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This is a complicated story of a suburban white boy who lives next to a pretty black girl. They have to hide their relationship because his father is racist.
Nathan Paul Saw It All

“Nathan Paul saw it all!” It’s what Nathan Paul heard whenever he walked past a group of kids. Nathan told them he hadn't seen it all, only the first part; the part where Shawna got into the car with Greg Gaines. He wasn't sure what else had happened, only that Shawna got into the car and he didn't take her straight home.

Shawna came home eventually, but she was walking. It was way past the time when she should have been home. As soon as Nathan got home he told his mom that Shawna had gotten into Greg’s car and that’s when the shit hit the griddle.

Nathan knew something was wrong when his mother started asking him questions about what he saw. Nathan wanted to get Shawna in trouble because he was jealous that she wanted to get in Greg’s car. He thought he got her into a bit too much trouble by the way his mother reacted.

As soon as Nathan's mom asked every question she could think to ask, she told him to stay right there and she went out the back door, walked across their back-yard and across Shawna's parents back-yard and tapped on the back-door.

Nathan's mom went through the back yards because Shawna and her mom and cousin were black and Nathan and his family were white and Nathan's dad said terrible things about Shawna's family, such as, "There go the property values!" Nathan's dad called Shawna's family the ‘n’ word which Nathan refused to do.

Nathan didn't have a problem with the ‘n’ word before he met Shawna. He knew it meant something terrible to black people, even though he couldn't get anyone to tell him why it was terrible. All he knew was, when he told Shawna he couldn't walk to school with her anymore because she was an 'n' word she started to cry.

Nathan thought Shawna was crying because they couldn’t walk together. Or because she didn't want him to get whipped, but it wasn't that. It was because he had used "the ‘n’ word". That’s what Shawna called it. The ‘n’ word.

After Nathan made Shawna cry he felt so bad for her that he made a point of walking to school with her even though she didn’t want him to anymore.

Nathan’s dad had insulted Shawna by using the ‘n’ word to describe her family and that made him really mad. He wanted his dad to know that he wasn’t happy with him. That his dad was mean and should not get his way.

It was a brave thing for Nathan to do because he was small for his age and older guys always pushed him around, looking for any excuse to beat him up. The fact that he carried a trombone to school twice a week didn't help. One especially mean kid, named Allen told Nathan that what he was carrying was a dildo.

Nathan was walking with Shawna when Allen called his trombone a dildo and, after Allen had had his fill of taunting Nathan, he turned to Shawna and asked her what a dildo was.

Shawna threw up her hands and shouted, "I don't know!"

Walking with Shawna was a blessing and a curse for Nathan. She was a pretty girl and he was shy and had never been kissed. Lots of boys he knew in his neighborhood were playing kiss-em and ditch-em with the neighborhood girls. When this game was played, guys from other streets were found on Nathan's and Shawna's street, as if the word got around that kisses could be had there.

Shawna was shy too. Nathan wondered if maybe she wasn't pretending to be shy because she was a black girl living in a white neighborhood. Sometimes, when he'd sneak over to her house to play, she would be aggressive and prissy in front of her mom, which she didn’t do anywhere else.

Nathan thought it was strange that his mom would let him go to Shawna's house to play inside, when she wouldn't even let him go to Kimberly's house and play outside. All his mom would say is, "That family is trash. Who knows what you'll catch if you go over there." Nathan hadn't planned on catching anything. He didn't play kiss-em and ditch-em, though he'd dreamed of playing the game with Kimberly. Kiss-em and ditch-em was a game for guys cooler than Nathan.

After Nathan's mom went next door, Nathan went upstairs to lay on his bed and watch TV. He had a 13 inch black and white. After "Lost In Space" was over, he went to the window and saw a really big black car sitting in Shawna's driveway. The car was huge, and looked like it was only an inch off the ground, and the tires stuck way out of the wheel wells. There was loud music coming from it when it drove up, but Nathan would not have heard that because he was deeply into the program playing on the TV.

Nathan was old enough to realize, now, that it wasn't his ‘telling’ that got Shawna into trouble, but that she was late getting home because of Greg Gaines. Greg was older. He got around in a car and girls like being with them for just that reason.

Nathan didn't think Shawna would have gotten in the car with Greg had it not been for the fight he'd had with her the day before.

Shawna made Nathan touch her boobs when they played boyfriend and girlfriend. Her 'boobs' were nylons or socks, rolled and knotted and stuffed up the front of her shirt.

Yesterday Nathan and Shawna played boyfriend/girlfriend. When it was time for Nathan to kiss Shawna and squeeze her boobs it was different: her boobs were not firm like knotted nylons. They were squishy. He thought she might be using something else for ‘boobs,’ like water balloons. They felt like water balloons. They felt nice and weird. He massaged her little water balloons while he kissed her.

Shawna kissed Nathan back for a few seconds then arm barred his hands away from her chest and jumped back.

"Stop it!" she said.

“What’s wrong?” Nathan asked, “what did I do?” He’d never seen her freak out like that. She was comfortable telling him what to do and he was comfortable doing it.

“Nothing,” she said. She crossed her arms like she didn’t want Nathan to see her water balloons.

