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Jacob Samson knew something was different the moment he awoke. He couldn't explain it, but, as he sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes, he felt strange. He looked around his bedroom and it all looked the same, but something still felt off, as if the world were a few degrees off-kilter. As he placed his feet on the floor, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror on the back of his door and his eyes grew wide.

Quickly looking down his body, he realized that the mirror had shown the truth. His shoulders seemed broader than they had when he went to sleep; the muscles in his arms, while not bulging, definitely showed definition; and his stomach, which had never had a gut but was definitely not considered attractive, now formed a very strong six pack. "What the fuck", he wondered aloud as he touched his new muscles, assuring himself that they were very real.

Just at that moment, his door opened and his mother, Carolyn, stepped into his room. "Happy birthday", she said, then stopped when she saw her son. She had seen her son in nothing but his boxers before, but this time something was different. She felt heat rushing to her cheeks as she took in the quite attractive picture that Jacob had become. "When did all this happen", she asked, forcing herself to look away as she gestured vaguely at her son's body.

Jacob just shrugged, unable to answer, because he had no idea. "I've been working out for a little while", he said, unsure of why he was lying. "But then, who would believe the truth", he thought. "Well, it definitely looks like it's paying off", Carolyn said. "You'll have girls beating our door down." Jacob blushed as he heard those words. He had never had much luck when it came to the opposite sex; girls always seemed so intimidating and he had always felt shy and self-conscious around them. "Not likely", he said, giving a self-deprecating laugh.

Carolyn giggled and then shook her head, clearing it of the thoughts that were beginning to form. "Well, hurry up and get dressed. I made your favorite breakfast and you don't want it to get cold." She came over and kissed his cheek, then turned and left the room. As she did, Jacob stared at her quizzically. "She was acting kind of strange", he thought as he opened his closet and grabbed his clothes.


Down in the kitchen, Carolyn was mentally beating herself up about what had just happened. "Stop it, she told herself. "He's your son, not some young stud for you to stare at." But her mind wouldn't stop; she kept picturing Jacob's new chiseled chest and she wondered what it would feel like pressed against her. And then she began to wonder if other parts of him would feel good and she felt her pussy growing wet. "Stop it", she nearly yelled at herself. "Act like his mother, not some pervert."

As Jacob came down the stairs, he saw his mother bending over the sink, cleaning the pans she had cooked in. In an instant, his mind filled with images of his mother, dressed very sexily and performing all kinds of kinky acts with him. "What the fuck", he wondered, shaking his head and clearing those images. "What is going on today", he thought as he stepped into the kitchen and cleared his throat.

Carolyn jumped, guilt flooding her face as she turned. "Sit down, honey", she stammered as she started putting food on a plate for Jacob. After making a plate for herself, she sat down across from him. As they ate, the silence grew more awkward; Carolyn tried desperately to rid her mind of the images filling it while Jacob tried to understand what was happening. Sure, today was his eighteenth birthday, so he was legally an adult; but he knew that didn't mean he should physically change, especially so drastically, overnight. And then there was his mom, who was acting very strange. And finally, those brief thoughts just as he entered the kitchen.

"It's like I turned eighteen and the world changed", he mumbled. "What was that, sweetie", Carolyn asked, desperate for anything to focus on other than her troubling thoughts. "Nothing", Jacob said, taking a bite of the eggs on his plate. "So, I know you are getting together with your friends this weekend to celebrate becoming an adult, but I was hoping you and I could have a small party tonight. Just the two of us, like we used to", Carolyn said, forcing herself to focus on her food. "Of course", Jacob answered, smiling as he finished his food. "I love hanging out with you, mom."

He pushed his plate away and stood up, then came over and kissed her cheek. "I'll see you after school. Love you", he said as he walked out the front door. "Love you too", Carolyn replied and waited until she heard his car start and back out of the driveway. Then, abandoning any notion of self-control, she rushed to her bedroom and grabbed her vibrator.

She quickly stripped out of her clothes, stopping as she saw her body in the mirror. Standing at five foot four, with wavy, light brown hair that hung just below her shoulders, Carolyn realized that she looked very good for her age. No one would mistake her for a younger woman, but neither had she let herself go as she got older. And now, at thirty-nine, she still weighed only one hundred and twenty pounds. Her C cup tits were still firm and had some bounce, although they sagged a little more than she would like. Her stomach wasn't as flat as it used to be, but it still looked good.

Her eyes traveled down to her pussy, which was visibly wet. "It's been so long since I've had a good fuck", she thought as she looked at her bush. "I definitely need to trim that." Then she turned and looked at what she had always considered to be her best asset. Her ass was firm and thick, which had always made her girlfriends jealous, especially when they caught their husbands staring at Carolyn as she walked away. The thought only further fueled the sudden desire that seemed to have come over her this morning.

