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I awake feeling an incredible sensation. Mmm, Clara is riding me in the very best of ways. She's lifting and dropping on my cock. Final I pull my eyes open and I'm momentarily confused. Clara isn't there. Then i look through the wall and realize that she's just woken up on my stiffened cock clone.

She'd started to ride it as soon as she realized that she still has it at her disposal. Sarah is still asleep under her and Clara is doing everything she can to not wake her, but still be able to fuck herself on my cock. She's going gentle and trying to be quiet. Only small moans are escaping her.

She reaches down with one hand and starts playing with her clit and uses the other to pinch her nipple in order to expedite her orgasm. The feeling of her pussy riding me as I watch the entire scene from a distance is like an it off body experience. She feels incredible. She looks incredible pleasuring herself with my member's 11 inches inside of her. Her orgasm starts and I force myself to finish early than I'd like to and cum in her so that I don't end up with blue balls.

My attached cock erupts all over me again as the copy fills Clara. Clara has such a look of pleasure on her face as she feels my cum fill her. I look down at the mess spread all over my body and realize that I look like an actor in a bukkake porn. That was the fourth extremely large load spewed all over me.

The ring... "I wish that all of my cum was cleaned off of me," I say aloud. A slight tingling spread across my body as the cum retreats into thin air. God in never going to have to keep it wash a cum rag again.

Now, what can I wish for to get myself into that room with all of that naked, sexy, horney, threesome? The thoughts start to rattle around. I could wish for a foursome. I could romance Clara. I could just make a bogus excuse to accidently walk into the room full of well fucked ladies.

The fantasy of getting the girls was alluring, but I decided that as amazing as the ring's power is I don't want to manipulate the girls like that. I'd rather have a connection with them in a more natural way. Wishing for something to happen with them would be to much like forcing them. But maybe that doesn't mean that I can't set things up in my favor though.

I get an idea. Sure, it'll take a bit of ring magic, but not too much. I head to Mia's door and make a quick wish before knocking that only Clara would hear me. I can still see through the door and she has just dismounted my cock for the first time in 6 hours since before she fell asleep snuggling. I'm hardened again knowing that my cock was inside her pussy all night.

She looks up slightly alarmed so I call out quietly, "Hey, anyone awake?" She smiles at hearing my voice and comes to answer the door. She is just reaching out for the handle when she feels my cum still running down her leg. She grabs a shirt of the floor and dries herself and then tossing it aside.

She cracks the door and gazes out at me looking me up and down. She smiles. "Still rocking that thong! Are we going to have to get you more of those Chip?" The Chip n Dale dancers reference is classic Clara. Never let me have an inch.

"Well, since you went out of your way to buy me one and get me into it, I just may." She feigns innocence again. "Whatever, you know you just wanted to see all of this."

"It's not the worst sight ever, but why would I ever try to manipulate a situation to get you into a tiny thong for 24 hours?"

"Ummhhm." I leave that question unanswered for now. "Hey, is Mia up? I need to ask her about something."

She opens the door just enough to slide her naked form out the door, but to block my view inside. I can't help but look her up and down checking out her amazing body. Even though i watched her all night and again this morning her body is something that I'd never tire of. Her nipples have hardened from the excitement of being in front of me naked. She tries to play it casual while talking to me like it's no big deal being in her best friend house talking to her best friend's brother in her birthday suit.

"She's still tuckered out from last night. Is there something that I can do for you?" That mischievous smile is back. And yes, there is lots that she can do for me.

"Uh, so funny thing. I made a copy of my umm, you know. And Mia was going to dispose of it, but it uh, well it still has a use." That was genuinely awkward asking for my cock back even knowing that she's explored one use of it twice in less than 12 hours. Less awkward knowing that it is covered in three girl's cum.

She looks as confused as she can be. "I know what? I know a lot of things. Which thing that I know do you know that I know?"

"I made a copy of... my junk."

"Your penis?" She asks innocently even though she's standing butt ass naked. "Why did you do something like that?"

"It's a long story, but I need it back. Mia didn't mention it or anything did she?"

Clara giggles, "She didn't mention anything about giving you your dick back." Clever, she didn't lie but also didn't tell everything that she knows. "Can't you make another?"

"I do have a kit to make one, but it's also not as easy as you might think to make one."

"Oh, does my baby brother need a helping hand," she says in the same voice you'd speak to a toddler.

