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I was already caged and after 6 weeks I was called for more "fun". There will be a part 3 and maybe more. Please comment and let me know if you like what you read.
Part 2

I know the first story was long but I hope worth it. Feedback is appreciated.

The last part ended with my ex-sister-in-law, now Mistress leaving me wearing the smallest chastity device I owned telling me that the only way I would get it removed was to travel the five hours to her house. Along with the travel was the dread of being not only her slave but potentially all her daughters; four of them, and her friends. I was also told that I had to wait at least a month.

I texted and called numerous times over the month but I never got a response, just silence or straight to voicemail. Once the month was past I finally got a response, telling me she was busy and didn’t have time for me yet and to wait a couple of weeks. Three weeks after the initial month, I finally received a text telling me to arrive at her address at exactly 9 PM on Friday evening. Which meant that I was taking a couple of hours vacation. I was also told to take the following Monday off.

So now not only had I spent almost two months without a hard on or orgasm; I was spending vacation time being treated like a piece of trash. On Friday I received another text telling me that all I was to bring was the woman’s clothes that she got me when she was with me last. That meant I was going to have to get out of my apartment to my vehicle, get gas and food all while dressed as a woman or try and hide men’s clothes and suffer the consequences. I knew she would search and if she found it I would be screwed.

Luckily, I had about a half hour before I had to go since my timeline was moved up since I had to change at least according to her plan. So I did some research and was hoping to find a bus station with locker’s not out of my way; unfortunately the only one I found was way out of the way. So that meant I was doing the trip dressed as a woman. In my favor I was starting with a full tank of gas, so at least I wouldn’t be close to home when I had to fill up.

The trip was fairly uneventful. I only had to fill up once and I did get some looks but no comments. I arrived down the block from her house about a half hour early. So I had to wait until the exact time; when I rolled down the window I could hear some giggling and laughing every now and then. It sounded like a party was in full swing. That made me even more nervous; because now I knew it wasn’t just a threat, Mistress really did have at least other women there.

At exactly 9 PM I rang the doorbell and nervously waited on someone to answer. It seemed to be forever but was probably only ten seconds and the door swung open. I was looking at my Mistress and she smiled then laughed out loud and told me I looked foolish, then to my surprise she stepped out and closed the door. “Ok, here’s how it is going to go. You are to look at the floor at all times, if I catch you doing something different then you will be blindfolded from that time forward. Along with that you just need to listen and do as you are told by everyone in this house; immediately with no questions asked. The last thing is that if asked a question you are to answer with ma’am; that is until the person asking has physically hurt you in some way, then they will be Mistress 1, then Mistress 2 and so on until everyone has a number. And just so you don’t get confused I will always just be called Mistress, because I’m the one who controls your fate. With that she grabbed me by the ear and squeezed then pulled me into the house, which hurt more than I expected.

As I was pulled through the door I was lucky enough to see that all 4 of her daughter’s were there along with 1 other that I didn’t know, she was closer to Mistress’s age and not very attractive but not ugly either. The daughters ranged from 21-30. The oldest was a dirty blonde in the best shape you could expect since 6 months ago she had her fourth kid. The other three were all in decent shape and brunette; I was actually excited about seeing the youngest three naked!

As I stumbled to a stop, I made sure to look at the floor. I noticed that they had all done their toes; they were all either barefoot or wearing flip flops. I’m not really a foot guy but the three youngest had really pretty feet. And while I’m not a foot guy I am most definitely a high heel guy.

“This ladies is our entertainment for the weekend. Don’t forget that first and foremost this is my bitch and I’m letting you use it. It is not to be addressed by name, you can call it anything derogatory, bitch, slave, anything like that. And as you can tell it isn’t exactly a he or him; we will all use it or one of the other words we discussed.”

