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Nadine's story continues
You held me close and said nothing, Sir. You stroked my hair and gave me little kisses on top of my head while I cried and cried. You even rocked me back and forth, like a baby, and more than once You plucked a tissue from the box beside Your chair and held it to my nose for me to blow into. The sweetness of it, the tenderness and caring, made me cry even harder, I think.

But at last I was completely wrung out, burrowed into your shoulder with my arms around Your neck as I subsided and became quiet, interrupted only by an occasional sniffle. You held one more tissue to my nose, which I snuffled into, then tossed it into the wastebasket before gently easing me up so You could look into my eyes.

“My little girl has had a very long and eventful day,” You said quietly. “Maybe enough for one day. I should take you home, I think, and give you some t--”

“Please no, Sir!” I sat bolt upright in Your lap, horrified at the thought of being separated from You. I practically fell to the floor as I scrambled out the chair and hurriedly resumed my kneeling position in front of you. “I’m so sorry, Sir! It won’t happen again, I promise! Please don’t send me away, Sir!”

My hair was in complete disarray, my eyes red and puffy and my face still wet with tears. I must have been a thoroughly unattractive sight to You, Sir. But I must also confess that within seconds of taking my position again my arousal had returned with full force. Kneeling before You, looking up at You, offering myself to You, begging You… If anything, my storm of emotions had left me even more vulnerable and open to You, Sir. More completely surrendered to You.

How could you already understand me so well, Sir? You slipped out of your chair so that you too were kneeling and we were face to face. You took me in your arms and whispered, “Such a good girl.” Then you pulled back and looked into my eyes as you lowered your hands and began to gently pinch my nipples.

Then much less gently, making me gasp out loud. Then--

Damn it! I lost track of the time again and nearly got caught down on all fours by the Kellys - all four of them, including their two kids. I barely had time to get to my feet and pull down my skirt before they came in. Once again I did not have time to pull up my pantyhose so I waddled somewhat as I walked over to greet them.

But of course it didn’t matter, as I almost immediately excused myself so that I could strip, kneel and call You, Sir.

But You weren’t there when I called, Sir, and I didn’t know what to do. Should I stay in position and keep trying? But I couldn’t, Sir. The Kellys were waiting for me to take them out to see some houses. And I felt that I couldn’t skip ahead to the next step of masturbating through my panties for You without having spoken to You. So, feeling deeply frustrated and unfulfilled, I got dressed again and took the Kellys out to see the houses they were interested in.

I’m glad it was a nice day and I was able to keep the car windows open, Sir. I was afraid that the odor of my sex and my wet and all-too-fragrant panties would have been overwhelming. It felt so completely strange to be outside in the ‘real’ world again after all the hours in my office focused on nothing but You, Sir, and what I have become at your hands. I felt as if I were playing a role, and very unconvincingly at that: pretending to be or to care about anything other than being Your possession. I squirmed in my seat, aching to rush back to the office, to get down on all fours to write about You, to strip and kneel for You, to call You - oh, to call You and hear Your voice again! - to masturbate for You and be nothing but Your little slut again.

It was so hard, Sir! I tried to stay focussed on the pros and cons of the different houses I was showing to the Kellys but I think I must have been babbling because I had to repeat things several times and apparently contradicted myself more than once. What they must think of me, Sir.

And then when You called, Sir! I had no idea that You’d put that picture on my phone; I barely remembered You even taking it. But there I was, in the middle of the living room of the house we were looking at, trying to talk about square footage and septic systems to Mr. & Mrs. Kelly, when my phone rang and I automatically pulled it out to see who was calling…

And there I was: tied to my desk with my ass in the air and my panties in my mouth. If I had been holding the phone at an even slightly different angle, both of the Kellys could have seen it.

Oh god, Sir! When I saw that picture my pussy clenched so hard that I groaned out loud and fell to my knees. I had to bite my lip, hard, as I fought off the orgasm that was about to overwhelm me.

