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Major Tonkatsu, my officer assistant, came into my office in occupied Shanghai. 'General Tanaka, our comrades in Harbin, Manchuria sent a special present. Colonel Dr. Takuchi said this is specifically for your enjoyment. The gift is now in the Comfort House being prepared by Miss Yamaha.'
I was the Commander of the Japanese Imperial Army stationed in occupied Shanghai during the Empire of the Sun conquest. Born in a honorable military family, I was destined to become a great general. My genes gave me an outstanding physique, improved by committed Samurai training started at an early age. I excelled in all Japanese martial arts as well as hand and weapon combat. My career began as a Second Lieutenant. Moving up the ranks quickly, I became the youngest general during the Asian conquest.

Dr. Takuchi was a classmate in the military academy. He was responsible for security of the secret 731 laboratory research in northern China. Although this top secret unit was never publicized, as a Commander General, I knew they researched all kinds of biological warfare and tested on the locals. Dr. Takuchi told me when he visited Shanghai last, 'We are mating all kind of animals with local females. Obviously with horse, donkey, Siberian husky, wolf, ape, monkey and then some others we experiment with in-vitro fertilization. We also apply many different drugs and hormones to males and females, converting them with very good results. Some day I will show you.' He was a good friend so I introduced him to the good life in Shanghai. I even let Miss Yamaha gave him comfort. His envy was so obvious when he thanked me for his unforgettable experience. 'You are so lucky, I would die for your collection here in Shanghai.' I assume this gift was to show his appreciation.

Miss Yamaha introduced my gift to me. A long hair attractive local girl tied to the two large posts, spread for display and service. Medium build and tall by local standard (5' 6"), firm medium size B cups, small brown nipples, small hips. 'What's so special about her?' 'Ah, General, let me show you.' Miss Yamaha then pulled down her panties to show a small penis! 'It's small but actually functional. I had a servant tried him. The Corporal who transported him here said Colonel Dr. Takuchi explained this gift was successfully treated to be feminine when penetrated but can still satisfy a woman at the same time. I fed him no solid food and had him and his channels washed clean for your pleasure, General. Oh, Colonel Dr. Takuchi also said he was treated to produce milk, knowing that is one of your favorites.' 'Then I am curious. Bring April unless you want to try yourself!' 'Right away, General, should I bring your local wife also?' 'No, I don't want to scare her. Let her rest tonight so she can give me more comfort tomorrow.' 'Understood, General, that's very kind of you. Cherry has gained 8 pounds and is getting stronger everyday. She is adjusting well and not scared anymore. She will be pleased to comfort you tomorrow.'

I fondled his perky full B-cups and droplets of milk appeared as he whimpered. Soon Miss Yamaha walked in with the DD+ breasts and big round ass April, giving her instructions. April immediately licked and sucked those leaking nipples. She reached to play with his little penis and balls. His high pitch whimpering got louder as his penis expanded.

Miss Yamaha carefully removed my boots, uniform and fundoshi cloth (underwear) as usual and kissed me while keeping her eyes on the show. She moaned when I slipped my hand inside her kimono to fondle her firm C-cups. Obviously trying to compete with the show, Yuko sensually stripped off her kimono while smiling slyly at my powerful physique. I extended my arm to let Yuko embraced me. She knew I liked her to flick, kiss, lick and suck one sensitive nipple while caressing, rubbing, scratching and squeezing the other one. When she sensed my manhood expanding against her thigh, she knelt down to lick the red tip, before rolling back the foreskin to expose my big red mushroom. Then she slipped my semi erection completely inside her mouth, rubbing around the shaft with her tongue. As my manhood expanded to full strength, she literally sucked my glans into her throat. I always enjoyed her superb oral skills.

After a few minutes, I lifted Yuko to standing and then up off the floor by her thighs with my powerful arms to aim at her soaking wet patch. Yuko wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed me passionately as she massaged her soaking wet lips and swollen clit with my stone. She gasped when I suddenly thrust hard and deep, nailing her cervix. 'Oh General, I love your power!' I slowed down so she can time her pelvic floor muscle squeeze when my glans hit her soft landing. Then she wrapped her powerful legs around my waist to pull me in deep and starting grinding her protruding clit against my pelvis. I held her stable against me and she rubbed her big hard nipples on mine. Then she used her fingers to hold our nipples together, squeezing and rubbing as she moaned louder and louder. My strokes got faster and deeper and Yuko started panting. Suddenly she squeezed her legs around my waist tight and locked her feet together to pull me in all the way. She took a deep deep breath, stuck her tongue deep and froze her body as her spasms squeezed my throbbing manhood. After Yuko gradually calmed down, she opened her eyes and smiled 'Thank You General, you are the best!'

Turning to the show, April had slipped his short but fairly thick penis completely inside her slit within the hairy patch, rubbing her big clit on his pubic bone. He whimpered and moaned while continuing to nurse April. Yuko gave instruction so April checked his sack and pulled out to let him rest. They knew he was not to spread his seeds inside, even though we didn't know if he was fertile. Yuko suckled some milk herself and appeared delighted with the taste. She squeezed more milk into her mouth and kissed me to share. The sweet taste was similar to Maple's milk. I told Yuko to enjoy herself so she suckled his perky breasts to get more nourishment while he squeezed Yuko's big firm breasts.

