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This is my first erotic fiction, I am not the best writer so please forgive my spelling and grammatical errors. I enjoy stories that have a base in reality and could almost be believable with a slow build, I have many more in the pipeline, I hope you like them as much as I enjoy fantasizing about them.
In the morning I decided to give the running a miss and do a long session with the DVD, my legs had become a little sore and tight so some extra stretches and yoga would really help. I once again surprised myself with how much more flexible I had become, the plug still in my ass giving me occasional jolts of pleasure. After half an hour I was limbered up and the aches had faded away aided by the warmth of arousal emanating from my backside, movements and positions that only a month ago I had really struggled with were now easy, I was able to push further and contort myself without straining too hard. I finished the session with some meditation, it really helped to clear my mind and focus on the plan I had formed to deal with the inevitable redundancy.

I was eagerly awaiting today’s delivery of clothes, it would give me some more confidence to go down to the shops, I had a list of fruits and vegetables to buy as a result of the previous night’s discovery, and a juicer to purchase to make smoothies with them all. I walked into the shower and carried out my now perfectly practiced routine. And as much as I liked the fragrant body washes and shampoo, I couldn’t help but spray a mist of perfume to top it off.

No sooner had I finished eating breakfast, catching up on the news and completing an order for some of the supplements recommended in last night’s show, did the doorbell ring, the regular postman had taken to leaving the mail on the doorstep rather than handing it over, all part of the covid precautions I guessed. But I happily picked up the large bag containing my items.

With a great deal of excitement I ripped it open and tipped the contents on the bed, spreading it out so I could decide what to try on first. I peeled off my clothes and immediately put on a pair of the thong panties, they weren’t the mini G-string type, more they design intended to be invisible under clothes, tight fitting without being unpractical, next I put on the matching comfy looking bra. It was plain white, with extensive padding but a nice smooth finish, it was quite stretchy and fit me incredibly well. I rearranged my junk as I planned to try on the tightest jeans I bought, they were a struggle to pull up, and I resorted to jumping and pulling in an attempt to get them over my hips. Out of breath I finally managed to fasten the buttons and wriggle my legs to settle them into place and it was at this point I realised that the butt plug was still inside me and with so much effort to get the jeans on I might have to leave it there even while I go to the shops.

They hugged my lower half perfectly, I was once again glad I was able to tuck myself so neatly, literally the only time I was ever grateful that my cock was so small when soft was when I put on clothes like these. I pulled out a top that I thought would go with it, but after stepping over to the mirror I realised it wasn’t quite right, for the next 20 minutes or so I tried on all the tops I had, they all looked good in their own way but I settled on a cropped black sleeveless vest which showed a little midriff but really exaggerated the padded bra and what waist I did have. I might have changed the jeans too, but given how much work they were to get on, I didn’t want to have to take them off in a hurry especially as the plug felt so nice held in place by these tight fitting clothes.

I had already applied some basic makeup and mascara, my face looked reasonable although I was a little sad that the lip plumping gloss had completely worn off as I didn’t want to put something that bright back on, and in any case, I would have to wear a mask when I was out, so nobody would even see it anyway. I opted for a little more eye shadow to make up for it, and a little hairspray to fix my waves in place and I was all set for the shops.

The weather outside was perfect, and venturing down the street in my new clothes I felt far more comfortable and confident than I had previously going out. The mask certainly helped as it hid a lot of my face, but as I took each step I had a very obvious reminder that there was something inside me, I adjusted my stride. A little shorter, changing my gate and using my hips not only felt more comfortable but it gave that deliciously sensitive spot and tickle as it nudged inside me. I was glad for the tightness of my trousers as my cock had nowhere to get hard and I knew that the position it was in nobody would be able to see it from the outside.

One thing the plug did do was make the usually boring walk to the shops more interesting, I can’t say if a passed any people I was too caught up in my own world. Something about wearing this outfit, and being turned on a little more with each step was quite addictive. I caught myself humming and occasionally giving out little yelps as a certain movement triggered a fizz of pleasure.

Arriving at the shop and seeing a small queue outside I suddenly felt a bit exposed, like someone would know what I was doing, what I had inside me, would point at me and call me out for being a guy in girls’ clothes. But nobody did, well if you call the guy a few places in-front of me not so subtly turning round and giving me the once over a few times, his expressions led me to believe he had no suspicions about what was between my legs at all.

