thank you. You weren't too bad yourself. Maybe, if you're up for it I could teach you a little more?"

"Christ." I moaned as my gaze traveled down her lithe, nude form, "This can only end badly."

"Catastrophically," she agreed with a nod and a grin, "There's no doubt. But, as someone once told me, sometimes bad shit happens. You don't have to go around making it other people's problem."

"Really, Who said that? He sounds both wise and handsome."

"That was it," her eyes were closed but I saw a flash of her teeth as she grinned, "Nice." As she finished, I felt her hand creep down and close around my flaccid manhood. My, until very recently, flaccid manhood.

I swore again, a pulse of renewed life beating in my shaft. When I looked at her face again, I found my entire view filled by her shockingly blue eyes. They were wide open and as awake as my manhood.


2022-10-29 17:59:53
Best one yet, keep em cumming


2022-10-07 02:53:55
I loved your story. Incredibly well-wrutten, funny and thoughtful. Felt like I was there.


2022-07-25 19:29:27
That was beautiful. Thank you.


2022-07-17 12:06:07
A beautiful story, and very well written. Thx


2022-06-09 05:15:15
Superb, well written story.
Love how it covers girls insecurities, how terrible boys are with compliments, and when you find the right person, you just 'know'.
So many of the asides were funny, I really liked the last level of Hell and being given a shovel one.
One of the stories that I return to read again and again.
Thanks so much, 11/10

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