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Hunter wiped the sweat from his brow as he tossed the last bit of clean hay into the stall. “There you go, Maple,” he said to the chestnut mare in the opposite pen. “Nice and clean for you, old girl.”

He tossed to pitchfork aside and unbolted the door. With the click of his tongue, the young farmhand led Maple back to her cleaned stall. Hunter gave the horse a pat on the rump before bolting her inside.

He leaned on the door and smirked, “Your mama must loves you lots to set you up with that fine straw.” Looked softer than his mattress up in the loft, that was for sure.

“My daughter takes care of the things she loves.”

Hunter turned at the deep voice and was surprised to see his boss standing not far behind him. For such a bull of a man, Vernon moved damn near quiet as a cat. Vernon was a tall man with broad shoulders and muscles sculpted from years of working the fields. A greying beard framed his heavy jaw and barely brushed the top of his barrel chest.

In a way, Vernon was the type of man Hunter hoped he would become as he grew older. Though he knew he would never be as tall, he hoped the hard work would bulk his already hardy physique. He also wished his own short, somewhat patchy beard had the potential to one day be as refined as Vernon’s.

Vernon removed his cap and wiped his brow. It gave Hunter a moment to catch a brief glimpse of the older man’s receding grey hair before the hat was replaced. Part of him also hoped he would keep as much of his hair as his boss.

The old farmer crossed his arms and stared down at him from under heavy eyebrows.

“Something on your mind, boss?”

Vernon huffed. “You know my Claire has her eye on you?”

Hunter gulped- he had been aware that Maple’s mistress had been keeping an eye on him lately. Claire watched him as he worked like a vixen watching over a coop of chickens. She would come out in jeans that fit her like a second skin and shirts that were sure to show what God had gifted her during development. Claire often did things that got the other farmhands staring. Still, he knew she was trying to get his attention, specifically. It made him uncomfortable; too many times had someone he knew been fired for the advances of the farmer’s daughter.

“I uh, I haven’t made any advances toward her, sir.” Hunter could feel new sweat forming on his brow. Had Claire said anything about him flirting with her?

Vernon watched him for a moment and then smirked. “I know you haven’t, son, stop shakin’.” The older man stepped closer, and Hunter felt his back press against the support beam of the horse stall. “She don’t seem like your type, anyway.”

Hunter was about to ask what he meant when Vernon took his chin between his thumb and forefinger. Vernon tipped the shorter man’s head back, so they looked eye to eye. Hunter found himself stunned to silence as he stared into his boss’s harvest green eyes. They were lined with deep furrows, like tilled fields. The two of them stood almost chest to chest, and Hunter could feel the heat from one of Vernon’s legs as it moved between his.

“You like workin’ here, son?” the older man asked in a hushed voice.

“Yessir,” Hunter swallowed as Vernon’s thumb pressed against his bottom lip.

“I like having you around. You’re a real pretty man to look at.” Hunter nearly jumped when he felt his boss’s large hand firmly grasp his crotch. “Dadgum, boy, what you got goin’ on in there?” Vernon hummed thoughtfully before removing his hand.

Vernon’s fingers rubbed along Hunter’s crotch, teasing along the seam of his jeans. It wasn’t long before he had the younger man groaning and grinding in rhythm. He chuckled when Hunter whined as he pulled his hand away. Unfastening the button on Hunter’s jeans, Vernon quickly replaced his hand inside the farmhand’s underwear.

His thick fingers slid along the wet slit until he found the aroused head of Hunter’s clit. He took the elongated organ between his fingers and began to stroke him. “So you’re one of those types, huh? No wonder you’re so pretty.”

Usually, Hunter would have taken offense to be called pretty. He had worked hard to leave that word in the past, but any thought of arguing left when Vernon’s lips met his. He could feel the full beard brushing against his chin as Vernon worked his mouth open. Hunter eagerly accepted the tongue that slipped inside. Finding the strength to move, he wrapped his arms around the older man’s neck to pull him closer.

Vernon’s fingers left Hunter’s throbbing clit only for two of them to bury themselves deep inside of him. The air around them filled with gasps and moans and the sounds of Hunter swearing as his boss fingered him against the horse stall. The old farmer’s other hand unbuttoned Hunter’s shirt and pushed it open until it hung loose on Hunter’s arms.