Eventually inside, I grabbed a basket and filled it will all the items I had on my list. Standing still outside had given me time to cool down a bit, but it almost became a game of deliberately moving so that my plug would hit the right spot, at one point I backed up not looking behind me, and a cart being pushed collided with my ass, an almost direct hit on the plug and I let out a yelp. A sudden rush of pleasure fired through me and I gasped audibly. The old lady pushing the cart apologised profusely not realising that my squeal was not in pain, composing myself I insisted I was ok and she moved away. I really needed to calm down, I was sure there were laws about being this aroused in public.

Food supplies purchased I moved to the next shop to pick up a blender I had already pre-ordered online, that shopping experience was much more conventional without the borderline involuntary orgasm and I set off enroute back home. It was a mistake for me to not take the plug out before I left the house, while I had enjoyed it, I was getting that distinct feeling I was quite wet down there which was only getting worse with each step.

I took a break, stopping outside a shop which had quite shiny glass at the front. I could see my full length reflection and I smiled through the mask. I felt that swell of pride as I took in myself, the outfit was well put together, it fit incredibly well. If I had seen a girl looking like that I would have been 100% interested, although for her to be completely my type she would probably need bigger boobs. The padded bra wasn’t doing a bad job, but there was no denying that a bigger rack would totally top off the look.

I was snapped out of my daydream by a lady asking if I needed any help. I said I was OK, and she asked if I wanted to book a session. Bemused I looked at her for a second and then back to the shop front, before realising I was standing in-front of a beauty salon. Not waiting for my reply, she stated that she was called Jenny and it was her salon, she’d had a couple of cancellations and was actually free, and as she could see my split ends from there she would fit me in for a quick cut and dry.

I didn’t really know what to say, and before I knew what was happening she was guiding me inside. I placed my bags down and she ushered me into a stall. Sitting down I was immediately and abruptly reminded of what id sat on, the plug nudged in and I had to disguise my moan as a clearing my throat. She seemed genuinely happy as she ran her hands through my hair, asking me all sorts of questions about when it was last cut, what products I used and so on. It was all a bit of a blur but I was rapidly caught up in her enthusiasm that I found myself just agreeing with her suggestions.

I managed to blurt out that I had been trying to grow it, and the dye was recent. She talked through what she had in mind, and in all honesty it didn’t seem too drastic. Just a light cut and restyle, and some deep conditioning treatments to help improve my hairs finish.

I was transferred to the washing station where they applied all sorts of products, the conditioner was best as it came with a delightful head massage, each time they pushed down I felt the chair meeting the plug and I was rewarded with a nice wave or pleasure from my head to my bottom.

Once back in the stall she brushed through my hair and began making cuts while chatting about how crazy everything had been, I explained how I was on furlough and might lose my job in a few weeks and she offered some very sincere sounding comfort. The time flew by and in no time at all she was holding up a mirror to show me the back of my now perfectly cut and styled head of hair. She had kept its natural wave, but with all the products that had been used, it was smooth and caught the light with a beautiful shimmer.

She asked if I was happy with it and I expressed how much I liked it, it was perhaps one of the few remaining elements of my appearance that I hadn’t managed to successfully transform in some way. With my dyed streak still in place I really had pushed it up a notch. She commented that I could also do with a bit of eyebrow work and she wouldn’t have time for the full works, she could neaten it up a little. As I was in the chair and I’d already done this much I said why not and she got to work, plucking and shaping.

With a final flourish of tweezers she passed me a hand held mirror and I raised my brows at the reflection, they were really finely shaped, not too over the top, but undeniably feminine. With the make-up I still had on it completed my eyes and I couldn’t believe what a difference it made.

She offered to book me in for a proper session in a month or so as they were largely booked until then, and added that they also provided other basic beauty therapies and skin treatments like Botox and fillers. I didn’t really give an answer but decided to book my next session resolving that I could always cancel if I went back to my old job, and the thought of getting my hair properly dyed like my favourite cam girl was incredibly appealing.

