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How a first fuck made a train journey so much more interesting.
I wish to point out that all participants were at legal age at the time of the incidents. I would ask readers to keep in mind that it was the mid 1960’s and although the “Permissive Society” was blossoming in the cities and large towns, in our sleepy little town we may well have appeared naive.


There are many accounts of boys having sex with their mothers on here but l haven’t read another one where their first fuck was on a train.

There are many who say how their mother was some hot piece with amazing tits and a great arse. Well that wasn’t my mother. I’m not saying she was ugly, in fact she was just ordinary, just Mum.

The time l’m talking about was the mid nineteen sixties. We lived in a small country town, l had recently started masturbating, and like most other boys of similar age l was wanking at any opportunity. I had a morning paper round and two of my customers had regular deliveries of what were called “Men’s magazines”. One of them was weekly, the other monthly. Obviously l took the opportunity to have a quick look through and up until the time in question that was the only time l had see a naked woman. I was fascinated by the variety of breasts, and puzzled as to why l had a penis and balls but women seemed to have a smudge. (I know it sounds naïve but that was how it was in those days).

The day everything started to change, l had been looking through one of the magazines on my round. I had gone home to change ready for school. My sister who was four years older had left for work, she was a trainee hairdresser, and my father had left for work. The centre spread of the magazine that day had been of my favourite model and l was desperate to get home and wank.

I raced upstairs into my bedroom, dropped my trousers and pants and began wanking. I was almost ready to cum in seconds when l heard a noise. I turned and realised that l hadn’t shut the door properly and my mother was standing there watching me. My first instinct was to hide but it was too late, l couldn’t stop my orgasm and l was stuck shooting my cum all over the bed.

I started to cry, saying l was sorry. My mother came into the room, telling me it was okay, that l hadn’t done anything wrong. I looked at the mess on my bed but she just asked me to help her change the bedding so that she could wash it. I suddenly realised that my trousers and pants were round my ankles and l hastily picked them up and did my trousers up.

Mum laughed saying it was a bit late for that.

Once l had got changed, l went downstairs, Mum was in the kitchen. I was embarrassed and was hoping to get out of the house as quickly as possible but she told me to sit down. She told me that what l’d been doing was perfectly normal for a boy of my age, in fact she had been surprised l hadn’t started doing it much earlier. She said that l shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, although she advised me not to mention it to my father or sister. She asked me how often l did it. I decided to be honest and said usually three or four times a day, she laughed and said how good it must feel to be able to orgasm four times a day. I thought it was a strange thing for her to say but said l had to get to school and left.

That evening, my father had gone to the pub as usual, my sister was out with her boyfriend. I was in my room, too embarrassed even to wank. My mother called me down to watch tv. I decided to try and pretend nothing had happened so went down. We sat for half an hour, then Mum changed the channel, there was a beauty contest on with girls in swimsuits.

“Do you think of girls like that when you play with yourself?” Mum asked.

I didn’t know what to say, could feel my face going red. “Er.. sometimes yes,” l finally replied.

“Do you ever think about your sister, or me?” She asked.

“No Mum, never, honestly,” l replied, hoping she would change the subject.

She said nothing for a minute then she pointed to the tv. “You can’t really tell what they are like under those swimsuits you know,” she said, “they still wear things to make them look shapelier. Have you ever seen a woman naked.”

“No Mum, l promise,” l replied.

“Oh don’t worry son,” she said, placing a hand on my knee. “It’s not a crime to see a girl naked, don’t any of the girls at school show you their boobs, what about a girlfriend, has she shown you gopher boobs?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend Mum” l said, “l’ve never had the nerve to ask one of the decent girls, l know there are some girls who go with some of my mates and they let the boys do things with them but Dad told me that those sort of girls can get me into trouble.”

Mum laughed. “Oh well he would know about that,” she said. “Has your father spoken to you about sex?”

“He told me that when a man and woman get married, the man can lie on top of the woman and give her a baby.”

“Didn’t he tell you how?”

“No, he just said the man lies on top of the woman.”

