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I thought I would give story-writing a try. Please let me know what you think of my first attempt. I could see this developing into a full storyline (maybe there's too much character introduction here). Caution: incest. Thanks!
Nick was deeply embarrassed but grateful to be moving back to his small hometown after losing his job in a major NYC financial firm. After business school, he put 15 years of his life into work and climbed the competitive ladder high enough that he had a very comfortable, urban lifestyle. All of that came to a crashing end thanks to his boss’s mismanagement of the company. Nick’s salary, stock options, and house were all gone.

Nick’s sister Rebecca, meanwhile, had married her high school boyfriend Jake, and settled down in her parents’ house to raise a family. She worked part-time as a secretary at the local high school. Back in high school, Jake was the starting quarterback of the football team; dating Rebecca, the head cheerleader, was an obvious choice. After high school, Jake got a job at a local machine shop. It wasn’t the glamorous life of his brother-in-law Nick, but Jake and Rebecca had a happy, rewarding life and raised two kids, Anna and Noah.

Over the first few weeks after moving back to his childhood home, now with his sister and her husband in the master bedroom, Nick spent most of his days sending out job applications, reflecting on his life so far, and working out in Jake’s home gym in the garage. Nick appreciated the slow-paced life in his hometown, and settled into a predictable, calm routine that helped him forget about all he had lost. Rebecca was happy to have her younger brother back home. Jake accepted the reality of having another man in the house, even though he and Nick had little in common and rarely spoke.

Nick hadn’t visited in years, and he was surprised to see how his niece Anna and her younger brother Noah had grown. Both were fit and athletic like their parents at their age. Nick couldn’t help to feel the same jealousy he felt in high school of the athletic, popular kids toward his niece and nephew. But Anna and Noah idolized their uncle and the fast-paced life he had in NYC.

Anna was a tall, lithe volleyball and basketball player. Her shoulder-length dark hair was the same color as her mom’s, but Anna had a slightly taller frame than her mom, a notably perkier chest, and a smaller but rounder butt on top of her smooth athletic legs. When Nick looked at her, he thought fondly back to how he admired his sister’s beauty and fitness when he was young.

There was a lot of excitement in the house as Anna prepared for the homecoming dance that week. She was especially excited for her new, bright-red dress, even though her parents weren’t thrilled that it extended only a third of the way down her thighs.

The night of the dance, Anna and her friends were crowding the bathroom, giggling, gossiping, taking selfies, and posting Instagram stories. Nick tried not to stare at how beautiful and womanly the girls looked, especially his niece.

Nick settled down into the guest room after the girls left for the dance. Bored and scrolling through Instagram, he noticed the stories posted by Anna, and he couldn’t help but watch them over and over, gawking at the pictures of her and her friends striking poses in the bathroom mirror, selfies in their rented limo, bodies pressed together, laughing, sticking out their tongues. As he clicked through her posts and those of her friends, he could feel his cock slowly growing in his boxers.

As he looked at Anna’s posts, Nick couldn’t help but recall seeing his sister naked when they were young. Rebecca was almost shameless around the house, always walking fully naked between the bathroom and her bedroom. He could position himself on the couch to catch the perfect view of his sister as she walked down the hall and couldn’t help but stare at her fleshy pink nipples, round athletic hips, and the small patch of dark pubic hair at the top of her vagina.

His mind was racing, and his dick was rock hard, but he locked his phone and set it aside as he was overtaken by the guilt of ogling his teenage niece’s photos.

The next morning, everyone else in the house left to attend the town’s homecoming pancake breakfast, but Nick slept in and relaxed around the house, doing his weekly chores. When he walked in the laundry room, to his surprise (and secret delight), Anna’s panties from the night before were on the top of the laundry pile. He slowly picked up the lacy pink silk thong, and without thinking, brought it up to his nose and deeply inhaled the sweet smell of his niece’s young pussy.