“If you don’t wanna play,” he said, “I don’t care.”

“I do,” she said, “I just . . . you hurt my boobs. You squeezed too hard.”

Nathan was baffled. How could he hurt her boobs: they weren’t real.

“I always squeeze ‘em hard,” he said, “You make me squeeze ‘em hard!” he said. “You told me I had to. You said that’s what boyfriends do.”

It was true. Shawna had seen her cousin kiss his girlfriend and he always squeezed her breasts and she seemed to like it. When she played boyfriend/girlfriend with Nathan she would put something under her shirt to simulate boobs for him to squeeze.

“You didn’t like squeezing my boobs?” she said. Nathan was confused. Shawna made him do stuff whether or not he liked doing it.

“Well,” he said, “I like playing house and, I guess, I like squeezing your boobs. I mean, I don’t really know why you like it, you can’t even feel it.”

"Those were fake boobs,” she said, “these are real boobs." Shawna cupped her breasts to emphasize her point.

“I didn’t know that!” said Nathan. “Why didn’t you use socks like you always do?”

“Because I have boobs now,” she said. “I thought I would let you squeeze my boobs since I have them now.”

“If you didn’t want me to squeeze your boobs . . .,” Nathan started but Shawna interrupted him.

“I did want you to squeeze them, like always,” she said, “I thought it would be like squeezing my arm or my leg. When I squeeze them that’s kinda what it feels like. When you squeezed them it felt weird. Like something you shouldn’t do. Like you saw me naked.”

“I've seen you naked lots of times,” he said. “Lots of times. You’ve seen me naked too.”

“Yeah,” she said, “when we were little. I didn’t have boobs then.”

“You kinda did,” he said.

“Those were just nipples,” she said. “They were the same as yours.”

Nathan looked at her chest. Shawna crossed her arms.

“Your real boobs feel nice,” Nathan said. “Like water balloons. I thought you were using water balloons instead of socks this time.”

Now that Nathan knew he had been squeezing Shawna’s breasts he felt funny. His penis twitched in his underwear like it did when it was about to get stiff. He wanted to feel her boobs again. To savor it this time.

“They kinda feel like water balloons to me too,” said Shawna. “But they’re tender. It hurts when you squeeze too hard.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I won’t do it so hard next time.” Nathan put on his boyfriend voice. It was as if he was sneaking up on a fawn in the woods that saw him but wasn’t sure if he was a threat. He looked deep in her eyes.

Nathan used to go to town on her nylon boobs. After he squeezed and pulled at them for a while Shawna would guide his head down so he could suck and bite on them through her shirt. She would have taken off her shirt like she had seen her cousin’s girlfriend do, but her boobs would have disappeared along with the shirt.

As if he was in a dream, Nathan reached out his hands and pushed them under Shawna’s breasts. Her arms were still crossed but he worked his way in and hefted her little titties with his fingers. They really did feel like water balloons.

Shawna was hypnotized. She stood there knowing full well that Nathan was fondling her real boobs but she didn’t move. She didn’t know if it felt good, but she knew it was intense.

Nathan was gentle as he squeezed and probed. He discovered her nipples and rubbed his fingers over them and they stiffened. He didn’t know that would happen. He gently pinched them between his thumbs and forefingers.

Shawna felt her entire body blush. She was dazed. Nathan was pinching her nipples gently and all she could think about was his lips on her boobs. She slowly uncrossed her arms, grabbed his wrists and pulled them away from her very real, very sensitive little breasts.

Shawna saw that Nathan’s penis was hard. She used to rub it and kiss it through his pants and underwear but it seemed wrong now. Now she felt like she shouldn’t be doing that.

Shawna knew she hadn’t been kissing a balled up sock through Nathan’s pants, that she had been kissing his penis. It embarrassed her to think about it. Did his penis feel good when she did that? Like how her real boobs felt when he massaged them? No wonder he wanted to put his penis in her mouth. She thought it would be disgusting. He used his penis to pee with!

Shawna had never taken Nathan’s penis out. After all, it was only a game. She thought that if she had sucked on it, he would feel like she was sucking on his finger. She knew now that it wouldn't feel that way for him. Now she kind of wanted to suck on his finger. And his penis.

Shawna didn’t say anything. She just looked at Nathan and crossed her arms again. She didn’t know what to say. They’d been playmates for as long as she could remember and they played boyfriend/girlfriend for most of that time, incorporating new information and new moves into their game as she witnessed them, simulating fellatio, cunnilingus and coitus.

When Nathan reached out to fondle Shawna’s boobs after finding out they were her actual boobs, she felt like her entire body had grown warm: like she was blushing all over.

Shawna didn’t want Nathan to stop. She wanted him to kiss and suck on her boobs the way she had him do it when they were just nylons stuffed up her shirt. She wanted to take off her shirt now that her boobs wouldn’t disappear along with it. She wanted to make Nathan kiss and suck on her real boobs, not just the place where they pushed out her shirt.

Shawna was on fire.

When Nathan sucked and bit on her nylon stuffed shirt she thought it was funny. While Nathan stood there fondling her real boobs she knew that kissing and sucking her real breasts was going to be awesome. The thought overwhelmed her, so she had to make him stop. She didn’t know what else to do.

