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It had been a week long camping trip with terribly wet weather. Now we finally have a beautiful morning to enjoy.
I awoke to the delightful sounds of morning birds, singing their early music and the quiet lapping of water on the rocky shore. When I opened my eyes, I was staring up at the beautiful morning’s sky, the tree tops glowing in the rising sunlight. Chris and I had slept under the stars, beside our campfire for the last night of our camping trip. The food bag hung high in a tree well out of sight, and our tent still fully soaked from all the rain we’d been having. We finally had some amazing open skies the previous day and wanted to take full advantage of it to make up for the terrible weather all week. So we took the risk and slept exposed, in just our combined sleeping bags, out in the open. We were nude, of course, huddled together in that bag all night, spooning in absolute blissful comfort.

My gaze leaned towards the trees, past the back of Chris’ head, where I spotted one of the singing birds. I smiled at it, and then cast my attention to Chris. My arms still fully wrapped around him, I brushed his soft chest hairs with my finger tips, and then slid my hand down the full length of his posing body. I spun my hand around and gave his plump bum a good squeeze, hoping it might entice him to wake up. I relished in the fact that I had become the dominant in the relationship, and he preferred to be submissive. I was always the big spoon, and I liked it that way. It had happened pretty naturally in the last few months, since Chris came out as gay during a particularly hot night when he’d invited me over to watch a football game. We were best friends before that, but to be honest, I’d always wanted more. He is lean and fit, with an ass to die for. His beard goes well with his strong chest and its thick coat of hair. His cock is girthy and dense, but smooth and beautiful. He is perfect.

As I ran my hand back up to his shoulder, it was then that I realized I had an issue. I was lost in thought and admiration and had forgotten that I’d just woken up after a night of drinking around the campfire. I had that problem that every man gets every morning of his life. I had to pee. Badly. And my automatic bodily reaction was screaming that to me. My morning wood was already firmly pressed against Chris’ back, and I so badly wanted not to move, but it was starting to become a little painful. It felt so comfy nestled up against him, yet it was aching more than most other mornings. I could feel that it was really hard and I would soon be too uncomfortable to stay where I was without relief.

But Chris looked so good. He was blissfully unaware of my struggle at the moment, and I couldn’t resist staying with him. In fact, I couldn’t resist touching him more, caressing him. I ran my hands over his sleeping form again, from shoulder to knee and back again. I fondled his pecks once more, spreading my fingers through his chest carpet, pausing a second on each bare nipple. They could cut glass, he must have been chilly. My hand glided down to his pelvis and I was somewhat taken aback when I touched his cock. It was hard as well, but not just hard, completely rock solid. I don’t think I’d ever actually felt it that hard before, in the few months we’d been having sex. I grasped it and squeezed, but it wouldn’t compress at all. I could feel my eyes widen in surprise, and desire. I lifted my head and propped myself up on my elbow, looking in the sleeping bag, over Chris’ body down at his cock. I tilted it with my grip and started slightly stroking the skin over its solid inner muscle. I was in awe. It felt like I was holding an iron rod, or a baseball bat, but the thicker part near the middle. I’d never seen or felt his dick like this and I couldn’t resist its allure.

As I rubbed and clutched his astonishingly rigid piece, I lightly rocked my own stiff dick against his back and butt. Not surprisingly Chris finally fluttered awake, and after a quick moment said “Mmm, good morning”. I replied with the standard morning greeting as well, not at all stopping what I was doing. He turned his face towards mine in an awkward bend and our lips met. I kissed him hard and deeply, my tongue filling his mouth, swirling and flicking. His eyes closed and he fell into his submissive self, reaching his hand backwards to pull my head into him harder. Our kiss broke and I stared into his eyes for a moment, now stroking his stiff cock faster than before. He knew I meant business and reacted in kind.

He unzipped his side of the sleeping bag and threw it open. The cold air rushed over us. Involuntary reactions couldn’t be helped as we both shuddered slightly. He then rolled his shoulder back, tuning his body towards mine and I instinctively retracted my hips, allowing him to fall onto his back. I looked down admiringly over his full body now, that amazing solid cock in my hand, bigger and stronger than I’d ever seen it before. He followed my eyes as well, looking down at himself, taking in his own situation. I noticed him glance over to my cock, seeing it also hard, and reaching to take it in his hand. He was irresistible in this moment, and I wasted no time pushing myself up to hover over him. He opened his legs for me and I rested my knees on the ground between them. I leaned back sitting up on my feet, still gripping his member, but mine slipped from his reach.