Mum laughed again, “Yes well that just about sums up what he knows on the subject,” she said. “So you’ve never seen a naked woman?”

“We….ll,” l replied, “l have seen pictures.” I went on to tell her about the magazines on my paper round.

“Would you like to see me naked?” She said.

I didn’t know what to say, l was afraid l would offend her if l refused, but deep down l didn’t want to refuse.

“If l let you see me naked, will you let me watch you playing with yourself?” She said.

I couldn’t speak, l could only nod my head.

She got up and stood in front of me. “What do you call him?” She said, pointing to the front of my trousers.

“I know it’s called a penis,” l replied.

“Yes but what do you call him when you’re with your friends?”

“A cock,” l said, “but that’s a naughty word.”

“Listen David,” she said, “it is time you grew up a bit. I know it’s my fault, l never wanted you to grow up, and living in a sleepy town like this l was able to keep you innocent. But you’re almost eighteen, you will be leaving school starting your apprenticeship and going to college, you will be mixing with people from the bigger towns who will know far more than you about sex and they will make fun of you, l don’t want that. Your father should have told you more by now but typical of him he is more interested in his pint of beer than the workings of the female body.”

She was wearing a dress that buttoned all the way down. She started to unbutton the top buttons.

“Take your cock out,” she said, “let me see it, is it hard.”

“It is getting hard,” l said, undoing my trousers and hooking out my cock.

“That’s nice,” she said, undoing some more buttons. “It’s bigger than your father’s, pull the foreskin back, let me see the head.”

I did as she asked, all the time my eyes fixed on the way her dress was opening.

“Hold it tight and squeeze it.” She said as she removed her dress completely. She was wearing a full petticoat so l couldn’t see much more than before but l still felt excitement.

“That’s good,” she said, “can you see that stuff that’s oozing out from the eye of your cock, that’s called pre cum, it’s there to lubricate your cock for when you put it inside a girl.”

“Am l going to put it inside you Mum?” I asked.

“Not tonight,” she replied, “but perhaps one day if you’re a good boy, but you mustn’t tell anyone about what we are doing.”

As she spoke, she pushed the straps of her petticoat off her shoulders, let it fall down and stepped out of it. I had seen pictures of women in underwear in her clothing catalogue, Mum looked just like them. She was wearing a white bra, corset with suspenders to hold up her stockings and l could just see her white knickers underneath. “Now,” she said, “would you rather look at me or those girls on tv?”

“You,” l replied as l started wanking my cock.

“Don’t do that too hard,” she said, “take your time. Would you like to see more?”

“Yes please,” l replied.

She put her hands behind her back, then pushed the straps off her shoulders, holding the bra against her chest. I saw her take a beep breath then take the bra away. The only tits l’d seen up to then had been in magazines and they were all girls younger than my mother so l was shocked to see the difference between their tits and hers. Mum’s tits were quite big but they looked heavy and dropped down whereas the girls in the magazines had tits that stuck out.

“Not what you expected,” Mum said, seeing the expression on my face. “I’m forty six years old David, they don’t stay like they look in those magazines forever you know.”

I didn’t know what to say. Although they were not what l expected, l was fascinated by them, the tips of them were a different colour, much darker and her nipples were bigger than l’d seen.

“Can l touch them?” I said.

Mum took a step closer, putting her hands under her tits, holding them up. I reached out and touched them, they felt soft and warm, the skin felt so smooth apart from the dark areas which were covered in tiny pimples. I touched her nipples and l felt her intake of breath.

“Sorry,” l said, taking my hands away, “l didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“You didn’t hurt me David,” she replied, “it’s just been a while since anyone else has touched them, it felt very nice, would you like to touch them again.”

I reached out again, running my hands over the smooth skin, they felt so soft and inviting. Then l touched her nipples, they felt harder than they were a few moments before. I flicked them with my finger and Mum made a funny noise. I looked up and saw that she was biting her lip.

“Is that nice Mum?” I asked, flicking them again.

“Mmmm, yes..very nice,” she said.