Nathan went home. Shawna didn't protest.

Nathan was mad at Shawna for being mad at him for squeezing her real boobs. He was still confused by it all. It was only a game but it had turned into something else and it was frustrating. Normally they ended the game on her mother’s bed, fully clothed with Nathan between her legs. He pumped his hips up and down pretending to have sex with her while she shouted, “fuck me, fuck me!” After they did that for a while they always started giggling. Their laughter was like a shared orgasm and that was why they kept doing it.

Nathan didn’t understand why Shawna shouted 'fuck me fuck me.' He knew she was imitating something she saw her cousin do with his girlfriend, but without any clothes on. Nathan heard boys who claimed to have had had sex talk about it. He heard them say that you put your penis in the girl’s vagina and push in and out, hence Shawna telling him to thrust his hips at her crotch.

Shawna wasn’t waiting for Nathan after school the day after he felt her boobs. He saw her walking along the main road when a beat up old Chevy with fat tires on the back stopped next to her. He knew it was Greg because he worked at the skating rink.

Since Nathan was mad at Shawna for getting in Greg’s car he stayed late after school in his favorite teacher's class and helped her grade papers. Nathan didn't see Shawna in the mornings because his father was home and, though he was brave enough to let everyone else see him walk with Shawna, he wasn't brave enough to let his father see.

Shawna was late walking home because she'd waited for Nathan outside the front doors of the school as always. Nathan could see her pass by Mrs. Orrey's window. She hugged her books in front of her (Nathan thought maybe that was why he hadn't realized she was growing boobs of her own) and walked with her head down.

For the first time in his life Nathan’s brain was bowing down to the will of his penis. When he saw Shawna pull her books to her chest his penis knew they were resting against actual breasts.

Nathan told Mrs Orrey good-bye and raced out of her class and down the hall and outside to catch up with Shawna. His brain kept telling him that she had boobs now.

Shawna was alone. When she heard Nathan running up behind her she jerked her head around to see who it was. She wasn’t mad at him for not meeting her at the door, she was sad and confused by her own reaction to him touching her breasts. She wanted to say she was sorry, but felt like he should say it too and if he didn’t say it first she wouldn’t say it.

Nathan noticed her bra and straps under her shirt as he got closer. This was the first time he noticed that. Did she wear one everyday? His brain told him that a bra strap meant real boobs!

“Hey Shawna!” Nathan said, out of breath. “I’m sorry.” Nathan really didn’t feel sorry but his mom told him, ‘sometimes there needs to be a ‘sorry’ even if you didn’t do anything wrong.’ He knew this sorry was because he had touched her boobs and he wanted to do it again.

“I’m sorry too,” Shawna said, relieved that she could say it without betraying herself. “I should have told you.”

“It’s okay,” Nathan said, suddenly in the moment again. His penis moved. He untucked his shirt. He didn’t want Shawna to see the lump in his pants. “Where did Greg take you? I mean, if you wanna tell me. I know everyone was mad about it.” Nathan didn’t know if she knew he was the one that told on her. With all the shouting next door it was hard to tell.

“He took me down a country road,” she said. “We just talked.”

For the first time Shawna lied to Nathan. When she got in Greg’s car he asked where she lived and she said she wouldn’t mind riding around a little. She wanted Nathan to be jealous.

Greg made small talk with Shawna. Asked her about school. If she had a boyfriend. He told her he thought she was pretty. “Do you want to park for a while?”

Shawna didn’t know that ‘parking’ was slang for making out. She told him she wouldn’t mind. After they sat talking for a few minutes Greg asked her if she would sit next to him. That was when she knew why he wanted to park with her.

Greg wasn’t bad looking. Shawna wouldn’t mind if he kissed her. Or even if he touched her chest. She slid across the bench seat and looked straight ahead. It was his move.

Greg put his right arm across her shoulders. Then he craned around to look into her eyes. She looked up and smiled. She was nervous. He leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She kissed him back.

Greg put his left hand on her right side and pulled her closer. When he kissed her again he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

Shawna’s eyes shot open as Greg swirled his tongue around inside her mouth. He didn’t notice that her eyes had shot open because his eyes were closed. She recovered quickly and made herself respond in kind, though she’d never imagined touching tongues with someone. She thought it felt and tasted really weird.

After a minute of his tongue in her mouth her body began to blush. It was starting to turn her on. Then Greg touched her right breast with his left hand, she nearly jumped out of her skin. She almost slapped his hand away before she reminded herself that this was what she wanted.

Greg fondled her breasts for a minute then put his hand down her shirt. Again Shawna fought the urge to slap his hand. Then he unbuttoned her shirt. He reached behind her and popped her bra strap. She was amazed. He unhooked her bra better than she did.

Then Greg bent to her chest and suckled her little boobs. Shawna was astounded at how good it felt. She crooned.

Greg shoved his hand into her crotch. Shawna didn’t respond. She could barely feel his hand on her vulva. He pushed her knees apart. She resisted for a second. Girls weren’t supposed to spread their legs like that. But she relented. Greg worked the seam over her pussy with vigor as he sucked on her boobs. Shawna rolled with feeling.