She guided me over to the till and rang though all the bits and pieces she’d done as well as a handful of products she insisted I needed to use. I hadn’t really thought about how much all of this was going to cost and was super relieved when she offered a sizable discount as a first time customer. Paying and picking up my other shopping I left the shop and set off home.

At every opportunity I couldn’t help but check out my reflection, the way my hair now moved with the breeze, the feeling of it so soft on my shoulders. The treatments she had used had taken out a bit of the wave and it seemed much longer than it was before. I was walking on a cloud of happiness and not just from the plug still providing occasional anal stimulation.

Back home I prized myself out of the jeans, my cock had been confined for way too long and the pressure of trying to get hard inside the tight jeans was too much. As it popped free a large drip of precum emerged from my semi hard head, it must have been too tight for me to leak that much, even so my panties were soaked and there was even a damp spot on the crotch of the jeans.

I needed to take out the plug before it got me into any more trouble and I hopped in to a cold shower to take away the temptation of sorting myself out. Careful to not get my hair wet I dried and got dressed in another move comfortable outfit. I couldn’t help flicking my hair each time it fell in-front of my eyes, the feeling of it was a constant reminder of how it now looked.

I made up a smoothy following the recipe online and enjoyed the taste as I drank a whole big glass down. The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and I started getting ready for the show early. Another set of saucy lingerie, plenty of makeup, big false lashes and a double application of the lip plumping gloss and I was ready. I admired myself in front of the mirror, with the hair finishing off the look I was sure to make it pay for itself.

The show was all about my hair, I couldn’t help but flick and swoosh it over my head, the viewers responded to it really well, so many complements about everything I had on and how I looked. The encouragement only served to give me more confidence and I was offered my first private session for a substantial amount of money, it wasn’t one of my regulars and I explained that I would only cum in-front of everyone since I had received so many tokens already. They seemed happy with that and for the next then minuets I responded to their every request, some spanking, plenty of sucking my fingers while stroking myself and saying their name. I had been so worked up from my trip out today that I just didn’t care what they asked me to do, I would do it. They asked me to remove the plug and use my finger and I obliged, it didn’t take me long to find my prostate and I suddenly had direct access to that magical button. Resisting the urge to finish myself I moved onto the next request which was to see if I could suck myself.

Sure I had tried this in my youth but got nowhere near, now however when I laid on my back and lifted my legs over my head, my new found flexibility revealed itself, I was a good few inches away, but not un obtainable. Like every guy I wondered what it would feel like to suck my own cock, and I was tantalisingly close, extending my tongue and pulling my legs down I had maybe three inches to go, but it wasn’t going to happen tonight.

The timer ticked over and I resumed my non private show. Of course my fans wanted to see me try to lick myself and I showed that how far I was away, but promised I would keep trying especially if someone threw some tokens my way. I was by now very worked up and quite desperate to make myself cum. I sat on the edge of the bed, and assumed a new favourite position of grinding my ass with the plug inside on the bed, while my hand stroked my cock and teased and pulled my nipples.

It didn’t take long for my balls to start to tighten, my cock begin to harden as it swelled ready to release its load. I pulled extra hard on my nipple and with the grinding of the butt plug mashing that perfect spot inside me I came string after string of cum into my hand. Before my afterglow had even begun to fade I was once again requested to eat my load. I dipped a finger and tasted it as I had done the day before. the smoothie I drank that morning had already had an effect as it was slightly better tasting, less bitter and a little sweeter. I went for a second tasted followed by a third. Each time I was rewarded with a rush of tokens, and the taste was really not that bad. If I kept drinking the smoothy and took the supplements when they arrived I don’t think I would mind it so much, especially if each time I got a boost in tokens like I’d just had.

I signed off and once again cleaned myself up. In the bathroom I found a dribble of cum on my leg that much have shot past my hand and I scooped it up bringing it to my mouth. I slid it in and tried to dissect the taste and texture. I couldn’t say that I would want more, but a little bit like that was perfectly fine. Showering and cleaning I got ready for bed in my new nightie and slept peacefully.

Awaking with the sunlight beaming in though the curtains, I was greeted with another ridged morning wood. Ignoring it, I made myself a juiced fruit concoction and waited for my cock to calm down. I dressed in my sports bra and leggings, completed a basic warmup exercise and stretch following the DVD to make sure I wouldn’t pull anything again and set off out for another run in the park.