“Do you want to watch me wank now?” I asked.

“Mmmm,” she replied. “Would you like to put your cock between my boobs.”

“Yes please,” l said. I wasn’t sure why but when she knelt in front of me and bent forward, squeezing her tits together around my cock it was the best feeling l’d ever had.

“Now move back and fore,” she said, “that’s called fucking my tits.”

“That’s a very rude word Mum,” l said, “some of the boys at school say it but if the teachers hear they get detention.”

“It’s what they call what you are doing but you mustn’t tell anyone,” she said.

“It’ll be our secret Mum,” l said.

“That’s right David, our secret,” she said, “and if you keep the secret you can do it again.”

I kept on moving back and fore between her tits, it felt so good, better than wanking.

“I’m going to make a mess Mum,” l said.

“That’s alright baby,” she replied, “do it between Mummy’s tits.”

I didn’t have time to do anything else, suddenly l was pumping loads of the white stuff, it was shooting up from between her tits onto her neck, some even went on her chin. I had never made as much as that before, it just kept on shooting out of my cock until her tits were covered with it.

Just then the clock in the hall struck eleven o’clock.

“Oh!” Mum said, a look of panic on her face. “Your father and sister will be home any minute.”

She got back to her feet, holding her tits together with one hand to stop my stuff dripping on the carpet, picking up her clothes with her other hand.

“Put that away,” she said looking at my cock, “and go up to bed.”

“Can we do it again tomorrow Mum?”

“As long as you’re a good boy and don’t tell anyone, and l mean anyone.” She replied.

“I promise Mum,” l said, then just as she was heading for the door l called after her, “you’ve got lovely tits Mum, l liked fucking them.”

I followed her up the stairs, watching her disappear into the bathroom. I went into my room just as l heard the front door open.

The next morning l raced through my paper round getting home just as Dad and my sister were leaving. Mum was in the kitchen when l walked in.

“Go and get washed up,” she said, “you’re a bit early, your breakfast isn’t ready yet.”

“Let me see your tits,” l said, walking over to her.

“David no,” she said, “perhaps this evening if they both go out.”

“Please Mum, let me see them now,” l said, “look,”. I unzipped my trousers and took my cock out. “I’m so hard Mum, l’ve been thinking about fucking your tits all through my round. Old Mrs Harris at the top of the road was just picking up her milk when l got there this morning, l could see down the front of her dress, those huge tits she has were hanging down, l wanted to ask her if l could fuck them.”

“David, you must be careful,” Mum said, “if anyone found out what we are doing l would be in a lot of trouble.”

“Oh come on Mum,” l said, reaching for the buttons on the front of her dress and undoing them, “l’m bursting Mum, l’ve got loads of spunk.”

She didn’t try to stop me as l opened the front of her dress and pushed up her bra so that her tits fell out. “Quick Mum,” l said, “l can’t wait.”

Mum dropped to her knees in front of me, this time l grabbed her tits and pushed them together round my cock. I squeezed them hard as l began to fuck them. Seconds later l was shooting my spunk between her tits, this time some went on her face. She didn’t turn her face away and l heard her sigh and her body trembled as l shot more and more spunk up from between her tits.

“Oh Mum, you’ve got the best tits in the world,” l said as the last of my spunk oozed out of my cock onto them.

“Just look at them, she said, looking down at her spunk covered tits. “They’re black.”

I realised that l hadn’t washed when l got home, l was so desperate to get at Mum’s tits. My hands were still covered with ink from the newspapers and there were black hand prints all over her spunk covered tits.

“The postman will be here any minute,” she said, “he’s usually here before you get back but you’re early today,” she chuckled, “go and get cleaned up and ready for school while l get respectable.”

That is how it was for the rest of the week really, if we could steal some time to be on our own Mum would get her tits out and l would fuck them. It was at the weekend that she said she had made plans to go and visit her sister. Mum had been going twice a year for a few years, usually staying for a week or ten days, Dad never went as he and Uncle Bert didn’t get on.