Vernon’s hand ran over the hairy plane of the younger man’s stomach and chest until it reached his nipple. The skin there buzzed with combined aroused sensitivity and residual numbness from when Hunter’s breasts had been removed. The faint scarring along the bottom of his pectorals hadn’t fully recovered after the surgery and usually felt weird to touch. However, he wanted nothing more than to have Vernon continue to pinch and twist the sensitive areola.

Reaching down, Hunter grasped the older man’s cock through his jeans. He was surprised by how thick it was and how rock solid it felt already. Hunter had Vernon’s belt unfastened with a deft motion of his fingers and his jeans unbuttoned and pulled the girthy member from his underwear. He could feel the precum leaking onto his forearm as he stroked.

Without warning, Vernon removed his hand from Hunter’s pants. The feeling of those strong fingers leaving his pussy made him whimper like a desperate girl. His clit throbbed from the sudden lack of contact, and Hunter became aware of how close he was to climax.

His boss grabbed him by the shoulders, and, in a blink, Hunter found himself on his back among the fresh straw pile to the right of Maple’s stall. His jeans were ripped off over his boots, and Vernon’s thick legs settled between his. Hunter watched in breathless awe as the older man stripped out of his shirt and tossed it aside. White hairs on his chest glistened in the light of the barn. Small streams of sweat streaked their way down to the thick patch of hair at the base of his cock.

Hunter’s eyes widened at the sight; he had felt the heaviness in his hand but seeing it now, his boss was a true stallion of a man. The organ pulsed as it stood erect from the older man’s body, shining precum oozing from the tip and dripping onto Hunter’s belly. It would be a stretch to make him- more of a stretch than anything Hunter had experienced in some time. His own miniature cock throbbed at the thought of feeling the thick shaft rub against it.

As if Vernon could read his thoughts, the old farmer grabbed Hunter by the back of the knees and pulled him closer. Pulling his hips back, Vernon began to stroke the length of his manhood along Hunter’s eager slit. He rested the shaft against Hunter’s clit and grinned as the younger man squirmed in his grasp.

“You like that, boy? Feelin’ another man’s cock up against yours?”

“Yessir.” Hunter managed to groan.

“You wanna feel this cock poundin’ yer insides?”


Vernon gave a devilish grin. “Good because I’ve been wantin’ to drain my balls in you for months. Git!” Without warning, Vernon bent Hunter’s legs back to his chest and plunged himself to the hilt.

Hunter let out a yelp that turned into a long groan as the older man drove his cock deep into Hunter’s pussy. The younger man’s eyes rolled back into his head as he felt the head of Vernon’s cock stroke all the way to his womb. No one had ever gone so far inside him, even before the transition.

Above him, his boss grunted like a bull. His hot breath blew against the side of Hunter’s face as he leaned in. Both of his strong arms braced themselves on either side of the younger man’s body, the angle effectively pinning him to the ground with his legs in the air. Hunter was at Vernon’s mercy, and he loved it.

The old farmer’s balls slapped against his ass. His pubic hair and stomach rubbed against Hunter’s clit, making him wetter and making him whine. The sound made Vernon laugh in a way both dominant and mocking.

“You sound like a desperate school girl, boy,” he said. “Bet you had old men like me fuckin’ yer pussy before you transitioned. You like ’em seasoned, don’t you boy?”

He grabbed Hunter by the hair and tilted his head back. When Hunter gasped, Vernon took the opportunity to push his tongue deep into the young man’s mouth. The speed didn’t slow, even as Vernon released Hunter’s legs to pin his hands above his head.

Hunter wrapped his legs around the older man’s waist, locking them at the ankles. This way, he could rock in time with each thrust and drive the old farmer deeper. It felt amazing! It had been a long time since someone had fucked him so thoroughly. He could feel himself growing lightheaded as his clit began to spasm.

“Oh fuck,” Vernon groaned. “You’re squeezing me so good.” He leaned back and slid his thumb into Hunter’s mouth, holding it open. “Look me in the eyes as you cum on my cock.”