Greg put his lips back on hers and tongue kissed her. While he kissed her he took her right hand and brought it towards his crotch. Shawna had been tempted to do that herself, because it was the routine while playing with Nathan, but Greg was older. He was different, but she let him guide her hand.

When Shawna’s hand reached its destination she cried out. “Oh my God!” she screeched. “Your penis is out!”

Greg’s penis was out of his pants and it was bigger than Nathan’s.

Greg sat there stunned. What did Shawna think was going to happen?

“What are you doing?” Shawna screeched.

“You’re supposed to suck it,” Greg said.

Shawna’s hands went to her mouth. Nathan asked her if he could put it in her mouth every time they played the game. This was the first time she realized that every guy must want girls to suck it.

“I’ve . . .” Shawna stammered. “I’ve never done that before. Could you take me home now?”

“What?” Greg said. “You can’t leave me with blue balls! I’m really horny now. You’ve got to suck me off or let me fuck you!”

Shawna started crying. She’d never ever thought she would get in this situation. Now all she could do was cry.

“For fuck’s sake,” Greg said. “At least jack me off.” He pulled her hand to his penis. She let him. Then he showed her how to move it up and down. She was practically bawling now. She was not into it. Greg kept barking, “Faster!” but she just moved her hand up and down slowly.

“Stop,” he said, “you worthless . . .” and he used the ‘n’ word to describe her private parts. Greg grabbed his own prick and began vigorously pounding it. Shawna slid to the far side of the car and looked out the window.

In what Shawna thought was a very short time, she could hear him climaxing.

“Maybe we shouldn’t play that game anymore,” Shawna said, glancing at Nathan’s crotch covered with his shirt tails. She knew he wanted her to suck his dick. She wasn’t mad at him for it, because he always asked her and never called her names when she refused to do it, saying it was gross.

Shawna wanted to play their game again but, for a reason she didn't understand, she wanted to be talked into it. She felt like she would end up naked if they played it again. It was how his cousin and girlfriend always ended up. She didn't know if she wanted to be naked with Nathan.

Disappointed at what she said, Nathan’s mind raced for something to say. He wanted to play again. He thought about it all the time now. He did the only thing he could think of and got into his boyfriend character.

He said, “C’mon now baby,” he put his arm across her shoulders and looked her in the eye, “you don’ wanna play wiff me no mo’?”

Shawna burst out laughing. Nathan was pretty sure that that meant he was in. They’d be playing again. Both their parents would be gone at work till after seven o-clock as always.

In his boyfriend voice he said, “Imma go home an take a shower . . . less you wanna take a shower wiff me . . .”

Oops! Nathan’s penis made him say that. He was afraid of her reaction. Like the first time he had squeezed her real boobs.

Shawna had butterflies in her stomach but she put on her sultry, sexy girlfriend voice, looked him in the eye and said, “I don’t need a shower . . . but I’ll take one wiff you.”

Is this really happening? Nathan’s brain was fried. He was scared. He had butterflies in his stomach. He wanted to go home and jerk off while thinking about taking a shower with Shawna but she wanted to really take a shower. His penis was so stiff that rubbing around inside his underwear was turning him on. He thought he might jizz if they kept talking like that.

“Then it’s a date,” he said, acting as cool as he could.

Though they were next door neighbors they took different routes home. Everyone knew they walked home together, but as long as they didn’t flaunt it no one said anything to Nathan’s dad.

Nathan went inside his house, dropped his books on the couch and went out his back door and snuck across his backyard to Shawna’s back door.

He tapped on the glass and peered through the gap in the curtains. Shawna put her books on the kitchen table and walked to the back door. She unlocked it and walked away.

Nathan came in, in character. “Yo baby,” he said, “You look’n fine.” He walked over and mashed his mouth onto hers. They didn’t use their tongues. They didn’t know people did that, but Shawna surprised Nathan by pushing her tongue into his. Their mouths were already open, because that’s what they thought people were doing.

Nathan jumped.

Shawna said, “Come on baby, this is something new I learned.”

Nathan moved forward and kissed her again, this time swirling his tongue around in her mouth. He thought his penis was going to explode. This new thing was weird and wonderful. It felt like they were having sex.

Nathan put a hand on her bra covered breast and Shawna didn’t resist. He gently stroked and squeezed it. He felt hot. He got goosebumps. He felt . . . he felt her hand on his penis.

Nathan stopped kissing Shawna and looked down. Sure enough she was fondling his penis. He started kissing her again. He was going to cum if he didn’t stop her, so he said, “Yo, lemme see dem titties girl.”

He wanted to see her breasts but he also wanted her to stop stroking him, even if it meant she’d say ‘no’ and end the game. He didn’t want to ‘cream his jeans.’

Shawna looked Nathan in the eye, withdrew her hand from his crotch and started unbuttoning her top. Nathan watched as the brown ‘v’ of skin got larger, and then he could see her white bra. She stopped halfway and reached behind her back, but it was awkward. Nathan helped unhook her bra.

Out of character Nathan said, “Can I touch ‘em?” She nodded and he slipped a hand inside her top. Shawna unbuttoned all the way down. Then she shrugged it off while Nathan massaged her breasts. Then she slipped off her bra.