I was hyperventilating from the effort - the Kellys thought I was having a heart attack, Sir! They were about to call 911! But I managed to get myself under control and told them I must be coming down with the flu that’s been going around. I certainly looked the part, Sir: feverish, sweaty and shaky. So the Kellys were more than eager to get themselves and their children away from me when I told them I was going home to lie down. I said my house was just on the next block, which wasn’t true, and could walk there easily, and told the Kellys to go ahead and that we’d reschedule the rest of the house visits.

The moment the door closed behind them I had planned to run to the nearest bathroom but I couldn’t wait, Sir! I jerked the curtains closed and stripped to my panties right there in the living room (Thank God this wasn’t one of the houses that was still occupied), fell to my knees and called You.

Oh, Sir, I can’t begin to tell You what a relief it was to throw off my public self along with my horrible clothes; to kneel and spread my legs again for You, wearing nothing but my soaking wet, multiply-stained, stinking “Disobedient Little Slut” panties; to hold my breath while I pushed the button that would connect me to You, unable to let go until that moment when you answered.

And I’m sure You remember what happened then, Sir. How I blurted out, “I apologize for being a disobedient little slut, Sir,” and how then Your little crybaby burst into tears again and just started sobbing, “I’m sorry, Sir… I’m sorry, Sir… I’m sorry, Sir…”

And how You gently hushed me and told me that I was Your good little girl, which, needless to say, made me cry even harder. It was more than just the words, Sir, it was simply hearing Your voice again. It made everything all right and at the same time filled me with such a desperate need to be with You again, to be Your possession again.

But as always, Sir, You seemed to know exactly what I was feeling and You told me that You would come to my office at five o’clock. Which didn’t stop my sobs but at least allowed me to change my babbling to “Thank You, Sir… Oh, thank You, Sir!”

In fact, after you hung up, I continued to say, “Thank You, Sir!” while I masturbated through my panties right there in the living room. And again under the desk in the home office, imagining myself pleasuring you with my mouth. And a third time while kneeling on top of the dining room table, imagining myself performing for you while you ate. All three times bringing myself so close to the edge of orgasm that I was literally shaking with the need for release but never once gave in. Oh, Sir, what have you done to me?

And now, of course, I’m back in my office writing all of this to You, having finally made myself get dressed again and walk, on wobbly legs, the several blocks back into town. I have no more appointments today and I can’t express how happy it makes me feel to be on all fours behind my desk again, skirt up and pantyhose down, devoting all of my attention to You once more. It’s amazing to me how quickly I’ve become accustomed to being in this near-constant state of arousal.

But You will be here soon! And I want to finish writing out this report for You as You commanded me, Sir.

You stood then, Sir. Very slowly, and never once loosening your grip on my nipples. It was as if you were using them to pull me to my feet. It hurt so wonderfully, Sir. And when we were both standing you suddenly let go and stepped back to examine me. I had kept my hands locked behind my head, even when I had nearly lost my balance while standing up, and I instinctively made sure that my legs were spread wide for You and my pelvis thrust forward. And when I saw the approval in your gaze, and the smile you gave me, I nearly melted with happiness.

“Excellent, Nadine. Perfect. This is your Third Position.”

I couldn’t help grinning at You. “Yes, Sir. Thank You, Sir.”

“You’ve been such a good girl today,” You added, stepping close to me. You kissed me then, Sir, and cupped my breasts in Your hands. Oh, Sir, I really had to fight to keep from crying again, especially when You lowered one palm to my belly and began making slow, warming circles while You continued to kiss me and I made little moaning sounds of pleasure against Your mouth.

And not being able to lower my arms to embrace You, Sir. Being required to stand there, an object for You to kiss and fondle, was both frustrating and dizzyingly erotic. I would have gladly remained standing there, just like that, for hours.

But as You know, Sir, that’s not what happened. The circles you were making on my belly got wider...and slower...and then your hand slid, even more slowly - excruciatingly slowly - down inside my panties and came to rest lightly against my pussy. I drew a long, shuddering breath but didn’t dare to speak.

“Open your eyes, Nadine.”

I hadn’t even realized that they had closed of their own accord, but now I opened them again and found myself looking directly into your eyes, a few inches from mine.