It was a lovely morning, the sun felt great on my skin and my ponytail swishing across my shoulders. I felt unbelievably energised, my legs felt fresh and I decided to keep doing loops of the park until I felt tired. I must have done 4 or 5 circuits before I felt a little discomfort. Once again pausing by the same bench I had done the other day. Catching my breath and casually stretching my legs against the bench to prevent them stiffening up I heard a familiar voice in the distance.

I looked up to see Marc bounding towards me saying hello, “fancy seeing you here” he said, to which I responded that it was my local park, where else would I go running, I wasn’t cold deliberately but something about him always made me feel a bit defensive. I guess he was the type of guy that would have made my live a misery at school, so it was odd to be on the receiving end of his pleasantness.

He asked how my leg was and I said that it was fine, even stretching it out to show him that I had a good range of motion. It was only as I drew myself back up to standing that I realised I’d just given him a very good show of my ass. His now familiar goofy expression confirming that he had copped an eyeful. And rather than shy away as I had done the other day, I felt compelled to make him squirm some more.

I turned round giving him a direct view of my ass and made another stretch, loosely explaining how I had managed to stretch out the cramp from the other day, and how my core strength from doing yoga was really helping it all. It was all nonsense but he wasn’t listening anyway, his eyes firmly glued on my body. It should have made me feel uncomfortable, but instead being able to turn this guy to jelly filled me with confidence. I even asked him what exercise I should do to make my ass bigger to which his eyes practically popped from his head.

He stammered a response, but was seriously struggling to put a coherent sentence together, it was then that I realised his jogging shorts were sporting a modest tent and he shifted his position to try and hide it. I grinned in victory, I couldn’t believe that I had this power over a guy like that. The old me would have been so intimidated but this only served to boost my ego even more.

I made my excuses and set off jogging again, I looked back over my shoulder after a few paces and he still looked as flustered, taking a seat on the bench to hide his now very obvious erection, the whole encounter was strangely thrilling, and I had a buzz of energy the whole way home.

Back in my flat, I took note of the pace I’d managed on my run, a personal best including the break I had while I embarrassed Marc. I stripped and stepped into the shower. Despite being very sweaty my hair still looked good so I carefully wrapped it on my head to keep it from getting wet. The hot water felt amazing, and I took the buttplug from the side and slipped it in, after all I deserved a reward for the effort I’d just exerted. Soaping up my body, my nipples immediately hardened to the touch and my cock sprang to life. The horniness I woke up with had never really gone away, and the encounter in the park only served to exacerbate that.

It suddenly dawned on me that what I did to Marc was not really different to what I did on my cam shows every day. Yes it was not the same to do it in person, but the feeling of power and influence was intoxicating, the thought of me, my body and my actions being so influential over how someone feels was incredibly empowering. As a guy I never had that kind of gravitas. Yet now I had sometimes hundreds of people watching me and getting off to me.

As I ran my hands over my body a thought of Marc came back into my mind. What if he had been like my viewers, what if I had turned him on so much that he had to rush home and sort himself out. The thought sent a tingle up my spine, had I really become so able to do that to someone? How far could I have pushed it in the park before I was standing in front of me with a full blown hard cock? The thought made me laugh out loud but at the same time my body responded.

I would usually stop myself at this point and save it for the show, but I was just too damn horny. Visions filled my mind of all my viewers sitting in their homes watching me, and what effect I was having on them. There was the occasional female viewer to my broadcast but most of them were male, how many were stroking themselves to me? Was Marc stroking himself to me now? My own hand was now rubbing up and down my shaft, the whole thing was just such a massive turn on, to be sexually desirable seemed to give me a feedback loop where it made me even more horny. I couldn’t shake the image of all my viewers hard and stroking themselves looking at me.

My hand now a blur, my ass was flexing and clamping down on the plug as I rolled my hips, my spare hand playing with my nipples. The hot water cascading down my smooth body enhancing each pull and stroke of my rock hard cock, before I could comprehend the visions in my mind my dick began to swell and immediately start to shoot load after load into the shower cubicle. It felt so liberating not having to be careful where I came, my orgasm seemed to keep building as my ass contracted and squeezed the plug deep inside. I lost count of the number of times I came, my whole body was taken over by an incredible climax.