His cock immediately engorged in his sweatpants. He flashed back to sneaking into his sister’s room when he was young and rummaging through her panty drawer. But this sensation was new and different, and it didn’t matter that the intoxicating aroma he inhaled was from his young niece.

After pushing down the front of his sweatpants, Nick wrapped Anna’s silky panties around his thick cock and slowly worked them up and down his hard shaft. As if another force took over him, he thrust his hips up over and over as he tightly gripped his cock with her soft panties. His cock head swelled, and his balls tightened as he ejaculated a thick load of cum, the first half spraying the front of the washing machine, and the later gobs oozing onto the damp pink silk. Dizzy and satisfied, he rinsed off her panties and set them back on the pile.

A week later, Rebecca and Jake had their weekly date night, and Noah was sleeping at a friends’ house. It was Nick’s duty to pick up Anna from volleyball practice. His eyes widened as she walked out from the locker room in her practice uniform: a thin-strapped white sports bra and black spandex shorts that perfectly hugged her round butt cheeks, clearly without any panties underneath, her hair back in a ponytail. Even though he felt the creep of dark, dirty thoughts about his niece, their conversation was easy on the ride home.

“It’s really great having you around, Uncle Nick.”

“Yeah, I’m really glad to be here. I’m so lucky to have your mom and dad take me in after everything that happened. And I love spending time with you and Noah.”

Nick looked over as Anna was scrolling through her phone. “Uncle Nick, how come you don’t follow me on Instagram?”

“Oh, I’ve never really been too much into social media. And isn’t Instagram for kids your age?”

“Yeah, but you’re always looking at my stories. You might as well follow me.”

His heartbeat quickened as he remembered the other night, looking at her homecoming dance pictures over and over, forgetting that she can see who looks at her live posts.

Nick, staggering a bit, “Oh…uh…yeah, well, it looks like you had a fun time.” He was trying to change the subject, but she wouldn’t let it go.

“What did you think of my new dress?”

“Um...it really fit you well,” he replied to his curious niece.

Anna smiled as her handsome uncle validated her own self-confidence in her budding, developing beauty.

Nick turned up the radio to shift the conversation, and as he did, couldn’t help but notice Anna’s silky, toned thighs, completely exposed by her tiny practice shorts. He gulped and looked away but caught several sideways glances of her fit, young body the rest of the way home.

As they pulled into the driveway and Anna got out of the car, Nick watched as she went into the house, watching her toned butt in shorts that must have been at least one size too small. He sat in the car realizing his dick was completely swollen and bulging in his jeans, and hoping she didn’t notice. He tried to calm himself down by thinking how wrong it was that his throbbing erection was for his teenage niece. He took several deep breaths before walking in the house, and immediately down the hall to the guest room. Not thinking, he pushed the door behind him but not closing it completely.

Nick’s erotic feelings took over his best judgement as he picked up his phone, went immediately to Anna’s Instagram profile, and scrolled to her homecoming dance photos, his hand rubbing down the front of his crotch.

He softly moaned out “oh Anna” as he recalled the intoxicating smell of her panties and the intensity of his cumshot onto them.

Suddenly some motion caught his attention as Anna slid onto the bed behind him.

“See, I knew you liked my photos, Uncle Nick!”

“Anna! Please...this is a private moment. Why don’t you go have a shower?” He was desperately trying to get her out of the room before his deepest urges took over.

She laughed it off. “I’m not sure how private it is when it’s my photos you’re looking at, and you left the door open.”

Nick was immediately apologetic. “Anna, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t be doing this looking at your photos. Let’s forget this happened, and please don’t tell your parents, especially your dad.”

She instantly sensed some leverage over her uncle, who she always admired as a powerful, sophisticated man. His enormous bulge, at her eye level, piqued her interest.

“Well, how about this, you get me off, and it would be our secret.” She smirked.