I lay down to watch the show with April so she can comfort me. April squeezed my large red mushroom head and licked the underside all the way down to my sack and then to my rosebud. Her tongue licked and rubbed up and down until my thick manhood throbbed. Then she sat up to rub her engorged clit hidden inside that thick soaking wet patch. She moaned really loud when she slipped my rock inside that thick black patch, I immediately thrust up hard, nailing her cervix. She sighed and yelled 'So deep!' I understood because she used those words often when I power thrust. April had not been satisfied by the short penis yet. She leaned forward to rub her large firm clit on my pubic hair and rocked back and forth. Her gigantic DD+ melons rubbing my body as I played with the thick black patches in her armpits. She started panting as she rocked faster and faster. I knew her orgasm was fast approaching so I grabbed her huge breasts and squeezed and rolled her large hard nipples. April shut her eyes tightly, threw her head back and grunted as her entire body shook, her spasms squeezed my thick manhood, warm creamy liquid coated my rock and overflowed down to my sack, thighs and the bed.

Yuko saw April's explosion and un-cuffed the Manchurian shemale to come over to lick us clean. He started from the crack of April's big fat ass down to her hairy rosebud, around her hairy vulva and my thick manhood. After I pulled out and April fell to my right side, he sucked clean my big red mushroom and licked all around my manhood, then all around my sack and down to my rosebud. His tongue probed in to clean up all of April's juices. Then he sat up and rubbed his short hard penis on my rosebud. I cursed and struck him off to the other side. Yuko immediately bowed 'I am so sorry General Tanaka, I have not instructed him properly since he just arrived today. I will order him not to touch your rosebud again as everybody knows I am the only one allowed to service your rear channel. I will punish him!'

I got up, grabbed this shemale and jammed my big thick manhood straight into his rear channel all the way till my balls hit his. He screamed in pain in a high pitch. Yuko quickly poured massaging oil on his rosebud and my manhood as I pulled out and thrust totally back in many times. His loud screaming gradually turned into high pitch screeching and eventually to whimpering as the lubrication reduced the fiction. That was when I noticed his rear channel was not as tight as my collection. He must have been really well tested and used in that secret 731 laboratory in Harbin. I pulled him up to standing to tighten his rear channel as I continued to thrust hard. Yuko instructed him to squeeze his pelvis floor muscles. Then she suckled his firm breasts and stroked his softened penis. I reached forward to fondle Yuko's large soft C-cups. She moaned and stood up to kiss me passionately, with the shemale sandwiched between our bodies. The shemale's hard nipples rubbed on the back of my hands so I pressed the 4 nipples together and squeezed them tight. His milk wetting all 4 nipples as I rolled them together while the two moaned louder. Yuko used his short erect penis to rub her engorged clit and down along her soaking wet slit, occasionally slipping in and out of her love channel.

April wiped my sweaty body with a wet towel, then rubbed her gigantic DD+ melons on my back and pinched my hard nipples. I pulled April onto the bed to present her rosebud and thick patch. Knowing my desire, She quickly rubbed massaging oil inside her rosebud and on my thick throbbing manhood after I pulled out of the shemale. I liked April's tighter rear channel better. She moaned when I slowly pushed my big red mushroom inside her rosebud, then grabbed her huge melons for leverage to penetrate completely into her bowels. I started grinding my hips against her huge soft butt while she moaned louder. My thrusting quickly sped up as I watched Yuko continued to enjoy rubbing the shemale's short penis on her hairy vulva and suckling nourishment out of those firm milk jugs.

April started panting loud while my hands switched between fondling those gigantic breasts, the large hard brown nipples, the big firm clit and those thick black patches in her armpits. I put my left foot on the bed and lifted April's left leg to put her thigh on top of my thigh to expose her big thick forest better. I rubbed her big engorged clit with my thumb and pushed 2 fingers inside her love channel, feeling and rubbing against my manhood sliding in and out of her butt. April screamed and bent down to suck my left big toe into her mouth when I felt her big fat ass contractions squeezing my thick manhood. Instead of feeding April my boiling seeds after her spasms died down, I had another idea. I pulled out and walked over to Yuko and the shemale. Yuko reached to massage my balls as I grunted and sprayed my seeds on their 4 breasts and into Yuko's waiting mouth. After my creamy spurts diminished, she rubbed my still throbbing manhood on their 4 breasts and firm nipples to spread my creamy seeds all over for quick absorption.

'Miss Yamaha, looks like you enjoy his service so I let you have him anyway you like. Feed him well so his milk can be shared but I and my wife will only use Maple.' Yuko appeared emotional when she kissed me, 'Thanks a million, General. You know me so well. I will call him Maki.' 'Miss Yamaha, I want to return the favour also. *********** from our collection a pretty servant that enjoys loving intercourse for Dr. Takuchi. She can be his local bride if he desires. I know he misses his wife back home too.' 'That's so kind of you, General, I know just the right servant. Harbin is her home town. She also studied Japanese in Manchuria so she understands and speaks a little.'

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