Most of my cum sat in the shower tray but a little string was still attached to my hand, I brought it to my mouth curious to see if another day of drinking the fruit concoction had changed the flavour, as it passed my lips and my tongue slid out to scoop it off I was pleasantly surprised to find it sweeter for sure. It was now quite palatable, this was perhaps the most I’d tried in one go and there was less and less to dislike about it.

I cursed myself that I had got carried away in the moment and wasted a big load that I should have saved for my show. But I really needed that, I had been so pent up I probably would have even lasted very long in my show without releasing some pressure, maybe the supplements would arrive today and that would give me some backup.

I stepped from the shower, legs still shaky from the orgasm and probably a little from the run too. I dried off and looked at myself in the mirror, I had a full body glow of someone who just got laid, I should have felt a little ashamed at what I’d thought while making myself cum, but any time I thought about it, I felt pride that I was able to have so much influence on someone else.

Another lazy day followed before prepping for the nights show. Another new outfit, and my now well practiced make up and I was ready. Having already sorted myself out in the morning I didn’t have the same drive to get off on the show. But I recounted the meeting with Marc in the park which when down really well, everyone was quick to jump to the same conclusion as me, and it did spur on some donations as I clearly became aroused telling the story again.

I showed them the same poses I had done in-front of him, and asked what I should do if I meet him again. There were some very wide ranging responses, the most extreme being I should get him back here and broadcast a show with him. Which I really didn’t like the idea of, it was one thing to do this virtually, to think what effect I might have on someone, but I wasn’t so sure about ever physically doing it. Besides he thinks I’m a girl and probably wouldn’t be too happy knowing a guy was making him feel like that.

It did however spur on plenty of tokens, and people asked me to call out his name as I played with myself. I had to admit this felt a bit uncomfortable, but they kept paying and I couldn’t deny their requests when the money landed on my page. They wanted me to kneel doggy style and slide the plug in and out as I stroked my cock and once I began I didn’t care so much about anything else.

This was a firm favourite position as it hit all the important parts. In no time I was thrusting the plug in and all the way out of my ass, my hand slick with precum was pumping harder and faster as I moaned “fuck me Marc, fuck me”. I was approaching the point of no return, but it just seemed that bit too far, maybe cumming that morning was a mistake.

I focused more on the plug, on hitting that spot inside my hole, I zoned out of the chat, the pings sounding from somewhere off in the distance, I just needed to cum now, to feel that release. I ground the plug in circles, each rotation crashing into my prostate, my hand on my cock a blur of pumping. Finally I felt that rising sensation, the cum moving from my balls to the base of my cock. I stroked my dick harder, ground the plug faster and felt my orgasm rise quicker. It crashed over me in a giant splash, cum jetting from my cock as wave after wave flowed over me.

My climax consumed my senses, the sound of my own heartbeat filled my ears as I moaned and groans through each spasm. Eventually I couldn’t hold myself up and I collapsed on the bed. It took some time for me to gather my strength and roll over to face the camera. I smiled at the camera as I noted how much I’d just earnt. For a mid-week show this was by far my best, my body was slick with sweat and cum, I’d somehow managed to shoot it right up to my chest, and when I collapsed I’d fallen right into the puddle on the bed. Hopefully this new lingerie wouldn’t be ruined, not that I really cared in that moment.

My hand was covered in cum, and I held it up to the camera to show my viewers. I couldn’t believe how much there was considering I had already cum once that day and that wasn’t a small orgasm either. As per usual the requests came in to for me to eat it, and having tried it earlier I didn’t hesitate to take a little from one of my fingers. I didn’t want the whole lot just yet, at least not unless someone paid a hell of a lot for the privilege. I cleaned my fingers of what was there only feigning a little enthusiasm as I did so, my cum was now much more palatable, but still far from pleasant.

I said my goodnights and cleaned myself up. It had been such an eventful day and this was only the middle of the week. But if things continued like this then I would be setting a new revenue record and be well on my way to having a viable income once I was made redundant.

The next day I awoke without any morning wood, which wasn’t surprising given how much I came the previous day. I put on some simple yoga pants and did my daily routine of stretches and mediation. Today I was going to give my ass a rest from the plug and I left it in the bathroom. Dressed in the most comfortable clothes I had bought I decided to take today easy with the only interruption being the delivery man bringing the supplements.