Shawna wanted to ask Nathan if he thought her boobs were pretty. She wanted to pose for him. It was obvious he wanted to play with her chest even though she didn't understand why, because it felt good to her but it wouldn’t feel good to him.

The first thing Nathan noticed about Shawna was that her skin was brown under her clothes. For some odd reason he thought the skin he couldn’t see would be white. It had been a long time since they had taken baths together. Sort of like her exposed skin was just really tanned. It was such a turn on to think that the skin of her cheeks was the same shade of brown as the cheeks of her butt.

Shawna took Nathan’s hand and led him down the hall to her bedroom. He was so nervous he was shaking.

Shawna was nervous too but she was playing ‘girlfriend’ and she knew that she wanted him to kiss her boobies and she knew they didn’t have all night. It felt weird to have her shirt and bra off in front of him but she pretended like it was normal.

When they walked into her bedroom she closed and locked the door. She had Nathan sit on the side of her bed. He stared at her breasts. She could see his penis pushing against the zipper of his jeans. She leaned towards him just a little. He understood. He leaned forward and kissed her right breast. She was electrified. She said, ‘Mmm.’ She always said ‘Mmm’ when he kissed her boobs, even when they were knotted nylons shoved up the front of her shirt. This time she meant it.

Nathan kissed and sucked on one boob then switched to the other. Shawna’s moans made him tingle because he knew she wasn’t playing. He knew she liked it when he sucked her little titties. What he didn’t know was if she would do it for real when it was his turn.

Her breasts were different than Nathan expected. Having spent years chewing on a sock through a t-shirt, he expected real breasts to be at least similar. He ran his tongue over her nipples and sucked on each in their turn. He really liked sucking on her beautiful brown titties.

When it was his turn Shawna would sit on the edge of the bed and he would stand in front of her. She would rub his penis with her hand until it got stiff. Then she would kiss it and nibble on it inside his pants. It felt good and Nathan would ask her if she would let him put it in her mouth but she thought that was funny and gross even though her cousin’s girlfriend seemed to like doing it. Her cousin had a big penis. It looked funny when his girlfriend put it in her mouth. It looked like a snake swallowing a small, hairless animal.

Nathan was scared to ask her. He concentrated on Shawna’s naked boobs and how she moaned for real when he sucked on them. He squeezed her tightly packed backside. It seemed so natural.

Shawna was building up to something even though Nathan wasn’t rubbing her vulva. She wanted him to rub her crotch but that came later, after it was his turn to stand up in front of her. Would she let him take it out this time? She knew he wouldn’t think it was fair if she didn’t. The idea kind of embarrassed her and turned her on.

After kissing and sucking her breasts for a while Nathan looked up at her. Then he stood. He moved closer. He kissed and hugged her. Then he turned them both around and sat her down on the edge of the bed. It was how they played the game. It was his turn.

Shawna sat on the side of her bed, topless. She looked up at him. She leaned back on her arms. Then she looked at his crotch. His penis was stiff.

Nathan said, out of character, “Can I put it in your mouth this time?” His voice quavered. Shawna reached out and touched it. She looked up at his pleading eyes. She nodded. She shivered.

In a dream Nathan unzipped his pants while Shawna watched. He reached into his underwear and pulled his penis out over the elastic band of his underwear. It bobbed like it had a heart beat. It was only about four inches long, which surprised her. Greg’s penis seemed like it was a foot long.

Shawna touched his penis. She put her hand around it. She leaned in and looked closer. He thought he was going to squirt in her face if she didn’t do something quickly. He was willing her to open her mouth and lean forward.

Nathan put his hand on the back of Shawna’s head and gently pushed her towards him but she resisted. She was looking at his penis and wondering how it would fit where God had created a space for it inside her body. How on earth could she have gotten Greg’s huge penis in there. She knew it was supposed to go in her vagina but didn't know how it would fit. She had only ever put her finger in there. This penis she was eye to eye with was bigger than her finger.

Shawna opened her mouth and let him push her head forward. Then she closed her lips around it and licked it. He moaned. She knew it was real this time. She knew that sucking on his penis felt good to him.

Nathan got into character without thinking. He moaned and said, “Suck that cock baby.” Shawna, playing along, moaned and stroked and sucked on his penis like she had seen his cousin’s girlfriend do. She thought it wasn’t so odd to have his penis in her mouth. It had a funny taste but it wasn’t bad.

Shawna had never given a blowjob before. It seemed obvious what she should do and she knew Nathan could cum if she did it well. She knew sperm would squirt out the tip into her mouth, but she didn’t know what it would taste like or if she wanted it to happen. It was as if she was still playing boyfriend/girlfriend for real, and she knew what to do.

Nathan moaned and pushed her head back and forth. His penis throbbed. He wanted to warn Shawna that he was going to cum but he couldn’t say anything.

Nathan had both hands on her head and he was thrusting in and out of her mouth. He was mesmerised by the sight of it disappearing and reappearing. He thought it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Then Nathan’s penis started squirting. It felt so good he almost cried. When she didn’t pull away he thrust faster, trying hard not to grind her nose into his pelvic bone. He grunted and squirted and she just let it happen. He was spasming now as he reached the end of his climax.