"Yeah, there's no way that you could help me with that." Holy crap, she's offering to help me keep my dick hard and I'm wussing out!

"Oh, am I not enough to excite you get you through the process?" She seductively shakes her hips a little and bats her eyes.

Ok, I've got to get back in charge here. I'm seducing her remember... "Clara, you're way to sexy for me to not want to take things further. Controlling myself would be torture."

"Ohh, torturing you sound like fun. Let's go and I'll help you with it." She grabs my hand and leads me to my room. She steps inside and then starts to look around. She looks perplexed as hell.

"What the hell? What is going on with your walls?"

"Uh, uh, uh, what do you mean?"

Her eyes are locked on the wall separating mine and Mia's room. "What the fuck, why can I see into Mia's room?" She's looking at me with aww and respect, murder in her eyes, the simple truth that I saw what had happened last night... I can't tell which, but I don't think that I'm going to walk away from this whole.

"Uh, you can see through the wall?" Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. Had I wished that only I could see through it, that Mia couldn't see through it... no I had only wished that it worked like a one way mirror. Oh fuck, I'm busted. At least it wasn't mom that busted me.

"Why can I see through it? What the hell is going on?" He hands are crossed over her chest now, not hiding herself, but if she started tapping her foot then she'd be the picture of mom demanding an answer after she caught me and Mia going through her closet looking for our Christmas presents.

I take a deep breath and sit Clara down. After swearing her to secrecy I explain everything that has happened from the lady, to the ring, to the removable cock, and even last night. She actually takes it all pretty well. But she did have one pressing question, "Have you made any wishes to change me or influence me?"

"No. Absolutely not. I've made a promise that I wouldn't do that. Not to you."

She seems happy with that answer, but still slightly skeptical. There is only one thing that I can think to do to convince her. "I wish that Clara could see my past, know my history, and see all that I've done with my wishes and that she is exempted from any wishes that I may make unless they or the results of them are something that she wants."

She blinks several times like she's remembering and I suppose that she actually is. Then she punches me hard on the arm. "So you wished for the Camero to be done and that's how you beat me. You're a damned cheater."

I can't help but laugh. She knows and has now seen that I've wished my sister naked, watched her masterbate, witnessed last night's threesome, and planned to fuck her. Yet, she is worried about getting cheated in a race. "In all fairness the Camero wasn't finished to beat you, but to finish up the amazing car that she deserves to be."

"And that's the only reason that I forgive you." She glances at the floor for a second before back up to me. "Your wish was specific, but broad. I think that I can see all of your past to include your thoughts of me. Have you really been in love with me since you were 8 and I was 9?"

I'm not really sure how to answer. I wanted the wish to only really be about the ring and the short past with it. "I don't really know when I started having feelings for you. But yeah, I suppose that I can't really deny them now."

She leans in and kisses me. "I want you to make a wish that you can see all of my past and history as well."

"Are you sure? I'm sure that you've learned a lot about me that you didn't really expect. Do you really want me to know everything or would you rather specify what you want me to see about you?"

She leans in and kisses you again. " I'm sure that you're an idiot for asking me if I want to hide anything from you and that question right there is exactly why I know that I can trust you with everything. You're too good of a guy to betray my memories."

"I wish that I knew all of Clara's past and history." I go a bit fuzzy like I'm going to pass out or like the world is suddenly underwater. I have flashes from Clara's entire life. It's too much to take in and Clara can see it.

"Focus on a thought. It gives clarity so that everything doesn't overwhelm you." I focus on Clara's feelings for me. I see Mia's 9th birthday. Clara has fallen in the creek and skinned her knee. All of the other kids run to get a parent, but I help her out of the water and check on her. Then I walk her back to the picnic tables. I never left her and was at her side the entire time. Even after her dad started talking care of her and cleaning out her knee, I stayed there holding her hand doing what I could to make sure that she was alright.

"You never left me. That took 4 stitches to fix and until I was in dad's truck and they picked you up to take you away from me, you never stopped taking care of me. I was terrified when everyone else ran away, but as soon as you took my hand and said that it was alright I was at ease. It's funny because dad still talks about how tough I am because of that. I never cried. I never had to. Because I had you."