Reading the leaflets is made a recommended dosage, stating it could take 2 to 3 days for the effects to be noticeable, and that I should also make sure I consume enough fluids which wasn’t going to be a problem considering I was now having 2 smoothies a day. Being a Thursday I didn’t have much hope for tonight’s show, it was always the quietest day. I did have a great outfit to wear, and this one was much cheaper than the rest so I considered that I could cum in whatever position and not worry about spoiling it. The top outfit was reserved for tomorrow, the basque and stockings were going to look amazing and I’d already planned out a look to go with it with much heavier gothic style make-up.

Mid-afternoon a shoebox sized package arrived with an address I recognised as Biggie. He’d been fairly quiet of late so it was nice to know he was still checking in. it also made me realise that he was no longer being responsible for the majority of my income, something I had been keen to make sure would happen to guarantee me a regular revenue going forwards. The delivery note on the box instructed me to open it on the Fridays show and I was once again filled with excitement as to what it could be, after all the plug he gave me was now a near permanent fixture.

As the evening rolled round I was constantly distracted by thoughts of what could be in the box, I did my best but with the audience its usual quiet self I decided to save myself a little. However I still made the most of the outfit I was wearing and chose to finish laying on my back, with my legs spread out, I had spent the last 2 hours really playing with my nipples which was sore but now constantly hard and sticking out. I removed the plug, lubed up my finger and set about attacking my prostate. It felt incredible to be able to dial in on that sensitive spot and resisting the urge to stroke myself I instead resolved to just grip the base and squeeze my balls. My index finger was starting to tire but I could feel that familiar build of pressure and pushed on.

As I played with myself the crowd responded really well, and those occasional pings of tokens grew into a regular drip. I could feel it build and I loved the feeling of my fingers inside my ass, pushing on I found the perfect position, which gave me a little more leverage to pound my prostate harder, as my other hand gripped my balls there was a sudden rush of cum. The first load was a giant spurt, pumping out but not travelling too far. As I wrapped my hand round my cock and stroked it hard the second shot was much more powerful but less dense shooting right up my body to my chest. My mouth hung open in ecstasy as my prostate stimulation continued and the next shot fired directly over my face, splashing on my cheek and lips, some had gone straight into my mouth and I instinctively licked my lips, those few drops being taken in.

The flavour was now not too bad at all, there was no bitterness, and only a tiniest hint of saltiness, but in general it was sweet and pleasant. My spent cock dripped a few more drops which at the request of a few viewers I gladly took in my mouth, it wasn’t too much and it didn’t taste too bad so why wouldn’t I?

I laughed at the mess I had made. That first jet hadn’t gone very far but it was by far the biggest single load I’d done. I was amazed that I’d managed to reach a near 100% prostate stimulated orgasm, and it was very intense. Cleaning myself up and soaking my outfit overnight I had no problem drifting off to bed.

Morning wood once again greeted me, but I had no time for that today, I had to reserve all my efforts for tonight’s show, Friday was always one of the best for making money, and hopefully Biggie’s present would add another level. I was however going to go for a run, just not in the park to avoid bumping into Marc, I didn’t need him derailing my focus.

Warmup, stretches and yoga completed, I dressed to go running and hit the backroads for almost an hour. I returned sweaty but satisfied, as I’d managed to improve my pace once again. The shower provided a blissful cleanse, using the soaps and lotions from the salon I cleaned, conditioned and treated my hair, the smell was incredible and my hair felt supremely soft and sumptuous after I had dried it. I hadn’t managed to style it exactly like the salon, but it wasn’t at all bad. I practiced a few different make-up combinations, applying and redoing until I was happy with the look.

I thought I’d give myself a rehearsal for the outfit, as I would have time to change it if something wasn’t quite right. I slipped on the thong and tucked myself in, before rolling the lacy stockings up my legs. They felt perfectly sensual against my smooth soft skin, and I could already feel myself begin to stir. The basque had some ribs running top to bottom, and padded sections for my chest. It was a little tricky to get on and I felt like I needed an extra set of hands, but eventually I managed to get the zip all the way to the top, and fasten the clasp to secure it. Wriggling it into position it fit very snugly against my torso. The material was a tight but stretchy fabric. And I could really feel it pinching in at the waist, however it wasn’t restricting my breathing and felt quite comfortable.