“I’m going up to stay at your Aunty Eileen’s for a few days on Monday,” she told me on the Saturday afternoon. Dad had gone to the local football match and my sister was out with her boyfriend. We had just finished another session of me fucking her tits and Mum was using some tissues to wipe the spunk from her tits and face. “Would you like to come, we can spend more time on our own.”

That was all the incentive l needed, all l could think of every day was my mother’s tits and we had managed to be alone so often that l had almost lost the need for wanking.

Mum stood in front of me, her dress was open to the waist and her tits were still hanging out. She patted the lower part of her tummy. “Have you ever seen what is down there?” She asked.

“No,” l replied, “if ever they show that in the photos it’s always just a smudge.”

“Would you like to see what l’m like down there?”

“Yes please,” l replied.

She unbuttoned the rest of her dress. Instead of a corset she was just wearing a pair of white knickers. She stood before me. “Pull my knickers down,” she said.

I put my hand in the waistband and pulled them down. I had quite a bit of pubic hair by then but what l saw when l pulled her knickers down made me gasp, there was a thick mat of black curly hair forming an inverted V as if it was pointing down to where her thighs joined her body. She stood with her legs apart, her hands went between her legs, parting the hair.

“Do you know what they call that?” She said.

“Yes l saw it in a magazine,” l said, “l think they call it a pussy but l think that’s funny.”

“That’s one word for it,” she said, “the proper name is a vagina, but l like the naughty word, l call it my cunt. Would you like to touch it.”

I reached out and Mum took my hand, guiding me to the pink gash between her legs.

“That’s where your cock would go if you were going to fuck me,” she said.

“Is that where l would make babies?” I asked.

“Well not with me,” she said, “l’ve passed the age where l can have babies, but if you put your cock into the cunt of a girl your age and if you put your spunk inside her then you could make a baby, that’s why you have to be careful, there are things you can put on your cock made of rubber, they’re called condoms, they catch the spunk so that you can’t make a baby.”

“Can l put my cock in your cunt?” I asked.

“Not now no,” she replied, “your father will be home for his tea soon, but if he goes out tonight like usual and if your sister is out you can do it then and you can fuck my cunt.”

I couldn’t wait, l had no idea what it would be like but if it was as good as fucking her tits l knew l would enjoy it.

Dad came home and we were all sat round the table for tea.

“Are you going to the pub tonight Tom?” Mum asked, giving me a smile and a wink.

“No,” he replied, “there’s a football match on tv tonight, l’ve invited a couple of mates round, we’ll have a beer here and watch the game, you can make us some sandwiches.”

I’m sure Mum saw the disappointment on my face.

“I spoke to Eileen on the phone,” she said, “she invited me up and l agreed to go on Monday, l thought l would take David with me, l’ve had a word with Lorraine she’ll do your meals while l’m gone.”

“What are you going there for?” He said, “you were there a couple of months ago.”

“It’s Bert’s fiftieth birthday and l was invited to the party, you can come as well if you like.”

“I’m never going there again,” Dad said, “l don’t know what your sister sees in him, all he talks about is fishing.”

“Yes well he’s offered to teach David how to fish,” Mum said, “you’d like that David wouldn’t you?”

I took the hint and said that l would, l said l could arrange for one of my mates to do my paper round, l had done that before. Dad didn’t pass any comment but it was obvious he didn’t approve.

That evening, l was in my room, l could here Dad and his mates downstairs shouting at the tv. Suddenly my door opened and Mum came in.

“Quick,” she said, “their all busy downstairs, get your cock out, l’ll show you something new.”

I had already undone my trousers ready to wank so l pulled my cock out. I reached out to unbutton Mum’s dress but she stopped me.

“Try this,” she said, kneeling in front of me. She took hold of my cock and leaned forward, taking it into her mouth. I couldn’t believe how good it felt, it was warm and wet and she began sucking it as she held the base of my cock. After a few seconds she stopped, releasing me and looked up at me.

“I want you to fill my mouth with spunk,” she said.

“But doesn’t it taste nasty?” I replied.