When Nathan’s cum squirted into her mouth she wanted to pull away, but it wasn’t that bad. It didn’t taste great but she liked feeling his penis throb, then squirt, knowing she had given him that pleasure. It made her feel good to make him feel good.

He held her head tight against him. She let him. His penis still throbbed even though it had stopped squirting. He wondered if she had swallowed his cum.

“Oh my god,” Nathan said. “That was the greatest thing ever.”

Shawna let his penis fall out of her mouth and, obviously holding a mouthful of cum said, “Ugh, it don’t taste good.” She leaned over and spit into her trash can. “I need a shower. And I need to brush my teeth.”

Nathan put his deflating penis back in his pants and zipped up. He thought the game was over but Shawna stood up, kissed him and said, “get nekkid.” She was still playing.

Shawna popped the rivet of her jeans and waited for Nathan to do the same. He did. She unzipped. He unzipped. She let her jeans fall to the floor. Then he did. Now she was standing in nothing but her panties while Nathan still had his shirt on.

Nathan was mesmerized by this vision. He could see a poof in the front of her white panties that must have been pubic hair. He wanted to play the game and say, ‘Yo girl, Imma fuck yo brains out,’ but it came out, “You are so beautiful.” She gave him a hug. It was the perfect thing for him to say.

Nathan pulled off his shirt and Shawna pulled off her panties. She led him to the shower, making sure there were two towels. Then she turned on the water. When it was warm enough she beckoned him inside.

Nathan and Shawna took turns washing each other. They were giggling. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to shower together.

They finished and toweled each other off. Then, still moist, Shawna went to her bedroom. This time she pulled back the covers. Usually they would finish the game on top of the sheets fully clothed. This time, though they were still playing, they would be finishing for real.

Shawna got in and patted the bed next to her. It was a twin mattress so there wasn’t much room. Nathan crawled in and she settled the blanket over them. They lay their heads on her pillow and smooched. Nathan squeezed her backside. She squeezed his backside.

In character Nathan said, “Imma eat dat pussy.” He reached between her legs and rubbed her actual vulva. She spread her legs. He gently caressed the cleft. She smiled. She had done this to herself. She reached down and pushed his index finger between the lips and onto something that felt like a bean. When he rubbed it she moaned.

“You better eat dat pussy good,” she said. She said what her character would normally say, but not aggressively. As if she were prompting and not pushing him, hoping he would eat her pussy real good.

Nathan smiled and, taking his cue, disappeared under the blankets. She could feel him arranging himself. She rearranged the blankets over them after he was in position.

Nathan kind of knew what to do. Like Shawna kind of knew how to suck his penis. It was self explanatory, but he was a little nervous. He remembered where she had guided his finger so he leaned down and spread her labia. He couldn’t see under the blankets but felt his way with his tongue. She said ‘mmm’.

Nathan licked her vulva and sucked on her bean and she wriggled so much he had to grab her hips to keep his mouth on her vagina. He had to admit that Shawna’s . . . pussy? didn’t taste very good, but it felt good to make her feel good.

The way the game was normally played, after awhile Shawna would moan, ‘oh fuck me baby.’ Nathan waited for her to say it and wondered if she would want him to actually do it. To have sex with her. That was a big step.

Nathan enjoyed cunnilingus. The taste of Shawna’s vagina was growing on him. As if, after a while, he couldn’t tell there was a taste.

Then Shawna said it, "fuck me baby." Nathan’s penis was already stiff anticipating this moment, but she didn’t say it like she did when they were playing the game. She said the words but didn’t moan them. It seemed to be a request; as if she wasn’t sure.

Nathan stopped licking her vagina and crawled up to lay next to her. He looked her in the eye. Shawna was breathing hard. She found his penis and played with it.

Shawna said, “I want your cock inside me.” She said softly, gently.

“Do you really wanna do it?” Nathan said. “If you do, I'm not gonna say that stuff anymore,” Nathan said. “This is real. If you wanna do it, you gotta say it normal. Like you’re not playing girlfriend.”

She kissed him hard and stroked his penis. “I want to but I’m scared.”

“Me too,” he said. He kissed her. Then he crawled on top of her and kissed her beautiful brown breasts. He sucked and kissed them. Then he moved to her mouth and kissed her. He could feel his penis touch her vulva. He pushed the head into her lips. It was wet. “Do you want me to put it in?” he said.

Shawna swallowed. Then she nodded. She reached a hand between them and guided his penis to her slit.

Nathan pushed a little and the head of his penis went inside her. It felt so right. His penis had never felt like this before. Like it was supposed to be inside her; warm, wet and snug: fulfilling its purpose.

Shawna pulled up her knees as if they were playing the game and Nathan pushed his penis all the way inside. She grimaced a little, then crooned. She was glad that her first experience with sex was with a friend who’s dick wasn’t that big.

“Are you okay?” he asked. She nodded. Nathan pulled back and pushed in again. It felt good. He pulled back and pushed in until he felt their pubic bones touch. She moaned. He pulled back and pushed in and out and in.