She laid down on the bed and, turning the vibrator on its lowest setting, began running it up and down her labia. Although she tried to imagine any of the sexy men she saw in movies and on TV, all she could picture in her mind was Jacob. Jacob holding her firmly in his arms; Jacob kneeling between her legs and feasting on the very hole that he had come from; Jacob on his knees behind her, thrusting his dick deep into her pussy.

With each successive image in her mind, Carolyn turned up the speed on the vibrator, rubbing her clit while her free hand was vigorously fingering her hungry cunt. She couldn't believe she was masturbating to the thought of her own son, but what was even more unbelievable was how amazing it felt. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt so horny and, as her building orgasm reached the point of no return, she screamed out her son's name. As her orgasm tore through her like a monsoon, her juices erupted from her twat, squirting all over the bed and onto the floor.


"God, everyone is so weird today", Jacob thought as he stopped at his locker between classes. He could have sworn that Mrs. Gonzalez, his history teacher, had been flirting with him during class. She had definitely made a concerted effort to be near his desk while she taught and several times she had bent over his desk, as if to check his work, all the while giving him an unobstructed view of her ample cleavage.

"Not that I'm complaining", he thought, his dick still partially erect as he remembered the sight of those massive tits. "And that's another thing", he thought as he grabbed the books he would need for his next class. Maybe it was all in his head, but his dick seemed bigger today. He had never been packing very much; at full erection, his dick was only five inches long and kinda thin. However, he had noticed this morning, after receiving some very suggestive comments from some very attractive girls, that his cock now seemed to be twice as long and substantially thicker.

"Hey, Jacob", he heard a voice say and he closed his locker to see Madeline Adams standing there. "Um, hi", he stammered and she giggled, tossing her long, curly, blonde hair over her shoulder. "Whatcha up to", she asked and Jacob could only shrug. "I've got calculus next period, just like you." "I know, silly", she replied, another giggle slipping from between her lips.

"Madeline, why are you talking to me", Jacob suddenly asked, then stopped as he realized how rude it sounded. "Not that I don't like talking to you. It's just that, well, we've been in the same school, taking most of the same classes for four years and you've never said so much as two words to me before." She just rolled her eyes and then smiled at him. "I don't know", she said, never taking her eyes off of him. "I saw you this morning and I realized that there was something different about you. Maybe it's always been there and I've just never noticed. But I decided that I needed to talk to you."

"Uh-huh", Jacob said, not entirely convinced by her words. Suddenly the hall was filled with the sound of the bell, warning people to get to class. "I gotta go", Jacob said and, to his surprise, Madeline looped her arm around his. "I'll walk with you, since I'm going that way anyway." Jacob had never felt more awkward in his life, yet he didn't pull away from her. After all, this was Madeline Adams, one of the most popular girls in school; she was also, at least in Jacob's opinion, one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

As they walked toward the classroom, Madeline squeezed his arm. "So strong", she said, giggling again. "I'll bet you could pick me up without any problems." Jacob blushed deeply, which seemed to amuse Madeline even further, as he imagined lifting her in his arms and holding her there. Suddenly his mind flooded with images of Madeline; sucking his dick, riding his cock, on her hands and knees being pounded from behind by him.

"What the hell", he wondered, barely keeping from saying the words aloud. It was just like what had happened when he saw his mother in the kitchen. He shook his head and the images vanished; it was a good thing too, because they had just reached the classroom door. Jacob opened the door and held it for Madeline. "What a gentleman", she said with a smile as she walked inside, shaking her ass in a way that was impossible to miss.

As he went to his desk, Jacob expected that Madeline would join her friends near the back of the class, as she usually did. However, today she sat down at the desk right next to his. "You're not going to sit with your friends", he asked and she shook her head, her curly hair bouncing. "Not today", she said, as she pulled her books out of her backpack. "Trying to be the teacher's pet", Jacob teased, surprised by his own boldness. He rarely spoke to girls, so it shocked him that he felt comfortable teasing Madeline. "Not the 'teacher's' pet", Madeline said, a coy smile on her face. The way she said that confused Jacob, but he didn't have time to dwell on it, as Mr. Colter began teaching just then.


As he sat down in the cafeteria, Jacob looked around the room. Sure enough, several people, especially girls, were staring openly at him; strange looks were on their faces as they looked in his direction. "Something is definitely going on today", he said to himself, as he noticed that Madeline was walking toward him.