“No, l love the taste of it,” she said.

“Do you do that with Dad?” I asked.

Mum didn’t answer, she just took my cock back into her mouth and began sucking it again. With her free hand she started gently playing with my balls. Her mouth was sliding up and down on my cock, soon l could feel my orgasm building. Mum’s actions got faster and harder, she was pressing her face into me, l could feel my cock right at the back of her mouth. I couldn’t hold back, suddenly l was pumping my spunk into her mouth.

She must have know l was about to cum as she pulled back slightly so that she could swallow as l filled her. It felt even better than fucking her tits, l thought l would go on pumping spunk into her forever. I saw some of it leaking from the side of her mouth and running down her chin.

When l finally stopped, she took her mouth away, kissing the tip of my cock, then sat back, using her finger to scoop the spunk from her chin and putting it in her mouth, smiling at me as she did it.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked, sitting back, leaning against the wall.

“That was even better than fucking your tits Mum,” l said, “can we do it that way every time?”

“The secret is to do it different ways,” she said, “if you keep doing it the same way it gets boring. When you fuck my cunt that will be better again.”

Just then we heard Dad shouting from downstairs. Mum called back saying she was just collecting the washing. Dad shouted that they needed more sandwiches and Mum said she would be down in a minute.

“You wait till Monday,” she said, leaning forward and kissing my cock, “we’re going to have a great time.” She stood up, checked herself in the mirror then left the room.

Either Dad or my sister were in the house all Sunday, l was very frustrated and had to wank three times.

On Monday Dad said he would take us to the station on his way to work.

When we got to the station the train was already standing at the platform. There were a number of carriages but in the middle was one with doors all along it. Those carriages were usually used on short journeys as each door led to a separate compartment but there was no corridor joining them so there was no access to a toilet. I was surprised when Mum went to that carriage and opened one of the doors.

“You don’t need that one,” Dad said, “what if you need the toilet.”

“We’ll be fine,” Mum replied, “we both went before we left the house, and l feel safer in a private compartment.”

“Hm,” Dad replied, “not that anyone is likely to fancy you,”

Mum ushered me into the compartment, she followed and closed the door. In the door there was a leather strap, Mum lifted it and then let it go and the window in the door slid down, she leaned out of the window to talk to Dad but they had nothing to say to each other, they just both stood there waiting for the train to move.

I looked at Mum’s bottom as she leaned out of the window. He skirt stopped just below her knee. I put my hand on the back of her leg, she was wearing stockings and her leg felt smooth. I saw her flinch slightly but she didn’t do any more as l slowly slid my hand up the back of her leg. I went under her skirt and up to her thigh. She shifted her position slightly, parting her legs. I heard her say something to Dad but l was concentrating on what I was doing.

I reached the top of her stocking, l could feel the suspenders, then there was the smooth skin of her thigh. I heard a whistle blow and the engine blow it’s whistle in reply. My hand went further, expecting to find her knickers but instead l felt her pubic hair and the wet gash of her cunt.

The train gave a jerk and we started moving, Mum stayed looking out of the window as my fingers played with the fleshy part on the outside of her cunt. She was waving as the train picked up speed, then she stepped back, pulling up the strap and closing the window.

“You’re a naughty boy,” she smiled, looking down at me. “Now we’re all on our own and the next stop isn’t for an hour,” she said, undoing her dress. “Take your clothes off.”

I didn’t need to be told twice, l stood up and began undressing.

“Quickly,” Mum said. She already had her dress and bra off and was standing there in just her stockings and a suspenders belt.

I finally got my trousers and pants off and l was naked apart from my socks. Mum dropped to her knees and grabbed my cock, l was already hard. She slipped her mouth over it, pressing her face against my tummy. I put my hands on her head, holding her as l began to fuck her mouth.

It only took a few seconds for me to cum, Mum swallowed nearly all my spunk but some ran down her chin, dropping onto her tits.

She didn’t stop with her mouth even after l had finished my orgasm. She kept sucking on me keeping me hard. Finally she released me, scooping up the spunk from her chin and tits and licking it from her fingers.