Nick gulped at the words coming out of his niece’s mouth. What was she thinking? This was so wrong! So naughty and forbidden! But there she was, on the bed, confidently asking him to pleasure her.

He slowly eased down onto the bed between his niece’s legs as she slid her hand down her flat tummy. His hands moved lightly up her smooth legs as he inhaled the scent of her teen body, still sticky and shiny from volleyball practice.

As he looked down at her tiny tight shorts, Nick could clearly see the outline of Anna's fleshy pussy lips. Losing all sense of right and wrong, he dragged his tongue over his niece’s secret area over the top of her shorts. He looked up into her eyes as he could see them fill with hot young lust.

She pushed her hands inside each side of her shorts and started pushing them off her round butt and developing hips. He took her shorts the rest of the way off from her knees as he got the first glimpse of his sister’s daughter’s slit, which she kept completely shaved.

“Oh Anna,” he moaned, looking down at the perfect mound of her young, warm, bald cunt.

“Take a taste, Uncle Nick,” she smiled, and bit her lip.

He rested his hands on each of her thighs, pressing them down and open, and kissed up the inside of each of them. The scent of sweat and her young hormones made him forget all his doubts. He found the tip of his tongue flicking up her delicate slit. She moaned out lightly as his tongue tip explored her hole and tasted her sweet juices.

As his drooling, hungry tongue explored her pussy, Anna unbuttoned her uncle’s shirt and slid her hands over his toned chest. She noticed that her uncle wasn’t as muscular as her dad but was nonetheless just the type of real man she craved.

With his gentle fingers, Nick spread her delicate slit open and dragged his tongue over her pussy as she moaned and her juices oozed into his mouth.

“Oh, fuck yes Uncle Nick, that feels so amazing!”

He groaned as he buried his face in her wetness, slurping up every drop and teasing her horny clit. He closed his mouth around it and sucked hard.

Anna felt all her urges taking over and pushed her hips up, grinding her clit into her uncle’s mouth as he feasted on her. She closed her athletic thighs tight around her uncle’s head as she felt her cunt throb and swell.

Nick’s rock-hard cock couldn’t take being contained in his pants any longer, and he quickly unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down, his hard dick flopping out on the bed as his horny niece rubbed her needy pussy on his face.

He was lost in enjoying the taste of Anna’s horny wetness, until she pulled his head up by her hands to look her straight into his eyes.

“Uncle Nick, I want you inside me.”

He was taken aback.

She was a beautiful young girl, practically a younger copy of Nick’s own sister.

“Anna, we can’t possibly do that. I’m your uncle,” he said calmly, even though he could barely think of anything other than his niece’s delicious tight hole and how it would feel wrapped around his dick.

“Please, Uncle Nick, I know you want me. And plus, you don’t want some random guy fucking your sister’s precious daughter, do you?”

He couldn’t argue with that.

“Ok, if you’re sure, but you have to promise me that you’ll never tell anyone about this, not your mom, not your friends, not anyone, ok?”

She nodded up and down as he got to his knees between her, grabbed his thick cock, and ran his cock head up and down her throbbing, dripping slit.

Anna’s eyes practically fell out of their sockets when she saw her uncle’s dick on her pussy. She had one boyfriend over the summer, and his dick was less than half the size of her uncle’s. She knew that older men’s dicks could be large, and she had noticed her dad’s meaty cock when he was in the shower, but now that a true man’s fully hard member was about to enter her, she was both nervous and excited.

Nick could sense her slight hesitation now that she had seen the fullness of his cock. “You’re sure about this, right?”

“Oh, god, yes, please…” She almost begged.

He pressed his hips forward as she arched to accommodate her uncle’s rod. Just the head of his penis gave her a rush of pleasure as it stretched her cunt open and her bald lips stretched over his cock. He was amazed at her wetness and tightness, her young, athletic body almost pulling his cock into her with her fit pussy muscles.