She had finally left his side, after basically staying glued to him, just before lunch started. And now, she was coming back, along with her best friend, Abby Johnson. "Come with us", Madeline said and grabbed Jacob's hand, trying to pull him away from the table. "Stop it, I'm trying to eat", Jacob said, but Madeline was very insistent. "Come with us", she repeated. "I promise it will be worth missing lunch."

With a sigh, Jacob allowed Madeline to pull him away from the table. Then he followed the two girls out of the cafeteria and through the halls, until they came to a room that Jacob didn't recognize. "Drama Club Supply Room" read the letters on the door and, with a giggle, Abby opened the door and Madeline led Jacob inside. Props from the various plays that the school produced filled the room, leaving it feeling very cluttered.

"What are we doing here", Jacob asked, looking at the two girls, who were smiling at one another. "Well, to make up for ignoring you for so long, I wanted to do something special for you", Madeline said. Then she walked closer, until she nearly pressed against Jacob's chest. Suddenly her hand reach around the back of his neck, she pulled his head toward hers, and she kissed him.

Jacob's mind raced as her lips pressed against his; it went even faster as he felt her tongue slip inside his mouth. "Holy shit", he thought. "One of the hottest girls in school is making out with me." As if by instinct, he kissed her back, his hands wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer. She moaned as he did this and that noise sent a jolt through his body, straight to his dick.

He suddenly felt something tugging on his belt and he pulled away from the kiss, looking down. Abby was on her knees, loosening his belt before unbuttoning his pants. "What are you doing", he asked as she succeeded in undoing the button, then pulled his zipper down. "Isn't it obvious", Madeline asked with a giggle as she joined her friend on the floor.

Within moments, Jacob's pants were around his ankles and his erect dick was sticking straight out, only inches from the girls' faces. Both of their eyes grew wide when they saw his cock and Abby audibly gasped. "Damn, that's big", she said and looked up into Jacob's eyes. "Sorry", he mumbled, but she shook her head. "Don't ever apologize for having such a magnificent dick", she said and then leaned forward and ran her tongue the length of his shaft.

Jacob moaned loudly as he felt Abby's tongue run along all ten inches of his hard cock. At the same moment, Madeline leaned forward and began licking his balls. "This is unbelievable", he thought as he watched Abby take his dickhead between her lips and begin sucking on it. "Oh fuck", he moaned as he watched his cock slipping into her mouth. Abby gagged as Jacob's dick began to press into her throat and, despite her best efforts, she couldn't force any more of his huge dick down.

She slowly pulled off of his shaft and turned to Madeline, who was kneeling next to her, an expectant look on the blonde girl's face. Before letting her take a turn sucking Jacob's dick, Abby kissed Madeline, their tongues intertwining. Jacob groaned as he watched the two girls kissing deeply for several seconds, thinking that it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He was proved wrong moments later when Madeline began sucking his dick.

While Abby took her turn sucking and licking his balls, Jacob watched as Madeline began bobbing back and forth on the head of his cock. Her tongue ran along the bottom of his shaft as  she took more and more of his dick into her mouth. As he felt the entrance to her throat, Jacob thought she would stop and pull off, just as Abby had. However, Madeline was quite accomplished with her mouth and she was determined to show him.

Without even a hint of a gag, she took his dick down her throat. Jacob watched, amazed as, inch by inch, his cock disappeared into Madeline's mouth; soon, her face, framed by her golden curls, pressed against his groin. He groaned loudly as he felt her humming on his dick, vibrations of pleasure coursing through his body. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer.

Madeline somehow sensed it too and pulled away, making a popping sound as his dick slid from the vacuum seal of her lips. "Cum for us, please", she said, talking in a tone that she knew turned most guys on. It worked amazingly well on Jacob. She gave his dick one stroke and then he erupted; white, hot cum shot out of his shaft and splashed onto Madeline's face. Abby, seeing what was happening, quickly pulled away from his balls and moved her face close to Madeline's.

Jacob moaned as spurt after spurt splashed onto the two girls' faces; some even managed to land in their waiting mouths. Every time a rope of cum hit their skin, Jacob was certain he heard small moans escape their lips. As he finished, Abby and Madeline turned toward one another and began licking his cum off of each other's face. Then their lips mashed together once more and he watched as his cum moved back and forth between their mouths.

This lasted for several moments before they finally swallowed and showed him their empty mouths. "Goddamn, that was hot", he said and the girls smiled. "I don't think we're done yet", Abby said, grabbing his still rock hard dick and giving it a long stroke. "What are you talking about", he asked and the girls just giggled.