“I thought l was going to fuck your cunt,” l said.

“Oh you are baby,” she smiled, “but when you fuck me l want you to last a long time so that’s why l took your first load of spunk in my mouth. Now, when you fuck me you can fuck me harder and it will take you longer to cum, it will be better for both of us.”

As she spoke, she took hold of my cock, wanking it gently, keeping me hard.

“You’ll learn that when you fuck a girl there are a lot of different positions you can do it in. I want you to do it to me hard, when you’re inside me l want you to push hard, my favourite position for that is what they call doggy style.”

“Doggy style?” I asked.

“Yes, like this,” she replied, kneeling on the long bench seat then bending forward on her hands and knees. “You get behind me and put your cock into my cunt.”

I looked at he kneeling there, her tits hanging down. “You look like a cow,” l laughed.

“That’s not a nice thing to say about your mother,” she said.

“Sorry Mum,” l replied, “is this the way you do it when Dad fucks you.”

“Too many questions David,” she said, “we don’t have very long, get behind me and fuck me.”

I knelt on the seat behind her, l took hold of my cock and tried to find where l had to put it.

“Let me,” she said, reaching between her thighs and taking hold of my cock. She guided me into her cunt. “Now push it right in,” she said.

It was the most incredible sensation l had ever had, her cunt was wet and slippery but as l pushed my cock in it felt so hot it was as if my cock was in an oven.

“Your cunt is hot Mum,” l said.

“That’s because l want you baby,” she replied, “push it in me hard.”

I did as she said, jerking forward and pushing as hard as l could, my tummy banging against her bottom.

“Mmmmmm, that’s so good,” she said, “you have a beautiful cock David.”

“Is it better than Dad’s.”

Mum laughed. “He’s useless,” she replied, “he’s never been able to fuck me properly, god knows how he ever managed to give me two children.”

“Do you ever fuck anyone else?” I asked.

“Too many questions David, just fuck me,” she replied, “pull back then ram it back in me, do it hard, you won’t hurt me but you have to do it hard and keep doing it, hard and fast until you cum.”

I did as she said, pulling back and ramming it back in her, it felt so good, the heat just got hotter.

“Reach under me and hold my tits,” she said, “use them to pull me back when you ram your cock in me.”

I did as she asked again, grabbing her tits, squeezing them tight as l rammed into her again and again.

“Yes…yes…yes,” she cried out with each thrust, “don’t stop, don’t stop until you cum, don’t stop even if l say to stop, keep going until you cum.”

I was confused, l’d never imagined my mother to be like this. All of a sudden l wanted to hurt her with my cock, l slammed into her even harder, she groaned in response. My fingers were digging into the soft flesh of her tits as my tummy bounce off her bottom.

“Yes…yes…yes,” she cried again.

Suddenly she trembled from head to foot and something very warm surrounded my cock. There was a loud slurping noise coming from her cunt as l fucked her.

“Oh good yes, keep going,” she cried, “fuck me baby, keep going….oh god.”

She shuddered again and more liquid poured out of her cunt, l could feel my thighs were wet. I had to keep going, it felt so good.

“I’m going to cum Mum,” l shouted,

“Yes baby,” she responded, “keep going, cum in my cunt baby.”

My head was banging, l thought my brain was going to burst, then suddenly everything released, l slammed into her so hard that she fell forward on the seat, l was on top of her, my cock buried deep inside her, my body jerking as l pumped my spunk into her cunt. I felt her shudder again and that just made me pump more spunk into her until l collapsed on top of her. I could feel her cunt squeezing me.

“Oh baby that was good,” she finally said. “Was it good for you?”

“It was amazing Mum,” l said, “l thought fucking your tits was good but your mouth was better but your cunt was even better, l want to do it again Mum, l want to fuck your cunt every time.”

“Oh baby, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to fuck me, l promise,” she said, “but we have to get dressed now, we can’t be far from our first stop.”

“But l want to stay inside you Mum,” l said, “it’s so warm and feels good, l can feel you squeezing me.”