As inch by inch of his cock sunk into his niece, Nick leaned down to, at first, lightly kiss her red lips, but then more aggressively push his tongue into her cherry sweet mouth. Her tongue rolled over his, tasting her own delicious pussy juices from his mouth.

At last, the entire length of his thick 8 inches was inside her and Anna moaned into her uncle’s mouth as he started to grind his cock back and forth.

Her body flushed with a little pain and an overwhelming amount of pleasure as Nick’s hardness pushed and pulled inside her. She had dreamed of the day that a real man would take her, and it was finally happening.

As their wet, drooling, messy kiss abated, he looked into her eyes.

“Anna, you’re so beautiful. I’ve never felt like this.”

She beamed inside as she could see the love and lust her caring and wonderful uncle had for her.

Anna’s hands slid to grab her uncle’s ass as she pulled him into her, grinding back her clit in almost animal passion. Nick knew that his fit, athletic niece needed a good workout. He grabbed her hips and rolled over completely, so that Anna was riding him. Now free, she pulled her tight sports bra up over her head, revealing hard, puffy pink nipples on her perky upturned chest. He fondled them, so firm, and sat up to suck her left then right nipple into his drooling mouth, rolling them on his tongue, and playfully nipping at them with his teeth, which drove her even more wild.

Frantically, Anna pushed him down, positioned her hands on his toned chest, and rode her uncle’s cock, taking the whole length up and down as her girl juices oozed on Nick’s balls. He tightly gripped her round firm butt cheeks, and pulsed his hips up to meet her downstrokes, his soaked balls riding up and slapping against her tiny pink puckered asshole. She took control riding him, but he reminded her who was really in charge with a few light, and then firm, slaps of his palm on her teen ass.

Anna’s eyes rolled back, and her mouth gaped as she worked her insatiably horny pussy on her uncle’s hard thick dick. A thread of drool dripped down her chin to her chest and ran down her flat tummy. Nick could feel his cum load building, amazed he had lasted as long as he had given how tight she was.

She refocused to her uncle’s eyes. “I wanna cum Uncle Nick, and I want your cum inside me.”

He knew it was wrong and dangerous to seed his young niece’s fertile womb, but he wasn’t thinking with his brain. He reached down to strum her throbbing clit with his thumb, feeling her juices flow even harder from her hole gripping his dick.

“Fuck yes, Uncle Nick, fuck me! Yes! Yes!!!”

Her hips bucked violently as her pussy muscles clamped down on Nick’s thickness.

His voice deepened. “That’s right little girl, shoot that girl cum, fuck...yes!!”

Her body shuddered and flushed as her climax peaked and slowly ebbed to a warm comfortable feeling, her uncle’s hard dick still insider her, juices dripping out.

“Are you ready for this cumload little girl?” he asked greedily.

She smiled wide, feeling how throbbing her uncle was inside and ready to flood her womb with incestuous cum.

Nick grabbed her hips tight, pulled her down hard, grinded into her, and unloaded, groans and moans echoing in the room as Anna squealed feeling her insides filled with hot man cum. Five full ropes of his cum shot into his horny niece.

He caught his breath as she pulled herself off him, their familial cum loads mixing and dripping out of her swollen, used pussy. Feelings flashed through Nick that he never felt before: deep lust, satisfaction, and strength, knowing now what was missing in his life was his amazing family. Losing himself, he pulled Anna’s hips over his face, and with her cum-soaked bald pussy on his lips, sucked his and her juices from her hole, greedily feeding on her. She was overtaken by this kinky scene, and when her uncle was finished feeding, leaned down to kiss him deep and taste both of their sweet, salty cum loads.

As they toweled off, Anna’s parents’ car pulled in the driveway, and she smiled wide, beaming, and lightly ran down the hall to shower.


2021-11-06 23:05:27
The story is good, but you have to watch some of the scenes. Nick is laying on the bed between Anna’s legs and how exactly does she reach down to unbutton his shirt?

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