Hunter’s vision started to tunnel as he stared up at his boss. This was way hotter than anything he could have dreamed of; Vernon’s chest shone with sweat and had bits of hay stuck to it. There were streaks down the side of his face where sweat had wiped away dirt from the day’s work. His boss’s cock filled him so effectively and rubbed him in all the right places.

Hunter’s back arched, and he let out a deep moan as his legs tightened around his boss’s waist. The muscles in his thighs trembled to hold on as the ones in his pussy clenched the heavy cock. Vernon’s free hand gave Hunter’s nipple a twist, and that was all he needed to finish.

The young farmhand was still shaking when he felt his legs get pulled apart and the filling cock leave his body. Hunter whimpered as emptiness overtook him, only to perk up when he saw Vernon take his throbbing cock in hand.

With his thumb still holding Hunter’s mouth open, Vernon squeezed his shaft with a bestial growl. In a few quick strokes, streams of thick cum sprayed from the head to coat Hunter’s face and tongue. Salty fluid filled his mouth to the point of overflowing. It ran from his lips and down his chin, and he could feel it seeping under the collar of his shirt. His boss was leaving his mark, and it felt and tasted incredible.

When the old man was finally finished, his body relaxed, and he stood panting above his employee. He stared down at the cum-soaked young man, then crawled forward and held Hunter’s head to his deflating cock; ordering him to clean it up.

The farmhand lifted his hands to the older man’s hips and set to work immediately. He tended to his boss’s cock as thoroughly and eagerly as he would any other job the man asked of him. Hunter took great care in slurping up every drop of his and Vernon’s fluids, paying particular attention to the white-haired balls that hung low between the man’s legs.

Vernon groaned and gripped the back of Hunter’s head. The old man’s grip was tight as he slowly fucked Hunter’s mouth. His semi-flaccid cock returned to life under the young man’s ministrations until he was able to shove it down the farmhand’s throat.

His chest heaved with heavy breath. “You got me ready to cum again. You gonna drink it like a good boy?”

Hunter looked up at the older man with one eye as cum dripped down his face.

Vernon shuddered with pleasure at the sight. “Oh, I’m gonna fuck you every chance I get, you hear?” He rocked his hips slowly, savoring the building pressure in his balls and the feeling of the younger man’s throat. “I’m gonna fill that pussy with so much cum. Gonna fuck this mouth. You’ll be wet just at the sight of me.”

Hunter couldn’t answer with anything more than the wet sucking sound of Vernon’s cock sliding in and out of his mouth. He didn’t need to respond. Instead, he closed his eyes and held onto Vernon’s hips as he sucked the older man off.

When he felt Vernon’s balls tighten against his chin, Hunter held his face pressed to Vernon’s belly. More streams of cum shot down his throat; he swore he felt it enter his belly even before the reflex to swallow took over.

Finally spent, Vernon pulled himself from Hunter’s mouth, leaving the young man panting for air. Vernon stooped down on one knee and took Hunter’s face in his hands before kissing him deeply. It didn’t bother him that he was coating his tongue in his semen. In fact, the salt of his seed tasted better coming from Hunter’s mouth.

Parting for air, Vernon gave the young man a pat on the cheek before rising to his feet. “Get cleaned up, boy,” he said as he stuffed himself into his jeans. “Better get some rest too. I expect you to be here just as bright and early as any other day.” He hooks his thumbs in his belt loops. “Maybe earlier so we can have some fun. I want to see how well you can work with cum leaking into your jeans.”

When Vernon left, Hunter sat in silence for a while until he could find his balance again. With some effort, he got himself dressed and used his sweat rag to clean his face. He still felt lightheaded as he walked to his truck.

What the fuck just happened? Did his boss really just give him the pounding of a lifetime? The memory felt unreal, yet the fluid that leaked into his briefs said it was.

He felt his clit getting hard again. Reaching down, he cupped the small erection and rubbed it through his jeans as he drove home. It was hard to operate as the images of his boss face-fucking him and cumming on his face flooded his mind.

“I’ll definitely be showing up early tomorrow,” he moaned. Pulling into his apartment, Hunter finished himself off in the dim light of the street lamp.

After a few deep breaths, he hopped out of his truck and headed inside. Sleep was going to be rough tonight, but at least all those spare toys will be put to good use.
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