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She was my boss, my fucking boss..which is what made this so damn wrong. If I chose to give a flying fuck!
It was late, the doors to the restaurant had been closed for over an hour now. A few of the kitchen crew were all that was left, besides the boss and of course me. I volunteered my time to help the boss with inventory and ordering. I basically had nothing better to do, except go home to an empty house.

"Goodnight, Alexa" the last of the crew shouted as they walked out the door to their cars. "Night" I replied, locking the front door behind them.

I quickly walked toward the back, trying to ignore how creepy the dining room was now that it was empty and dark. The doors swung open roughly, the bright yellow light was blinding but comforting. The sound of a gentle bass poured from the speakers, replacing the loop of classic hell that played all day long and I smiled. She was making this restaurant all hers and that made my heart race.

"Did you ever realize how damn quiet it truly is when everyone is gone" I questioned, leaning casually against the wood frame of her office. "Yeah, no shit, people are fucking loud" all formality was gone and I chuckled. "What?" she asked, glancing up at me before continuing to unlock the safe below her desk. "It's so nice hearing you swear" I sighed dramatically and we both laughed.

Amanda was unique, she had masculine features that mixed with her femine ones perfectly. She dressed in long black pants that drug the ground and hid her black tennis shoes. She always wore a loose polo, which was outlined by a sports bra and small bust. Amanda looked nothing like a manager but what she lacked in looks, she made up for in her work ethic. She was hard working and always gave a hundred percent. She had deep topaz eyes, with golden flecks that shimmered when she was being playful. Long brown hair that she wore in a loose pony-tail. She had a laid back personality that made her the best boss to have in the world.

I watched her strip her polo off, revealing a white tank top underneath. Chills formed on my arms and I had to hide the sly smile that formed. She slammed a drawer shut, bringing me out of my dirty thoughts.

"I swear I'm the only manager that knows how to fucking organize in this shit hole" she sighed, motioning to the messy desk. "You're the only one that can do a lot of things right around here" I groaned, moving to pull a huge stack of papers under a folder. "Thanks, what would I do without you" she smiled up at me, my heart racing. "Now, let's think of a way that we can make the most redundant, boring, soul-sucking ordering, fun" Amanda smiled widely and I laughed.

The first shot burned my throat and I shook my head as the heat hit my stomach. Amanda laughed, taking another shot as she began shuffling through the papers. The freezer door was agap and both of us were sitting on a mat on the floor.

"Now go, read off what we have and I'll mark it down" she grinned, my head spinning slightly as I stood up. "Yes, ma'am" I laughed and she giggled, taking another shot.

Two hours later and about eight shots in, we were done. I leaned against the door to her office, unsure if I was more exhausted or tipsy. She shut down the computer and taped the ordering papers to the screen, laughing. Knowing full well that was going to piss the day manager off to no end. She leaned back in the chair, looking at me with her glazed eyes and smiled.

"Now what?" I asked hoping that my cheeks weren't too flushed. "Well, we still have half a bottle of evidence to destroy" Amanda chuckled, standing and walking toward the dining room. "Um, can we not, it's super creepy out there" I whined, hesitantly following along. "Quit your bitchin, come on" she laughed loudly, switching on the light over the bar.

She moved around the bar, pouring two more shots as I removed my shirt. The whiskey was setting my flesh on fire. I glanced at the blinds that blocked out the darkness that would only remain for a few more hours. I jumped when Amanda's music poured from the speakers over my head. I giggled stupidly, tilting my head back as I let the liquid fire pour down my throat.

"What are you thinking?" she asked, leaning on the bar toward me. "How strong this damn whiskey is" we both laughed, Amanda taking a swig out of the bottle. "Eh, I could drink two of these suckers" she was slurring her words and obviously leaving tipsy far behind. "Sure...just like me" I whispered, taking the bottle and taking a swig. "You're so damn beautiful in this light" she whispered, peering at my surprised face intently. "And...you're perfect" the whiskey left little room for modesty.

She leaned forward until she was a few centimeters from my face. Her hot breath teasing my lips and I bit my mine. The intensity between us felt electric and hot. I was suffocating, willingly, beautifully and happily. Her soft, sweet lips collided with mine. I felt myself melting and I pushed even harder back. Her fingers tangled themselves in my short wavy blonde hair, pulling me. It was wilder than my fantasies, hotter and sexier than I could ever imagine.

Her tongue caressed my bottom teeth, seeking out mine. Our salvia intertwined, slick and hot. My tongue teased and danced around hers. She moaned loudly, her fingers moving to cup my full breasts. Lust and desire made our cunts throb with need.

"Don't stop," she whispered in our kiss, both of us panting. "I will never stop, I've wanted you for so long" I whined out, moaning with ecstasy. "Hello" a loud voice and knock, pulled us out of our kiss.

"Who the fuck is that"? Amanda whispered, both of us staring at the front door. "Sorry we're closed" Amanda shouted, both of us slightly more sober. "Amanda, it's me, Eric" my eyes widened because we both realized suddenly through our drunken stupors why the voice sounded familiar. "Shit, why is the day boss here" the panic was instant. "No idea" Amanda sounded way too calm now.

I watched her hide the bottle under the bar and quickly race to her office. When she returned with the keys, her polo was back on and she quickly handed me a mint. I popped the mint and threw my shirt on as well. Amanda cleared her throat, as she unlocked the front door.

"What the hell are you two doing here, it's like three in the morning" Eric asked, pushing his way inside. "Inventory and ordering," Amanda said dismissively. "Oh right, well if you're all done, you two can head home" his voice didn't sound accusing which we were grateful for. "I'm assuming you both don't work tomorrow?" He questioned, scrunching up his old Italian face. "Nope" we said in unison and he nodded.

Eric wouldn't stop talking to save his life, he was a terrible after hour comedy special. Every time he turned his brown shaved head around, we would flip off the back of his head and giggle. He was a very unattractive man, thin build, long flamingo legs and nothing unique to his looks. He was a boring person inside and out. Even worse, he was manipulative and selfish.

Quickly before he roped us into anymore conversations at the bar we had just been kissing at, we bid our goodbyes. Amanda grabbed her coat under the bar and we both slipped out into the night. Laughing and giggling like teenagers who pulled one over on their parents. Once we reached her car, she slid the whiskey bottle out from under her coat which made us both howl with laughter.

"How the fuck am I going to get home" Amanda whispered, glancing at the blue Buick intently. "Um, I live within walking distance" I mentioned hesitantly. "Is that okay?" She asked, her words meant more and I wanted that. "Yes" I whispered, grabbing her hand, dragging her toward the woods behind the restaurant.

Something told me...we might not be making it there.
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