I looked down at my lover, taking in the sight. He rested his hands up by his head, one behind it, lifting slightly, his strong biceps bulging in the process. His pecks were lifted, stretching his lean stomach up with them, exposing his hard abs beneath the surface. His legs were open, balls tightened and perched above his hole, in the cold morning air. His unbelievably firm, heavy cock was just unreal in this moment and it turned me on more than anything. I immediately bent down to take it in my mouth. It was so thick, I could barely get my lips around it. I opened my jaw and tried to clear my teeth from touching as I slid it in, though I did know by this point that Chris liked a little teeth. As I drew him into my mouth, enjoying the sensation of his beautiful shaft on my tongue, I heard him moan. I pushed my head down as far as I could, but had to stop before my nose brushed his pubic hair. Normally I could deep throat his 6 inch piece without trouble, but now it was too much. It was so thick and girthy, so dense and solid that it had no give. It was like shoving our biggest glass dildo down my throat, which I can’t really do. I gagged slightly and pulled back. I tried again, savouring the taste of him as I slid his monster past my tongue. I savoured the feeling of his smooth tube in my mouth and began to give a simple blowjob instead of trying to deepthroat him now. I slurped and sucked and moved my hand with my mouth. I enjoyed his cock for a good ten minutes, repeatedly taking him in my mouth with long slow strokes, as not to make him cum quickly. When I finally came out of my cockdrunk stupor and looked up at him, he had his eyes shut tight and seemed to be wincing a bit, as if he was in pain.

I leaned up sitting on my feet again, and he opened his eyes to look at me. “Y’alright?” I asked. He nodded in the affirmative and gave me his ‘fuck me’ eyes. Of course I would abide. I looked over his Adonis body again, my eyes landing on his puckering ass hole. I released his cock from my grip and spread his legs farther apart. I positioned myself over him, stopping for a quick moment to kiss him, and suck his nipple. Then I reached down and tilted my cock downwards towards its home. It was then that I realized how hard I was. All this concentration on him and his cock had made me forget about my own. It was still aching from my need to pee. I put my full grip around my own shaft and surprised myself. Was I just as hard as he was, this whole time? It was probably the hardest I’d ever felt myself too. I quickly grabbed his again as well, and smiled at him in amazement. He had moved his hands by now to hold his legs open, but moved his right hand to feel my dick. He smiled back, and put a firm clutch on it squeezing a few times. Then he reversed his grip, holding the top of my solid member with his thumb, and pressed it down towards his balls. I had gotten lost again and forgot what I was doing, but Chris was showing me the way. “Fuck me” he whispered. I snapped back into lust with him, and concentrated on positioning my tip at his entrance. It was still slick from the night before, when we’d gone at it 4 times and I’d drank about a gallon of his cum by the campfire. That’s generally how our sex goes. He likes to take it, and I like to eat it, all of it, his and mine. That’s not to say I don’t love the feeling of his bulk inside me, I just like the taste of our juices more. He seriously has an ass that won’t quit though, and he was ready, and begging for me to be inside him again.

As the engorged head of my dick popped in, I felt it straining to bend down. It wanted to stand at attention, so I leaned down over him, easing the tension. Our lips met and I kissed him deeply again as I penetrated him with my solid shaft. I eased in slowly, letting him feel every bit of my rock hard 7 inches, finally settling when I was in him to the hilt. Our mouths separated and he let out a cry of pleasure in my ear as he pulled my head down past his shoulder. I buried my face in his skin as I slowly withdrew my cock from him, pausing, and then slipping back in again all the way. I repeated a few times, very slowly and attentively, so we could both enjoy the sensation of my hard shaft gliding in his welcoming hole. I gained a little momentum and started fucking him faster. He began to pant in my ear, telling me he loved it, asking for more. I pushed myself up, planking over top of him and our chests came apart. The cool air rushed between us and I saw his nipples tweak again. I bent down to put my hot mouth on one of them and continued to pump my cock into him. I writhed my hips now in a fluid but powerful motion, doing my best to get the angle right in his tight, wet ass. I must have been doing something right because it wasn’t long before he had his eyes shut tight and his mouth wide open. He was getting close, I could see it, and then he started his ritual of begging. It was kind of a thing he did now, every time he was going to cum he wanted it as hard as I could give it, and this time was no exception. “Oh Fuck!” he whispered. “Yes! Harder.” He said louder. “Fuck! Come on! More!” he said, panting between words. “Fuck me Rick. Fuck me hard!” he begged. I obeyed.

I pushed myself up to sitting position, and grabbed hold of his legs, pressing forward so his knees touched his chest and then I did as he asked. I bucked my hips fast now, pumping in and out of him with fury, making sure to push my entire length into him with each thrust. His back started coming up off the sleeping bag as I fucked him wildly. He braced himself with both arms, and began to grunt in pleasure and likely also pain. His face contorted a bit and he winced as I gored him with my rock solid shaft over and over in a blur. He was still begging. Still asking for more. Louder now, and with uneven breath. “Fuck yes!” he blurted out. “Fuck, Rick don’t stop!” he continued between gasps. “Oh my god! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. FUCK ME!” He repeated as his ecstasy grew to a climax. And with that his big, thick, heavy cock lashed a cord of hot cum out onto his chest. I drove my 7 inches into him as hard as I could and held it there firm, while he orgasmed and roared into the wilderness. His unbreakable cock erupted stream after stream of cum onto his body, reaching as far as his neck. I just kept leaning into him, watching, awe struck until it was over. His thick pearly white jizz looked delicious and pure all over his abs and resting atop the hairs on his chest. The last of his gooey cum oozed from his tip, and I eased his legs down a bit. Staring down at all that warm, lovely juice on him, I could actually see a hint of steam in the crisp morning air. I took hold of his dick and gave it a good squeeze, moving my hand upwards towards the head. He was still solid, and I wanted to make sure he was satisfied so I pumped it a few times, extracting the last of his nectar, being sure to catch the dribbles with my finger so I could have a taste.