"Who gets to go first", Madeline asked and Abby looked at her. "You made him cum, so you can; that way, I can enjoy that sweet tongue of yours." Madeline gleefully agreed and, before Jacob realized what was happening, both girls were standing in front of him, pulling their shirts over their heads. His eyes grew wide as he looked at their bra encased tits, since this was the first time he had ever seen real tits. Madeline, having a more petite form, had, at most, B cups; they were firm and perky, yet still had a little bounce. Abby, on the other hand, was much more curvy and her breasts matched that; massive DD's that threatened to spill out of the lacy material holding them back.

As the two girls freed their breasts from the confines of their bras, Jacob groaned loudly. "I think he likes what he sees", Abby said, eliciting a giggle from Madeline. "I definitely do", Jacob answered, taking in the sexy beauties before him. Smiling coyly, both girls pulled their leggings down, leaving themselves in nothing but panties. They smiled and turned a small circle, letting Jacob see everything before they fully exposed themselves.

Madeline's smaller, paler ass was a stark contrast to Abby's darker skin and much thicker butt. As they faced away from him, both of them slowly bent over, pulling their panties down. As their pussies came into view, Jacob could see that they were both already wet. Both of their cunts were glistening in anticipation of what was to come.

Suddenly an aroma that he had never smelled before assaulted Jacob's senses. He immediately knew that it was from the two girls, the aroma of their cunts, signaling that they were ready to be fucked. With confidence that came from somewhere deep inside him, Jacob suddenly stepped closer to the two girls. "On your hands and knees", he said in a firm and commanding tone; where it came from, he had no idea.

"Yes sir", both of the girls said and immediately got into position, spreading their legs just enough that their glistening twats were fully exposed. Jacob got onto his knees behind Madeline and lined his dick up with her wet hole. Then, grabbing her waist firmly, he thrust forward. Madeline let out a scream as Jacob's cock rammed inside her wet cunt, a scream which was quickly muffled by Abby pressing her own mouth against her friend's.

Jacob moaned as he looked down and saw several inches of his dick buried inside Madeline, although more than half of his shaft still remained outside of her tight twat. He pulled back and thrust forward again, this time eliciting a loud and lewd moan from the girl. He repeated this maneuver several times, pulling out until just the tip of his dick remained inside her pussy, then thrusting deep inside her once more. Finally, he pulled all of the way out, causing the girl to whine in disappointment.

He then moved over to Abby, who wiggled her thick ass enticingly at him. She moaned as she felt his dick pressing against her soaking wet gash, then stifled her own scream as his huge rod was stuffed inside her. Jacob was amazed as at least half of his dick slid easily inside her. "Taking my dick so easily", he said, his voice still filled with a strange, new confidence. "Someone is a dirty little slut." "Why wouldn't I be", Abby said with a smirk, looking back at him. "It feels so fucking good."

Jacob just smiled and started fucking her cunt in earnest; rather than the long, slow strokes he had used with Madeline, he began pounding Abby's pussy fast and hard. He could feel her wet, velvety insides gripping his thick cock like a second skin; her pussy muscle squeezed and contracted on his dick, as if desperate to massage the cum out of him. He fucked her like this for several minutes before pulling out and slamming his dick back into Madeline.

This went on for nearly fifteen minutes, Jacob switching back and forth between the two pussies. Madeline and Abby, lost in a haze of sexual pleasure, experienced more orgasms than either of them had thought possible, especially from penetration. Finally, Jacob felt his own orgasm rising and a small part of his brain worried that he should pull out. However, that voice was quickly silenced by Abby, whose cunt he was currently buried in. "Cum in me", she moaned. "I love the feeling of a guy's sperm filling me up."

That sent him over the edge; with a noise that could only be described as primal, he thrust as deep inside the girl's twat as he could and exploded. He pumped his seed deep inside her womb, spurt after spurt splashing ropes of sticky, hot cum straight into her pussy. When, after more than a minute, he pulled out of her cunt, cum spilled freely out of her gaping gash. Both girls, surprising Jacob even more, quickly turned and lapped up his spilled seed. They then began to lick and suck his dick until it was completely clean.

As Jacob looked down at them, a strange thought filled his mind. He had always heard that men felt, if not tired, then drained after sex. That was why so many men fell asleep after reaching orgasm. However, the opposite was true for him; he felt more energized and awake than he had ever felt before. It was as if he were bursting with excess energy. "I've got to figure out what's going on", he thought, then looked down at the two nude girls on their hands and knees. "But, until I do, I'm definitely going to enjoy life."


"I've found it", a redheaded woman said, speaking to the microphone of the earpiece she was currently wearing. "Are you sure? Is it the one you were looking for", a voice, her superior's voice, responded. "I think so", the woman replied. "The signatures look to be a match." "Then proceed", her superior spoke again. "Just remember, agent, discretion is key. These people have no idea of the danger they are in and, if you do your job correctly, then none of them ever will."

To be continued...
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