Nathan was so amazed that he was having sex that it nearly made him cum thinking about it. He pushed in and out and they moaned together. Eventually he lifted himself up and figured out how to do it without having to stop. He wouldn’t go all the way in. He would stop pushing before he was all the way in and pull out again.

When Nathan got his stride and was truly ‘fucking’ her Shawna moaned and said, “Fuck me fuck me.” He didn’t mind. It was as if they had been rehearsing this moment for a long time.

Nathan thrust and thrust. He was surprised that he hadn’t cum yet. He thought it must be because he’d already cum once and it took longer to cum the second time. “Fuck me fuck me,” she said. So he did.

Nathan was sweating and kissing Shawna and thrusting and thrusting and she started to groan.

Nathan thought Shawna was about to climax. He didn’t know girls could do that. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him to her and shoved her pelvis up to meet him and her vagina started to clamp down. Then it relaxed and clamped down again.

Shawna crooned in Nathan’s ear, “I’m having an orgasm.”

That was all it took for Nathan to start squirting. They were cumming together. Nathan grunted as he thrust. It seemed like they both reacted to what the other one was feeling. He thrust and squirted as her vagina clamped down and released his thrusting penis.

After they finished Nathan lay across Shawna. He could feel his penis still throbbing inside her though it wasn’t squirting anymore. Her vagina pulsed. Even though his penis was sensitive he pushed it in and out of her and in a few seconds she seemed to climax again.

Nathan had no experience with sex outside of masturbation. Shawna had only witnessed her cousin with his girlfriend, so she knew what to do, but she had no idea how it would feel.

Shawna shuddered to think about the size of her cousin’s penis. An involuntary fantasy flashed in her mind that it wasn’t Nathan laying on top of her but her cousin and it was his enormous penis inside her. Now that she knew what sex was she wondered if she should do it with her cousin. Would a penis that big hurt going into her?

Nathan woke up to see Shawna’s cousin leaning over them. They were still cuddling naked in her bed but they’d fallen asleep. William was whispering into Shawna’s ear and touching her shoulder.

Nathan thought William was a nice guy. Nathan was too shy to talk to him, but William always smiled at him, and Shawna said he had sex with a lot of girls, so he must be cool. William lived in Shawna’s basement and she never knew for sure if he was there. He didn’t own a car and stayed downstairs, for the most part.

“Hey girl,” William said, then tapped on her shoulder. She was deep asleep.

Nathan froze when he woke up to William’s whispering. He was pretending that he didn’t exist. He was laying naked next to William’s cousin after having had sex with her. When Shawna didn’t wake up William looked at Nathan who was squeezing his eyes shut.

“Yo little man,” William said to Nathan, “I know you’s pretend’n, but y’all gotta get up an out, ‘cause Shawna’s momma gon’ be home soon. It’s six thirty.” William straightened up, shook his head and smiled. “I knew this would happen, eventually. I tol’ her momma not to let y’all play in her room together.” William walked out, turned on the light and closed the door.

The light coming on was a shock. After they had sex they lay in each other’s arms and fell asleep. Nathan felt his penis: it was sticky.

Nathan lay next to a sleeping naked girl, so he reached around Shawna’s back to her breasts and gave them a squeeze. She was immediately wide awake. Nathan was surprised. It was as if her tits were an early warning system against a pervert copping a feel while she was asleep.

“Wha . . .” Shawna sat up. Nathan admired her breasts but Shawna was alarmed. Nathan thought she was a little too alarmed. “What . . . are you . . . oh my god! What time is it?” She looked out the window to see that it was dusk. “Oh crap!” She started pushing Nathan out of bed. “Get up! Get dressed! My momma’s gonna be home soon!” She threw the blankets off them and straddled him on her way out of bed. Nathan was in heaven watching a pretty naked girl freak out.

Nathan said, “William said it was six thirty so we’ve got time.”

Shawna froze. She was stepping into a pair of panties and Nathan could see her buttocks clench. A real naked black girl was in front of him and he couldn’t help but admire the vision.

Then she unfroze and spun around to face him, “William?”

Nathan stammered, “He came in and tried to wake you up. He said, ‘yo momma gon’ be home in haff a hour’.” I figured that meant it was six thirty since she gets home at seven.

“William was in my room?!” Shawna whisper shrieked.

“Yeah,” Nathan said, beginning to realize that Shawna didn’t want anyone to know that they’d played boyfriend/girlfriend for real. William knew they pretended because he saw Shawna chewing on Nathan’s zipper and Nathan thrusting between her legs while Shawna shouted ‘fuck me fuck me.’ William didn’t tell Shawna’s mom when he saw them playing.

“Nathan,” Shawna said, her eyes popping out of her face, “You have got to get dressed! I gotta talk to William!” Shawna grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself and dashed out of her room.

Shawna found William in the kitchen, browning hamburger in a skillet. He liked to cook which is one reason her mom didn’t mind him living in the basement.

She stood in the entrance to the kitchen, speechless. She wanted to say she was sorry, for some reason, and she wanted to burst into tears and she wanted to go look at her vagina that suddenly felt sticky and she was suddenly aware that she was a towel away from being completely naked in front of her cousin.