They all laughed; here I was standing in front of six women wearing high heels, skirt and blouse. Not to mention the bra and panties covering my cock cage. Then Mistress said “Do a turn for them, let them see that cute ass of yours.” I did as directed. The oldest one came up and grabbed my ass and said “And you’ve already used this with a strap-on? This is going to be fun; we should all take a turn! I bet they have never even done that.” I didn’t see it but three of the four agreed; I found out later that one of them had plenty of experience behind a strap-on. Mistress said “You will all get the chance, maybe even one after the other or all at the same time. Ok, you all remember that there was to be a competition that was going to take place once it got here and that starts now; and no I’m not going to tell you what it is, but the bitch knows and knows how to respond appropriately. Now bitch go get us all a beer and you can have some also since I can tell how nervous you are. You are actually shaking all over! That’s hilarious!”

She pointed my body toward the kitchen and gave me a push in that direction. I opened the refrigerator and started pulling out beers; I popped one and downed it and then got another for myself along with one each for the ladies. Again, I didn’t really know who I was handing beers to since I was looking at the floor. I handed the first one with nothing said, but the second one took it and smacked me saying there was a lot more coming since I didn’t help her when she needed it. “Yes Mistress 1” I replied quietly and I knew it was the youngest. I continued to hand out the beers without any other comments. At least towards me; they were all talking together and laughing that Mistress had me there dressed as a woman with a full beard. Once done I just went and stood next to Mistress; I knew who she was from her voice and I recognized the paint on her toe nails.

They talked for a few minutes and I kind of shook my empty beer where she could see it. “Ok bitch, you can get another, but know that every beer from this point forward will cost you either a smack across the face or a knee to the nuts” With that she pivoted and kneed me in the balls; basically telling me that I could go and get another. Again, I grabbed two beers out of the fridge and downed one and took the other to the living room where everyone was talking. Mistress was close to the kitchen. I walked out and she stopped me; took my beer and didn’t hesitate before she actually hit me in the face, a hook across my jaw then handed me the beer back. The second youngest walked up to me and pinched my ass and said “Looks like you got caught stealing from the hen house you will learn to only do what you are told” I replied “Yes, Mistress 2 you are right” quietly. “So that’s the secret” the oldest daughter said and then she kicked me in the balls. Even though she mostly missed, it hurt because of the cock cage; I replied “Thank you Mistress 3”. With that the older lady came over and smacked me “Thank you Mistress 4” I replied not as quietly. I made sure to listen to each voice and check the toenails of each Mistress so that I knew who was who. There was only one left to hurt me and earn the title Mistress; oh course she had heard the last naming so she knew what was going on. So she walked up to me; the only one without painted toenails, and moved my face up. I tried to keep looking at the floor but she moved my head till I should have been seeing the ceiling but was looking her in the eye. She said “Good, I want you to look at me; you have always been my favorite uncle and I’m disappointed to find out all this about you. But I will have to make you pay for that disappointment; it won’t be the same as them but it will be bad for you, maybe even worse.” With that she reaches out and pinches my nipples; at first it seemed like it would be a tweak, but she increased the pressure until it was a full out pinch that hurt! “Yes Mistress 5, thank you and I’m sorry.” “ You will be Uncle faggot” she replied.

After that I was told to go make everyone a Jack and coke in a separate 32 oz cup. This used almost a full bottle. There were enough cups for everyone including me; so I made myself one as well. And truthfully I made mine stronger than the rest so that maybe I could be lucky enough to pass out. Of course, that wasn’t going to happen. As I was making the drinks I looked around, trying to get a look at the women that I was a slave to now. During that time I noticed cameras in the kitchen, living room and dining room; I didn’t know how many other rooms or outside areas would have cameras. But I did know that Mistress’s brother, my ex-brother-in-law, had set up cameras for companies in the past; I knew that because some of the jobs I had helped with. So now I knew that everything that happened there would be video evidence of; that terrified me.