“I’m afraid my cunt has a mind of its own sometimes,” she laughed, “but we have to get dressed, we still have another hour to go after this stop, we can get undressed again and play with each other then if you like.”

“Can l fuck you again?”

“Oh baby,” she laughed, “the pleasures of being young, yes baby, if you have any spunk left you can fuck me again.”

“I’ve only cum twice today Mum,” l said, “some days l can wank four or five times.”

Mum burst out laughing as she reached for her handbag passing me some tissues. “Well the idea of you fucking me five times in one day is one l will keep in my head,” she laughed. “Use those to wipe your cock.” She took some more tissues and pushed them up between her thighs.

We felt the train begin to slow down for the station. We dressed quickly and we’re seated across from each other by the window by the time the train pulled in to the station. We stopped opposite the window to the waiting room, l could see our reflection in the window. I saw the door to the compartment next to ours open and a young couple got out. As they walked past us they both turned to look at us, both bursting out laughing then putting their arms round each other and walking off.

“Do you think they heard us Mum?” I said.

“I think they must have,” Mum giggled. She saw the man place his hand on the woman’s bottom as they walked away. “Looks like they can’t wait to get home themselves,” she laughed.

We sat there for what seemed like an age, waiting for the train to pull off again. We heard the whistle from the platform and the engine responding, then we slowly started to move. I was just about to stand up and get undressed again when l saw two young men in army uniform running onto the platform. They ran straight across to our door, opened it and jumped in, slamming the door after them.

“Phew, just made it,” one of them said. “Oh sorry madam,” he said, seeing Mum sitting there, “we’ll find another compartment.”

They both went to the other door, expecting it to lead to a corridor, then realised their mistake.

“Oh sh….” He almost swore then turned to Mum and said sorry. “Don’t worry, we’re only going to the next stop,” he said.

“That’s fine,” Mum replied, “so are we.”

I was so disappointed and l could tell Mum was too, we kept exchanging glances and smiling at each other but at that time l wondered if l was ever going to get the chance to fuck her again.

As we were approaching the town, we passed by rows of terraced houses, we slowed as we approached the station, l looked down an alleyway between two rows of houses, there were two dogs there, one up on the back of the other, his back end jerking back and fore as he fucked her. I thought about what I’d done with Mum and remembered she’d called it doggy style. I laughed out loud. Mum noticed where l was looking, she must have just caught a glimpse as we passed, she looked at me and smiled, blushing bright red.

We pulled into the station and one of the soldiers helped me with the suitcase even though it was quite small. They both said goodbye and walked off. I turned and saw Uncle Bert walking towards us. Mum saw him at the same time, he had a broad grin on his face as he reached us.

He went straight to Mum and l was surprised to see her put her arms round his neck and kiss him full on his mouth. It was a long kiss, l had never seen her kiss Dad like that. At the same time she was pressing her body next to him. Uncle Bert had his hand on her bottom, pulling her hard against him.

I stood there quite nervous, not sure what was going on. They separated and Uncle Bert turned to me, shaking my hand.

“Welcome David,” he said, “it’s a while since l saw you last, what a fine young man you’ve turned out to be, l hope you’ve been looking after your mother.”

I looked at Mum but she just smiled at me.

“Yes Uncle Bert,” l replied.

“Oh l think it’s time we dropped the Uncle and Aunty titles now, you’re virtually an adult now you’ll be finished with school and off to start work, all those pretty young girls at college waiting for you to give them what they need.” He said, looking at Mum.

He took our case and we walked to his car. As he put the case in the boot Mum turned to me and whispered. “You are about to have the most exciting ten days of your life,” she said. I got in the back of the car and Mum sat in the front. I noticed that she was sitting very close to Uncle Bert as we set off, he was driving one handed, his other arm around her, her head resting on his shoulder. I had no idea what was about to happen but l had the feeling that it was going to be fun.

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2021-11-05 10:05:21
A pretty hot 'sex with mom' story....
I see a sequel coming.....

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