At this she leans in to me and kisses me deeply. Our lips part and our tongues meet. Then her hand goes to my cock and starts stroking it inside of my thong. I'm quickly working to become fully erect, but the material of the thong keeps the head of my dick pointed more toward my balls. It's a frustrating, but good feeling. I cup the closest breast and start to palm it bringing her nipple into the crease between my thumb and finger. Each time that I squeeze her entire breast it also focuses pressure directly on her nipple.

She continues to rub through the satiny material tracing the ridge of the vein on top of my cock. Then following the ridge of the head. It's all a long sensual tease. It's feels great in the frustration and highlighted by the fact that my erection can't even straighten out. The feeling is like an extra layer of foreplay. I lower my hand and run a finger through her slit. It's so warm and wet. There are juices coating my finger as you pull it free.

She suddenly pushed me back on the bed and mounts me in a 69. Before she can do anything excitement has me racing. I run my tongue between her lips and scooping out her juices. She tastes heavenly. It's slightly bitter, slightly sweet, and most of all drink of pure ambrosia. I begin to basically tongue fuck her as I try to capture as much of her as possible going in deeper for more of her nectar.

She is becoming sweeter the longer that I eat her and that's when a recess of rational thought enters my mind. I've eaten all of my own cum out of her from earlier and am tasting the both of us. She moves my thong to the side and releases my cock. Instantly you feel the release from being bent over double and feel slightly light headed as more blood rushes into my cock so that it hardens fully in an instant and slaps into my belly button.

"Oh God, if you can do that with your tongue what can you do with this?" She sucks the entire head into her mouth and as I let out a moan she lifts off of it. "What should I do with this in order to pay you for services rendered?" She sucks back in the head. I'm doing all that I can to focus on eating her out so that I can taste more of her cum, but the conscious focus required on her pussy is a constant fight from focusing on the pleasure being brought upon my cock by her precious lips and tongue.

I move higher with my tongue and the first time that it skates over her clitorious her kegel muscles clamp down and she forces her hips further onto my face. I grab an ass cheek in each hand and hold her in place. I alternate quick strokes across her clit with the small tip of my tongue and slow laps with the broad flatness of the middle of my tongue.

She mimics my speed and movements. When she's going fast she's only going down about an inch past the head of my dick and bobbing up and down quickly with lots suction. On the slow portions she goes about halfway down my cock and slides her tongue independently. If she keeps this up I'm doomed to finish quicker than I want.

Then she comes all of the way up my cock sticks the tip of her tongue slightly into the urethra and wraps part of the head of my cock with her lips and then she began sucking. She brought a third way of giving head into this, so I need to make a third way to give head. I seal my lips around her clit and create suction. This brings her blood to the surface making her clit even more sensitive, then I slowly run the tip of my tongue around her clit.

After a minute of this her hips are grinding slowly hard into my face. My nose actually parts the lips of her pussy and rub on the inner walls. And then nose is soaked and I'm partially downing as she begins to gush cum into my face. She lowers her lips taking me deeper into her mouth and uses her hand to quickly stroke the base of my cock. The head is at the back of her mouth almost in her throat when I'm finally able to cum.

I release a river of cum inside of her mouth and she has to come back out to the head of my dick in order to accommodate the massive waves of cum entering her. She's dealing as fast as she can and barely keeps up. The entire time her hand is pumping more and more cum from my shaft.

My entire body is spasmodic with each eruption of cum. It's more than my body has ever produced. "Holy hell, I thought I was going to drown for a second." She's still breathing quickly from her orgasm and drinking mine. "I've never had anyone do that to me before. And I've never drank that much cum. I seriously feel full from it."

"I've never had anyone squirt all over my face before either," I tell her.

"Oh, that wasn't even squirting. We'll teach you that trick later. What just happened was me cuming harder than I ever have from oral." She shifts up and licks some of her cum off of my chin. "And I've had those two professionals eating me out for the past couple of years," she gestures to the two girls in the next room. "So that says a lot."

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my brother is nine inches and he fills me fine, i love spending a whole day in my bed with him between my legs. he is able to cum many times in an hour or so.


2021-11-01 01:47:13
my brother is nine inches and he fills me fine, i love spending a whole day in my bed with him between my legs. he is able to cum many times in an hour or so.


2021-10-27 13:18:55
Really loved the story keep up the great work


2021-10-27 13:18:24
Really loved the story keep up the great work


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really good story some of the updates seem shorter then the very first one tho is only bad part i fine to it

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