Something else decided it felt better than comfortable as my tucked cock began to raise. I hastily fastened the suspender straps to the stockings and tried to settle everything into position. As I checked myself out in the mirror it was clear that my dick had its own thoughts. There was a clear string of pre-cum hanging from the tip trapped inside the thong panties, I couldn’t deny that I looked hot as hell. I moved to pose in different positions. The basque just seemed to pull and squeeze in the right places, even my chest appeared to have a slight cleavage, the stockings gripping my legs exaggerated my ass as it pushed out the top.

It was everything I had hoped it would be. And just looking at my reflection made my cock jump, I couldn’t believe how much pre-cum I was leaking, maybe those supplements were working after all… It was only midday so I couldn’t stay dressed like this, I don’t think my dick would make it without cumming unless I changed soon.

I reluctantly removed the outfit. My panties were totally soaked and I resorted to hand washing them and using the hair dryer so they would be useable by tonight. During the day my mind kept jumping between the box from Biggie and the outfit I had to wear, I was so turned on knowing what I was going to look like and whatever was in the box was sure to push that even further.

Like an impatient girl waiting to go on a date, I was ready well before time, and once again my cock started leaking involuntarily. I decided to put some clothes on over the top of the outfit and preform a slow strip for the viewers. As I started the show I was met with complement after complement, and I wasn’t even revealing any flesh. My make-up was on point though, I’d chosen the biggest lashes and the longest nails, I had used the lip plumping gloss 3 times and then removed it to use a lipstick which matched the outfit. I was so happy with how I looked, all my practice was paying off, and as things stood, if today went well, I would finally equal my regular paycheque.

The striptease went down a storm, and they responded in kind with tokens, by the time I was down to just the lingerie my dick had a steady stream of precum dribbling out, it had to be the supplements, although checking myself out in the preview window I certainly looked good enough to turn myself on. I posed and I showed them all the angles and finally Biggie logged on and instructed me to open the box.

Fumbling the packaging, I ripped into it, revealing some very high, supremely elegant, diamond studded, high heeled black shoes. They matched the outfit perfectly, and as I slid them onto my feel the fit just as well. Fastening the straps I made my first tentative steps wobbling a little. I was grateful for all the exercise I’d done recently, no doubt my core strength was helping me keep balance.

Finding my feet, I was able to take a few steps. The way they forced my feet down, they pulled my legs and shaped my calves and ass, through the stockings they looked simply divine. The other added bonus was that as I had to be a little more clenched to keep my balance, the buttplug was being held in just the right spot, each movement resulted in me receiving a gentle nudge to my sensitive button within my butthole.

Damn I looked good, and I felt amazing, my cock couldn’t take any more confinement though and as it rose to its full hardness, it pushed out the top of the thong, there was so much precum it covered my inner legs. Reaching down I couldn’t believe how hard I was, my nipples too were standing proud, begging for attention. Biggie stated his approval and dropped a sizable donation into the chat, I gushed my genuine thanks, not only was I grateful for the tokens, I seriously loved how well these shoes fit me and how amazing they made my legs look.

I worked the broadcast, following requests for nearly everything I would consider, I couldn’t get enough of watching myself in the preview window, it was so strange to be responsible to for turning yourself on like this. I knew I didn’t have long left before I was going to cum, I’d been padding this out and essentially edging for what felt like ages. I asked if someone had a request of a finishing position, and a slew of suggestions came in, however the most noticeable of all of them was Biggie, who asked if I could repeat what I’d done the previous night and cum on myself laying on my back.

I didn’t want to deny him as I knew he would be good for the tokens, but at the same I couldn’t risk spoiling this outfit, it was by far my favourite of all the ones I had. Somebody suggested I try and curl my legs over my shoulders so I could do a self-facial, that way it wouldn’t go on my clothes.