He was panting hard, catching his breath, coming down off his orgasm. As I released his dick, grazing my fingers across his balls, I realized my cock was still in him to the hilt, and it was really throbbing now. I’d been concentrating on his pleasure and so enraptured by his ecstasy that I’d forgotten yet again about my own relief. I started thrusting again, but slowly like before. He opened his eyes and stared at me, then looked down past the mess he’d made to my big dick piercing his hole. For some reason he had a somewhat worried look on his face, and I noticed him still wincing as I continued to fuck him gently. It can’t really hurt, I thought. I was just fucking him hard, this is nothing compared to that. I looked at him with a “Is this okay” kind of expression, and he closed his eyes and smiled. I guess that’s a yes. So I continued, and tried to get myself there quickly, staring intently now down at my shaft as it glided in and out of him; always my favourite view. I put one of my hands on his balls, to warm them, and grabbed his dick with the other. That’s when it hit me. His cock was still hard, still rock hard. Never before had he cum and stayed hard like this, not in all the times we’d had sex. I realized he was having the same issue I was when I’d woken up. He was feeling the same aching that I too required relief from. He has to piss, desperately.

I held his shaft firmly and leaned myself down over him again. “Hey.” I whispered. “It’s okay, I get it.” I explained. “Just let it go.”

His eyes flew open, and he immediately shook his head no. “Why not?” I asked quietly. “Look around. It won’t matter. Just do it, you’ll feel better.” I pleaded. He looked at me again with an expression that asked me if I was sure. I nodded affirmative. He pulled my head down to his shoulder again and he let out a relieving sigh. Then I felt it, first coursing up his shaft, then between us. His hot flow actually felt great on my stomach. Oddly, I wanted to see it, so I impulsively separated from him which I think made him nervous at first. But he must have seen my big beaming smile because he just closed his eyes and sighed again, longer and satisfyingly. I couldn’t help but be fascinated by his golden shower. It started washing away all the cum off his body. I was still holding his shaft, steering, guiding the stream. I let it pour out onto him, actually quite forceful now, splashing up near his chin, which he had reared up and away. It was soaking his chest fur and was steaming like a pot of boiling water in the cool morning air. Somehow, I was insanely turned on by the sight and feeling of all this and felt my balls tighten and burn. I leaned back again and continued to grind in and out of his ass while he let all his urine go. It didn’t take long now, I’d reached my peak.

I pulled my hard dick from his worn asshole and rubbed it firmly just a few times. As I watched his pissing cock continue to empty out, I released my own load of jizz. I couldn’t help but groan as I splashed the first few volleys of my sticky sap onto his body and crotch. It mixed with the pee as it hit him, spreading around in the current. I had to brace myself with my hand on the ground as I leaned over him again, unleashing the rest of my load. I was coming like I hadn’t in a very long time, blasting shot after powerful shot and crying out in pleasure. I was staring down at the torrent of hot watery pee coming out of his tip, and the gushes of globby cum coming out of mine. It was heaven.

Panting now myself, I squeezed out the last of my essence onto his balls. Amazingly, he was still relieving himself by the time I’d finished and he couldn’t have seemed happier. It was such a surreal, orgasm for me; in this place, with his shower. It’d never happened like this before, and it opened my eyes to new pleasures. I waited until he was completely done, which still took at least a dozen more seconds, and then leaned down to reach his balls with my mouth, inhaling the clear, powerful scent of urine as I did. Ever so gently, I licked at them and sucked them into my mouth, working my own cum off of them in the process. Chris’ body twitched as he began to giggle. Not from what I was doing, I knew that, he was giggling out of embarrassment, probably. It made sense, he’d just willingly pissed all over himself. I just continued what I was doing and licked up his shaft to the tip, catching all my cum along the way and saw that it was now, finally softening. I sat back up again and looked down at all the damage, seeing him do the same. Then it hit me. I still had that same aching, even after my incredible orgasm, my cock was still standing straight up. I looked at it, gripped it strong again and looked to him. “My turn.” I said. “What?” he gasped.

“Sorry, I gotta go too.” I explained. Then I bent my cock down, aiming towards him and relaxed my entire body. A stream of pee unleashed from my tip, splashing down on Chris’ stomach. “AHHH!!” he cried, with some laughter. “Oh my god, you’re crazy!” he exclaimed. I ignored his protest and let my continuous stream soak him, even guiding it around to different parts of him. He put his palms up towards me as if to block splashes, and I playfully sprayed them quickly before directing my flow to his balls. He was laughing uncontrollably now as I emptied my bladder for what felt like two entire minutes. My stream started losing power and last of my urine dribbled out of my finally spent dick and I laughed along with him.

After a moment of assessing all the mess, and making up for my playful prank with a good long kiss, we both looked to the lake. Without words, we got ourselves up, still completely nude, Chris dripping all our fluids from every inch of his body, and started towards it hand in hand.
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