The tip of your middle finger found my clitoris and my mouth fell open with desire.

“You’ve been a good little girl, Nadine. I’m very proud of you.” You began to tease my clitoris, ever so gently. “And now you’re going to come for me.”

“Oh please, yes, Sir!” I managed to gasp. “Please let me come for You, Sir!”

“But you will not come until I give you permission.” Your finger slid between my pussy lips. “And you will not close your eyes or turn your gaze away from me. Is that clear?”

I would have promised You anything at that point, as You well knew, Sir. But I managed to whisper, “Yessssss..Sirrrr....ohhh, pleeeeease…”

It was so much harder than I expected, Sir, keeping my eyes open and focused on yours while you teased and tortured my poor, needy pussy. It seemed unbearably intimate to be so completely open and surrendered to you, Sir. Especially when, after what seemed like hours of moaning, whimpering and wordless begging on my part, but couldn’t have been more than a minute or so, Your gaze intensified as You finally said, “Come for me, Nadine. Now!”, simultaneously shoving Your middle finger into my pussy while squeezing it in Your hand.

Oh, I tried so hard to follow Your orders, Sir! I wanted so much to stay in position and keep my gaze locked on Yours while I came for You, and make You proud of me. But as I’m sure You remember all too well, the orgasm that ripped through me, from the soles of my feet to the top of my head, was so overpowering that I lost all control of my body, collapsed to the floor and flopped around like a landed fish: spasming, gasping for breath and crying out over and over with the almost painful intensity of my pleasure.

When I recovered enough to focus once more on Your face, Sir, I almost giggled at Your worried expression. Did You think I was having some kind of seizure?

And I know I surprised You, Sir, with what I did next. I have no idea how I found the strength after being so thoroughly wrung out but the sudden need to pleasure You as You had just pleasured me was so overwhelming that somehow I managed to get on all fours and crawl over to You, where I rose to my knees and began tearing at Your belt and zipper, feverishly repeating, “Please, Sir, let me… Please, Sir, let me… Please, Sir, let me…”

You made no reply, Sir. But after a moment You began stroking my hair as I yanked down Your pants and underwear and I took that as permission. And oh, when Your sweet, beautiful, magnificently hard cock sprang into view and I finally, finally saw it for the first time...touched it for the first time...kissed it for the first time…

I hope You enjoyed the way I completely gave myself over to worshipping Your cock, Sir. It just felt so right, so fulfilling to be kneeling in front of You, free of all thought or any need other than the desire to please Your cock, Sir. I’m blushing furiously as I write this, Sir, remembering how I moaned and whimpered as I kissed Your balls over and over, working my way up the shaft to the very tip, looking up at You all the while, desperate to know if I was pleasing You.

And when I could finally hold back no longer and opened my mouth wide to swallow as much of Your cock as I could possibly manage, I can’t begin to describe my pride in hearing You groan and seeing Your eyes close with pleasure as I began to raise and lower my head and caress Your shaft with my tongue. And I wanted so much for You to open Your eyes again, to look down and see Your little slut looking up at You, adoring You, as I swallowed Your cock over and over.

And it made me so happy when You did, Sir. You smiled down at me and stroked my hair and murmured, “Good girl”. And then You did the only thing that could have made me even happier, Sir: You took control of me. You seized my head in both of Your hands and You began to fuck my mouth. I loved that so much, Sir, being used for Your pleasure. Your slave, gagging on Your cock as You thrust into my mouth, faster and faster. The intensity of Your stare was almost frightening, Sir.

But when You reached Your climax, Sir! Your long, drawn-out groan of pleasure as You spurted Your cum into my eager mouth and down my throat made me feel so happy and proud, Sir! At last I was giving something back to You, Sir. At last I was able to serve You the way I had been wanting to almost from that first day in the restaurant, Sir.

And then that wonderful moment of stillness afterward, Sir; the affectionate way You looked down at me as I continued to hold Your cock lovingly in my mouth, our eyes filled only with each other. I have no words to describe the sense of fulfillment that I experienced then, Sir. I had pleased You, and You were happy with me, and there was absolutely nothing else in the world.
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