I was a bit stunned, but the chat gave the answer for me, chants of ‘do it, do it’ between people promising to pay handsomely to see me do that. This week I had tasted quite a lot of my own cum and after a full week of special fruit smoothies, and now the supplements I knew it wouldn’t be disgusting, I just wasn’t ready to take that much. I looked at my current total tokens, and I still needed a big finale to meet the target I imposed. Could I shoot it to the side so it wouldn’t go in my mouth? They would never know so long as a bit went in, and I did already do that last night so I knew what to expect.

I agreed, but said I couldn’t promise I would let much go in my mouth, and they seemed happy enough. As I inched myself into position, I realised I had improved my flexibility even from earlier in the week. The basque while tight didn’t seem to be that restrictive and as I pulled my legs over my head I was surprised as to how far over they went. My knees not far from the top of my head. Using my heels for leverage to pull my legs closer.

I looked sideways to see the chat, it was full of yellow bars denoting people giving me tokens, in the preview window lay a seriously hot girl bending over herself and just realising that that was me spurred me on. I used one hand on my ass cheeks and the other around my solid rock of a cock. I was surprised by how close my mouth was to my cock so I stretch my head and tongue up and pulled my cock down but there were still a few inches between them.

Frustrated I relaxed a little and shifted to be able to grind the plug in my favourite motion. Stroking my cock at the same time, my precum continued to flow. I could see the clear liquid gathering at the tip, soon it formed into a drip and grew in size. The slow rotating grind of the buttplug giving me all the stimulation I needed, as I pulled my cock back the drip released and slowly flowed down, as an automatic reflex I extended my tongue and the drip landed right in the middle.

It was very slimy and smooth, but had quite a neutral taste, I didn’t have a problem taking that at all, and continued stroking myself and grinding my ass on the plug, every few minutes I was rewarded with another long drip of precum, and the chat loved it. I could feel the beginnings of that tingle in the base of my cock. My balls ached to be relieved and I knew I didn’t have long before I was going to cum.

I had relaxed into the position a little and as another drip flowed down I tried to stretch up to meet it, I was definitely closer but still not near enough. By now I was desperate to cum and I just wanted to relieve the pressure. I began pumping the plug in and out, pushing it in and grinding it round in one motion, my other hand pumped my slippery dick right above my open mouth.

I didn’t have a choice about it being open, I was gasping for air as my body began to shake and convulse, it started out in the depths of my ass, radiating out to the bottom of my cock and balls, before rushing out the length of my rod and squirting out with incredible force. I moaned as the first jet hit the bullseye and shot right over my tongue, followed by I second, third and fourth in quick succession. I hadn’t intended for it to go right in, briefly closing my mouth I automatically swallowed as the hot liquid pooled in my throat. The next few jets splashed across my lips and face and needing another breath I opened once more to receive another 2 blasts directly to the back.

The orgasm eased a little but pulses and aftershocks continued, the odd drop spilling from the spent head of my cock onto my lips and face. Like a sugary doughnut that’s impossible to eat without licking our lips, I found myself running round and taking what I could into my mouth.

I don’t know what it was, whether the fruit cocktail or the supplements or maybe both, but it actually tasted OK. I’d never taken that much before and I really hadn’t meant to this time, but it was totally edible, I could taste the fruity sweetness with just a hint of salt. The texture wasn’t unpleasant either as I squeezed the last drip from my dick, I relaxed my legs down and sat up bringing the drip on my hand to my lips.

Happily feeding it to myself I took in the praise of my viewers which had almost slipped my mind as I was swept away with the power of my orgasm. I had smashed my record for both the amount of donations and the number of people watching me. There were hundreds of them. “Wow, I guess you guys liked that one then?, thank you so much to Biggie for my beautiful shoes, I love them. And if anyone else wants to send me anything my wish list is in my bio. Do keep checking back on me to see what I get up to in my next show, till the next time” I waved, smiling as I could feel the cum start to dry on my face. At least I managed to avoid getting any of it on my outfit.

I closed the chat and crashed back onto the bed. That was crazy, I never meant to go that far, but it’s hard to resist when they all encouraged me. I couldn’t deny that was a great orgasm though, and my cum tasted surprisingly good and I was only early on in taking the supplements, they were supposed to come into full effect after a week

I didn’t have the energy to get in the shower, I grabbed a towel and quickly wiped my face, there was still some residue left but I was completely spent. As soon as I tucked myself under the covers, my eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep.
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