While she stood there frozen in place William pretended to catch sight of her and said, “Oh hey girl, you finally woke up. I came up to make dinner and it was dark, so I thought you might’ve fallen asleep. Sho’ nuff you did. Makin’ spaghetti. That okay?”

Shawna stood there dazzled by Williams' blatant pretense. She knew he was pretending not to have seen what he’d most assuredly seen. Well, if he didn’t know they’d had sex, he at least knew their game had progressed to nudity.

After a million thoughts passed by in what Shawna felt like was a million years, she mustered the concentration to say, “Yeah, spaghetti’s cool.” Then she sprinted to her bedroom where Nathan was pulling on his tighty whities, his penis flopping around. She grabbed her clothes from the floor and ran into the bathroom. She grabbed a washcloth and ran water over it. She flinched because she hadn’t taken the time to let the water get warm and the rag was very cold and wet, but she was on full freakout now and needed to unsticky her legs, vulva and pubic hair.

After Shawna put herself back together again she went into her room where Nathan sat on the side of her bed. Her mom would be home in a few minutes, but Nathan being there was no big deal, because he was there nearly everyday, and, sometimes, ate dinner with them. But, today, with William a likely witness to their deeds, Shawna thought it best if Nathan went home.

“Hey,” Shawna began, “um, why don’t you go home?”

“I kinda hoped I could eat dinner with you guys,” he said, knowing his mom would expect him to eat a can of spaghettiOs for dinner because she wouldn’t be home till after ten. He liked spaghettiOs but he liked spaghetti better.

“Maybe just today you go home,” she said. “Look, I know you’re here all the time but I think William knows what we did. I don’t want him to tell my momma while you’re here.”

“Do you think he knows?” Nathan said. “He didn’t act like anything was wrong, though he did say something about us playing in your room together. Maybe he knew about the shower, but he couldn’t see that we were naked under the covers.”

Then Shawna realized it would be suspicious if Nathan went home now. As if she had something to hide. She tried to clear her head. What would they normally be doing when her momma came home? She couldn’t think. Now it seemed like everything she did with Nathan had something to do with pretending to be romantic together.

Shawna’s mom even caught her saying to Nathan ‘eat dat pussy good’. Shawna could hear her mom in the hall immediately after she said it and she made Nathan stand up and dance with her. The radio was playing and Shawna had hoped her momma would think it was a CD that had uttered the overly sexualized command. Her mom looked in at them, shook her head and walked away.

Shawna dragged Nathan into the living room and turned on the TV. She put the movie Jurassic Park into the DVD player. Nathan was obsessed with the movie so she knew he’d sit quietly and not give anything away. She sat him down in the easy chair and squeezed in next to him. She grabbed an afghan and covered them with it.

Nathan was confused. Shawna didn’t want her mom to find out they had had sex for real, but she was setting them up for bf/gf go to the movies. They would sit and watch a movie and while her mom and cousin were in the kitchen they would kiss while she rubbed his penis through his pants and he rubbed her vagina.

Nathan’s penis got hard anticipating its upcoming massage. Shawna sat ramrod still; eyes forward. Since she normally made the first move Nathan just waited. Then he rubbed his penis. Shawna lifted the afghan and looked at him. “Stop that!” she whisper shouted.

“I don’t get it,” he said, “You don’t want your mom to know stuff but here we are, ‘at the movies’. We always end up doing it after ‘the movies’.”

Shawna knew it was true. Her mom would allow them to finish their movie then she’d turn on the lights, grab the TV remote and shoo them down the hall to play in Shawna’s room where they would have loud pretend sex. They could be loud because Shawna would close the door and turn her stereo up very loud.

Shawna resigned herself to being on freak out mode until Nathan went home or until it was bedtime. She put her hand on his penis and rubbed it. He took his hand off his own crotch and put it on hers. They were back to normal. She even leaned over and kissed him on the mouth.

Shawna’s mom came home tired and hungry as usual. She invited Nathan to stay for dinner and he did. After dinner they finished watching Jurassic Park sitting in the chair fondling one another. Shawna’s mom and William cleaned up in the kitchen, then sat down to talk and drink wine. When the credits rolled her mom came in and literally said, “Shoo!” to the kids and they jumped out of the chair and ran laughing as they ran to her room.

When they got inside Shawna quietly locked the door. She turned on her radio as usual, then she turned off the lights. She knew they wouldn’t get caught because her mom was in that chair until at least ten o-clock.

Nathan got butterflies. He wasn’t as confident as Shawna about not getting caught, but he had a boner that he could use to punch holes in a concrete wall.

Shawna shucked her clothes and crawled into bed. Nathan followed her. She made him fuck her six more times. Now that’s how to play bf/gf, he thought even though his penis was starting to hurt.

When he went home, his penis was sore. He didn’t think it would ever get hard again. Shawna’s vagina was sore too, but she wanted to screw Nathan a few more times. She tried sucking his penis to make it hard one last time but it wouldn’t cooperate.

Because Shawna lived in the midwest in a lower middle class suburb, the single child of a single mom, she had no idea that sex was supposed to feel good or that you could get diseases from it, or that it made you pregnant. All she knew was, she was gonna fuck as often as she could, with as many people as she could. She might even fuck her cousin, William.

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