As I delivered the drinks everyone took theirs and went outside. I didn’t hear what caused this but the only one still inside was Mistress 5, the oldest and most attractive daughters. She looked at me and told me to kneel down on the floor, which of course I did. Then she pulled up her skirt and pulled off her panties and put them in my mouth and told me to suck everything I could out of them. I could tell that it was mostly cum and a bit of her juices. Once I had sucked on them for about a minute, she sat down on a chair and told me to eat her out. I did this with full abandon because she was by far the most attractive of the girls and I had a crush on her for years. I licked and sucked her pussy for everything I was worth and surprisingly it didn’t take but about 5 minutes for her to cum all over my face. “Good boy, I mean bitch, that is a good start. I can promise you that you will have more cum from me, both the way you got it and straight from the source. My husband is bi and you will not only suck his cock but you will be fucked by it too! But that is something that the others don’t need to know about, do you understand?” “Yes, Mistress,” I replied. When I said that she grabbed my nipples again and asked “Is that the proper term you are supposed to use for me?” “No Mistress 5, I am supposed to address you as Mistress 5 forever now.” She smiled knowing that she had put me in my place. “Remember that you will always be my slave from this time forward, for the rest of your life. If it is in front of my husband for mother and sister’s you will address me as that. Because we both know now that you don’t deserve the respect that I have always given you. I will be Mistress 5 in front of my sisters and mom, if we are ever away from them I will be Mistress and I don’t care if it is out in public or not, that is how you will address me. Do you understand?” “yes mistress”. “Did you enjoy my husband's cum while you were sucking on my panties and licking my pussy?” “Yes, Mistress,” I replied. “Good bitch, now you will know that will be my play toy to amuse myself and my husband, he is looking forward to having you suck his cock and take it up the ass.” “Really?” I asked out of subspace. “Yes, didn’t you notice this phone in my hand? Say hi baby!” Then through the phone I heard her husband who I had not met say “I can’t believe I just watched him eat my cum out of you and suck it out of your panties! This will be so much fun for us babe!” I looked up from her pussy and saw the phone and was even more discouraged. Now it was even more expanded; I was a slave to not what was one person, then six people, now it was seven.

Mistress 5 told me to stay where I was and went outside. Less than a minute later Mistress 4 came back inside and sat in front of me. She pulled her jeans off and roughly pulled me into her crotch and made me start eating her out; even though she was the oldest of the ladies she didn’t taste horrible; but I knew that I was eating some dudes cum out of her. She left and then Mistress 3 came in. Again, she pulled down her pants and panties and made me lick her out,I spent about a half hour between her legs doing my best to please her, I finally got a shudder out of her. Then she pulled up her top and told me to drink the milk out of her left tit because it was too full and was distracting her. Once she was relieved she walked back outside and sent in Mistress 2. She was more curious about me being caged and made me pull up my dress to show her the cock cage that was straining after all the pussy and cum eating. “You like eating cum don’t you bitch? Get your face in my pussy!” I don’t know who she fucked or if her kegel muscles were amazing but when I started licking her pussy I hadn’t had that much cum enter my mouth since my ex and she only waited about five minutes before she fed me her bulls cum. I felt like it took me thirty minutes to get all the cum out of her and bring her to an orgasm. “Oh you will be a good bitch! You ate that cum like a starving person. I can’t wait to feed you more. But now my turn as Mistress is over.” With that she got up and went back outside. As she was leaving the doorbell rang and both Mistress and Mistress 1 walked in. Mistress 1 came in and told me to strip totally naked. As I was stripping I saw a big black guy walk in and Mistress take him to a back room. Mistress 1 had me start eating her out; as I was going down on her it was obvious that she had been fucked recently; I licked and sucked every drop of cum out of her and she told me “You are about to get a really fresh load, just like what you used to be used to from my Aunt. You really are a cum sucking faggot, I didn’t believe at first but you have had 5 loads so far and are about to get a fresh sixth.” She left and it wasn’t two minutes before Mistress returned from the back room naked, holding her pussy closed with a fresh load for me to eat.

She walked up to me and lowered herself onto my mouth and started pushing every drop of this guys cum into my mouth. I spent about 10 minutes making sure that every single drop was cleansed out of her. Once she felt clean she sent me outside nude; nothing but the cock cage stretched to the limit. When I walked out the door; they all looked and laughed at me, I’m not sure I blamed them, I looked foolish. I was naked with a cock cage and cum all in my beard. I was given a cigarette and gladly smoked it trying to get the taste of six different mens cum out of my mouth. After finishing the cigarette and drink I was sent to get everyone another drink; and was allowed one of my own. I slammed that drink and asked for permission to get another. They allowed me another. As I was walking back outside Mistress joined me and asked if I was ready to put on the show she promised me. I was in enough of a fog that I didn’t understand and she told me “In five minutes we are all going back in and you are going to give my bull head until he cum’s. If you fail we are going to take turns kicking you in the balls until at least one of them pops. So make sure you suck that cock like I know you want to.” I downed my drink at that.

Mistress grabbed me by the cage and led me back into the living room. Sitting in the center of the couch was her bull. She had him stand up and once everyone was inside she pointed out that his cock was 4 times bigger than mine in the cage; everyone got a huge laugh at that! He sat back down and Mistress gave my balls a squeeze and said “This is it bitch, I know it’s not the first cock you’ve suck, hell it’s not even the first black cock you’ve sucked. So get on your knees and get him hard and get him off. We are going to take some bets on how long it’s going to take before you swallow your next load. Get down there and grab that cock!” Saying that she pulled down on my balls to encourage me to get on my knees.

I knelt in front of this man and reached out and grabbed his cock; I could tell that even soft he was easily twice as thick as me hard. I started stroking it and leaned forward and gave it a lick. I couldn’t believe that I was doing all this without any push back. I licked around the shaft and head as I stroked him; within a minute I had him fully hard and his cock was the biggest I had ever sucked by at least an inch and a half. I’m guessing he was about 8-8.5 inches total and thick enough that he would have a problem fucking most women. Once he was hard I continued to lick around the shaft and head and then I finally put the head in my mouth and started sucking and licking it with my tongue. The women were all fascinated with me sucking his cock; talking about my technique. I started taking more of his cock into my mouth and doing my best to put good constant pressure on the underside of the head; the faster I could make him cum the faster I would be done with this. It was then I felt a hand grab my hair and pull me up and I was told to lick it from root to tip a few times and get the entire thing wet with my spit. So I followed directions and then went back to trying to make him cum with basically the head in my mouth and me stroking it. I did that for about a minute and I could tell it was working because I could feel him moving under me. That caused me to really go into overdrive and start stroking faster. I was getting into the groove and was close to getting him off when I felt a hand on the back of my head pushing me this time and I heard come on bitch you can’t just get him off start deep throating that hog and the pressure increased. I was pushed down until I gagged then she let off, then pushed me back down again a bit harder and a little further went into my throat and I gagged again. This continued until I almost threw up and she let me take a breath. Then I was back to deep throating this monster cock; I was told that this time I would take it all, no matter what. I put it back in my mouth and again the hand went to the back of my head, but then I felt a second and then the pressure started; I did my best to open my throat and let them force this cock down my throat and I took it all, which was good because I had followed directions but they didn’t let me back up until someone got a picture of my throat all bulged out. Mistress 4 said “Oh he is a natural, I couldn’t do that for anything! Come on, I want to see him swallow that cum but I want to see it go into his mouth and then see him swallow it.” “Ok bitch you hear that suck that cock like the cum dumpster faggot you are and once he starts cumming pull off and jack it off all into your mouth” Mistress instructed. I put the cock back in my mouth and started back into my routine of trying to make him cum and now I could really stroke because his cock was totally covered in my spit and his precum once he started enjoying more again I started with full tongue pressure and taking about half the shaft down my throat and stroking along with it. Once I started that, it was less than a minute before he started cumming; I pulled it out of my mouth as directed and he started spurting thick wads of cum into my mouth and on my face; I couldn’t keep the aim right; I even ended up with it in my eyes. I had never seen someone come so much before. They made me tilt my head back and not swallow; at least three pictures were taken with my mouth full of cum and cum all over my face; then one of them started scooping cum off my face and wiping it into my mouth. Once the humiliation pictures were taken I was told to swallow; which I did.

Once the bull had recovered from his orgasm all the girls asked him how I did as a cock sucker and he actually said that I was one of the best he had experienced and that he had never been totally deepthroated like that before. I was sent to get him a beer and told to go stand outside in the backyard. At this point I was tired, all I could taste was cum and here I stood a naked and cum covered bitch to six women who I have no idea what planned for me. At this point it was about 1130 at night. About 15 minutes later I was told to come back inside; the Bull had finished his beer and left, so now it was just me and my six Mistress’s.
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